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GOT7′s reaction to you being jealous

A/N: This is not requested, I just wanted to do it, so my blog is active. I’ll be posting stuff like this almost everyday! 

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Mark: He would probably laugh thinking you were cute and would wrapped his arms around for a hug. If you were serious though, like I’m talking you were ready you fight, then he’d be more serious too. Probably pull you anywhere else, away from her. 

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Jaebum: He wouldn’t like for you to be jealous. He’d want you to know that he’s only got eyes for you and only you. In fact, he’ll tell you that to try and make you calm down a little bit. 

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Jackson: He would in some way feel hurt a little bit, for you to even think he was looking at another girl. Maybe even annoyed that you would be like this especially if it wasn’t the first time. He’d kiss you and tell you sweet things to make sure you’d understand that he’s yours. He would try his best to cheer you up.

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Jinyoung: Would straight up find it cute and funny at the same time, might even tease you about it. He would be flatter that you were jealous, but at the same time would find it hilarious that you’re getting so worked up over a girl. He’d probably kiss your cheek and say, “Jagiya, you know I’m all yours.”

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Youngjae: He would not find it cute. He’d probably find it annoying and frustrating that you keep getting jealous over girls that mean nothing to him. He would tell you over and over, “I love you and only you,” until it got stuck in your head.

BamBam: Would be teasing you to the max! This boy would not let it go for a week or more, depending on how jealous you got. Like he’d be telling you everyday, “Noona did my make up today and she touched my lips, are you jealous?” 

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Yugyeom: He would try to figure out why you were jealous of that girl when he doesn’t even know her. He’d tell you that he loves you so much, he couldn’t even think of other girls then proceed to bury his head into your neck and chuckle at how cute you were.

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This blog is now officially my side blog. So this will be my last text post here. My new main blog will be my art blog~💖 if you wish to contact me/talk about whateves I’ll be over there. I’ll still be active here just not active active? If that makes sense? Like I’ll still reblog stuff just not talk here and I’ll be tagging posts as “q” from now on.

There are still some messages in my ask and replies on my posts, but I really don’t feel like answering them anymore. At this point, it has become an endless back and forth discussion and I don’t think anyone is going to benefit from that.

By no means does that mean that I agree with everything people are sending me. There is someone who said “that JKR didn’t include diversity, because it’s not relevant to the storyline and because Harry is as observant as a stone”. The last thing that I’m going to say about this is that straight relationships are mentioned (e.g. Tonks and Lupin), so by saying that, you’re implying that those relationships are relevant to the storyline, but LGBTQ aren’t.

Furthermore, my main problem is actually that JKR does not admit her books lack representation. Instead she claims she loves the idea of black Hermione and says Dumbledore was gay, even though she didn’t specifically include that in the books.

It’s okay if you disagree with me, but please don’t harass me with messages. At this point, I don’t feel comfortable with sharing my opinions on here anymore.

semi hiatus;

Hello everyone (:
This is just a quick little notice to let you guys know that I won’t be as active as I was during the summer, because I’m finally a first year student at university!
Though my queue is always running, the only thing thats really changing is how often I’ll be posting/making edits. This fall anime lineup has so many of my favorite animes airing; so I’ll definitely see if I have time to be on and to make more stuff around that time. 

Feel free to follow me on twitter for updates/or just to talk to me in general, I’ll frequently be on there anyways.

**please, please do not delete the text or self-promote under this, you will be disqualified**

Hey everyone, my birthday is just right around the corner and I thought it’s be a great idea to do a birthday awards to celebrate!



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Exams Weeks/Vent Post

//Hey guys wassup.

I will start this with the small heads up about my activities for the rest of this week and the upcoming days. Tomorrow and friday I have some exams waiting for me already so there won’t be a lot of activity until this weekend, most likely.

So this is it for the announcement part and next I will just rant about life and stuff and whatnot. It’s going to be a long text but if you feel like sticking with me just click on the read more below.

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hi everyone! wow, im so amazed at the support this blog has gotten! its super awesome how people have come forward with their submissions.

truthfully, this is a sideblog. i post on here and go, so it may take awhile to respond to things and i dont keep up with my activity.

i obviously cannot promise steady content because this is more of an archive than an active blog - but just letting you guys know im here and appreciate the following this kind of recieved

once again, if anyone wants to submit anything message me or submit it thru this blog!

message me privately if you’d like my main blog. :-)

Alright So...

Guess who has consistency issues:

This girl. Me right here.

Regardless of this fact, there is something I want to ask you guys about and I’m actually really hoping for some feedback.

