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About six months ago I made my tumblr, about four months ago I posted my first bit of writing that I was incredibly nervous no one would like. This morning I went over 5k followers, and I can’t tell you all how thankful I am. Thank you so much for enjoying what I write/post enough to wanna follow. I wish I could explain how much it means to me that you take the time to listen to the little worlds I make in my head and enjoy them enough to spend time reading and picturing them too.

✨ Thank you each and every person whose read my work, messaged me feedback or questions, and even just those of you who check on my page to see if I’ve posted recently. I hope you all stick around for the future and what’s to come. I have so many ideas I’m excited about and I cannot wait to get them written down now, this definitely gave me a push of motivation. ✨

Also special thank you to my mutuals for always talking me up, for listening to me brainstorm, complain, and constantly talk about how in love with exo I am. I adore you all so much 💖 @honeyscentedkisses @okxu @keypea @soobear @byunparks @soobadnoonecanstopher @whimsical-ness @rainyeol @3kpop2jagi1 @caticorn61 💖

Vik: Gotta head back now, wanna make sure the girl who showed up isn’t gonna harm Daisy, ya know?

Seb: Uh yeah but wait-

Vik: Before I head back… I’ve got a question.

Seb: Yeah sure- And after I have a question too-

Vik: You’re… Not up to anything with my daughter, are you?

Seb: What! No no no, it’s just, we’ve come across each other a couple of times before so we kind of are acquaintances and there was also a incident at school that happened so-

Vik: That’s good to hear… Because, quite frankly, you’re a nice lad but I don’t want my daughter to be involved with your business.

Seb: O-Of course sir!

Vik: Well, I’ll be going now. Have a good day.

Seb: Y-You too! But-

Vik walked away without listening leaving Seb completely dumbfounded. He took in all the information and also tried and tried his best to re-call his memories.

And then finally, it hit him.

  • me: I really love this musician I just discovered!
  • my brain: cool
  • my brain: you can now think of nothing but these songs
  • me: wait--
  • my brain: constantly
  • me: I don't really need to--
  • my brain: here, I have a gift for you, it's nothing but this single refrain over and over
  • me: can we not
  • my brain: oh, were you trying to do something? here's a repeating line of lyrics to obsess over because you can't remember what comes next
  • me: hey look, bro, just an idea but could we maybe, idk, just be chill?
  • my brain: *seen at 4:52PM*

the losers club as vines

Stan: welcome to bible study, we’re all children of Jesus

Richie: *doing a line of cocaine*

Stan: kumbaiyaaamamboooo


Eddie: hi, welcome back to me screaming. ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH. AAAAARGHHHHHHHH


Richie: to make a long fuckin story short, I shoved a whole bag of jellybeans up my ass


Bev: so I was sitting there, BBQ sauce on my titties

Ben: *crying tears of laughter*




Bill: Johnny has 19 bottles of dish soap, if he -

Richie: wait a minute. Why does Johnny have that many dish soap.



Richie: *throws frisbee onto the highway*

Stan: what the FUCK Richard ?


Mike: so I just googled slay… wut tha heeckkk? i do NOT kill people. I promise you I do NOT SLAY

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So i'm thinking abt coming out to my non-homophobic friends (because i don't like the idea of everyone assuming im straight and also being in the closet just sucks). Anyway, the thing is you can't keep secrets in this city. If they know, all my other friends will know soon enough and most of them are kinda homophobic because this is south america. I dont think i want everybody to know yet, i have to be here for 3 or so more years. Anyways got any advice? What to do?

Come out to maybe one or two people, and make sure they know they can’t tell anyone. If that seems like it won’t go well, wait another year or so. It sucks, but it does ensure your privacy. Whatever you choose to do, we will be here to support you along the way 💝

He Must Have Been Waiting All Game For A Chance To Do This

We had just gotten to the top of a deadly tower to get a wish from what turned out to be a lich. Our paladin was incredibly mouthy, always going on and on about Justice and how Goodness Will Prevail, and the lich got sick of hearing it and paralyzed him. It was then revealed that one of our party would have to be sacrificed to make our wishes come true. All of our characters were scumbags, so of course, we offered up the paladin. His player didn’t seem bothered by it, and was quietly nodding along while going through his music folder for some reason.

GM: You have been momentarily un-paralyzed as the lich prepares a sacrificial dagger. What are your final words?

Paladin: *stands dramatically, plays the fucking battle music he had quietly loaded up, and yells at the top of his lungs* Just who the hell do you think I am?! Mark my words. My death will open a hole in the universe. And that hole will be a path for those behind us! The dreams of those who have fallen… The hopes of those who will follow! Those two sets of dreams weave together into a double helix, drilling a path towards tomorrow! And that’s Tengen Toppa. That’s Gurren Lagann!! My drill is the drill… THAT CREATES THE HEAVENS!!!

It took a full five minutes for the room to calm down.

MYSTERION: Damn it! How are we going to find him?!

MOSQUITO: Oh shIT OH Shit OH ShIT oOOoooHo sshit


TOOLSHED: Oh okay hold on give me a sec.


WONDER TWEEK: BUT YOU GUYS DIDN’T BELIEVE ME!!! DSFIUIF SD_)FOI*ETLJ *(% N**U#* #* **#*@*#@***#*####################




TOOLSHED: Hey yeah okay so I just texted Callgirl to come help us. She can like track Super Craig’s phone or whatever.


MYSTERION: How did you get a hold of her so fast?

TOOLSHED: Dude she’s Callgirl. She’s got shit tons of phones what do you expect?


MYSTERION: Quick thinking, Toolshed.

TOOLSHED: Yeah thanks.

TOOLSHED: She said she’ll meet us outside in ten minutes.

MYSTERION: Okay, then.

MYSTERION: Freedom Pals, let’s get a move on!

HUMAN KITE: Retribution, but with inclusion!

MOSQUITO: Zzzhzhhhzhzhhzhttttt yeah let’s go!!@! :^(



CAPTAIN DIABETES: Yknow, maybe we should have waited inside until Callgirl actually got here…

CAPTAIN DIABETES: It’s chilly out tonight.

FASTPASS: M-my crutches are fr-rrr-freezing to my arms right now.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: At least you have sleeves.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Maybe I should have brought a coat…

MOSQUITO: I spent half the day outside wet and shirtless, I’ve practically built up a tolerance.

FASTPASS: W-well that’s fffortunate for you, at least.

MOSQUITO: Captain Diabetes, if you’re so cold you can borrow my hoodie if you want.

MOSQUITO: Like I said, tolerance.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: No thank you, Mosquito. I’ll just tough it out until we’re under shelter once more!

MOSQUITO: You sure? It’s not that big of a deal.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: It’d ruin my outfit, I think.

FASTPASS: Can’t have that ha–hhhaa–

FASTPASS: H–haaappening.

MOSQUITO: Fair point, bzzt.

MOSQUITO: It’s already been ten minutes now, though. I wonder where she could be…


MYSTERION: Callgirl’s here.

CALLGIRL: Hey guys, I’m here to help!

CALLGIRL: Sorry I took so long.

TOOLSHED: Hi Callgirl.

TUPPERWARE: Your presence is acknowledged!

HUMAN KITE: Yeah hey.

CALLGIRL: Is Wonder Tweek okay?

TUPPERWARE: Yeah he’s just worried about Super Craig.


CALLGIRL: Okay, well, let’s get going. I’ve already tracked him down on my way here.

TOOLSHED: Cool let’s roll out.

[part 1]

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do you read/or write klance fics? and if you do read them what are some of your faves? or just recently read good ones? hope you're having a good day!!

i dont write fics but i do have some good fics bookmarked !! someone asked for a fic rec a while ago and totally forgot <:3c so here it is now !!

lipstick on a camera lens by just_plain_fanfics
this was SO CUTE. keith is a photography major and lances wears lipstick and BITCH IDK THIS WAS JUST SUPER CUTE

when the war is done by vivaced

so what are you waiting for by saltylances

love countdown by bluebellesie

short change heroes (watch you bleed) by mytay
this fic is part of a group of ongoing works so i suggest you read the very first written first before you read this one BUT THIS FIC WAS…….. RLLY GOOD. I LOVED THE ENTIRE SERIES SO MUCH ………. SPACE COWBOY MERCENARIES KEITH AND LANCE … LIKE ………. BITCH …….

shades of blue by vaziah
THIS IS THE WING FIC AU I FUCKING NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!! this fic was rlly cute and it starts off with a lance and shiro friendship i never knew i needed. <:3c this was just overall rlly cute and i cant wait for the next chapter !!!!!!

love letter to the universe by elysabeth

snow white by subtlehysteria

not my type by hannaadi88

knew from the first by xintong

red skies by angstinspace
real shit …….. this is actually my favourite fic rn …………………… just read it yall arent gonna regret it……… slaps my ass and dies

mermaid’s glow by kirinjaegeste
ASIDE FROM RED SKIES THIS IS ALSO ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVOURITES …….. keith gets bitten by a mermaid right .. and he turns into a mermaid ………… its rlly fucking good …………………..

thats all for right now but if you want more fics recs, check out my bookmarks on my ao3 @boys !!!!!!!! <:3c

The Prada Bag

Originally posted by pensamientos-de-una-chica-lunarr

Alright, this might have killed me! A little bit of Black Friday madness, along with some angry & horny Harry. Enjoy! xx - L

You aren’t able to snag a Prada purse on Black Friday, so you wait for it to restock online all weekend- but Harry gets angry you’re staring at your phone instead of him.

