you is romantic enough ok

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(I really don't want to step out of line, but I just wanted to say that finding only male fictional characters and celebrities (aka some you could never have anwyay) attractive, but not males 'closer' to you, is a quite common experience of compulsory heterosexuality (or -romanticism). If I may give some advice, I would, if I were you, try to imagine being in a relationship with first a man, then a woman and see if any of those felt right? 1/2

Like, for me, imagining myself with a man felt forced and in some way ‘off’, while with a woman it was easy and made feel slightly giddy and like I wanted that. I don’t know if this works for others, and in any way, I wish you the best of luck with figuring out (it’s horrible, I know), and I am so sorry if I in any way overstepped my boundaries. 2/2

dkhfjdhf ok i googled what ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ is n i dont think thats it??? i think/??? i just like the thought of dating apollo justice from ace attorney dfhkjdhfksjdhfka

i tr i e d imagining myself being with a man but i cant visualize it right??? does that mean anything 

ive ,, definitely,,, thought of being in a relationship with a girl tho and i Want