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Neighbor Girl- Part 3

You guys just made my day with your awesome comments! Again, if anyone wants to be tagged, just let me know. Sorry for any grammatical errors! Happy Saturday and thanks for reading!!!

Part 3:

Rae pinned part of her hair back and adjusted her black dress in the mirror. It was the only dress she liked to wear to parties because it was the only one she thought she looked decent enough to be at a party in. She tugged her maroon tights up just a tad. Izzy stepped into Rae’s room to check her progress. Izzy was stood in her bubblegum pink skirt and violet top that was tucked in at the waist of her skirt. She brushed some lip gloss on and turned to Rae. “You look beautiful, Rae. As always.” Izzy smiled looking at Rae’s well-worn converse and back up to her gorgeous friend’s face.

        “So do you, Iz.” Rae turned to the wall as she heard the thud of the bass through the wall that adjoined to the boys’ new duplex. “Well this should be fun. Can you just make sure Chloe doesn’t embarrass me in front of Archie. I know she thinks she’s a great helper, but sometimes she goes too far when she’s trying to set me up.”

        “Sure Rae!” Izzy chirped just as Chloe walked in.

        “Right. Are you lot ready? I can already hear the party next door.” Chloe gave them a dazzling smile and pulled her peach dress down a tad, checking herself in Rae’s mirror. The three of them walked next door to the party, all three nervous for different reasons.

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losing 2 pounds a day person- Hey Vio, I know this isn't that big of an accomplishment, but I just ate 2 donuts. I feel a bit better now that I know I can eat :)


this just made my day omg keep going! you dont have to stuff yourself but dont ever starve your body.


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I'd just like to tell you guys that what you do here, and the number of assholes you put up with in the day, and the amount of information you hunt down for people is truly amazing. It shows some dedication, how much trouble you guys go to, especially given that you don't get much out of it, so you guys are really good role models. Keep doing what you do, if it isn't too much trouble, cause you guys are golden. people like you remind me that there are still some decent people.

hfidshifd it was so sweet of you to send this, thank you so much!

i’ll admit, sometimes it feels like our efforts are not appreciated but that is clearly not true!! there are wonderful people just like yourself that remind us that our followers are truly amazing people and that’s why we continue to try to help you guys ; v ; i’m really glad you see us as good role models a h, our main goal here is to help and have fun and it’s just so great to know that you think we’re doing a good job of it jUST THIS IS A REALLY BIG COMPLIMENT I FELT LIKE I HAD TO ADDRESS IT A LOT THANK YOU SO MUCH FRIEND I HOPE YOU FIND A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL ON THE FLOOR ; v ;!! 

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hello how are you today? what's your homestuck otp and why?

I’m pretty good.

And my homestuck OTP. Well, here we go.

Davekat was actually my first ship in Homestuck and I found out about it because of these  comics.

Davekat is my OTP because:

They have so much in common. They’re both knights, which means that they have the same goals. They both are in love with Terezi (canonically) and that brings out another reason why they’re similar. They both hide their true feelings, and they both have the assholish best friend that’s gone.
While similar, Dave and Karkat have a lot of differences that can compliment each other. The most obvious difference is that they are of different species, giving way to a lot of fics about learning about each other’s cultures. And languages I have a head canon that the trolls speak Alternian and so Dave and Karkat practice talking in the other’s language together. Another difference is that Karkat gives off the air of being riled up, and Dave gives off the air of being very chill.
Even though Dave never actually calls Karkat by any of those stupid nicknames in canon, its really fucking cute when he does in fannon.
They can be in every quadrant. They’ve flirted in every quadrant. When they’re black, I think that Karkat takes the lead, and there is a lot of potential, but I don’t see Dave signing up for any black quadrants. When they’re red, it’s like they get lost in each other, they can help each each other. When pale, they can support each other and I think that them, standing back to back in a fight is what sums that up. They trust the other.
It’s amazing to watch them grow in cannon. They went from constant fighting, and honest hatred, to bros for life. On this page and on where Karkat trusts Dave enough to be there to talk to Terezi with him. Terezi and Karkat have a long past and Karkat is very sensitive about it.
Dave cares about his feelings(KARKAT: GAMZEE ENDED OUR MOIRALLEGIANCE QUITE SOME TIME AGO. DAVE: oh shit DAVE: sorry to hear about that). They have also spent a lot of time together (DAVE: ahahaha the best thing we ever do together is slam this assholes dumb religion KARKAT: YEAH!!!)