Warnings: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 2,353

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Can you do a Alpha Jensen/possessive Jensen real life post please?

So are you talking like when Jensen sees Jared with someone else and gets all NONONONOMINE? Like this one from ages ago when Misha bent Jared over to sign his shirt and Jensen flat out couldn’t look?

Or what about when Jared kissed Rich and Jensen looked at them like this?

Watch it, Rich. Speaking of…

Or when Jared reaches out to touch Rob and Jensen has to keep a hand on Jared the whole time.


Sorry, Carver. No Jared for you.

And oh my god, Adam from creation. Don’t.

Or what about at DCCon this year when JDM climbed Jared like a tree and then kissed him? TWICE??

Look at Jared glance right at Jensen before Jeff kisses him.

But maybe you meant more like alpha Jensen who just has to motion for Jared and he comes running? Because that’s hot too.

Or hey- what if there was a moment that had BOTH? Jared paying attention to someone else and Jensen seeing it and being all OH HELL NO and beckoning for Jared and Jared complies immediately. Imagine that. Oh wait, we don’t have to imagine it. At HonCon during SNS. Jared stops to kiss Gil and Jensen did NOT disappoint.

I mean…

I hope these have fulfilled your alpha!Ackles needs, anon.

(I also hope you don’t mind me doing it this way- it wouldn’t load the images when I did it as an answer to your ask. Sorry!)

Pardon the positivity, but I just wanted to say how sweet I think it is that it’s been three years since the last DA game, yet there is still an active, passionate online community creating fan content for the series and others there to fuel it. I’m so thankful that there are people to talk about it with, when we all could have jumped ship. 

I feel like it’s also telling of how wonderful the series is in itself, to inspire so many ideas and discussions… And I can’t wait to see what comes next for it, with all you. 

An accidental kidnapping

Context: our group has gone into a swamp area in search for a cure for a spell plague and a magic crystal and happened upon a town under siege by snake like monsters, so our bard polymorphed into an eagle to get over the wall and do some recon and ended up coming back with a passed out villager, this is what followed:

Villager *beginning to wake up*: wha- where am I?
Bard: You’re safe, you were injured in the attack that destroyed your town and I healed you.
Villager, now fully awake and panicking: WAIT, you’re telling me that Thornwall has been destroyed? But, I have to go back! I have a daughter!
DM: you do know that the town wasn’t destroyed right? Just the outside of the wall?
Bard (OOC): wait what?
At this point the entire table is laughing.
Ranger: are you telling us that you just straight up kidnapped a dude from his home and just told him his entire town, and possibly his daughter, are dead?
Sorcerer: Well, put him back!

TLDR; we’re the worst at recon and the worst in general.

i loved Justice League. i loved Justice League so much that as i was watching it, the only thought i could form was “holy shit i’m enjoying every single second of this, how is it possible”. and you know what? it’s alright if some people didn’t like it. it’s alright if the critics still shit on the DCEU or if fans found it lackluster, or if you hated the cgi, the plot, the characters. i loved it and that’s enough. it’s so goddamn FREEING knowing you don’t need others’ approval to enjoy something so much you actually love it and are proud to have been in some way or another, even just as a viewer, part of it. i can’t wait for what’s to come

I Can’t Quit You

An Alpha!Bucky Song Fic

Character Pairing: Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Female Omega!Reader

Word Count: 1,216 

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut (not too graphic!)! A/B/O dynamics, fingering, sexual penetration, a NSFW gif, mention of bonding, dirty talk and language.

A/N: This is my submission for @persephone-is-here-omg ‘s Marye’s 1 Year Anniversary Writing Challenge! This is one of my favorite songs ever! I love the sensual/bluesy feel to it and I thought it would fit perfect with Alpha!Bucky! I highly suggest you listen to it before or while reading this! It really adds to the story! 

Song: I Can’t Quit You Baby by Led Zeppelin

Ohhh, I can’t quit you, baby.

So I’m gonna put you down for awhile.

Raising his hand to knock on your door, Bucky wondered what he was doing here.

The last time he had seen you, you told him to never come back.

He knew why.

Being an Alpha at the head of a pack put a lot of pressure on him.

Commitment wasn’t his thing. He couldn’t promise you forever.

You needed an Alpha who could give you all of himself, who could be there emotionally, more than just physically. That Alpha wasn’t him.

Yet here he was, waiting on you to open your door.

I said I can’t quit you baby,

I guess I’m gonna have to put you down for awhile.

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She’s A Devil Between The Sheets (Harry Styles Smut One Shot)

This wasn’t requested but I had inspiration to write this one because of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show! Sorry I got a little carried away, sorry if its abit long, but enjoyed every second of writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any requests let me know and ill get back to you asap. Enjoy! -K

Warnings: Extra smut

Word Count: 10K

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

“Babe your phone is ringing” I heard Harry shout from the living room downstairs as I was putting my skirt over my legs, getting ready for the stressful day ahead. Well not really a physical stressful day, just emotional. Last week I had flew over to New York to meet with the owner and producers of Victoria Secret to talk about me walking this year. I worked so hard to get to this point, and to even be asked to come down and have a meeting with them was a big thing let alone actually getting picked. But I know for a fact I wont get picked, I’m not like the rest of the models. They are all like six feet tall, skinny. Its just not me.

I quickly ran down the stairs to grab my phone, which Harry had at hand at the bottom of the stairs. “Hello?” I jumped onto the couch tummy first, leaning on my elbows listening to my manager greeting me back. “Hey so I have some good news, the producers of the Victoria fashion show wants you back into the casting room in New York” “What again? I’m literally just back” “Well they want you back, you must of done something right Y/N” A slight giggle came from her mouth as I sat there not knowing what to reply back. “I’ve cancelled your stuff for the week and ill pick you up in a few hours to head to the airport, okay?” “Yeah sure ill see you soon” I hung up the phone and threw it behind me on the sofa. “Who was that?” “It was my manager, Ed Razek and Monica Mitro from Victoria Secret want me to come back to their casting studio like as soon as, Claire is coming to lift me in a few hours to go there and see what they want to say” Harry’s face lit up in pure excitement. “Y/N that is really good news, your going to be a angel” He quickly ran over to the sofa beside me, lifted my arms up to make me stand and grabbed my waist, pulling me off of the sofa. “Harry I haven’t got it, its just to talk or something” I giggled as he continued to dance me around the living room. “Y/N, c’mon, they would be pure idiots if they didn’t cast you. Plus, if you walk you’ll be with me, and you know how I love you wearing sexy underwear”

He grabbed my waist pulling me into him while he attacked my neck, giving me goose bumps all over. Harry is performing in this years show in Shanghai and he’s been excited ever since I had met them the first time to talk about walking. Harry was going to turn it down because he found women walking around in their underwear in front of the whole world very objectifying. The only reason why he accepted was because its really good publicity for his music, so it was a no brainer. But when I told him that I was being considered he was ecstatic, he couldn’t of been more excited to have someone there with him, and that he wanted to see practically naked.

“Harry your going to be singing, not judging. You should be concentrating on your singing. Besides you’ll be eyeing up all of the ladies anyway, I wouldn’t judge you” “Y/N your insane, yeah I will be looking at them because they are there, but ill not be looking at them the way I look at you when your dressed like that, fuck” His breathing got deeper with the thought of me dressing like that. His hands went straight to my bum like a magnet and clutched it, giving it a quick smack making me moan into him. “H don’t start something you cant finish, I have to start packing” I pushed his chest away from me and looked up at his grin growing on his lips. “I’m defiantly going to finish what I started” He grabbed at my waist yet again and lifted me over his shoulder making me yelp in surprise. “Harry put me down” I screamed with pure laughter rising within my chest as he walked up the stairs. “I’m just going to help you pack, after I’m finished with you”

Once I got off of the plane of course it was a media frenzy, trying to get the best picture of me, but I wasn’t having it. I wrapped my scarf around my face as I walked/ran down to get into my car to head to meet the producers. I’ve never felt so nervous in my entire life, this is such a big deal for me. I just hope that I done as much as I could do.

