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Fic Recs: Fluff

Some of my faves:


1. Hold My Breath (zarah5) - It’s possible — possible — that his three-week ban from the football pitch makes Louis just a tad antsy. Surely it’s not so bad that it warrants punishment in the form of his friends signing him up for a yoga class? Either way, Louis is determined to hate every second of it.

He didn’t count on a yoga instructor who wears flower-patterned headscarves and smiles like summer won’t end.

2. Shine (togetherwecouldbealright) - Louis is an actor who needs to get away from the real world. He does the only thing that he can and runs away, finding himself in a small town where he happens upon Harry. What Louis doesn’t expect is to somehow fall in love and end up having to face what he was running from all along.

3. As You Are (zarah5) - Five years after The X Factor launched his career as a radio host and songwriter, Louis Tomlinson returns as a judge. Falling for a contestant is the last thing he needs. It’s also against his contract.

4. Sing When You’re Winning (hazmesentir) - Harry’s a chronically underpaid magazine intern and Louis is the Premier League’s first gay footballer and pretty much the last thing they need is each other.

5. We’re Afire Love (soleilouis) - Harry and Louis are best friends. Harry has the whole “crush” thing under control, honestly. Until, of course, he moves in with Louis and his baby.

6. It’s Hard To Look Right At You, Baby (kenziexo) - Coffee Shop AU where Louis is going through a dry spell, Zayn wants to be a good friend and help Louis find someone, and Harry ends up finding him instead.

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bucelatti  asked:

u should rate the vento aureo cast from easiest to beat in a fight to hardest to beat in the fight (whether stands are involved or not is up to u)

oh my god…..i gotta think on this…..i’ll do with and without stands here so

without stands:

-fugo (seems easy to get riled up and doesn’t seem that strong?? debatable)

-trish (not much fighting experience)

-mista (kinda strong, but without a gun he’s probably toast)

-narancia (i just have the feeling he could still fuck me up without his stand)

-abbacchio (his stand doesn’t make him much stronger but he does have police training down his sleeve. oldest in the gang too)

- giorno (not an overall violent guy, but determined, will not give up on you even if you’re stronger than him)

-bruno (he killed two guys when he was 12 i love him but i am terrified)

with stands:
-abbacchio (his stand isn’t a violent one so it’s more help than fight)

-trish (just got her stand, has power but not that much)

-mista (it’s just a gun…….it may be precise but…..)

-giorno (when he doesn’t have the arrow he’s still pretty powerful, but probably needs someone else to really do damage)

-fugo (could Easily kill with his stand, but doesn’t use it that much and it is easier to evade than some others)

-narancia (can track you and take you down while not being easily seen)

-bruno (i’m already terrified and with zippers he is unstoppable (kinda))

  • Coxswain: Okay girls, we are just on the 500m marker lets push it through to the end.
  • Rower: *internal or possibly external screaming*
  • Coxswain *two minutes later*: Okay girls at the 500m marker lets gain some pressure.
  • Rower: wait what i thought
  • Coxswain *another minute later*: We have crossed the orange buoy 500m left and you are done, leave it on the water.

Okay but if the show is trying to retcon Lola into being a May thing, (because they suddenly realized this car he loves is a romantic metaphor?) they have a lot of things established since the pilot that they’re gonna have to ignore.

I mean, she isn’t wrong

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I love how in pokemon contests not only the coordinator gets a ribbon but the pokemon does too

because they work just as hard

and deserve it just as much

and it’s super cute too!!

