you just kissed yourself a princess

Sex Education - Draco x Reader Imagine

Requested by - @gayysciencenerd

Pairing - Draco Malfoy x Fem! Reader

Fandom - Harry Potter

Word Count – 678

Today was a rare occasion. Draco and yourself finally got some alone time. This was very rare considering you both were very popular in your houses. People did question how the pure-blood, Slytherin prince was dating the half-blood Gryffindor princess. However, people just left their relationship alone. You walked up the stairs that led you to the astronomy tower, well better yet, to Draco. You reached the top and he was standing there, looking over Hogwarts.

“Hey baby,” you sighed as you reached him, wrapping your arms around his torso. “Hey y/n! I missed you,” he declared, turning around and kissing you on the lips. “We’ll have to be quiet babe, we don’t want Professor Snape or someone find us,” he whispered in your ear. You giggled and nodded. You then started to pepper kisses along his jawline, biting him every so often. He groaned and started to gently pull my hair.

He then pushed me against the railing and started to kiss me. He cupped my cheek, deepening the kiss. He pulled my head back and started to suck on my neck. You both heard a voice “What in the name? Miss y/l/n and Mr Malfoy! What are you two doing!” You both turned around to be greeted by a furious looking Professor Snape.

You blushed a deep red as wells as Draco. “You two. Meet me in my office in five minutes!” He boomed as he stomped out of the Astronomy tower. “Maybe I should jump off this tower, would be an excellent solution to this dilemma,” you joked, pretending to jump of the tower. Draco laughed and said, “We’ll be fine babe, don’t be so dramatic.” You rolled your eyes and quickly made yourself presentable. Draco did the same. “Let’s not keep old Snivellius waiting shall we.” Draco smirked, holding your hand as yous left the tower.

You reached Snape’s office, both feeling nervous. You pushed open the door to be greeted with a grumpy looking Snape. “You two. Sit down.” He ordered. You both sat down, obeying his direction. “Mr Malfoy. Why were you and Miss y/l/n up at the astronomy tower?” he questioned in his usual monotone voice. “Well you see sir, we barely spend time together through the day and it was the only time we see each other,” Draco babbled. “I don’t see how acting sinful acts can be spending time together,” Snape scolded.

You found your fingers more interesting at this point, feeling completely awkward at this point. “Mr Malfoy, I have known you since you were a small child. I feel obliged to… warn you of things. Same with you Mrs y/l/n” Snape trailed. You perked up at the mention of your name. Draco groaned, obviously knowing what this conversation. ‘I am not oblivious to what children get up to this day in age. You two obviously proved that tonight,” he said awkwardly. You slouched further into your chair, finally realising why Draco was groaning. “I think your parents wouldn’t appreciate it if you were to become a… young father Mr Malfoy. I also don’t think your parents would like it either Miss y/l/n. Plus it would ruin further… ambitions” Snape said ever so awkwardly.

You started to choke on your own saliva in surprise and Draco had his heads in his hands. Snape was looking at the door behind us. He cleared his throat and continued, “Therefore, I hope contraception,” his eyes quickly gazed over us, then back to the door, “- is being… used.” The conversation had turned completely awkward. You realised that Snape had to have this conversation with Draco, because obviously his mum said something to Professor Snape.

Snape then sat down and said “I will tell both your parents of this discovery. Now straight to bed you two!” Snape bossed. You scurried out of the room and Drcao followed behind you. You shut the door and started to giggle. “What the actual hell was that! What did your mother tell Snape?” You questioned Draco. He blushed and replied with, “Well we obviously know now.”

Hello, baby. Part 8.

I let out more tears when he gets closer. He wraps his arms around me and I cry into his chest. He pulls me off of him after a few moments. 

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“I need you. That’s terrifying to me. I haven’t. I don’t know. You make the crazy seem less crazy. The voices quiet down when we kiss. You’re my weakness. I’ll die without you, but you just might kill me yourself.” He kisses me. 

I wrap my hands behind his head pulling him close. 

