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A “Bendy and the Ink Machine” Theory: Why Bendy is so Resentful

The first thing everyone thinks of when they see the art and characters of “Bendy and the Ink Machine” are the classic, old-school Disney characters, especially Mickey Mouse. And how could they not? The designs are meant to reflect the style of animation from the late 1910′s to the early 1940′s.

However, in looking at some of the old-school animations, I’ve noticed an animation studio that’s even more similar to the fictional one in the Ink Machine, and that’s Fleischer Studios.

Fleischer Studios is mostly known as the company who created classic characters such as Koko the Clown, Popeye the Sailor, and Betty Boop. Back in the early decades of animation, the Fleischer cartoons were considered revolutionary. It was this very studio that patented the style of rotoscope animation, and had their characters jump off the canvas and into the real world, giving the cartoons new life.

One of the most popular Max Fleischer cartoon series was known as “Out of the Inkwell”, which primarily featured Koko the Clown and, later on, Betty Boop as well. The characters seemed to live in the inkwell until the animator drew them out at the start of an episode, or they’d find a way to escape the inkwell on their own.

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What followed the majority of the time (I’ve only seen two of the many, many episodes where this wasn’t the case) was the animator causing the character direct, deliberate pain, or putting them in dangerous situations.

In “False Alarm”, Koko rolled a cigarette for Max Fleischer, visibly took extra care to make sure it was well-rolled and the best he could make it, and tossed it right into the animator’s mouth. Max then lit a match, lit the cigarette, and threw the still-burning match into Koko’s paper world. In “Bedtime”, Max drew Koko onto a steep, dangerous mountain with only a small area to stand on at the top, as a way to “keep [him] quiet for the night”, and later forced Koko back into the inkwell because he had a nightmare about the character. 

Yes. Koko, through no fault of his own, was crammed back into a tiny inkwell, because the animator had a dream about him. Of course, Koko would get into his share of shenanigans from time to time, as cartoons generally do, but most of this treatment was either completely unearned, or was punishment taken too far.

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Now, considering the fact that Bendy’s cartoons are probably silent cartoons made in the same era as “Out of the Inkwell”, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if Henry and the Sillyvision staff treated Boris and Bendy in the exact same way, believing “Oh, they’re just cartoons, it’s not really hurting them,” while unaware that Bendy and Boris were sentient creations. It seems likely, especially with how fed up the employee in the tape recording sounded, that the studio took their frustrations out on the cartoon characters.

And, if Bendy and co. were promised better treatment that was never received, you can bet they’d be livid about the fact that…

Edit: My friend @greenbloodfurlife​ made another very good point: the Creators are literally God to these cartoons. There’s no way around that. The cartoons try to please their God, and they respond with malevolence? Not just like, God with the flood, but your God, that you can see and talk to face to fucking face, laughing as he tries to actively torture and/or kill you. 

baz: after years of hunting, you develop very thick skin

penelope: that shirt you’re wearing really isn’t your colour


simon, covering a crying baz’s ears: nAVY BLUE BRINGS OUT HIS EYES YOU FU

Dean is straight because he says so....

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Because Dean never initially lies or hides anything about himself in this show…

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There is no evidence that his bisexuality is a part of what he does hide…

“…why do they assume we’re gay?” 
“well, you are kinda butch maybe they think you’re overcompensating…”

Or that he is well aware of what he is hiding and repressing and actively says that he does so IN THE SHOW….

Personally, I hope they delve deeper into the subtext and do bring it into the actual text to clarify it, but until then SPN writers…

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Months after breaking up, you get a text from Tom…

(2,600 words)

Warnings: SMUT-T-T-T

A/N: considering trying a Peter Parker fic, thoughts??? also, definitely want to start doing requests so send them my way. also considering doing a series of little events between you and Tom dating. JUST SO MANY IDEAS.

also- will probably be most active Friday-sunday because I have class Monday-Thursday but I’ll definitely try my best to post during the week.  

w/o further ado… 

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You were always the experienced one in relationships. No matter how much a boy would talk himself up, you would leave highly dissatisfied; really the only satisfaction you could get from sexual encounters was watching boys come completely unhinged by your actions. You were truly a goddess.
That’s why your first encounter with Tom took you by surprise. You had met in a crowded club in L.A. After hours of watching you dance, and after about five drinks, Tom finally worked up the courage to approach you. You had to admit, you were instantly attracted to him. His sharp jaw line, perfectly curling hair, and deep brown eyes nearly put you in a trance as he asked if he could buy you a drink. It didn’t take much convincing when he asked you if you’d like to come home with him. Dancing with him allowed you to feel the bulge you helped grow in his jeans and you were intrigued by what he could do, or more so what you could do to him.

