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 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 2 506

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, cussing, mature

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A/N: if people like this, I’ll make another part. it won’t be a long series, though. this will probably be cliché af. but please, pretty pretty pretty please tell me what you think. THANKS.

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Georgia O'Keefe was one fascinating person…

If you’re a classic art aficionado, you’ll recognize my reprint of a famous Georgia O'Keefe painting.  She was famous for her paintings of oversized flowers that evoked images of female genetalia.  So, unless you’ve been living in a cave since you were five (or only playing video games – same thing…), you will certainly recognize what this painting is.   If not, it’s a black orchid, you idiot.  Now get your mind out of the gutter.

I love people who break barriers that help open up the human soul and improve our lives.  Georgia O'Keefe was one such woman, and she was light years ahead of her time.  She was born in 1887 and lived 100 years.  She really hit her stride in the late 1920s and 1930s, when she left NYC for New Mexico - the land of enchantment (before Walter White made it the land of meth…).  She was a transformational influence on the art world, and society in general.

Think of those times, when sexuality was repressed.  She brought it front and center into highbrow society, in a magical and erotic way.  And to think all this from a woman who looked much like Lyndon Baines Johnson in drag.  (Go ahead and google it, there are thousands of sites.  Go on, do it!!   Haha, made you look….  But do check out her later life pictures and tell me if you can’t see a more liberated LBJ looking back at you.)

I love the historic mavericks in U.S. history, particularly the women who broke down stereotypes.  Women like Julia Morgan, the brilliant architect from California who designed so many epic buildings around the same time that Georgia was rocking the art world.  Fortunately their impacts are highly visual, and permanent.  

Side note:  You probably know how I love vintage fashion, and I picked up this incredible slip last week from a local thrift store.  It’s definitely silk, the high quality ‘raw silk’ type that has that has that unmistakable texture.  The label was removed, so I can’t tell if it’s vintage or modern.  It has all the attributes of a classic vintage piece, down to the subtly beautiful embroidered floral pattern in the bodice.  It’s also small as hell, which makes me think it might have been made many decades ago.

It will remain a mystery, much like Georgia.  

Camera Days!-SFW
Camera Days!-SFW

[The First Day] Otabek has the camera!

Otabek: [Recording and whispering in Yuri’s ear] Look at the camera! Come on.

Yuri: Get that damn camera off of my face! I’m trying to sleep.

Otabek: I’m making memories.

Yuri: You see me sleeping every damn night, nothing’s gunna change.

Otabek: I love you, kitten.

Yuri: I love you too, you idiot. [laughs] Now get that camera out my face!

[Another Day] Otabek has the camera!

Otabek: Babe, look over here!

Yuri: Again? No, stop pointing that thing at me!

Otabek: Come on, you look so pretty in your swimsuit.

Yuri: Turn that thing off or else I’ll show you how much prettier I can get…

[Yet Another Day] Yuri has the camera!

Yuri: Haha! Beka, look at all the cats on you!

Otabek: Yura, they are climbing in the helmets, careful!

Yuri: [giggling] Otabek, give that one a kiss! Look, he wants to cuddle!!

Otabek: [face covered by kitties] mmpphh!!

Note: This was so cute and fun to do what the heck <3 thanks to that cute lil anon for the idea!!

Sick Omega Headcanons

-Sick Omegas like to wear multiple layers of their Alpha’s clothes, it helps keep them warm while also soothing them by being full of the Alpha’s scent

-Alphas don’t let their Omegas do very much when they are sick, any chores or errands they will do themselves to ensure that their Omega is able to rest and recover

-A sick Omega being really crabby and constantly criticising the way their Alpha is doing things until eventually the Alpha runs out of patience and just scoops them up, puts them in their nest and then curls up behind them and tells them to go to sleep, holding them close while running their fingers through the Omega’s hair and crooning softly until they finally relax