Dating Taekwoon would Include
  • N to the O when it come to PDA 
  •  if it gets too crowded ; he’ll pull you as close as he can & make sure you don’t get bumped into or lost
  • A wild blushing Leo appears
  • ‘Shut up’
  • I didn’t say a word !
  • Will give you a death glare if you tease him 
  • Probably make the members sit 2215452 cm away from you
  • ‘Germs’
  • Would genuinely be happy if you get along well with them though
  • Possessive small actions
  • When you are around the members or ANY human tbh he is likely not to initiate any skin-ship unless he feel protective & jealous then he’ll be all over you 
  • Being a bit too friendly for Leo’s taste with N
  • Sending lasers from miles away toward you two If stares could kill , N would be done for
  • Would never admits that he’s jealous 
  • Leo said he gives his all once in a relationship so be ready to be spoiled to the core
  • but still  would Ignore you 100% of the time for a kid or a cat tbh
  • Have to save Ken & Hyuk from getting murdered after they teased him
  • Ravi to the rescue because there is no way you can stop him alone
  • Pokerface
  • Trying to make him laugh, but failing most of the time
  • Acting cute
  • “Don’t”
  • “No”
  • Ok fine
  • Playing a game with the members 
  • Let’s say you’re betting on who can do a handstand better
  • Oops your shirt falls down & too much of skin is showing for leo’s liking
  • Leo would LITERALLY tackle you 
  • and when you look at him , he’ll be like ‘What”
  • Sassy Taekwoon
  • Will tease the hell out of you , just to see your reaction
  • Will NEVER let you live something down 
  • -I thought you were the cool one
  • Unless it clearly makes you uncomfortable bc he’s a sweetheart
  • Shy ‘ I love you’
  • Secret giggles
  • His shy smile with half moon eyes
  • Or When his cheekbones goes up and he gets few wrinkled , he just turn into a ray of sunshine and omg
  • ‘ I just saw an angel’
  • Turn into a burrito
  • In private
  • Back hugs and a lot of them
  • snuggling , snuggling
  • Long peaceful cuddling sessions 
  • Make you sit btw his legs or on his lap
  • Putting his head in the crook of your neck
  • Little pecks 
  • or
  • Passionate making out
  • Leo got no chill
  • Staring across the room 
  • Temple kisses
  • Bites Hamster Leo
  • Dates
  • Before a date if it’s it cold , he’ll make sure you’re wearing 10121456 layers of clothes & you’ll be like ARE YOU SERIOUS
  • Coffee dates
  • Where you enjoy a little chitchat or just the comfortable silence
  • Arcade dates
  • Ok fine he MAY let you win once in awhile but you’ll for sure have a blast
  • Sport dates
  • Taekwoon is a competitive kitten so be prepared to play that game like your life depends on it , specially if the members play with you
  • He’d go from 0 to 100
  • Loud Leo
  • Babysit his nephew date 
  • & yeah will forget about you 
  • Send you LOTS of pictures of his cute nephew
  • Karaoke 
  • Blasting  to Trey Songz
  • You complimenting him on his singing
  • Him turning into a mess
  • High note battle
  • Homes dates
  • Netflix & Ramyeon
  • Cooking for you or together
  • Or jut sitting there each one doing their own things , just enjoying each other company
  • Pet store date , just so he’ll look at the them bc why not
  • -Can we get a pet ?
  • -Taekwoon we already have 2 dogs
  • Buys one anyways
  • Lots of naps
  • Hair flips 
  • Hiding under the table  and apologies 50% of the time whenever you  shower him with compliments 
  • ‘I’m sorry ‘
  • Him purposely putting your stuff on the top shelf to make you feel short and so that you’ll beg him to help you get it down
  • Fanboying over
  • Trey Songz
  • Park Hyosin
  • Random backhugs
  • Cute sneezes
  • Studio worm
  • Make you listen to what he composed & nervously watch each of your reaction
  • Sighs, lots of sighs
  • Unspoken communication
  • Acting all silly and he’ll just like stare at you
  • Always being about trusting each other
  • Contact you whenever he can while on Tour
  • Mostly listen to you talking 
  • Respond softly
  • Getting you souvenirs from each place he has been to
  • Couple stuff
  • Not too extravagant , probably couple rings & mugs
  • Taekasso
  • A cold-cool-chic guy , Leo cry the most badly out all the members so be GENTLE with /to him 
  • He’ll also take care of you like you were the most precious person on earth 
  • FoOd
  • Poking his cheeks when he’s glaring at someone 
  • Lullabies 
  • Pillow talk
  • having a very deep and meaningful conversations
  •  Bold Taekwoon when he wants to
  • Smirks & inappropriate lip bites ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • This kitten is quite the perfectionist so you’ll need to remind him to tone it down a little & it’s ok to mess up
  • Cute pouts
  • Hamster Leo
  • Taekwoon with beanies
  • Finds it abso-freaking-lutely cute if you wear his shirt
  • Catching him staring at you & he’ll just blush and smile
  • At times he looks like he’s planning to run the world
  • Taekwoon’s laugh
  • FoOd

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Who to fight: M*A*S*H Edition

Hawkeye Pierce: Dude of course you want to fight Hawkeye, fight him in the middle of camp and punch him in his smug mouth. He can’t fight for shit and he’s probably drunk anyway, but he might make you feel bad about winning and hate you forever. Don’t listen to the lies, you wanted this, everyone wanted this. Fight Hawkeye.