That first night was ecstasy. It was as if he was able to stimulate every nerve in your body. Orgasms washed over you over and over again, yet you still had your effect on him. After you both had your fill you laid there together, head on his chest. Feeling it move up and down harshly, still trying to fully calm down. “Fuck. How did you even do that?” He said, running fingers through your hair.

“I was about to ask you the same thing,” you replied, earning a chuckle from Tom.
“I guess we’re perfect for each other then.” And damn was he right. You both found out that your emotional chemistry far surpassed your physical chemistry. You had both fallen madly in love with each other.
But that was months ago, and now you lay alone on your bed. Everything was perfect between you and Tom, except one thing. He was too afraid to make your relationship public and you were growing tired of being a secret. You understood the fear, the idea of you becoming too overwhelmed by the attention, the hate you might receive from jealous fans, the fear that it would change everything. But you couldn’t handle it anymore, so you left.
You were lying on your bed, scrolling through old messages, when suddenly they swiped back down to the very bottom. You groaned, too tired to swipe all the way back up to the ones you were reading, before you realized that it was because of a new text.
hey, can I call? it’s tom btw, just in case you deleted my number.
Your heart dropped. What could he possibly need? You tried to convince yourself that you were annoyed by the sudden contact, but you knew you wanted to talk to him. No matter what it was he had to say, just to hear his voice.
of course
It was easy to send that text, but when his face suddenly illuminated your phone, you realized how difficult it was to actually pick up.
You swiped the screen to answer the call, but it took a moment before you could actually put the phone to your ear. “Hi,” you almost whispered.
“Hi, I was afraid you weren’t going to answer for a second there.” He said, allowing a breathy chuckle to follow.
“I’ll always answer for you.” You instantly regretted that. It just slipped out. Feeling the uncomfortable silence, you quickly added, “so what did you need?”
“Well, I need you to come let me in.”
“I’m outside. We need to talk y/n, please.”
“I’ll be right out.” You hung up the phone and started walking out of your bedroom when you remembered that you weren’t properly dressed for company. You ran to your closet and threw on a pair of sleep shorts and a Vampire Weekend shirt you bought at the concert you saw with him. Suddenly, you were nervous about how you looked, but you decided it had been too long since you hung up for any more primping.
You made it to the door and went to turn the handle, but noticed your hand just lying there, unable to turn it. With a deep breath, you swung the door open. There he was, clad in black jeans and a t shirt, just tight enough to notice that his muscles have only grown since you last saw him. “Tom.” It was all that you could get out. His eyes looked bloodshot, and his lips were swollen. You knew he had been crying, but he hid it so well over the phone.
“Y/n. May I come in?” You nodded and moved out of the way from the doorway, allowing him to enter your apartment like so many times before. He moved to the closet next to the front door to shed his jacket, and returned wielding a raised eyebrow and an old sweatshirt—his sweatshirt.
“Oh yeah, I meant to run that by your place but I’ve been so busy with work I never had the chance.” You quickly lied. He started working his arms through it, as if he was about to put it on, but backwards. He walked over to you and held it above your head. You raised your arms in response and he easily slipped it over your petite frame.
“It always looked better on you anyways.” His face was so close to yours. For a moment you thought he was about to lean in a place a long awaited kiss on your lips, but instead he started walking towards the living room and sat down on the couch. You followed.
You sat down nervously, a bit further away from him than you probably should have. “Y/n I can’t take this anymore.” He blurted out. “We love each other. We are meant to be together. I know I messed up okay? But I can fix it, I will fix it for you.”
“If you can look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t think we should be together then I’ll leave.” His intensity took you by surprise. You had no idea he felt this way, if you did, then you probably would be back together by now. You could see tears starting to well up in those brown eyes again, and you could feel them starting in yours.
The fear you felt earlier was replaced intense feelings of love. You wanted him back, in every way. With one foul sweep you placed yourself on his lap, straddling the boy you loved so much. You cupped his cheeks and put your forehead on his. You were so close you had to keep darting your eyes back and forth to look into both of those beautiful brown eyes. You couldn’t take it anymore, you crashed your lips into his. The passion was overwhelming, so many emotions were behind that single kiss. You could tell he was taken off guard, but soon he found comfort in the familiar feeling and began exploring your body. First he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in even closer. Then they trailed down to the small of your back, then further to cup your ass, instantly causing you to start grinding on him. His hands journeyed to your thighs. He savored the feeling of your soft skin as you savored the roughness of his palms.
You moaned at his touch, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. His kisses grew more and more desperate, as if he thought he’d never get to kiss you again. Then you realized, he probably did think that. He pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead on yours, “I really thought I’d lost you.”
Tears began to well up in those big brown eyes. You placed soft kisses on his forehead in between shushes. “I’ll always be yours, Tom. Always.”
“Always,” he nodded. He gave you one more quick kiss before scooping you up and carrying back to your room.
