you just run them over with the bus

[bts blab #23]
  • suga: let me give y'all a life lesson so listen up
  • suga: sometimes, you don't have to throw people under the bus. that's tiring.
  • suga: *takes a long sip of tea and sighs*
  • suga: you can just be the bus and run them all over.
  • bts:
  • bts: *slowly back away*
lmao does anyone in the fandom need to be educated by me?

i was just scrolling down the tags….and i come to find that there are still people who have severe brain disorders claiming that their ship is still endgame or at least has a chance. i’m just gonna drop on by and educate you guys just a tad because it’s only for the best that we dispose of the uneducated trash of this fandom ok? great!

riarkle shippers: your ship is dead. michael jacobs, creator of the entire show and confirmed shipper of rucas—he teared up when someone called it their pluto—has said it himself that farkle has a girlfriend, smackle whom you all have an unhealthy desire to run her over with a bus, AND that farkle loves riley and maya equally and has NEVER had romantic feelings for them—ever. he was a hopeless child who rarely got any female interaction so his weak mind fell in love with the idea of one of the only girls who could stand breathing the same air as him. that’s all. case closed. if you don’t believe me then go get some serious help asap. it’s for your own good.

lucaya shippers: lmaoooo boy do we have a past! you know what else is in the past? your ship :). michael jacobs, creator of the entire show and shipper of rucas AND joshaya—he once said that he’s 7 years older than his wife and that there is no age in the history of love—has said that if you ship lucaya then you’ve been watching the show incorrectly. the well educated man also went on to say that maya has NOT liked lucas since the beginning, AND that he loves lucaya’s relationship the way it is right now. note how he said this after ski lodge and after ski lodge the triangle is deader than mrs. svorski so that being said michael only loves lucaya when it’s PLATONIC. P L A T O N I C, PLATONIC, not dating—only a friendship relationship that’s in fact just built on highkey bullying lowkey teasing and stereotypical nicknames that some people in the fandom actually consider racist. your ship is dead and i get that your desperate asses thrive over fan service so called moments that may happen in the upcoming episodes—but i advise you to never forget that the season AND the show are almost over, lucaya is still not a thing, riley and lucas are in a happy relationship, and maya was promised a future with josh. stay bothered.

Time doesn’t exist. Clocks exist. Nothing actually exists. Your body simply houses a soul, run by a three pound brain. You are simply a mind. Where is your mind exactly? It feels like it’s in your head. When you think about it, you can almost feel your thoughts happening. When you walk, it’s just piloting. Nothing is real. Other people view you as someone completely different as you view yourself. You know all those times when you temporarily fall in love with someone on the bus or train? How beautiful or handsome they seem, hair lightly falling over their eyes, or maybe they have short hair or are bald. But something about them beckons yourself to them, and you want to hold them tightly. And then they get off, and you feel like you have been ripped in two. You’ve been that person for many. That person who they’re planning, “at this stop.. I’ll say hello.” And then you leave.
People have most likely cried over you, in their bed, head buried into their pillow. Or they have thought of you in the car on a long drive to the doctors or to their grandparents house, looking out the window, wondering what it’d be like for you to be driving, one hand off the wheel to hold yours.
All of that has happened. And the next time you mumble to yourself, “No one will ever love me”, simply remember, people already have.
—  something i wrote at 12:52am