you just poop on me


i think its hilarious that i began my descent into shipping as a wee child by drawing ship fan comics and here I am once again, many years later, as these hands move of their own accord and produce more ship comics. (was talkin’ to my friend svid @seenewperspectives bc she’s thinking about writing a fun plot-centric ship-happy post-700 thing that had nejiten :’3c) 

Can I just say...

… that drawing Izuku will never get easier, will it?

Click on April’s live birth webcam enough times and you’ll eventually see her poop.
—  Me, just doing my job, looking at things people are searching for

no, the machine in question is not a car seat or public-restroom diaper changing station.

*NO* Species of Pleco belongs in any less than a 30G!

They are active fish (at night) that produce a TON of waste! There is NO species that can fit in any smaller of a tank! The smallest species known to the trade are still all over 4" at their max size - any less than a 30g is absolutely insufficient.