“Y/N, so nice to see you again” Monica Mitro, the main producer of the show, came over to greet me when I walked into the studios. As I made my way to her I was looking round at all of the drawings and planograms for the show. Looking the other way I seen the outfits on the manikins all ready for the show. “Thank you so much for coming back, I know you just landed back in London when you got our call” “No not at all, its fine” She wrapped her arms around me in a warm embrace as I tried to hold back my nervous shaking in my body. “So the reason why we brought you back is because we want to see you walk for us again. All of the models are so outstanding this year and we are having such a hard time deciding who to choose, so we wanted to make sure that we were picking the right people. I hope we haven’t put you through a lot of bother bringing you back?” “No no, honestly I would give up anything to be here so don’t worry” We both giggled as we walked to the dressing room. “So at this point it doesn’t really matter about what underwear your wearing, so you can wear your own that you have on or we have simple thong and bra’s here if you want to have a little nosey through them. We will be waiting in the casting room. Don’t panic about us and just enjoy it. Pretend your walking that stage and you strut your stuff” Her grin was contagious looking back at me. “No problem, thank you Monica”

I took off my clothes and looked at my underwear that I had on, baby blue with silver diamonds on the underside of the bra. Its perfectly fitting for this audition, if that’s what you would even call it. I quickly flipped my hair across my shoulders making sure it looked sexy, even though it was just pure jetlag hair. One of the stylists on the set gave me a pair of stiletto heels to match my undies. Lets hope I don’t fall with them on, that would be the biggest nightmare of my life. I pulled the curtain back and walked straight into the casting room, which had around 30 people with cameras and clipboards, with Monica and Ed sitting beside a desk. As I walked in everyone’s eyes were on me until I stood right in front of the two producers. Oh god. Panic and nerves set heavy in my chest as I couldn’t take my eyes off of every single person in this room. “Okay Y/N whenever your ready” Ed stated while he leaned onto the deck with his elbows resting on the marble surface. I gave them a quick smile and turned around to make my way to the back of the room. My mind was racing 100 miles an hour, thinking of all the things that could go wrong within these crucial minutes. I suddenly thought of Harry, and remembering when I was practising the first time at home. Just think that your walking for Harry, c’mon Y/N you can do this. The small prep talk gave me a sudden release of confidence and I turned around facing the VS team. I started walking down, swinging my hips with my hands on them. When I made my way to the end of the walk, I gave my most cheesy grin and posed the way Harry thought was the sexiest way, pulling my waist to the side I gave them a smile, wink and blew them a kiss and strutted my way back to the back of the room with pure sass and attitude in it. I know I went over the top, but that’s the only way they will even consider me.

A round of applause came from the bottom of the room as I made my way down to the desk and audience in front. My face turned a pink shade with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement emotions running through me. “Y/N that was brilliant” Monica gushed as the claps in the room started to die down. “What are you doing on the 20th of November?” My smile gushed to my face knowing what he meant. “Nothing I guess” I giggled looking at them in complete shock. “How would you like to walk for us?” “No way, are you serious?” My body just crouched down to the ground with my hands wrapped around my face, again in complete shock. “Oh my gosh yes of course I will, thank you so much” I got up and made my way over to them and gave them a hug. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. “Your different than the rest of the models Y/N. You stand out, and that’s what we look for in this fashion show, originality. Walk just like that and the cameras wont take their lenses off of you, good job” “You have a month to rehearse and get ready, which you don’t need anyway, your a natural” “Thank you so much I cant explain what this means to me” I couldn’t let go of both of them, tears coming down my face, I’m on cloud 9 right now. “Now you can go tell Harry, I’m sure he will be ecstatic that your walking with him” “I cant wait to tell him, thank you so much” I ran out of the casting room and jumped right on Claire, my manager. “I’m walking Claire I’m walking” I shouted as her face lit up. “Didn’t I tell you that you could do it” “Yes oh my god I need to ring Harry and tell him the good news”

I quickly ran into the changing rooms where my phone was hidden in my coat pocket and quickly dialled his number with my hands shaking with pure excitement. “Hey beautiful, how did it go?” “Hey Harry, I’m walking, I’m fucking walking I cant believe it” “Your lying” “No I’m dead serious, this is actually happening H” “Y/N I’m so proud of you baby girl, you done it. Now we can go together, this is going to be so fun. I have to go sweetie, I’m in the middle of rehearsals for x factor tonight. When are you coming home?” “I’m coming home tonight, so ill see you in like 8 hours” “Okay baby ill see you soon, love you” “Okay, have a good show, love you too” I hung up the phone and ran to get changed. This is going to be the longest month of my life

**1 month later**

“C’mon Y/N were going to be late for our flight” I was rushing round and making sure that I was packing everything that I needed before I left. I didn’t wanna forget anything, this is the biggest thing that is happening in my career and I want it to go smoothly without any problems. “I’m coming H” I had a final look around the bedroom making sure I had everything and walked out to meet him in the car that was lifting us to bring us to the airport.

Once we got to the airport there was nothing but paps, reporters and fans waiting for us at the entrance. Once it came out the line up for the models and performers, social media went crazy for us two being there at the same time. Fans, radio stations, even Ellen had mentioned it on her show, I didn’t even think it was a big deal that I was walking when my boyfriend was performing. But yet again who’s boyfriend is Harry Styles? “You okay?” Harry brought me out of my panicked state and I looked straight at him. “Yeah of course I am baby” I lifted my hand and placed it on one of his hands, squeezing it a little. I knew that Harry could read through me, he knew how I was feeling. “Look babe I know you don’t like the paps and a lot of media but this event is what its about. No matter where we go in the next few days that’s all that’s going to be in our faces. I love you and I wont let anyone hurt you or do anything, but you just have to go out there and not let them bother you and walk as if their not there. At the end of the day we have bodyguards there to help us get through. If anyone says anything to you just brush it off and don’t reply back to them. Just make sure you get through to security without any problems. But don’t worry ill be right behind you, okay love?” His eyes never leaving mine, he takes my hand in his two. “Yeah okay, just don’t let go of my hand, please” “Of course I wont Y/N/N” All of a sudden our door swung open and we both walked out of the car. As soon as we walked not even 10 feet, we were bombarded with fans and paps, literally right in out faces. But I did what H said and just put my head down and rushed through the crowd of people who were screaming our names. No matter how many times I go out with Harry in public, I’m still not used to this whole thing. But I will have to be if I wanna be with him forever, because that’s the way its going to be I guess.

Once we got onto the plane and sat down, I took a massive sigh as relief rushed through me. Harry came and sat beside me and I placed my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me in closer to him as I quickly went into a deep sleep. This is probably going to be the only calm moment were going to have for the next few days, so I’m making the most of it. The smell of him making me feel so much comfort, no matter where I go I always feel at home with him. And I hope he feels the same way.

The plane had landed a lot quicker than I had wanted it to be, even though the flight was 11 and a half hours long. “Babe c’mon we have to go” “But Harry I don’t wanna get out just yet, I wanna sleep” “I know babe, the time difference is crazy, but we have no time to sleep, were already late, lets go” Harry’s voice more stern and his grasp on my arms tighter as he dragged me out of the chair and brought me to the door of the plane. I was so shocked to see that there was no paps or fans waiting out in the airport for us, thank god I thought. “So the plan is you are going straight to the stadium to try on your outfits and go through the line ups, and then your going to a Victoria Secret dinner with all the models and directors of the show. Then your going straight to bed quite early, you’ll need as much sleep as you can get cuz you have to get up at half 5 to do your promo and a lot of rehearsals” Claire was listing off the schedule on her paperwork as me and Harry was grabbing our luggage from the conveyer belt in the airport. “Wow, okay, so I guess ill not see you until tonight when I come to the hotel room” I looked at harry giving him the cutest puppy eyes I know that he loves. “I know babe but it’ll be worth it seeing everything and knowing what you need to do, you’ll love the experience for sure” He grinned as we were putting our luggage into the back of the car, harry helping with mine of course. “Y/N your coming with me” Claire raised her voice when I turned around to face her, seeing her getting into a different car. “Wait, can I say bye to Harry?” “C’mon be quick” She yelled as she was getting into the car waiting for me. “Babe you go ahead before she drags you into the car” Harry smirked looking at the car then back at me. “I love you, ill text you later when I get a chance yeah?” “Course babe” He answered as he pulled me in for a quick but deep kiss. I ran towards the car and got in. I never took my eyes off Harry as the car drove off to the stadium, I miss him already.

