you just run them over with the bus

the five types of anons

anon type 1: you’re really cool i love you!

anon type 2: hey let’s talk about [subject that is 100% guaranteed to start discourse and drama no matter which way you reply]

anon type 3: no offense but you’re the dumbest bitch i’ve ever seen. no offense but i literally hope you fucking die. hope you don’t take this the wrong way but i hope you get run over by a bus and die. no offe

anon type 4: [something entirely incoherent. what are they saying? we have no idea. you ask them what they mean and they never come back. who are they]

anon type 5: hey there! i fucking hate you. i literally don’t have a reason lol i just hate you so much and i wanted to tell you that i h

*gives my characters all my mental disorders and my trauma OKAY here we go*

(this also partly exists because what the fuck is a name to dissociated parts)

(Warning for mentions of bullying and shit?? some shit. idk. authority figures not handling it well, that sort of thing.)


So you’ve figured out this bullshit. Only you, so far, which is tricky with OSDD-1b because if you think too much about it or assign too much significance to it, others in-system will find out too.

But there are fairies. That’s what the deal was with not using the legal name assigned to you at birth. So instead you’ve all been using the name you chose for in case you ever integrate. Which is bad. It’s very bad, it means you can’t even think about recovery until you graduate, but you need to think about recovery because you’re all barely scraping Cs– How will you pass your classes, when you were all highkey unprepared for college stress and every time you get a chance to stop and think about life you can’t even imagine anything past this month, let alone if you ever graduate–

Luckily the name only has significance or power over you all as a Whole, or you’d be so screwed.

You need to calm down; you’re getting too emotional about this and someone is going to pick up on it.

Maybe you can change to a different name, nonchalantly, or– choose a different name for if you integrate? No, the one you already have is from before you realised you were a system, it’s what everyone calls you, it /feels/ like who you’ll all be together if you ever go together.

But to switch to a different name for day to day life would mean telling the rest of the system, which would probably result in the creation of another part. And you know what’s going on with the mind. You can tell how this place has been affecting it. The stress is fragmenting all of you, even though you still don’t ever lose time, as a Collective Group or even as individuals; part of OSDD-1b, and the part that made it hardest for you to accept it, is that there’s no amnesia between alters. But you each have your own sense of self.

Anyway. The Elsewhere has been fucking with you. It’s causing thought patterns that are worryingly similar to those of the fae. And if a new part formed, you have a sinking suspicion that it would be convinced it’s a fairy.

That would be bad.

This place is probably fucking you up. Unless you figure out a way to keep all the memories of Elsewhere after you leave, your dissociative symptoms might not ever be manageable, since integration requires an acceptance of all parts as something roughly equating to a “Myself” and that means dealing with any trauma. And there’ll be trauma here, you’re certain of it, with your Brain Problems and the fact that everyone on campus knows your WholeName… Something bad is going to happen to you.

You’re honestly tired of feeling doomed. You had pretty much accepted the fact that adult life would probably never happen for you, that you wouldn’t make it to college without a fatal breakdown, that… that you didn’t have to stress about Later because all you could rely on having was Now.

Is that a bargaining piece? Okay.

< Maybe the fairies will make us all one person if we ask Them nicely, > says Lilly. Fuck. You didn’t even notice she was paying any attention.

Lilly romanticises integration. She’s one of two child alters in system, and doesn’t seem to understand that it’s hard, immensely hard, to integrate. She thinks about it like it’s just as easy as snapping the fingers, despite multiple attempts by multiple other alters to convince her otherwise. Most of you have pretty much accepted that it’s part of who she is. (The only one who hasn’t is Alexander, but that’s a story for another time.)

< The fairies always want something in return, Lils. >

< Fairies? > Alexander takes an interest. Yes, fairies. There are fairies here. No, we aren’t going to fuck with Them. Because we Just Aren’t.

< Let’s trade our constant crushing feeling of existential doom for the ability to handle trauma as one person. >

And that’s how you end up in the Shadow Place Behind The Dorms with everyone trying to front at once. It’s disorderly, to say the least. It’s also a terrible idea. Several of you collaborate and choose some words.

And then there’s general panic for a few seconds because one of you gets the idea that maybe you all left the salt and iron and other protective doodads behind, but someone makes the hands pat the pockets and yes, the salt is there, so is the iron, and oh, a fig newton bar that you forgot to eat earlier today. So the words tumble out of the mouth.

“We request an audience, s– our regrets if we’re messing this up somehow.”

You almost say sorry.

Something shifts. There’s no sparkles, and Lilly is disappointed. She also romanticises fairies. She romanticises everything.

But something shifts, and you can all suddenly tell you aren’t alone anymore.

The darkness speaks in a voice that sounds like… it sounds like trauma, which isn’t creepy in itself but it sounds like /your/ trauma, like kids fucking each other up in grade-school and teachers doing nothing, like blocks falling over for the last time before the popular kids just stopped letting you even start to build things, because they’d tired of knocking them over on you. It sounds like that kid on the bus who threw your homework out the window the one time you actually did it.

And it sounds like the principal suggesting that your parents take all of your books out of your room to get you to behave, which you weren’t supposed to hear, which sent you running out of the building, which fucked you up so bad because god books were (are) your escape and they’ve never hurt you and they never change. Both books and adults never change.

You shiver and imagine running, because if you do it for real, you know this will end badly.

“What do you propose to bargain?” the darkness asks.

“Doom. Our doom. For– for the ability to handle trauma, um, together. To integrate.”

The darkness whispers to itself like the other kids on the school camping trip when they shut you out of the tent. And then it replies,

“You should not attempt to trade away parts of yourself for an ability you already have, children.”

And then it dissipates. And even though you call it back you feel something weird together, like– it understands you, it could have accepted but it didn’t and it told you that you could do this–

“Wait! Please, I mean, I have a counter-proposal. Please.”

It reappears and takes a form, positioning itself about a foot away from your face. It looks like exclusion and like it’s about to call you annoying and say it doesn’t want to play with you.


“You have– our name. Everyone does. And we need it back.”

Your trauma looks at you and falters and you choke on a sob.

“You want me to give you your Self back?”

Saying yes would be… a bad idea. You won’t let it dictate the terms.

“I have come to reclaim my identity, because it is mine, and–”

“I cannot. That power is not mine.”

You sob, and reach out to it. It recoils. Even your trauma can’t stand you.

And suddenly you understand. And it sees you understand. It doesn’t leave, doesn’t give in, just disintegrates and attaches itself to you in the form of a chain that ends at a weight between your feet.

You have to find a real fairy; your trauma isn’t a fairy, was only personified by one of Them.

“We humbly request an audience,” you say shakily together into the dark. Your trauma’s chains are iron, but the gentry have your WholeName and you need it back.

Something(s) traipse out from the cracks between bricks, bright, purple, shiny in a way that makes Lilly mentally bounce. And Alexander mentally rolls his eyes.

They have your WholeName and you need to recover to succeed here but you can’t do it while you’re here but you can’t do it away from here because if you don’t have these memories, it won’t work.

“I propose a trade. The useless name you posses, and in return I become a professor when I graduate.”

The purple things rumble back,

“What do you need with the Name if it is unusable?”

You can’t lie. If you lie, They will know.

“I’m not comfortable answering that.”

It humours you. Or rather, it finds humour in you.

“What can you teach?”

You think for a moment.

“Books. I can teach books.”

It hesitates, and you take the fig newton out of your pocket.

“I also have this.”

It surges forwards, but stops before getting too close, probably because of the iron in your Self.


And so it goes. You get back the WholeName on the condition that you’ll stay here forever as a librarian. You drag the weight of your doom around with you (attached to the chain of your trauma) for the three and a half remaining years until you graduate, and once you do, you break the last link in the chain and toss your doom into Nowhere (you know oblivion, you breathe it in every second you spend dissociating). You walk into the library, where your doom will never find you. And you become the books. You know the books. You know yourself.

Your doom won’t have the time to find you here.


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Hi can u please pleaseee do a Saeran + MC highschool au? Thank you i love your work!

Is it okay if it’s kinda long? T-T


Damn rain. Now he was going to be late for band practice. Saeran slung his guitar case over his shoulder and sprinted to the nearest bus shelter. It won’t be stopping any time soon. He sighed. There was nothing he could do about it now. He wasn’t about to run to the other side of town when it was downright pouring. 

He began kicking pebbles, watching them tumble across the pavement. Just my luck. The principal had called him in for cutting class, his brother had tried to lecture him, and now this. What a miserable day.

Just then, he noticed a shadow touching his. Saeran looked up. A girl?

You were completely soaked. Your dark hair dripped down onto your already rain-spattered uniform, your shoulders quivering slightly from the cold. He blinked. I know her. 

“This is you, isn’t it?” You asked, holding up a wallet with a school ID tucked into the plastic sleeve - his school ID. 

Saeran tore it out of your hands. “Where did you get this?!” He demanded.

“You dropped it,” You replied matter-of-factly, standing beside him and squeezing the excess moisture out of your hair. 

Saeran stared at you for a moment. Now, he had had his fair share of admirers. He didn’t know what it was that made him so appealing, but he had endured those feverish love-letters and heartfelt confessions all the same. Part of him wondered if perhaps this girl was one of them. She can’t be. She’s the class president. 

Still, he couldn’t help himself. Was returning my wallet simply an excuse to talk to me? 

He scoffed. “What? And you came all the way here just to give it to me?”

“Don’t get cocky. We both got caught in the rain. I was already going this way; you just happened to be walking ahead of me.” Your deadpan response embarrassed him.

“What’s the class president doing in this part of town, anyway?!” He blurted. “Where’s that chauffeured car of yours?!”

“I’m surprised you know who I am, Saeran.” She knows me? Wait- of course she does. She saw my ID. 

“Don’t change the subject!”

You bit your lip. “There’s isn’t one. Not today, anyway. I’m here to visit a friend.” You glanced at his guitar case. “And you? What are you here for?”

“None of your business.”

“That’s hardly fair, is it? After I’ve told you my own reason for being here.” You were right, of course. 

For some reason, that seemed to aggravate him further. Saeran chose not to reply. How rude! You thought. 

Silence hung in the air. You peered at him. So this is the boy who never comes to class. You rolled your eyes. The same boy all my friends seem to fawn over. You were having trouble understanding Saeran’s appeal. His permanent scowl was hardly inviting, and his bleached silver-pink hair screamed ‘delinquent’. Was this really the same boy you had heard playing the guitar so beautifully in the music room that one afternoon? 

You shook your head. Stop wondering about him. Your first priority was to find your friend’s apartment - not to talk to Saeran. Earlier, you had debated whether to ask him for help. After talking to him, however… I’d rather break both legs than get help from him. 

The rain continued to pelt down harder than ever. You shivered. It was clear that you wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. We’re both stuck here. 

“Saeran?” you asked, piercing the silence. No response. “Can you really play that?”

She must be talking about my guitar case. He stuck his hands in pockets. “You’re kinda nosy, aren’t you?” 

I am not nosy! You bit the inside of your cheek. Fine, then. 

The way you crossed your arms and turned away from him almost made Saeran want to laugh out loud. What a brat. He glanced at you. Your water-logged Mary Janes, the way your walked as if your spine was held taught by a string, and that dove-grey ribbon in your hair… She definitely isn’t from here. 

What is she doing alone in this place? Doesn’t she know how dangerous it is? 

Now you were fiddling with your phone, stopping occasionally to crane your neck and squint at the surrounding streets. Saeran tilted his head. By any chance…?