He set you down gently on your bed. You expected to feel his lips against yours again, but instead he barely lifted up the sweatshirt and began placing kisses all over your stomach. Goosebumps began covering your body as he kissed the sensitive skin. He chuckled when he noticed the little bumps, “always worked like a charm.” You rolled your eyes at that typical, cocky remark. Even after months of being apart, he knew you like the back of his hand. He never broke eye contact as he slowly slipped you out of your shorts. Even though your room was dark, his eyes were darker, and you could see the lust glistening in them. He started rubbing circles on your clit making your eyes flutter shut and your head fall back into your bed. The sensation suddenly stopped and you groaned at the discomfort starting to grow between your legs. “Look at me,” he barely whispered. You propped yourself up on your elbows and the second you found his eyes he attached his mouth to your clit and slid two fingers into you. You wanted to throw your head back in pleasure, but you know it’d only cause him to stop again. That was always his thing. He loved watching you, and he really loved you watching him. Each lick and pump brought you closer and closer to the edge. Tom could tell you were getting close, he only stopped his movements to whisper, “say my name, love.”
“Oh, Tom,” you began to moan. Each time you repeated his name he would pick up the pace, soon you were chanting his name and a feeling of euphoria swept over your body. A feeling only he could give you. One orgasm wasn’t enough though, you were desperate to be even more intimate with him. You grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him up to you. You could taste yourself on his lips as he began to kiss you again. You began fumbling with the button of his jeans, but couldn’t seem to get them undone. Tom noticed you struggling and reached down to help you. “I see you haven’t improved your dexterity,” he chuckled.
“Yeah, well I haven’t really had much practice in a while,” you grumbled as he released the button and you pulled down the zipper. Tom smiled as he realized you hadn’t been with anyone else since the two of you broke up. Even though he knew it was selfish, he really couldn’t stand to think of you being with anyone else.
You slipped your hand into his jeans and began palming him through his boxers. He clenched his jaw and hissed from the contact he had been anticipating for so long. It really was a spectacle, him all worked up, curls messy, t shirt clinging to his chest with sweat, dark eyes locked with yours. He was getting harder with each stroke, and you couldn’t help but wonder how much he could take.
Clearly not much because he rolled off of you and began kicking his jeans and boxers off. Once he was free of the clothing you swung your leg over to straddle him. You tugged at the hem of his shirt and he pushed himself off the bed just enough for you to pull it off of him. You grabbed the hem of the sweatshirt and started to lift it off when he grabbed your wrists. “Don’t. I love it when you wear my clothes.” You smiled at his confession, especially because he always pretending to be annoyed when you would steal his sweatshirts and t shirts.
Tom was throbbing beneath you. You began grinding against his length, letting your wetness cover his cock. Tom sighed, half in pleasure, half in desperation. You raised an innocent eyebrow at him. “Always such a tease,” he sighed.
You smirked as you lined yourself up and began lowering yourself onto him. His eyes rolled back as he reached for your hips. Squeezing tighter as you began to quicken the pace. He pulled you forward by the back of your neck and began kissing you sloppily. He grabbed your ass, causing you to lean forward even more. He began lifting up his hips to thrust into you, and you bit at the skin on his shoulder to suppress your moans. “I love you,” he whispered into your ear before nipping at its lobe. The feeling of his hot breath against your neck drove you crazy and you let out a loud whine.
He flipped the two of you over so that you were on your back and began thrusting relentlessly. He lifted one of your legs up over his shoulder so that he could thrust even deeper. The new angle was too much, you could feel your abs tightening as another orgasm started to creep up. “Tom I’m- Oh I’m gonna,” you couldn’t even get out a full sentence before the feeling washed over you again. You dragged your nails down his back as he continued to fuck you, riding out your high.
His thrusts started getting sporadic and you could tell he was close. He got up on his knees and he started to jerk himself off, but before he could cum you scooted forward and took his length in your mouth. You bobbed your head before sucking on the head, running your tongue over the little slit—his most sensitive spot. He ran his hands through your hair before letting out a breathy “fuuuuck.” Soon hot ribbons of cum were shot down your throat—you savored the taste that you didn’t even know you’d missed. He collapsed next to you, letting out a satisfied sigh. He held out one of his arms, inviting you to snuggle up under it. Once you found yourself situated in the familiar position, you looked up at him and whispered, “I love you, too.” Tom gave you a kiss on the forehead before pulling the covers up over the two of you.
You woke up alone. You immediately made yourself believe that he must’ve left early so that he wouldn’t have to face you. You should’ve known it was all too good to be true. You wanted to bury yourself under the covers in embarrassment, but then you noticed music playing faintly. It sounded like Goodness Gracious by The Heligoats. That was Tom’s favorite song on your morning playlist.
You dragged yourself out of bed and walked into the kitchen, and there he was. Flipping pancakes and sipping on coffee while wearing nothing but boxers. He was singing along so softly that you could barely hear him, you always loved the few moments you could hear him sing. You started humming along yourself, which caught his attention.
“Good morning love, I was worried the coffee would go cold by the time you finally woke up,” he laughed. You rolled your eyes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before pouring yourself a cup. 
“Good morning to you too.”
“I’ve got plans for us next weekend.”
“Oh really? Well I’ll have to see if—”
“You don’t work.”
“Oh. How exactly do you know that?”
“You never unsynced our calendars. How was your gyno appointment by the way?”
“Uhh,” you could feel the heat flood through your cheeks.
“I’m only joking, darling,” he laughed as you rolled your eyes. “Anyways, BAFTAs are next weekend, I figured that’d be the perfect way to introduce you to everyone as my girlfriend.” 

