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ok,the complains about riots choice of design regarding females needs to stop. Im so sick of hearing it. Its such an old and irrelevant subject. It feels like people dont want to realize riots improvement an are just completely ignorant.Is it really that hard to see??The newest female champs in league (listed from newest to oldest) are:

Xayah, Camille, Taliyah, Illaoi, kindred (lamb), Reksai, kalista, jinx, Lissandra,Quinn

None of the girls above have clivages,big asses or melon sized breasts. Quinn,the oldest non-sexualized champ was released in early 2013. Thats 4 years ago,riot started improving 4 years ago and yall still complaining?

i wish riot would stop sexualizing women/make them more realisticarent we gonna talk about how riot is lowkey sexualizing men too?or are yall one sided????Also when the hell did riot games say they are going for a realistic game? Why do you want video games to be realistic in the first place?? The whole purpose of Video games is to amuse the player and let them escape the reality we live in temporarily,to just forget and have fun so WHY do you want the game to be realistic?

CONCLUSION: Get your shit together and stop being a whiny little twat.

thank you for taking your time reading this.


“Just once can we get a decent Christmas photo!?”

Miranda! Hello there! I’m ur teen titan secret santa! And I ended up going with your second prompt! I hope you like it! :>

The prompt involved Flinx and their son (Miranda gave me some details on how he should look like. :D)! She said to get a glimpse of their lives and to be honest… A Christmas holiday photo came to mind. And how Jinx probably tries really hard to make a nice one but those loveable idiots keep ruining. Maybe out of instinct. They can’t help themselves.

Gah she loves them anyways. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Imagine being set up on a blind date, and it ends up being Kyouya. Everything goes wrong but it ends up perfectly, and the host club (who've been spying on y'all) celebrate when you two finally admit your feelings and/or kiss xx please and Ty x

Sure thing lovely, sorry it took forever! I hope you enjoy it! (: -Alicia 

Today was finally the day of your blind date that you, for some audacious reason, let the host club set up. You loved the guys but sometimes they could go a bit overboard. It was especially worrying since Haruhi wasn’t there to help them. She had some stuff to do at home for the last couple of weeks. You took a breath looking at you (h/c) hair as it fell naturally and then down at an outfit you were comfortable in but was still a bit fancy. 

There was a knock on the door that let you know the limo driver was here to pick you up. Making your way out of the house you said a quick goodbye to your parents, who were probably to busy to hear you, before getting into the limo. The ride was pretty quite until you heard some weird noises coming from the front of the limo and soon it came to a full stop. 

You sat for a couple of minutes waiting to figure out what was going on, it wasn’t long until the driver opened your door. 

“Excuse me miss but the engine is having some problems and it’s going to take a while for someone to come fix it. I’m sorry about this, I truly am.” He said giving you an apologetic look. “It’s fine, what’s the address you were taking me too? I can just walk there.” You said giving the man a gentle smile. You didn’t mind walking since it was nice out and worse things could have happened. 

By the time you made it to your destination you were out of breath. Thankfully there was a bench that you could sit down on, now all you had to do was figure out who and where your date was. 

“(y/n)?” You heard a familiar voice ask. You turned around to see an all to familiar dark haired boy with glasses. “Kyoya?” You asked. “What are you doing here?” 

“I could ask you the same.” He said taking a seat next to you. “I asked you first.” You stated. “If you are so concerned about it, I’m here to meet my date.” He said. 

“That’s great! Who is it?” You asked him smiling even though you were slightly upset. “I don’t know actually, it’s more of a blind date.” He said pushing up his glasses a little irritated because he didn’t like not knowing about someone. It was strange though to say the least, that Kyoya was on a blind date at the exact same spot as you….it couldn’t be. There’s no way the guys would be able to pull all of this off behind his back. 

“Now, what about out miss (l/n), why are you here.”He asked. “The same exact reason actually.” You said feeling your face grow hotter every second. “Well it seems I’ve found my date.” Kyoya said smiling down at you. You nodded looking down at your shoes. 

“Well we have some dinner reservations to get to.” Kyoya said holding his hand out for you to take. The walk to the restaurant was filled with conversation between the two of you. You both stopped in front of a building but it was no restaurant, it wasn’t anything for that face. The building was boarded up and abandon. 