“Are you lost?” The words escaped his mouth before he could stop them, sounding gentler than he would have wanted them to. Shut up, Saeran! He wanted to smack himself. 

You looked back at him, simultaneously startled and flustered by the concern in his voice. You managed to compose yourself before betraying any sign of astonishment. “What’s it to you?” You answered bitterly. 

You glared at each other for a moment before diverting your gaze elsewhere, mutually irked.



Once again, silence took hold. The rain still wasn’t stopping. Is this for real? How much longer do I have to be stuck here with Ms. High-and-Mighty?

Saeran sighed. I’m going to regret this. “Yes.” He said. 

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I can play the guitar.” 

You thought for a moment. “Is it you, then? The person who’s always in that old music room?”

She heard me?! “So what if it was?!”

“I knew it! You play very well. It takes quite some skill to get those scales right.” 

“Tch. What would you know about music?”

“My mother is a composer,” You said, beaming. “Sure, she’s more Mozart than Metallica, but I know a good musician when I hear one. And I like how you play.” 

He hadn’t expected that. Not your compliment, and certainly not your smile. Did she win the presidency with that smile alone? “Thanks.” He muttered. 

“Don’t thank me. I was only being honest.” 

Oh, God. Now he was full-on blushing. Saeran tried to snap himself out of it. Stop it! She’s not even confessing to you! She’s just telling you she likes how you play! He was so confounded that he wanted to believe you were playing with him. Though, he knew he was only lying to himself. Her smile was so sweet just now. She couldn’t have been messing with me. 

You pursed your lips, conscious of his gaze. He was boring holes into your skull. You tried to ignore him, but you couldn’t deny that it was making you nervous. What have I done now?! Luckily for Saeran, you couldn’t see the flush of red that had blossomed on his cheeks. Instead you were busy typing away on your phone again, your eyes fixed firmly on the screen. 


You looked up to find Saeran holding a jacket over his head. Huh? “What are you doing?” 

“Just get over here, will you?”

“Get over where?”

He stepped forward and held the jacket over the both of you. “There’s another bus shelter up ahead, closer to the center of town. It’ll be easier to find wherever you’re going from there.”

Your expression shifted from curiosity to defiance once you realised what he was implying. “I’m not lost, okay?!” 

Saeran felt a smile tug at the corner of his lips. “Yeah, yeah. You can thank me after I get you there safely.” 


Hi! :) I was wondering if you could make a scenario about Johnny where you have a crush on him and you were about to tell him when the other members rat you out? Thank you, have a good day! x

Johnny x Reader

Wordcount: 1,936

“I’ll be there.  See you later Johnny!”

You hung up the phone and started to get ready.  Johnny had phoned you from NCT’s dance practice to invite you to go and watch them run through their new choreography.  You only had half an hour before you needed to leave your dorm room to catch the bus, and you wanted to look your best.

Johnny was always flirty with you, but it never progressed any further than that.  As far as you knew, Johnny just wanted to be friends; he was just a natural flirt.  And as far as Johnny knew, your bias was and always had been Yuta.  You and Yuta had grown quite close over the last few months, so it was easy convincing Johnny that he was your bias.  Knowing Johnny could be a bit cocky at times, you had never told him that in actuality, he had been your bias for years.  You had also neglected to tell him that over the last few months you had totally fallen for him.  You were too scared to admit it.   You didn’t want to get rejected or ruin the friendship you had built.  Johnny was literally the only member of NCT and only one of your friends who didn’t know how you felt.  You wanted him to know, because you hoped that he would feel the same and you could be together.  You had decided that you had to conquer your fears and tell him how you felt.  When Johnny invited you to watch their dance practice, you knew.  You told yourself that today was the day.  You were going to confess.


“(Y/n), you made it!” Donghyuk exclaimed as he ran to hug you the moment you stepped into the practice room.

“Hey guys,” you giggled at his cute welcome.  The other members all came to greet you with more hugs.  It had been a few weeks since you had seen NCT.  It felt like a mini-reunion.

“Are you ready to see our new choreography?  It’s going to blow your mind,” Johnny said as he gave you a hi-five.  Cocky and nonchalant as always.  Why did you even like this giant fool.

“Hi Johnny.”  You rolled your eyes at him in response.

“Just a high-five? Come on man, at least give her a hug.  We haven’t seen (y/n) in forever!”  Ten exclaimed.  You knew this would happen.  The guys always tried to wing-man you whenever you were with Johnny.

“Yea hyung, give her a big hug!” Mark backed up Ten.

Johnny gave into peer pressure as he made his way over and gave you a hug.  Thank god he was so much taller than you – you could hide your blushing face in his chest.  

Pleased with the hug, the members slowly detached themselves from the circle they had formed around you and got into formation to begin their practice.  You would usually take a seat against the mirror to get a front-view of the choreography.  But as you began to head towards your spot, you felt a hand holding you back.

“Hey scaredy-cat, are you going to confess to Johnny today?”

“Yuta be quiet! What if he hears you?!”  You put your hand over his mouth.

“At least he would finally know how you feel,” Yuta whispered as he gently brought your hand down from his face.

“Yea (y/n).   It’s been months!  If you don’t tell him, one of us is going to,” Jaehyun chimed in.

“I swear to god if you tell Johnny how I feel I will never call you Jeffrey again.”


The next couple of hours were spent watching the guys practice.  The new choreography was as impressive as you expected.  They were so much fun to watch.  It was easy to focus on the performance, and not the fact that you were planning to confess.

Before you knew it, they were ready to take a short dinner break.  You would have a chance to sit and chat with Johnny now.  You hoped you could muster up the courage to finally confess to him.

You were all gathered in a circle eating the food NCT’s managers had brought in.  You were sandwiched between Johnny and Taeyong, with Taeyong constantly inching closer to you, giving you no choice but to move closer to Johnny until your arms were touching each other.

“You okay (y/n)?”

“Yea, I’m good Johnny, sorry. Taeyong keeps moving closer to me.” You tried to explain your actions.

“Suuuuure.  You know, you don’t need an excuse to sit closer to me. I know I’m irresistible.”

There it was.  The flirty attitude that made you simultaneously blush and want to hit Johnny.

“It wasn’t an excuse, I was just helping out a friend.”  Taeyong winked at you.

You hit his arm, signaling him to shut up.  Why oh why had you decided that meeting up with Johnny when all the others were around was a good idea?  You knew they always tried to make your crush super obvious.  To be honest, you were kind of amazed he hadn’t asked you about it already.  It was barely a secret at this point.

“So the choreography was really awesome!  Maybe even more impressive than Limitless,” you said, quickly trying to change the subject before Johnny could question Taeyong’s statement.

The other members all thanked you and nodded in agreement, then went back to eating.  Aside from the few snide remarks you had received, they were so engrossed in their food that no one was really talking.  To be fair, they were probably exhausted from practicing so diligently.  They deserved to have a break and stuff their faces to recuperate a bit.  It was kid of amusing watching them all stuff their faces in silence.

“The choreography is awesome? You sure that’s all you wanted to say to Johnny hyung (y/n)?”  Donghyuk finally broke the silence, almost making you spit out the water you were drinking.  This kid had a deathwish.

“What are you talking about Donghyuk,” you stuttered, trying to play innocent.

“He means, don’t you have something else you want to tell him?”  Taeyong spoke up, still pressing into you in an attempt to move you closer to Johnny.   At this point, closer would require you to crawl into Johnny’s lap.

“Now’s your chance loser,” Yuta taunted you.

“Yuta shut the fuck up,” you snapped.  “I really hate you sometimes.”

“Wow, considering Yuta is your bias, you sure are mean to him,” Johnny said from beside you, trying to control his laughter at your banter with the other members.

“What if I’m not actually her bias?”

Johnny looked at Yuta for a moment before turning to you, his expression questioning.  Yuta sure had stirred the pot with that last statement. There was no way you could get out of this situation without explaining what Yuta meant.  To be fair, the whole reason you had come to practice today was to tell Johnny how you felt, so maybe this wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened.  And even though it was because you were being forced to conquer this hurdle, maybe it was finally time for your confession.

“To be honest, Yuta isn’t actually my bias…”  Your words trailed off as you approached what you had wanted to say for months.  “I uh… I guess what I’m trying to say is that, uh… I…” No matter how hard you tried you couldn’t get the words out.

“Oh my god (y/n), this is pathetic.  Dude she likes you!  She likes you, Johnny.  She. Likes. You.”

“Yuta what the hell?!” How could he steal this moment from you and blurt it out before you had the chance.  You were totally about to say it.  Yea, totally.  You would have said it if Yuta hadn’t… Probably…

“Watching you guys go back and forth was just painful.  I’m glad Yuta ratted you out,” Ten said as he swung his arm around Yuta in approval.

“I can’t believe this is happening.  I’m so sorry Johnny, I wanted to tell you myself.  I should have never told them how I feel about you!”  You glared at Yuta before turning to look at Johnny, who was staring at Yuta, eyes wide with shock.

“Wait (y/n), we haven’t even got to the best part.”  Jaehyun cheekily raised his eyebrows at Johnny, diverting everyone’s attention to him.

The best part?  The guys had just exposed your biggest secret to Johnny himself.  This situation was anything but good, and now Jaehyun had even more to add?  You couldn’t remember telling them any other juicy secrets of yours – you didn’t have any – so what was it that he had to say now?  

“Jaehyun stop.”

Johnny gave Jaehyun a death glare, shutting him up in an instant.  Johnny suddenly stood up, grabbing your hand and pulling you up with him. Once the two of you were standing, you heard oooo’s and omg hyung’s coming from the other members.  You glanced at them confused, but your attention quickly reverted back to Johnny as he took your other hand, now holding both of yours in his own.  He towered above you, causing you to have to look up at him to make eye contact. Johnny was usually so silly and light-hearted, but in this moment, he was completely serious.   You began to feel nervous under his gaze.

“Johnny, I uh… I wanted to hear what Jaehyun had to say.”

“I know, but I want to be the one to tell you.  Not any of the other guys.”  Johnny took a deep breath before he continued.  “(Y/n), I like you too.  I have for a while now.  I know I seem confident, but I was so sure that you liked Yuta.  I didn’t think I had a chance.”

Your eyes bulged out of your head.  Was this really happening?  Johnny just confessed to you?  Why had you pretended to like Yuta for so long?!  You and Johnny could have already been happily dating.  You began to feel disappointment and self-loathing wash over you, but were snapped out of your thoughts when you felt Johnny squeeze your hands tighter.

“I’m sorry my loser members confessed for you before you had the chance, but at least you got to hear my confession from me, right?”  Johnny beamed at you, but not after glaring at his members.  “And now that we know we feel the same, how about I take you out on an official date?  Maybe tomorrow when we finish practice.”

“I would love that Johnny,” you replied without hesitation.  You were slowly coming down from the shock, as excitement took over you.

“Freaking finally.  It’s been painful watching the two of you be so clueless the last few months,” Jaehyun spoke up.  There were times you really wished the kid couldn’t speak English – this was one of those moments.

“You know Jaehyun, since you guys ratted me out to Johnny, I’m not calling you Jeffrey anymore.”

“But it was Yuta who actually told him!  (Y/n), that isn’t fair!”

Johnny put his arms around your shoulders as the two of you sat back down, listening to the room fill with laughter at Jaehyun’s whining.  You loved this, just spending time with the guys.  Sure they were idols, and could be complete idiots sometimes, but they were your friends.  Even if they ruined your special moment today, you were happy to have them in your life.   Plus, at least you and Johnny were finally together. You’d figure out how to get revenge on the others later, but for now, you were satisfied with joining in on their laughter.