Once I entered the stadium there was nothing but people and lights and even more people. It was all like a dream, I thought to myself that this is going to be the best week of my entire life. I cant wait to get started. One of the stylist came over to me and shook my hand. His name was Olivier, he is the owner of Balmain which is based in France, and has designed the pieces for the clothing line. “Hello Y/N very nice to meet you, i’ve heard and seen a lot of you recently, I cant wait to see you walk in my clothing” “Its lovely to meet you too Olivier, I know all about you, I follow you and your fashion everywhere, I’m such a huge fan” “Thank you very much I’m so glad you like my work, its good to see the models enjoying my clothes and want to wear them, that’s what makes this job worth while you know” We both laughed and he brought to a different room that had all of the clothing ready to be tried on. We walked to a specific piece of clothing on the stand, which was absolutely breath taking. It had a very rock n roll meeting sexy innocent girl vibe. It had a black silk bra with silver studs around the pads and the Victoria secret logo underneath, with the same material on the hot pants. He had matched it with a spiked silver necklace, thigh high laced boots, and to top it off, a metal designed leather jacket with the Victoria Secret logo placed on the back of it. It was absolutely amazing looking at all the pieces put together. “When I was looking at all of the models polaroid’s on the table a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to pair this look with some of the models, but I couldn’t find the perfect person that would suit this. But when I seen you I thought that you were the perfect person to wear this piece, so I want you to wear this” “But Olivier, this is a big piece in your clothing line, you normally give this to Cara Delevigne or Bella Hadid to wear because the always lead the show?” “Well I feel like your going to be the eye of the show this year, and I want you to wear it” He took my hand and grasped it into his. “No way, oh my goodness this is amazing, I would be honoured, thank you so much” I said as I looked towards the eye catching bit of clothing. “So lets try it on”

Harry’s POV
I sat here in the hotel room, for once not doing anything at all, which made me feel out of place, like I felt like I had to do something. I got up and rang one of my friends that joined us on this trip to see If he wanted to meet up for a walk around Shanghai, to take in the city. I never really get around the cities that I’m in when I’m working in them so this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

We walked around the nature part of Shanghai when we heard a lot of screaming coming from behind us, when I realised that no one had actually found out that I was already here because we were playing it on the down low. Me and Ben ended up staying here for a good hour going through each girl, taking pictures, signing books and my album. It was nice that I could take my time with each person and talk to them. I soon realise that it was time for some dinner before I went to lift Y/N from the models dinner. Me and Ben got some food sent to the hotel room. I couldn’t really be bothered going out for something to eat, I was just too exhausted. “So Harry, you excited for tomorrow?” Ben asked as she was stuffing his face with vegetable noodles. “You know what? I’m actually nervous. I don’t really know what to expect. I mean I know its girls walking around me in their underwear, and for most guys that’s their dream come true. But for me I just cant wait to get it over with, I never wanted to do it from the beginning” “Really, man as you said anyone would kill for to do that” “The only thing that’s getting me by is knowing that Y/N is walking around me, she always makes me feel so comfortable and she just makes me feel at home no matter where we are” I smiled looking down at my food, which I had no appetite for just thinking about Y/N and how lucky I am to have her. “Speaking of Y/N, how is things between you two?” “It honestly couldn’t be better, I sometimes look at her, if its when were out for dinner, out with friends, or even if its just her lying in our bed with no makeup on and she’s reading a book, and just think to myself how did I get so lucky to have her” I couldn’t whack the smile off of my face if I tried to. “Man you’ve got it bad, its good to see you happy though” “Yeah she’s defiantly the one for me. You know when you know I guess”

Me and Ben were just sitting talking about random shit when I realised it was time for me to get Y/N to bring her back to the hotel for a good nights rest. If anything I just cant wait to get into bed and cuddle her to sleep. When I got into the car I sped off to the entrance of the stadium and waited for her to come out. It didn’t take long until her face was in sight, looking out for me. I dooted the horn to make her look my way. She smiled and ran her way over to the car and got in beside me. “Hey baby how was it?” “It was the best day of my life so far I cant believe it” “I thought the best day of your life was meeting me?” I quickly frowned at her, with a chuckle rising from her chest. “No babe in my career, silly boy” She pushed her fingers through my hair and brought it down to my thigh giving it a squeeze. She better not start this, she knows the way I get when she touches me there. “We had done the dress rehearsal and after they were so impressed with me that they asked me to open and close the show” Her smile was so contagious when she was staring at me, just pure happiness radiating off of her. “Baby that is amazing I’m so proud of you baby girl” I pulled her towards me and gave her the biggest hug I could and gave her a quick peck, I never like giving too much pda in front of people because I always like to keep certain things between us. I know were not having sex or anything around other people, but there is always certain things you like to keep to yourself you know. “Thank you sweetie” She smiled up at me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of my girl. “Oh my god it just hit me, guess who’s opening and closing the show also?” “No way, are you kidding?” “No I’m performing kiwi and only angel at the start and at the end, not sure what order though but that’s all I know so far” “Harry that is amazing, I cant wait to see your face when I walk, I think it’ll be the only thing that will calm down my nerves” She said with a sigh of relief to it. “I think It will be the only thing that will calm my nerves knowing that your going to come out on stage with me too” I sunk my head into the side of her face and I whispered “It will maybe make me feel abit more excited too while your there, I don’t know what your going to wear but I know for a fact it will be something that I cant wait to take off later” Her eyes lit up as she smacked my harm harshly. “Harry, your so horny recently what’s gotten into you?” “You”

We finally arrived at the hotel and we made our way up to the hotel room. Once Y/N got to the bed she flung herself onto it and made a groaning noise. “Thank god that day is over, it was such a long day. Everyone was everywhere and there was so many people looking me at the one time I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. Don’t get me wrong I loved every second of it, but it was just so draining” I sat down beside her and placed my hands on her back, massaging her shoulder blades a little, receiving a little moan in return. “Love I know how you feel. Its the same when I’m on tour. One person wants me on stage to make sure that the lighting is right, then Lou wants me over to try on some looks, then my vocal coach is with me at all times checking my voice. It’s all just an adrenaline atmosphere, but you do get used to it after a while. I know this isn’t your true job, but this event will defiantly get you into modelling if that’s what you really wanna do” “Yeah it is, but signing is my natural calling I guess” “Well you can use both, sing for Balmain’s events” I chuckled at my own joke and Y/N turned around on her back, lifting her arms up to lean on her elbows looking at me in awe. “You can do anything you put your mind to, love. If you really want something, do it. Because I know that you can do it.  No matter what you wanna do ill be routing for you, you know that right?” I sighed as I looked down at her sleepy eyes, rubbing her stomach in small circles. “Yeah of course H, I love you so much” She brought herself up to me and gave me such a passionate kiss. The kiss quickly deepened as she quickly jumped on my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist, her hands trailing up my chest and into my hair. A small groan came from within me as my hands went straight to her tight bum, my dick twitching in my jeans when she started to grind up and down on me. “Baby you need your rest, you’ve got a big day ahead” I quickly let go of her lips to look up at her. Her face just full of lust, her emotion right now was pure desperation and need. She wanted me and I never ever turn her down, but under these circumstances she needs her rest. Even though I’m trying my best to contain my hard on in my jeans underneath her grinding on me. “Baby please, I’m just so stressed and horny, please just really quick” Her body still pulling and pushing against me, this woman pure tortures me. I flipped her over so she was lying on the bed, and I was hovering over her. “The things you do to me woman, its a good job I love you” Her face went a state of confusion at my statement, oh shit that came out wrong. “Do you not want to have sex with me?” My face was emotionless as I looked at her reaction, which was pure hurt in her eyes, the lust slowly draining out. “No no babe that came out wrong, I meant to say that I would do anything to make you happy, even though I want it too and I know you need your rest” “Just shut up and kiss me” She giggled as she pushed my head down to meet her lips and she immediately sucked on my bottom lip, she knows that gets me going. Her hands diverted straight to my jeans, unbuckling the belt within seconds. Fuck she must really want me. Such a turn on. Her hands went underneath them and my under and started to rub at the base of my dick, which made me leak instantly. I couldn’t hold in my moans as they escaped into her mouth. “Fuck” I mumbled when I decided to take my lips away from hers and took my clothes off so I was naked in front of her with my dick hitting off of my lower abdomen. She decided to take off her tiny little dress, her bra and knickers being pooled to the floor beside the bed and she just lay there, waiting for me. Fuck this is so hot. “Well what are you waiting for? Are you guna fuck me or not?” Her giggles filled the hotel room when her hands started to roam around her body until they got lower and her fingers started to roam around her slick little pussy, rubbing her clit. The pleasure ran through out her entire body while she was rubbing herself, which again made my dick twitch. I couldn’t waste anymore time and I took my dick and rubbed it on her clit, teasing the shit out of her. “Don’t tease me please Harry” Her pleads ran over her lips as she looked at me in the way that she always does when she wants something, especially when she wants my dick ramming into her. I forced myself into her with ease because she was so wet. “Jesus Y/N your soaking for me, fuck” I mumbled into her ear when I leaned down to give myself more balance to ram into her harder. I reached down to grab her legs and pulled them over my lower back and pulled her pelvis as close as she could get to reach deeper into her. Now that she is on the pill I can finally feel her without a condom, and it is like euphoria. The way she feels around me makes me cum in seconds. “Aw so warm, soft, so tight for me baby” Her moans got louder and quicker by the second when her orgasm was getting closer and closer. “Harry, fuck, I’m cumming” I love when she cums really hard, she just clenches around me, pulls the cum straight out of me, so hot. Her hips started to shake uncontrollably which made me have to hold them down with my hands. A loud scream whelped out of her voice as she came around me. My high was coming just as she finished, ramming into her harder. “Fuck, I’m filling you baby, I’m filling you oh god” I moaned just as I was cumming, spurting my load straight into her. Both of out sighs filled the room when we finished. When I pulled out of her my cum started to ooze out of her tiny hole, which I then got up and walked to the bathroom to get toilet paper to wipe her clean. “Look at you looking after me, such a gentleman” “Well I cant have my cum making you all dirty” As I pulled the toilet paper around her she winced with the sensitivity of her clit. “Sorry, love” “Its alright, just come to cuddle with me will you?” “Course I will babe” I threw the tissue paper into the bin beside us and got in, pulling her body into mine and resting my head on her waist. “Thank you” She mummered as her eyes tiredly closed. “For what?” “Fucking me until my stress went away” She giggled beaming down at me. “That’s what I’m here for, to help you de-stress” She quickly fell asleep which I joined, its going to be a hell of a day tomorrow.

