you just dont have any idea how much i love you

i feel like people dont talk enough about the fact that kanaya regularly wielded and fought with a fuckin chainsaw as a kid. do you have any idea how much strength it takes to use a god damn chainsaw with any sort of efficacy? do you ever think about how jacked this 13-year-old girl must have been?? god just imagine those shoulders and arm muscles, imagine the hugs, just being enveloped in that strength, knowing she could crush you if she wanted but she wouldnt because she is kanaya and she loves you and will protect you and treat you right.

random aus i havent seen
  • ‘you are sitting next to me at the doctors watching me freak out. oh, i just am deathly afraid of needles and need to get a shot’ AU

  • ‘i’m a librarian and i see you have a bunch of books about depression and suicide in your hand, hey buddy, want to talk to someone? i’m here if you need me’ AU

  • ‘you are talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you are going to fail. need help there? i just so happen to major in that subject. oh shit, you’re really cute’ AU

  • ‘you play guitar every day during our lunch hour and no one knows what song it is but I do and i love that band, lets talk about how amazing they are.’ AU

  • ‘i have a garage sale every year at the same time and you always show up but never buy anything and just flirt with me but i have never seen you any other place’ AU

  • ‘i’m in a band and i jumped into the crowd but no one caught me and i accidentally crushed you oh my god im so sorry here come backstage to rest. wow, you’re actually really cute’ AU

  • ‘you’ve been in Bed, Bath and Body Works for hours everyday and all you do is smell everything’ AU

  • ‘i met you on social media but we both don’t speak well in each others languages, wow i really like you and need to figure this out’ AU

  • ‘i’m a guest on your talk show and you’re flirting with me, do you do this with everyone? oh your audience is swooning over us, sure, i’ll come back on your show soon’ AU

  • ‘i collect snowglobes and i just need one more from your country, you own an antique store, wanna help me find it? oh shit i forgot you don’t really speak my language’ AU

  • ‘i’m the principal of this school and you’re an administrator and you catch all the kids trying to sneak off and send them to me. i’m impressed and you’re also really hot in that vest.’ AU

  • ‘you write amazing fanfiction on tumblr and i send you anon messages everyday. oh shit, that wasn’t on anon, my cover’s blown. well, may as well message you and talk about how much i love [insert ship here]’ AU
Recipe For Love (Part 2)

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Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Original Request: “ so, is it possible to have a fantastic beasts fic where Newt and reader meet after the incident in New York in Jacob’s bakery because reader is Jacob’s sibling? oh yeah, and can Tina get all mad about it? (second part dont matter so much) ”

Warnings: Some mentions of getting hurt 

A/N: Here’s the second part! I have no idea how long this is going to be, but this part is definitely not the last. I hope you enjoy it!

You stretched, sighing heavily. It was the end of a long day at the bakery, and you had just finished up packaging all the leftover pastries safely.

You took the last basket of bread back to Jacob, setting it on the counter before him. He was rolling out dough, preparing to let it rise overnight.

“Do you want any help with that?” you asked, reaching for a second rolling pin.

Jacob shook his head. “Nah, I can finish up. Go ahead and head back home, I’ll be there soon.”

“If you’re sure,” you said, hesitating for a second more.

Jacob waved you off, grinning. “Yes. You worked hard today.”

“Okay. See you at home, then.” You gave your brother a quick hug, then ran over to the coatrack at the back entrance of the bakery. You slid your coat on, stuffing your hands in your pockets before heading out into the chilly New York City air. Your breath rose in a cloud before you and your shoes crunched through thin layers of ice on the sidewalk. Sunset had long since come and gone, the sky a dark inky blue.

The street before you was empty save for a stray cat running across the road. You huddled deeper into your coat, enjoying the calmness of night.

You blinked suddenly when a flash of light illuminated the edges of your vision. You looked up to see a rather familiar figure running toward you, their blue coat flapping behind them. They seemed to be chasing a dark, rat-like creature that scuttled over the ground.

You didn’t think twice as the creature bolted past you, leaping over a rather large patch of ice. You ran after it, sliding across the ice and catching up easily with the creature. You reached down, clutching it’s belly tightly. It squeaked, squirming in your hands. You held it out at arm’s length, inspecting it with a frown. It looked like no rat you had ever seen. Its fur was dark and glossy, and it had a flat, long snout for a nose. Its claws raked down your fingers painfully as it struggled to get free. You winced, but refused to let it go.

Finally, the man caught up to you. He slid to a stop, panting. Your eyes widened when you recognized Newt Scamander from earlier in the day.

