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i'm super depressed lately and i have an addictive personality. i had a minor ish surgery on tuesday and technically i shouldn't need any more of the pain drugs but i love the way they make me feel. i gave the bottle to my mum because i don't trust myself but i still can't stop thinking about how carefree they made me. i just want to feel good but i know i shouldn't take any more. sorry to bother you i just needed someone to talk to i guess.

u did the right thing giving them to your mum, im sure u know this but temporarily numbing the pain doesnt make it go away and will just make things worse in the long run

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I hate boring couples which is why I didn't like stelena or forwood. too predictable. too mushy. I'm down for crazy ass plot twists and tension and conflict cuz that's what makes it interesting (aka delena and klaroline). long live the shows that surprise you and make u angry sometimes. I love tvd (except s7 which was extremely pointless) !!

i get not liking forwood, they didn’t really do anything for me either, but stelena was not boring. they were (not to be That Bitch), but, epic. They were. Their relationship was intense, and it had tension, and conflict, but it just wasn’t as big as delena’s. i’m not gonna argue that delena was more unhealthy than stelena, bc basically every ship on this show has problematic elements, and i ship klaroline so i really have no room to talk when it comes to that. 

but this show doesn’t make me the “oh wow i hate what’s happening here but it’s still good tv” kind of angry. it makes me the “this is piss poor writing and treatment of their characters and they’re shitting all over everything constantly” kind of angry. that’s not the angry i like when it comes to tv. 

This is the design in higher quality resolution this time! I really enjoy making these designs. I’m thinking about doing more like this and like the previous one with the last guardian.I love RWBY and I just had to make one since I craved the idea of it. It took me a while to notice everything was blurry but I insisted to heighten the quality for you guys ^u^.

Enjoy!!! and cant wait for the next episode!!!

Drawn by me: Laundingo

Tools:SAI & Cinitq 13hd

*Please dont use art without my permission thanks!!! :D*

*vague predictable Moana spoilers*

‘I Am Moana’ is the only Disney song I have ever cried to in a theater and the one that still either gives me chills or makes me swallow too hard when I listen to it still. There’s a few reasons why. One is the fact that older people with a lively spirit will always get to me (BIg Fish knows this and make me cry every single time at the end as well). 

The second reason I think it’s because I just love that moment when Moana has found herself. It’s like a moment I wish I had you know? It’s so rare to find a female character sing a song about herself in that way. ‘Let It Go’ while overused everywhere, had a similar meaning, but it was more generalized. Mostly an overall f-u world type of song. Probably so that everyone had a reason to sing it, rather than just the character themselves.

I just love how the song is powerful and especifically speaking about all the things Moana has done. She knows her achievements and she is allowed to recognize them. I love that.

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hey idk if you still read this stuff but i just wanted to let you know that you are my favorite artist in the whole galaxy. Your drawings are SO incredibly beautiful like jesus ! and the fact that they have minor imperfections just make them a whole lot more unique and awesome and gosh I cannot stress you enough how MUCH I ADORE YOUR ART like seriously. I wish I had money to buy your whole shop. I promise you I'll buy something soon because I want to support you. Keep going ily PS i love nardo 2

WOW THANK YOU!!!! you have no idea how much that means to me!!! people like you make me want to never stop drawing! i really hope you continue to like my stuff, i’ll work hard for u! :’’’-)

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Hey Rach! 🌸 Can you explain about Sharon Needles being racist and anti-Semitic, thank you love u 💕

Hi there! I heard that Sharon had done some racist/anti Semitic things in the past and I was wondering if you could tell me where I can find info about it?

hey!! (just got 2 mssgs abt this so i thot id kill 2 birds w one stone lol) buckle up bc this is prob gonna b a long one lmao 