“I’m not afraid of dying. I’m not afraid of living. I’m afraid of doing either of those things without you..Things will never be perfect. We won’t be a happy family. I know we will fight many more times. I can’t fight without you though.” He kisses me again and then pulls away, we make eye contact, “Let’s go home princess.” 

I wipe my eyes and nod. He helps me up and has his hand at the small of my back. We walk out my door and get into the car. It was just him and I. He opened the door for me and I got in the passenger seat, he went around and got in the drivers seat. The car ride is quiet. I know we both feel really raw and exposed right now, I don’t want him to snap so I just let everything settle. We pull up to his place and he comes around and opens the door for me again, “My lady.” 

He gives me a grin and i give him a slight smile back “Well thank you Prince Charming.” 

 “Enjoy it while it last sweetie.” He closes the door behind me. 

I’m spent emotionally and physically. 

“I’ll be right up darling.” He heads into the kitchen and I head upstairs. 

I put on some purple silk shorts and a tank top. ‘He can’t just get casual things can he’ I let out a sigh of exhaustion and get into bed. I curl up on my side facing his side of the bed, waiting. He doesn’t take long and he comes in the door with 2 glasses of whiskey. ‘I guess things got a little too raw for him to handle.’ I laugh at him and cover my head. 

“One drink darling, you’ll sleep like a baby.” I sit up and yawn. He hands me the drink and sits on the edge of the bed next to me. 

He goes to take a sip, “Wait! Aren’t we supposed to toast or something?” I pull his hand down. 

“Sure baby! What should we toast to?” 

“I don’t know but whatever it is let’s cross out arms when we do it, like fancy people!” 

He laughs at me, “This isn’t champagne doll, it’s whiskey. You know that right?”

I sigh, “Yes I know! But let’s just do it! It will be fun!” I don’t think he even knows what fun is. “So pick something to toast too!” I give him a full smile, 

“Ok, to the king and queen of Gotham!” We cross arms and he drinks his in one gulp and I take a small sip of mine, he sighs and drinks mine too. 

“See that was fun!” I give him a smile and tuck myself back under the covers. He throws his clothes on the floor and gets in bed next to me. He brushes my hair behind my ear and his touch gives me chills. “I have to work in the morning darling. I have to pick up money that is owed. I know you want to go with but, I can’t. I can’t let you.”

“J, i understand but I need information at least. If something were to happen I wouldn’t even know where to start. I just want to be able to find you if something goes wrong.” I have only my head sticking out of the blankets.

“Doll, I will get you some information tomorrow. Ok? I’ll be gone early in the morning but I’ll be home by 11.”

I sigh, “Ok, thank you. Good night J.” I snuggle under the covers more, i fall asleep almost instantly. 

He lets out a faint laugh “Goodnight darling.”

It is barely light outside when I feel his cool hand on my face.

“Ill be home soon.” He gently kisses my forehead.

“Come back to me J.” I whisper out while his face is still close. My eyes are still closed and i’m still tucked in bed.

“Every time doll.” He kisses me one more time. I fall back asleep.

I wake up and its 10:30, ‘Oh shit! He will be home soon and I’m not even up!’ I rush out of bed and throw my clothes on the floor with his. I get in the shower and clean myself up. I go to the closet and pull out a tight fitting red dress, ‘Just a little something for him to get excited about.’ i put on some black heels and head downstairs. I get to the kitchen and help myself to some coffee. He should be home any minute. I walk around the house a little trying to make it look like i’m not pacing, but i am. Its almost 1, where is he. I go to one of the guards 

“Did Mr. J say anything before he left? To give me anything?” 

“Uh, no Miss, he didn’t. Well at least not to me.” He doesn’t break his focus. 

“Ok, well thanks….” I linger asking for his name.

“Jackson, Miss.” He gives a smirk.

“Nice to meet you Jackson. Please call me Kat. ” I smile back and walk away.

I text Jay.

From me - Is everything ok? He said he would be home by 11, its almost 2. 

From Jay - Yes. 

Well thank God you are so well with words Jay. His text does put me at ease a little bit. I try and relax.

I go and sit on the couch and lean my head back and close my eyes. 
‘Ugh, I miss him.’ I get another brilliant idea, this one i know he will love. 