“Erm, I believe this is yours?” you asked jerkily, holding out the creature for Newt to take.

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Newt took the creature in his own hands, lifting it up to eye level. “You’re a rotten little troublemaker, you know that?”

You felt a smile quirk up your lips at Newt’s stern, yet endearing tone toward the animal. It relaxed in his grip, giving him what you could only say was a sheepish look.

“That’s like no rat I’ve ever seen,” you said suddenly, breaking the silence. You had wondered briefly why anyone would want to keep a rat.

Newt glanced over at you, then back at the creature. “Oh, it’s not a rat.”

“Then what is it?” you stepped forward, raising an eyebrow at the animal.

“It’s a um… a Niffler.” Newt paused between his words, as if he were deciding whether to tell you or not.

“A Niffler,” you said with a surprised sniff. “I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

“You wouldn’t have,” Newt said. “He’s… not from around here, you’d say.”

“He’s rather cute.” Your reached out a cautious finger toward the Niffler, giving him a quick pat on the head. Your coat sleeve slid up your wrists as you did so, revealing the bright red scratch marks the Niffler had given you.

“Did he scratch you?” Newt asked, immediately worried. You looked down at your hands, having forgotten the sharp pain for a moment.

“It’s not too bad,” you said timidly.

“I can help with that,” Newt interrupted quickly. You just stood and watched as he put the Niffler on his shoulders, the creature clutching the collar of his coat while watching the proceedings curiously. Newt reached into his coat pockets and pulled out a roll of bandages and a dark blue vial filled with some liquid.

“That’s impossible,” you whispered. His pockets weren’t that big.

Newt just gave you a soft smile, holding out his hand. You put your hand atop his, struggling to keep a blush off your face as he unstoppered the vial, pouring a couple drops onto the scratches. You yelped as the drops stung, sinking into the wounds.

“I’m sorry,” Newt apologized, his eyebrows coming together as he slid the vial back into his pocket. “I don’t mean to hurt you any more.”

“It’s okay,” you said. As Newt unrolled the bandages, the pain in your hands subsided significantly. It was almost like magic. You had never seen a medicine like this before. You allowed Newt to wrap the bandages around your hand, tucking the end snugly.

“There we go,” he said, putting the bandages back into his pocket and giving you a small nod. You bit your lip, pulling your hand back from his after a moment of hesitation.

“Thank you,” you said, meeting Newt’s light green gaze.

Newt shook his head, his eyes flicking to the ground, then back up to meet yours. “It’s no problem. Thank you for catching my Niffler.”

“It’s no problem.” You repeated Newt’s words and tone of voice without thinking, a million thoughts running through your mind. Your tongue felt like lead as you and Newt continued to exchange a glance, your mind screaming at you to say something. But no comprehensible words formed.


The sudden shout broke the two of you apart. Newt spun around, his eyes widening when he saw a dark-coated man strolling down the street.

“Damn,” Newt muttered, rustling around in his pockets for something.

“What is it?” you asked, your stomach beginning to roil with nervousness. The man got closer and closer by the second.

“The last time I was here, I didn’t exactly make a lot of friends,” Newt explained quickly. You nodded slowly, trying to decide if that statement was good or bad.

“What are you doing with a no-maj?” the man continued to yell.

“A no-maj?” you said, the word feeling foreign on your tongue.

Newt looked between you and the man. He shook his head, reaching out to grasp your arm. “Screw it,” he muttered.

“What?” You gasped when you started to fall forward, your feet jerking out from under you. You tried to throw out your arm to catch yourself. But you never hit the ground. Instead, the ground was whisked away from you. The wind whistled in your ears, your stomach jumping up into your throat. Finally, your feet hit solid ground again. You stumbled forward, away from Newt, gasping for air. Nausea rose in your throat, your stomach heaving a couple times.

“What- what happened?” You looked around, feeling panic rise in you as you noticed that you weren’t standing on the street by the bakery anymore. Instead, you were in the middle of a narrow alley, the ground dusted with dirty snow.

“How did we get here?” you spun around slowly, then stopped when your eyes fell on Newt. He was inspecting his Niffler, whispering something to him. But when he felt your eyes on him, he looked up, meeting them slowly.

“Well,” he began, his words tripping over themselves. He only got out the one coherent word, swallowing hard after.

“You’re one of them,” you said, everything you had seen that day clicking into place. The seemingly too-small pockets, the strange creature, the move from one area to another almost instantaneously.

“Yes,” Newt said finally, straightening up. “I am a wizard. And I’m afraid you’re in grave danger.”

