you hit me right in the feels

also evan’s interactions with his mom were so hard to watch bc of how close to home it hit….theres a part during so big/so small that evan just collapses into her. he absolutely lets go of himself and she holds him so tight to her and she says shell be there. shes his mom. she loves him. and he lets her hold him & take that weight from him

& this all happens right after he is like “youd hate me if you knew what i tried to do” and she says she feels guilty because “i didn’t know, im youre mom, you shouldn’t have had to tell me. i should’ve just known” and im like are you KIDDING ME!!! im sobbing in the theatre seeing me and my mom on stage & it was so real & it was so cathartic & i saw myself up there

Translation: Life is Good - 03.12

(the song ‘Hjernen er alene’ by deLillos plays, Isak is reading about mania in Wikipedia, we hear him receiving multiple text messages)

Eskild: Hi. You need anything?

Isak: No, it’s fine.

Eskild: It will pass, Isak. (pause) Even though it doesn’t seem that way right now, even though it’s very painful…It’s very painful to feel heartache and you think it’s never going to end, but it does. (pause) But, um, well..let me know if you need someone to talk to or if you need anything.

(Isak nods, Eskild leaves, Isak receives another message)

Multiple messages from Even (quoting the Nas lyrics ‘Cherry Wine’)

(Isak types out a message and hits send)

Isak: Hi Even. I don’t understand anything right now. Stop texting me.

(Message from Isak’s mother)

Isak’s mother:
For my son Isak: I have loved you from the first second I saw you the 21st of June 1999 at 21:21 pm, and I always will, forever.

Oh God, I needed that. Thank you Isak’s mother. <3

Me, after watching Yuri!!! on Ice episode 11:

This episode gave me depression and anxiety.

“hit me up when you feel like it” WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT because isak knows even probably isn’t doing too well right now, he suspects it after the conversation he’s just had with magnus, so although isak probably wants to talk to him right now he is not going to rush him, he’s going to be patient and he’s going to wait until even feels like it because the main thing he wants right now is for even to be okay. he wants that more than he wants to talk to him. and that’s selfless love right there. honestly isak never for a single second stopped loving even 

Stupid Boys Hitting On Me: Part I

Had a guy with an ak-47 tattooed on his neck explain to me why being gay was a sin last night.

Guy: “You know after you two are done doing what you’re doing, there’ll always be a part of you left unsatisfied.”
Me: “Is that so?”
Guy: “Mmhmm, ‘cause only men can make you feel right.”
Me: “So men are the best way to go?”
Guy: “Men are the ONLY way to go.”
Me: “Oh, so you like men too? That’s cute.”

I’ve been waiting years for a guy dumb enough to fall for that one.

Okay but this is so important

FOR ONCE they showed, on TV, what it is like for a lot of people to come out. Not just coming out to other people, but coming out to YOURSELF. 

When you start to notice something, something that feels different, something that feels more right than you have ever felt. When you start to question, and realize “Hey, I might be not straight”. Once you hit that point you can’t stop thinking about it, you try to shut it off but it just bugs you. Then you start to look back “have I ever felt like this before”, you look back at your childhood, at being a teenager, and how you were with your friends and your classmates. You look back at your first crush and realize that maybe maybe that wasn’t even a crush, you just felt like you HAD to like the opposite sex. And maybe you look back at your best friend and realize that you got jealous of their other friends, maybe you realize that you got the tingles when they touched you, or felt special when they talked to you.

Coming out isn’t just saying to a friend “Hey, I’m gay” its analyzing every detail of your life, every relationship, and wondering how you didn’t see it. Did you get scared? Did you know but you didn’t want to be that? Did you repress it? I’m so happy that they finally showed this side of it on a major TV show.

Coming out isn’t waking up one day and suddenly you are gay.

It’s looking back and realizing you were all along.

I miss you. I do. I know I don’t call. I know I don’t text. I know I don’t write. I don’t really know what I miss about you, but I know that I do. Maybe it’s the way you kissed me that first night. I think it might be your laughter. I miss it. I feel a closeness like the moment right before the needle hits the skin. A pause. It never happens, don’t worry. There will not be blood. I still have bruises from your biting. I still miss you after the first kiss. They say that writers add colors to our grey moments. Darling, when your lips touched mine– did you feel a storm or a sunset? I miss is all I know.

super sexy things to say in bed

“I can outrun a centaur”

“Pain for pain”

“Might makes me right”


“How’d that feel? Excruciating?”

“Feedback loop initiated”

“Still… Standing. Barely.”


