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A “Bendy and the Ink Machine” Theory: Why Bendy is so Resentful

The first thing everyone thinks of when they see the art and characters of “Bendy and the Ink Machine” are the classic, old-school Disney characters, especially Mickey Mouse. And how could they not? The designs are meant to reflect the style of animation from the late 1910′s to the early 1940′s.

However, in looking at some of the old-school animations, I’ve noticed an animation studio that’s even more similar to the fictional one in the Ink Machine, and that’s Fleischer Studios.

Fleischer Studios is mostly known as the company who created classic characters such as Koko the Clown, Popeye the Sailor, and Betty Boop. Back in the early decades of animation, the Fleischer cartoons were considered revolutionary. It was this very studio that patented the style of rotoscope animation, and had their characters jump off the canvas and into the real world, giving the cartoons new life.

One of the most popular Max Fleischer cartoon series was known as “Out of the Inkwell”, which primarily featured Koko the Clown and, later on, Betty Boop as well. The characters seemed to live in the inkwell until the animator drew them out at the start of an episode, or they’d find a way to escape the inkwell on their own.

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What followed the majority of the time (I’ve only seen two of the many, many episodes where this wasn’t the case) was the animator causing the character direct, deliberate pain, or putting them in dangerous situations.

In “False Alarm”, Koko rolled a cigarette for Max Fleischer, visibly took extra care to make sure it was well-rolled and the best he could make it, and tossed it right into the animator’s mouth. Max then lit a match, lit the cigarette, and threw the still-burning match into Koko’s paper world. In “Bedtime”, Max drew Koko onto a steep, dangerous mountain with only a small area to stand on at the top, as a way to “keep [him] quiet for the night”, and later forced Koko back into the inkwell because he had a nightmare about the character. 

Yes. Koko, through no fault of his own, was crammed back into a tiny inkwell, because the animator had a dream about him. Of course, Koko would get into his share of shenanigans from time to time, as cartoons generally do, but most of this treatment was either completely unearned, or was punishment taken too far.

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Now, considering the fact that Bendy’s cartoons are probably silent cartoons made in the same era as “Out of the Inkwell”, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if Henry and the Sillyvision staff treated Boris and Bendy in the exact same way, believing “Oh, they’re just cartoons, it’s not really hurting them,” while unaware that Bendy and Boris were sentient creations. It seems likely, especially with how fed up the employee in the tape recording sounded, that the studio took their frustrations out on the cartoon characters.

And, if Bendy and co. were promised better treatment that was never received, you can bet they’d be livid about the fact that…

Edit: My friend @greenbloodfurlife​ made another very good point: the Creators are literally God to these cartoons. There’s no way around that. The cartoons try to please their God, and they respond with malevolence? Not just like, God with the flood, but your God, that you can see and talk to face to fucking face, laughing as he tries to actively torture and/or kill you. 

Dean is straight because he says so....

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Because Dean never initially lies or hides anything about himself in this show…

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There is no evidence that his bisexuality is a part of what he does hide…

“…why do they assume we’re gay?” 
“well, you are kinda butch maybe they think you’re overcompensating…”

Or that he is well aware of what he is hiding and repressing and actively says that he does so IN THE SHOW….

Personally, I hope they delve deeper into the subtext and do bring it into the actual text to clarify it, but until then SPN writers…

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🌸self-care tips🌸

Hey everyone!~

So, I hit 500 subs yesterday and decided on making a self-care post - I know there`s a lot of posts like this one already, but I`ll just list the tips that really work for me.

1. The best way to relax to me is to take a bath - with a bubble bar or a bath bomb (my favorite brand is Lush). It`s also nice to mix some cosmetic oils or herbs with an epsom salt, for example. It doesn`t have to be a specific brand, there`s a lot of combinations you can make by hand!                                           There`re also some helpful videos on YouTube on how to make a bath bomb all by yourself~ 

2. The second tip is listening to some relaxing music - for example, you can create a spa tunes playlist, - even just listening to it with eyes closed while laying on a sofa helps  me relax a lot.

3. Another one tip is to make some home-made face masks! It might be a lot of fun to invite your friend over and make them together and do some pamper routine after that~

4. Making yourself your favorite healthy drink is also great, like a smoothie or an ice tea. For smoothie I prefer mixing some strawberries, a half of a banana, some raspberries and a few blueberries, - try out various combinations, it`s all up to you!

5. Any kind of creative hobby might do!                                                           You don`t nessecarily have to be super talented in the sphere you choose to enjoy spending your time while doing something pleasant and relaxing. For example, I like to doodle various things or just blend some watercolors to create different pretty shades~

6. Dance it all away!                                                                                     When I`m all alone in my room, I sometimes put on some loud music that I really like and just dance - it`s such a positive activity that helps me feel happier - and when you`re happier, you`re becoming helathier~

I hope these tips are helpful even a little bit!~

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Shit Fuckboys Say Part II
  • fuckboy: Girls are such SLUTS these days...And they still want to be respected. If you wanna be respected wear decent clothes and don't just stay with everyone...
  • fuckboy: *gets rejected*
  • fuckboy: how DARE she...say no to me...what a whore...I HATE it when bitches want you but don't admit...imma tell my friends how much a slut she is for saying no to ME...