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I mean, not to sound whiny, but have proponents of the age gap argument ever considered the kinds of tribulations those who are in large gap relationships/are close to people in just such a relationship have to face? Because I can tell you, a lot of things worried me growing up with a 20 year age gap between my parents:

I had to live with the fact that one of them would die first. I didn’t like the idea that I might lose my dad because I was born when he was 41, and could likely die before I hit 18.

My friends would often pick on me/pick on my dad, calling him my grandpa, saying he would die any time now. I mean, do you know how much that upset me at the tender age of 6?

My parents got a divorce. Now I had to watch my dad live the rest of his life alone, my mom remarrying someone much younger, all the while I shouldered the pain my dad wouldn’t focus on: he was too busy thinking about me. Taking care of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful mother. But my father was a champion. He beat alcoholism to be a better father, would invest money and energy into my happiness, would protect me from my abusers, and would put my well-being above his own. But just because he’s 20 years older than my mom, he is somehow predatory? That their relationship is gross, weird – fuck, abusive?

No! A cold, hard, no. I had a wonderful dad, who took care of me tremendously. He wasn’t wealthy, he was often taken advantage of for having a big heart, and he wouldn’t let his personal issues affect/hurt me. He was a god-damned wonderful father.

So to all of you yelling about Reylo having a 10-year age gap: grow up.

You mean everything to me, picture this: Everyone has their thing that they need; they can’t live without it. For some it’s a pillow, others a type of food. But for me, it’s you.
Nothing else makes me happier knowing that you’re there with me. You make me happy, you mean so much to me and I just want you to know that. If you had any idea how much I love you and how much you mean to me, you would be dumbfounded to be totally honest. You’re my everything.
I want everyday to not be the same for you, but something you'll cherish and remember for the rest of your life. You look back and smile on our memories, laugh at my old jokes. Remember how each hug, I tried my hardest to be warm for you, so you wouldn’t have to be so cold. How every single kiss you give me, made me happy. How your voice can change my mood from shitty to best day of the world. How when you just say the three words “I love you” makes my day, and makes me want to be there for you. Every single thing you do, makes me happy. I want you to know, no matter what, you’ll make me happy. Nothing you can say will change my mind. I love you, for who you are. Don’t think you can be better because you’re the best someone could possibly be. I was meant for you, you were meant for me; our lives were made to be together. Now, it’s just to fulfill our destiny together.
Just thinking about waking up beside you in bed, your eyes closed, your hair messy and your lips a little opened, waking you up with a kiss, and then going to make some bomb-ass breakfast together with little hugs here and there and then eating breakfast while staring at you. Then getting ready while playing around with you, pulling you into a kiss while you’re half dressed because I just couldn’t wait for you to finish getting dressed, buying groceries together for a family dinner, apartment searching in a different state or country, slow dancing in the living room , kissing each other before leaving for work and saying “one last hug” five times before actually having to go, saying “I love you ” every minute just to make sure you won’t ever forget. I want all that and so much more, but I only want it with you.


i love you so much, B.


Dear Sherlock fandom

No I don’t want any of your tjlc
No I dont ship Johnlock
I am quite happy with shipping Sheriarty
Does that mean I think its really freakin canon? No.
It’s ok if you ship Johnlock you go, it’s also ok if you ship Sherlolly, Adlock or whatever the fuck you want.
But for the love of god stop rubbing it into my face, stop hijacking tags that don’t even belong to THIS FANDOM
I want to enjoy my destiel without reading how Johnlock is going canon 2017 and Destiel isn’t. I don’t need that.
Have you heard about queerbaiting?
And how the hell are you all getting super excited about the idea that Jim Moriarty really wants to drug and rape Sherlock?
Why do you hate Mary so much?
What the hell is going on in this fandom?
Get some freakin chill.

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can I just take a moment to tell you how much I love/appreciate you? lately there's been a lot of negativity elsewhere in the tumblr phandom & on twitter. people fighting & getting upset about the pettiest shit like who has the most followers. I love seeing your posts& opinions. I love u dont seem to care about this drama and even post about real events like Palestine & books you read. there's just so much outside of dnp and ppl forget that too often. thank youu for being one of few who don't.

