you just have to start pressing the jump button after he activates the switch

Android Companion AU

Lucis is an advanced civilization, the crown city of Insomnia is self sustaining and generally safe, but the limited land with which to build on can barely fit the growing population. You are an independent adult who had landed a dream job in the heart of the city, your parents bid you farewell from their farmhouse just east of Lestallum, and now you are living alone in a very crowded, claustrophobic, and constantly noisy business district.

One day, you find an offer of comfort in your solitary life:

Model: NOCT-1.5 (limited number of units produced):

  • This model is the cutting-edge technology of all companions available in the market, the be-all end-all royalty of the trade. it is never advertised because very few people can afford it, but you’re a tech nerd and you’ve heard of the legends
  • It’s usually ridiculously expensive and waaaay out of your range, for some reason, this one is on sharp discount in your local computer shop
  • the clerk tells you it’s on a discount because it has been taken out of the box by a previous owner and returned, but is in top shape otherwise
  • it’s a small investment even after the price cut and you’re seriously trying to talk yourself out of it, but the more you look at the android behind the sheer plastic, the more you are entranced by the sharp features and slim design.
  • a part of you hungers to see what the eyes look like once turned on, and what kinds of apps and functions you can install on such a rare product
  • you take it home, and the moment you plug it- him in, bright piercing eyes glow red for three seconds, and then mellow out to a soft crystal blue

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May I Trim Your Hedges?

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

‘Don’t hold back for me (l/n), 

                                                I got some new things I think you’d like learnin.’

Featuring: Jungkook (bts)
Genre: Smut (teacher/student)
Word count: 3,009


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Sneaking Is Most Fun Without Warning Cassian Andor

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,085

Summary: You feel as if you’re at fault when Cassian stops talking to you for a few days. Like any good Rebel, you spy on him to find out what he’s truly up to.

Prompt: “I know you’re following me; you’re not very quiet” - Cassian X Reader

Tagging: @kwaiky, @ly–canthrope, @attentionseekingprincess, @can-t-figure-it-out, @myfriendmagislit

Requested by: @miraclesabound

Author’s note: My true emo self shows in this title. This fic took a path paved by its own self like I didn’t plan for this to be so A1 quirky. Definitely isn’t the first time lemme tell ya.

Where is Cassian going all this time?

You used to talk to him during his “breaks” around the hangar but whenever you walk in, Cassian has one foot inside the temple. This happens for a few consecutive days and you wonder if you did something wrong. You try to track Cassian down to try and talk to him but he appears to have some sort of radar on you because whenever you think you’re about to make contact, Cassian diverts into a different, unauthorized path. You sigh into the air as you contemplate your previous interactions.

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The Overdue Rant about Civil War (Alternately: Fight me, son!)

So I was reading a fanfic and a comment was congratulating the author on Bucky’s portrayal in the first chapter. That, I had no problem with. My Problem was when the commenter claimed that Tony in CACW essentially “came out smelling like roses” To which I started this, a reply that never got posted:

How exactly did Tony come out smelling like roses?

1) His best friend was crippled.

2) He lost his girlfriend

3) Not sure where the story with Nat is going, but he essentially was betrayed a second time by her

4) The government is breathing down his neck

5) And he was basically left in Siberia to die. It doesn’t matter that an SOS might have been automatically sent when the suit deactivates. At no point in the movie is Steve told this. He ASSUMED, which is a dangerous thing to do when you leave one of the smartest men in the world, injured, in a base (that is clearly still active) owned by one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world. Steve is an American soldier. No man left behind was and still is a motto that’s lived by. He should know this.

Not to mention the shield. Steve shoves a metal disk through armor into Tony’s chest. Bucky tries to crush him by pressing on his chest. This is a man with a damaged chest, and several INCHES of METAL keeping him alive for several years. Extremis or not, Tony’s chest is still a mess against a normal fighter, let alone a man with that kind of strength.

I get it. Bucky is a victim, and this story is doing a good job telling his story. But I don’t believe that Bucky would be so angry against Tony. Look at Bucky’s face vs Steve’s while Tony’s watching the video. While Bucky’s feeling guilty, Steve is just closing himself off. He doesn’t want to deal with the fallout of his own decisions. This is a guy who, if he didn’t know, at least SUSPECTED Bucky’s part in one of his benefactor’s murder. Not to mention everything before that. Did we forget that Bucky nearly dropped a tunnel to escape? Victim or not, Bucky still killed people, or nearly killed people. He is dangerous, and he knows that, accepts it. What about all those officers sent to apprehend him? As far as they know, they are being sent on a dangerous mission to apprehend a legendary super-assassin. Of course they go in, guns blazing, especially since they encounter not one, but TWO super soldiers in the apartment, then a third in the form of a car-jumping Black Panther. What does Cap do? Instead of holding Bucky down, or knocking him out, and blocking the bullets with his BULLETPROOF shield, he tears through them like a wrecking ball, hurling his shield at them, throwing them down stairs, and punching them in the chest. If some of them weren’t crippled in real life, it would be a miracle.