**Okay so I don’t feel like this is that great, but I really tried~ HOPEFULLY you guys still liked it haha, and thank you for reading regardless.  If you like it, please reblog because it helps a lot!  Sorry it took me longer than usual to put out a fic.  I’ve been busy with school and have some crappy personal stuff going on, but I’m still trying to keep up with it!  If you guys have any requests, please send them in!  I’m sure I’ll have more time over the summer to write :)**

The 100th | Wonho

Characters: Police officer Wonho x reader

Genre: Mystery/thriller

Length: 2286 words

A/N: South Korea’s notorious serial killer has you on his list next and the police only has 10 days to find and stop him before he finds you.

part two | part three

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Not Alone

Prompt/Summary: This is fic number 10 for @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s album challenge.  A bit of fluff

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: none, I can’t remember if there was a curse word. 

Word Count: 655

Author’s Note:   I rewrote this one because it was very angsty and to be perfectly honest, I need all the fluff I can get.  So sorry it is late.  But it means you get two fics from me today. 

Not Alone Video

Album Challenge Master List

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YOUSEF: You have to drag it towards yourself, not push it away, okay? Because then you don’t have control over the carrot. Drag it towards yourself. Then you turn it over and do the other side.

Ok I need to ramble a bit about this comment from Yousef. As we’ve learned over the seasons Julie never puts anything into a scene that doesn’t mean something deeper in the long run. Yes it appears to just be some innocent flirting over vegetables but if we really look at what he’s saying it connects so much with how Sana interacts with people. Sana often pushes people away that she doesn’t agree with. But a few days later we see her decide to include the Pepsi Max girls in their bus. As Yousef says, if you push people away you don’t have control. If you drag them towards you you’ll have more control. Well he says that about carrots but you get the point. I think it’s similar to the idea “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Maybe not the best advice as I think it might get Sana into some trouble but we’ll see where it takes us.

OK now I can cross “write a discourse about carrots” off my to do list.

Translation credit to @skamenglish


When you leave home to pursue a life without your toxic family in the small town of Castle Hill, you find an available room being rented out, the house occupied by six boys with happy smiles and big dreams. There’s something about them, an honest love and trust that they have for one another ━ that you’ve never experienced before. But there’s something off about them too, and you wonder if it’s just your imagination or if the toxins followed you ━ ready to finally swallow you whole.


pairing: taehyung x reader
word count: 2.9k
genre: ghost!au | angst | fluff

The straps of your book bag dig into your shoulders and your hoodie doesn’t help much to ease the pain away. Your feet ache painfully, but that doesn’t stop you from trekking on. The station shouldn’t be far now.

If this were a normal trip you’d have people waiting on your hand and foot, carrying every bag your parents ordered them to even though you were perfectly capable. There are perks to being rich, even if you don’t want to admit that you’d enjoyed them throughout your life. One of those perks just so happened to be the luxury of not having to do anything for yourself — scratch that, it was more of a hindrance than a luxury, because if the money were to ever run out you wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to take care of yourself, but luckily you were stubborn and independent enough to do things on your own — even if it upset your parents and made them almost beg for you to let yourself be taken care of. A simple act of washing your own dish was enough to set them off.

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thebowtieisnomore  asked:

I love your writing so, so much! Babydoll was my favorite! Could you possibly do a reader insert with Jerome for me? I was hoping for something like Babydoll but it's within the bus scene?

Not sure how great this is, but I hope you like it. If not I can always try again.

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so you all know busbus is mostly blind, or something. We’re not entirely sure but he seems to have very little response to visual stimulus unless it’s something like a lit up screen in a dark room or a laser pointer. We’ve noticed he hunts with his ears for moths because once they stop flying he can’t find them.
which means he catches it, kills it, then gets sad.

Anyway when we first brought him home our cats were like, cat body language at him and he would be completely nonresponsive. They got really upset and diva bit him a lot and had huge tantrums about it. He sat too close to her, he was on her stuff, he wouldn’t move out of her way. She hated it. And for him he was just suddenly getting bitten and hit so he was very confused.

within days both dorian and diva began vocalising constantly, little brrrts and mmmms, very softly speaking all the time. Sometimes they would up the volume, but only when bus wasn’t right there. Within a week they had developed a vocal substitute for every one of their body languages, and no more problems.

Dorian has a specific type of sound that he makes when he wants bus to come to him for grooming. Bus has a specific sound he makes when he is lost and both other cats have their own version of the response. Like marco polo except you say your own name.

They have words now for ‘hey look a thing to play with’ so bus can come over and join in on the gecko hunt, or ‘i am playing with a toy and i want company’.

they started making lots of noise sometimes when they run, by hitting the ground hard and also digging their claws into the carpet so bus can hear them and chase them. If Diva is just running somewhere and not playing, she doesn’t make any noise when she does. She also uses this to sneak up on bus which i think is decidedly not fair.

Bus also knows human words too. He knows ‘cheese’ and ‘bread’ and if you mention ham he appears with his nose bright pink licking his lips waiting for his share because he fucking LOVES ham.

anywya, cat language is so versatile and im always just so impressed at how my cats who were already 4 and 6 changed their whole communications system when it turned out that bus couldn’t understadn them. <3

Me and You - Chapter three: Think before you leap (Stormy Weather)

Hey, I haven’t posted in a while so I thought that I should post three more chapters today!

Manon gives out a little chuckle then answers Ladybug’s question, “The blonde boy always puts his arm around Marinette when she needs comforting and Chat noir did the same for Ladybug right now.” Manon states the parallels between the two of them. Ladybug is surprised at Manon’s sudden observance at the things people do but she is also surprised by the fact that Adrien and Chat Noir seemed to do the same thing when comforting other people, she has never realised the parallels between the two boys. It’s probably just a coincidence, Marinette thinks to herself.

“That’s nice Manon. I and Chat Noir have to go catch the akuma. Stay here with the Gorilla.” Ladybug exclaims quickly then grabs Chat Noir’s tail, throws her yoyo to a building and swings off bringing Chat Noir by the tail.

“Whoa!” Chat Noir squeals as he his being dragged along by the tail.

“The akumatized villain is over there!” Ladybug exclaims and points at the flying girl with purple and white hair, a matching purple dress and purple leggings with while boots, in her white gloved hand she is holding onto a purple parasol. Ladybug lands on the ground and let’s go of Chat Noir who just fell on the ground.

Chat Noir jumps up and stands in front of Ladybug, “Hey Ice Queen, what’s with all the terrorizing? Why don’t you pick on someone with your own temperature?” Chat Noir chuckles at his little joke that gets Stormy Weather angry.

“Chat Noir, be quiet.” Ladybug hisses at the immature superhero.

“Don’t worry, my Lady, I know how to cool down these types of villain’s.” Chat Noir chuckles once again causing Ladybug to slap him on the arm.

“My name is not Ice Queen it is Stormy Weather!” Stormy Weather whines and stomps her foot on the ground.

“Fine. Cool your pigtails! We don’t want you feline angrier.” Chat Noir holds in another laugh as Stormy Weather shrieks at the annoying superhero. The sudden mention of pigtails instantly reminds Chat Noir of Marinette because of the fact that she always puts her hair in pigtails even though his civilian form, Adrien, has always told her that she looks way better with her hair down. Marinette has never really liked her hair down because it end up everywhere so Adrien is one of the few people who have seen her with her hair out.

Stormy Weather fires wind in Chat Noir’s direction but luckily for him Ladybug grabs his tail and swings him off towards the end of the street.

“This is what happens when you annoy a villain? Why don’t you ever listen to me?” Ladybug scolds Chat Noir when they finally land on the street.

“Sorry my Lady, I was just playing around.” Chat noir defends himself but ladybug crosses her arms over her chest.

“Why can’t you just be serious for once in your life?” Ladybug asks as she turns her whole body to directly face Chat Noir.

Before Chat Noir could answer Ladybug’s question Stormy Weather comes in sight.

“We should be expecting lightning storms right about…now!” Stormy Weather announces then uses her parasol to create lightning and make the sky turn gray.

“Whoa!” Chat noir shrieks while Ladybug stares in awe, “You just won yourself a cat fight, Stormy!” Chat noir exclaims and starts to run over towards Stormy Weather.

“Black Ice!” Stormy Weather announces and points her parasol in Chat Noir’s direction. The floor turns into ice and Stormy Weather creates wind to send both Ladybug and Chat Noir backwards. Ladybug throws her yoyo at a lamp post and it wraps around it then she grabs onto Chat Noir’s hand until the wind stops.

Once the wind stops the two superheroes fall to the floor. Chat Noir and Ladybug jump up and Chat Noir gets ready to fight once again, “A little Chat noir will take the wind out of her sails!” Chat noir exclaims and runs in the direction of Stormy Weather but he is stopped when Ladybug grabs onto his tail.

“Whoa kitty cat. You better think before you leap into anymore trouble.” Ladybug reminds Chat Noir and let’s go of his tail.

“Have you got a plan my lady?” Chat noir asks and Ladybug nods.

“Just follow my lead, kitty.” Ladybug smirks then runs over towards a near building and runs on the building towards Stormy Weather. Chat Noir follows her lead and runs towards Stormy Weather. Ladybug spins her yoyo around and jumps to get to Stormy Weather while Chat Noir does the same with his stick.

“Ugh, not you two again?” Stormy Weather groans and sends more wind in their direction causing the two protectors of Paris to fly backwards.

“Ah!” Both Ladybug and Chat Noir yell as they fly backwards onto the street. The two superheroes dodge some cars that flew along with them then Ladybug spots a bus heading their way.

“A bus!” Ladybug exclaims then puts her arm around Chat noir’s shoulder and spins her yoyo so it can be used as a shield. The bus flies down to them but it did not crush the two superheroes because Ladybug’s yoyo cuts a circular hole on the side of the bus. Ladybug stops the yoyo from spinning and it falls on Chat Noir’s head.

“Ow! My Lady you must stop doing that to me!” Chat Noir complains and Ladybug giggles at him.

“Let’s get out of here and find Stormy Weather!” Ladybug announces then climbs up to the bus window and slides it open then Chat Noir extends his staff so they can get out.

“Why do you think she got akumatized?” Chat Noir asked as he runs down the street with Ladybug.

“Maybe she’s got some anger issues!” Ladybug exclaims causing Chat Noir to smirk and add on.

“Or she didn’t pass her driving test!” Ladybug gives him a quizzical look.

“Driving test?” Ladybug asks.

“Lots of people get angry when they can’t pass their driving tests!” Chat Noir defends his point.

“Why?” Ladybug asks.

“’Coz everyone likes a person who can drive!” Chat Noir claims and gives a suggestive smirk to Ladybug who rolls her eyes.

“Can you drive, Kitty Cat?” Ladybug questions with a smirk.

“Maybe or maybe not. You’ll only find out if you know who I am under the mask. What do you say, my Lady?” Chat Noir purrs and lifts up an eyebrow.

“You know that we have to keep our identities a secret!” Ladybug scolds sounding a lot like Tikki when she had a conversation about keeping her Ladybug secret from Adrien.

“I kid, I kid.” Chat Noir reminds and they carry on running until Stormy Weather appears on the screen in front of them.

“Hello viewers! Here is the latest forecast for the first day of summer!” Stormy Weather announces and a animation of Paris comes up behind her, “Oh it looks like Mother Nature had a change of plans,” in front of the animation of Paris a giant snowflakes appears and Stormy Weather uses her parasol to point at it, “Summer vacation is officially over!” Stormy Weather gives out a cackle.

