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Also, do you know a spell to help me spell spell in a spelling spelling? I will let you think about that for a spell.

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BTS Reacting To Their Small S/O Wearing Their Hoodies And Eating Candy


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 Taehyung would bound over to his S/O with the biggest grin on his face, jumping onto the couch beside them like an excited puppy. He’d pull them into his arms, holding them tightly against him as he coos over how adorable they are. He’d even rock them back and forth, pressing kisses to their face and pinching their cheeks with a chuckle. And unsurprisingly, he’d attempt to swipe some candies for himself and wouldn’t be hesitant to resort to any kind of measure to get them. “Ah, jagiya, I’ll do it if you don’t give me any! “KIM TAEHYUNG, IF YOU GIVE ME A WET WILLY, I WILL KICK YOU OUT OF THIS ROOM FOR A YEAR!”


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Jimin loves seeing his S/O in his hoodie, especially because of how big it is on them. He would probably tease them a little bit, picking them up and cradling them in his arms to rock them like a baby. He would have to dodge a few jabs to the ribs for it. He’d rub noses with them, giggling when they whine at him for bothering them while they were relaxing. “Sorry, sorry, I couldn’t help it! You look too cute not to bother.” In the end, he’d probably cuddle his S/O and feed them pieces of candy when they pout at him.


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Jungkookie would like seeing that his S/O is comfortable enough to wear his clothes. It would get annoying at times, because they wouldn’t return said article of clothing when he needs it, but he’d get over it. Kookie would definitely tease and bother them for their candy, purposefully ignoring their attempts to push him away when he steals pieces of their candy and blowing raspberries at them when they try smack him in annoyance. They’d end up moving away from him, sulking and ignoring him until he comes over with a bag of candy and a kiss as an apology. “Jagiya, you can be such a little kid sometimes you know?” “But you still love me~” “You’re lucky I do.”


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Suga would definitely like seeing his S/O in his hoodie. Although he isn’t a possessive kind of person, he does enjoy seeing his S/O in his clothes. He’d be somewhat similar to Jungkook when it comes to the candy, but would definitely be sneakier when he’s stealing the candy from his S/O. He’d distract them with a kiss and a cuddle, reaching behind them to stick his hand inside the bag and grab as many as he can before he has to pull away. He would laugh when his S/O catches him and sulks, burying their face in his hoodie as they pout. “C’mon jagiya, we can get you some more later.” “But I wanted those ones!” “Aish, you are such a grump sometimes. You’re even worse than me!” “Bite me Min Yoongi!”


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Rapmon would definitely like seeing his S/O wearing his hoodie, especially when they are snuggled up in it like a bundle. He’d cuddle with them, burying his face in their shoulder as they happily munch on the candies. Eventually, he’d ask them to give him some which would spark a small argument between the two that would escalate into a somewhat heated playfight. “Oi, I bought them anyway!” “You bought them days ago, you weren’t even going to eat them!” “Hey, maybe I was going to eat them just now and you got them before I could! Did you think about that?


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Jin would coo over how adorable his S/O is, even whipping out his phone to snap a few pictures to show to the other members later. He would then cuddle up to them, pressing kisses to their face as he sits them in his lap so he can rest his chin on their shoulder. He’d keep his mouth open, squeaking lightly every now and again when he wants a candy put into his mouth, pressing a kiss to his S/O’s cheek when they give him one. “Thank you so much jagiya.”


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Hobi would be almost exactly like Taehyung, barrelling towards his S/O and pinning them down when he jumps on the couch to hug them and fanboy over how adorable they are in his hoodie. He’d take some pictures of them, even a few videos of them munching on the candy just so he could show the other members and gush over how cute they are. He’d still try to sneak some candies, grinning like a madman when his S/O whinges and tries to hide the candy from him. “Hey, lemme have some more!” “No, cause then you’ll try eat them all!” “

Hope you like the reaction dear ARMY! :D So sorry it took me this long to have it done. Please request again sometime, I’d love to hear from you~

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2d's reaction to his s/o being into cosplay? I dont know I just imagine it being super cute....