Trapper John: Like I guess you can fight Trapper but the man’s built like a brick shithouse and those arms of his have spent a lot of time hurling footballs around, it could get pretty nasty. If you want to take him on though at the end he’ll probably buy you a drink, no hard feelings. Sure, fight Trapper.

B.J Hunnicutt: Do not fight B.J. This is a warning for your safety, do not fight B.J under any circumstances. He is a ball of repressed rage just waiting for somebody to start some shit, and you may win the battle, it’s a 50/50 chance, but you cannot win the war. He is a sneaky motherfucker and he will get you back. You don’t know where or when but he’ll get you, you’ll live in paranoia and fear for the rest of your life. He’ll be there. Waiting. Also he doesn’t have a real name, possibly a witch??? Do not fight B.J ever!!!!  

Hot Lips Houlihan: Margaret is also a ball of rage and will go hog wild at you, every object will become a weapon and watch out, she bites. But it’s not impossible to take her out if you watch her wild swings. If you win you will gain an enemy for life though, so be warned. She will follow you around forever. If you’re looking for a challenge fight Margaret.

Charles E. Winchester III: Charles is a big man and good at haranguing people but the upper class don’t know how to fight without paying someone to do it for them, so if you want a little social leveling do it. He’ll shout a lot but will get very confused when you start fighting him, he won’t expect it. Break the system, fight Charles.

Radar O’Reilly: Why the fuck would you want to fight Radar??? He’s a small sunshine boy and you want to punch that innocent corn-fed face? Granted, he’ll put up a fight but it’ll be like being attacked by a tiny puppy, and the entire camp will come down on your ass. You will be destroyed. Everyone in camp will take turns beating your fucking cowardly, morally bankrupt ass to Tokyo and back. They’ll take you down. Don’t even think about it, not just because it’s sacrilege but so you don’t have to eat your food through a straw for the rest of your life. Don’t fight Radar.

Henry Blake: Henry is basically a pear with noodle arms so if you’re looking for a quick victory all you have to do is get inside his reach and he’ll fold like a bad poker hand. Fight Henry. 

Frank Burns: Absolutely fight Frank anywhere, anytime. Fight him in the Swamp, fight him in the mess tent, fight him in O.R. He’s easier than Henry so one punch in his stupid ferret face and he’ll crumple and start crying really pathetically but you won’t feel bad about it. It will feel good. Do it, I highly recommend fighting Frank.

Maxwell Klinger: Dude, do you think a guy who has gone to such lengths to get a discharge will not take this opportunity? It might get weird, he might try to get you to break his legs or lightly stab him or something. But it won’t be a one-sided fight, he will come at you with everything he’s got so be careful, Klinger fights dirty. I guess you can fight Klinger if you want.

Father Mulcahy: Dude, dude why would you fight the damn priest? Like not only is he the priest, he is the sweetest person ever and also a right hook like the wrath of god. Not only will he completely hammer your fool ass into the ground, you’ll be lying there regretting your sins when you’ll get struck by a bolt of lighting and then Father Mulcahy will make sure you get into Heaven anyway because he is such a nice guy. Don’t fight the Padre, you awful sinner.

Colonel Potter: Colonel Potter may be a tiny adorable old man but he has lived through like ten world wars and he will fuck you up so bad he’s going to play polo with your head and then paint a picture of your shameful defeat. Don’t fight Potter.

Picture this:

Phil Coulson and Melinda May, top of their classes in the Academy, youngest recruits of their time. Known as some of SHIELD’s best and brightest. Experts in strategy, analysis, and hand-to-hand-combat. Specialist and field agent, living legends. The greatest two-man team in the field.

Needing to employ all their training and skills….

Against each other….

In a tiny apartment….

Knocking over lamps and running into the coffee table….

Wrestling relentlessly on the carpet….

To get a hold of the last Oreo.

All they ever taught me
was that I had to sit still
take your abuse
never fight back
and only then
would the world help.
Only when I do nothing
and be beaten down
am I really worthy of being saved.

I’m done with drowning
in your nightmares.
Done with suffering
with these memories.