I head to the garden and pick out a few roses, i run and get a glass of whiskey and head upstairs.

I pull the petals off the roses and place them on the edge of the bed and spell out ‘Daddy’. I laugh a little, seeing it seems ridiculous but he will love it or laugh at it. I’ll be happy either way. I clean the room up and throw the clothes in the laundry basket. I shake my hair out and let it down, i go into the closet and change my clothes. Lingerie.

I put on the small black lace bra and the even smaller black lace thong. I put on red heels and put on one of the long necklaces he had gotten me. I freshen up my makeup and add some perfume.

I sit on the bed sipping whiskey, waiting for my prince, my king to come home.

I hear the downstairs door open and i know its them, they are loud. My heart starts beating faster, i know he will be headed up these stairs soon. He finally opens the door, he smiles and it turns into a grin.

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“Daddy sure is happy to be home darling.” he lets out a laugh when he sees the rose petals like i figured.
He walks over to the edge of the bed and takes the whiskey from me and drinks it in one gulp, I scoot over towards him place my legs on either side of him. 
“I missed you daddy.” I look up at him and bite my lip as i start unzipping his pants. He lets out a low growl so i know its ok to continue. I pull them down with his boxers just enough and he is already hard. I bite my lip again as i start to stoke his dick, he lets out another growl as he looks at me and kisses me. He lays me on my back and gets on top of me, he kisses me again and i feel the fire run through my body. He reaches one hand down and starts rubbing my clit over the lace underwear, he lets out a low purr once he feels how wet I am. He has his finger perfectly placed on my clit and i’m close to an orgasm already, “Im going to cum baby!” I cant help but almost yell it. He doesn’t stop. I arch my back and dig my nails in his arm as i moan loud and cum. “That almost makes me think I could possibly love something.” He whispers in my ear and we both laugh. He gets up and undresses himself, He slowly undresses me like he wants to linger on my skin. He gets back on top of me and he bites my neck, i let out a moan and at the same time he has his whole length inside, i dig my nails in his back and scream his name, he loves it, He keeps his thrust slow, driving me crazy and wanting more of him. 

“Say it, say it, say it. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty..”
“Please daddy, fuck me!” 
“Beg.” he whispers in my ear as he is still slowly sliding in and out. 
My breathing is rigid “Daddy, please fuck me, I need you to fuck me!” I moan at the end and he does as i ask.

He thrust are hard as he slams against me and the pace is fast, my head is spinning and I can feel orgasm 2 come close, and he knows it.

“Don’t you fucking cum yet.” He says quickly. 

I reach up and kiss him and bite his lip as i pull away, it takes everything in me to keep the orgasm away. 
He is breathing heavy and his grunts are more often, i know he’s close too. 

“Daddy! I-I can’t.” I cant get the words out. He kisses my neck again and i cant hold back anymore, I tighten around him and he lets out a loud growl and we cum at the same time, I dig my nails in his back and he bites my shoulder. a few seconds pass and he lays next to me. We both lay there not saying anything, letting out breathing slow down. 

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I look over at him and smile, “You didn’t ruin anything with a knife this time!” i giggle.

He smiles back “Ahh, I wont forget next time, I will make sure of it.” He closes his eyes but his face is still towards me. I reach over and brush the hair out of his face, he slowly opens his eyes. They are piercing. 

“What should we do for the rest of the day?” he asks in a low voice.

“I don’t know, we could, maybe hang out here and, if you want, maybe we can have dinner together?” He can tell im nervous. 

“Are you asking me out on a date Kat?” He laughs a little bit.

“I think I am Mr. J.” Im blushing, trying to play it cool.

“Well, i could never deny such a beautiful creature.” He smiles and adjust himself to lay on his back and closes his eyes.

‘Man, i am so in love with that smile.’ i instantly get a pit in my stomach.


I just lay there not saying anything. ‘Did I, I did, i used that word. I, fuck.!’

He must notice the expression on my face, like im trying to sole the worlds hardest math problem, “Everything ok baby?”