  • At first he’d be like “oh ok cool” mainly because he doesn’t really know what it is and his attitude towards you is “you do your thing and I’ll support you” so he doesn’t really mind what you do
  • In all honesty, he probably forgets, until he walks in one day to find you doing a mini cos-test, completely decked out in makeup, costume and wig, and honey he screams
  • He thinks a weird colourful stranger has broken into the house and kidnapped you
    • He’d probably try and throw a lamp at you
    • Until you screech at him that it’s only you
  • He’d make you take off the wig to prove it, and ask you loads of questions about your relationship (some of which he doesn’t know the answers to himself) to check that it really is you
  • Once he’s sure, he’d just sort of blink at you and then go “did you do all that make up yourself?”
  • He’d insist on cosplaying with you the next time, and is genuinely sad when he discovers that white sclera contacts don’t exist
  • So you make lists of characters with black eyes/black sclera so he can cosplay with you
  • He also really enjoys sitting and watching you do your makeup, and even helps you out sometimes
  • He asks a lot of questions though
  • “What show are they from? Have you cosplayed them before? Can I see a picture of them? How much did that wig cost? Are you gonna use the waterproof mascara? Can I paint your nails? Can I help you with the makeup?
    • He just wants to be included
  • On April Fools day, you wake up extra extra extra early, grab your black wig, slather yourself in green paint, pop in a red eye contact and grab the hot pink thong you’d had stowed away and slip back into bed beside him
  • His screams wake up the whole house, and the real Murdoc finds it hilarious
  • 2D is less enthusiastic about your cosplays for a good while after that escapade

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2Ds s/o is hella sick and he finds them asleep in the shower (I've fallen asleep in the shower a lot tbh)

A/N: i sleep in the shower when i’m exhausted as fuck, u know how it be homie :/

“You don’t look too good.”

“Huh?” your response is delayed by a few seconds. The conversation that you unintentionally tuned out pauses; 3 pairs of eyes now focused on you.

“Y/N, have you been getting enough sleep?” one of your friends asks you.

You’d been working roughly 24 hours for almost 2 weeks now, and the insane amounts of schoolwork you had waiting at home did nothing to alleviate your stress.

“Yeah…” you respond halfheartedly. Your friends continue to stare at you, convinced only slightly before you continue, “I had midterms this week.”

The group of three let out a simultaneous “Oh.” The conversation switches abruptly to current relationships and you stare down at your meal in front of you, occasionally nodding when you hear your name but your mind is entirely foggy and you remain partially present throughout the entire conversation. The only thing appealing in that moment is the secure comfort of your bed, possibly accompanied with a pair of lean pale arms wrapped snugly around your waist.

Your head leans over to one shoulder as you begin to wonder if the two of you had made plans in advance for him to spend the weekend at your place. He’d briefly mentioned being busy switching gears as he and his bandmates had recently returned back home for one leg of their tour, so you really just kept to yourself this past week. He probably needed to rest more than you did.

You bite your cheek as you realize your busy schedules have kept you both apart for so long and you genuinely missed his presence. A small part of you hoped to see him lounging comfortably on your couch, horror film blaring loudly on your TV, accompanied with a few stolen snacks from your kitchen as he awaited your presence; encouraging you to join him once you returned from your outing. Of course, the chances of that happening would be highly unlikely since he’d been off the grid.

Your thoughts are interrupted once you hear the sound of metal scraping against wood as your friends begin to stand up. The conversation continues as you all pay for your meals respectively; walking and chatting as you make your way to the exit of the restaurant. You bid your friends farewell as they gently remind you to get some sleep this evening before you make your way down the sidewalk in the direction of your home.

When you reach your door, you unlock it eagerly, pushing it open only to reveal complete silence. You frown as you drop your bag on the table to your right; kicking the door closed behind you. You leave your shoes scattered in the entrance before dropping your coat on the floor a few meters in front of them. You reach your room and mentally debate if you should shower first or just plop down on your bed and enter a 14 hour temporary coma. You settle on the shower, as you’d remembered it being rather hot that day and sleeping in a clean bed with the residue of your sweat sounded gross.