This isn’t a plea,
this isn’t a cry for help,
this isn’t a bargain.

This is a back alley
brawl to the death
shriek of war.

No one to see,
just you and me.
I may not win this final confrontation,
but with years of your trespasses
raging through me
you can be assured
that I will make you feel me
even if I don’t survive.


Telling Father (Siegbert x Soleil) 

“Y-you want to do what?!”

Soleil shrugged. “Hey, I’m just as surprised as you are! But… why not, right? Heh…”

“Um, I suppose one cannot overlook their heart…”

“We’re best friends, right? And we already spend so much time together, right? So why not give it a shot, see where it goes?” She blushed.

The princeling cleared his throat. “Well… I also happen to be… thinking of you more as the days go by. So, perhaps we could… date.”

“Cool!” Suddenly she was much happier. “I can’t wait to tell Dad!”

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“I’m just saying ahead of time if you don’t win, I may have to attack the judges and I already know Mackenzie is a scrapper.” Celeste smiled as she wrapped her arms around Wyatt and jumped on his back before ruffling his hair. “You were surprisingly good up there, and don’t be offended because I think you surprised yourself too.”


Games in the Sheets

wonho x reader


804 words

anon nymph wished– hello :) can i request 70 “Call me that one more time, see what happens” from the drabble game with wonho? :) and maybe 69 “Bed. Now.” it could be in one drabble or you can write them separately :) (i’d prefer separately tho, cause that’d mean more things to read about wonho ♡ hehe) thank you!

Here is the other half of your wish, dear! ^^ It’s kind of funny cause I struggled for a minute there, but I was listening to DNCE’s-Toothbrush (idk if you have ever heard the song or not) but it kind of gave me a bit of inspiration for this. lmao! I do hope you enjoy! ^^


#69 Bed. Now.

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People saying THUNDERBIRD is American gryffindor

Fight me! ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง
Adventure and Soul are not somehow exclusive to gryffindor and if you think that you can be uninvited to my squad!

Attacking Hanamura Point B

Hello @smallgaybunny! Hanamura can be a tough map to attack on, especially with the choke points it enables. I have some strategies for you, but keep in mind that strategy goes hand in hand with execution. Your team can be really clever, but some bad mistakes can set you back. Keep trying, and learning how the enemy team is countering you! Adapt your approach and you may just find the winning combination for you and your friends. Here we go :)

Tldr; Hanamura Point B has three main approaches - full left (air-gap characters only), full right, and center. Feint center to force the defenders to reveal their positions, then send teams left or right to clear out their defenses, depending on how they are setup. Once you have initial control of the point, setup defensive positions with clear fire of their main spawn entrance routes. Beat back a few of their respawn waves, then change position to take out their next. Save some area of control ultimates for the timer rundown, things that will prevent them from contesting. Zarya’s blackhole near one of their spawn entrances, Roadhog’s crank gun, Hanzo’s dragons, and others can kill, push, or pull away enemies long enough and at the right moment for you to get your capture. Mei can block entrances with her ice wall to slow their approach, or freeze an entrance with her ultimate.

For the long version, click below.

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AU - Dean crashes in on Nikki’s segment for the WM Reading challenge.

Nikki - Hey WWE Universe, Nikki Bella here to announce this year’s Wrestlemania Reading Challenge… ? uh. Dean what are you doing? 

Dean - I heard challenge so here I am.

Nikki - *shakes head* It’s a reading challenge, you know that right?

Dean - So? I read books?

Nikki - Okay? Why don’t you tell us what your favourite book is?

Dean - That’s easy. Hands down the greatest book of all time is The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. And if anyone wants to argue with me-

Nikki - Alright, settle down Lunatic Fringe.

Dean - He became a beautiful butterfly alright! I’m a beautiful butterfly!

Nikki - Okay.. Dean. Yes. You’re a beautiful butterfly. WWE Universe, don’t forget to send us your essays telling us your favourite book and why you’re passionate about reading and you may just win yourself a ticket to Wrestlemania.


Nikki - You’re such a doofus. 
Dean - Yeah. but i’m your doofus. I’m your very hungry caterpillar doofus who needs to eat. So lets go eat.
Nikki - I thought you were a beautiful butterfly?
Dean - I have to eat first.

*grabs Nikki’s hand and pulls her to go get dinner with him*