His voice snaps me out of it, “Yeah, yes, yup, i’m, fine. Yeah. Im going to, uh, shower for our date tonight.” I spring out of bed and smile at him and I go to the bathroom and lock the door. I actually get in the shower and it feels so good, I wash my hair, trying to scrub the thoughts of ‘love’ out of my head. I finish up and wrap a towel around my hair and body. I walk back into the bedroom and hes still laying on the bed, his eyes are fixed on me. 
“Ah, the itch in my crotch.” I laugh at him and walk in the closet.

“How should i dress?” I yell out.

“Something that says you are ready for bed.” he can’t see my face but it reads confusion.

I grab a robe, “Like this?” i laugh.

“Like pajamas darling. I’ll plan something here, ok?”

“Wait, you, you’re serious, you want me to wear pajamas to our date?” I walk out of the closet so i can see his face.

“Would I lie to you?” He gives a big smile.

I get butterflies and give an awkward smile, “Probably.” I say with a laugh.

“Probably is right darling.” He laughs with me. “I will be in the office if you need me darling, but i am serious about your clothes tonight.” He comes into the closet and puts his arms around my waist and kisses my neck. “Wear that perfume again too. I’ll pick you up around 7 baby.” 

  • Mari: I'm glad you could make it to the party. You look gorgeous, Dia! I love your makeup! Like a princess!
  • Dia: Thank you, but you're stunning yourself. What a lovely dress you've chosen
  • Kanan: Hey, guys, check out my new shirt
  • Kanan: The fish says "Kiss me" because fish look like --
  • Mari:
  • Dia:
  • Mari: Come with us for a moment
  • .
  • Kanan: Uh, why do I have to wear this?
  • Mari: It looks great on you!
  • Dia: See, Kanan? This suit is just perfect for... for...
  • Kanan: Are you okay?
  • Mari: It's.. too much...
  • Kanan: Mari?! Dia?! Why would they faint for no reason??

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Hi just stumbled upon your blog and loved reading all the zen stories <3 you're a great writer. If I may make a suggestion, zen and MC in a long distance relationship? :3

Awww! Thank you so much! Did you read about my long distance relationship? HEHEHE!


The sound of a text message woke you up. You fumbled about your bed blindly before sliding your phone open and looking at it with sleepy eyes. It was a picture of Zen making a kiss face.

Good morning, Princess! :-*

You rolled your eyes and looked at the time. 02:30. You opened your camera and took a picture of yourself with your face smushed into your pillow.

Not quite morning here. I need my beauty sleep, unlike some other people…zzzzzz

You clicked the button to turn the screen of your phone off, tossed it into the blankets and squirmed around to get comfortable again. You had just gotten settled when your phone went off. You growled softly and started searching the blankets again, muttering to yourself about annoying boyfriends.

Opening the message, you snorted softly after reading it.

You’re beautiful! I wish I was there to worship you like you deserve.

Liar. I have pillow case creases on my face and my hair is a mess. I appreciate the sentiment, though. I miss you.

I miss you, too! This movie is draaaaaaging on! My co-star still refuses to do half the preparation she needs to do. Shooting this morning has already been delayed 2 hours!

You sighed softly. Zen had already been on location for 5 months, and if his co-star didn’t get her act together, it was looking like it was going to be another 5 months before the movie wrapped. You wanted to go visit, but you just didn’t have the money and wouldn’t let Zen (or Jumin) pay for the tickets. 

There’s nothing the producers can do? Like fine her or something??

They have! I actually asked that the other day and she’s racked like 10,000 worth of fines!

Can they replace her? 

I suppose that’s the next step. But we’d have to reshoot. I don’t know how long that would take.

This bed is just so lonely without you. 

I know, Princess :( go back to sleep now. Text me when you wake up. maybe i’ll have a few minutes to call!

You knew when his grammar got bad he was rushing. Probably heading to shoot a scene with little Miss. Never Prepared. You turned over and got comfortable, this time hugging the phone close. It was a poor substitute for your boyfriend, but for now it was all you had. 

