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I was just making a point. Obama banned muslims from coming into the US in 2011 for 6 months and nobody said a word. When a white man did it all of a sudden its "racism". Just stop.

Well, Obama didn’t ban anybody? Like, what are you talking about? He received information via arrests that there was a threat and even then he didn’t BAN anything, it was a review of the process.

It slowed down the processing speed but refugees continued to arrive every month. It wasn’t ideal because these people already have to wait so long but it’s not even vaguely similar to the Trump Ban.

Do you get ALL of your news directly from Trump’s mouth?

Little sis part.1

Description:You’re Namjoons little sister that is secretly crushing on the maknae Jungkook and Namjoon gets VERY overprotective.



Angusty? Fluff,smut😏

“Jungkook-Ah!Stop you’re gonna break my headphones!”.You say as Jungkook keeps on pulling on the cord of your headphones to listen to your playlist outloud.
“Well I wouldn’t have to if you would play it out loud!What type of music are you hiding from me!huh!Is it kinky?”.He says sarcastically bursting with laughter at the sudden accusations of your music.You slightly blush but answer sharply.
“God!You’re such a child,Jungkook!Can’t I just listen in peace?”.You try to say in a serious tone but only comes out with laughter as you stare at Jungkooks face.It was late at night and you were waiting for your older brother Namjoon to finish in the studio when Jungkook offered to stay after his practice to “cure your boredness”.it had been 3 hours since Namjoon said you guys would leave but yet you were here with the idiot of Jungkook trying to get out of the current kinky music situation.
“Come on!Let’s at least share Y/N!Im bored and you won’t even spare a glance my way!” He says dramatically.He then sits next to you taking in earbud out of ur ear,and placing it in his letting the sound run through his ear to his brain.
“Wow you have great taste…I love this song” he says as he sings with the music.A couple of minutes pass and both of you are just on the couch listening to music;however,the music faded away as you could only hear Jungkook mumbling lyrics in and out of every song.You start to fall asleep and you rest your head on his shoulder.He notices this and he grabs you and places your head on his lap letting you stretch over the couch.
“Sleep finally reaching for ya?”
“Hm?I-I’m sorry it’s so late and I just nee-”
“Why would you be sorry It’s ok Y/N”.After hearing his reply you close your eyes feeling strangely safe and secure.You knew you had a thing for Jungkook but never had the guts to say anything and you were pretty sure he could date any girl he wanted so why would he choose you?
Namjoon suddenly walks in with his stuff ready to go home when he sees you in Jungkooks lap half asleep and Jungkook already in deep sleep.
“Hey Y/N-wha-what the hell!Whats going on here?”.You both wake up at the sudden hollar not realizing your positions yet.“Hm?” Jungkook says in a yawn.You wake up to see your brother and freak out to have him see you in this position.“What the hell were you to doing?Jungkook what the hell did I say about my little sister?huh?” He says pushing you off him and grabbing his collar half angry and disappointed.
“Hyung,calm down she was falling asleep and I made sure she was comfortable noth…nothing happened!I swear!”.You take Namjoon off of Jungkook and give him one of your disappointed looks that scared him even if you were even younger than Jungkook.Namjoon calms down seeing that he miss read the situation and apologized.You look back at Jungkook before you leave and say Goodbye.
“Hey,I’ll see you tomorrow goodnight.”
“See you tomorrow,Jagi!”.


SO I wrote this on my phone I’m sorry for the mistakes (if they’re any) PLEASE tell me if you want a part 2 I really like this but if you guys don’t want it I won’t write it so leave comments,asks,and questions you have for me!

Washboard Wednesday - Slightly Damaged Edition

Hello Delicious!

A bad man came along and kicked the crap out of our pretty last week. Oh, the poor dear. I’m still kind of upset because while it’s only makeup, fake blood has a tendency to detract from the muscles and the loveliness, you know? But here we are. Now, Stephen has suggested that the workouts will be coming into play in quite a number of episodes, so perhaps we’ll see some prettier shirtless soon that are not filmed in a dark, dingy room. In the meantime, I have tried to make the most of what we have. 

Turned on its side. He looks pretty yummy. Could use a shower and years of therapy, but quite tasty. 

Arty makes the blood less ick and the arms way yes!

Crunch, baby!

Wait, how about a quick bit of perfect pretty from another show, just to make us grin? I mean, it makes a girl want to learn braille.

  Yeah, dude is sad, but sexy in a Fight Club kind of way. The pants. The arms. The glorious belly button. The lost will to live…not so much. I just want to inspire him, you know?

I like this one best. 

Thanks for reading today. I hope that you have a great day. If you are able to watch tonight’s episode, I hope you love it. I am excited to see where things are going and how it all shakes out. Do take care of fabulous self! Tags after…

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The norm for me as of late has been getting up at noon but right now it’s 9am and I’m drinking coffee and wow this wasn’t even planned. ☺️

Today I have a lunch date with a friend who I haven’t seen in over a year and ahh I’m so excited to see her. We have so much to catch up on. Also, guys, let me just say that the only reason this is happening is because I reached out! Like, huh, it really is that easy once you come to terms with the fact that the worst thing that can happen is you get rejected and that’s ok.