Clothes discarded lazily and sloppily on your bathroom floor, you lean your weight against the tile of your shower, letting the warm water soak your hair as it travels down your back. You relax instantly under the warm pressure against your tense and tired muscles, sighing contently as your shoulders fall. Your droopy eyelids flutter shut and you catch yourself slipping against the wall of your shower.

Exhaustion getting the best of you, mentally and physically, you sink down onto the tile below you, resting your head comfortably against the wall as you close your eyes; the warm water streaming down setting the perfect atmosphere to cause you to fall asleep in your shower.

2D makes his way down the hallway of your complex, duffel bag slung over one arm as he searches his bag for the spare key you gave him a couple months ago. To him, it’s a complete mystery as to why you’d allow him to have a key, but refuse to give him a drawer or two to put a few of his things in. He brushes the thought aside as he places the key in its lock, pushing the door open only to be met with silence, similar to your encounter earlier that evening. He shuts the door behind him and makes his way to your room, tripping on one of your shoes in the process. He places them in their rightful spot, along with your coat before he drops his bag onto your bed, calling your name out as he discards his own shoes and jacket.

When you don’t respond he glances over at your closed bathroom door for a moment before making his way over. His knuckles carefully rut against the wood as he calls your name again, the only sound emitting from the bathroom being the constant stream of water coming from the showerhead. He experimentally twists the knob, surprised to find it unlocked before pushing the door open.

“Y/N?” he speaks again, this time a bit uneasy. His mind begins to create the worst case scenario as he approaches your shower curtain, hand reaching out slowly before he pulls it to the side.

The corner of his mouth twitches when he finds you slumped in the corner of your shower, sleeping soundly and completely soaked. He shuts off the water and looks down at you and he tries his best not to laugh, but he can’t help the loud snort that sounds in your bathroom. You jump when you hear the sound, looking up at your boyfriend; dazed and confused.

“Sorry,” he apologizes as he hides his laughter as best as he can but his bouncing shoulders give him away.

You look around your bathroom and back at him before your mind fully registers what’s going on, “What time is it?” you ask as you attempt to get up.

He helps you, holding your arms securely as you step onto the rug outside your shower. He grabs the towel from the rack on the wall before wrapping it securely around you. “It’s a little past 10.” He rubs your back comfortingly, “Why don’t we just call it a night?”

You lay comfortably in your bed, dressed in pajamas and hair still a bit damp from your shower. 2D lays next to you, turned so he’s facing you as he draws mindless shapes on your arm with his fingers. His light ministrations eventually stop when he realizes you’re sound asleep next to him. He brings his hand up to your face, pushing a strand of hair that obscures your face behind your ear. His callused thumb brushes against your jawline as he admires you. He presses a gentle kiss on your forehead before he brings your blanket up to cover you both as he snuggles up against you and enters his own well needed sleep.

A/N: oops

Big Bang React to: Your new tongue piercing


He would admire it as you spoke, flinching a bit when you move it.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

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G- Dragon:

“Oh it’s pretty.. Oh gosh, is it bleeding?” 

He likes it but is too scared to kiss you for a little while. 

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He would love it and help you take care of it until it’s fully healed

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“Ouch, can you speak with it or is it too painful?”

Worried you’re in pain 

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“Can you eat? How bad did it hurt? Did you cry?”

Would ask a million questions

“You’re so brave! I couldn’t do that, I’d be way too scared.” 

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Hihi. Could I ask for some angst pls? As the 1st year anniversary approaches, Ushijima's female s/o has a realization and tells him, “I couldn’t make you fall in love with me. I thought I could do it, I really did, but… But I know you… And this isn’t love.”

I don’t know why, but I feel like I can write good angst for Ushijima..

It came as a shock when Ushijima actually accepted your confession. He was quiet and reserved while you were more talkative and outgoing, you’d never think he’d accept it, though you kinda knew it was a one sided love.

You spent the next few months trying to woo Ushijima over even though the two of you were dating, you just knew that he wasn’t in love with you. 