How BTS would react to you slipping into the shower with them

Jin: You’d surprise him and make him jump a bit because he wasn’t expecting you to come in with him. “What are you doing here babe?” he’d ask smiling at you. “I need to shower too…plus I was missing you too much.” you’d say with a blush. He’d smile and pull you close, “Aww you’re so cute princess come for some kisses.” he’d say before showering your face with kisses.

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Suga: He’d back you up to the wall, his face would be inches from yours as he said, “You know you’re not going to be just showering in here right?”

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Rap Monster: You’d get into the shower and stand under the water in front of him washing yourself seductively. He would look at you with lust for a while enjoying your little show before he wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore and just push you up against the wall and take you right there.

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J Hope: He’d agree to you coming in with him so that you could both get ready quicker but once you were both naked in the shower he couldn’t keep his eyes off of your naked, wet body.

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Jimin: You’d slip into the shower and ask, “Can I shower with you baby?” He would nod and a blush would instantly cover his face as he tried not to look at your naked self for too long because he knew he would get hard.

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V: He would have begged you to shower with him and you had declined making him pout and go to shower alone sadly. This would make you feel bad and you would eventually slip into the shower with him surprising him. He would start to giggle like crazy and hug you tightly saying “I love you so much princess.”

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Jungkook: He would have now came back from an exhausting day at rehearsals and would have lazily trudged to the shower before bed. You would strip and decide to shower with him, helping him wash himself. He would smile lovingly at you before pecking your lips.

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His love was one of it’s own. He might not have loved everyone, he might have put up a cold front, but goddamn once you got past that… there was no way you weren’t going to fall. When he loved he did so with a passion, a fire. He loved like it would kill him not to. Like he was a dragon defending his princess, like you are the only girl he sees.  There was no way you were going to bed unsure of it, of how strongly and admiringly he loved you. He’s affectionate with his love, would spend hours just convincing you you’re beautiful and goddess-like, kissing your wounds and every damn place you’re insecure about. Every, single, one. He will hold your hand in public and show you off, fend for your honour, make every guy wish he had you and every girl want to be you. More importantly he will help you love yourself just as much as he loves you. He will stay up through the long nights no matter how many you have, and how often you have them. He will hold you while you sob and kiss away the tears when you’re done. He’ll tell you every damn thing he finds attractive about you, whether it be something as obvious as your body or something as minuscule as your eyes when you wake up from a long nap. He reminds you of the good things when you’re too tired to see them. He’ll make you laugh with his dumb jokes and make you blush with his smooth sexiness. At the end of the day, he will be utterly and completely yours, unforgivably your whole sky. I was so lucky to be one of those girls whom he fell for.
—  baby be mine

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HC the rfa+V and Saeran on a road trip??????

i already did one like this so this one is gonna be a bit shorter~ ^^

•he’s got all the jams
•we’re talking adele, sia, lady gaga, the jaMS
•it’s just singing the whole ride :,)
•he’s also the type of boy to keep a hand on your leg the whole time ;)
•you guys would try to play 20 questions
•"zen you can’t do yourself every time"

•snacks snACKS SNACKS S N A C K S
•holds your hand and kisses it like every 2 minutes :,)
•his playlist is disney songs
•princess and the frog is his favorite soundtrack
•you’ll probably have to feed him while he drives
•"mc do you think i’m missing any rare items in LOLOL?“

•her playlist is mostly instrumentals so you guys can talk
•she loves having deep conversations with you !!
•when you guys want to jam she’s all for her guilty pleasure, marina and the diamonds (yo i love marina could you imagine baehee singing along)
•she loves when you keep your hand on her leg:,)

(let’s pretend he can drive)
•he loves some classic beethoven but if you’re not feelin it he also loves the beatles
•you teach him the classic road trip games
•he likes the one where you guys add 2 words to make a story
•he tries lots of commoner snacks (like when trevor tries slim jims in the fundamentals of caring)
•he really likes licorice (what an oldie i love him)
•he plans more road trips because he likes not having to worry about work

•it’s in one of the babe cars oml
•"mc we gotta be careful we can’t get crumbs stuck between the leather”
•his stereo is so nice oh goddd
•his favorite is to play kiss me thru the phone while singing as loud and off key as possible
•lots of dramatic performances by him (like trying to sing my heart will go on)
•he probably has to pee every 5 minutes let’s be real