I think I’m killing it with the whole putting myself out there and saying what I feel rather than waiting for people to come to me thing.

tulip: do what makes you happy. if you’ve been struggling with this dysphoria for so long and now have a chance to fix it, then i’d say to go for it.
phlox: wait, really? you- you’re okay with it?
tulip: phlo, put yourself first for once, if this is what you need to do to feel better then do it. this won’t change who you are, you’ll just live a little differently. the kids will still come to you to bail them out of trouble, the cats will still greet you at the door, i’ll still kick your ass in Halo. you’ll still be my lovely, geeky phlo that you always have been. if you’re happy, i’m happy.

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There is no doubt in my mind that Mackenzie will be in S. Africa for Sam's birthday, and probably Easter as well (I am assuming they'll have a filming break then, but maybe Mackenzie will spend the holiday with family). It's coming. think we're all just waiting for it at this point. I also would bet money that Tony is probably already in Cape Town with Caitriona.

What leads you to these conclusions, Anon? I’m interested in knowing why you have no doubt. Do you know something we don’t? I’ve been worried that Beverly Hills Anon has been holding out on us. She’s been a bit difficult lately with the forced vacation she completed last Friday, and now that Table Top Mountain Anon has garnered so much attention and witnessed Sam planking, Beverly is fit to be tied. She’s clamed up and not taking my calls or acknowledging my text messages. I told her not to worry, but Beverly is quite the diva, and well there’s a lot of drama cake with her. Please come back and share what you know, Anon. 😉

Alice 🐇

Chapter 11 SNEAK PEEK

A/N: So it’s going to be a bit until I get this chapter finished because I’ve got testing this week :( I’ll try to work as fast I can but I can’t give an exact date so here’s a sneak peek to hold everyone over! ^-^

“Actually Rachel, there is something more I must tell you.” Just after he said that he leaned down and whispered into her ear. You could see his lips moving but you couldn’t hear what he was saying. When Alex straightened his posture Rachel’s eyes suddenly perked up.

“Wait, are you serious? That’s unbelievable…” What’s unbelievable damn it?!

“Your father was a very caring man; he would never leave you without giving you something useful. I believe you are old enough to have this responsibility. Now come, Betsy will want to say goodbye to you as well.” He turned and began to walk down the stairs, Rachel following close behind him. 

That’s all for now folks! I hope this was interesting!

  • harry: the platform is closed, what do we do?
  • ron: well, there is absolutely no way we can just stay here and wait for an adult. it's not like my parents have to come back to the car when they're done. literally nobody will notice that we didn't get on the train, bc it's not like we came here with like, six other people. i'm sure if we explained this situation, via the owl you have with you right this minute, to any of the teachers at hogwarts they would, in no way, offer us any sort of assistance.
  • harry: you're right. there is only one option.
  • ron and harry: -fly the goddamn car to hogwarts-
  • me: whY THE FUCK???

“I just can’t wait to forget how much it hurts,” she said. My little sister, 17 and naive and so in love, had woken me up at 2am, crying because her boyfriend had broken up with her. “I never want to remember what I’m feeling right now.”

I pet her hair back as her head laid in my lap. “But you will remember it,” I told her. “You always will. Even ten years from now, when three other boys have come and gone since him, you will remember it. Because this is the only time you will have believed every word he said. This is the only time your whole heart will get involved. This is the only time you will be blindsided.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. “You’ll remember this pain for the rest of your life. But pain is natural. It’s how we protect ourselves.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #133

Imagine the classic fanfic scenario of Kara in her Supergirl attire dropping over at Alex’s place unannounced, coming in through the balcony and stopping dead in her tracks because Maggie is there. On her sister’s couch. On her sister. And Kara didn’t even know they were dating, Alex didn’t have a chance to tell her yet. And Alex’s first reaction is to shout out Kara’s name while almost pushing Maggie off the couch as Kara just stands there red in the face, stuttering out apologies. And for a second Maggie is freaked out and then she’s amused and then she realizes Wait WHAT?!
“Did you just call her Kara?”
And both Alex’s and Kara’s eyes get bigger and they’re like “Pffft no, no no no, definitely not, nope” in a fake-casual-obviously-panicky way and then Kara’s like “WHAT’S A KARA” in a high pitched voice and Maggie just wishes there was a camera she could look directly into because these are the two finest DEO agents, apparently.

  • me: yeah, im disabled. i have this really bad illness where-
  • someone: wait, youre disabled?
  • me: ....yeah, my illness can be really awful, to the point where i-
  • someone: im just surprised cause
  • me: oh no
  • someone: ya know
  • me: no no no come on man stop
  • someone: you dont
  • me: stop, turn back now dont say it dont fucking say it
  • someone: look
  • me: ...dont please
  • someone: like youre disabled.
  • me: .... oh fuck my guy you just had to say that dumb shit, do you even know what the fuck you just did?!