I’m not trying to hate on Steve. But I do hate it when people look at Tony and say, “He’s an ass, he’s a failure, he made Ultron, he’s the villain.” If you acknowledge that Tony’s an ass, you also have to remember how judgmental Steve can be, because, let’s face it, Steve was totally comparing Tony to Howard and Bucky in the first Avengers movie.

If Tony has failed, you also got to remember the questionable judgment calls Steve’s made—who lets a former Hydra guinea pig on a super powered team without any sort of therapy, or mental screening, or grace period? The same woman who DIRECTLY unleashes the Hulk on a populated city. The same woman who OBSESSES about a man because his name was on the missile (that was probably a dud, because when does Starktech fail)? Tony didn’t push the button that launched it. That’s like going after the CEO of the Mars Company because your kid chokes to death on an M&M.

If you remember that Tony made Ultron, you also got to remember that Bruce was right there with him. BRUCE. The man who KNOWS how dangerous some untested technology can be, but is right there working with Tony (not hating on Bruce, because SCIENCE BROS!). And what is the reason Tony is working so hard to unlock these secrets? Because a little witch tampered with his mind. The same witch, who again, only bothered to switch sides when it occurred to her that maybe mass murder wasn’t that great once it’s right in front of you. So yeah, Tony made Ultron…along with Bruce, Wanda, Pietro and Thor (who by the way, CHOKES Tony, a mortal…and is stopped by no one), who considering how often he’s telling the team about how mortals aren’t ready for the wider universe, and how primitive they are, is still ready to let Tony tamper with the magical Stick of Destiny. And yet Steve—along with the whole team—somehow forgets this. And Steve freaks out about how he has to save his best friend, and go with him “‘till the end of the line”, but everyone ignores the fact JARVIS, TONY’S best friend (and practically his son) dies, and no one but Bruce bats an eyelid.

If you think Tony is a villain, you also have to remember where Steve started from. Steve was desperate to join the army and his best friend, to do something worthwhile. There’s nothing wrong with that. But he continually lies to get the army, even though he can barely do exercises without dying. Now I understand that the condition of Steve’s body is not his fault and the guys he trains with are hammed up to be jerks and the whole thing is supposed to an underdog story. But everything Steve does only proves he’s a danger to himself and everyone around him. He jumps on a grenade, which everyone else jumps away from. It’s supposed to a moment that proves how good and self-sacrificial he is. All it does is show how suicidal Steve could be. Granted, his sense of self-worth is probably full of holes at this point, and so I can understand how he may feel the best use of his time and body is to ensure no shrapnel hits his teammates. Okay. That sucks for him, and he really did need some help. BUT. That suicidal tendency makes him a danger to his teammates. In a real battlefield, Steve would be the type to stand his ground against enemy fire while everyone is retreating. That would heroic, except for the fact that he would not last long at all, and his team would KNOW THIS, and someone(s) would probably stay behind to either fight with him or try to save him and get killed themselves because Steve DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CONCEDE, which is all well and good, until someone other than himself gets hurt.

Not to mention he doesn’t seem to be able to predict long-term consequences. He orders the Widow Leaks, and yet we barely see him mention the fallout later. Not the fallout of SHEILD = HYDRA. I mean the fallout of hundreds of agents having their covers blown, probably while in hostile territory, and thousands of people who now don’t have a job, because they devoted all of themselves to SHEILD, and probably don’t have much in the way of safe-houses, family or friends. And yet all we seem to get out of Steve is the fact that HYDRA is active and thus all must be destroyed, even the ones who worked for them unknowingly. Like, you couldn’t have had it sent to Tony and his uber AI, and had them separate friend from foe, and not leave a gaping hole in the world’s protection? This lack of foresight, and unwillingness to correct it, despite being constantly warned about it, makes him just as much a villain as Tony will ever be.  


anonymous asked:

can you do one where bellarke have been lowkey hooking up since like idk unity day and decide to keep a fwb thing going on please xx


The first time could be blamed on three things: too much moonshine, too little inhibitions, and just how fucking good Bellamy Blake managed to look in the firelight.

Which happened to be really, really fucking good. Not that he doesn’t always look good, but it’s a lot easier to ignore the spray of freckles across his cheeks or his hurricane hair when the two of them are at each other’s throats. Now though, there isn’t anything of the sort to distract her from the expanse of brown skin glowing in the muted light and the boyish grin pulling at his lips. Her fingers simultaneously wished for some charcoal and to be able to trace to smooth curve of his neck.

When Clarke told him that he deserved to have some fun, she didn’t expect to be part of the equation, much less be the one sprawled out on his bed, one hand desperately clawing the furs beneath her while the other firmly anchored his head between her legs, twisting his hair between her fingers in a way that’s almost painful.

But she is, and here they are, and it’s not like she’s going to ask him to fucking stop when he’s got her right on the edge, sucking her clit into his mouth.

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Convalescence Ch6

sorry this is so late guys! i kind of had a weird weekend + i’ve been working on a collaboration, thanks for being patient! i am going to move updates to tuesdays instead of sundays for personal reasons though, so here’s a heads up

ao3 previous chapters

peridoxic is still me beta cinnamon bun and source of encouragement, many thanks to him!

here we go!

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