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Good night 😴

How we woke up this morning
Santa and leopard print

Nagata’s jersey was short LOL

Thank you for the hospitality~!!


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Autumn Headcanons !

That’s right. I hate fall but APH Lithuania sure doesn’t so I’ve compiled some cozy, fuzzy headcanons to commemorate our sweater boy. 

1) Liet has an uncanny talent for soothing babies. He sees a strung-out mom on the metro and offers to hold her baby because he’s a portable bassinet and let’s be real he just wants to be a cool dad. Instant naptime.

2) Champion of the how-many-dogs-can-I-fit-on-the-bed-before-I-end-up-on-the-couch game.

3) Lithuania’s one of those readers who enjoys nestling down with a good book next to the stove on a chilly, grey day – but he’s also one of those readers who clocks out after about 10 min (because we all know he’s not actually sleeping when he should be).

4) In public? the image of proper business attire: polished shoes, impeccable tie, tailored suit, even a secret pocket protector because he’s a nerd. At home? all flannel pullovers and sweaters and denim because jeans weren’t a thing in the Soviet Union and he’s living it up now lemme tell you. 

*and when I say home I mean a cozy little cabin in the countryside where no one will find him after business hours. If he’s not in his Vilnius residence consider him gone. GONE.

5) He still catches himself talking to the fireplace because those old pagan habits die hard.

6) During the fall he tends to take on the scent of baked bread, spices, and mulled wine because he is Kitchen King but he also takes on the scent of wood stove because he’s cheap and no one will ever convince him that central heat is worth the investment no one.

7) The sweater situation. is very bad. The 80s never really ended for him and he’s just lucky that alpaca sweaters have recently recirculated into fashion. Now he thinks he’s a trend setter. Poland disagrees.

can we get a movie makeover one day that doesn’t rely on straightening the hair and giving the girl contacts, please

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Every single one of Bruce’s children once witnessed his socialite persona for the first time, and to this day, not a single one of them has fully recovered from the shock. They met him while he was in Batman Mode. They knew him as serious and stern, and he spent the entire trip to the event complaining because he was missing prime crime-fighting hours. There was a five minute monologue about the soul of Gotham City?
  • But then the second he stepped into the ballroom it was all “hey everybody I’m so glad you could come WHY JANE I haven’t seen you in six months and that clutch is incredible c’mon folks let’s go play cards! Have you met my new ward?”
  • The ward in question: ????? ??? ?? ??? ? W h a t ??? ?
  • Anyways Bruce Wayne is fake and they have been living in a house of lies
  • Dick spent a full year trying to convince Damian to act polite, if only to maintain his cover, but nooooo, it was always “my father wasn’t nice so why should I be?” And then Bruce came back from the abyss of time and Damian saw him doing his thing at a party.
  • “So he’s… acting? So he can manipulate them?” “I guess” “Understandable. It’s a good strategy. I will develop my own persona.”
  • First of all? Dick spent a year trying to get that done. Second, his family is terrible and none of them should ever be role models 

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