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Do Something Bad, Too - Part 1

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: It’s like every single Alpha on the planet won’t rest until they’ve confessed their eternal wish for you to mother their children, and it’s getting old. Luckily, that’s a problem Bucky might be able to fix.

Warnings: sexual harassment, language, a/b/o dynamics

A/N: sooo its finally here! the a/b/o fic nobody asked for. this is my take on the dynamic and it’s kind of different (but not really) to what i’ve seen on here before but hopefully you guys like it! i promise it’ll be a LOT more smutty than my series usually are, but im gonna make yall work for it first. feedback is always appreciated! message me if you wanna be tagged :)

for a quick run down of a/b/o dynamics, read this post

title is from stalker by bad rabbits

Natasha is waiting in your office when you return to Stark Tower, barely flinching when you slam the door shut and immediately collapse on the small couch against the wall. Nat undrapes her legs off your desk and pads over to you to sit crossed-legged by your head, putting on an exaggerated pout. It’s probably unwise to side-glare an international assassin turned Avenger, but you do it anyway.

You close your eyes and fill up Nat’s expectant silence with, “Why are all Alphas the biggest fucking assholes on the planet?”

“I don’t know,” Nat says with a wistful sigh, “It must be in our DNA.”

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so i got a lead to a youtube channel for some guy called keith via an anon. i want to watch it myself, but im a little nervous, in case i DO have something to do with it. would anyone want to stream it or something?

edit: reply to this post if you are interested and then if enough people are, i’ll come up with a date

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Could I get a scenario where tendou is newly dating his s.o and learns she loves anime just as much as he does and falls for her even harder

In this scenario, the s/o doesn’t know that he also likes anime. 

Dates with Tendou were always fun, going to the arcade or just hanging out together in a café, anything suited you. Today was the first time he was going to your house – well he’d been there, he’d just never seen your room before. He followed you upstairs, feeling a grin creeping on his face as he heard your mother call up after you. “Keep the door open okay? Open!!”

You were bright red with the insinuation but he didn’t mind much. He reached forward to take your hand, missing it as you quickly turned round in front of what he assumed was your bedroom door. “Now… My room looks weird to some people, so please…. Just-“ Your eyes were darting all over the place and it did make him curious. “Don’t tell me….” He leant forward. “Do you have an S&M dungeon in there?” The smack on his head was worth it.

You opened the door and let him pass by you. A few steps in, he stopped, dumbstruck. The walls of your small room were plastered with posters, floor to ceiling. It made the room look even smaller and the fact that your cupboard, desk and shelves were covered in figurines, DVD’s and mangas didn’t help either. “Is it… is it weird?” He heard your voice, timid at the prospect that he might do anything but love it. “It’s so cool!! I didn’t know you liked anime?”

He whirled around, his hands on your shoulders. “How could I not know?? Why didn’t you say? We could watch stuff together??” Practically bouncing up and down in excitement, his face hurt with his smile. The fact that you shared something like this, shared a love for anime and manga – it opened up a whole new world of things you could do together.

From then on, you swapped manga and DVD’s and spent lunchbreaks together discussing the importance of this or that minor character. Whenever he watched you talking about your favourite from a show, with your face lighting up like fireworks, he asked himself what he did to deserve someone as precious and good and wonderful as you.  

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Princess, actually.

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Pairing : Crowley x daughter!reader.
Words : 288
Author : Mel.
Summary : Idea from Brittiny -  you keep seeing Crowley, but can’t figure out why. And then you find out it’s because he’s your father and wants you safe?

He was watching you, again.

It was the third time this week he had come in ordered a coffee and just watched you. You saw him on your way home from school over the past 2 weeks, and run into him while out with you friends when you didn’t have work. You were 16 years old, so for this much older guy to be so interested in you, it freaked you out.

You told your boss you weren’t feeling well and asked to go home early, saying you’d take an extra shift on the weekend if he wanted. He said it was fine and let you go.