-A sick Omega being too tired to shower so their Alpha fills the tub with hot water and bubbles and insists they take a bath together so the Omega won’t fall asleep and drown, the Omega agrees because they know the bath will include hair washing, shoulder massages, little neck kisses and praises because their Alpha is always very doting when they get sick

-Naturally Alphas always feel bad when their Omega is sick but secretly they kind of enjoy it because they adore having their mate so dependent on them

-An Alpha who is a terrible cook trying to make food for their sick Omega but something burns and the smoke detector is going off and their sleepy Omega wanders in, looks at the remainder of the burnt goop and very “kindly” points out that the food will just make them sicker before grabbing a banana and going back to bed…the whole time mentally swooning about how sweet their Alpha is for trying

-An Alpha constantly running blankets, hoodies, and socks through the dryer to ensure that their sick Omega is kept as warm as possible

-Omegas demand a lot of cuddling and naps, but even more so when they are sick, if they want to cuddle they will force themselves out of bed to find their Alpha, silently drag them away from whatever they are doing, pull them down into the nest and just collapse on top of them to keep them from getting up again, the Alphas never mind though

-Sick Omegas become very restless if they aren’t allowed to be up and doing things so their Alphas will keep giving them little gifts to keep them busy and relaxed like movies, books and puzzles

-Lazy movie days with a lot of hot drinks and long naps and the Omega repeatedly saying “we are NOT making out right now you idiot, you’ll get sick too”

Figured I should draw someone who isn’t Frank. Have an Alex.

He has scars all up his arms and probably all over his body cus he’s a dumb shit. That is all.

Don’t Make Empty Threats.

Pairing: Gratsu. 

Summary: After a fire spell gone wrong, Natsu is forced to reluctantly ask Gray to stay the night at his place. One Shot.

A/N: My first ever Gratsu One Shot (Hopefully more to come in the future too) So I do apologise if anything is OOC, let me know if it is.

Special thanks to @kiss-me-khaos for always being a supportive Beta reader ^-^ Read the story on FF.Net too! 

“I hate this. Of all the people it had to be you.” Throwing his bag into the corner of the room, he pushed one hand through his hair as he moved towards the bed.

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Hello. May I request Oikawa burst into his little sister room only to see they are in a very compromising position with Kageyama + Iwaizumi + Ushijima (they are dating and she has told Oikawa but he's too distracted that he just nod and didn't actually listen)

Oikawa Tooru, professional cockblock

Warning: slight NSFW (like so minimal you’d need a magnifier)

Under read more cause of length

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Missy & Eight or MacQueen!Master & Twelve.

He comes to and realises he’s probably made a huge mistake somewhere along the line. For one, he’s strapped into a — thing, all made of claws and spikes and bits poking into him. He can’t move his legs, nor his fingers, and that’s usually a sign his day isn’t going very well and is about to get worse. 

Secondly, there’s a pair of the bluest eyes he’s seen in a while staring right into his own, and there’s a pair of bright red lips below them, and as his vision wobbles back into focus he realises there’s an unfamiliar, happily chatting, altogether very excited incarnation of the Master attached to all of the above. “— should have seen the both of us,” she’s telling him, and her hands are plucking away at his coat lapels. “Mmmpfhfhfpffff,” he replies, indignantly, intending to convey “get me out of here right now you absolute idiot” but not getting very much of that across. Something clamped over his mouth, sticky and cold against his skin. 

