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Castle Ficlet: An Official Debrief 1/1 (Rated M)

So a little while ago I received an awesome prompt (which I’ve placed at the end), but as always, I was super slow in filling it. Once it was done, I realized I wanted to hold onto it until today’s Castle Pornado. To my prompter, thank you so much, Anon! I hope you enjoy this. And to everyone else, I hope this fits the bill Pornado-wise! 

An Official Debrief

Rated: M

Pairing: Caskett

“Well, guess this is it.”

“It doesn’t have to be. We could go to dinner, debrief each other.”

Her lip works its way between her teeth, the late afternoon sun bringing out shining embers of gold in her hazel eyes.

“Why, Castle? So I can be another one of your conquests?”

“Or I could be one of yours.” His smile deepens, one part naughty, one part hopeful. Energy has been building between them since she hauled him into an interview room, dancing at the edges of their senses, pushing, pulsing, eager.

He rocks on the balls of his feet, watching a gentle flush spread over her neck. She knows it, too, how phenomenal they could be if they just had the chance.

“Okay,” she clips, pushing on his chest with a slim finger. “Five minutes to finish up here, and you stay put.”

“Staying put,” he swears, pectoral thrumming where her finger jabbed.

“Mmm.” She lifts her eyebrows, spinning on her heel to join her fellow detectives. She knows what she’s doing to him, knows his eyes have slid down the line of her back to savor the gentle sway of her hips.

She’s driving him insane and driving herself a little bit crazy in the process.

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anonymous asked:

If you're taking prompts - maybe Damian believing that he has somehow ruined Christmas for everyone else?

“Robin,” Dick said, stepping forward, and Tim could hear the tremor of disbelief in his voice even as he tried to sound stern. “That’s not— tell me you didn’t—" 

"Ha!” Robin removed the bag from his captive’s head with a shout of triumph. “Now neither of you will get what you want for Christmas! I make no idle threats, you idiots." 

The man who was bound near Damian’s feet wore plush red clothing with white lining, his snowy beard curling down the length of his neck. His boots and belt were polished black, and a red hat crowned his head.

And beneath Santa Claus’ bifocals, Jason Todd’s eyes burned with a silent vow of vengeance.

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Long Distance

Oops this one got long again.

E/R, established relationship. Shockingly no real sexual shenanigans. Just relationship shenanigans.

“I’m gonna miss you,” Grantaire sighed, pressing his lips against Enjolras’s spine.

Enjolras rolled over so that he was facing Grantaire, and kissed him gently. “I’m only going to be gone for a little over a week,” he said. “You’ll barely even notice that I’m gone, trust me.”

Grantaire made a skeptical noise and kissed Enjolras. “Easy for you to say,” he grumbled. “You’ll be in meetings at a conference with all these wonderful, important people who all share you exact viewpoints, and you’ll forget all about me.”

Enjolras snorted. “Given the hickey the size of a hockey puck you’ve decided to leave on my shoulder, I somehow doubt I’ll forget about you over the next week. And besides, I don’t want somebody who shares my exact viewpoints. If I did, I’d be dating Combeferre.”

Grantaire considered that for a moment. “Good point.” He curled against Enjolras, fingers lightly running up Enjolras’s sides. “I’m still going to miss you, though.”

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Pacing Thoughts

Happy Sunday morning fellow trashcan denizens!

This story came from 2 different things:
1) my inability to use rational thoughts when it’s five am (like the thought that I’m a horrible writer)
2) my headcanon that Merida paces when she’s nervous/thinking/anxious/angry/all the time basically

Unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine. I also didn’t try to use proper dialect because it hurt my brain. Maybe I’ll edit it later to be better. Just read it with an accent in your mind. That’s what I did!

Happy reading!

(Also please be kind I’m incredibly nervous!)

Pacing Thoughts

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~1500 words

Pacing. Pacing is the name of the current game she’s playing. Back and forth and back and forth, across the width of the room. One, two, three…all the way to eighteen paces, pause, turn, repeat.