When you got outside, you glanced in the window, and saw him paying for his coffee. A shiver went down your spine as you started walking, fast. When you got across the street you saw him coming out the front door to the diner, watching where you went.

You ran around a corner and ducked into an alley, hiding in a small crevice in the wall. When the man was walking past, he stopped, looking into the alley, his eyebrows furrowed as he started to walk in. When he got just past you, you grabbed him and shoved him into the wall.

“Why have you been following me, creep?” You screamed at him.

He just smiled. “And here I was worried about needing to keep you safe. You have your mothers spirits, darling. I always did love that about her.”

You looked confused as you let go of his suit. “Who the hell are you?”

“The King, darling, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment.” he dusted off his jacket. “I’m your father love, and we need to talk.”

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The Prince

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Member: Kai (EXO)

Words: 1339

Status: One Shot (?)


He was beautiful.

But like every beautiful guy in the world, he was off limits.

Kim Jongin, son of the third wealthiest man in Asia and bachelor had stolen the hearts of thousands of females around the world. His smile could kill.

At least that is what your best friend told you.

As for you, it was just another day in the life of being a secretary to Mr Kim. The older gentleman had been sweet, offering you a job after he met you when you worked as a waitress in a popular restaurant.

Mr Kim had never made a single move on you which allowed you to trust the man, and soon became good friends with your boss. Now you were arranging a ‘ball’ to celebrate the success of “Kim Enterprises” that allowed it to last thirty years.

You have been forced to go due to the fact that you’re in charge of everything. The only good thing about the entire thing had to be the food that would be there, as well as left over when the night is done.

At least no one would recognize you, thank heavens for the masquerade concept.

The night had arrived. Like a wedding, you were nervous for the event, and every bad scenarios is running through your head. Yet, every single detail had been planned to the very smallest inch of satin. You know all the running around will be worth it.

Letting Mr Kim network with both his investors and his business opponents, you ‘act’ busy and rush off to the drinks, making sure to straighten the crinkle in the table cloth.

Music was being played beautifully by the orchestra, setting a relaxed tone for the evening. Couples dance around the rented ballroom, while laughter and a soft hum of chatter fills the building.

But the night is slowly heading towards personal disaster when my heels start hurting and the loneliness of the evening started to sink in.

No one had tried to make conversation with you. This may not have been quite a big deal for you normally, but half the day was spent getting ready for this event. You looked amazing! But money seems to be all on any young bachelors mind.

Stepping out onto the nearby balcony, you let out a sigh of relief. The sound of your heels hitting the tiles come to a stop as you reach the end walkway, looking around at the scenery. You let out a sigh of relief when you can finally take off your shoes.

‘Not many people come out here you know,’ a voice says from behind you. Your heart rate speeds up as the urge to scream slowly disintegrates in your throat. Who in the right mind would appear out of nowhere behind you?

‘Maybe they are just worried about being followed by creeps?’ You answer, holding the two shoes in your hand rather tightly.

‘An excellent point! So what made you come out then?’ Heavy shoes start to hit against the tile as he come to stand next to you. A simple black mask is covering his face, stopping you from identifying his features.

‘Just a breath of fresh air, but I’ll be leaving now.’ As quickly as you took them off, you were pulling your heels back on.

‘Please don’t go. This event is a bit extravagant for my taste, and there is no one who is worth my time. Can you keep me company?’

The last sentence surprised you a little bit. Even though it was dark outside and you had barely gotten a glance at the young man, you could tell he was handsome and well built under the formal attire.

Your knee length dress flutters in the wind as a cool breeze sweeps through the balcony. ‘I’m not known for being the best person to have a conversation with. If you can deal with a very awkward conversation, than I’m game.’

For a reason that you could not fully understand, your words managed to make the corner of his lips turn up in a small smile as he continues to lean against the balcony.

Running his fingers through his hair, the stranger somehow manages to look like an angel. The thought sounds laughable, as you never thought you’d find someone who looks so good in moonlight.