 "As usual" They have obviously spent time together… talking. So their friendship in cannon is very sweet, and very mutually helpful. 

I could go on but I’m starting to ramble.

Hello friend, so I saw that you said you were feeling down and I thought I’d give a few pics and gifs that’ll hopefully make you feel better :D although i’m not too sure if you’ll still be sad by the time you get this…

Here’s a advice from adventure time that is v important

Here are some weird (i like to call them cute) comic strip thingies

These lil pups senses friend’s sadness and is coming your way to cheer you up

Here are a few tweets from a people you might like

Tweets aren’t enough you say? Well how about these then? apologies that they’re all in black and white

You know what would be awesome? MUTHA. FUCKIN. CUTE. ASS. ANIMALS

Here are a few other animals that like you v much

Actually, you know what? Just take all of them, you’re an awesome human and you deserve them all c:

Bun bun can sense it inside of him, something’s not right. His little nose twitches, confirming his suspicion. He knows what he now must do. Make his friend happy. And how wil he do that you may ask? Well, it involves him and his giant floofy ball of cuteness. And so, with his power, he turned around, as he activated his powers and greeted his master wtih his usual nose twitch. (aka itself) (don’t read this, idek what this is, but the point is a cute bunny likes you and wants to cheer you up)

Here are a few reminders that are pretty cool and kinda important

You’ll be okay, no matter what

Here’s a little ghosty admitting it’s crush on you

Oh hey look tree trunks likes you too man you have alot of admirers damn


Here is a gif telling you the things I can’t seem to say to you bc you’re just that awesome ^_^ (ignore the ‘I know you follow me” part bc you don’t follow me hahaha *muffled crying in the distance* WHY WON’T SHE LOVE ME BACK)

(this isn’t really cute or a reminder or anything, i just found this smileable and i hope it makes you aww or at least smile)

Think of it as a…free hug coupon maybe?

Here’s a free trial just for you <3 (ghosty hugs suck yet rock, bc i can’t hug you irl, but ghosty hugs are pretty cool too)

Here are some ‘cute’ selfies of Alex

Here’s a cute penguin telling you you can do it

Before you jump to conclusions, this is just a pup sleeping…

A lil reminder for friend that it’s okay to be sad (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ (that’s a creepy emoticon, i’m sorry)

Another huggy, maybe?

You can never have too much hugs c:

(last one, I promise)

The most important thing to remember from this message is that know you will be okay. I know you can do it love, i believe in you <3

If you want to keep this as a reminder everytime you feel as though the sadness is taking over, go ahead :D. I just want you to know that i care about you okay? I don’t know you personally, but you seem like a sweetheart and a hecka awesome human being (not to mention gorgeous as frick like wow share some pls). I hope that whatever stupid problems you don’t deserve going through will pass soon.

Now notice how i used ‘human being’. The reason why i used that is, well everyone is human. Human beings are not perfect and they like to make mistakes from time to time. And you know what? That is perfectly normal. Human beings also have emotions and feelings, and it is also perfectly normal for humans to regret/be sad/angry/ have feelings about their mistakes (And if some fuckers make says something stupid about your feelings, give me their address and i’ll fucking beat the shit out of them for making you sad). 

Now repeat it after me (and i want you to mean every word of it okay?), 

I am a human being.

I feel sad from time to time.

And that’s okay, because a human being has feelings and it is normal for us to feel that.

I will try my best to fight off my sadness.

I know that there are many people in this world who cares about me, they are not near me, but I know there are people all over the world who does love & care about me.