You were desperate for his love, you did everything for him. Attended all his games and cheered for him, walked with him home, made him small bento, everything. 

But it still didn’t work.

“What are you trying so hard for? You’re already dating!”

“He always acts like that, don’t think too much of it!”

“He’s just too shy to tell you he loves you, I can tell he loves you.”

You sat on your bed thinking about what everybody said to you when you tell them you wanted to win him over some more, but even you could tell he wasn’t in love with you.

Why were you trying so hard for his love when you knew he never loved you back? 

Tears filled your eyes as you looked at old pictures of you and Ushijima. You looked so happy but you remember all the effort you put into that date to make Ushijima happy. 

Everything was going to waste.

Looking out the window, you let out a sigh as you thought about your anniversary tomorrow. It was surprising but also nice to know that you made it through one year, but none of it really mattered anyway..

As you met up with Ushijima early in the morning before school started, you asked him to meet you in front of the gates after his practice ended and like always, he agreed.

The sun began to set as you looked up at the orange sky, eyes gazing over the multiple colors that made the day so beautiful. You turned around when you heard a group of voices chatting away and in front was your boyfriend.

“Hey,” You say happily as he nods at you in acknowledgment. “Let’s get going shall we?” You bid your farewells to the team before you head off with Ushijima, silence surrounding the air around you.

“Happy anniversary (Name),” Ushijima says and you blush a little, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear, “You remembered.” 

The quiet walk continues for a few minutes before Ushijima speaks, “Is there something you want to talk about?” You look up at him before you look back down with a smile, “You could tell huh?”

Stopping in your tracks, you turn to face him and let out a shaky sigh as you hold his large hands. “Wakatoshi-kun, thank you for being my boyfriend. It’s made me really happy.” 

“Of course,” he responds but he notices the tears forming in your eyes as you struggle to spill the words from your mouth, “I’m probably terrible for telling you this today of all days, but I just couldn’t keep it away from you anymore,” you say with an uneven breath.

“When you accepted my confession a year ago, I was ecstatic. I was never so happy before, but as the days passed by, I could tell you weren’t in love with me the way I was with you, so I desperately tried to make you fall in love with me.”

Ushijima listens intently as you share your heart-wrenching story with him. Your small hands shook in his and he could see your body trembling as tears slowly fell from your eyes.

“I couldn’t make you fall in love with me. I thought I could do it, I really did, but… But I know you… And this isn’t love.” Finally, your eyes look up and meet his as you let go of one of his hands to wipe away your tears.

“We can still make this work (Name),” Ushijima responds, but you shake your head. “I don’t want you to force yourself to love me. It should come as a natural thing.” 

Letting go of his hands, you wipe all the tears from your eyes before you smile up at him, “Thank you for this year Wakatoshi-kun and, I’m sorry.” 

Turning on your heel, you pick up your school bag and clutch it tightly as you continue your way home. Ushijima looks down at his hands and notices how some of your tears fell on his hands. 

He didn’t know why, but he wanted to run after you.

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Hi I'm Samantha and I'd like to request a star for myself we been fighting with my girlfriend recently and she's been starting her smoking habit again id really appreciate if I can get one

Hi, Samantha! I hope you like your star ^o^

Fighting with a loved one can be stressful. Just remember to listen to each other, don’t resort to name-calling, speak calmly, and take a break if things get too tense between you.

As for her smoking habit, once you’ve gotten the fight ironed out and resolved, I would talk to her about it. You may have to compromise, but talk to her about why it bothers you and listen when she explains why she started it again.

I hope things go well, friend! Good luck <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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I really want to get animal crossing but there's so many different versions... what is the best for beginners? i hope this doesn't sound stupid...

it’s not stupid! honestly you could pick up any Animal Crossing and get into it easily. New Leaf is my favorite of the series though, it allows the most creative freedom! so I’d recommend purchasing that one.

but the older games are also really great and loaded with nostalgia for a lot of people. if you have emulators or older consoles you should definitely at least try out the GameCube and DS Animal Crossing’s and see how the series has evolved over time. ( o˘◡˘o ) 

A Touch of Comfort 3.