‘I’m not the best person to have a conversation with either, from a young age all I’ve been taught to do is use my words sternly and precisely. The one thing I could be good for would be dancing-‘

At that you let out a noise between a laugh and a snort, not actually realizing what you were letting out until it was too late.

If he thinks that I’m a good dancer, he has the wrong idea.

You giggle slightly as a memory pops into you head. ‘I’ve got too left feet I’m afraid. Last time I tried to dance with someone, I knocked him into the punch at the main table.’

From the inside of the ballroom, the once lively dance music changed to something softer and slow. The lively chatter of all those inside remind you of why you’re here and that you should be inside making sure everything is in order, not being where you are with an attractive random.

‘I really do have to go inside, my presence is needed.’

The thought of leaving really upset you, as he seems really nice and even with him being so attractive, you felt that maybe you finally have a chance at getting that boyfriend your friends urge you to get so much.

‘Can’t you spend five more minutes outside here with me? Just one dance, that’s all I ask. Then I’ll leave you to continue as you need.’

‘One dance.’ You say sternly, as a new song continues to play, ‘but please know that if you suddenly find yourself free falling over the balcony, I did warn you.’

Silently, you pray to God that the steps to the waltz were still ingrained into your head. In the moment of the quiet prayer, the stranger walks up to you. The next thing you know is that your hands are suddenly in his as he pulls you closer.

Romantic scenes from movies pop into your head, and a part of you wants to make a fool of yourself and give him a knee buckling kiss.

But movies are always fictional and it never happens the way you want it to.

His strong arm wraps around your waist and pulls you closer to him, resting his head onto your shoulder. Slowly your body moves along to the soft melody of the music, and so far there has been no stepping on toes.

It really is like a fairy tale.

The stranger seems to know the tune as he twirls you around slowly, humming the tune into your ear.

‘So do you charm all the random girls you meet at parties by dancing with them, or am I special?’ The confidence boost you suddenly feel came out of nowhere, meaning that you’re comfortable.

It’s going to be harder to leave now.

He chuckles slightly, the vibrations shaking your body. ‘Usually I never find anyone who doesn’t throw themselves at me, but you have this way that makes you almost a mystery. It’s nice to have someone just talk to me, even if it was a little awkward.’

‘Well, even if we don’t meet again after this dance, can you please tell me your name? I can’t keep referring to you as a stranger in my mind.’

The stranger lifts his head from your shoulder, before looking deeply into your eyes. ‘My name is Jongin, this is my father’s party.’

You could actually feel your eyes widen in surprise, but before you get to answer, a loud crash comes from inside the ballroom. Glass breaking and loud gasps come from the ballroom, causing you to instantly pull away from Jongin.

‘I’m sorry, I have to go.’

Without a second glance back, you rush off to go fix whatever mess had been made.

First Scenario so please be honest.

Teenage Dream

Request : “Can u do a fanfic where the reader and Dean are like best friend and the reader is younger like 5-8 years and is bobby’s niece and they fall in love and start a relationship and r nervous to tell everyone because of the age difference and they have to tell Bobby and sam(who is like a very protective older brother) but it all ends happy and fluffy sorry this is so long☺️ I saw something like this on the fanfic app and loved the prompt so yea thanx With smut?”

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, maybe some swearing.

Tagging: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnashley

A/N : I am tremendously sorry that this took so long, i have been MiA but I am officially back now. I really hope i did justice to the request. Thank you for reading and enjoy xx

Requests are still open!

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Succumbed to Mr. Demon | Pt. 1

Jungkook Imagine/Scenario

Genre: demon!au ; supernatural!au ; seduction ; hell!au

Blurb: You were on your way home from studying at the library when you realize you’re being followed. It’s midnight, you grow terrified, and you were not able to get into the safety of your home before he catches you. You did not know what to make of this guy that was giving you conflicting feelings. What are you going to do? Especially when after meeting him… You find yourself in a place you’ve never seen before.

