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    Haikyu!! Volume 9 - I had pre-ordered volumes 6 - 9 together, but received the other three a couple weeks before and got volume 9 today since it was on back-order. I was super excited for this particular volume because Bokuto is introduce in chapter 78!!!

BTS reaction: Them meeting your younger brother, who looks completely different.

A/N:  This request was kind of challenging to do you guys, but I think I did a good job. I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made.Requests are open.

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Request:” Could you maybe write a reaction of bts meeting their younger s/o’s brother, but they don’t believe her because he looks completely different (he has blue eyes and blonde hair) and the only similarity is that they’re both really pale? Thank you! <3 I really enjoy what you do!! 


 The first time he sees your little brother, I feel like he would know.Just by one look at him. When you ask him how, he would tell you that both of you have this sweet aura around you.

  His answer might make you laugh and in the moment, Jin will send you his signature kisses. 

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

  When Yoongi walks in the house and sees your little brother, he would freeze and look at him. After 5 minutes of staring, he would look at you and then back at your little brother.

  When you realize what he was doing, you would tell him that this is your little brother. He would look up at you again saying “He looks cuter than you.”after you slap his shoulder he will smile “I am just kidding, but he is cute.

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Jung Hoseok/Jhope:

  When you leave Hobi in the living room for a bit and he sees the boy looking at him, he would immediately turn into funny Hoseok and start playing with him. When you walk back in the room and see them together, you would be so happy that they are getting along. 

 “I see you met my brother.”, “Yeah, I…this is your little brother?!”, “Yes, I thought you knew.”, he would look at him and then at you “You don’t look alike, except for the skin.” It would take him some time, but in the end he would stand up and tell you “Now I see it, you are both super adorable.

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 Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

  I feel like Jooni would be the one that would be the most surprised out of all the boys.He would stand there just looking, letting his brain take in the information you just gave him.

  After he starts functioning normally again ,he would make a joke or say something else. “Hey.” he would tell your little brother “Your sis is cute, but don’t tell.”he will wink at him, trying to make your little brother laugh.

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Park Jimin:

  I see Jimin starting to smile when he found out that this was your little brother. In a way he would start thinking of his little brother as well. Chimchim is very lovable and he would want to make friends fast.Of course he would ask your little brother about stuff you used to do when you were little, maybe find out about some embarrassing stories.  

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Kim Taehyung/V: 

  Tae loves little kids very very much, he has a strong father instinct ,so the moment he sees your little brother, he would ran up to him and introduce himself immediately.Before you know it they will be playing around. He won’t be shocked that much when he finds out, for him it would be normal, nothing too extraordinary.

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 He will be shocked at first and try to find something you both share on the outside. It will take him sometime, but he will start finding things that even you might not know.

  I feel like your brother will like having Jungkook around and kookie will make sure you weren’t around when he asked to see pictures of you when you were little. Your brother will sneak the albums past you.

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i'm watching vids of yoongi bein sleepy and it's makin me sleepy and pls just imagine a sleepy yoongi curling into you bc it's all i need rn

okay sleepy yoongi is literally such a weakness just look at him

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have you ever seen anything cuter? the answer is no

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he’s so warm

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and soft

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and precious 

10/10 would cuddle for days 

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May I please have a 3 sentence fic with BamBam with his girlfriend wanting to dress him. Because they both enjoy fashion but his gf starts getting handsy lol thank youuu

“Just stop moving and let me do it for you!” you exclaimed, giggling as you slapped BamBam’s hand away from the shirt that you were currently putting on him; he pouted a bit but you just ignored him and smiled, looking at him in the mirror and debating what else to do.

“Oh, I got it!” you said, running into the closet and bringing out a black belt with silver buttons on it and lifting your eyebrows up and down mischeviously; BamBam laughed but stood still as you threaded the belt through the loops of his pants, but not before pinching his butt and laughing at the little squeal he let out.

“Aish, Y/N!” he exclaimed, falling into fits of laughter along with you while trying to remain as straight faced as possible; “This is fashion, we have to be serious,” he said, but couldn’t hold back a grin of excitement as you winked and reached down to buckle his belt for him.

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

So only my family and my best friend are aware that I have joined the gym. Today my boyfriend found out. He picked up my Planet Fitness membership card put it up to his face and said what’s this? I looked at him and wondered why the heck would you ask me that question. It’s a Planet Fitness card that’s obviously a gym I don’t understand why you would ask me that question? He looked at me and said why do you need this why do you have it and I just looked at him and I was so embarrassed. Instead I proceeded to lie and said it’s just an old card I found I just decided to put it on my keys I don’t use it. He looked at me and said oh okay. I felt so judged I didn’t know what to say I lied to him because I just didn’t want him to ridicule me I don’t want anyone else to ridicule me.