I think one of my very favorite things is getting all this pre- A New Hope backstory we’re getting via films and novelizations is that everyone around the Rebellion was just in AWE of Leia Organa as both royalty and the badass leading the rebellion and they speak of her in hushed, reverent tones and watch with wide eyes whenever she passes by and she is just like this Important Thing of Awesomeness™ that bestows glowing hope and guidance to all who cross her path. And rightly so.

But then here comes this absolute Dumpster Fire of a Human Being™ Han Solo and he just is like “who the fuck is this tiny chick that’s yelling at me? Wait do I like it? Ok I like it time to turn on the old Solo charm” and Leia is just “what the actual fuck are you an actual idiot?” and he’s like “mostly. wanna kiss?” and she just shuts it down left and right in that Leia Organa Way™ that would have most people trembling in their Rebellion-issued boots. But this dumbass decides to tattoo “if at first you don’t succeed, argue with her until the sexual tension is giving the entire Rebellion blue balls” onto his dumb, pretty forehead. So he keeps sassing her and making eyes at her and fighting with her but also fighting for her and this all puts her the hell off balance because honestly WHO IS THIS ASSHOLE? 

Yet said asshole keeps hanging around and proves to be pretty smart and resourceful and loyal and kind when he doesn’t think anyone is looking and no, it’s not like Leia is looking ok her eye level just happens to be at the level of his lips alright???

And everyone around them is probably just all “what the shit is happening here doesn’t this guy realize who she is?” to which he would probably respond with “Her? What about me? Don’t you know who /I/ am? I am Captain of the Ship That Made The Fucking Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs!!!!!!!!!!!!” And everyone is just confused AF as he grumbles off to go needle Leia some more while trying to get her to put her mouth on his. And of course Leia eventually does put her mouth on his - enthusiastically so - because Dumpster Fire he may be, Han Solo is also probably one of the first people to ever just treat her like a normal person and not just be about her title or her role in everything. The idiot fell in love with her for simply being Leia.

And she likes that. 

Anyway. I think that it’s great.

You know what I LOVE about the transformation scene? Adam waits for Belle to come to him. He just stays where he stands, he stays still because he doesn’t want to scare her. She is the one who takes the first step because he still gives her a chance to go away. That’s how much he respects and loves her. But you can see everything in his eyes - how much he wants to finally touch her gently with his real human hands, finally, and not to be worried about hurting Belle. His eyes have some true excitement in them and love and I’m crying I love Adam and Belle

hello welcome to the rpg here is a COOL NEW RACE we just added its called the badarumpus it comes in male n female and this is what it looks like

we are very proud of what we have done here and we would also like to present to you ANOTHER COOL NEW RACE we just added this ones called the splimb and it also comes in male n female

BUT THATS NOT ALL!!!!!!!! wait until you see OUR THIRD COOL NEW RACE called the ZNOOPHOOPS that also comes in male n female

enjoy your game fuckers

  • police: freeze right there!
  • me: wait what i didn't do anything please
  • police: naw dude i just wanted to say you have a super cool yuri on ice jacket
  • me: ah thanks
  • police: you're also under arrest for robbing that entire store of all their yuri on ice merchandise please come with me

So one thing I really fucking loved about Rogue One happens before the movie even begins and it is this: lack of Main Theme + opening crawl. 

We knew that Rogue One was going to be a totally different type of story than any other Star Wars film we’ve ever seen. But this just brings it home. You see A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away come up on that screen and the entire theater waits in silence, breath held, because we all know what’s coming next

But suddenly, it doesn’t. Instead of the orchestration blasting right at us, it’s the silence that is startling. We’re thrown right into the middle of this story like these characters are. We don’t get to see The Story So Far, because there is no “story”. Not for these people. 

They don’t have a plot line. Theirs is not a saga. They don’t have a family legacy that spans generations and wars and an entire galaxy. They aren’t even out to save the damn thing at first. They just want to survive, maybe even do what’s right. None of them were trying to change the course of history.

The war isn’t their story. They didn’t even know they were in a story to begin with. But they keep fighting anyway, to see it through to its end.

Magnus: My services will cost you. I’m not cheap.

Also Magnus: of COURSE i have room for one more vampire, come in!! Let me get you some blood, a nice blanket. I’ll clean that wound up. Everyone comfortable? Wait, what do you mEAN I can’t have this many people in my apartment? Noice complaints? Fuck your noice complaints! I just found an orphaned werewolf on the streets, am I supposed to just abandon him? What am I, a Shadowhunter?

“But I’ve waited for you all this time.”

“That does not mean you love me. We have very different definitions of what love is. You might think you want me but you truly you don’t. You’re craving something physical with emotions that come with time. You think we can just pick up where we left off and hop back into a relationship. You’re lonely and have no one to confide in and since I am the only person left, you have chosen our relationship to romanticize. But we were truly never good together; we have given each other third and forth chances and still we are speaking two different languages. I am tired of trying to fight for something that is destined to fail.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1198 // just another long drawn out hypothetical conversation with my ex // excerptsofstories