It gets her attention, anyway, and she grins at him very happily. “You’re awake!” she exclaims (and he takes a moment to register her unexpected new accent, wonders if he’s managed to set a trend in his own past life) and moments later she’s got her long fingers all tangled up in his hair, fluffing it up like she’s playing with cotton candy. “What a sight you are, too, with your hair and your leather coat and your pretty little face — such a shame I didn’t catch you a bit earlier, I remember these locks being so nice and long when you just got this precious body — but I’ll take you any way you are, don’t you know?” He scowls at her, tries to wriggle his fingers, but whatever’s holding him is expertly secured. ”Mppfghfff,” he tries again, meaning “is there any point to this, Master, or were you just so tired of being bald you regenerated out of sheer boredom,” and this time she looks so offended, he thinks she understood him perfectly fine. She even pouts a bit. He tries to remember the last time he saw the Master pout

“Right,” she continues, “as I was saying,” which she hadn’t been, not while he was awake, anyway, “I’ve decided to take a leaf out of your book and get a bit naughty with my personal timeline.” She’s still got her hands tangled in his hair, pulls at a few strands absent-mindedly. The word “personal” sounds about as Scottish as it gets from her mouth, to the point where he’s starting to suspect she’s having a laugh at him and might not actually be any kind of Scottish whatsoever. “Mmmpff,” he retorts, mockingly, “mmff, mm mppffght.” He hopes she understands it as “I get the feeling you don’t really need me for this conversation, mind if I take another nap?” But she ignores that, tells him, “So I gathered up a few of my own favourite incarnations — skipped the ones that were too badly damaged, you know how it is, but I got my favourite selves together and threw a big party for you.”

He blinks at her.

"Well, I say party, when it was more of a multi-dimensional solar system takeover,” she adds, dragging one finger along his jaw and smiling very sweetly. He blinks again. He hates it when she’s actually effective at what she does, it always ends up with him having to restore the universe or, failing that, with a massive headache. “And so,” she babbles on, hand cupping his chin in what he hopes is going to be the full extent of her affections for today, “that rather handsome incarnation of me — you know, with the impeccable taste in hats — as we speak, he’s bothering my very favourite you, out there. You should have seen the both of us — ooh, it’s like watching spiders mate, the way they bicker and fight!” A delighted grin, spreading across her face, as though she’s telling him a naughty secret. She even closes her eyes with glee for a moment, entirely fails to see Liv sneaking up behind her and signalling frantically at him to keep the woman talking. 

"Mmghgpphhhfff?” he asks, which he hopes comes across as either “you’re as mad as a Drashig, did you know?” or “absolutely fascinating, would you care to tell me more?” with his best effort at an encouraging expression. It’s enough to distract the Master for a few moments longer, as somewhere in his peripheral vision, Liv finally cuts the power of the whatever-it-is he’d been strapped into. He shakes off his restraints, hears the Master fumbling about in the dark and cursing in a decidedly unladylike way, feels Liv’s hand taking his own, and rushes off with her as fast as he can — into a twisted universe which, he hopes, he can somehow set right again. 

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Imagine Derek hears some girls telling you that no guy would ever want someone as fat as you so he kisses you in front of them.

——— Request for anon ———

He’d gotten tired of waiting. Usually, you were out the door as soon as the bell rang, but today he had waited in his car much longer than he’d ever had to before. It didn’t take long to find you, and he was not happy with what he found.

“Please, just let me leave,” Derek heard you squeak as he rounded a corner.

“Its no surprise you don’t have a boyfriend,” a girl scoffed, having cornered you against a locker with her group of friends.

“Yeah, as if a guy would want a fatty like you,” another spat, only pushing you further to tears.

He startled them with his voice, “I don’t know, I like having something to hold on to.” Their jaws drop as he strides past them to you, looking relieved by his sudden appearance. Before you could say anything, he had his lips on yours. Breaking the kiss, he wipes at your tears, “You okay?”

“Derek,” you begin, before nodding in response.

He rounds on the dumbstruck idiots, “Now, get out of my way. I’ve got to take my girlfriend to dinner.”

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Oikawa sees the reader do something embarrassing and agrees not to tell anyone if she'll go out with him for a month. If she falls in with him, he'll tell. (He doesn't plan to tell, he just wants to tease her bc he acutely has a p huge crush on her) she agrees bc no way in hell will she fall for him (she does)

((I don’t actually know how long this is going to get bc i have a lot of ideas so bear with me.