The hours of sleep felt like minutes when the alarm went off at half 6 in the morning. This is the day of the show and I am beyond excited. The feeling going through me was hard to explain, nerves, excitement, abit of everything I suppose. “Harry, get up” I poked at his back every second to get him out of his deep sleep. I felt so bad that he had to get up with me. He looked so comfortable and peaceful just lying there. I could have looked at him forever. “Okay I’m up, I’m up” His puffy eyes looked directly onto mine while I ran my fingers through my hair. “The car is coming in like half an hour so I’m guna go shower and all that stuff, then we should be ready to go” “Okay ill shower after, don’t be too long now, I know what your like” I sniggered whilst I got up to get ready.

Once we got into the stadium it was all fully ready for the show, the lights sitting perfectly, the names of the important guests stuck onto their seats, the décor looking 10 out of 10, I just cant wait to get up on stage. We were all gathered to the stage for a prep talk which Harry wasn’t apart off. At this point he was getting ready for to do his rehearsal sound check. “Okay ladies we only have a couple of hours to go until the big event. I hope everyone got a good rest last night.” The thought of last nights events running through my head was turning my mouth into a small grin, I wish we had more time last night, I was still so horny for him. But hopefully after today he will wanna go all night. “So the plan is were going to run through the performance one more time, then your going to do your hair and makeup, then your going to do some press interviews, Snapchat updates etc. Then the show will start. Y/N is opening and closing this year for the first time so Y/N the pressure is on you my lovely” All of the girls started to laugh and I joined in. Thanks for making me feel better about it Monica. “Harry is performing the opening song with kiwi, then Miguel is up, then Jane Zhang, then Leslie Odom, then Harry is closing the show. So there is plenty of time for you girls to walk then change, there is like 11 songs altogether so it shouldn’t be a problem. Then after the show you’ll be getting a lot of pictures for the class of 17. Then you’ll do more press, and then it’ll be the after party so you’ll need more glam and change your outfit of course. SO you guys have a lot ahead of you today, but just enjoy it and have fun. Good luck ladies” We all started to cheer and clap our hands while Monica walked off of backstage. All of us gushed to the dressing room to get everything set up and all glammed up.

A few hours later and I was all done with my glam. I hadn’t seen harry from this morning when I arrived, knowing the whole day is pure hectic, I would have liked to have seen him before the show started. But its still early days yet I guess. I put on my robe and walked towards Karlie Kloss which was standing there with Bella Hadid. “Hey Y/N girl how are you feeling?” Bella greeted me with a hug when she asked me. I also gave Karlie a quick hug and looked back at Bella. “I’m so excited its beyond words, but also terrified. Like if I fall or do anything it will be seen all around the world. A lot of people tune into see this. Its a lot of pressure” I awkwardly giggle to them. “Don’t think of it like that, just think that your going out there for a photoshoot or something and your having fun on set like you always do when you with us. You’ll be fine once you get up there” “Thanks girlies” Random photographers were coming up and taking pictures of us talking which is something I have never had done before. “This is a weird kind of photography” I laughed to the girls as I saw them taking photos of everyone and anyone apart of the show. “Yeah that’s what they do, they like to capture the moment without having to act fake in front of the camera, they like to take photos in the moment which I think is a good concept. It takes pictures of the energy and excitement of the whole day in the room” Bella explains as she is looking towards a lot of the photographers. “Yeah I guess that’s a really good idea, you would never even think about that” “Okay we have to on ahead to do abit of press interviews, wanna join?” Karlie asked as the started to put on their pink robes. “Sure”

Going through all of the media interviews and being asked the same questions all the time is very exhausting, all of which is about Harry, of course. “So Y/N are you excited to be with Harry when he performs for the first time on the big event?” “Of course, he isn’t used to an event that is as big as this one to be performing on it, its a good way to promote the album and I think that he will enjoy it” “And this is your very first fashion show how are you feeling?” “I’ve been so nervous this past week but now that its here I cant wait to get on the stage and start the show, it’ll be an amazing day. Especially wearing Olivier’s new clothing line is so exciting for him. He’s always wanted to work with Victoria Secret and now its here, its a very big moment for him today and I’m so proud of how far he has came” “Thank you Y/N have a good show” “Thank you, wish me luck, ill need it” I walked away back into the dressing room, sighing at the fact that the media interviews is done. I never liked that part of any event, especially at award shows. Its not something I’m very confident with.
“Okay so we have half an hour until the show starts so everyone into your outfits. Y/N your starting off in your grey and blue outfit first so make sure that your ready in 15 minutes” The first outfit I was wearing was a grey lacy bra and underwear with a silk material running down my arms, attached to them with diamond bracelet like jewellery around it.

I stood looking out at the side of the stage off all the photographers sitting all around, with fans sitting in the background, and I couldn’t even see the ending of the stadium it was that big. Seeing all of this now finally hit me, I now feel like anxiety kicking in. I seen Harry making his way over to me, eyeing me up and down. “Y/N you look absolutely stunning baby girl, cant wait to see you out there” He gave me a quick kiss and walked back to the side of the stage where he was going to enter out of. “Good luck babe I love you” I shouted as she turned around and faced me giving me a cheeky grin. The music started filling the stadium and I knew it was my queue to go in like a few minutes. “Okay Y/N get ready, your heading out in 10 seconds” A lot of people was working with my hair and fixing my tiara on my head. The crew ran off to the side of the stage and the doors started to open. Oh no what have I done. The screams of fans grabbed my attention and Harry’s instrumental part of Kiwi playing as I started walking out. Thinking about the way I walked in my audition was the only thing I could think of in that moment in time. I quickly raised my hands up so the silky material was waving at my sides as I was walking to the end of the stage. I stopped and pushed my hip out to the side and started to smile. I blew a kiss to the camera and made my way back, walking with pure sass in my hips. My smile couldn’t wash off of my face when I seen Harry coming walking onto the stage and he stood watching me walking towards him. His baby blue Gucci suit uncoincidentally matched my first outfit, and my god he looked so good in it. As I walked past him I blew him a kiss and he sent a wink my way, touching my arm as he started to sing the first line of the song.

As the show went on I went out a few times with the first outfit on. I was defiantly feeling more comfortable every time I walked out onto the stage. I was dancing to the different songs as I walked out, getting into the beat of the songs, which is what a lot of the other models were doing too so I didn’t want to look like I wasn’t having fun.

It came to the end of the show and Harry had changed into a different suit. A black suit with a pink shirt on underneath. Yummy. I had changed into Olivier’s outfit which looked amazing on me I have to say. Once Harry started singing Only Angel I couldn’t wait to get back out and walk around him singing. When I seen him perform it was always him by himself, and I always wanted to get up beside him and dance with his songs. This time I can actually do it and I couldn’t wait. Half way through the song I came out, and I was the first thing that Harry laid his eyes on as I walked past him. I could feel eyes burning into my stomach, radiating through out my body. I again stood at the end of the stage laughing at the camera as I done my poses. I walked back and again blew Harry a kiss while his voice was running right threw my ears. It came to the end of the song and I came walking out again, by myself. I walked to the end of the stage yet again and started to sing the lyrics and I then turned around to show the Victoria Secret logo on the back of the jacket. I stuck my bum out and moved it to the beat of the song, then turned around to stand in the middle of the stage and waited for the rest of the angels to come out to join me on stage to close the show. At this point Harry’s song had finished, and he was waiting for the rest of the singers to come out and he made his way into the middle of us. Of course he moved himself so he was standing next to me, applauding all of us as we applauded them. He was trying so hard not to look down at me because the media would take a picture in that split second and sell it to the media so he tried not to throw something out that people would report. They are doing enough reporting as it is about us being out here let alone anything else, which is understandable. We started to walk back to the backstage area once it was all finished and the class of 17 pictures were taken, I’m just glad its over now.