“Maybe this is the wrong address?” You suggested looking around quite confused as to what was happening. “I don’t think so, Tamaki gave me a list with everything written down to a T, this is where it’s suppose to be.” Kyoya said scratching the back of his neck. 

“Excuse me miss?” You asked a lady who was walking by the two of you, she stopped and turned to you. “Yes.” She said. “Do you know what this building used to be?” You asked her politely. 

“Oh that was Yeagers but they moved about a month ago. They’re on 46th Hiro street but they just closed.” Kyoya let out a sigh and she gave you an apologetic look. You said thank you to the kind lady and she walked away.

“I mean things could be worse.” You said trying to lighten the mood slightly. You could see that Kyoya was getting irritated. “Hey, it’s a nice night. We could always go for a walk by the park that was about a block back.” You said resting a hand on his arm. Kyoya nodded before silently making his way towards the park. 

Just because you seemed to have jinxed yourself tonight, things got worse. Much worse. It started to down pour on your walk and car drove by splashing not only water but mud on both you and Kyoya. By now you were completely done with the night and just wanted to go home. You were cold, wet, and frustrated. 

“Okay I give up, maybe it’s best if we both go home.” You said pulling your arms closer to your body to try and keep you warm. “No! I mean, maybe the rain will clear up.” Kyoya said. 

“Look around Kyoya this night was a complete mess, Everything went wrong, maybe it’s time to just quit and go home for the night!” You exclaimed throwing your arms in the air. 

“This was my only chance.” Kyoya mumbled to himself but you were just barely able to hear it. “Kyoya what do you mean?” You asked looking at him confused as you walked closer to where he was. 

“I’m not good at speaking my emotions, but ever since the twins introduced you to the rest of us I couldn’t focus on anything. All I wanted to do was learn more about you. You’re are so intriguing, even if you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about you still listen and answer me to your best ability. No one has ever done that for me and…” Kyoya cut himself off getting frustrated because he didn’t know exactly how to put his feelings into words. 

“Kyoya, it’s fine you don’t have to worry about it. I know I mean a lot to you, I’m one of your best friends.” You said feeling you heart fall at the word friend left your mouth. 

“To hell with it.” He mumbled with anger before marching over to you and crashing his lips to yours. It took you a minute to register what was going on before you relaxed and returned the kiss. 

“Yes!!!” You heard someone yell causing the two of you to pull away. “Tamaki what the hell? How did you know we we’re here? Did you follow us?” You asked looking at the overjoyed blond. 

“We wanted to make sure you guys would finally tell each other how you feel.” The twins said walking next to Tamaki, followed by Haruhi, Honey and Mori. 

“For heavens sakes.” You said pinching the bridge of your nose. You felt Kyoya wrap his hand around your open one. You both looked at each other smiling and blushing. 

“We must celebrate right this second! To Haruhi’s house!” Tamaki yelled pointing into the air. “Why the hell is always my house? No way Senpai!” Haruhi yelled causing Tamaki to shrivel up. All of you laughed at the idiot that was now laying on the damp ground. Today started out pretty terrible but in the end everything worked out and you were ecstatic about it. 

A Delicate Flower Part ⅓

I decided that I would make a back story of Jinx. I had to.

Separating this to 3 parts since this is a lengthy chapter again.

Also, a warning on one part of the story. Neck licking, hinted nsfw, that kind of stuff. If you are triggered or just under-age, You can skip 24th December, 2038 until 8th June, 2040.

27th January, 2025 01:50 am



Xahji held on to Snazzy’s hand. She was doing her best to let their baby come out. It was hard for 9 months caring a baby. Mood swings, nausea, she even had to control all her food. And now, she is delivering their very first child.

“Once more, push!” The doctor said.

“Aaahh!” Xahji tightened her grip on Snazzy. Snazzy was just worried for his love and hopes that their kid would be delivered safely.

And finally, after hours of delivering, the baby was finally out.

Xahji’s tears fell as she saw her baby. Snazzy just sighed with relief.

“Congratulations. It’s a girl.” The doctor smiled and gave Xahji the baby delicately.

Xahji reached out for her and craddled her in her arms. She has a ribbon like stucture on her skull and has pink tatoo-like marks between and below the girl’s eyes. She also has cut little fangs that she may have gotten from Snazzy.