~Admin Abel))

Excuse me?” You scowled, arms folding across your torso. 

“I said - I won’t tell anyone. But you have to date me for a month. Thirty one days.”

“….What’s the catch, Oikawa?” 

He grinned wickedly. “If you fall for me, I’ll tell the entire school.” 

“You want me to be stuck with you for a month?”

“It shouldn’t be that hard. Unless you think you’ll fail, ___-chan~” Oikawa cooed, reaching out in an effort to brush a lock of hair behind your ear. Immediately, you swat his hand away with the back of yours, eyes fierce and narrowed. 

“Like hell I would fall for you.”

“Then do we have a deal?”

“Damn right.”

Day 5

Oh! ___, you’re here~!” Oikawa cheers, running away from the team to come and greet you at the gymnasium doors. “I’m glad.” The smile on his face is so tender and genuine that, for a moment, your heart skips a beat, and you have to remind yourself that you’re in the middle of a bet. 

“Yeah, well. Had to come see my boyfriend, didn’t I?” Oikawa had…made it common knowledge the very day after you agreed to his bet, letting everyone know - as you walked arm in arm - that you were his ‘pretty little ___-chan’. 

“Ahhh, you’re so sweet~!” He laughed, winding an arm around your shoulders, and it’s hard for you to resist the warmth that his body offers. “Come on! We’re just about to have a practice match. I can wow you with my skills.” He winks at you, and you allow yourself to laugh, lightly smacking his chest with the back of your hand. 

“Dream on, Oikawa.” He grins at your rebuttal, and kisses your temple quickly. “Cheer for me, ___~!” He waves to you as he steps on the court, and you can’t help the way you smile when he does.

Day 8

I just don’t get it!” Oikawa whines, throwing himself back on your bed, textbook on his lap. You sigh, laying on your side to poke his cheek with a rather annoyed frown. 

“Oi, shittykawa-”

“Stop hanging around with Iwai-chan!” He complains, a cute pout on his lips as he turns to face you, brown eyes blinking pleadingly up at you. “He’s so mean to me!” 

“Yeah, well, he gets something out of you.”

“But ___, I can give you stuff, too.”

“Don’t even-”

“Lots of kisses~”

“God dammit.” 

He laughs, slinging an arm about your waist as he nuzzles in to your shoulder with a cute little smile. At first, you’re tempted to push him away, tell him to get back to studying, but then; “You know, I feel really happy when I’m with you.”

You can’t find the heart.

Day 12

Seriously, I said I’m not interested!” You shout, ripping your arm away from one of the third years in front of you. He frowns, leaning closer until you’re nearly pushed against the wall. 

“What the hell? You don’t have to be such a bitch about it.”

“Excuse me?! You’re the one acting like a-!” His hands land on your shoulders, pushing you back in to the wall, and you gasp slightly when you thump against the concrete. 

His lips curl in annoyance, brows furrowed. “It’s not because of that idiot Oikawa, is it? Seriously, I could treat you way bett-”

“You think you know my ___-chan better than I do?” You’d recognize that voice anywhere. It startles the boy in front of you long enough for you to pull away, skirting around him to grab Oikawa’s sleeve. He wraps an arm around you, eyes hard as he tilts his chin up, looking down his nose at the teen. “She’s mine. No one knows her as well as I do. If you think you can treat her better, you’re an idiot. Now get out of my sight, and if I catch you harassing her again, I can’t promise I’ll let you off with a warning.” 

The boy stares for a moment, before a ‘tch’ leaves his lips, and he turns on his heel, stalking away. You relax as soon as he’s going, and Oikawa is smiling softly at you, that hard, dangerous look in his eye gone. It’s replaced by something much more tender, almost, dare you say it, loving. “Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah, thanks to you.” You look up at him, and there’s something there you didn’t notice before, something that makes your heart pound and your stomach twist in the most pleasant of ways. 