Harrys POV
Thank god the show is over, I actually had never felt so nervous doing a performance before, but this one was different. There was million upon millions of people watching this live so I kind of had to make sure that my voice was perfect. Another thing that was perfect was my girlfriend. She done the show so well, you would think she had been doing it for years. She looked sexy as hell. Through out my performance all I could think of was taking her back to the hotel and fucking her brains out. Once it got to the end of the show we all walked out and I went straight to Y/N. She looked so drained but still gorgeous. At least now I can take a look at her in her outfit, fuck she looked sexy. Her gaze was on one of the models, talking her life away as usual. “Y/N” I shouted to get her attention. Her gaze set on me and she quickly ran to me giving me the biggest hug and a kiss. “Harry you did so well I’m so proud of you” “I’m so proud of you, you looked really good out there” “Thank you H” Her lips retrieved back to mine for a quick peck. I pulled her head to my lips and whispered “Can you keep the underwear that you wore on stage, would love to see you do a walk for me tonight” “Maybe I will, just for you” her eyes grew a lust again, she is still horny from last night, I know she is. She’s always craving my cock even in public, I love it. “Right guys its press then the after party, so ladies lets get changed and lets go and get drunk” We all cheered at Ed as he walked off again. “Okay well I’m going to go and get changed and ill see you at the after party yeah? I shouldn’t be too long” “Wait are you not doing press?” “I done it before I went on so I don’t have to do it now” She smiled. Smart thinking my girl has. “Well you better make sure you take that baby blue undies home with you.” “Don’t worry I will”

A few hours passed and I was standing talking to Alessandra and her daughter when I seen Y/N make her way into the room, holy fuck. She was wearing a black cut out dress. It had a slit up the side and it had half of her body exposed with a bra top which faded into a full crop top on the other side of her body. She had her hair tied in a messy bun up so show the turtle neck finish on the dress. Could this girl get any sexier. She made her way to Bella to talk to her. “Sorry I’m going to be really rude but Y/N just walked in and I haven’t seen her for a while, do you mind if I go over?” “No not at all Harry, it was so nice to see you” “And you, have a good night” I replied and walked on to meet Y/N standing with my back to me. “Excuse me my lady but would you like a drink of your choice?” I tapped her on her shoulder and she turned around with Bella looking towards me. “ Harry you scared the living death out of me” She giggled as she looked straight back at me. That laugh. I could listen to that laugh every day. “I can see that you liked the blue suit better then H” I quickly changed my suit back to the baby blue one because I love the colour of it, plus it made me looked tanned and ripped so why not. “It looks good babe, like really good” Her hands made their way down my arms to my forearms and squeezing them lightly. “What do you say we get out of here early” “Sounds like a good plan baby girl” A hour or so later we left to our hotel to get some ‘rest’. We told the guests that we were too jetlagged and tired to stay any longer, what a good way out.

We walked into the kitchen part of the hotel and immediately decided to take my shoes off. Wearing heels all day isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. “Did you have a good day love?” Harry asked as he was standing near me, eyeing up my body. “Yes it was the best day, just glad all the madness is over now though” I pushed my hair back from the bun and pulled it through my fingers, loosening the curls slightly. “So…” he sighed, taking another step closer to me. He’s suddenly in front of me, brushing against me and looking down at me with lust in his eyes. “What are we going to do now?” “Mmm, I think I have a rough idea” I pulled hard on the nape of his neck and pulled him into a forceful kiss. He returns the kiss immediately, his hands finding my waist as my fingers tangle through his hair, just the way he likes it. He steps forward and pushes me against the island in the kitchen while he pries my mouth open, giving him full excess to the inside of my mouth, licking inside, making me breathe out a small whimper. I feel him pouring everything he had into this kiss. It feels like everything is happening is going in slow motion, the way his tongue is grazing yours, his hands tracing the bottom of the waistline of your open cut dress and running his hands over your exposed torso. I grab him tighter with my arms roaming around the top of his muscular back, feeling each muscle tense with my touch, I just want to feel and kiss every inch of his body. “So you know that underwear that you wanted me to keep?” His face dropped. “Well its on me right now” I suddenly felt his trousers restrict below me on my thigh when his face smirked at me. “Baby girl you know what you do to me, you can feel it cant you?” I smile at him and press my lips against this again. His hands roamed around to the zip of the dress on the top of your neck and quickly pulled it down, stripping me doing so. The cold air hit my skin giving me goose bumps. “Bed, take me to bed” I whimpered, and he obliged, grabbing my hands and making his way to the bedroom. You squeal when he drops me onto the bed and his cute little giggle lifts the atmosphere to the way we normally are. I quickly started to shed his clothes off, piece by piece, ever so slowly, teasing the crap out of him. His raspy moan escaped his lips as I flipped him over so that I was straddling his hips once again, like last night. I started licking and kissing his chest making sure I never missed a exposed inch of his body. Harry groans again, and I fight back a smile knowing that this is what I do to him.

His eyes rake down my body seeing me in my underwear from the show, eyeing me like a piece of meat that he can only have. “Harry just fuck me until it hurts” I made my way to the bottom of his naval, looking up at him through my eyelashes as I was pressing feathery kisses to it. Harry lets out another raspy groan again and snaking your hair into his hands, bringing your face up parallel to his. “I will baby girl” His green eyes have become a dark emerald, his hands never leaving your body as they made their down from your chest to your waist, then to your naval, then down to your thighs. “Ill do anything you want me to do baby, I’m all yours” “I want you so bad Harry, just fuck me” He pulled me into his chest and wrapped his large ring covered fingered hand around to undo my bra and he took them into his hands kneading them. He took one of them into his mouth as you started to rock onto him slowly. His hand reached down to your ass to help you move on him harder. “Fuck” His head fell back in pure pleasure that I was giving him. “I bet you touch yourself thinking about me ramming into you when I’m gone, don’t you?” “Fuck” You whisper while you grind on him harder and squeeze my eyes shut. I don’t know how he does it. He can make me cum just by his words let alone his touch. I brought up the courage to say something that I know would make him bust a nut right in his boxers, which also is the truth. “No, I think, fuck, I think about you ramming into me, spreading me open, making me scream” I look down at him and I see his reaction to me. His face is filled with concentration and lust. He’s looking at me like he’s imagining the different ways he could destroy me. “Fuck baby, your so good to me, knowing that you do that will make me fuck my own hand way better when I’m gone” Just the image of him doing that alone while looking at pictures of me that I sent him so that he’s reminded of what he’s missing at home just gets me off.

He pulls me to lay on the bed and crawls between my thighs, looking at the wet patch on my knickers then back up at me. “Please Harry, just touch me, or do something” I’m begging him with everything I have for him to touch me, and he groans hearing the desperation in his voice. He curses just by looking at how wet I am for him and he pulls his face away to look at me in a moaning mess. “Jesus baby your dripping wet for me, soaking your panties is all I think about” He makes his way back down to my wet centre and pushes my knickers to the side, and pushes his fingers down, rubbing my folds, gathering the wetness from me and swirling his tongue around them. “So sweet, my favourite thing to eat” He puts his fingers back to where they were, only grazing my clit with the tip of his baby finger. The moans loudly roll off of my tongue, meanwhile Harry looking up taking in the sight before him. “Baby please, just give me your cock, I want it so bad” He brought his body up to me and started to kiss me again, and I pulled my hands down to his boxers and pushed them down his muscular legs. He pushes his boxers off of his legs and he uses his hips to pin me down on the bed which made me scream in pleasure. His hips rubbing against my heat, the only thing separating me and him was my soaking wet thong. The heat coming from my hips is starting to become unbearable, the sudden ache feeling went through out my body. Harry is taking far too long to touch me. All I want in this moment is to feel his head poking at m entrance, and rock his hips into mine, but he is purely teasing at his point. “Harry just get in me already, please I’m begging” His face began to smirk and his hands grabbed your wet thong and dragged them down your legs and throwing them on the floor. He finally made is way back to me and pushed inside me, and when he finally did, it was so fucking amazing. I tried to make a sound but nothing would come out. The little grunts that he makes while he is thrusting into me is echoing in my ears. He is so deep that I can feel him hitting my stomach, he feels like he is stretching me, making me feel so full of him, he’s so big, I can take him.