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You may not be getting less notes right now because of the new feature. It may have just fucked up your activity graph. On a day when my text posts received over 2,000 notes, my graph says less than 150 for the day. I have contacted Tumblr. After a week, they said they would “look into it”.

The graphs are inaccurate and useless right now.

@staff Fix this.

🌸self-care tips🌸

Hey everyone!~

So, I hit 500 subs yesterday and decided on making a self-care post - I know there`s a lot of posts like this one already, but I`ll just list the tips that really work for me.

1. The best way to relax to me is to take a bath - with a bubble bar or a bath bomb (my favorite brand is Lush). It`s also nice to mix some cosmetic oils or herbs with an epsom salt, for example. It doesn`t have to be a specific brand, there`s a lot of combinations you can make by hand!                                           There`re also some helpful videos on YouTube on how to make a bath bomb all by yourself~ 

2. The second tip is listening to some relaxing music - for example, you can create a spa tunes playlist, - even just listening to it with eyes closed while laying on a sofa helps  me relax a lot.

3. Another one tip is to make some home-made face masks! It might be a lot of fun to invite your friend over and make them together and do some pamper routine after that~

4. Making yourself your favorite healthy drink is also great, like a smoothie or an ice tea. For smoothie I prefer mixing some strawberries, a half of a banana, some raspberries and a few blueberries, - try out various combinations, it`s all up to you!

5. Any kind of creative hobby might do!                                                           You don`t nessecarily have to be super talented in the sphere you choose to enjoy spending your time while doing something pleasant and relaxing. For example, I like to doodle various things or just blend some watercolors to create different pretty shades~

6. Dance it all away!                                                                                     When I`m all alone in my room, I sometimes put on some loud music that I really like and just dance - it`s such a positive activity that helps me feel happier - and when you`re happier, you`re becoming helathier~

I hope these tips are helpful even a little bit!~

Supporting the MLP movie and Avoiding Spoilers

As you may know, on October 6th My Little Pony: The Movie will open in theaters. I’m here to give you info on how to support the film and also how to avoid spoilers.

First off, and I must emphasize this:


I especially have to emphasize this since recently the entire movie has been leaked online.