“I’d never let anything happen to you, silly.” He chuckles. You smile softly, a hand resting on his shoulder as he pulls you in to his arms. 

“….Yeah. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” There’s a quite, pleasant moment between the two of you… “So where’s my reward~?”


It doesn’t last long.

Day 18

“Hey, ___-chan~!” Oikawa is at your side again, a bright grin on his face. “There you are!” He comes to a stop in front of you, and you raise a brow, looking up at him.

“What is it?”

He takes a deep breath, before cupping your cheeks and leaning in close. “___…” You freeze, just before he presses his mouth to yours. It’s soft, tender and gentle, and you find yourself melting in to it. His hands slide down your waist, pulling you against him, and you can’t control the way you dig your fingers in to his hair.

He pulls away a moment later, breathless smile on his face. “____.”

“Mmm?” You’re in a daze - a hazy, lovesick daze.

“….Are you in love with me, now~?”

You snap back to reality, pulling away with tears in your eyes. “Are you kidding me?” He cocks his head to the side, slightly confused. “You did all that just for…for fun?!”

“____, wait, I didn’t mean-”

“Clearly!” You shake a little, eyes watering as you furiously try to push them away. You shouldn’t be crying over this! He toyed with you! But…it hurts. It hurts a lot. “I can see that.” You murmur, pulling away from his hand, reaching out to settle on your shoulder. “Don’t touch me.”

“____, please listen to me-”

“I have no interest in hearing whatever bullshit you have to tell me.” You mumble quietly, shaking your head. “Just…just leave me alone.”

The last thing you hear from him is your name, coming from his lips in a loud shout as you turn your back and run from him - from everything he’s making you feel.

Day 23

“___?” Oikawa calls, stepping in to your house. You curse, frantically wiping at your tears. Shit. You never should have told Iwaizumi how miserable you were. Granted…he’d told you Oikawa was a mess, too - making stupid moves in practice and screwing up most of his plays. His footsteps echo on the stairs, and you find it impossible to stem the tears flowing from your eyes, sleeves hastily pressing at your soaked cheeks.

The door creaks open with a gentle call of your name, and you spin around to face him, hand still raised to your face. Oikawa is quiet for a heartbeat, taking in your flushed cheeks and teary eyes. “I-I-” He doesn’t even let you finish. He’s crossing the room in two large strides, gathering you up in his arms and squeezing you tight against his chest, fingers nearly touching his elbows. 

His face is buried in your shoulder, and he doesn’t say a word - you’re glad. In this state, you don’t think you could get out a word. Instead, you cling to him, shaking and sobbing and wishing that he’d never leave you alone again. 

At some point, you’ve both made it to your bed, and he’s laying on his back with your head on his chest. One of his hands it slowly brushing through your hair, the other holding you to him. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No. I just…stay here with me. Please.”

Oikawa smiles softly and kisses the top of your head. “Any time. I’ll always be here, ___.” 

Day 29

It’s almost over, you realize, looking at the date. Two more days and then…everything is over. The thought makes you hurt. Sitting at your desk, you frown, looking out the window as you grip at the shirt over your heart. 

Why…does the thought of leaving him hurt so badly? You couldn’t have actually fallen for him, right?  

“___-chan~!” His voice rings out, and you look up immediately, catching him standing at the door to your classroom. He’s already in his practice clothes, one hand holding the bag over his shoulder. “C’mon, let’s walk to practice together!” 

Your heart skips a beat, and you can’t control the smile on your lips as you stand up, slinging your bag over your shoulder and making your way over to him. When he slides his hand in to yours, you can’t stop the heat that blooms inside your stomach, nor the way you lean up against him, eagerly awaiting the kiss he always leaves on your forehead. 

Somewhere along the way…you had fallen in love with him, you realize. But…you couldn’t really tell him, could you…

Day 31

“It’s over now, ____. So tell me. Have you fallen for me, yet?” 