Pairing: Y O O N G I x R E A D E R

Genre: S M U T

Word Count: 2.362

Summary: “I think I’m going blind from your beauty.”


Despite losing all patience with your best friend over the insinuation that you need a boyfriend before you die alone, you realize as more time passes that your blind date is quite impressive. He is no Casanova, but even in an alternate universe, you are certain that someone of that caliber wouldn’t even be close to your type. At first you were unsure if the man sitting before you would even be a good match, as his silent and slightly standoffish demeanor put you off at first. Compared to your positive and more bubbly personality, you figured that the match was an inevitable failure, but as both of you continued to talk, exchanging slight touches underneath the dining table, you realize that you have far more chemistry than you ever could have anticipated. Neither of you seem to notice how quickly time goes by until the entire restaurant nearly clears out of all its occupants.

“We should probably leave before they decide to kick us out.” You suggest, flattening down your skirt and biting your bottom lip.

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it took me a year to say no
a year of crying
a year of endless disappointment
a year of lies and broken promises
why did it take me so long?
why did it take me sobbing and hiccuping and coughing and you telling me to look at you for me to tell you no?
i told you to leave me alone
why didn’t you?
why couldn’t you realize that i hated you?
i wanted you to leave me alone so badly, something i thought i’d never want
why did you pull me into you when i was breaking?
why didn’t you just let me fall apart like you had so many times before?
i’m happy, why can’t i let this go?

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Hon would Sebastian, with the busy schedule he has, deal with his s/o that has separation anxiety?

I wish that I could tell you that Sebastian would be very mindful and cater to his s/o’s separation anxiety and that he’d be checking up on them all the time to see if they’re okay and to make them a drink and rest his hand on the top of their head as he walks passed them on his way out… But that would be out of character. So.

In reality, he wouldn’t be very good with an s/o who has separation anxiety. Sebastian has a very busy life and he’s an independent creature and that sort of co-dependent relationship wouldn’t suit him at all. He already has Ciel, the Manor, his contract and all the cases so he’d be pretty terrible at it. Sebastian’s s/o would generally see him only a few precious moments each day, even if he works harder than he already does for some more time, as well as the nights, and honestly an s/o like that would eventually be a burden to him, much as I’d like to say otherwise.

Black Butler Tags: @theoriginalgodsgirlrachel @ll-kirra-ll @bingewatchingmylifegoby @sky-the-llama

Sebastian Michaelis Tags: @misfitgirl3390 @liemarce @redheadedkillerprincess @niponmirai02

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What do you think about the nordics' type of girl? Both physically and personality?

This is just my personal opinion! If you don’t agree, that’s totally fine. 

Mathias/Denmark: I think he’d like a mid-length height, maybe tall S/O. He would want her to have long hair so he can try to braid it himself. The eye color he prefers is blue or green. Personality wise, he doesn’t care! He just needs to feel loved and wants her to keep up with her energetic tendencies.

Lukas/Norway: I think he’d like a average height height S/O. He would like her with long-ish hair, with her bangs just as long as her hair. The eye color he prefers is green. Personality wise, he would want a quiet and calm S/O who doesn’t need too much physical affection. 

Berwald/Sweden: Since he’s so tall, I think he’d like a short S/O. He would want her to be comfortable with her appearance, so he doesn’t have hardly any specific types physically. The eye color he prefers is blue. Personality wise, he would really need someone sweet and cheerful. He isn’t confident in himself, so she would constantly need to remind him of his worth and her love for him. 

Tino/Finland:  I think he’d like a short S/O, so he’ll be taller. He would want her to have long hair, and is a pro at braiding hair. The eye color he prefers is brown. Personality wise, he would like a confident, strong S/O who can defend herself. He would like for her to know/learn how to use a gun, and it would be a plus if she played sorts too!