What really got me active on Tumblr was writing. What got me even more active was roleplaying as Midna. And then Labrynn. Now, I don’t know for certain, but I haven’t been able to get into muse as Midna and that’s fine, I’ve actually now primarily begun roleplaying as Labrynn, who is her own fully fleshed out character.

It’s been months since I’ve rped and in that time I’ve deactivated my Midna rp blog and I have a new rp blog where I solely act as my Gerudo oc: Labrynn, however, the blog is still very much in its primary building stages so I probably won’t be making use of it for a while. But I do very much want to be active on it.

That being said.

Thanks to my beloved bby @sin-twins (thank-you sweetie, I love you sooo much) I’ve been able to not only maintain my muse but we’ve also made some ridiculous crack ships between characters who have found the most creative ways to be able to interact. I’m talking about the Steven Universe characters Jasper and Lapis coming to find my Gerudo babs, Eyda and Labrynn. 

Not only did these gems find my girls. They married them because y’know…why not. And they have children together… Seriously, talk about being in too deep.

With all of that in mind…

If I were to post, not so much the threads but written posts (and maybe art) would you be interested in reading them? I mean, regardless of the amount of feedback I receive I’ll still post them as I make them, I just want to know if any of you will be interested. 

Why am I going through all of this to ask one question?

Well, first of all, I really value the opinion of all of my followers; you guys do matter to me. Secondly, these are my and sin-twins’ children and I’d really be happy to see other people as excited and invested in them as we are. Thirdly, people can be assholes and tend to bash inter-fandom ships? Yeah, I’m not really into that so it’d be nice to know where we stand from the get go. 

Too long? Didn’t read? Do you want to read written posts about my ocs and Jasper and Lapis from Steven Universe?

Instagram Accounts/Updates!

Hey guys! Just wanted to post a small announcement for anyone interested in my art/project related accounts aha–

I’ve recently created a new art account on Instagram, you can check it out HERE (”colacanvas”)! I’m currently in the process of filling the gallery with some of my selected artwork – more or less digital art from my art tumblr and twitter – so it’s a bit of a nostalgia trip atm, but it should be active for the next few weeks!

If DEITIES-related stuff if what you’re here for, you’ll find some digital artwork on the same art account as well. But you may also be interested in the recent sketches I’ve been posting on the DEITIES Project IG account (”deitiesofduat”) featuring some new characters who I haven’t introduced on the blog yet. I’m sketching their concept designs in preparation for a possible Inktober ‘16 run, similar to last year’s challenge (IF I can gather the time and stamina for it again lmao;;;). So if you want to get a glimpse of them ahead of time, feel free to follow along or check back every so often!

Hey guys! I just wanted to say that over the last few weeks, it’s been really rough because I’ve been wrapping up final tests and assignments. I’m in my final year of high school and it’s extremely hard work. The next 6 weeks of exam revision and then exams are going to be intense. I’ll always and still be active and on here at the beginning and end of the day but I hope you all understand this before you unfollow and are misled to believe I’m ‘inactive’ when really, I’m working hard in real life and here! Hopefully some exciting things will happen in October! Thanks :)

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a post with 82 truths about yourself and then tag 25 people (I might just tag some random followers and people I follow and peeps from my activity)

Most Recent

Drink: Pepsi Max

Phone Call: My dad

Text: a friend months ago coz my phone died

Song you listened to: Maze (VIXX)

Time you cried: Reading an emotional fic last night

Have You Ever

Dated Someone Twice: Nope

Been Cheated on: Nope

Kissed someone and regretted it: Nope

Lost Someone special: Yes

Been depressed: No

Been drunk and thrown up: No (I’m a responsible adult)

List 3 favorite colors: Blue, Silver, Pink

In The Last Year, Have You

Made a new friend: Yes

Fallen out of love: No

Laughed until you cried: Several times actually haha

Met someone who changed you: Yes, I became more accepting and open-minded

Found out who your true friends are: Yes

Found out someone was talking about you: Yes

Kissed anyone on your fb list: No


How many people from your fb list do you know irl: All but a few internet friends

Do you have any pets: Yes, I have a cat called Tiggs

Do you want to change your name: No, I like my name :)

What did you do for your birthday: cried, went to the beach, got ditched by my family, ate dinner alone (I’m still a little bitter tbh)

What time did you wake up today: 2:30pm (I went to bed at like 4am though)

What were you doing last night at midnight: Reading fanfiction

Name something you can’t wait for: having enough money in October to eat fast food and order some kpop merch

Last time you saw your mom: 11 years ago (she died in 2005)

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I had more money and better social skills

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yes

What’s getting on your nerves right now: whitewashing, the crappy government, people insulting and belittling my religion, the usual

Blood Type: I think A, but I can’t remember

Nickname: Jess, Jessi-May, Magical Stingray Unicorn Mermaid Dragon Shark Bee Princess (but only @alpacassei calles me the last one)

Relationship Status: Single

Pronouns: she/her

Favourite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

Long or short hair: Short

Height: About 5′5

Do you have a crush on someone: Leo

What do you like about yourself: I like that I am accepting of others and that I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.