You’re both standing in the courtyard, the setting sun behind him and illuminating the highlights in his hair. Even in the dimness, his eyes sparkle brightly. He’s serious for the moment, no hint of a joking smile anywhere on his face. 

You can’t speak. He looks so good, from the eyes that you could stare in to for hours, to the arms that held you while you cried, to the chest that had temporarily been your pillow. The hands that were so warm against yours. The hands that picked you up off the ground, that brushed back your hair and wiped away your tears. God, you were so in love with him. 

“___?” There’s a trace of confusion on his face, now, and you smile - it furrows his brows in the cutest way. He snaps his fingers in front of your face, and you finally jerk back to reality, looking up at him with a slight shock. 


He chuckles. “It’s okay. But….what’s your answer?”

Your lower lip trembles, and you look away. “You win.” You mutter. 

“W-What?” His eyes widen. 

“I said you win.”


“I love you, Oikawa. Christ, it fucking hurts so much, but I….” You’re shaking, at this point, and all he wants is to wrap you in his arms, but he wants to hear what you have to say, first. “I can’t stop it. I didn’t want to. So go ahead. Tell the school. I probably won’t be able to stay mad at you anyways.”

He regards you silently for a moment, before shaking his head and speaking in a soft, tender tone. “I didn’t plan on telling the school.”

You furrow your brows, confused, as you look up at him. “What?”

“I was never going to do something like that to you. I wanted to just…spend time with you.” He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Oikawa, why didn’t you just ask me to hang out?”

“You don’t get it, do you?”

Confused, you cock your head to the side. “You’re so beautiful, ____. It’s intimidating.”

You laugh, and he puffs out his cheek, frowning. “S-Sorry, sorry.” You gasp a little, shaking your head with a grin. “It’s just that…Oikawa Tooru, the most sought after guy here, is nervous around a simple girl?”

“Not just a simple girl.” He takes your hands, holding them softly. “You. You’re far more than some girl, ____. You’re…everything.”

“Sweet talker.” You mumble, flushing darkly. Oikawa chuckles a little, and lets go of one of your hands to brush his thumb along your lower lip.

“I’m just saying what I feel.” He searches your eyes for a moment. “Can I kiss you again? Properly, this time?”

You smile softly and step closer, hands on his chest. “I’d like that.”

Oikawa smiles again, leaning in and pressing his mouth to yours. It’s slow, tender - and you can feel everything he’s trying to say through the way his lips move against yours. His hands are on your waist, sliding around to the small of your back, holding you against him to the point it feels like you’re one.

When he pulls away, it’s with a soft sigh, breath hot against your lips. “____?”

“Yes?” Your head is on his chest, arms around his shoulders as you hold him, delighting in the fact that you’re not alone in this.

“I love you, too.”

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Akaashi, kageyama, sugawara, yaku, Oikawa, and futakuchi's s/o reveals their deepest feelings towards them while they were asleep but in fact, they were awake?

{i’m currently in the process of reading the manga so i can’t write for Akaashi just yet and what i write for Yaku and Futakuchi might be a bit OoC but i’ll do my best! i did it so they reveal how they felt to their s/o because it was a bit easier}

Sugawara would be lying down next to his partner and when he noticed they were asleep he’d let out a soft sigh and say something along the lines of ‘You’ll never know how much you really mean to me’ with a smile on his face. He’d get quite red and embarrassed when his partner replied with ‘I do now.’ He wouldn’t be sure if it had actually happened because his partner hadn’t even opened their eyes. 

Kageyama wouldn’t say to much. He’d just mutter an ‘I love you’ under his breath before staring down at them adoringly. He’d get quite the shock when his partners eyes stared back up at him. He was sure they were asleep so he’d be to shocked to be embarrassed about it. His partner would then reply telling him that they felt the same way before closing their eyes once again. Throughout the exchange he’d be to shocked to feel awkward or embarrassed.