Emil/Iceland: Personality wise, I think Icey would probably be a mix between Lukas and Berwald. He’d want her to be calm but also cheerful/sweet since he’s not so energetic himself. He doesn’t care what length her hair is, but really likes hair that’s colored with non-natural colors. He’ll try to braid her hair, but it might be pretty sloppy! How cute

-Mod Kira

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Sterek is NOT the creation of Jeff Davis!!! Sterek came into being through the chemistry between Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O'Brien. Davis had no part in scripting the magical little gestures, expressions, etc. that those two shared that brought Sterek to eternal life. I don't even credit him with casting TH or DOB since that was probably another person's job. The only thing I'll credit Davis with is being one of the few strangers whose neck I'd love to stomp on.

ok wait… why do you sound like I said sterek was a creation of jeff davis? wait what

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Jilli, can you give us any more information on the Gothic Romance mystery box you recieved recently? Do they/will they ship worldwide? I'd really like to ask my S.O for one for my birthday or christmas :)

I don’t have any other information yet, because the (clever, fabulous) person behind the Gothic Romance mystery box is still in prep mode for the second box. As soon as I know more, I will share it with all of you!

! ! ! !    C OM M I S S I O N       U P D A T E      ! ! ! !

I just wanted to update yall on my current commission status and so on.

I’ve been having a few rough months and have lost data and I’ve also had some problems with emails.

If you have not gotten a reply from me in a while, don’t worry, you are not being ripped off.

Please contact me via email: 

P.S. If you wish to commission me, go ahead and contact me via Tumblr or Email :)

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So may I ask for HC for Haru and S/O opening a Coffee shop :3 Fluff please and thank you!

Alrighty, I forgot that today was the day i would get ultimately screwed over by life but im a man of my word, and this was cute asf

- Mod Ouma


- S/O and Haru would have more of a French themed cafe, and she’d also request that the color scheme should be a variety of lilacs.

- The costs would be covered by Okumura Foods, don’t forget that Haru has connections in the food business what with Big Bang Burger and all.

- On the off chance S/O and Haru hire employees, she would never treat them like work slaves like her father did, but she would instead treat them like they were her own children (i imagine employees would be teenagers looking for a job)

- There would be no such thing as a generic cup of joe; each mug of coffee served with have some cute little design and may be accessorized with sprinkles and whipping cream!

- Mom’s usually enjoy bringing their children to the cafe, as hot chocolate and chocolate milk is definitely on the menu! With! Cute! Marshmallows! And Sprinkles!

- The children also love seeing Haru and her marshmallow hair, she is a family favorite.

- S/O and Haru are the cutest couple running the cutest Cafe.

- Be prepared for whipped cream kisses and chocolate mustaches.

- The cafe is bound to have a nice aroma; a clash of fresh coffee beans, chocolate, and the smell of the lilac plants and violets.

- There’s never a dull moment running the cafe by her side.

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that request of the dream where the s.o dies was cool! could i have the same but for ace sabo and marco please? thank you!

Little random: has anyone have those type of dreams where they know they had a nightmare and one bad enough to perhaps make you cry but once awake you can’t recall a thing about it, maybe little things but to know what it was a dream that had you disturbed? They are really weird dreams and ones that honestly get to me for no reason; like I know I just had a nightmare and that something happened but what it was so you’re frightened about it? Sorry enough rambling~ Enjoy~

(I have Sanji here for another person otherwise all three have been answered!)


  • He’s prone to having nightmares once or twice a month but they always center around death and sorrow.
  • Most of the time it’s dreams about his crew dying and/or himself in a case that results from the fact that in those dreams he dies without having to do what he needed done in the first place (does that make sense at all?).
  • He typically wakes up as soon as someone or even himself dies within that dream, always in a sweat. But to have a nightmare where his dearest dies is enough to force himself awake.
  • Once he wakes it takes him a few minutes to process what had just happened and it being but a dream. For reassurance he tries to feel for his partner to comfort him and well hopefully not disturb them.
  • He’ll pull them closer to himself once laying down again and hold them in a tightly (hopefully not enough to kill you 0.o). If awoken he’ll just tease them and make up some white-lie that he just felt like it or something. He doesn’t want to admit why he really was holding them in such a way that a frighten child would onto a dear one.
  • It’s likely that his partner won’t ever find out that he has such dreams and are a reason as to why they wake up in his embrace. If they do he denies it all he can and even will just flat out ignore you with such a topic.