“Already?” Chat Noir pouts and Ladybug turns to look at him, “But I look so good in a swimsuit!” Chat Noir exclaims then smiles and wiggles his eyebrows at Ladybug who rolls her eyes not wanting to imagine Chat noir in a swimsuit.

“The cat suit will do Chat Noir. At least we know where to find Stormy Weather now!” Ladybug points to the screen.

“To the news station we go!” Chat Noir announces and grabs hold of Ladybug’s hand before he uses his staff to swing off towards the news station.

“Chat Noir, I can swing off by myself!” Ladybug whines but Chat noir doesn’t let go of Ladybug.

“It’s called payback my Lady.” Chat noir admits to Ladybug.

“Payback for what?” Ladybug asks and Chat Noir smirks.

“For dragging me by my tail against my will.” Chat noir states and Ladybug begins to remember what she did.

“Oh…that.” Ladybug mutters under her breath.

“Yes…that.” Chat Noir mimics Ladybug’s dramatic halting of her voice between the word oh and the word that.

“Chat Noir you’ve had your payback now let me go, this is not a game.” Ladybug exclaims and starts to hit Chat Noir’s hand.

“My Lady, I’m not done yet. It’s only fair that I have my time to drag you,” Chat Noir states then adds on, “Just be lucky that you don’t have a tail for me to drag.” Ladybug rolls her eyes but she mentally thanks Tikki for being a ladybug kwami instead of a cat kwami.

“Whatever.” Ladybug mutters under her breath as she lets Chat Noir drag her to the news station.

Once they both finally ended up in the news station Chat Noir let go of Ladybug’s hand as they walk through the doors.

The two superheroes run past a poster of Aurore, the candidate who lost up against Mireille at being the next weather girl, “Hey, this girl reminds me of someone!” Chat Noir exclaims causing Ladybug to stop and stare at the poster of Aurore.

“That looks like Aurore, the girl who lost against Mireille to be the next weather girl! She got akumatized and turned into Stormy Weather! The akuma must be in her parasol, come on!” Ladybug exclaims.

Ladybug and Chat Noir look over at the screen and see Stormy Weather announcing the weather forecast, “In Stormy Weather’s world it’s winter wonderland forever!” Stormy Weather gives out a giggle.

Ladybug and Chat Noir burst through the doors but find that there was no one there besides a television and a camera, “It’s a recording!” Ladybug exclaims.

Stormy Weather comes out from behind them and gives out a laugh before firing a lightning bolt at the light which makes all the lights in the building go out.

Chat Noir looks in Stormy Weather’s direction and sees that she is getting away, “Frosty, the Snow Girl is getting away! We have to stop her Ladybug!” Chat Noir looks around for Ladybug, “Ladybug?” Chat Noir calls out then his eyes land on Ladybug who trips over, one of the broken lights, and falls to the ground, “Oh, are my eyes playing tricks on me or do I see a damsel in distress?” Chat Noir smirks and Ladybug rolls her eyes at his smug remark.

“Some of us don’t have night vision like you, Chat,” ladybug states as Chat Noir comes over to her and drags her by the arms, “Whoa!” Ladybug shrieks at the sudden force tugging her hand along.

“No need to bug out my Lady. Just trust me! Chat Noir assures Ladybug who is freaking out.

Chat Noir drags Ladybug through the hallway, following Stormy Weather’s cackles. Stormy Weather goes through doors and Chat Noir follows her through the doors. The two superheroes run up the steps getting closer and closer to Stormy Weather.

“Okay, that’s enough. I think I can manage to-“ But Ladybug is cut of when Stormy Weather throws something at her and Chat screams for her to duck, “Follow your lead on this one.” Ladybug concludes and grips tightly onto Chat noir’s hand, not planning to let go anytime soon.

Ladybug and Chat Noir finally reach the top of the building coming face to face with Stormy Weather, “You airheads! You fell right into my trap!” Stormy Weather announces then uses her parasol to make whirlwinds appear, “There’s no way out, Lovebirds! The party is finally over!” Chat Noir gives a little smug smirk at the fact that Stormy Weather called them Lovebirds but he didn’t see why he thought that. That was until he saw that he is still holding Ladybug’s hand.

“Lovebirds?” Ladybug asks Stormy Weather and looks over at Chat Noir with a weird look, “Why would she think that we’re Lovebirds?” Ladybug continues down at her hand to see that Chat noir and she are still holding hands. Ladybug rolls her eyes and pulls away.

“It was fun while it lasted my Lady.” Chat Noir muttered under his breath.

“We’re just getting started, Stormy!” Ladybug exclaims, “Lucky Charm!” Ladybug shouts then throws her yoyo in the air, when her yoyo comes back a bath towel lands in her hands, “A bath towel? What am I supposed to do with this?” Ladybug whispers and Chat Noir puts his hands on his hips.

“That’s great. We’re about to be blown into a million pieces but at least we will be dry.” Chat Noir states with a smirk for his little joke that got Ladybug to roll her eyes once again.

“Ha, ha, ha. Very funny, Kitty.” Ladybug proclaimed sarcastically.

“Hail!” Stormy Weather shouts as she lifts up her parasol to the sky creating a hailstorm.

Chat Noir spins his staff in the air and starts spinning it to create a shield so the hail doesn’t hit him or Ladybug, “What’s the plan my Lady? Can you be quick because my arm is starting to get cramped?” Chat Noir moans but continues to shield Ladybug.

Ladybug uses her ladybug vision and it shows her a HVAC tube, the bath towel and a sign, “Chat, do you see that sign over there?” Ladybug whispers to Chat Noir who nods his head “Use your Cataclysm to make it fall down.” Chat Noir nods and stops his spinning to use his Cataclysm.

“Cataclysm!” Chat Noir shouts then turns his head to face Stormy Weather, “Hey, Coldilocks, is that all you got?” Chat Noir teases.

“My name is not Ice Queen nor is it Coldilocks! My name is Stormy Weather!” Stormy Weather exclaims. She was beginning to get really annoyed by Chat Noir’s nicknames for her. Stormy Weather uses her parasol to shoot lightning bolts at Chat Noir dodges it and uses his Cataclysm to make the billboard fall down with its aim towards Stormy Weather. Stormy Weather blasts a hole through the billboard but before she could do anything else Ladybug wraps her yoyo around Stormy Weather’s ankle and takes off running under the pipes. Then ladybug headed for the crane and jumped over an HVAC. Opening the towel, Ladybug soars in the air, pulling down Stormy Weather with her. The speed at which she falls and the angle of the crane causes her to lose her parasol. Chat Noir catches Story Weather’s parasol and tosses it to Ladybug who breaks the parasol in half.

The akuma flies out of the parasol and Ladybug pulls out her you, “No more evil doing for you, little akuma. Time to de-evilize!” Ladybug captures the akuma and purifies it, “Bye, bye, little butterfly,” Ladybug bids farewell to the purified butterfly then throws the bath towel in the air, “Miraculous Ladybug!” Ladybug shouts and the miraculous light fixes the damage caused by Story Weather.

“Pound it!” Ladybug and Chat Noir exclaim and fist bump each other.

Ladybug’s earrings beep and with a wave of goodbye she bids farewell to Chat Noir and heads for the park to meet Manon.

Ladybug swings through the city and stops at a deserted area near the park, “Tikki, spots off!” Ladybug shouts then turns back into Marinette. Tikki lands in her hands and gives her a smile before flying down into Marinette’s purse to find a cookie for her to eat.

“Marinette.” Tikki whispers to Marinette and poke her head out of her purse.

“Huh?” Marinette asks Tikki.

“Are you going to do the photo shoot with Adrien?” Tikki asks and Marinette gives her a nod.

“Yup!” Marinette exclaims and Tikki gives her a huge smile.

“That’s very selfless of you Marinette. I know that you hate being the centre of attention.” Tikki gushes.

“It’s the least I can do for Adrien.” Marinette says before a tiny voice calls out her name.

“Marinette! Marinette! Guess what!” Manon exclaims and wraps Marinette in a hug.

“What is it Manon?” Marinette ask the little girl and let’s go of her body so she can grab hold of Manon’s hand as they walk towards Adrien and the photographer.

“I met Ladybug and Chat Noir today!” Manon gloats and Marinette gives her a smile.

Adrien hears a tiny voice mentioning his alter ego and he looks over to find Manon talking about her experience with Ladybug and Chat Noir. Adrien couldn’t help but smile knowing that it was he Manon was gloating about.

“And, Marinette, I know Ladybug and Chat Noir’s secret!” Manon exclaims. Marinette goes pale for a minute and widen her eyes. Adrien pops his head up and looks over at the tiny child.

“W-W-What secret?” Marinette stutters and Manon gives her a big smile.

“That they’re secretly dating just like you and that blonde boy!” Manon exclaims. Marinette lets out a sigh of relief but realises what Manon just said.

“How do you know Manon?” Marinette asks the child and she sits down under the tree.

“Because the way they look at each other is like the way the blonde boy and you look at each other.” Manon explains.

“How…” Marinette hesitates a little. I’m talking to a child about dating! A child who has no experience on love life and I am seriously going to ask her how she sees Adrien looking at me! Why should I even care? I don’t like Adrien in that way so why should I get into this…why do I want to know? Marinette ponders then shuts up, “I’m ready for the photo shoot.” Marinette says in an unexcited tone.

“Brilliant! Now I want you both to sit down on the edge of the fountain,” The photographer orders and Marinette and Adrien follow his orders. The photographer begins to take pictures, “Now I want a nice big kiss!” The photographer announces. Marinette’s eyes go wide and she looks over at Adrien giving her a crooked smile.

“What?” Marinette shrieked. She almost fell backwards into the fountain but, luckily, Adrien’s arm was around her waist at the time.

“Ugh!” the photographer moaned and came into eye view to stand in front of Marinette, “Honey, I said that I need a nice big kiss for the camera. Capeesh?” the photographer repeats himself. Marinette nods her head. Then she looks over at Adrien. He put is hands on either side of her shoulders to soothe her down.

“It’s fine Marinette. It’s just a kiss so it doesn’t mean anything unless you make it mean something.” Adrien assures her and she nods.

“Good, good. Are we fine now?” the photographer asks the two teenagers. They nod, “Spectacular! Let us begin!” the photographer exclaims before going back behind his camera.

Marinette took in a deep breath. It’s just a kiss so it doesn’t mean anything unless you make it mean something, Adrien’s words echo through Marinette’s mind as she closes her eyes and leans in just as Adrien leans in.

Suddenly their lips meet in the middle. That’s when Marinette feels the spark. She feels really comfortable doing this but of course, he is her best friend so she shouldn’t really mind just giving him a little kiss. But why does it feel so…different? Marinette thought to herself, why does kissing Adrien make me feel…excited? Overwhelmed? Like…like I want to do it a million more times?

After a few seconds the two teenagers were interrupted by a loud voice, “Excellent!” the photographer exclaims which causes Marinette and Adrien to immediately pull apart from each other, both red faced.

“See! I told you he’s your boyfriend!” Manon exclaims and points to Adrien who goes redder.

