you just dissed your own person how talented was that huh

soulmate!au park woojin


▹ word count: 1867 words
▹ summary: being able to read your soulmate’s thoughts is certainly not the way you thought love would find you. au where if you try hard enough, you can hear your soulmate’s thoughts.

  • you live in a universe where everyone has a soulmate, but each person has a different way of recognizing who theirs is
  • the variations of what most people called soulmate indicators is actually pretty exciting (and sometimes relieving — you’re so glad that your indicator wasn’t singing whenever your soulmate was… how embarrassing would it be to burst into song half way through a test or something??)
  • but the problem was, you never really knew… whether you had a soulmate or not
  • because no indicator ever showed up??? no tattoo of their initials, no timer counting down until you would meet them
  • nothing

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Ikon Reaction: You’re a rapper and you appear on SMTM/Unpretty Rapstar

Request:  Can you do ikon reaction to their gf being a rapper and appearing on SMTM or Unpretty Rapstar ?

A/N: Sure thing! Cool request, i hope you enjoy it! (I’ll edit it tomorrow)

Gifs are not mine, full credit to the owners 

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