“Come on! Hit me! I’ll hit back”

“Adrenaline almost full”

“You’re dumb, you’ll die, and you’ll leave a dumb corpse”


“No no no. We should go to the- NO NO NO

“Y-You’re not welcome here. G-You’re not-You’re not welcome here. Go back t-You’re not welcome here”

“I may not survive”


YURIO in Yuri on Ice Ep. 12 - Interpretation/Analysis

In my personal opinion, I believe Yuri on Ice made suggestions towards my Yurio crush theory (1, 2), but if you prefer to think of it as just admiration, that’s fine. Either way, it’s a beautiful turn of events. I’m going to take apart the scenes from Episode 12 and explain how I interpret them.

This episode really hit me in the feels and I loved it. So far I’ve seen a lot of positive responses to it, but I have also seen people who are unhappy with Yurio’s part in it. If you are one of those people, I’d suggest reading this post or my post about Yurio’s past, as I think they help people get a new perspective on him.


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Little victories.

(Context: After fighting our way through a crypt and defeating a couple devils, interrupting some ancient ritual, I go to knock over a very large chalice - which was the focus of the ritual.)

DM: All right, as you approach the chalice, you feel yourself being pushed back, what do you do?

Fighter (Me, the angry Dragonborn): *makes high strength check, pushes forward and grabs one of the chalice’s handles* It’s time to end this.

DM: Grabbing the handle, you take (x amount) necrotic damage and, stepping up to it, you see a large hand emerging from the liquid inside the chalice.

Me (OOC): I’m going to push it back in.

DM: Wait, what? Okay…good luck.

Me: *rolls a nat 20*

DM: *shakes his head* Well, all right then. With a hefty “Not today,” you place your other hand flat against the creature’s palm and force it back into the depths of hell, successfully saving the town from a rising demon horde.

Me: Hey, did anybody see what just…? *smiling, I turn to face the group, who are now fighting a couple other devils that rose in the process* Oh, never mind. *draws halberd, looks dejected*


└ When Sho-kun knows what sakumoto shippers are in for~~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 28.01.2017

once nursey and dex get the attic i WILL headcanon that they fight mercilessly over who gets the top bunk. and when derek wins he’s like “oh fuck” the minute he realizes there’s no railing bc his clumsy ass cannot handle that and he’s like I TAKE IT BACK I TAKE IT BACK


and then, the very first night, nursey rolls right off the damn bed in his sleep and doesnt wake up till he hits the floor and dex feels SO guilty that he lets nursey sleep with him that night and takes the top bunk from there on out.


Daveed Diggs x Reader 

Note: I chose to do this from my request list because if anything was going to get me in the mood to write again it was going to be writing about Daveed being sweet, hope you enjoy!

Request: Anonymous asked: I see a lot of Daveed x Reader smut and don’t get me wrong I love it but can I get some daveed x reader fluff?? I need some sweet gentle daveed in my life

Warnings: Blood Mention

Word Count: 921

Originally posted by imagineham

You know exactly what has hit you overnight the minute you open your eyes. The all too familiar feeling of nausea, mixed with pain hits you right in the stomach and your groan of annoyance is  loud enough to wake your sleeping boyfriend bedside you.

“Y/N what’s wrong?” Daveed asks. His face is still half buried in the pillow and half covered by his hair, his voice is slow and soft like it always is when he first wakes up.

Despite the pain, you push yourself up and out of the bed, grabbing one of his shirts off the floor and pulling it over your head. You’ve always liked wearing his shirts, due to your height difference his shirts reach your mid thigh and they always smell like him. Even when he’s just washed them.

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Predebut Bangtan appreciation! (The maknae line)



he has always been  a marshmallow!

Glasses have never looked sexier!

Look at these those cheeks I JUST WANNA BITE EM’ SQUISH THEM UP!

Remember when Jimin was 12 but he was actually 19!

Puberty hit him in all the right places

He grew up so well..

I wish i could tell him how perfect he truly is and that he doesn’t need anyone’s approval.


His existence is more than enough to makes us happy.


Here are some UNSEEN SCANDALOUS BARE NAKED PICS OF KIM TAEHYUNG! (warning! you will die-)





From all the feels!

That boxy grin hasn’t changed

“My grandma likes me chubby so i keep eating” - Kim Taehyung

It’s amazing too see how far he has come..

From a rookie to an idol now becoming an actor…


Taetae never stops growing..


‘Hi baby! i’m Jungkook”

I hope this haircut never makes a comeback.

When Kookie was a smol bunny.

When kookie had Goo Joon pyo hair. Goo ‘Jeon’ pyo!

when Kookie just being himself!

But then, Kookie started growing and became taller than his hyungs

He made Noonas all over the world weak~

why did you have to grow so fast and so tall little bunbun?

Don’t you know you’re ruining lives here?




Yessss. This is probably my favorite mlm ship in Overwatch right now. Nice choice, anon. Hope you like em!

Ship Sprays №5: Genji/McCree “I’m not good. Not bad. But I sure as hell ain’t ugly.”

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