 I hope you liked the chapter and if you did please heart and send me some feedback, I always love reading feedback so I hope I get sent some :)

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In Your Arms

A/N: It’s 11 pm and I’m an emotional wreck so I wrote this lil’ guy. I’m too lazy to write all of those ratings, warnings blah blah blah so basically no warnings, perfectly safe, VERY FLUFFY and das it. Im warning you, I literally wrote this in like 11 minutes so bear with me. No editing nothin’

Pairing: Luke/Reader

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Oh yeah this morning I woke up thinking about kagehinayachi

With Yachi practicing yoga at home because it’s relaxing and she read somewhere that it lengthens your life expectancy and after practice while everyone is stretching she tries to show Hinata and Kageyama some poses she’s learned and it’s really cute because they both try VERY hard to mimic her and maintain balance and they’re wobbling all over the place.

Also Yachi taking selfies with Hinata while the team is traveling to another town or something and get off the bus for a while. Like she sees a weird statue and asks Hinata if he wants to take a selfie with her over by it and he’s like “YES !!!” And they’re being really darn cute but after a few snapshots and giggling they realize something is missing and run back to the bus to drag Kageyama with them.

And Kageyama taking selfies is a pure delight, he’s so unsure and stiff and keeps asking “what what, what are we doing? What do you want me to do.” And Hinata yells at him to shut up and just smile it’s a PICTURE- what else are you supposed to do and Yachi tells him he doesn’t have to smile just act natural it’s fine and he ends up looking confused in every picture so Hinata and Yachi just end up using him as a prop instead.

They leave the statue and just start taking pictures around and over Kageyama, hooking their arms with his and posing, bunny ears, they get Yamaguchi to take one of them doing Charlie’s Angels, and one with Yachi on Hinata’s shoulders to act super tall compared to him (again Kageyama has resolved to just stand there he has no idea what to do but they seem happy so…)

And then back on the bus Yachi sits on one side of Kageyama and Hinata on the other and the two scroll through the pictures laughing and they both hold Kageyama’s hand and Hinata teases him like “woah who’s that hot guy in all these pics wow what a hunk, oh Kageyama you’re there too.” And Yachi’s like “even if you didn’t move you make a really great statue Kageyama thank you that was fun :’)))”

And they both end up leaning on him, sighing happily and Kageyama figures he’s been a good boyfriend since both his s/o are content sooo……nice…nailed it…

And everyone on the bus is like wooow gushy first years get a rooom

How they’d comfort you after a devastating experience


Concern. That’s what you see when you look in Jesus’ eyes and you hate yourself for it.
Usual you aren’t weak like this. With shaking hands and your eyes full of fear and tears. But you can’t help yourself.
You try to sneak in your room without him seeing it, but he does. Like he sees everything.
Wordlessly he follows you as you take off your boots and sit down on the bed. He pulls his arm around your stomach, hugging you from behind. His strong heartbeat calms you a bit, also his fingers which circle over your belly.
“I admire you.” Jesus says and confused you tilt your head. “You’re so strong, so brave.”
You laugh in disbelief and shake your head in disbelief.
“Listen to me, (Y/N).” Jesus says and takes your face in his hands. “After what you’ve been through, others just would give up. But you don’t. No, instead you decided to fight and you do. Do so well. I’m proud of you.”
“Jesus.” You stammer touched, tears pearling down your cheeks.
Softly he kisses them away, finding his way to your lips. Your eyes fall shut and your hands don’t tremble so much anymore as you bury them in his hair.
“Thank you.” You mumble against his lips and laying down with him.
In a steady rhythm he strokes down your back while you close your eyes and cuddle closer to him.


“Enough of this.” Owen grumbles and wraps his arms around your hips to lift you up.
“What are you doing?” You whine, shifting uncomfortable from one leg to the other.
“You didn’t leave the house for two days.” He says, this time more softly. “We go out for a walk.”
His arm is still around your waist as you leave the house together. You’re taking a deep breath. The contrast of the musty smell of the house and the air outside is making you dizzy in the head. For a second you close your eyes, the sun feels warm on your skin. Suddenly you feel his lips on your eyelid, then on the other.
“Come.” He says quietly and takes your hand.
With each step you’re feeling a little better. To know that he’s around you.
Being there for you.
Protect you.


You take the gun from your table to put in the waistband of your pants, without it you’re not leaving the house anymore. You don’t even look up as the door opens and Michonne comes in.
But she doesn’t listen and pulls in a hug.
“It’s time that you let it out.”
A lump builds in your throat at the same as an embarrassing loud sob leaves your mouth.
“It’s fine. I’m here, I’m here.” Michonne whispers while you can’t stop crying, repeating her words over and over again.
You open your eyes as you hear a crackling sound.
“Is-is that a protein bar?” You ask and sniff up your nose.
“Peanut butter.” She says and you giggle quietly.
Of course it’s peanut butter.
Michonne sits down on the couch and you follow her, resting your head in her lap.
“It has been a long time since we did this.” You say with a small smile and open the protein bar.
She nods and taking your hand while her other hand hold a book to read for you.


You feel his eyes on you. Whenever you leave the house or stand on the watch tower.
It wonders you that the intensity of his gazes don’t burn a hole in your head.
With a sigh you turn around to Daryl.
“Stop that, please.” You plead, not able to look him in the eyes. “I’m good.”
“Y'are?” He asks, not believing you.
“No, bu-but you can’t change it. Go away!” You shout hysterically, pushing him again and again against the chest. “Just go away!”
He takes your wrists, holding them still before he pulls you in a hug. You try to get free, but the more you struggle, the stronger gets his grip. A relieved noise leaves his mouth as you give up and wrap your arms around his neck.
“Daryl.” You cry while his thumbs run circles over your back.
In the end you don’t know how long you’ve stand there, but it doesn’t bother this morning you as you leave the house and feel his gaze on you.


A lost puppy. That’s how you’d describe Glenn as he walks next to you. His eyes are lying on you and he opens his mouth, only to close it immediately again.
“I don’t know what to do.” Glenn finally admits quietly. “I want to hold your hand, but I don’t know you if you want it. I want to hug you, but I don’t know if you want it. I want to kiss you, but I don’t know if you want it.”
You stop walking and hold him back.
“Do it.” You beg silently.
Glenn turns around, his lips crashes on yours. You taste the despair.
Your tears.
“I love you. I’m sorry.” He mumbles and you shake your head.
“It’s not your fault. Just don’t leave me alone.” You whisper.
“I promise.”


Your pillow is wet from your tears and you can’t barely breath. With red eyes you look up as the door opens and Maggie sneaks in.
“I’m sorry that I didn’t come sooner.” She apologizes.
Her eyes are worried as she takes off her shoes and she lies down next to you.
“Yo-you don’t have to here.” You sniff as she wipes your tears away. There is so much good-nature in her eyes and it makes your heart heavy.
Her hand wanders to your hips and pulls herself closer to you.
“You’re not alone.” Maggie says, kissing you softly. “You’ll never be.”
The whole night you’re lying like this, her body pressed on yours, your noses are touching.
In the morning you know that she didn’t slept a single second. The whole night she watched you, making sure that you finally got some rest.


You’re cuddled under a blanket, still not believing what happened. From the kitchen you hear Aaron muttering and then how something drops on the ground. A smile ghosts on your face as you hear him cursing.
He never curses, but the situation affected him too. A delicious smell tingles in your nose and a few minutes later Aaron comes in the living room.
“Is that for me?” You asked touched as you look at the plate with your favorite food and the bowl with pudding.
“Yes.” Aaron takes the fork and starts feeding you.
“It’s delicious.” You say with a small smile and he sighs relieved. “What?”
“I thought I’d never see that beautiful smile again.”


With your arms wrapped around your knees you’re sitting on the floor.
You don’t have to cry anymore, but your whole body is shaking and your hands feel cold.
A knock on the door let you look up and you secretly hope it isn’t Jerry again. Poor guy tried the whole day to make you laugh or at least smile.
“Come in.” You say, not knowing if the person can hear you.
A smile appears on your face as Ezekiel and Shiva comes in. The tiger immediately comes to you, nudging her nose on your cheek.
“The sixth sense.” Ezekiel speaks soft as Shiva rubs her head on your leg and purrs.
“You don’t have to spend time with me. I know how busy you are.” You say as he sits down next to you.
“The kingdom can wait when my lady needs me.” Ezekiel says and pulls you on his chest.
Shiva is laying down, watching the surroundings like she’d protect you.
“You’re too good for me.” You say quietly and give him a kiss on the cheek before you rest your head on his chest again.
“I think the same about you.” He admits and kisses you on the top of your head.


She suffers.
Probably more than you do.
And with each single tear which runs down her cheeks you’re feeling more worse than you already do.
“Sally…” You start, but she interrupts you.
“It’s my job to be there for you, to protect you.” She clings on you, her face buried in your neck. “I’m so sorry.”
“It’s fine, Sally.” You try to keep her calm.
“No, tell me how can I help you.”
“You’re helping me enough by not leaving me alone.” You say as Sally suddenly drags you on the bed.
Quietly you laugh as she rests your head on her chest and starts playing with your hair. Usual you’re the one who holds her, but not today.
And not in the following days.


Ramona doesn’t show many feelings.
Only when she’s with you.
And more when you’re in that state of mind. To say you’re feeling bad would be an understatement.
You’re lying in the king size bed you share with her, surrounded by all the sweets you like while you watch your movie.
For the 10th time, but it doesn’t bother her as long as you’re feeling better.
“Does my baby wants another one?” She asks and feeds you with a piece of chocolate.
You smile as it follows by a kiss of her.


To see you like this breaks Nick’s heart. You can see it in his eyes, even when he tries to hide it.
He whispers words of love in your ear while he lies behind you. His warm breath tickles your neck and keeps you calm.
It doesn’t change the heavy feeling you’ve around your heart, but knowing that he’s here with you makes it better.
“Does it ever stop?” You ask quietly as he stops whispering.
“No, but it’ll heal and I’m staying with you no matter how long it’ll take.” Nick says and kisses your temple.

Kai - How Could I Ever?

Your alarm hadn’t sounded and little did you know your day was going to change because of one mishap. Every morning you were awoken by the ringing of your sound of your alarm at 7:00am which gave you just the right amount of time to get prepared for school without panicking. You were a routine sort of person so most things were systematic for you.

On this particular morning, your alarm had reset itself due to a midnight power outage which you had no idea about. You had awoken forty minutes later, your heart dropping as you threw the sheet covers of your bed from you and started tugging on your uniform as you tried to undress yourself as quick as possible.

You began hobbling around your bedroom, multitasking as you packed your bag, attempted to do your hair and got your uniform set. Before pulling up your school skirt, you realised you were wearing you strawberry faced panties on. You didn’t want to waste time replacing them with black ones, so you rolled your eyes, shrugged it off and ignore the fact almost completely – until you got out the door that is.

You lived in a high rise apartment with your father in the city, the elevator was the only way down unless you really wanted to take nine emergency flights of stairs down to the ground level. As you left the house, you patted your hair - leaving it out as you didn’t have enough time to do anything fancy with it – looking over to the elevator door to see a group of males, also on their way to school.

Seniors. You panicked, walking as casually as you could towards the four of them with your head down, looking towards the ground and trying to make yourself invisible. You knew these seniors well, but you felt like an absolute mess and didn’t want to take one look at them.

“____.” The voice of Chanyeol came first. You could hear a smile in his voice. Dammit. You looked up with a small smile before looking away sheepishly.

“Hey ____.” Sehun greeted you just as he noticed you, so did Luhan.

“Hello.” You said, looking at all four boys before you hear the elevator doors open. All but one said hello, which you weren’t surprised about.

As everyone shuffled into the elevator the three boys who had greeted you chattered softly whilst waiting. The fourth male - the cold faced one who had been greasing you off from beside you was Kai. You’d never really soften to Kai before and you didn’t really want to. He always looked miserable and grumpy which put you off talking to him. His three other friends would come by to his apartment every morning and make their way to school together. It was a shame he out of the four of them had to be the one living in your block.