When you pirate a movie it’s basically the same as saying you don’t care about wether the film is successful or not and several hardworking people are not getting paid for their work.

Go see the movie in the theaters. I know it might be a little expensive but nothing beats seeing a movie on the big screen in the theater, plus you’ll be supporting the movie that way.

It’s also important to see the movie on the opening weekend if you’re able to. Movie studios tend to judge a movie’s success by how well it does in the opening weekend, if the movie does well in it’s opening weekend more movies like it might be made in the future (meaning more movies made using Toon Boom Harmony to create 2D animation). However if for any reason you are unable to go see the movie on opening weekend that’s alright as long as you go to see it later on.

Now for the second part:

How to avoid Spoilers

If you’re like me, you absolutely hate it whenever someone or something spoils a movie for you (Speaking of which, if anybody reblogs this with a comment mentioning a spoiler I will end you). Here are some tips on how to avoid spoilers for the upcoming MLP movie.

First off it’s best to avoid any MLP fan sites or wikis. Those don’t always hide their spoilers, so it’s best to avoid them all together if you want to be surprised.

Try not to view any commercials, trailers, or promotional material in general. As you may know most movies these days tend to spoil the entire film’s plot in trailers and promotional material. I personally have not viewed anything besides the first trailer (which looks amazing), but I have read that one music video promoting the film reveals the movie’s ending, so yeah best to avoid all promos if possible.

Try to stay off social media sites. This one is a bit harder to do because social media sites are sometimes necessary for certain things. However if there’s nothing that you absolutely need to use social media for before you need to see the film, take a little break from it. Take some time to read a book, play a game, or watch something.

However if you need to use social media sites then just unfollow anyone who you think might spoil the film for you, then follow them again after you see the movie. Or maybe just visit certain profiles you’re 100 percent sure won’t spoil anything for you.

Thankfully for Tumblr all you got to do is get Tumblr Savior.
Tumblr Savior is an extension that can be found for most browsers and is very useful especially when avoiding spoilers for anything (or anything you just don’t want to see on your Tumblr dashboard). Just install and activate it on your browser put stuff like “My Little Pony: The Movie”, “Spoilers”, “MLP movie”, “MLP movie spoilers”, and any other variation on the movie name and spoilers that you can think of (just to be safe) and it immediately hides them from your dashboard.

Of course in order for this to work all Tumblr user must remember to


Wether it be a gifset, a text post, or even a reblog, you should remember to tag your spoilers, otherwise the spoiler posts won’t disappear from other dashboards using Tumblr Savior. Personally I would recommend not posting anything spoilery until awhile after the film is out, but if you must, tagging it as “Spoiler” or “Spoilers” will do (though also tagging it as “My Little Pony: The Movie” and any other tags I mentioned before would help also). You can also do posts that have “Spoilers after the jump”.

Oh and one more thing,
Don’t search anything MLP related on any websites for awhile (including Tumblr since Savior doesn’t always work with searches).

That’s all for now. Remember to support the movie if you wanna see it, try not to spoil it for anybody and have a nice day.

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you've been really active recently? are you okay or is my dash messing up and just not showing half the things you post and you're always this active

u kno ur runnin a shitty blog when u start postin n an anon asks if you’re alright bc its out of character for u to be active


if you guys haven’t noticed by now, i have been much less active these past few months on this account. The primary reason is because I have been extremely busy and absolutely EVERYTHING that could be a stressor has been one. I thought I had a queue running but I guess I was gone for long so it ran out.

Another issue that has arisen is simple. I am not as big of a GOT7 stan now then I was a while ago. This is going to cause some controversy but I think a combination of their problematic actions and just me simply having been a bigger stan of other groups this whole time has been a factor.

This account is about to hit 27,000 followers. 27,000. That is an absolutely insane number. I cannot thank you guys enough for following this silly blog even after all my bullshit and failure to interact and be active.

I’m not saying I’m deleting the account or leaving, I’m just saying there’s many things I need to think about moving foreword in regards to this account’s longevity. I need time to think.

In the meantime, I apologize. Thank you for putting up with me.

Shit Fuckboys Say Part II
  • fuckboy: Girls are such SLUTS these days...And they still want to be respected. If you wanna be respected wear decent clothes and don't just stay with everyone...
  • fuckboy: *gets rejected*
  • fuckboy: how DARE she...say no to me...what a whore...I HATE it when bitches want you but don't admit...imma tell my friends how much a slut she is for saying no to ME...