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wow 3 years is a long time! I was brought up to believe the opposite! My dad and a lot of my teachers (I'm doing history btw lmao) always had an romantic idea of doing what you love and etc so even tho a lot of ppl told me i wouldnt make a lot of money I just applied for a thing im passionate about. But nobody know the future so yea I think the people in ur life matter more than your future job or anything like that. OMG YULECHKA IS THE CUTEST NICKNAME I LOVE IT I ACTUALLY BLUSHED

aaaaaa kat u r so cool I hope we can actually be friends and everything lmao <3333 - yulechka

i wanted to study languages but i was told i’m not going to make a lot of money and it discouraged me lmao i regret listening to anyone now so it’s good that you didn’t let anyone affect your decision

a cute nickname for an equally cute person

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Okay there's just one thing I'd like to address, when isak went to even's house, he wasn't really too bothered about the messages he was getting from the boys until he noticed that Jonas and Emma had texted him about the party he blew off. This makes their relationship seem so much more real me because a lot of people (I know) are obsessed with their phones and talking to people over text so the idea of someone making you forget everything but them makes me adore their relationship even more

yeesss!! i loved that! those people are the best, u dont worry about anything else youre just….existing with them

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requested by anonymous:WHEE HELLO I hope you’re having a super fantastic day!!! Could I possibly please request a fluffy overload one where reader x Sonny are married & work in SVU together (how they met) and just had a baby, and it be where they ask Barba to be the godfather WOWOW I want to fling myself in the burning sun just thinking about it this ruins me (also sending v much love to u)

word count: 496

warnings: none

masterlist - request

Rafael had never truly seen Carisi nervous.

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ugh you deserve all the same things and more. i had a good day on tuesday and i hope you did too. i'm always rooting for you and here to support you and hope you find so many good things in your life. you make me very happy for all the positivity and happiness you share with others and also i seriously admire how strong you are as a person and i just, idk, i wish all the best for you, thank u


- the most amazing and supportive friend
- literally an angel
- i don’t deserve a friend like her wtf im crying
- ultra smart
- the most gorgeous person on earth and gives people unrealistic standards because we aren’t all blessed with such a perfect face and body
- inspires me to be kind and appreciate the world’s beauty
- loves fluffy cats and is therefore a Good Person
- is always such a positive presence in your life and makes the world a little less shitty just by existing
- a gay icon, i aspire to be as cool as her one day
- doesn’t deserve doubting herself and her personal worth so fuck mental illnesses with a stick for always affecting the most beautiful people
- her and her girlfriend are the cutest and purest couple and make me jealous (in a lesbianistic way)
- i love her with my whole heart and i would take a bullet for her and i’m so grateful she’s in my life because she makes me so happy and i hope i can give her all that happiness back because. she deserves it so much

i am so late to this party and you know why? because i wanted some damn chicken strips. hi, loves! thank you for joining us. i’m so very excited to write with you all and make connections. i’m kim, 22, est, she/her. i love angst. please bring me angst. anyway, here’s riley !!

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You know what gets me about HwaYangYeonHwa? It’s that BTS didn’t just release music. They released this new way of experiencing music. The amount of thought and effort and planning that went into putting together this album elevates it beyond just a music record. From dropping hints back in 2011/2014, HYYH has become this platform that allows fans become involved with the development of the narrative of the album. Army’s could participate in the music beyond just listening to the songs and watching the MV’s. They looked deeper to the songs’ symbolisms, motifs and themes in the lyrics. They looked into the imagery, cinematography, parallels drawn in the MV’s. This became a new way of appreciating Bangtan’s music, of understanding the tremendous efforts the members have put into producing this album. 