I just want to take a moment and say how I love and appreciate how much the Narnia fandom has grown! I remember the old days when there would only be new edits/fanfic in the tags after weeks went by and they mainly only focused on the Pevensie siblings and now there’s always at least one new edit/fanfic everyday that have to do with so many of the other characters! Not to mention how the fandom has grown so much and opened it’s arms to diverse castings/storylines (people of colour edits, lgbt+ headcanons, etc.)

Honestly I love you guys who make it so much more active, colourful, and fun! And as a person of colour it seriously warms my heart to see this!


Today is the first time I heard of Transgender Day Of Visibility.

I thought I would say something short and sweet but every time I got to the end I had a damn essay written up, so here:

I’m transgender, born female, identify genderqueer, and live as a guy. I socially transitioned six years ago and now, although it’s still definitely A Thing in my life, I worry about it far less. Most people I interact with in my life don’t know, and I feel like they are missing a huge context for who I am as a person.

Thank you, tumblr, for being a place I can Just Say That. A place I can PUT that little “afab”, when I’ve spent so long actively or passively hiding it.

I am able to go in my recent photos and there I am: smiling in the sunlight, alone or surrounded by people. I wish I could send these to myself from six years ago.

If you are near the same rest stop that I was, the most important thing I can tell you is you’re not alone and things can get better…which is, I think, the point.

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: I can’t believe that fox is thinking of cancelling the perfect show that is Pitch. I get that it costs a lot of money but did they fucking advertise the show? No. A lot of my friends who are not on tumblr had no idea this show existed bc they haven’t seen one fucking ad. Side note I can’t fucking believe Jimmy Kimmel was on an ep where he interviewed Ginny (free publicity for his shitty show) but has yet to invite Kylie on his show to promote Pitch. The lack of promotion for this show is honestly astonishing. So many people love the show when they discover it and I can’t believe that fox is hiding this wholesome show. I hate this fucking world. I can’t live I can’t eat, none of my past activities interest me anymore. I just need one more season. And here you are asking me “how am I”.

will be in japan 6/10-7/2

i will probably be even more inactive here but i will still be on queue. I’ll probably be more active on these places:

so if you need to message me you can i prefer tumblr messenger if that’s the case or twitter and snapchat. asks will be much slower however. thanks for reading!


This is gonna be a kinda long post with some personal stuff in it so, uh, brace yourself.

As many of you know, I’m not as active as some others on tumblr. I also tend to post some rather negative things about myself. Firstly, I’d like to apologize for both of those things. Secondly, I’d like to explain a little more about those things, since both are kinda linked to eachother. I’m not as active as I’d like to be. I’d love to be posting art and dumb text posts and answering asks every day as much as possible, but a number of things are preventing me from doing that.
For one, I have ADD. Which is by no means an excuse, but it does make it incredibly difficult to concentrate on drawing or typing things out at times. Usually at about 5 mins in my mind starts to wander and I just kind of lose track of things and end up never finishing them or finishing a lot later.

The second thing is the fact rhat this is a vore blog. Which is amazing and vore and g/t and all that stuff means so much to me and I love drawing it, but the nature of it means I can’t draw it or do anything related to it around other people. What makes this especially hard is the fact that I’m still living with my family (which will change in the fall but regardless). My brother tends to like to spend his time near me and also likes to check out my computer screen whenever I’m drawing. So the only time I’m able to draw this kind of thing is when he’s not home and the rest of the family is doing their own thing. To add to it all, I have very specific moments when I’m actually motivated to draw things. And I often have the motivation when I can’t actually get it done. Which is frustrating to all hell.
So how does this connect to my negativity towards myself? Well my friends, I have a little something called clinical depression. Coupled with anxiety. The dynamic duo if you will. Which means I have random unexplained bouts of hating myself. And when that happens, my brain wants to cling on to something to blame for how I’m feeling, give a “proper” explanation for why I’m feeling that way. A lot of the time, it will decide that the reason I’m feeling that way is because I’m failing on this blog to be active. Which leads to a horrble jumping of conclusions in which my brain decides that hey, you’re not doing good enough, people must HATE you because of it. And that just becomes an ever growing snowball of self doubt and hatred until finally I let it all out in the form of a text post on the blog, because I’ve related it to vore which is something I cannot tell people in my immediate surroundings. So to the internet I go with crippling self hatred that I KNOW makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, yet still lingers at the back of my mind because WHAT IF. Eventually the shitty feelinga go away, thanks to time and all you wonderful wonderful people that have said so many kind things about me. And at that moment it will feel clear and I will be happy and thinking about how ridiculous my thought process was there. But it always comes back, because that’s just how mental illness works. Which is why I apologize profusely for the begative posts, but I cannot promise that I won’t post any more.

So that’s my explanation for what’s been going on. I don’t want any of you to ever feel like your in some way contributing to these feelings I have, because I know it’s all just the depression. And I also don’t want any of you to worry too much. I have been getting help for these things for the past 5 years and I’ve made immense progress, it just shows up every now and then because, unfortunately, that’s just how depression works. But it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
So again, I’m very sorry and I hope this clears things up. I can’t thank you all enough for the kindness you’ve shown me, and even with these little difficult moments, I still love running this blog with all my heart. Thank you friends ❤