Inside of the elevator, you began to feel light headed and a little bit dizzy, but you passed it over to be post-sleepiness. You had never been this late for school before and you dreaded the thought of your Literature professor ripping into you as soon as you walked through the door.

“Ground level.” The voice over granted as it opened its doors out to the foyer.

“Bye.” You managed a smile and waved to them all this time before rushing out the building, running as fast as you could to the bus stop adjacent to where you were. Your head was banging with every leap you took, your hands holding down your skirt as you delightfully remember what kind of panties you happened to be wearing at that given moment.

The last bus had just pulled up outside the bus stop, allowing you to quickly leap inside before the door closed behind you. You slumped down at the nearest available seating and sighed heavily, catching your breath.

As the bus moved towards the next stop, you gazed out the window to see Luhan, Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun all walking together towards the coffee shop two doors down from your apartment. You watched them roam around before you caught sight of Kai, who was watching you intensely. Your eyes were glued to one another and you only thought it were by chance, but the creasing at the corner of his mouth explained a little more as it grew before turning away to make his way into the store.

You turned away from the window. Was that a smile? A smirk? It doesn’t necessarily matter because it came from Kai. You were still half asleep and still trying to process what had just happened. The whole thing got you starting to think about coffee and how good a fix would be right now.


“A soft tap on the shoulder wasn’t enough to wake you. Sorry.” The bus driver said as you jumped, awakening in shock to the horn of the bus. You looked around and realised you were right outside of the school grounds with nobody in sight.

“It’s already second period and everyone is at assembly. I let you sleep because you looked dreadfully sick. No offense.” The driver was of a young age, so he wasn’t one of those pushy or ignorant drivers.

“I’m so late.” You said as you jumped from your seat and made your way towards him.

“I think it’s best if you go home. You’ve already missed half the day; you should get some rest.” He offered you the seat that you were standing beside. “I’ll give you a life home.”

“Thank you so much.” You couldn’t believe that you had slept through the entire bus drive to school and missed two periods of class already. You were glad to have had the guy off after feeling so unwell and sluggish this morning.

The bus drive home moved along quickly as there wasn’t as much traffic but it gave you enough time to have a decent conversation with the driver and to thank him for allowing you to sleep in his bus.

Once the bus stopped outside your regular stop, smiled at the driver and thanked him once more before moving off towards your apartment. The cool wind blew straight towards you as you got out of the bus and your head began to bang heavily due to the bustling noise of the city. You had forgotten your scarf completely this morning so your chest was freezing as you moved as quickly as you could towards home.

You passed the coffee shop without a thought of Kai and moved down two buildings to walk from the glass door panels and towards the elevator to take you up to your room. As you reached the elevator, you noticed a figure standing in front of it anticipating the doors to open so he could entire. You didn’t bother to acknowledge that he was wearing the same uniform as you until you stood right beside him.

“What are you doing back here?” A grumble in his voice as he asked. You looked over to make eye contact with him to only realise that it was the cold blooded, stone faced Kai.

“More like, what are you doing here?” You snarled unpleasantly. You didn’t necessarily mean to be rude, you were just in a gloomy and sluggish mood; he of all people surely could have understood.

“I forgot my geometry notes so I skipped assembly to retrieve them.” The elevator doors opened for the two of you as he spoke. You both stepped in together and distanced yourselves from one another; you were on the left and he were to the right. He closed the doors and took you up to floor nine.

As you felt the elevator jolt upwards, you began to feel lightheaded and numb. “So why are you here?” He asked, looking over at you as you closed your eyes and took one deep, shocking breath before dropping to the floor. Kai’s eyes widened as you collapsed down onto the ground. You had basically knocked yourself out; the cause being through fatigue.

“Shit.” Kai murmured as he squatted down onto the ground and lifted you up to sit upright. He moved his ear to your nose and put his hand to your chest listening to you take slow breathes. He checked your body out, especially your head to figure that you hadn’t hurt yourself on your way down.

The doors of the elevator opened and Kai had no choice but to remove you from the site. He wrapped one around your legs and the other around your waist to carry you out. He didn’t have a key to your apartment and wasn’t going to dump you outside, so instead you were escorted into his home where he and his parents lived altogether. He put your legs down so your feet touched the floor so he could grab the house key from his pocket. As he opened the door, he picked you back up and took you directly to his bedroom, where he laid you down on his bed.

“Stupid.” He smiled as he looked at you as you curled up onto his bed and chose to sleep right where you were.

Kai moved off into the kitchen and filled up a tall glass of water as he left it to sit beside you on his bedside table. I can’t leave her here. Somebody needs to make sure she’s okay. Kai thought to himself before walking out and into his lounge room. He dumped himself on the sofa and turned on the television only to flick through gossip and cooking shows whilst he thought.

He figured that he’d stay home with you until you woke up. He didn’t want some almost-stranger lurking around in his apartment. The cold hearted and depressing Kai you thought he was actually had proven to be a lot more caring and soft. This gesture was certainly something you had never imagined Kai doing for you or anybody in general.

A while later when you still hadn’t awoken, Kai crept into his room and took out his most comfortable jeans and offered himself a nice, warm shower.

As he finished with himself in the bathroom, he couldn’t help but look into his bedroom to check in on you. From the angle Kai had peering into his bedroom as he exited the bathroom across the hall, he could see you were still knocked out, laying still and peacefully on his bed. He could only get a glimpse of one side of your body. Kai noticed your pristine white shirt had been lifted slightly from under your school skirt, exposing the small of your back. What he also noticed was that your school skirt was a little higher than usual, due to the way you were lying down on his bed. Almost all of your thighs were bare to him, and he was so close to seeing your not-so-cute strawberry faced panties.

At this point, Kai began to think of all the things he’d be willing to do to you, starting off by touching your smooth ivy legs. He moved closer towards his bedroom, leaning against the door frame as he watched you sleep. This was not romantic but could almost be labelled as stalkerish. Although Kai knew you weren’t fond of one another, he could help but feel a desire to have you at this given moment.

Right then and there, you rolled onto your back as your eyes struggled to open, fluttering to a squint. Kai sort of panicked on the inside, giving off a nervous smirk as he watched you sit up a little confused to where you were.

“Relax, you’re fine.” Kai said as you set eyes on him. You realised he was basically half-naked. Shirtless with dripping wet hair. You couldn’t help but think about how fucking hot he looked.

“What am I doing here?” Your heart was racing as you combed your finger through your hair.

“You fainted in the elevator earlier, so I brought you here. I missed my geometry test because of you.” He chuckled jokingly.

“Sorry…” You murmured as you shuffled off of his bed and made your way towards him, not making any eye contact at all. “I should get going. Thank you for what you did.” The words almost came coldly from your mouth, but you really did mean what you said. You grabbed your bag as you made your way towards where Kai had been standing, expecting him to move so you could leave, but he would not budge.

“Can I please leave?” You asked, raising your head upwards to look at him properly. Kai’s face was almost as blank as yours before a smirk trailed upon his face again.

“You’re pretty cute, did you know that?” He pressed the outside of his palm against your cheek very cautiously as your mouth fell agape and your eyes drooped at him. Fuck, you’re so attractive don’t so this to me. “Even when you are giving me a cold shoulder.” He said, moving towards you forcing you to only drop back towards his bed. You couldn’t say a word although there were plenty of things to say now that Kai had cornered you off and made you feel much smaller.

“I-I should…”

“Shh…” Kai gestured as your legs hit the end of his bed. “Don’t go. I don’t want to be lonely.”

“You don’t even like me.” You merely managed to say.

“That’s not true. You’re the one who doesn’t like me.” Kai’s lips were closer than they had ever been before. His hand was running past the small of your back as he lifted your shirt up slightly causing you to quiver.

“Kai…” His lips lingered on the bare skin of your neck before surfacing at your jaw. “We really shouldn’t…”

“I think we should. If you’re okay with it.” He looked into your eyes, your foreheads touching very gently. Your eyes gazed into his, watching the lust roam and hover heavily in the atmosphere. Your body wanted to jump at the opportunity; Kai had sex appeal written all over him, especially right then and there. Your mind was telling you otherwise, the consequences for going through with this momently act. Oh what the hell, let’s do it.

You grabbed the back of his head before leaning into the press your lips against his forcefully. Your lips curled up on his as the pulled and licked upon one another’s pair. You pulled Kai down with you and onto the bed. His hands began to grope you and his lips began to patter along your skin as you panted due to the excitement of the entire occurrence.

The excitement only escalated as you both because to rip at one another’s clothes; your uniform close to pieces by the way Kai had attacked them. He couldn’t care less; he wanted you and he wanted you now. Leaving you in only a bra and a pair of panties, Kai made his way across the room to pull out a plastic wrapper from his top draw. He unravelled it and pulled down his briefs, kicking them off before rolling the condom he had onto his hard figure.

“Have you ever done this before?”

“Yes. Once before.” You admitted, pulling of your panties as he came back to you, hopping onto the bed between your legs.

“Let me know if you want me to stop.” He smiled as he pushed the tip up against your clit, rubbing it to tease you to a sexy moan. You nodded your head but couldn’t help but feel an urge of ecstasy run through you at Kai’s touch. As he moved his way into through your tightness, you couldn’t help but groan louder and louder, cursing in the most renowned pleasure. Kai pushed in deep, thrusting out and in in a slow gesture before he started building up the pace after a few rough thrusts.

“Oh Kai.” You couldn’t help but say, “Don’t stop please.” The pace he was exceeding and the places his cock managed to hit was everything you hoped for during sex. Kai searched for your eyes, leaning down to hover over you as he breathed onto your skin, occasionally sucking on you, leaving evident hickies from your jaw down to your chest. As he pulled his mouth away, he looked at the marks and looked back at you, still thrusting thoroughly inside of you. Your eyes connected for a split second as your lips curled as you bit down on your lips before embracing a light-hearted smirk and a giggle. Kai looked at you and couldn’t hide the chuckle himself, smirking before pulling his way up, his hand rubbing the marks he left on your skin.

“You’re so fucking hot.” Kai sputtered before moving faster and building his pace, preparing for your oncoming orgasm he had been expecting.

“Yeah, you love it.” You said in the cheekiest tone possible after letting out a soft moan.

You grabbed Kai by the waist and shoved him off of you and to the left, getting him to lay down flat before pouncing onto him and grinding your way to ecstasy.

Kai was kind of stunned at first after knowing this was your second time having sex and your first time with him and you were already controlling him which was in this case generally very rare for any woman he slept with to do. But he wasn’t complaining.

You grabbed Kai’s hands and used them as leverage as he held them out to you as you bounced above him, allowing him to thrust into you from beneath.

“You just got so much hotter.” Kai admitted once you made enough eye contact with him to speak.

“I feel very flattered right now.” A moan followed on. The tightness of your walls tensed around Kai’s cock, forcing a grand orgasm before him.

“Ahh. Fuck.” He muttered, watching the two of you as he thrusted to climax.

“Kai, I’m cumming.” You said softly as you moaned along with it, your walls tensing and juices flowing out of you whenever Kai flickered against your sweetest spots. Your body quivered as you stopped moving, allowing Kai to do the work from below. He wasn’t going to stop no matter what. He was so close and he was working like a machine, fuelling himself as his climax came.

“Ahhh.” He grunted, “Shit.” He pulsated into the latex surrounding him, watching you collapse down onto him once you were both done. You had been tired as it was before this and now you had wasted all of your energy into this.