•he’s really excited since he loves spending time with you
•he mainly listens to coldplay and the 1975 (arctic monkeys sometimes too he’s so tumblr wow)
•he really likes just talking about life, he gets really soaked up in the conversation
•kisses at every red light !!!
•he has a smile on his face the whole time and holds your hand really tightly :,)

•this is his first road trip so you put him in charge of the playlist
•it’s mainly neck deep, real friends, and fall out boy (all great bands 10/10 would recommend)
•he enjoys driving and talking
•"mc look how beautiful the sunset is!!“
•he admires all the scenery and is excited that he’s traveling and seeing new places with someone he loves
•you guys stop to get ice cream like 3 times

Birthday Sex (nsfw)

self indulgent calum smut bc it’s my birthday and i deserve it 

(i wrote this in 20 minutes so please excuse any grammatical errors/description inconsistencies)

The blankets shifted on your body as you slept, and you stirred lightly at the feeling of Calum’s warm legs nudging lightly at yours as he climbed back into bed. You reached out, without opening your eyes, to get a hold of his forearm, trying weakly to pull yourself closer to him. Calum helped you, wrapping his arms arounds your waist and pulling until your skin was flush with his, you head half on his chest and one leg wrapped around his torso. 

“Happy birthday, princess,” he murmured, bending his head to kiss your forehead. He rubbed a hand up and down your back, drawing soothing circles into your skin.

“Thank you, it’s m’birthday,” you mumbled back, incoherently, snuggling further into his chest. 

“Yeah,” he chuckled lightly, “that’s what I just said, silly head.” You pouted, slowly beginning to wake up. You slapped his chest lightly, a punishment for calling you silly, before pressing a few kisses on the spot, soothing it. You ran your nails across his abdomen, getting a hiss out of him.

“Somebody’s trying to get frisky before coffee?” he joked incredulously, but you could see how quickly he was hardening in his boxers and knew that he wanted you just as badly.

“C’mon, it’s my birthday, gotta make me cum. It’s the rule,” you reasoned, hiking your leg up so that he could have better access to you.

Calum complied, taking the hand not wrapped around your waist and snaking down into your underwear. You gasped lightly at the sensation of his rough fingers grazing where you were so sensitive, and pushed your chest harder against his, desperate to get closer. His middle finger circled lightly around your clit before apply pressure, pulsating on the bud rhythmically. You felt yourself instantly growing wetter as he expertly stimulated you, until you were a moaning mess against his chest.

“Cal, baby, please I need your fingers in me,” you begged, scratching at his torso and tucking your head into his chest.

“You wanna take one finger or two, baby?” He asked sweetly, pulling you closer to him as his fingers dipped down toward your entrance. You choked out an answe of two, your head lolling back as his sunk his middle finger in to the knuckle with almost no resistance. “You’re so wet and open for me, baby, I love it.”

You whined in response, grinding down to silently ask for the second finger, and again Calum gave you what you wanted. He inserted his index finger, bending the two until he grazed against your g-spot, causing you to buck against him. 

The pads of his finger tips tapped against your spot, making you whine and moan against his chest. “Baby, I’m gonna cum,” you warned, grinding down on his fingers harder. Calum kept moving his fingers in and out as steady as he could, making sure they caught on your g-spot every time they moved.

As you felt your orgasm wash over you, you pressed your face into Calum’s pec, your teeth dragging against his nipple are you cried out. Your toes curled against his calves as your entire body was overcome with pleasure.

After you came down from your orgasm, Calum pulled his fingers out of your underwear before bending down and kissing you passionately, his hand moving down to squeeze your bum.

“Best orgasm ever. Now your turn,” you said playfully, moving to the band of boxers, but he stopped your hand, moving to get out of bed. 

“Later,” he said, and you looked at him with confusion. “I made you chocolate chip pancakes and I don’t want them to get too cold. C’mon,” he said, standing up and moving toward the bedroom door. You sat on the bed staring after the beautiful man for a moment before deciding, yeah, this was gonna be the best birthday ever.