This has been her activity of choice for the better part of the last hour, burning a trail across her bed chambers. Maybe if she continues she’ll burn down the bloody castle and be free of this cursed crown. She takes a breath and pauses in her repetitive motion.  If she keeps this up she’s going to wear a hole in the bearskin rug that lays in front of the fireplace, which would make her infinitely more cross than she already is. So she flings herself onto the bed behind her, and takes up counting the little cracks in the ceiling.

This continues for another ten minutes or so, until Merida can finally breath again without wanting to screech in frustration and loose arrows into the nearest (likely undeserving) person she comes across. Because really the only people deserving of such treatment were those bloody fool council members.  Advisers her arse, they were just a thorn in her side.  They could spew all the nonsense they wanted, claiming they were “bein helpful” or “looking out for the good of their queen.” But the constant nagging to marry - find a consort, produce an heir - was wearing on her nerves.

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The Dentist Fic

Dan awoke on the day of March twenty-third more excited than ever -he had his dentist appointment today- and walked down stairs. He opened the cabinet to see an empty box of cereal.. Phil had already left for the days work and Dan’s happiness was already off the charts so he didn’t take the cereal personally. 

He arrived at the dentist office and signed in at the front, he sat down as his grin was nowhere near the point of wearing off. His legs and fingers were shaking with anticipation. He truly had no idea what he was in for, at all. 

The scribe arrived in the doorway of the office and shouted, “Daniel Howell!” He hesitated for a moment but then walked over to the lady and followed her to the cubicle full of his fetish desires, everywhere. He waited patiently for his dentist and pondered in his thoughts, as always, he began throwing himself into an existential crisis. “Do I even exist? Where will I go after I die? Will I never see Phil again?” Just before he began to fall into a deep dark hole of depression… he walked in. striking blue eyes, perfect black hair, it was Phil! Dan somehow managed to get even happier and a little scared. (Reason being is- well, I mean he is Phil which means… CLUMSY! Anyway.) Phil’s eyes lit right up and he tried playing it cool but that failed, big time. 

He sat down right at the head of Dan grabbed his scalpel and started to dig at his gums and back teeth. Dan started to quiver and shake. Phil gripped Dan’s shoulder with his free hand and told him to stay calm. Dan said something threw the sharp object being in his mouth that just came out as a fountain of saliva and non-understandable words. 

Dan started to drift away from the pleasure of the jabbing and slight stabbing, he closed his eyes… He felt the scalpel be taken out but the feeling still remained, so his pleasure still remained. Dan heard a door lock but he was just so gone that he didn’t mind it. Phil’s words made Dan stop. His heart felt as if it had skipped a beat. Phil had just flat out confessed his love for him. Dan’s heart was racing he didn’t know how to respond so he was just a stuttering ball of surprise. He did love him back but how does someone like him express that while fully vulnerable on a dentist chair? Phil started to interrupt his stuttering, he unzipped his pants. Dan finally let out words, “wh- what are you do-”

“Shhhhh” said Phil as he pulled down his pants and Dan’s face was bright red the heat of his cheeks made it feel like his cheeks were swelling. Dan had a huge bulge at just the thought of “him” but seeing it made him rage. Phil strutted over to his “patient” and started to tease. getting close then backing off again, repeat. Dan almost attacked him but Phil said to close his eyes so he did and Phil placed his member into Dan’s mouth. Dan struggled to keep his eyes closed. Phil saw his struggle and whispered “ahahah Daniel, be a good boy and you get a treat. You don’t want to be naughty, do you?” Dan slighty shook his head.

Phil began thrusting slightly and Dan let out soft moans at first that soon turned into loud begs for more. Phil was running his fingers threw Dan’s hair and whispering sweet nothings into Dan’s ear. 

The door handle began to wiggle. Someone on the other side exclaimed,”What’s going on in there?!” 

“Nothing to worry about just some proceduring being done! You know, normal things!” Phil said with a shaky voice. 

Dan muffled a laugh with “him” still in his mouth. Dan was thinking to himself about wanting more but how. and just in that second Phil began grabbing Dan’s hand and started to massage his cock. They both became loud moaning animals. 

But just in the wild and heart throbbing moment, Phil came. 


@mushroomdildophan i suck at writing but here you go fellow human :DDD