Yaku would react quite similarly Suga. He’d be lying down next to his partner and struggling to sleep. He’d turn to his sleeping partner with a caring smile before saying something along the lines of ‘I love you more than anything else.’ He’d get quite the shock when a smile came onto his partners face and they opened up their eyes. His partner would reply with ‘I know and I love you to’ before placing a soft kiss on his cheek and closing their eyes once again.

Oikawa would be sitting up late with his partner while watching videos of the upcoming teams they would be playing. His partner would be asleep on his bed by the time he had finished so he’d quietly start cleaning up and occasionally glance at his partner with a soft smile before saying something like ‘You really do mean the world to me.’ His partner would open their eyes and reply with ‘I know that you idiot. Now get in bed’ causing him to let out a small laugh before cuddling up with his partner.

Futakuchi would wake up in the morning before his partner. Noticing that they were still asleep a smile would come onto his face as he stared at them. He’d mumble something like ‘I really do love you’ before rolling to lay on his back and closing his eyes. He’d get quiet the surprise when he partner moved so they could lay on top of him and pull him in for a loving kiss. His partner would pull back from the smiling boy before replying with ‘And I really love you. Now go brush your teeth.’

Changeroom Chatter: Teen Wolf (Brett Talbot)

This is for the anonymous that requested it. I REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!

WARNINGS: mild language, fluffy af
PROMPT: After Brett realizes you heard him talking smack about you he comes to your house to explain himself.

Your good friend Brett Talbot had left his jacket in your classroom. You were outside the boys change room with the intention of returning it because you really liked Brett. You desperately wanted to be more than friends but you weren’t sure if felt the same way so you decided to lay low with your feelings but you found yourself eavesdropping in on an odd conversation. When you heard your name you immediately stopped and waited outside the door, listening to the masculine voices. You recognized Brett’s voice. You couldn’t put a name on the other one, but it clearly knew yours.

“So,” The mystery boy said. “you have the hots for Y/N, don’t you?” Your heart rate picked up but you heard Brett scoff.

“No,” He said “we’re just friends.” Your heart sunk.

“I’ve seen the way you act around her, you’re completely in love and if you don’t admit it,” The boy chuckled. “I will have to admit it for you.” Once again your heart fluttered. You figured if they toyed with your emotions anymore your heart would simply stop, or explode.

Brett’s voice dropped to a tone of seriousness, full of anxiety that he tried to cover with more chuckles. “Dude, I’m serious, I hate her. She’s annoying and clingy and I really can’t stand her, I only hang out with her because Satomi thinks it’s good for me.” Your heart definitely felt like it was exploding at that point, leaving a black charred void in your chest. You stepped into the changeroom and set the jacket down on a bench.

“It’s good to know that.” You said, looking up at Brett with tears in your eyes. Brett and the other boy whipped their heads around, you still didn’t know the boy but figured he was on Brett’s lacrosse team. Brett’s face shifted from terror to a silent plea. You immediately turned around and left the school, heading home.

Once you got there you threw open the door and ran to your room. You sat down at the foot of your bed, buried your head in your hands and began to cry. Brett hated you. You’ve loved him for months and he hates you. He had lied to you, viciously, and it depressed the hell out of you. You suddenly heard the door opening and painfully remembered that you hadn’t locked it. You ran downstairs and found Brett standing solemnly just inside the door frame.

“What the hell are you doing here Brett? You spat.

Brett hung his head. “I didn’t mean for you to hear that.” This made you laugh right out loud and caused your heart beat to grow louder.

“Of course you didn’t want me to hear it you idiot. Now get out of my house.” You said, shoving Brett backwards. You stepped forward and tried to close the door but his hand stopped it.

“Y/N stop.” He pleaded. He suddenly noticed the tears streaming down your face. “Y/N please-” He reached forward with his free hand, attempting to wipe the tears from your cheeks but you dodged his hand.