Word Count: 1,885

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Reader x Jungkook

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Reunions - Part One (Daryl Dixon)

*There will be a smutty part two at some point if anyone is interested in that*

**Stronger language used in this

Also Shoutout to UGA, neat little college in the Atlanta area, that I’m including in my fic bc go dawgs I think we’re pretty cool idk. Oops, ew my American side is showing

When most people imagined going to college they imagined crazy parties, stressing about finals, and beer pong. It was like that for awhile until the breakout happened. Not exactly finals but just as stressful.

Now you were trapped in Atlanta surrounded by flesh eating monsters and all alone. You’d been surviving by building hopping, a hunting knife your best friend had given to you as a “going away present” prior to school. He’d said it’d been to keep “creeps” away. Although you weren’t sure this was what he meant you were thankful for the gift none the less, it’d become essential for your survival.

Since the bombings you hadn’t seen much of anyone in the city which is why it came as a shock to you to find a man riding a horse into the city. He was making a ton of noise and it sure to drag some creeps to the area, put all your hard work to waste.

You ran out from the shop you were in. Jumping in front of the horse who skid to a halt.

“Hey dude, are you an idiot? Keep it down- Oh, shit.”

You saw the swarm that was behind him coming right towards you. No matter how many guns were in that bag it wouldn’t be enough to hold them off.

“Get off the horse, we need to hide. Now.” You all but ripped him off the horse throwing him in the direction of a nearby tank as the horse galloped off to an unknown fate. (a/n: I was gonna keep it canon then I was like “but the poor pretty innocent pony” so I like his fate be “undetermined”)

“You just ruined my way out of here!” The man screamed at you, not helping the situation at all.

“Yeah, I could say the same, now get down before you screw this up any more!”

He crawled under the tank with you following as the swarm of creeps closed in. Just when you thought this dude couldn’t get any stupider he fired his gun at the creeps, which only attracted more of them, he put his gun to his head, muttering something before springing into the tank, thankfully adding a little sense of security back into your life.

“Now can you quit making noise before you get us killed!” You snapped, irritated at this guys lack of care for the situation.

“Do you understand anything about this?”

To your surprise he shook his head.

“Uh, not really, I woke up in a deserted hospital, I learned a little on my way here, but I’m definitely not up to speed anymore. You always talk to Cops like that?”

You were confused for a moment before you took in his outfit, a slight blush spreading across your cheeks.

“I have friends who do, but nobody really has authority anymore, hate to be the one to tell you.”

He nodded in understanding before reaching for the soldiers gun, you waited with your knife ready in case the soldier wasn’t as ‘dead’ as he seemed.


You stuck your knife into the Creeps eye socket.

The Sheriff  jumped back in alarm at the sheer brutality of your actions and because he hadn’t noticed you had a weapon on you at all.

“Stealth, it comes in handy.” You noted before looking at the gun in his hand.

“I’m known to be a pretty good shot, you dropped your bag of weapons, do you mind letting me have that one?” You tried pointing to the gun.

“I don’t even know your name.” He pointed out, you just shrugged.

“I don’t know yours but I’ve saved your life and haven’t tried to kill you so I think that says something.” You were airing on the side of caution, cursing Merle Dixon for making you a bit uneasy around cops.

“Rick Grimes, I’ll give you the gun if you give me your name.”

“Y/F/N, Y/L/N, I was a college student at UGA before the Creeps showed up.”

He looked you over for signs of lying and then nodded, handing the gun over.

You went to thank him but the radio’s beeping drew both your attention.

“Hey, you alive in there?”

A younger sounding man’s voice asked over the radio as you and Rick scrambled to the radio.

“Hello? Hello?”

“There you are. You had me wondering.”

Rick spoke into the radio, as an almost hopeful feeling started filling you. There were others. Other people who’d survived the chaos you’d experienced, maybe you could survive this after all.