“She looks a lot like you.” Snazzy said from beside her.

“She ressembles you, dum dum.” Xahji said with a laugh. She traced her thumb on her daughter’s cheek and that’s when she noticed.

Her right eye was melting.

This made Xahji worry since her daughter got her melting eye.

“Snazzy….. Her eye….” Snazzy frowned a bit. “She must have gotten it from me….”

“Nevertheless, she is still beautiful. Like a sweet, little flower that was given to us as a gift. Just like you.” Snazzy looked at Xahji and kissed her.

“Thanks, sweetheart.” Xahji said as she kissed back.

“Good.” Snazzy smiled softly and planted a kiss on his daughter.

“Let’s just put a glitch on her eye. Like mine.” Xahji said as she swiped her finger across her daughter’s eye and then an eight-sided heart appeared. “There we go.”

“What are you gonna name her? Ma'am, Sir?” The doctor asked.

“I want something easy so you could remember.” Xahji joked.

“What does that mean?!” Snazzy shouted.


“Well…. How about Jinx?” Xahji looked at him and smiled. Jinx is perfect for her daughter’s name.

“Jinx…. It’s so perfect.” Xahji said sweetly.

“Jinx it is then.” Snazzy said as he touched his daughter’s cheek.

“Welcome to the family, Jinx.”


15th August , 2034 6:34 pm

4 years after Jinx’s birth, she was soon followed by another child. Her brother, Arel. He also has a melting eye like Jinx and Xahji. And he is playful as well.

They grew up to be cheerful and care-free. So full of energy. They play with their cousins, Collin, Keiy, Pastel Monika and Milika.

When Jinx turned 9, that is when everything went wrong.

“Look at our kids. Such beautiful flowers.” Xahji sighed softly and drank her tea. She invited Snazzy’s brothers, Siren and Swifty. They also invited Idle and G for the tea. While Goth and Palette just coincidentally came back early from their trip to Japan.

“Yeah. They are just gifts to us.” Swifty said.

“Such sweet children.” Idle said as he finished his tea.

“Care to stay for dinner?” Snazzy asked them.

“Of course. We are honored.” Goth smiled at his brother-in-law.

They talked about random things like the trip to Japan and other stuff. It was peaceful when Arel, Monika, and Milika rushed to them.

“Momma, Dada! Help!” Arel ran into Xahji’s arms as tears fell down his eyes.

“Monika, Milika? What happened?” G picked up his children as he tried to sooth his kidsz.

“It’s Jinx….” The twins were crying non-stop. Snazzy and Xahji was alerted by this.

“What happened to her?!” Xahji was starting to panic.

“B-big sis fwainted…. A-and she w-won’t wake up!” Arel cried in between sobs.

“What?!” Xahji gave Arel to Snazzy and rushed to the other kids. There, she saw Keiy and Pastel crying while Collin was trying to wake up her daughter, lying on the grassy ground.

“Jinx! Wake up, cousin! You have to wake up!” Collin shook Jinx but she didn’t wake up.

“Jinx! Jinx sweety, wake up! Mommy is here.” Xahji felt tears go down her cheeks.

“What’s going on?” Idle asked.

“Jinx isn’t… Waking up?” Siren said as he picked up his kids.

“Pastel, come here, deary.” Pastel rushed to Palette as he tried to stop his sobbing.

“Xahji, we have to take her to dad. He knows about this kinds of things.” Goth told her.

“I’m going with you. I can’t leave my wife and daughter at a time like this.” Snazzy said.

Xahji just nodded and picked up Jinx in her arms and rushed to the hospital Geno is working in.


15th August , 2034 7:30 pm

“Xahji, stop crying…. Our baby will be safe. I just know it.” Snazzy tried to comfort Xahji and make her stop crying.

“But… What if she isn’t?! I don’t wanna lose our daughter, Snazzy….” Xahji just cried more in his jacket.

“Dada, will big sis be ok? She won’t be gone, won’t she?” Arel asked his father.

“Of course she won’t. Your big sis is strong, right? Just believe in her.” Snazzy told him.

Arel just nodded and closed his eyes.

Just then, Geno left the lab with tghe results.