Right or left handed: Right

First surgery: Never had surgery (thank goodness)

First Best Friend: a boy named Charlie who went to the same preschool 

First sport you joined: BASKETBALL

First Vacation: Scotland when I was very little, first vacation where I went somewhere without family was Spain with one of my closest friends (we’ve known each other for over 14 years) 

Right Now

Eating: Nothing at the moment

Drinking: Pepsi Max

I’m about to: Do some drawings for my summer proect

Listening to: What U Waiting For (VIXX)


Kids: yes, after I get married

Get Married: Yes, to Leo

Career: Freelance Illustrator and Comic artist

Which Is Better

Lips or eyes: Eyes

Hugs or Kisses: Hugs

Taller or shorter: I like either, but usually taller

Older or Younger: I wouldn’t mind younger, but would prefer older

Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic

Sensitive or loud: Sensitive

Hookup or relationship: Relationship

Troublemaker or hesitant: Hesitant I guess? I like someone who is responsible

Have You Ever

Kissed a stranger: Nope

Glasses/contacts: No

Had sex on a first date: No and I never would tbh

Broke someone’s heart: Probably

Turned someone down: Yes

Cried when someone died: Yes

Fallen for a friend: Had a crush on a friend once

Do You Believe In

Yourself: Heck yes, I’m awesome

Miracles: Definitely

Love at first sight: I do, but I think falling in love after getting to know someone properly is far more likely

Heaven: Definitely

Kissing on the first date: Innocent kisses are good for a first date if it goes well, but nothing too much (like a peck on the lips or a kiss on the forehead or cheek)

I’ll tag (you don’t have to if you don’t want to): @hakyeonicorn, @the-artist-alliance, @taek-n-starlight, @alpacassei, @cinnamon-roll-leo, @natenecromancer, @error-mp3, @officialjaehwan, @chakawaii, @multifandom-kpop-me, @ottokaji-vixx, @sunnnycha, @luzkanon @yeoling-through-the-six, @ohkaixingyeol, @aej2016, @hansanghyuked, @prince-taekwoon, @german-vixx-leo-fan, @peekajoo, @creepycatsta, @sugaswagdaddy, @beanhongbin, @paeye, @xoexoangel

Life update??????????

Hey guys! To any of my remaining active followers just letting you guys know that I’m still around, I’m just super involved in uni and life in general at the moment. I’ve gotten a few messages about commissions and am hoping to bring them up very soon!! I promisepromisepromise I’ll get to everyone’s messages!!! I’ve been trying to find a happy medium between desired-artwork and doesn’t-take-me-8-hours-to-finish, so I thank you for being patient!! Also sorry if my posts come in blobs, I basically fell off the map of all social media and all websites in general except instagram (which I use for the most part because it’s one of the FEW apps I can have on my phone OTL….)
So thankyouthankyouthankyou if you’ve stuck around and supersorry for all the waiting around :( A lot has happened but I think I’m ready to stretch my wings online again.

Don’t take it personal if for awhile I am not very talkative or it seems like I’m ignoring you, in terms of my possibly coming back to draw stuff and be semi-active.

I feel like I may need to just keep to myself for a while. I don’t have to energy to reach out rn. Not saying that I won’t answer back if someone wants to contact me. I realise that I have been very withdrawn, even with my irl friends. It’s a defense mechanism, it keeps me from potentially being hurt again. I know that no one is trying to hurt my feelings on purpose, but it does happen. I’m not going to deny that I’m a fragile individual, but I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to tip-toe around my feelings. Anyway.

I am missing a lot on here, but as long as you all are enjoying yourselves then that’s okay. I am still lurking sort of. See you all later❤

In case you’ve missed it in my rules – I ship Grimescest. Actively. Everything is tagged appropriately and it’s 99% text posts. If that bothers you, learn to blacklist or unfollow me now. No one deserves to be sent hate just for shipping something.