The two of you were panting and left out of breath. Kai grabbed the back of your head and patted your locks of hair.

“Kai…” You whispered softly.

“Yes?” He whispered back, unsure to why you were whispering considering there was nobody else in the apartment. He wondered that maybe because everything was so still, you didn’t want to ruin it by being loud.

“I’m tired.” You didn’t want to admit it, but it was evidentially true.

“You can sleep here again, with me this time.” He said, pulling himself out of you before pulling down the bed sheets and allowing you to slither your way into them. He pulled off his condom, tied a knot and threw it into his trash can before pulling on some underwear and his comfy jeans and joining you who pulled on a majority of their uniform just in case of emergency.

You looked at him blankly, but this time softly before he pulled you to his chest, your warm bodies touching underneath the sheets.

“I’m sorry for coming off as such an asshole.” He admitted softly, going back to stroking your hair.

“I’m sorry for being a little bitch to you and not allowing you to be welcomed into my life.” There was a short silence, but the apologises were enough for one another.

“Should we start over?” He asked.

“Okay, but we can’t forget our first time together.” You smirked up at him devilishly before giggling just a little.

“How could I ever?”



Are you taking request??? If you are could you do a Pietro/reader one (Power over the four natural elements ) …Were the reader (who is drunk) and Pietro (also drunk) sleep together and when the reader wakes up and see what happened; She freaks out because of something that happened to her when she was younger or something like that. So when Pietro wakes up and tries to love all on her in front of the Avengers (you can choose who) she freaks out on him and starts to avoid him. And so Wanda starts to worry about her brother and confronts the reader about it. And when Wanda starts to talk to her; Wanda looks in the readers mind and find/sees what happened. Wanda doesn’t tell the reader that she knows. And then Wanda tells her Pietro about what she sees. Then Pietro talks to the reader and tells her that he would never make her do something that she didn’t what to do.

Sorry if this is a little dark. But at the end I would like extreme level of Fluffy.

The past couple weeks had been hard, fighting Ultron and his army of robots, the maximoff twin messing with our minds, all was swell. But, in the end it turned out quite alright, we gained to new members to the team. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, the twins who had been against us in the first place. They proved their loyalty though, as well as we have proved our loyalty to them. So, only a few days after the battle we are all here laying on the couches and floor completely exhausted.

You took the whole couch to yourself as Clint, Bruce and Nat lean up against it on the floor. You felt bad but, it’s like your powers were draining the life out of you.

You remember after you all thought Ultron had been defeated and everyone was getting loaded onto the helicarrier ships when you saw Clint running of to a building. You noticed he was running toward a little boy who had gotten stuck. Pietro saw as well, and was ready to take off towards them when you saw one of your ships shooting down at the ground, overcoming Steve and Thor as they fell to the ground. You grabbed Pietro by the back of his shirt and pulled him back. As quick as you threw Pietro to the ground behind you, you turned back just as quickly and threw your hands towards Clint and the boy, sending a gust of wind that pushed them forward behind a flipped bus.  

Pietro leans up off the ground. “I could’ve taken that, I could’ve gotten them out of there!” You turn and look down at him. “You would have been in line for the fire, I saved you from being shot a thousand times! You could be greatful.” You say as you turn back around and run over to Clint and the boy. As you stop mid way, you still see the ship soaring through the sky. “I’ve already had enough of this.” You say throwing your hands up in the air as the ship comes toward you again. You slam your hands down onto the ground where a large wall of cement blocks your view of the ship. You turn just as the ship flies over the wall, and bring your hands close together by your chest, twiddling your fingers and push them forward sending a surrounding source of energy towards the ship that causes the ship to lose power. But, of course it falls right into the water, where you see Hulk dive in, so you figured he’s got it all handled. In which he did, cause next thing ya know, you see Ultron flying across the sky and landing god knows where.

You get everyone onto the bus and shielding them. Like some sort of invisibility cloak.

You open your eyes when you hear Tony clearing his throat grabbing the attention of the others as well.

“So since this whole debacle is over, I say we have some fun for once.”  

Thor stands up. “Yes, I agree with Stark here.”

Steve sighs. “What do you have in plan Stark?”

Tony gives him a “really” loo and continues.

“Well since I always throw parties here we should…” But is cut off by you.

“Come on Tony! I don’t want to have another formal party where everyone mingles and drinks champagne, I want to have some real fun.”

Tony gives an annoyed look at the ceiling.

“If you would let me finish my sentence you would hear me say that we should go to this club down town that I just recently bought.”

Everyone raises an eyebrow.

“What? Its like a real club ok guys, its not gonna formal… I don’t know why you guys don’t enjoy my annual parties though?”

He says with a sarcastic but pained look on his face.

“Its not that we don’t like them Tony, we just want to try something different for a change. I mean we did just end a battle and gain two new members. We should give them something to stay for.” Nat says with a drink in her hand.

“Yeah, then lets go to my club, guys come one! it’ll be fun.”  Tony says.

Everyone lays still for a moment.

“That means get up and get ready, we are leaving in an hour!” Tony says walking away to his room.

Everyone bolts up besides you as you lay under the blanket.

“Y/N come on, we have to get ready. I’ll do your hair and pick out your outfit, you just have to do your makeup.” Wanda says nudging you.

“I’m cominggggg.” You drag out.

Wanda smiles and runs off to her room.

When you get to your room you walk into the bathroom, wash your face, and apply moisturizer and start doing your makeup.

After you are finished, you walk back out into the bedroom when you see Wanda standing next to the bed with 3 outfits laid out.

One was a nice black dress, tight but not too tight,halter neck, with cut outs covered with net and deep red pumps. The second was a colorful and embellished high waisted skirts with a white long sleeve top over top and black heels. The third consisted of denim colored high waisted jeans and a long sleeve white crop top that is loose fitting so its not fit against your body with a pair of white heels.

You decided to go with the third outfit because you didn’t want to look formal.

Wanda does your hair wavy,curly and parted through the middle. You looked at her.

“Signature look huh?”

Wanda laughs. “Yes, but it looks good on you.”

Wanda puts in the finishing touches.

“Alright, lets go.”

She says excitedly.

You get up and almost trip walking to your bedroom door. That would have been embarrassing.

You take two separate cars to get to Tony’s club called “Smackdown”. Weird title for a club I must say.

On the ride, you sat with Wanda, Natasha, Clint, Steve and Pietro.

Pietro nudges you with his arm. “Have you ever been to a club before?” You look at him before turning back towards the front.

“Yeah, once or twice but, it was a long time ago.” You look back at him. “I’m guessing you’ve never?”

Pietro shakes his head no. “No, never even thought about one. From what everyone keeps saying it must be fun yeah?” He looks in your eyes.

You huff. “Yeah. I think everyone will have fun, it’s a bit different than our usual get togethers.” Pietro nods his head and faces forward ending the conversation.

Walking into the club you did not expect it to be super loud and pumped. You whole crew make their way over to the section Tony had reserved. You, Wanda and Pietro sit down while the others go to the bar, or head over to the dance floor. You three didn’t know what to do with yourselves. Thor and Vision notice your discomfort and invite Wanda and yourself to the dance floor. As you walk up to the dance floor holding Thor’s hand you come to realization that you both just left Pietro at the table all alone. You turn around and see he is seated with some random chick and chatting it up.

You give a weak smile towards his direction and turn towards Thor.

As you dance, you and Thor don’t take it too far cause you are both more like brother and sister, it would be weird. For some reason you couldn’t help but block out the music and start scanning the crowd. You notice near the entrance a woman and man yelling. You use your power low key so no one can see you and send a sort of breeze past them that helps you hear what they are saying.

You scrunch up your eyebrows as you hear the man yelling at what you guessed was his wife or girlfriend arguing about how she was dancing with another guy etc.. You watch the man leave the building as the woman runs over to the guy I guess her husband or whatever was mad about. Lost in your train of thought. Thor looks down at you.

“Hey, Y/N, are you alright?” He lifts your chin.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine., I just need to get something to drink, i’m getting kind of tired.” Thor nods and tells the rest you’re both going to the bar. As you order your drinks, you can’t help but look back at the woman and man noticing that the woman is acting like nothing even happened and is having the time of her life. You frown thinking about your past, something you want to forget so badly, but will always remember. Thor pulls you out of your thought by passing you your drink. Eventually, the rest of the team make their way over to the bar and starting ordering drinks. You look over towards Wanda’s direction to see her talking to Vision and next to her, her brother still speaking to that same girl he met when we got here.

You felt bad because you were being such a downer when everyone else was having the time of their lives. You now sit secluded in your seat while the team mingle upon each other. You look at the glass in your hand twirling it out of boredom.

“Hey Y/N.” You almost jump out of your seat when you hear someone speak into your ear.

You turn around to see Pietro standing there with a big smile on his face.

“What do you say we go dance yeah?”

He asks.

You slightly smile. “PIetro I would, I just feel so bummed out for some reason.”

Pietro frowns then smiles. “Well, I can help with that.” He orders a couple shots.

He sits next to you when the bartender slides them over.

“Two for you, and two for me.” He says pushing you your shots.


He cuts you off.

“Y/N, I’m trying to cheer you up. I want to see a smile on your face. ok?” He says with a sentimental smile. “We don’t have to drink or take these shots if you don’t want too, we can do something else..” Before he could finish the sentence.

“No. Your right. This could do me some good, loosen me up a bit.” You say picking up the first shot before gulping it down. Pietro smiles and takes his as well.

A little while later, the whole team is still at the bar mingling and drinking. You and Pietro probably had about 3 shots by now and Pietro was now drinking a beer, and you, a tequila.

You sit there laughing at each other, talking about God knows what, just having a great time.

You hear *your favorite song* come on and you look at Pietro with an excited look. “OMygosh!, I love this song…” You say with your eyes closed and nodding your head to the beat.

Pietro smiles. “Do you want to dance?” You look up, “YES! Lets go!” You say as you pull Pietro off his chair making him stagger as you both make your way to the dance floor. He pulls you close from behind and you both start swaying to the music. A minute into the song, Pietro wraps his arms all the way around you and rests his chin on your shoulder. You smile and put your hand on his cheek. He spins you around still with his arms wrapped tightly around you as he looks down at your face directly in front of his. the song slowly ends as you both dance in sync, looking at each other. Thor and Steve barg through the crowd toward the two of you. “Come on guys, were headin out.” You hear Steve say as he blinks his eyes and almost loses his balance before Thor caught him. “Yeah, lets go, Steve couldn’t handle Asgardian alcohol”  You turn back facing Pietro again before the both of you let go and join the others in the cars. Everyone is completely done. Wanda is dead asleep on Vision shoulder who seems to be the only sober one here. Nat and Clint are laughing up a storm, Tony can’t even comprehend, he’s just looking around at everyone. Probably did a lot more than drinking tonight. You sit there across from Pietro observing everyone with dazed eyes as Pietro sits there staring at you. You notice this and pretend you don’t notice the whole ride back to the tower.

When you arrive you all step out and head to the living room and sit down. “So, I think that Thor is a little over dramatic when it comes to his Asgardian alcohol.” Tony says pointing at Thor. Thor laughs and nods at Tony. “You should try it then, since you think its just simple wine. Lets see if you can prove it.” Tony nods and rolls up his sleeves. “Ok” He grabs the bottle, pours himself a glass and gulps it down. As soon as the glass leaves his lips he points at everyone in the room. “See!? Nothing to be afraid of. Its just like human wine.” Nat and CLint shake their heads looking up at Tony. “There is no way I am trying it.” Nat says. CLint just laughs.