“Dad! How’s Jinx? Is she fine? Please tell me!” Xahji’s voice was filled with desperation and worry.

“Don’t worry, she’s fine but…..” Geno trailed off.

“But what?” Xahji was on the verge of tears again.

“We checked her soul. And it seems that she has cracks on her soul…..” When Geno told her that, Xahji felt her world shatter into a million pieces.

“C-cracks?….. How……?” Snazzy set Arel down as he hugged his wife. She really has collapsed when she heard that.

“Xahji, honey…. Look at me. Be strong. Jinx wouldn’t want to see you like this. Let’s just hope for the best.” Truth be told, Snazzy was hiding the hurt in his eyes. To think that his daughter has a cracked soul made his soul shatter in its own. But he had to be strong for his family.

“W-where did she get the cracks?” Snazzy asked his father-in-law.

“It looks like the cracks were made seven years ago.” Geno told them.

“Seven years ago? When Jinx was a baby?” Snazzy wondered.

“She was born with those cracks but it was inside her soul so it wasn’t noticed immediately.” Geno told them.

“Muwwy? How’s big sis?” Xahji looked at Arel with sorrowful eyes and hugged him.

“Arel…..” Xahji just whispered before she fainted from tiredness. The last thing she heard was Snazzy calling out to her and Goth catching her.


24th December , 2038 02:37 pm

“It’s been four years….” Xahji watched Jinx and Arel from their house’s window. They were playing with their cousins as usual.

The cracks on Jinx soul is slowly growing. It can’t even be stopped even if she tried to.

“Xahji, these recent years, you haven’t been taking off your eye on Jinx.” Snazzy hugged her from behind.

“I’m just worried…. I feel like she will die any second now….” Xahji said.

“She won’t, dear. Dad said that she will be fine, right? We just have to make sure that she won’t tire herself too much.” Snazzy then kissed Xahji’s neck. Xahji flinched at this action.

“And we haven’t had fun these recent years…. I’m starting to think that you hate me…~” Snazzy whined at Xahji’s ear.

“S-snazzy…. You know exactly why…. I-I’m not i-in the mood…” Xahji tightened her grip on Snazzy’s arms. As much as it is so tempting to do those ‘sessions’ with Snazzy, she has to keep an eye out for her children.

“Please? You can consider it as my Christmas gift.~” Snazzy licked Xahji’s neck. Xahji did her best to bite down on a moan.

“But… The kids….” Xahji complained.

“They’ll be fine. Our brothers are there, right?” It’s not too long now when Xahji finally agreed to Snazzy.

“Upstairs?” Xahji said, her eyes already half-lidded.



8th June , 2040 7: 30 am

“Why can’t I go to school like Arel?” It was Arel’s first day of classes in Grade 6 and Jinx was once again complaining about Arel being the one to go out more often. (i am following my country’s school curriculum. 6 years in elementary and 5 years in highschool) Truth be told, Xahji never told Jinx about the cracks.

“Because I’m a boy and you’re a girl.” Arel told her. But in truth, he isn’t oblivious about his sister’s condition.

“What does that have to do with anything???” Jinx responded a little confused and at the same time annoyed.

“Everything.” Arel said confidently.

“Jinx, you know exactly why. Didn’t I tell you that there are bad boys who chase girls and torture those poor ladies? I’m just doing this for your safety.” Xahji said to her daughter. She had been reasoning that for years. She just doesn’t want Jinx to pass out without anyone by her side.

“But Mooommmyyyyy…..” Jinx desperately wants to go to school.

“Sorry, sweetheart but no means no.” Snazzy said. Jinx just pouted and crossed her arms.

“Promise me you won’t be such a nerd there, Arel.” She looked away, trying to conceal her laughter.

“Seriously sis?” Arel looked at Jinx like she said something stupid. Well, she did say something stupid.

“Be careful, Arel.” Jinx hugged her younger brother and waved good-bye.

“Bye, Sis! Bye mom! Bye dad!” Arel said as he rushed to their school bus.


17th November , 2040 7:45 pm

“I’m home….” Xahji and Snazzy were on a date so it was only Jinx in the house. It was hard for her parents though since they worry too much. She was watching TV when she heard her brother’s voice. She went cheerful to ahocked when she saw her brother’s state.