“No Brett! You lied to me saying that you enjoyed my company when you really hate me! I don’t even understand why the hell you’re here if you find me clingy and annoying!”

Brett finally snapped. “BECAUSE I DON’T! He yelled. This confused you.

"What are you talking about?! If you’re going to tell me that what you said to that kid was fake and that you didn’t mean it I don’t want to hear it Brett. I really don’t! So leave!” You tried to push the door closed but Brett’s excessive strength kept it open.

“But it’s true!” He yelled, his voice cracking. “I didn’t mean anything that I said to him!”

“I still don’t believe you!” You shouted back shaking your head.

“The only reason I said those things was because-” He had to stop, his voice growing softer. “because I love you.” You still couldn’t believe him but your heart fluttered anyway.

“You don’t mean that.”

“I do Y/N, I really do!” He continued to plea. “If I admitted that I was in love with you he would have told the team and they would have told you. I wanted you to hear it from me, not some rowdy lacrosse players who would deliver the news in the worst way! I had to say those things so that he would believe me!” You suddenly came to terms with the fact that he truly wasn’t lying to you.

“You really mean it?” You said quietly, no longer pushing on the door. “You love me?” Brett nodded his head. All of a sudden you felt like you could breath again. He meant it. Brett truly meant what he was saying.

“Y/N ever since I first saw you at Devenford Prep I’ve loved you. Your beautiful face, your intelligence, your smile, oh my god Y/N your smile gives me chills.” This all caused you to smile, in turn causing Brett to smile. He lunged forward and hugged you, pulling you into his chest.

You let out a little chuckle. “So, you’re sure you don’t find me clingy and annoying.” Brett placed a kiss on your forehead.

“I think you’re the exact opposite Y/N. I want to spend every single day with you.”


YAAAY special thanks to whoever requested this imagine! I really hope I lived/wrote up to your expectations! Please don’t be shy and send me any requests so I can do this more and tailor my writing to your wants and needs! I love you all and hope that you’ve had wonderful days, nights, and workbreaks! PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUTS!

-Emma (my-little-wolfies)
Imagine This...

For a imagine, How about Peter and you are being chased by pirates and you have to climb up a tree to hide from them, and you end up sitting in front of him and peter is behind you, to make the most of the small space with the branch. because he dropped his pixie dust. and he’s been your long time friend you’ve had a crush on, so you grind on him and he asks you to stop because the pirates might notice. (I would love to see this, maybe some smut? 3;) I do have copyright

(Sorry I really had no idea how to make this into a smut if they are both in a tree with a branch that can barely hold the both of them. I feel like if they were to try it would more than give away their location and then this would turn into a longer imagine then I can handle lol and sorry if it sucked I’m still trying to get myself motivated to write more imagines. Also I have one more final to take before I can write longer ones.)

You idiot, how the hell are we supposed to get out of here now?” You angrily exclaimed while hitting Peter who was currently sitting behind you. Peter and you had stolen some treasure from the pirates and were on the run from Hook and his crew. Peter had brought some pixie dust along so that the both of you would have been able to fly back to camp but he had dropped it on the ground while you were both running away.

“I think I heard someone, this way!” You heard one of the pirates exclaim as you could hear their footsteps coming closer. Peter put a hand over your mouth to keep you quiet. The moment you both looked down there were a few pirates walking beneath you before walking away trying to figure out your location. Once they walked away he slowly removed his hand from over your mouth.

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There are extra dialogues in the K Illustration BOOK.

“Haa, haa… Hn. You shrieked like no there’s no tomorrow. Oi, don’t you take a break now. Let’s get out of this idiotic dream already. (For real, whose dream does this even belong to..)” - Fushimi Saruhiko

“Hh, zee… T-that’s all of them, yeah? Heh, it takes a great more than just a bunch of zombies to take down the Yatagarasu from HOMRA. (Tch.. As expected, teaming up with this guy speeds up the job a lot.)” - Yata Misaki

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