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  •    This blog is very much video game centered with a lot of personal posts. I make gifsets and edits on occasion. 
  •    My favorite games are Overwatch, Destiny and Borderlands atm. Those three game series hold a special place in my heart!

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So I'm kinda new to the phandom (watched my first vid about 3 months ago) any advice for me? And suggest more phan blogs to follow thanks.

aa welcome !! i’d try to make as many friends as possible and be super nice to everyone! occasionally theres drama which is a bit yikes but if you can, stay out of it. as for gaining followers, try to post content, whether its igfs or edits or just funny text posts, stay active, and talk to ppl ! there are so so many nice people i lov. 

heres some of my faves (in no order bc im a mess):

@@phtl @goldan @flowersphil @glowinghowell @donthavetobebrave @lesterp @lcssamazingphil @japhanz @amazingphilz @doinganap @ratinof  @huphilpuffs @danslester @dantichrist @furryphil @dailybooth @fuckinlester @nihilist-toothpaste @cafephan @goincrazyfast @danielbear @rebloggingphan @2k17rebrand @phandum @boncasphan @dansucc @bondange @forgetfullittleguy @dnpsb @danschode @princessdan @phiru @fondan @pseudophan @pugjumper @dadinof @themostfuniveverhad @astronautdan @prettydan @philester @prettyphil @cringe-attacks @sharkdan @dangoghs @howelloddle @boncasphan @redhowell

Along with Tumblr finally coming back alive again, I’m happy to say that no-its-becky has reached 3K followers! :D YAYYY Thank you guys so much for putting up with my random/emo text posts and constant freaking out haha also thank you for creating a wonderful community in which everyone feels safe to fangirl and just be excited!! I know we as a fandom have our ups and downs but in the end, y’all are the best 💕 Also, a special shout out to my mutuals/friends who message me on here– you guys really make my day 😄 

So without further ado, here are the amazing, currently active swiftie blogs I follow in no particular order(b/c I’m way too lazy to organize) and sorry if I left anyone out – please just let me know if I did! : 

@swiftsecrets @taylor-swiftfacts @taylorswiftstyle @reputation-updates @tswiftartcollective @flfteen @neverblindme @voguetaylor @onedaytaywillberemembered @darktaylorswifts @placeswecanhides @timeerasingyou @tswiftdaily @ifreakinlovetaylorswift @1989nz @wealmostbrokeup @thanksforsayingthat @alwaysswift @polaroidofus13 @hellagoodcurls @ts-1989 @inwonderlxnd @theblameisonme @kissesoncheekss @tswiftontour @thatswiftblog @taylorswjft @thatpolaroidofus
@sparklingtaylorswift @drunkswifts @all-too-well @tswiftnation @snakeytswift @caerfuldaughter @rememberyourbarefeet @tswiftneedsyou @mamma-swift @breakburnandends @wouldtheywriteasongforyou @whostaylorswiftanywayew @drinkingmaplelattes @taylorswiftnoticed @longlives @taylorslegs @tree-paine @simplysfans @ikeepcruising @speaknow @andthatlittleblackdress @taylors-ass @dancetothisbeatforever @altoowhale @dancinroundthekitchen @tessilliames @readysforits @lovatoswifth4rmony @bae-tay @floralpinktaylor @dreams-of-taylor @re-pu-ta-tion @mckenziej96 @abiander @youleftmeinwonderland @imwonderfucked @tswizzle-a-k-a-taylorswift @theswizzle16 @oldtaylorsdead @ts-updates @sparksoftaylors @taylorslistofexlovers @nat-swiftinwonderland @tothissickbeat @butlittlesheisfeirce @rareswifts @cataystrophies @in-her-wildest-dreams @tswiftslyrics @dailyswift @starlit-swift @startbytrusting @swiftxiliwys @swifteen @longlivedibbles @taylormademefearless-blog @ravenspuff @taylorswiftedit @t-swift @wefoundwondreland @tayswiftwork @emma-watson @hydrated-swift @shiftyswiift @photayshop @showyouincrediblethings @iashley13love @tswift-trash

and @taylorswift thank you so much for following me! I hope you know that I’ll always love you no matter what (please ignore how cheesy this is) and I’m really looking forward to reputation and to meeting you someday! :)