“Welcome ba- AREL?!?!” Jinx rushed to her brother’s side and checked him. He had scars all over his face angd his clothes were torn.

“Arel, what happened?!” Jinx’s glitch were slowly fading from her panic. Her melting eye is starting to show.

Arel just stayed silent and looked away.

“Arel, who did this to you?! Please tell me!” Jinx begged her brother.

“Just…. Got into a fight with some bullies…. They were hurting Monika….” Arel clenched his fists as he told that.

“Wasn’t Milika there? Where was she?” Jinx asked her brother.

“We took her to the clinic…. The bullies broke her arm and leg…. And…. Monika was….” His tears were falling non-stop. Jinx can’t even calm him down.

Jinx wasn’t just worried. She was FURIOUS!

Why would anyone hurt her brother?! He did nothing wrong!

Her ribbons were acting up and is slowly rising due to her anger. She didn’t even notice her glitches disappearing.

“Arel….?” Jinx was looking down, her eyes concealed by shadow. “Tell me their names.”

Arel flinched at this. When his sister is angry, there is no telling on what could happen. He is afraid that there will be someone who could get hurt. And he’s more afraid if it will be his sister.

“S-sis.. What are you planning?” Arel stuttered out as his sister walked past him.

A blackish liquid dripped down Jinx’s right eye, her glitch completely gone.

“I have to teach some bullies a lesson.”

Arel widened his eyes as he heard what his sister said. He has to stop her! It could be dangerous for her health!

He quickly grabbed Jinx’s arm and stopped her. As much as it hurts to move, he has to stop her no matter what! “Sis, no!”

“Arel, let go of me.” Jinx’s said sternly, evident fury in her voice.

“Please don’t! Someone might get hurt!”

“Someone already did! You got hurt, Monika got hurt, even Milika had a broken arm, now! Do you want more kids of our age to experience the same?!” Jinx clenched her fists and pulled her arm away from her brother abruptedly.

Arel didn’t think twice and blocked Jinx’s path.

“Move.” Jinx tried to get past Arel but he blocked her again.

“I won’t.” Arel was certain. He will stop hus sister no matter what.

“Get out of the way!”


“Let me out, Arel!”

“I said…. No!”

He never meant to push her hard at that time. All he wanted was to protect his sister. But….

What he never wanted was to hurt her even more.

Jinx tumbled back, falling to her knees. Her chest felt heavy and it hurt to move. It felt like something important shattered inside her.

“S-sis….? Jinx…. What’s wrong…?” He slowly approached his sister and touched her shoulder.

“Arel… Help me… Please…. It….. It hurts…” Tears poured down Jinx’s cheeks before she passed out.

“Jinx…? Jinx! Sis wake up! Jinx!” Arel shook his sister but she didn’t wake up.

He called Snazzy and Xahji to inform them about this.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello?” Xahji’s voice was heard from the other side of the phone.

“Mommy! Help!” Arel’s panic was felt by Xahji when she heard her son’s voice.

“Arel?! Arel what happened?!” For a moment there, Xahji only heard Arel’s sniffling.

“T-the cracks…. Have gotten worst.” Xahji subconciously dropped the phone. She froze as she tried to comprehend what her son said.

“Xahji? What’s wrong, honey?” Snazzy asked her.

“We have to go. Now.” Xahji said as she pulled snazzy and ran back to their house.


This isn’t a cliffhanger. This is just where the first part is ending.

And if anyone was wandering how Jinx is now, she is in a hospital. She’s fine.







For now, at least.



NAJ by @blogthegreatrouge
Xahji by @azzyloraaandkanto
Idle by @reyindee
NAJ!G by ??? (I forgot)
Arel by @pine-apple-chu
Palette and Goth by @angexci and @nekophy
Pastel by @nekophy
Swifty, Snazzy, Siren by Me~


Member: Wonwoo x Reader

Type: Slight Angst and Fluff

It was a bad idea to begin with.

Okay, technically, you didn’t initiate any part of your plan. It happened on its own and backfired on its own. You should’ve listened to Mingyu and his thou-art-wrongeth words, even if it seemed like bull at the time. After all, he did know Wonwoo longer than you.