His pants take up the whole room as his thrusts become faster. “So… tight” He pants as his eyes are squeezing shut, pained groans filled your ears as he continued. It starts off with his hips slowly reclining, so slow that its pure torture, then ramming into with force, hitting places that you didn’t know he could. My hands reach up to touch his swallow tattoos then up to caress his hair through my fingers as he continues to get into a pattern with his thrusts that can reach so far up inside me. “Your… so deep.. Harry, I’m oh my fucking god” I cry to him with the burning pit in my stomach forming. “Are you close baby? He presses his lips onto my neck, bringing his lips down as low as he could go while he was still ramming into me with great force. “Such a pretty cunt, taking me so well, so wet, dripping for me, fuck” My hips buck up when he suddenly hits the spot I’ve been waiting for. “I’ve got every inch inside of you, do you feel it baby girl?” I couldn’t coherent an answer, I just looked up at him, in his eyes, which was still a dominant dark green colour, looking straight at where we were connecting, looking at his cock sinking in and pulling out of me. “C’mon baby girl, give me a good one” He whispered as he looked directly at me again. His speed slowed down as he decided to go for a forceful slow pump, angling his body so his pelvic bone hits at my clit as he rides me in and out, sending me to my orgasm. In a few thrusts after I came his trusts go faster reaching his high at the end. He pulled out of me and wanked himself off onto my stomach, letting out a massive inhumane moan. He moved himself off of me and lay beside me out of breath. He grabbed tissues from the side of the bed and wiped my stomach clean. Thank god he remembered to put tissues there instead of going to the toilet to get more roll. “Wow” I was speechless when I looked at Harry, still coming down from my high. “I haven’t came like that for a while” I said to him as I laughed. “Neither have I, it must of been the underwear.”

BTS reaction: Taking SO’s virginity (M)

Authors Note: I got a bit carried away, hope y’all still enjoy!


The first time with Jin was a result of your sexual frustration. You knew from your friends that these frustrations would eventually come around the age of 19, but you didn’t think much of it. It was only until you started your relationship with Jin that you began to grow more needy for his body, Though he wanted to take things slow, step by step.

It happened when you were watching porn, home alone and intrigued by the scenes in front of you. When the doorbell rang, you couldn’t hold yourself back any more. You needed to feel him.

You almost ran to the door, opening it to see Jin standing there. You didn’t give him any time and dragged him inside and into the bedroom. He was somewhat confused, but he let you drag him onto the bed. You straddled him and began kissing him furiously while grinding down onto his clothed cock. He fidget uncomfortable, feeling his member grow with the second. He stops you as he held your shoulders, trying to find your eyes.

’___, are you really sure?’

You nod, smiling down at him as you zipped his zipper down and immediately pulled out his hard dick. He groans loudly by the feeling of your hands on him and now also became very eager. He flipped the both of you so he was above you and it didn’t take him long until he got the both of you naked and he was alining his dick with your entrance. He teased you, sliding his cock through your folds before slowly pushing his tip inside. It hurt, very much. The stretch was something so foreign for you and you needed to ease into the feeling. And so he did, he was careful, soft and caring. He had made sure he took your virginity with not just a quick fuck, but with love.

Fuck ___, I love you so much.’ He groaned before finally making a pace and planning on making love to you the whole night long.

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Fuck.’ He mutters under his breath as he sees your naked form, walking across the bathroom. It wasn’t planned to walk into such a sight, but he wasn’t sorry either. He doesn’t know what to do since he knows that you’re still a virgin and he wants it all to be special. But seeing you like this made his dick hard in a matter of time.

That’s why he decided to just walk up to you, pushing his body flush against yours and making you gasp in the process. You look in the mirror behind you to see his dark expression and you can feel his cock poking into your back through his jeans.

___, look what you do to me…’ he now circles his hips around, looking for more friction. ’I need you so bad.’ He growls into your ear and you can feel yourself becoming wet by his words, thighs pressing up against each other. You push back against him, now also growing needy for him and it was a signal for him to go on with his actions. He kisses your shoulder while pushing down his pants and pulling off his shirt until he was fully naked, a condom being slid down his length. He played with your folds, feeling the wetness surround his fingers.

Are you sure?

Yes please, Yoongi…’ you whined and with that, he pushed inside of you, slow and steady to take your virginity with care. After he was fully inside of you and you got used to the stretch, he began an animalistic pace, showing just how much he loves your pussy around his member.

So fucking tight and beautiful...’

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This wasn’t the first time he slept at your apartment, but it was still so different from every other peaceful night. You had decided that this would be the day you’re going to give your virginity to him and you’d gotten yourself ready for it. You bought black lingerie so he could unpack you and rose paddles were spread over the bed. And then, you just waited on your bed. You knew he could return home any moment and it got you very nervous but anticipation still getting the better of you.

Then suddenly your heard to front door close and footsteps coming up to the bedroom. When the door opened, you see a wide eyed Hoseok standing in the doorway. You see his pants getting tighter and a pulge forming slowly, but surely.

Fuck ___, is this really what you want?’

Otherwise I wouldn’t have done this all Hobie, now please just come and fuck me’ you pleaded and Hoseok didn’t hesitate any minute longer before his clothes were pulled off and your lingerie were thrown around the bedroom. He had pinned you down, arms above your head as he spread your legs to look at a newfound image he wanted to remember.

You’re so wet, princess. Can I pleasure you?’ He asks, wanting a last confirmation and you gave him a nod to push his cock into you. He pulled out a condom from out his wallet, which was somewhere on the ground, unpacking and pulling it down around his cock before pushing himself into you, inch for inch. Your back arched into the bed by the ache, but you still felt so complete with him stretching you out like that. He made a slow pace and kept that pace until you started to whine for him to go faster. Then he starts to trust powerful and deep while passionating kissing you.

Just wait baby girl, I can do a whole lot more than this.’

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You were having a heavy make-out session in the bathrooms of a house unknown to you. It was at a party, celebrities and producers all over the place, but Namjoon and you of course needed to get all touchy with each other. After some teasing he had dragged you to the bathroom to feel you closer against him, his lust of the past few months becoming the better of him.

Let’s go back to the hotel.’ You breathe while partening your lips from his. ’Are you sure baby?

You nod, now dragging him with you right to the cars and driving to your hotel. When you both entered the room, you were again all over each other. He pushed you down on the bed and got a condom from the shelf. He unclothed the both of you, taking his time with revealing every single part of your naked body.

He kissed every inch of your neck to your dripping entrance and then began to eat you out furiously, getting you rilled up for what’s about to come. After a while he finally lined up to your entrance and pushed inside slowly, arms around your smaller body and trusting slowly to get you used to the feeling. After a while his pace fastened and moans left your mouth from the pleasure shooting through your body.

You feel so good ___, fuck I love you. You’re all mine and no one else’s.’

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It actually began so innocent, him tickling you out of no where when you were spread along the couch. You giggled loudly while trying to push away Jimin’s hands, but accidentally some skin got exposed during your little play fight. It appeared to be that you weren’t wearing any bra and that got him hard in an instant. He looks carefully up into your widened eyes, but he still saw a glint of arousal into you demeanor.

He lays a hand on your belly, coldness cursing through your body. You swallow as you follow his hand, which is trailing up your body until it reached your exposed breasts, nipples perked. He massages it slightly and his tump is circling around your nipples to get them harder.

Then you pulled him down to connect your mouths and tugged on his sweatpants to pull it off, which he helped you with. After a short while, you both were naked and ready for each other, him between your legs, condom around his cock and fingers sliding over your folds and sometimes inserting a finger into your entrance.

Are you sure jagi?’ He says, kissing your nose. You nod as you bring his body closer to you. He then pushes into you, slowly and steady to stretch you out nicely. It was hard for him to keep steady before you yourself began to move up, trying to feel more friction. He groaned loudly before beginning a pace into you and working up to a love-making night.

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You woke up to a groaning noise beside you. You didn’t dare to look, because you know what Taehyung is doing the moment your name rolled off his tongue. It wasn’t the first time, you knew he sometimes got off when you were sleeping and he simply had a boner, but it never failed to wake you up and to get you all wet and bothered. This time however, you wanted to change things.

You turn around to him, eyes trailing over his body and right to his dick in his hands, thick and hard, standing proud for your attention. He, however, widened his eyes and wanted to cover himself up, but you stopped him. You pulled off all your clothes before straddling his lap, sitting down on his cock, which lays flat against his stomach. Your began to grind down onto it, folds spread because of his cock and Taehyung could swear he had never seen something hotter than this. He groans loudly as he grabbed your sides, pushing you down with more force.