You’d gotten lost in thought but turned your attention back to the radio when he started giving instructions on how to escape. You gave him your weapons inventory and set the plan in motion, following his instructions and ending up in the alley where you very nearly stabbed the poor guy before having to run after him to who knows where, Rick shooting rounds off behind you.

The three of you climbed up a fire escape before running into a room where you were Rick was held at gun point, the woman holding it hesitant to flash it in your face but making it clear she would if necessary. The strangers all encouraged “Andrea” to drop the gun but she refused.

“We’re all dead because of this stupid asshole! I bet she’d agree!” She pointed the gun at you and you shrugged.

“I thought so for while but I’ve made it this far, and I’ve got more than a knife now so I can’t complain.”

She looked as if she might snap at you but a man talked her down, she released her grip on and started tearing up because apparently you were “all dead”, and it was naturally you and Rick’s fault.

The group explained their escape plan to Rick and you mockingly waved the knife to show that you were on their side with the need for silence (as much as you appreciated your new ally, your life was much more important at this point).

That was about the time that gun shots rang out from the roof and the name “Dixon” was uttered, you didn’t want to get your hopes up but crossed your fingers that just maybe the best and worst day ever were happening in one, because if you found Merle you could assure that Daryl couldn’t be too far apart.

A quick trip to roof revealed that the man in question was in fact Merle Dixon, someone you never thought you’d be happy to see.

“Hey! Y’all be more polite to a man with a gun! Only common sense!”

You had to laugh at the fact that even the zombie apocalypse couldn’t change Merle.

“Dixon, you know I ain’t ever polite to you, hasn’t changed since I was twelve!”

Merle did a double take.

“Y/N? Sweet cheeks! My baby brother’s done nothing but whine about your ass since this shit done started!” He gave you a hug that shocked the rest of the group for a number of reasons.

“You two know each other?” Andrea questioned pointing between you and Merle.

“Hell yeah Taco Bender, this is my baby brother’s sweet piece of ass best friend.” He patted you on the back.

“And this is my best friends older brother who is in fact, still a pig, I grew up with them, I was attending college when this all happened though, so we were separated.” The group seemed to take all this in, accepting it the best they could, it’d at least seemed to distract Merle from his rampage for a little bit.

It was decided that an escape plan was needed, the group worked to make and execute an escape plan, you taking Merle back to their camp in a separate vehicle as no one really seemed interested in doing so themselves.

The two of you caught up on the way back, mostly Merle telling you about Daryl and his’ adventure’s since the world “went nuts”.

You tried to keep the small talk but you were really itching to see Daryl. The last time you’d heard from him before the outbreak, he was headed on a hunting trip with his Uncle and Dad so you’d chosen to believe he was alright but beyond that you hadn’t let yourself wonder what had happened to him, but now that you knew he was alright you were just anxious to get there.

The camp was nice, there was other survivors, women and children, Rick had been reunited with his family which brought a smile to your face, all things considered the day actually seemed to be going pretty good. That was until you learned that Daryl was on a hunting trip and knowing him that meant he could be gone for any length of time.

You’d settled in, been given a little food and a tent, the most luxurious living you’d had in a while. You helped with chores (and taming Merle), which the group showed their gratitude for. You called it a night early, needing the sleep and hoping that Daryl would return in the morning. 

When you woke up Daryl still hadn’t returned so you made yourself useful helping with chores, until you heard the children’s screams.

You ran after the group, following until you saw a deer (that you couldn’t help but notice had bolts sticking out of it,) being eaten by what the new group called, “a Walker”.

The men all attempted to kill it playing whack-a-mole until Dale swiftly removed it’s head with an axe.
You laughed at their stupidity and drove your knife through it’s eye socket.

“You have to kill the brain, other wise it can still bite you.”

You all jumped as you heard a sound from the woods the men all getting in front of you in case it was another Walker. But it wasn’t a walker, it was Daryl, crossbow in hand and very displeased about the fate of his deer. 

