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Okay so it’s safe to assume that Caleb is beefier than Adam. I mean, cmon the boy plays fuckin football; idk if it’s ever been mentioned what position he plays (I’m thinking fs, I really can’t see him not playing defense. Except for maybe wr but still it’s a hard maybe), but like no matter what the boy is probably mostly muscle. And like naturally larger muscles means larger hoodies……I think y'all see where I’m going. I’m not saying that Adam wears Caleb’s hoodies, and that they’re big enough that he can do the whole “sweater paws” thing, and that Caleb may or may not find it fucking adorable, but that’s literally exactly what I’m saying IM TRASH BYE
(also id just like to say that I don’t know everything that’s been confirmed outside of the podcast, I know some stuff but there’s just so much, so if this is actually canon idk. If it is thank u Lauren for blessing me and also I’m gonna lose my gd mind)

  • y'all: i hope 5sos never change, always trust us and love us. they deserve the world, happiness, everything
  • 5sos: are comfortable enough to post pictures with their girlfriends
  • y'all: *send hate to the boys, their girlfriends* lol their relationship is so fake he is obviously not happy

I’m scrolling through the Luke Hemmings smut tag and every few posts down, I see posts about Luke and Arzaylea and that’s great, you’re venting, that’s always good, BUT COME ON!


This is short i’m sorry but the next chapter is way better i promise!

Warning: Smut.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2


Chapter 3

You paced back and forth in your room while Calum was fast asleep in bed, It was 2:00 AM and you couldn’t sleep, Everyone else in the house was passed out. You wish you could sleep as well but your mind was racing with everything he had told you hours ago.
He told you everything from how he met Arzaylea before Luke ever did, How they met at a party and got drunk together, She came on to him and he said no, She got angry and left, A few weeks later she showed up at another party the boys were at and this time she came onto Luke, Of course Luke being the sweetest guy he is fell for her instantaniously, Calum of course didn’t say anything to him and a month Later Larzaylea became a thing , You ask Calum who all knew about this and he told you the only people he told was Ashton, Michael and Mali and that Ashton told Bryana, He said he tried to tell Luke but he didn’t believe him. You didn’t know what to do or what to think anymore, but you felt yourself panicking by the minute so you decided to go outback to get some fresh air. You weaved your way through the mess that was scattered around the house, people were asleep on air matresses, and couches so you tried your best to be quiet.

You sat at the edge of the pool, dangling your legs into the water, You tilt your head back, taking a deep breath trying to calm yourself but You felt the tears burning your eyes, it wasn’t because you were sad it was more because you were frustrated, you felt stupid and lied to. You quickly wiped your eyes when you noticed Ashton walk out, He sat beside you, putting his legs in the water as well.
“Hey!” He says.
“Hey..” You say trying to hide your face.
“You okay?..” He asks as he tries to get a better look at you. You just gave up trying to hold it together, And You start to cry even harder as you look over at him, His face turns sad too as he notices your tears.
“Hey…. whats wrong little one?” He asks as he wraps his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer so you could lean on him.
“I feel so stupid.” You say.
“I defended her. And Luke. And all of you knew and didn’t tell me…..  i just, feel so dumb.” You say, sniffling.
“You were being a good person, Giving her the benefit of the doubt, There’s nothing dumb about that…” He says.
“I just don’t understand….. Calum and i are supposed to tell each other everything, even if we feel that it’s wrong or that we can’t, we’re supposed to tell each other anyway.” You say
“And Luke… Why would he date her if he knew about her and Calum…?” You ask.
“Because…. Sometimes Luke doesn’t see the truth in people, He digs, and digs until he finds something good in that person and then he hold on to it, and when he starts to see the ugly in them he just grabs that good thing to remind himself of that one good quality in that person.” Ashton explains.
“And even if she doesn’t truly like him, He truly likes her, and sometimes when you like someone a lot you will do anything to keep them in your life…” He says.
“Kinda like how we all kept the Calum and Arzaylea thing from you, Because we love you and we would do anything to keep you in our lives.” He adds. You couldn’t help but smile. Ashton could always help you see the light in dark situations, He could always make anyone feel better.
“Thanks.” You say with a smile, You give him a kiss on the cheek.
“Night.” You say as you stand up and give him a hug.
You notice Bry in the door way and she smiles at you, She gives you a hug as you pass by and then walks out to sit with Ash.
You walked into the bedroom were Cal was sleeping, You sat next to him on the bed, Looking at him, so beautiful, so peaceful, You ran your thumb over his cheek, waking him up.
“I’m sorry love, Go back to bed.” You say as you begin to stand up from the bed but he grabs your hand.
“No, Come here.” He says as he pulls you on top of him, He holds you tight, Scattering kisses around your face.
“I love you so much.” He whispers as he kisses your lips.
“So…. So… Much.” He says, Kissing your lips once more.