The house was eerily silent, despite the two people in the room. You were on the couch, reading through your current novel, while your boyfriend was in the corner, comfortably seated on a throw pillow as he scribbled lyrics for a song. On a good day, he would be muttering well-versed words to a catchy rhythm. Sometimes, he wore out his voice just to get it right. Today, not a singe sound came out of his lips since that stupid encounter.

It bothered you to no end, how your sweet Wonwoo could turn into such a cold person in a blink of an eye. Earlier, you were so happily in love as you strolled the streets of Gangnam-gu. Wonwoo wanted to buy a bottle of his favorite juice because it was hot out. You told him you’d wait for him around the area, so he hurried off to the nearby store. Whilst waiting, you wandered off a bit to window shop because you were around the shopping district. You didn’t think you’d encounter anyone you knew, but you bumped into an ex.

It wasn’t a big deal to be honest. You had ended things mutually and remained good friends. Granted they lived in Seoul and worked big time, you didn’t get to meet often anymore. It was the first time that you had seen each other since the break up. There was casual hugging and catching up like any normal set of friends would do. You didn’t even get to talk for long because they were in a hurry. It was just so them to kiss your cheek goodbye before walking away, and it was so you to send a smile their way in return. It just so happened that Wonwoo was there to witness it all.

Wonwoo was never the jealous type. He didn’t even have a reason to be one anyway. The boys always playfully flirted with you, but Wonwoo knew how they thought. When he saw this stranger come up to you and make you smile like only he could, even for a mere five minutes, something in him sparked fear. You had only been together for less than a year, and Wonwoo had so much to learn about you. He didn’t know if someone else had captured your heart other than him. He didn’t know if you were seeing anyone else. He didn’t know if you were serious with him at all.

When your ex was a good distance away, Wonwoo approached you, but his face was devoid of any emotion. His aura had changed, and it confused you. He seemed colder, and he didn’t even spare you a glance when he returned.

“Wonwoo? Is everything okay?” You asked him cautiously. Like him, you had much to learn about your boyfriend. He was a sweetheart, but this was the first time he ever acted this way.

Wonwoo avoided your gaze. “Let’s go back. I still have my lyrics to finish.” His deep voice had an edge to it, and it terrified you to know what would happen if you played with the blade.

He turned around and started walking back to your apartment. You followed closely behind, taking cautious baby steps like a reprimanded child. Your mood had already been dampened, despite the cheery atmosphere around you. It was supposed to be a good day, one of the rare ones you got to spend with your boyfriend, but you just had to jinx it with your thoughts.

You should’ve never wanted to see Wonwoo jealous.

Time passed by agonizingly slowly without his touch. Wonwoo wasn’t an initiator of skinship in public, but he would shower you with kises and cuddles in private. Today, not a single drop of that rain pelted your barren skin. Supper passed, the table as still as the Passover, and soon you were preparing for bed. Wonwoo had already turned in, still not addressing the elephant in the room. When you had seen the covers up until his shoulders, you mentally sighed.

Your first fight, and you didn’t even have a clue how it started.

You slipped in between the sheets beside Wonwoo silently, trying not to wake him up. As you were about to grab your book from the night stand, you saw a cup of your favorite tea beside it. Your lips crept into a smile as you felt tears welling up in you eyes.

He still cares.

You picked up the cup and savored the aroma of the hot drink, feeling your own cold body warm up to the thoughtful gesture. Just as you were about to sip your tea, you noticed that there was a piece of torn paper where the cup had been.

I’m sorry, jagiya. I’ve never felt like this before. I’m sorry for being so cold. I hope your favorite tea warms you up enough again to forgive me.”

The tears began to spill one by one. You gingerly replaced the cup on the night stand and turned your body to your sleeping boyfriend. I’m so lucky to have you, Wonwoo, you thought. You slid closer to his relaxed figure and spooned him, kissing his nape over and over again and cuddling into his hair.

Wonwoo, feeling the comfort of your touch, woke up from his shallow slumber and turned around to face you. His long limbs wrapped around your figure and drew you further into him, like he needed you to be at peace.

You felt his lips caress your forehead sweetly, a silent apology for the way things turned out today. Your own lips smiled softly as you reveled in the reverie of your small cocoon, the warmth of the tea and the coldness of the day forgotten in bliss.