“Son of a bitch. That’s my deer! Look at it, all gnawed on by this filthy, disease-bearing, motherless poxy bastard!” He kicked the body of the Walker letting his frustrations out as he yelled at the man who tried to get him to calm down. 

“Been tracking this deer for miles!” He yanked his bolts from the deer before noticing the Walker’s head that still had your knife sticking out of it.

“Least someone was smart enough to kill the brain.” You couldn’t help but smile a bit at the compliment, and the still unknowing Daryl.

He yanked the knife out next taking a closer look at the handle and you watched at the realization hit him, he mumbled your name before another surge of anger took over his actions.

“Where did this knife come from! Who killed this Walker? And where the hell did they get this!?” He waved the knife in the men’s faces before you stepped into his line of view behind him clearing your throat gently.

“Nice to see you too, Dar-” You barely had his name out before his arms were crushing you.

“I thought you were dead girl, they bomb the shit outta that fancy school town of yours, thought I’d never see you again.”

You laughed and shook your head.

“I might not be a Dixon but it’ll take more that to take me out, besides you taught me a thing or two. Now give me my knife back, it’s saved my life more than once.”

He grinned, partially because he was seeing you again and partially that he’d inadvertently played a part in keeping you alive.

“Now lets get back to camp and have some squirrel, I can’t say I really missed it but it’s better than what I’ve been eating.” You laughed as Daryl swung an arm around your shoulder silently vowing to never let you out of his sight again.

Preference #36 Response to Rumors


“I can’t believe they said that about you, especially when you were flying out to see me!” Niall was angered at the tabloids for spinning the rumor but you really didn’t pay mind to it. They were just looking for another story to sell. Niall later tweeted about the incident saying it was completely unnecessary and a total lie. 


As soon as you saw the headline you called Liam at the studio, “What the tabloids are saying is totally untrue! I went out while you were in the studio and the guy kept trying to come on to me!” “Babe, it’s alright, I know none of its true. Besides, look at your face in the picture hah you can tell you’re  uninterested”. Liam always kept calm when it came to rumors, knowing that 95% of the time they weren’t true. 


“Lookin’ good in that picture I must say”, you were totally confused on what Louis was referring to. A minute later he sent you the article and you were astonished at the headline. “Louis I was out for lunch with Perrie, you know that’s untrue!” “Haha babe I know, Perrie sent me and Zayn a snapchat of the two of you at lunch. You know all the things those tabloids say is a bunch of bullshit, they just want attention”. Louis always turned it into something funny or made fun of the ridiculous headlines.


“They can never leave either of us alone can they? It’s like they want us to breakup…” “I know, that’s why I just ignore it. One of the fans gave me the flower, she was so adorable!” Harry hated how the paparazzi were always trying to take pictures and spin a story in hopes of you two breaking up. It was just never going to happen and you didn’t know when they would realize that. Harry usually just ignored all the rumors, they were a waste of time.


“Why do they always have to make up shit just to get attention!” Zayn was outraged at the latest headline about you. You were throwing a surprise party for one of your friends and the tabloids had it completely wrong. “That creep is just following you around in hopes of winning you back.” “Zayn, I’m with you , not him. Just ignore the stupid rumors, none of it is true.” Zayn hated when they would write tabloids about you, they were never true and they made you look like a person that you truly weren’t.

NaLu Week, (Belated) Day 7: Happy

A/N: SO LATE ARGH WE’RE SO SORRY. ;A; Ahh, but it was still so much fun planning this out with you, Pear-chan! *runs around*

Everyone, I hope you enjoy our late collab contribution to NaLu Week! (And we’re sorr y for the super-lateness; we hope you like it!)

The art half of this collab (here) was done by the lovely giupear AKA my dear Pear-chan! Send her lots of love!

Rated: T for language and graphic injuries—TRIGGER WARNING

Genre: Angst/Romance

Pairing(s): NaLu, Zeretsu brotp

Prompt: Day 7 - Happy

Synopsis: A promise between Natsu and Lucy is betrayed, and their trust in each other has been broken—and fate will doom their bond in the worst way possible before they have a chance to mend it and rob them of any future happiness.