You laid there on top of him, Hands began to roam  and breathing began to get heavier. Calum  rolled on top of you, Trailing kisses from your lips, to your cheek, and finally reaching your neck, Nipping at your skin, You smile and a moan escapes from your lips. Remembering that people are just in the other room, You bite your lip trying to stay quiet.
“We have to be quiet. Remember? Someone might hear.” You whisper.
“I don’t give a FUCK!” He yells, Luckily you covered his mouth before he got too loud,He nips at your hand, Making you jump and You both started laughing.
“Shh..” You say as you put your finger up to your mouth trying not to laugh and he does the same, mocking you, He giggles as he kisses your lips again.
Calum lifts your shirt off of you and unties the string of your bikini top that you were still wearing from earlier that day. Kissing your chest, He hovers his lips just slightly above your body, Trailing them down your torso, You feel the warmth of his breath hit your cold skin, Sending shivers down your spine. Goosebumps rise on your skin as he gets closer to your hips, His fingers slide underneath the hem of your shorts, Pulling your panties off with them. He kisses your hip bone, Spreading your legs, his lips trail down kissing the inside of your left thigh. Your fingers run through his hair and you arch your back as he kisses you right where you want him most.
“Fuck…” You sigh as you bite down on your lip.
The warmth of his mouth and his tongue has you seeing stars, Your grip in his hair gets tighter and you feel the rush of your climax approaching faster by every second.
He looks up at you and the sight of him takes you over the edge, You grip the sheets with your other hand, Your back arches even more and you can’t help but let out a loud moan, his name spilling from your lips right after.
Calum climbed back on top of you, Pressing his body close to yours, His soft skin against your felt like heaven and no matter how close he was he didn’t feel close enough, You could feel how hard he was against you and he was craving you just as much as you craved him, His kisses got rougher and faster as he quickly pulled off his boxers, He thrust into you slowly and then quickened  his pace when he knew you were comfortable enough. His forehead rested on yours, Thrusting faster and harder, Your moans and breaths colliding, you could feel your second climax approaching, Your grip on his waist was getting tighter, One of his hands were resting on your hip, His nails were digging into your skin and the other hand, holding him up was about to give out, He grabbed you, Pulling you up as he switched positions, He was now sat on the bed and you on top of him with your legs wrapped around his waist, You began riding him and it only took just a few more thrusts of your hips to send him over the edge and you followed right behind him, His arms that were wrapped around you held you tighter, You hands rested on his face as you brought his lips to your own, Kissing him slowly as you both rode out your highs.
Laying down you both were all smiles, Calums hand reached over and grabbed yours, Intertwining his fingers with yours, You looked over at him and he pulled you closer to him, Holding you tight as you both fell asleep.

If you’d like part 4 let me know Here.


05x01 “Lucifer Rising”
05x18 “Point of No Return”
09x02 “Devil May Care”
10x20 “Angel Heart”

That Thing about Being A Vessel and Saving the World

I love how when a magazine with every other band comes out you just assume its recent but with 5sos you know it’s not bc Michael has had multiple hair colors since then

But do you ever think about how Sam finds Dean little overbearing at times (though he knows he has good intentions usually), and Lucifer is just so deprived of brotherly love because Michael is a douche, so one day Sam just shoves them together and is like “here”.

And Dean and Lucifer are still in their not-trusting-each-other phase, and just look at each other like “what do I do with this”, but Sam refuses to spend time with either of them until they spend time alone with each other. So they mostly just glare at each other a lot, until for whatever reason Lucifer subtly reveals something about Michael abandoning him and Dean’s big brother mode just activates and he’s all “no that is not what big brothers are supposed to do”. And suddenly he can just see the same little brother-ness he sees in Sam in Lucifer, but Dean knows he was supposed to be like Michael so he vows to not be like Michael because Dean is a better big brother than that.

So Dean is on a mission to prove he’s better than Michael. And Lucifer is just like so desperate to be a little brother again, so they end up in some weird surrogate brother relationship that gradually becomes less and less awkward until Sam comes back to the bunker one day to find them both in the garage and Lucifer is wearing plaid because Dean told him he can’t wear the same outfit every damn day, and they’re fixing the Impala while Dean teaches Lucifer about cars because “that’s what big brothers do”.

And Sam just stands there smiling until Dean notices him and tries to act all nonchalant as he walks past to wash the oil off his hands, while muttering something about “stupid dick angels were wrong if they thought I’d ever be a vessel to someone who can’t even be a good brother”. And Lucifer follows because Lucifer is desperate and now attached to Dean forever.

And Sam is just like “congrats on your new brother” to both of them.

The Boys on break:

  • Calum and Ashton: Going on adventures together, going to concerts with friends, updating their social media accounts.
  • Luke: Makes a public snapchat, hanging out with friends and family, being domestic, enjoying normal life.
  • Michael: ??? Maybe in Sydney with his family? No social media update except a tweet about sleeping. Listening to The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Soundtrack.