Through the analysis of the songs and the MV’s, fans pick up on the hints and cultural/social references put there by BTS. They put in so much effort into every detail of HYYH, nothing is put there without reason. Fans become hyperaware of each detail of the songs and MV’s. And when fans pick up on these hints and references, it’s like discovering a secret shared by BTS. It feels like BTS is communicating directly with us through these hints. Crafting these theories–no matter how right or wrong they are, or if that even matters at all–is our own experience of the HYYH album masterpiece, personalised to our experiences as youths ourselves. The frustration and recklessness, the happiness and freedom, the fear and chaos–it’s all part of what it means to be a youth. With this common thread, we are all able to project our own experiences onto the song and that’s what makes the songs so special and precious–because they are simultaneously BTS’s portrayal of youth, as well as our own. In a way, this bridges the gap between BTS and their fans, making it less about idols and fans, and more about this friendship built on the mutual understanding of the complexity of being a youth right now. It’s BTS’ personal reassurance that we may feel lost and frustrated, pressured and isolated, unloved and like we don’t belong, but we are never alone because we all share this common experience of youth. So if we make mistakes and have fallen down, we will be okay, because we just pick ourselves up and keep running. We have youth on our side. 

So it doesn’t really matter what the story really is, who died, who survived, if anyone died at all, if the boys are the Lost Boys… what matters is that BTS has kept their promise and found a way for Army’s to run with them on this journey. 

i knew it would happen eventually,
i just wish there was more of a warning,
i wish you did it louder, 
wish you ripped my heart out so bad i could make a better poem out of it, wish i had the guts to hate you,
but you did it so silent, so careful,
trying your best to not leave any scabs, or hurt
because your too kind to me still, after all of this,
so how could I stop loving you,

Aaand this happened after forgetting I had this scene on pause in ProJared’s Grumpcade intro… the idea made me laugh way too hard.

Bless these two and their beautiful anime villain friendship.

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lo just wanted to tell u ur blog has been really important to me lately considering how much emmerdale is triggering me, bc the way u see things and the way u write them make me feel more comfortable about everything, so idk i just wanted to thank u for this and let u know if i had to follow one robron blog forever it would be urs lmao. nah for real, thanks <3 lots of love :)

Ceci omg 💜 this is really overwhelming and lovely and ah, I love you 💜

@asomniari​   x

i wish more people had the same opinion as u with female characters. makes me nervous to put a female muse out here on tumblr

Yeah! Exactly! Actually, all my good friends here think the same, tbh. We all love female muses. I actually have like … a few female muses here. And you’d be surprised how many people will follow Bull and just .. sleep on our girl characters. 

Makes me saltier when people will come into my IMs with only really huge compliments that are just INSANELY SWEET TBH and i love them! Thank you so much for liking my writing and my muse! But you also refuse to follow back my lady muses so lol

@eromai said it best, tho. If you like our writing, then it shouldn’t matter if we’re writing boy or girl characters, should it? But it does! And that’s not okay.

Anyways. Here have a yawning cat because my salt is over

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let me love u down now

this is a good excuse for me to put off being productive and i am in the mood to talk about books bc i had a bad day and book talk makes me feel better, so im gonna go ahead and answer it publicly! If u don’t like books you can blacklist my Lit tag ! or just unfollow me tbh my feelings wont be hurt

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May I have a scenario with a loser drunk aho where is s/o is asked to pick him up and when she comes to the bar he's drunk off his ass and he starts praising her and touching her and she ends up having to take care of her bc he wont lEt tf gO (love ur blog im finally able to ask bc its never open and nOw i have forgotten what kind of scenario i want so :)))) lov u

Oh really?! XD. Either I don’t make proper announcements, or some people just have horrible timing! (I blame myself) I’m glad your request got in on time then! And I hope you like this! (Thank you for loving me ;n;)

This is not what you planned to do on a Saturday night.

You’d finally gotten a weekend off from schooling and work, planned to just relax and have some quiet time. Aomine had plans, or more like been forced, to study with a group of university students so he could keep playing basketball. But somehow.. that’d turned sour real fast and instead of studying, he’d wound up in the bar, drunk out of his mind.

It was Imayoshi who called you, having met the group at the same place. When you arrived, he gave you a sheepish smile, lightly patting your head while Susa tried to keep Aomine sitting up straight.

