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Would you mind explaining your love of Shance? I feel like I'm missing out on something that I missed during the seasons. I'm usually a horrible multishipper lol but I just haven't been bitten by this bug yet! Please enlighten me :3

I’m not even sure I can explain it in a way that will give them justice! 😭 But I will try!

To be honest, I just really, really love their interactions, few as they are. It might not be as obvious as Shiro and Keith’s or Lance and Hunk’s friendship, but it’s the small things in Shiro and Lance’s connection that makes me really fall for them.

I think to most shance shippers, it all started with Lance saying Shiro was his hero. The indignation in his voice here, the way he shouts “hero”, you can tell it’s a very personal thing to him and he’s confused as to how 1) Shiro is alive, 2) the garrison knows and 3) the garrison is holding him captive.

Lance regards him high enough that he wanted to stop Keith from saving Shiro just so he could be the one to do it. It’s a silly thing to do because what matters is that Shiro is safe, but it just goes to show how much he really admires that guy.

When Shiro finally introduces himself to the team, it’s Lance whom he extends his hand to first, and there’s a heavy focus on their handshake, whereas there isn’t with the others. Shiro acknowledged Lance’s efforts in rescuing him and thanked him for it.

Others have already also pointed out how Lance hesitates a bit to hold Shiro’s hand here because of his galra arm (in this scene in particular, the noise of the metal arm is really prominent too), but does it anyway. Lance doesn’t care what happened to Shiro, he is still his hero.

When Sendak attacks the castle in 1x4, Shiro is the one who rushes to Lance, and also the one who stays behind to tend to Lance’s injuries while the others are busy helping the arusians and grabbing a new balmera crystal for the castle.

Shiro really cares for him. After everyone was gone he stayed behind to take care of Lance. It’s a good thing he did, because otherwise Sendak would have gotten to him. I don’t even like to imagine what would have happened then.

Lance has his one sided rivalry going on with Keith. When it comes to Hunk, Coran and Pidge, they’re good, close friends. Allura is someone he is constantly flirting with, though I don’t think anyone takes it seriously, not even himself. To Lance, Shiro is “their awesome leader” (2x10) and Lance always trusts him with respect, even when he doesn’t agree with Shiro’s dicisions (2x2, Lance disagrees with Shiro that they should trust Ulaz and in 2x8 he wants Shiro to take him to the Blade of Marmora, not Keith and he confronts Shiro about it).

And Lance may not think much of himself, shown by the way he second guesses his worth to the team constantly. But Shiro is always there for him, either tending to his injuries, making sure he is fine and trusting him with the important missions, like the Beta Traz prison escape.

Those tiny moments, very subtle connection between them is what really makes me love their relationship. Lance trusts Shiro, but not so blindly that he won’t voice his own opinion. Shiro trusts Lance just as equally, and believes in Lance’s potential.

To me personally, I like that subtlety in their interactions because it’s easy for me to fill in the gaps. That’s why it’s so dear and important to me.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that what really made me start seeing the shance and falling for it was Josh’s tweet about it, which is also the tweet that gave the ship the name ‘shance’


I just wanted to have a little rant that has been annoying me for months and I haven’t said anything but now I’m ready to burst.

Bernie Wolfe has no label.

I keep seeing posts where people are slagging off her ex husband and saying she’s gay etc. and that’s really starting to irk me.

Bisexuality exists. I know gays don’t like to include us, but dudes, seriously.

Bernie obviously loved her husband once. She had two kids with him and at least 20 years of marriage. Just because they grew apart and she found that her next two relationships happen to be with women, that doesn’t give you cause to slag off her past relationship and class it as invalid.

There’s enough homophobia in the world already, bisexuality needs to be acknowledged and not erased, especially from a community of female (mostly gay) Berena fans that I hold in high regards.

Rant over.

My LT Experience 1/07/2014 - "Pop My Trunk"

Alright guys, it was bridick (new word I learned from Sica) yesterday, but someway somehow, I still made it to the workshop. Myself, my BFF and my other homegirl beared the icy winds to go see them. SMH. By the time I made it in the building, I couldn’t feel my toes. It took about 10 minutes for my toes to come back to life and I was worried I had lost them. Thank God I wasn’t dancing. Anyway, fast forward to when we made it upstairs. (BTW, they almost tried to play me and say they couldn’t find my name on the list, I was ready to flip a table, thank God they finally found it though.)

So we get inside and the room was arranged a little differently than it was the last time I was here. My friends and I rushed to the front to get good seats; we bypassed Les Twins and everything just so we could get the good seats. At this point, people are just lounging around settling in etc. The twins are moving around talking to a few people, and then Larry passes right by me and I call his name. He goes,

“You call me like you know me”

I say, “Yeah I do, it’s me with the ear rings”

“Oh girl that’s you? How you doing?” he daps me up

Then he tells me he lost the ear rings on stage. So I throw a little pity fit. And he’s all apologizing saying it was a mistake, and he said he wish I had like 5 more to give him. I told him I’ll see if I can find it again and give it to him the next time I see him. Then I said, “I have another gift for you.” But he was already holding a small gift bag from someone else. He says,

“I got candy already, is better than what you have”

I go, “Just look at it, read the card, and don’t judge me”

He takes the bag and before he opens it I lean in a little closer and say, “It’s so you can brush your teeth with swag”

He looked like he didn’t get it, but he realized what I was talking about when he pulled out the toothbrush and toothpaste I got him. LTLADIES!!! He started cracking up, dying laughing, shaking his head in disbelief. He came in and gave me the tightest biggest bestest hug ever, eyes closed and swinging side to side hug. I didn’t wanna let go. And then he explained to everyone looking that I gave him this not because he has bad teeth or anything (he gave the Larry smile to show off his pearly whites saying “im good”) but because of the IG vid he posted a couple days ago.