NCT Hyung Line reaction to their S/O being ace


He’s a sweetheart.But  Taeyong would be a bit shocked at first. He wouldn’t push you into anything. As a leader he’s very understanding so he would listen carefully to you. He would also constantly cuddle and kiss you to make you feel loved. I don’t think he would find it problematic. When he loves someone he wouldn’t care much about the sexual sphere.


An angel #1. He’s also mature enough to understand you. But he would also worry sometimes about your comfort. It may look silly at first like when there would be a sexual joke in the movie he would immediately look at you concerned and you would just laugh at him and tell him it’s not working like this.


He’s a very chill person so he it won’t be a problem to him. As long as you spent enough time wathcing movies or memes or just going for a cofee together there’s nothing to bother him.


He can tease you at first but then he wouldn’t mind also. “Why doesn’t such a sexy human being like you don’t feel a need to…” “Staph Yuta”


He would be like “Even I don’t make you feel something? Just look, not everyone can see these abs so often. You’re blessed to have me….” #STAPHDOYOUNG2K17


Don’t worry he won’t do anything, because the camers are there(jk sorry taeyong nct life) he’s a sweetheart and just wants to cuddle and eat.


Angel #2. Too pure for this world he’s going to be totally fine. He won’t even ask you any questions. He would be like “Coded. Let’s go and get ice cream” Taeyong is going to but.


What can he say when he’s in the basement. He won’t put it on a topic ‘cause he’d just feel not too comfortable, but then he wouldn’t mind it.


This boy… “Oh that’s not a problem, If something I have Johnny”. 

I think none of the boys woul be bothered by their partner being ace. They just want someone to love them.  Also this is just what i think so don’t take too serious.

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Riding Spencer's fingers when you're on a road trip and sitting in the back together and everyone thinks you're just friends but you're so horny this trip and he thinks it's hot feeling how wet you are and when he runs his thumb against your clit you whine his name softly and it turns him on so much

he bites his lip hard and presses you back against him and it just looks like your cuddling sweetly but in reality you’re grinding against his fingers and he’s digging his nails into your hip and you’re both trying to stay quiet

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Hot damn, queen. Those Logan blurbs, I freaking die. 🖤 could we maybe get a real world Logan butt grabs or PDA blurb thingie?

Saturday night had finally come which meant it was the night of Delos’ gala celebrating the opening of their newest park acquisition. Logan was your date and had been so kind as to buy you a beautiful, black gown with a low cut back just for this evening. Being around the board, directors, and his family still made you a little anxious even though this was far from your first event like this. It always felt like you were in a whole other world. But having Logan there with you always made you feel at ease.

As you entered the room, Logan placed his hand on the small of your back, ushering you in ahead of him. He came up behind you, letting his hand drift down to the curve of your ass.

“Logan, what are you doing?” you turned to ask him, your eyes looking him over.

“You just look so fucking good, babe.” He squeezed you lightly. “I did an amazing job picking out that dress. Honestly, I don’t know how I’m supposed to talk to these old fucks for 3 hours when I have to look at you looking like that.”

“Jesus Logan! Keep it together,” you scolded, but smiled at him. “And thank you. You did do a good job.” You kissed him on the cheek and let him go start working the room.

Logan did what he does best for a bit- talking to people, winning them over, schmoozing them. You said hello to the people you did know before heading to the bar and grabbing a glass of champagne. Occasionally, you’d catch him gazing at you while some old, white guy would go on and on to him about something you were certain he didn’t care about. He’d give you a wink before turning reluctantly back to the man before him. You turned back to the bar for only a moment when you felt your hair being swept off your shoulder. 

“Baby let’s get out of here.” Logan was pressing open mouthed kisses to your shoulder, letting his mouth trail up your neck.

“We’ve only been here like an hour! Your dad will lose it if we leave now,” you told him. But his hands were on your bare back, softly kneading you soft skin.

“So what? Fuck everyone here. I need to see what’s under this dress,” he said as he ran his hands over your hips, his mouth still hovering over your neck.

“Who said I had anything on under?” you teased, determined to prolong his suffering.

“Fuck, babe, I’m so hard right now,” he moaned into your ear. Normally, you’d scold him for being so crass. But that was Logan as you knew and loved him. And truthfully, all this attention you were getting from him was making you feel a little worked up yourself.

You finally turned around to face him and in the same moment, he was pressing a hungry kiss to your lips. He dug his fingers deeper into your hips, desperate to pull you closer. You moaned into his kiss, wanting to do things with him no decent person would do in public. So you grabbed his hand and led him to the bathroom you knew was secluded on the second floor.

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


❀ Flowers + Maknae Line ❀

It’s been a while since I’ve painted anything but I’m pretty happy with how these have turned out c:

Update: you can now find these paintings in my Redbubble store!


Even + Isak’s sweatpants




you can see yuri and yuuri clearly cheering, watching the football match and presumably aware of what’s going on:






“GO BALL GO!!!!!!”


2 times when Even probably took Isak’s hands