“I’m sorry ____-chan.. We’d ran into them and unfortunately couldn’t keep him in line..” 

You were about to say something when you saw Kasamatsu of Kaijou dealing with a very drunk and whiny Kise. That would explain why your boyfriend had wound up being at the bar. The blonde can somehow drive everyone to drink, with his persistence and overbearing personality. Shaking your head, you let out a sigh, rubbing your face to try and keep yourself sane.

“It’s fine Imayoshi-senpai.. It’s not like I had anything planned anyway.” you then walked up to your boyfriend, who’s eyes brightened the moment he saw you, and jumped at you, almost knocking you on your ass hadn’t Susa been there to help.

“____-c-chan!! Did y-you c-come to *hic* join us?!”

With the help of Imayoshi, you stood up, dusting off your clothing as you glared at him, “No. I’ve come to take your stupid, drunk ass home.”

Before you could say anything else, he wrapped his arms around you, a hand trailing down to sneak into your shirt, pressing lazy kisses to your cheeks. This not only made you blush, it irritated the fuck out of you, given how he was SUPPOSED to be studying. 

You gave a wave to the older males, ignoring Aomine’s words and cries of ‘I wanna stay l-longer! _-___-chan should get drunk too!!!~ I-It’s lots of f-funn!!” and placed him in your front seat, buckling him in.

As you started up the car, he leaned over, resting his head in your lap as he directed his gaze at you, causing you to fluster more when he gently brushed your chin with his lips.

“Have I ever told y-you how b-beautiful you are?”

Keeping your attention on the road, and somehow getting back to the house safely, you unbuckled the two of you, and just as you were about to open the door, his arms laced around your neck, cheek rubbing yours as he mumbled,

“____-chan smells good..”

You tried to get out of his grasp, but he wouldn’t let go, being his stubborn dumbass nature, and you just dragged him that way, ignoring the warmth of his breath on your neck. You managed to get to the kitchen, grabbing water and the pills, knowing he’d probably need them in the morning, and helped him into your bed.

As you turned to leave him, he reached out and grabbed your wrist, navy blue hues sparkling with unshed tears as he gave you such an adorable look, it made you weak in the knees.

“D-Don’t leave m-me ___-chan!! I-I need you!! P-Please don’t go!!”

You almost fell when he actually started crying, and this literally was a sign he was out of his mind, and very, very drunk. You couldn’t help but laugh, sitting on the edge of the bed as he laid his head in your lap, curling around you like a cat seeking attention from its master. 

You ran your hands through his hair, pressing a couple kisses to his sweaty forehead every once in a while, eventually landing on his cheek.

“Daiki.. you’re drunk.. I’m not going anywhere, okay? You need to get some sleep…”

“S-Stay with me!”

You blinked, face flushing as he leaned in more, his grip tightening around you,


“Sleep b-beside me!! D-Don’t let m-me go!”

You could only sigh at how clingy and cute your boyfriend was when he’s drunk. You then helped him out of his clothes, since they reeked of alcohol, making you slightly dizzy, and threw them in the bathroom before hopping into bed. 

He then snuggled up to you, pressing more lazy kisses to your throat, shoulder, neck, and cheek, even attempting to give you a big, sloppy one to your lips but ended up hitting your nose instead, making you laugh at his blush.

He buried his head in your chest, tangled his legs together and immediately found himself asleep, soft snores filling the air. You could only smile at him, pressing one last kiss to his head, before feeling sleep overtake you as well.

Although it’d been a nuisance to deal with his whining and attention-seeking behaviour, It was nice to see a vulnerable Aomine Daiki.. It was entertaining to receive blackmail material the next morning, accompanied by a picture of him dancing on the bar in high heels.

Suffice to say, he was no longer studying with those guys, and chose to spend those days with you, realizing not only would he learn, he’d get rewarded for being a good student.