  • Eh whatever, he knows that they are but mere dreams and ones that he’ll forget in given time, though to have one where he knew very well that it was but a dream and was fully aware of what was happening but couldn’t do anything about it? That’s what gets to him.
  • Most of the times he knows when he’s dreaming, no it’s not lucid for that he can’t control it but he knows that nothing is real and/or just goes with it.
  • To feel as if you could’ve done something to save them but not being able to move himself is nightmarish enough. He’ll wake up fully aware that it was not real but he can’t help but to make sure that they’re still there with him and breathing.
  • He loves to feel the rising and falling of his partner’s chest and calms him down when things become too much so that’s simply what he had done. He allows his head just rest and feel comforted by their touch.
  • And at times where he is questioned or so he doesn’t know how to answer it himself, he forgets his dreams quickly. He knows that it was a nightmare but of what? That he cannot recall.


  • He gets them from time to time, never nightmares though, so to have such a dream to him is very overpowering and one that allows him to get emotionally distressed about.
  • Quite similar to Marco and how he dreams but instead Ace is not aware in his dreams but he does have pretty much the same reaction as he does. For that he cannot recollect what he had just dreamt about.
  • He never really latches onto his partner after such a dream; he does get closer to them and hope to sense their heat and just comfort. He’s prone to resting his hand on the side of their face to just allow himself to look at them and more intensely.
  • If caught doing so he’s a flustering mess and one that cannot even say a single word; he’ll calm down eventually but still embarrassed to had been caught caressing their cheek
  • Though he is one that is likely to remember it and certain parts in great detail; he may share to his s/o if they were to ever ask later that day or at the moment if he has just had a nightmare.


  • You kidding me this one is the poster child of having nightmares; particularly more so to do with death.
  • Having dreams about death is his forte; they feel so real to the point where he cannot tell what is reality and a measly dream. He’s become so numb to it that it never shakes him up too much anymore.
  • Though ones that involve his brothers, Koala and/or even his s/o is enough to ruin his night/rest of day. He can’t ever check up on his brothers and well can’t for one of them… he’ll check up on Koala and most likely in the morning as to not freak her out.
  • If one of his s/o he’s quick to jump up and vigorously go to feel for their presences either with a simple touch or a forceful hug depending on how bad it was.
  • He’s not really ashamed to tell what it was that allowed him to grab a hold of his partner but just doesn’t wish to share the details; about the dream that is though he never can remember enough to say what happened

Does anyone ever have those kind of dreams too? Where like they know that they’re dreaming but can’t do anything about it? The feeling of it is extremely weird and just unnatural. Just me? 



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Thank you lovely ladies!

A - age: 32
B - biggest fear: spiders
C - current time: 10:45 am
D - drink you last had: water
E - every day starts with:  having a walk with my dogs, early in the morning
F - favorite song: too many to choose but let’s just say that 80′s music is my guilty pleasure. 
G - ghosts, are they real: probably
H - hometown: Padova, Italy 
I - in love with: cold weather
J - jealous of: Siberian people, I want to live there and be frozen all year.
K - killed someone:  no?
L - last time you cried: I don’t remember
M - middle name:  no middle name
N - number of siblings: one sister
O - one wish: to be left alone by people who can’t mind their own business
P - person you last called/texted: @thegirlfromoverthepond 
Q - questions you’re always asked: how do you do this? 
R - reasons to smile: my SO and friends
S - song last sang:  Grace by Jeff Buckley
T - time you woke up: 6 am
U - underwear color: Purple today
V - vacation destination: No vocations for me
W - worst habit: I can’t stay still and I’m completely unable to relax. I’m always doing a number of things at a time. I should be sedated.
X - x-rays you’ve had: Head/eyes, legs, belly
Y - your favorite food: bread and similar 
Z - zodiac sign: Capricorn

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