you identify as pizza

If Soul Society had BuzzFeed...

Author’s choice list. :)

If BuzzFeed had a branch in Soul Society, what sort of articles might appear?

1. 15 Almost Erotic Photos for Anyone Who Loves Really Big Swords

*licks computer screen*

2. 19 Struggles Anyone Who Lost to Kurosaki Ichigo Understands

“Why do I suddenly want to be his friend???”

3. These Pictures of Hitsugaya Yelling Are Totally You


4. Can You Identify The Gotei-13 Captains By Their Feet?

5. Can You Identify These Arrancars By Their Pecs?

Warning: all pectal arrancar numbers have been photoshopped out!

6. 23 Pictures That Will Make You Say “Me As A Lieutenant”

*My face when I realize kido training was basically useless*

7. 18 Times Aizen’s Hair Lock Was Totally Relatable

*curls sassily*

8. 11 Pictures Every Non-Seated Officer Will Totally Relate To

“Why are we trying to arrest a cat, anyway?”

9. Can You Guess Which Hollow Is More Dangerous?

Can you survive this quiz?

10. 16 Times Ulquiorra Asked The Questions You’ve Always Had

Where DO emotions come from?

11. Can We Guess Your Rank Based On Your Drink Preferences? 

Coffee or tea?

12. The Captains And Lieutenants Have New Hair Styles: And They Are Totally Killing It 

We don’t know why they all went to the hair stylist together, but we are definitely on-board.

13. 21 Times Yachiru Was Literally The Cutest

Cutest lieutenant, or cutest shinigami overall?

14. Literally Just The 14 Best Ideas the WSRA Has Ever Had

A pool on Kuchiki’s property? Sign me up!

15. Photos That Prove That Grimmjow Is Actually A Giant Kitty

We’re not saying he purrs…but he probably purrs.

16. Only True Kuchiki Byakuya Fans Will Get More Than 20% On This Quiz

Do you know his favorite fruit?

17. Inoue Orihime Shared Her Favorite Recipes With Us

Prepared to be both intrigued and horrified.

18. 18 Secrets Squad 4 Never Tells You

Ever wondered what the sewers are really like?

19. Can You Make It Through This Post Without Spending 2000 Yen?

Urahara’s Shop has new merchandise in!

20. 20 Ways the Rukongai Is Literally The Best

Poverty and hollow attacks and missing family members aside, it’s basically the best.

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