omgggggg i’m honestly looking at this in shock wtf this is so nice???? ? also such specific and thoughtful praise, i’m absolutely blown away. thank you so, so much. i really have no idea about any of this drama, but i’m so glad that you’ve found my posts to be a respite from the negativity. it’s always surprising (or maybe unsurprising tbh) how absolutely tunnel-visioned a lot of people in this community can get, in reconciling this space with the grander scheme of things in the world. maybe it’s because i’m a bit older than the average phandom member but to me this community, while obviously so utterly important and lovely and, yes, consuming, is such a small sliver of the wide array of things that interest me. i love politics and i work in govt, i read constantly and write a lot of poems and essays and just do a lot of things outside of fandom which is why, perhaps, i tend not to post about (or even see) some of the pettier stuff like follower drama (the fuck how is that even a thing i’m baffled???) anyway, i’ve always been a bit hesitant to bring some of those outside interests into this blog but your post is making me re-think that!!! maybe i’ll write about and reblog other interesting stuff a bit more to give your dashes some reprieve. ahhhhh i really hope you’re okay and not too bogged down by the negativity. pls feel free to message me if you ever want to talk about anything!!!! xx

God, i love ToppDogg so god damn much, have you even listened to TopDog? It’s easily one of the best concepts i have ever seen and the dance is amazing and the entirety of the video is so fucking good. Everything about what they do is filled with so much talent, Arario is also so beyond unique to any other kpop song i’ve ever listened too, it is so catchy and sincerely beyond words of how good it is. Say it is just as good, so powerful with matching choreography to match it and will be stuck in your head for forever because of how amazing it truly is. 

You can tell that these boys work hard, and in all their videos you capture a good idea of just how talented each and every single one of them is, just like in Open The Door. Listen to that song and tell me you dont like it, ( its amazing ) and its not like they only have powerful songs, they have amazing slower songs like cigarette, and my personal favorite, keep smiling. The dances in all of their performances are beyond words ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )

And of course the rap is spot on, Jenissi spits some serious fire, Yano hold and Kidoh and Atom are legitimately so fucking talented. Each and every member holds such an overwhelming amount of talent, and their personalities are equally just as amazing, they make you happy and so many of their videos make me laugh and smile. Have you heard some of their covers? ( 1, 2, 3 ) theyre fucking fantastic.  

Lets not forget their absolute love for their fans, and you can tell just by listening to Annie . They’re genuinely one of the most unique groups i’ve ever come across and i love being part of ToppKlass, these boys deserve all the love and support they can possibly receive because they deserve the world and then some. And it boggles my mind that they arnt as big as they should be. They are a true hidden gem, dont sleep on toppdogg, please give them a chance it is so beyond worth your time. 

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honestly just based on the things you reblog and how kindly you treat your mutuals, i can already tell you're an extremely kind and lovely person in real life. i wish we had more people like you. I'm going to remain your mysterious anon for now. maybe one day i'll let you know who i really am, though i feel like you've already got a clue :)

Omg, that’s super sweet. Thank you soo much!! 💕 💞 💕 I don’t know what I did to deserve this. Also dont worry, I am not good at guessing so I don’t have any idea who you are but I am sure you’re beautiful soul. Stay Blessed! 🙃

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stevie u have the best writing ever? I love how much thought you put into your characters and just I love the way you describe them! A+ just keep doing what you're doing and know that I love you!

talk to me abt my portrayal | accepting !

wheezes nina you’re so kind honestly thank you so much this means a lot ?? and i kno i dont tell you this enough but i really , really like your writing and i still think you have a wonderfully creative au for naegi. and quite frankly i think any and all ideas that you come up with are fascinating and i’m always happy to hear about them , regardless of who the muse / character / topic is like i just think you’re super smart and creative and i’ve yet to hear a bad idea come outta your mouth at any point. + ur so NICE you’re so nice, one of the nicest people i know tbqh and i wish nothing but the best for u at all times ??? nina deserves to find $20 on the ground every single day kisses all over ur face !!!


Oh gosh, I had no idea that I would be staring at 700 of you. I didn’t even think I would make it to 100 followers, but you’re all here! I can’t express how much it means to me to have all of you here with me && Ed. He’s such a wonderful piece of my childhood && to be able to write him with all of you is such a fantastic feeling, honest! I’m so, so, so very thankful for all of you. Thank you so much for all of your support && for being so patient with me. You’re all so wonderful. 


You’re all fantastic friends to me. I don’t know where I’d be without any of you && I’m just so glad that you’re all here with me. You’re all stuck with me. Bless you all for coping with how slow I am or how much of a forgetful idiot I can be. I adore all of you! I’m so glad none of you have blocked me yet due to half of the crap that I come up with in the middle of the night / early in the morning. 

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You’re not wrong, you’re being watched. I’m probably stalking you from afar without much shame tbh. But you’re all so wonderful && I truly want to get to know all of you better! Thank you for following me! 

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