“C’mon, Lucy; let’s hang out today, huh?” the man wheedled, tugging on the blonde’s arm roughly. “Just the two of us! It’ll be fun!”

“No!” Lucy cried in protest, fighting against her assailant’s grip. “I told you already to leave me alone! Let go of me, you creep!”

Lucy finally managed to break free of the man’s hold and backed away several steps to distance herself from him, her heart pounding out of her chest in her panic. I can’t believe it… she thought in disbelief. He just assaulted me…!

This was normally a peaceful neighborhood, with very little activity and therefore safe for even children to wander around unattended. The doors to these quaint one-story buildings usually weren’t even locked because there was so little danger, not to mention that it was evening now—which was usually the quietest time of the day. But with this man constantly stalking her and invading her privacy like this for nearly a month now—and even daring to physically attack her like this out in the open—she didn’t feel so safe anymore.

“Why do you have to be so difficult?” The man’s tone took on an irritated cast, and that sent up a red flag in Lucy’s brain telling her to run as fast as she could away from there—but she couldn’t move. She was too paralyzed with shock to even breathe properly, let alone turn on the spot and run away.


Both of them nearly jumped out of their skin at the sound of the new voice, but Lucy felt a powerful wave of relief wash over her when she realized that she recognized who it was—she turned eagerly in the direction the voice had come from and spotted a figure dashing towards them at breakneck speed, the unmistakable spiky head of pink and the white scarf that flapped furiously in the sheer velocity of his sprint denoting the identity of her close friend and colleague who attended the same art school as her.

“Natsu!” she cried in relief.

GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER, YOU ASSHOLE!!” Natsu’s fury-laden bellow carried all the way down the block as he approached them ever faster.

“Tch!” The man turned on the spot and started to flee in the opposite direction, but he paused several yards away to glance back and declare, “Now you just wait for it, sweetheart. That motherfucker is gonna be in a world of pain for interrupting me!”

“Wh-what did you—?!” Before Lucy could even process the slur, the man whirled around and dashed away and out of sight around the corner of the closest block just as Natsu reached her position, panting heavily from the exertion and wearing a panicked expression as he dropped the shopping bags he’d been holding and took her shoulders, inspecting her from head to toe for any damage.

“Lucy, you okay?” he asked breathlessly, patting her down urgently in case he missed any possible injury. “That creep didn’t hurt you anywhere, right?”

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so i heard u might like penguins to some very slightly gigantic degree. jk but seriously, the penguin is claiming you as his, hope you dont mind your life being ruined by a baby pengiun who decided to attatch it’s life to you!

bottom pic is bonus actually its the pic i started off with jfc

hope you like it!!!

Save The Last Dance - Calum 5SOS Imagine/Preference

Honestly, you weren’t a huge fan of weddings in general lately. All your friends were getting married, and you hadn’t dated anyone in months. There’s nothing wrong with that, but going to weddings alone sucked, there were always people that your friends would try to set you up with. Be it a weird relative or a groomsman, you weren’t interested. The past few times you had been a bridesmaid, your friends tried to set you up with some real stinkers. There was the guy that was convinced basketball was the only important thing in life. There was also the guy who had a tattoo of a naked woman with antlers on his ass. You didn’t even want to talk about the guy who was already married and had a girlfriend too, and was STILL hitting on you. When you were introduced to the groomsman who would be walking with you for this wedding, you knew things weren’t going to go well. 

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Frozen (Andy)

The theater starts filling with people. You’re sitting in those double seats but no one sits next to you. Your kind of okay with that, you’re here too see Frozen, and don’t really want anyone you know to see you cry if you get too emotional like Disney tends to do to you. The lights begin to dim and the last few people straggle in. You’re sitting enjoying your popcorn when a tall guy sits down next to you, you look over at him seeing a feather tattoo on his neck and you heart stops.