And if some ‘doucheass Robin Thicke wannabes’ tells me that i’m wrong, I will not hesitate to kill a bitch, to tell one of the closest people around me and not let them get to me.

I swear on my love for bands & music, I will not give up. 

Because if I do, then my heroes would be sad and I don’t ever want my heroes to be sad.

I’m sorry that i’m not anywhere near you to be there for you physically, but i hope that through this message, you’ll know that there are so many people in this world who loves & cares about you <3. And pwease pwease pwease promise me that you will try your best to fight & resist the sadness okay? I know it’s hard, but i promise you, it will be worth it in the end. 

i know there are times when things seem hopeless and that you feel as though you’re trapped, but please know that giving in to the sadness is never the answer… Think about what would Vic, Alex, Austin, Jack, Oli, Hayley, Jenna, Patrick and all of your other favorite band members would say if they heard you gave in? They would be sad and so would we. Please know that you are never alone and that we all love you. 

I know this world could be a bit cruel sometimes, but it’s good to know that you have held on for this long and as hard as life is, you have to hold on okay? I’m really proud of you for getting through life this long and i know you can hold on just abit longer :) . Please know that we all love and care about you. And even though we might not be near you, but somewhere in the world, there are plenty of people who are there for you, okay?

If you ever need to talk to someone, just mention me and i’ll be there for you <3 (if you want, I can go off anon if you ever need to talk to me c: )

-  Much Love, That Odd Anonymous

P.S: I know i said that was the last picture but here are a few more

You are hecka rad and this gif proves it

Here are a few reminders that you have to remember okay? ૮( ᵒ̌ૢ௰ᵒ̌ૢ )ა

wow look at that an official cutie certificate from the cutie committee, they rarely give those now, and if they do, they only give it to the people who are v v gorgeous like you congrats  *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

cute lil bun bun cartoon reminding friend of what she’s worth (=^-ω-^=)

Here are a few bunnies telling a few important things

here is a lil reminder for friend that you must always remember okay?

If you’re having breathing problems rn, follow this gif to calm down a bit

Here are a few owls giving friend some good advice (psst, follow the last one, it’s a pretty awesome advice)

and most of all, know that… 

(really is the last one okay)

LINKS FOR A BAD DAY YAY (just don’t click them all at once) :

Here are a few 8tracks that’ll hopefully make friend feel better/cheer up

Click me friend, I’ll help make you feel better

Cute and good deeds made by nice people

This is a game that you should play if you’re feeling stressed

Cute lil yahoo answers made by people

I am a song… a weird song, but a song none of the less

Need a hug?

Let’s make some colorful flames (not scary/dangerous i promise)

Want to explore the world through your laptop?

Or do you want to take a look at the stars?

Want some background noise for your music?

Click me if you want to be calm and be happy 

Manatees giving you good advices

Here are some activities to do when you’re sad

Want to get your thoughts out? No one will read them, I promise

Enter your name here

You can explain why you’re sad AND give a cheerful message to someone too

Want to listen to a new band but don’t know who to check out?

An automatic essay creator (just enter the subject and type anything you want)

Some homework help from other people

Kill your anxiety

The sound of rain without the actual rain

Take trivias while giving out rice 

Make some cool art

Psst, hey kid, yeah you. Wanna break some stuff?

If you want to hurt yourself (Trigger warning; blood)

Cute roulette



Do you wanna draw a stick man? And have a pretty cool adventure? (that’s getting old sorry)

Watch free movies that aren’t disney woo

Have a tv series marathon and see all of the new episodes first (and spoil your friends with them wait what who said that)

Who da cutest?

Talk to strangers about your problems or listen to others

Here’s a game that seems pretty cool

Ideas from high people

idk what this is but it seems pretty cool


Wanna play the piano? On your laptop?

Here are a few (or not so few) collections of Japanese emoticons bc who doesn’t like them

Those are the links that i could find, i hope they help and i hope you feel better love :D

– this is the most beautiful thing someone has ever sent to me, thank you so so much