Fuck princess, are you sure?’ He growls and you nod before leaning in and whispering ’I even take the pill, please fuck me Taehyung.’

That almost made him cum right there and then and was quick to aline you with his dick before easing you down onto his member. You moan by the stretch, pain shooting through your body, but was quick to recover after a minute. Then you began to grind up and down on him as he thrusted up into you while pulling you closer, almost obsessively.

Baby… you’re so fucking tight and warm. Don’t ever go away from me, you’re mine.

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I want you to take my virginity.’

You say as you walk up to him, random as always. His eyes couldn’t get wider as he stood there. He just got home and is confused to why you felt the sudden need. but, nonetheless, it still got him horny vastly, images of your naked body under his caring flying through his head.

Are you sure?

‘Yes, and now please.

His expression changed to a smirk as he took off his coat and shoes. ’How can I not follow up to my girlfriend’s needs?’ He says, as a matter of fact, before he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his middle as he took you to the bedroom. Once there, he undressed you quickly out of your pajamas and laid you back onto the bed to undress himself. Once both fully naked, he began discovering your body, making hickeys all over your body to finally marking you as his own. Everyone can know what he did to you and he wouldn’t give one fuck. You are his and he can do whatever he wants with you.

After a while you began to whine, wanting to feel his thick member inside of you. He took no time in alining his member onto your entrance and filling you up completely. You gasp by the pain and hold onto his arms. He gave you a minute, kissing you to distract the pain.

As pleasure took over, he began to make a pace and moans left his mouth by the feeling. You also let out moans, even louder than Jungkooks as you both sank in an immense pleasurable feeling.

___, I will fuck you all night after this. No way in- fuck- hell that I can stay away from that pretty little cunt of yours.

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i like you already.

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(dacre montgomery x reader)

summary: dacre montgomery should not be allowed to look that good. ever. what’s worse is that he’s a good and decent person, too. the reader doesn’t stand a chance at not being into him.

request: A dacre fic , where you meet during your coffee break because you walk into him (he’s in his Billy costume) and you say “woah the 80s called they want their wardrobe back” and later you meet again and he’s in normal clothes and you’re blown away etc romance ensues Sorry if that didn’t make sense 

word count: 2, 262

a/n: i actually had a lot of fun with this one! dacre’s a cocky little shit though okay i love him. also, brief mentions of cocaine and ODing. 

It wasn’t like you didn’t know that Stranger Things 3 was filming on the same lot as you. It’s just that you hadn’t actually thought about it. There had been more pressing things to worry about, like the fact that you’d been hired as the personal assistant on set for a notoriously difficult actor on a project that was already two weeks behind in filming and well on its way to overbudget.

You’d already been screamed at twice that day (once for not anticipating the fact that said actor would trip and tear a large hole in his jeans, and the second for getting his coffee order wrong. Because apparently, he was lactose intolerant that day) and getting screamed at for a third time was not on your list of things to do.

But of course some mullet-wearing asshole had to be taking his grand old time in front of you. Who the hell wore nothing but denim, honestly? Whoever the costume designer was obviously hadn’t been thinking that through. No one could pull of all denim. No one.

“Oh, my God,” you mumbled, letting out an annoyed huff. You were going to get chewed apart, and it was all because of this idiot.

But then the idiot turned around.

In all your time of being alive, you’d never actually come across someone who could pull off a mullet, but this guy was coming pretty close. The all denim outfit was still a little too much, but it wasn’t horrendous on him.

“Do you have a problem?”

“No, take your time in ordering. I’ve got all the time in the world.” The sarcasm dripped off your words. You knew that that wasn’t a smart idea at all. Personal assistants were supposed to kiss everyone’s asses until their noses were a nice brown color. But you were just tired. This was supposed to be your dream job, your foot in the door. But instead you were babysitting an adult who was constantly trying to sneak in a little snort of some white powder when he thought no one was looking.

It was an indie film, too. Not even a blockbuster.

“You see, that sounds like you have a problem, but you said you don’t have a problem. So what is it?”

“Well, if I did have a problem, it’d be with your outfit.”

“Oh, really?” The corners of his lips ticked up into a small smirk. “And why is that?”

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Imagine talking with Misha on Skype while in an almost compromising position and Jensen joining in immediately as they compete for your attention.

“Is that (Y/n)?” Jensen poped up from behind Misha, squinting to take a look at Misha’s phone “Wait- what- where are you?” he made a face as he tried to make out your surroundings.

You giggled, angling your phone better so he could see “Is it that hard to guess Ackles?”

“Wait so you really mean you’re in-” his eyebrows raised as a grin started spreading on his face.

“Somewhere that you probably will never get in.” Misha rolled his eyes, saying with a smirk and you laughed at the two men.

“As if you have!” Jensen scoffed, shrugging him off.

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w i c k e d

“You have that cute angel face but you’re the devil himself.”

Summary: Because of another one of your games, Park Jimin and you ended up inside an abandoned creepy house with nothing but a flashlight, candles, a camera and a Ouija board. Who would have thought that communicating with ghosts could be that fun?

Genre: Smut •   Warnings: Paranormal Activity smut version??
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
A/N: I just wanted to get this ouija board idea out of my head, don’t blame me for this.
Words: +2.4k

“Are you scared, Y/N?”

“Of course not.”

You both observed the abandoned house in front of you. It looked old and dark, exactly how you remembered it from last Halloween - when all of you went inside and got drunk. It scared you, it really did - but you had to be brave in front of your friends and get over this thing.

“Come on Jimin, take your girlfriend inside!” Jin shouted from his car, where the rest of your friends were waiting expectantly for you to enter the building.

“I’m not his girlfriend!” You shouted back. Jimin and you were good friends. He was closer to you than the rest of them, until one night - with a little help from the vodka you drank, he got even closer.
You had just kissed, but now all of them used that kiss to tease you.

He eyed you and smiled cockily, offering you his hand. “A bet is a bet, Y/N”

With a sigh, you silently agreed. That was something common in your group: you liked bets. You remembered that one time you had won one of the games and Jin had to kiss Hobi because you asked him to do it.

Now this, spending the night at this hell house you hated - was Jin’s revenge.

You took Jimin’s hand, hearing the laughter and applause coming from behind you as he opened the door for you.

“Tell us if she contacts some cool ghosts, Jiminie!”

With that being said - as soon as you two entered, Jin’s car left. Your eyes adjusted to the darkness, scanning the dirty living room and finally focusing on Jimin, illuminating his way with a flashlight and waiting for you to follow him.

“You know, you could just let me do this alone.” You spoke, quickly running to his side.

He chuckled, “Then who’s gonna make sure you’ll do what you have to do, silly?”

 “Do what I have to do? What else do I have to do, Jimin!?” you frowned. Did they give him instructions you didn’t know about?

“You’ll see.”

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Draco opens the door to stop the incessant fucking knocking. For Merlin’s sake, Harry and he both had the afternoon off, and they were just about to make the most of it. He’s barefoot, shirt unbuttoned, and wanting more than anything to be back in the bedroom upstairs.

The door swings open to reveal a slightly overweight man, about Draco’s age, standing next to a brown-haired child, with his hand still up in the air, as if to continue knocking. Draco wants to snap at him, but the child looks so sweet – Draco’s a sucker for kids – and the man has a slightly panicked look in his eyes. Draco regretted not grabbing his wand before coming downstairs.

“Can I help you?”

The man looks quite confused as he takes in the sight of Draco, looking just disheveled enough that it should be clear what he was doing, or at least trying to do, before the knocking started.

“I – I must have the wrong house. I’m looking for Harry.” The man takes a step back, grabbing the girl’s hand in one of his own.

“And how would you know Harry?”

“He, wait, he does live here?” The man gives Draco a once over. Draco stands tall and glares back at him. “I, uh,” He glances at the child. “Well, he’s my cousin.”

Draco feels his hands tense into fists; he’s heard about Harry’s cousin. They’d been together for months before pieces of Harry’s childhood starting slipping out, but it was years before he put it all together.

“You’re Dudley,” Draco drawled. The years had softened him, but he knows he can still look intimidating when he tries. “And you thought it was okay to show up at Harry’s house?”

Instead of answering, Dudley pulls an envelope out of his back pocket. Draco would recognize the seal anywhere.

“This came today,” he smiles at the girl. “For Lily. I’m okay with it – I am, but I just wanted his help. Please, for her.”

Draco hears the stairs creak and knows Harry is coming down. He doesn’t know what to do. Dudley is standing on his porch. With Lily. Lily.

“Who is – oh,” Harry enters the doorway, placing a hand on Draco’s lower back. He faltered for just a moment before recovering. “Dudley, well, come on in then.”

– I’ve always liked the idea of Dudley and Harry reconnecting over Dudley’s magical child