Now let’s backtrack a little. I wasn’t even gonna get them gifts this time. I really had no time to get anything and I was like, how can I top the ear rings? But then, like, the day before the workshop I was like, let me get Larry a gag gift about his freestyle. I didn’t even wanna give it to him. I was worried that he might not like it, or that he wouldn’t get it, or that he would be offended. But he took it all in stride and he got the joke and gave me the best hug I ever wanted.

Woo! Well, I could stop right here, but I’ll keep going. I’m sure you guys already seen the videos, but I was under the impression that they were gonna do Yonce choreo again. But I hear Larry talking about some song that he loves but it’s not popular and its by Wino…..I almost went mad. I was like, I know he’s not gonna do Pop My Trunk. And he does!!! He did a little freestyle to it and it was beautiful. My fav video of him is when he dances to this song in Vlado, so I was hyped. I was actually just showing my other friend that video while we were out in the lobby.

Anyway, moving on, they start the warm up, and interestingly enough it’s to Panic At The Disco’s song I Write Sins Not Tragedies. At one point Larry has them do a balancing thing on their foot while he went around pushing people. A little later, they gave little speeches, and Lau was talking about Larry’s dance style and you could tell that he holds his brother in high regard. But he proceeded to tell the dancers that they have to be better than Larry. As for him, he said that if he finds somebody better than him, he gonna kill him, we all laughed. They continue the choreography and Larry keeps saying “is easy is easy, is like mathematics”, with the strongest accent that had me dying. I loved it though.  

Ok, last thing before the end. Larry gives no effs, whatsoever. He was like, I’m looking for a “Jackie Chan.” And he goes and finds an Asian boy talking about “if he can do it, anybody can.” He asked the guy where he was from and he’s like,

“I’m from The Bronx”

“Yeah, but your family from China right?”

“No, Korea”

I tell you, Larry don’t give a nothing. SMH!! And a little later on, Lau was speaking to the class and he asked everyone not to record anything because he was talking about Beyonce. He starts explaining that they choreographed Flawless so that everyone could do it, they couldn’t make it hard. But then that’s when they catch an Asian guy still filming. And Lau is like, no, please stop. Now Larry’s wild ass starts speaking fake Chinese. Shaking my friggin head at this boy’s ridiculousness. Lau gave him a huge slap on his back to shut him up. If anything, that night, I saw a whole nother side of Larry, he’s really a mess.

After that they start the cypher and everyone forms a circle. There were some people there that did their thing, but there was this one girl that absolutely killed it, she was small and petite but she was breaking, flipping, shaking, the whole nine. She did that and the twins looked impressed with her. This time around I was in the front so I could see everything. But my BFF pulled me out and she was like, there’s a line forming to take pictures. So I got on the line and I was closer to the front, but I missed the twins dancing in the cypher L. Anyway, it comes time to take my picture and I sit between them and hook my arms around their arms and we take the pics. I asked Larry for a kiss and he tells me, “oh the line is long.” I gave him the ‘don’t make me punch you’ eyes and then he gave me my kiss. Yeah, he better had not played himself, lol. I got up to leave and I saw that Lau kinda looked like I swerved him and I felt bad so I went right back and said “oh sorry, you too” and I bent down to kiss him. His lips were this close to mine yall, lol. It looks like they would much rather give kisses than receive them. Their faces are all scrunched up when the girls give them kisses and they look uncomfortable.

I wanted to stay and watch for the rest of the night, but the security was kicking everyone out. But I have to say that this time around, the people at Alvin Ailey were much more lenient about taking pictures and videos. I had my big old Ipad out for all to see, lol.

Oh, one more thing. Lau was wearing shorts and ladies, yes he’s still ashy. I might just get him lotion the next time I see him. But anyway, I noticed a vein running down his calf….and I must say it looked so good. My BFF really held me down, and no I’m not just saying that because she’s gonna be reading this, I mean it. My experience is always magnified when I’m with her. She even asked Larry to follow me on IG since I gave him the gift, he said “never,” lol, clown! I found myself to be a little less jittery this time around. I was much more calm than I was last time, and more comfortable with them too. Still excited, but much less star struck. I think I’m getting the hang of this guys. My BFF would probably beg to differ though, lol.

Anyway, that’s that for that! I had a blast and I will be uploading some pics soon. I have some vids too, but I just need to figure out a way to upload those too (I wish I was more tech savvy). As soon as I do, I will. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Bisous my loves.