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A Private Sermon

Summary: Your boyfriend Jimmy, who also happens to be the head priest at your local church, isn’t afraid to punish you in God’s house, if that’s what it takes for you to learn your lesson.

Pairing: Priest!Jimmy Novak x reader

Word Count: about 3k

Warnings: SO MUCH SINNING (almost the entire thing is smut lol), priest!kink (so obviously a priest breaking his vows should also be a warning), sex in a church, dom/sub relationship, spanking, lil bit of breath play, language

A/N: so, yeah. I have a thing for Jimmy. especially kinky Jimmy. also, I’m not a Catholic, so I might’ve gotten some things wrong in this, sorry! ok so yeah, if a priest breaking his vows or fucking in a church isn’t your thing, don’t read this! HOPE YALL ENJOY MY FIRST JIMMY FIC. IM JIMMY TRASH.


“What did you just say?”


You were currently making love to your God-fearing, Jesus-loving boyfriend Jimmy, who was not only the head priest at your local church, but was also one of the kinkiest doms you’d ever been with. You constantly loved to push his buttons—you loved getting punished, what could you say?—but you never went too far, always submitting to him in the end. This time, however, you wanted to see just how far you could push him.

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Style: Chapter 10 - Into the Woods

FYI - Mature content towards the end of the chapter!

Morning breath is gross. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do. So I shift to the end of the bed and slide out, trying to keep every movement quiet. Tip-toeing across the room I crouch down and root through my handbag trying to find the mints I always keep on me.

“What are you doing?” the duvet cover seems to question me, and I pause and throw my glance back over to the bed.

“Just, uh…. you know” I say, stalling for time and - bingo - find the box of mints and pop one into my mouth. The duvet cover shifts again and Harry emerges from its depths rubbing his eyes and fastening a slow, sleepy smile on me.

“You look beautiful” he says, his voice slightly croaky and I push my hair back only slightly self consciously. I haven’t been in this scenario for a long time, waking up with a guy. There were a few self conscious fumbles with men I casually dated over the last few years, nothing memorable and certainly nothing serious and I always left straight after. Adjusted my clothes, got into my car, and went home. This is a new kind of raw, me shuffling back into bed with him and rolling into his back, like we’ve been doing this every day for months.

“Morning” Harry whispers softly, his lips gently nibbling on my ear. He pulls the duvet back around us both curving his body into mine, and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Morning” I say softly. “How did you sleep?”

“Amazing….. How ‘bout you?” His breath is warm on me, and I shudder slightly. I want him, but no good can come of rushing things. Slow and steady this time round Taylor, I remind myself, so I try to satisfy myself by running my hands across his arm. Rhythmically, brushing the thin hairs down and back.

“Best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages” I reply, voice low.

“Good…… Taylor?” he says, and I can tell he’s falling back to sleep. His breathing is deep and heavy, and his arm slackens on me slightly.

“Hmmm?” my eyelids are fluttering as well, pulling me back to sleep.

“How long can you stay?” He murmurs.

“Maybe a couple of days, I have to get back and rehearse for New Year’s”

“We’d better make the most of these two days then” and he squeezes me tightly before we both drift off, curled up in each other.

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This scene is probably what some could call a red herring for Hans’ personality. However, I can’t help but think he was honest here. But what got me thinking is, what was on his mind when he smiled after saying “Just you?”

Was it something like, “Bingo, I got a better chance to get close to the Arendelle princesses” or was it something least malicious?

After reading some posts defending Hans for his actions, I really think he isn’t all that bad. I mean, every bad guy has a reason anyway. And that reason is what I want to know.


cantpoisonitout  asked:

16+early klaine

16. “Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?

Klaine Bingo: Evil Twin

“You smell so good.”

Kurt’s eyes pop open–he was so comfy, nestled in Blaine’s embrace in the only viable couch of the Warblers’ room, a fire crackling next to them in the chimney while soft-looking snowflakes fell down outside, but he did not expect that sentence.

Blaine must feel him tensing in his arms because he straightens up and clears his throat, face turning a charming crimson when Kurt sits up and looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?” Blaine says, one hand covering his face already.

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