you just can't stop the rot

This is Night Vale !

Inspired by this famous song ~

Things have certainly taken a turn for the worst. Angor Rot has entered Trollmarket. How can things get any worse? You know what, the show will take that as an invitation. This last episode will destroy me; I just know it.

On the other hand, at least Jim’s mom is alright, even if she forgot everything and Jim is breaking his promise to her.

Also, will Claire get Enrique back next episode or will it just be a hook for the net season?

yizukikhons  asked:

The other gods are desperate and begin to search for their Queen, but can't find her anywhere. And the world just keeps getting worse. Gaster, the God of Knowledge and/or Magic, gets an idea. Maybe they can stop the world from rotting by making a power similar to the Queen's. Similar, but opposite. So Gaster uses his magic and-since he cannot create Life(that's Toriel's power)-a piece of his own being to create Death, who can take Life away from things, killing them. It works too.

imma liking what im hearing mmhmm ;A;