“Fine, but someone else has to do this with me….please.” He gives the puppy dog eyes. Realizing that it’s not going to work he scans the group and  picks you. “Y/N will you do me the honor and try this alcohol with me.” You look up at him and stand up. “I guess i’ll try it. I’m kind of excited to see what happens.” You make your way over to Tony, grab the bottle and pour yourself a glass before gulping it down.

Not too long after, most of the group had given in and was trying the wine. All except, Vision, Wanda, Steve, Bruce and Natasha.

The night went on and on until around 2 am before everyone crashed and either fell asleep on the couches, floors, even the table. You were currently talking with Pietro and felt yourself get sleepy.

Pietro noticed. “Tired Y/N?” You nod your head while yawning. You lean your head on his shoulder and let out a sigh. Pietro relaxes against the couch and closes his eyes. “Pietro.” You say causing Pietro give you a “hmm” in response. “In the car earlier, I noticed you were looking at me with a face. Are you mad at me?” Pietro opens his eyes. “No, I’m not mad at you.” You pick you head up off his shoulder and look him in the eyes. “Then why?” Pietro looks from your eyes to your lips and back up. “I…” He says before stopping himself. You scrunch up your eyebrows in a questioning manner. “Pietro..” Before you could finish your sentence Pietro grabs the back of your head and smashes his lips to yours. Your eyes widen and slowly close as you relax under his touch. Your lightly grasp his hair which Pietro groans in response. He picks you up and puts you on his lap so you are straddling him. He wraps his arms tightly around you and your hands are still in his hair as the kissing progresses. You pull back for a breath and look down at Pietro before resting your forehead on his.

Pietro looks up at you before standing up and making his way to his room. He lays you down on the bed with him on top of you as the kissing furthers and both your hands roam each others bodies into the night.

You wake up feeling dizzy as you open your eyes. You don’t even take the time to look at your surroundings as you sit up in bed. The sheet falls off your body onto your lap and you feel a cold breeze. You look down and notice you are naked. You gasp and grab the covers back up to cover your body. You can’t help but think. “This can’t be happening!” You look to the other side of the bed to see a mop of white hair laying on the pillow. Your hand comes to your mouth. You face forward looking down at the blanket. “What am I going to do?” You think to yourself. So many thoughts run through your mind. This reminds you of your mother. You feel tears start running down your face. You look back at Pietro to make sure he wasn’t up before getting out of bed, getting dressed and making your way to the kitchen where the team seemed to be. Everyone looked pretty shitty, so you assumed you did as well even after fixing up your hair and face.

You reach into the cabinet to grab some pain medication cause all you could hear was your heartbeat in your head. As you turn back around at the team you see Pietro making his way into the kitchen rubbing his eyes with only pajama pants on revealing his toned chest and tousled hair. You look down at the table in utter embarrassment. After a couple unsettling moments you look back up to see Pietro looking at you. You clear you throat and grab a bowl of cereal before sitting down at the table with Clint, Bruce, Nat, and Steve.

When you get up to throw your bowl in the sink, Pietro comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you. “Goodmorning beautiful.” He says in your ear. You tense and push him backwards. “Pietro stop.” You say with a stern look on your face. This grabs the attention of some of the crew. Pietro gives you a confused look. “Y/N what’s wrong?”  You look up at him from the floor. “What’s wrong? Pietro we did the unthinkable last night! This should have never happened!” You say with using your hands as tears start forming in your eyes. Pietro gives you a hurt look. “Are you serious right now?” You nod and yell back a yes before running back to your room leaving Pietro standing in the kitchen alone before he too runs to his room.

It’s been a couple days since the incident and you have been distancing yourself from Pietro. He tries to talk to you but you just walk away as quickly as you can. Eventually he gave up and left you alone.

Wanda noticed the sadness in Pietro’s eyes and wanted to know why.

“Pietro, brother what’s happened?”  Pietro looks to his sister. “Nothing important.” Wanda’s look falters. “Pietro,… you can tell me anything.”

You stand in the glass hallway looking out onto the city, it taking your breath away, you don’t even here Wanda come up next to you.

“Oh hey Wanda, I’m sorry I didn’t see you come up behind me.” Wanda smiles. “It is ok……” She pauses before looking out to the city as well. “Y/N..Are you alright?  I noticed ever since the morning after the club you have been acting different.”

You sigh. “It’s complicated”

“I believe you. Do you want to tell me what it is that is bothering you?” Wanda says.

You shake your head no. “No. I’ll be fine. Thank you Wanda.”

Wanda backs up so she’s clear from your sight.

“Alright then. I’ll be in the living room with the others if you need me.” You don’t say anything, just continuing looking at the city.

Wanda frowns and walks close to you as quietly as she can before putting her hand hand in front of her and sending her red mist in your direction, reading your mind. She sees a woman and man fighting, from what looks like to be at Tony’s club, which is odd. When she sees the man leave and the woman run over to another man before spending the whole night with him. She doesn’t quite understand how Y/N can be this upset with that. When she goes deeper into her mind she sees Y/N as a child, at least 9-10 years old. She puts her eyes into Y/N’s a sees what Y/N sees. A woman and man fighting in what looks like a kitchen. Their arguing about the woman fooling around with someone else and how this is destroying everything. The woman cries but runs out the door. It flashes forward to a  different time when the man has called the woman multiple times only to receive voicemail and him crying. Y/N sits there looking up at this man “Where is mommy, daddy?” Wanda’s eyes widen.

The man cries and picks the young girl up. “Mommy will be back. Don’t you worry sweetheart” Still to this day Y/N had never seen her mother since she was a young child.

Wanda sees how the fight at the club brought back the memory, but also noticed something with her brother. Pietro and Y/N kissing before they…OH GOD. wanda releases Y/N’s brain with her mouth dropped to the floor. She quietly runs out of the room and into hers, trying to comprehend everything she just saw.

Y/N breaks her attention away from the view and makes her way back to the living room with the others and diverts her gaze over to Wanda sending her a smile. Wanda returns the favor with a saddened look. Wanda looks behind Y/N to see Pietro making his way to her. Y/N notices and turns around. She lets out a gasp at the closeness and sucks in a breathe. “Pietro what are you doing?” Pietro says with a straight face. “Y/N I know why you are upset” You look Pietro in the eyes before gulping. “How would know?” Pietro continuing his gaze on you.

“It does not matter. What matters is what happened between us.” You look up at him for the first time since the conversation started. “What about us Pietro. It was a simple night. Thats all that came out of it.” Pietro scoffs before looking around with a huff of his shoulders in anger. “Y/N could you not see how I felt about you. It wasn’t just a ‘simple’ night for me. It meant more to me than anything. do you understand that?” He says with frustration written across his face.

“I just want you to know, that what happened in your past when you were a child, will not be the same now. I would never do that to you. Though if you don’t feel anything for me. I would never make you do something you didn’t want too. Ok. Just…I love you Y/N. You mean the world to me. I don’t regret a single moment I spended with you. I love you so much.” You look  back and forth from Pietro’s eyes. “Pietro. I love you too. But I am scared. And I will always have that fear of what happened with my parents…” You start to cry so couldn’t finish your sentence. Pietro grabs you by the shoulders and pulls you close wrapping his arms around your neck and stuffing his face into your hair. You wrap your arms around his waist and hold tightly as you cry into his chest.

“Like I said I would never do that to you. You mean too much me. I could never be without you. My heart is the fastest when I am around you. If you leave me, I’m broken.” You hug Pietro tighter and pull away. Still crying you look into his eyes. Pietro tilts his head wipes away your tears before leaning in and giving you a gentle but passionate kiss. He engulfs you in his arms, holding you tight to his body. Your hands resting on shoulders, feeling his tight muscles under your fingertips.

This kiss deepens as you embrace each other in your arms. Pietro picks you up and sets you on the counter and moves in between your legs wanting to feel closer to you as he deepens the kiss further. Several minutes later, you both pull away completely out of breathe.

You smile at him and give him a small peck on the lips. He smiles in response before letting you hop down and put his arm around your shoulder, turning around to face the team. The team all laugh and smile at the same time, causing Pietro and yourself to join in as well. You both make your way over to the group and sit down talking about God knows what.

So. This is a request!

I hope you like it.

I have a problem, when I write stories I tend to come up with ideas on the spot so I just keep writing. I wing this whole thing. If you don’t like them this long let me know, I’ll try and shorten them as best i can!

Thank you for requesting!

Exo reaction to you catching a cold from them


Baekhyun: “I told you to go home, but no, you had to fall asleep just beside me… I guess I’ll have to entertain you today”


Chanyeol: “I’m so sorry, jagiya! I hope it’s not too bad, I’ll take care of you!”


Chen: “I’ll wash your back”


D.O: *Cooks for you and takes very good care of you, then you two watch a movie together*
“My turn to take care of you”


Kai: “It’s my fault! I’m so sorry! I’m coming over right away!”
*Runs past his bus entrance*


Kris: “Aish… I knew this would happen, you were with me the whole day”
You’ll be alright Yifan, it’s just 12 hours


Lay: “Another day spent with baobei~!”
*Gets sick again the day after*


Luhan: “Ever heard that a ‘certain activity’ helps cure a fever?“


Sehun: “Suure, I’ll take good care of you. Yeah, of course”
*Takes the opportunity to find embarrassing things at your place*


Suho: *Sits awkwardly watching you and waits for you to say if you need something so he can help*


Tao: *Takes photos of you sleeping and selcas*


Xiumin: *Spends good time with you, playing games when you have strength for it, gives you healthy soups and tries to make you laugh as much as it is possible*


Hope you liked it~!

open letter to pagan fundies

in other words, if you’re anti-Lokean, anti-godspouse, anti-PC paganism, anti-godkin, etc. this is @ you.

When I first joined tumblr, the handful of blogs I’d been told to follow often reblogged a lot of sj posts as well as a lot of “anti-sjw” posts making fun of “The Other Social Justice Bloggers”. These posts generally consisted of mocking otherkin, trans people with severe enough dysphoria to be bothered by accidental misgendering, people with weird triggers, and anyone with the audacity to sound angry about these things. Me being fifteen and insecure, the result was that even though I’d grown up talking about gender inequality before I’d ever even heard the word “feminism”, I was drinking the Status Quo Warrior kool-aid for a while in an attempt to distance myself from the particular varieties of “sjw” that I saw being mocked the most harshly.

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Time doesn’t exist. Clocks exist.

Nothing actually exists. Your body simply houses a soul, run by a three pound brain. You are simply a mind. Where is your mind exactly? It feels like it’s in your head. When you think about it, you can almost feel your thoughts happening. When you walk, it’s just piloting. Nothing is real. Other people view you as someone completely different as you view yourself. You know all those times when you temporarily fall in love with someone on the bus or train? How beautiful or handsome they seem, hair lightly falling over their eyes, or maybe they have short hair or are bald. But something about them beckons yourself to them, and you want to hold them tightly. And then they get off, and you feel like you have been ripped in two. You’ve been that person for many. That person who they’re planning, “at this stop.. I’ll say hello.” And then you leave.
People have most likely cried over you, in their bed, head buried into their pillow. Or they have thought of you in the car on a long drive to the doctors or to their grandparents house, looking out the window, wondering what it’d be like for you to be driving, one hand off the wheel to hold yours.
All of that has happened. And the next time you mumble to yourself, “No one will ever love me”, simply remember, people already have.

—  idk something i wrote at 12:52am