“Oh my god Andy Biersack!” you say under your breath. He looks over crossing his legs at his knee wrapped both hands around the highest knee smiling at you. He leans over in his chair closer to you so you can hear him without him being too loud.

“Hi…I’m Andy” you stare blankly at him. The movies starts and you’re forced to abide by the rules so you turn back looking at the movie. You are still looking at the screen as you speak.

“I’m (Y/N)…. Do you want some popcorn?” you hand the popcorn to him he takes a handful, tossing the popcorn to the back of his mouth.

“Thanks…. (Y/N).”  Your heart flutters when he says you name, the movie continues on and you both are laughing and awe along with it. Every so often you can see him look over at you from the corner of your eye. You want to look back at him but you don’t wanna be weird. You’re a HUGE fan but you cant let him no that he gets that all the time.

“Just be normal (Y/N)!” you think to yourself.  You’re on the edge of your seat and practically jump out of your seat when Hans does his big reveal and Andy starts to laugh kinda loudly into his hand

“Relax (Y/N)! Don’t be a spaz!” you think to yourself sitting back in your chair watching the rest of the movie.  The credits come and you start to get up and go to the lobby but as you try and walk to the isle Andy kicks his feet up blocking you.

“Kick back for a bit.” You sit back down as he puts is hands behind his head resting his head on them blocking his face with his arm and elbow. The theatre empties fairly quickly he’s not saying anything he’s just kinda looking off into space your phone goes off,  you forgot to turn it off so it starts singing ‘I am bulletproof’ and he starts chuckling as you scramble to turn it off

“Oh my god I’m so sorry I forgot to turn it off!’ he starts laughing

“Why are you bugging the movie is over no one cares if your phone goes off!” you sit in horror crossing your legs at your knee.

“So why am I kicking back?” you look at Andy he chuckles under his breath

“Because ahaha I gotta gather my thoughts!” you’re kinda confused

“Thoughts on what, a kid’s movie, and speaking of kids move aren’t you like 23? You don’t even have a kid let alone a girlfriend that would make you come see this! Why are you here?” he covers his mouth with his hand and looks down at the ground

“And how do you know I don’t have a girlfriend and she went to go see something manly and I wanted to see a Disney movie! Huh? What about that? Miss I know everything!” you sit back in your chair. A few minutes of silence goes by.

“Do you wanna know why I wanted you to kick back with me?” he looks at you deeply with those piercing blue eyes.

“Yes kinda haha!” looking back at him, his eyes are smiling

“Because I was supposed to be seeing a movie with my guys but I saw you in the popcorn line and I just had to talk to you! So like a creep I followed you to a god awful Disney movie about what? Lesbian! Just so I could wait till the end so I could ask you. Do you wanna go get fro yo?” your eyes get huge.

“Wait what? Are you asking me out? I’m not even famous I mean you’re my ringtone! And it took everything I had not to scream and wrap you in a hug when you sat down! And I’m awkward you don’t wanna get fro yo with me! I promise!” you begin to pick up  your things and he slams his foot  on the chair in front of him stopping your entrance to the isle, he looks up at you with almost saddened eyes.

“Your right what I really wanna do is make you mine but most girls run for the hills at guys who wanna be with them after a 2 hour movie about lesbians who don’t know them at all. But I wanna get to know you further! So I’m gonna ask again (Y/N) do you wanna go get frozen yogurt with me?” you sit back down laughing

“Sure I’ll go get fro yo with you, a girls still gotta play hard to get!” Smiling you jump the back seat and get to the isle holding out your hand to him

“Shall we go?” he takes and kisses your hand

“As you wish Sweetheart!” he smiles and holds your hand until he absolutely has to let go but after he’s done occupying his hands he searches for yours immediately!  You and Andy date for 3 years before he asks to marry you and 2 year after that you have a beautiful baby boy you names Cameron.


okay so ive never seen frozen that why there arent a whole lot of deatails about the movie hahah hope you guys love it REQUEST ARE ALWAYS OPEN!

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