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I was at publicx today and the first thing I see is this fucking ugly ass hick running to the policemen that was standing by the door screaming “I SAW THAT GUY TAKE SOMETHING” all the while the poor man is running outside trying to get away from the damn hick who won’t leave him alone. They get outside and the guy points and says “him him in the striped shirt!!” He literally rat out a homeless man who had stolen some premade chicken from the deli….I was so disgusted I wanted to bash his head in how dare he be the cause of a man missing a meal??? The police officer thank god Didn’t arrest him although maybe if he had the man would have gotten a hot meal :/ fuck you random publix hick fuck you

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You can’t attract what you WANT if you don’t believe it can be yours

a very simple yet complex Universal “law” so to speak.

Think about it, we ARE consciousness, the Universe, creation, God energy or whatever you resonate with calling it. And as we know, it is our vibratory frequency that creates our reality. It’s the energy we exude that is reflected back to us in our reality, this is the energy that creates the world we see. And it IS easily changed!
This is just an example to get you thinking about being a creator of your reality:
Think about when you wake up and stub your toe, drop your toothbrush and hit traffic on your way to work making you late. Odds are this cycle started when you stubbed your toe and instead of thinking “Ha, okay that hurt but it’s over now”, maybe you thought. “Damn, that hurt, why is my life so awful?” or “OW! This is the day I am going to have? Great?…” or “Why does this always happen to me?” or something along that negative way of thinking. And that’s okay, you can think whatever you want, but just remember this does set off a domino reaction. You thought things weren’t working for you, so they continued not to, and you continued to think that. Even though it isn’t even a little bit true (you deserve good things). You inadvertently created a negative cycle, which again is perfectly okay, there is nothing wrong with this. We are human and we have to learn these lessons!
Of course we go through life with certain beliefs that have been molded, and changed, and evolved as we learn lessons and grow as humans. But sometimes it’s these underlying beliefs that hold us back from getting what we really want.
NEWSFLASH! You can have absolutely ANYTHING you want in life, the perfect relationship, the beautiful car, the great job, the nice house (if you choose these things and they resonate with you). The only thing that could possibly stop you is your mind. That is it!  
So sometimes you need to look at what you believe and shift it or change it completely in order to get into a better receiving state for what you want. Do you believe that you are worthy of everything you want? Do you believe that you are one with creation, and the Universe, and that you could have something appear just because you simply desire it? Do you believe you are worthy of being happy? or loved? or wealthy? Or do you believe that you are always “just making it by” or  that “love isn’t something you can have”? 
Get to these beliefs, and change the ones that make you feel bad. The only reason they make you feel bad is because your higher self, the Universe, and any other high vibratory frequencies know that they are 100% UNTRUE. 
While it takes time to change some beliefs because you have had them for a very long time and it’s sort of “natural” for you to think of them, you CAN change them. And the SECOND you do everything around you will change. I know firsthand, I have seen these things happen! 
Ask for what you want always, and KNOW that you CAN have it, and more importantly that you ARE worthy of it.
Change your beliefs, change your thoughts, change your life! Take back your power!


                                if the story’s g o o d, it sticks with you f o r e v e r.


  • Me: There's no reason to be proud of whiteness itself bc it's a concept invented purely to class some people as superior to others. You should absolutely feel free to celebrate your Germanic or Dutch or Welsh roots, but there's no such thing as white culture & white pride is a literal slogan for neo-Nazis.
  • White people, taking a shit on my porch: Are you saying...I can't be proud of my heritage? Are you saying my great great grandmother who worked in the mines is ugly? Are you saying my grandpappy who built a farm with his own two hands is a cracker hick? Are you saying whites are inherently evil & we try to oppress everyone we see? I've never personally oppressed a colored so why are you reverse oppressing me? you hate white people...please I'm crying right now...
We promise you, if you pay the price of happiness… if you are willing to change your thoughts, even though the current reality doesn’t justify the happy thought, it is our promise to you that, if you are able to direct your thought and sustain more positive emotions, that the manifestations you have been seeking must come. And they must come fast! It is Law. It is our absolute promise to you.
—  Abraham-Hicks

Liberals, 2008:  holy fuck you dumbshit hick, sisterfucking gunhuggers, there is nooo chance of the us government ever becoming a tyranny. you can give up on that fantasy, that you will never need to start armed resistance against fascism haha.

Liberals, 2016:

Good things don’t happen just “one time”

But I spent a looooong time thinking they did.
I spent a long time thinking that I had to hold on to things that were just “good enough” because I was afraid something better or even as good as that thing would never come around again for me.
But that’s not the way that the Universe works…. unless of course you believe it does, then it would have no choice but to comply…
When you move into the space where anything and everything, and I mean anything, even really weird things or things that don’t “make sense”, are possible that’s when you start to see more of what you want. You don’t have to settle for anything less than what you want, and you SHOULDN’T settle for anything that doesn’t bring you joy to some degree. 
The limits you experience are limits you are putting on yourself. It is okay to want a better life, or job, or partner, it is okay for you to want more happiness, love, and abundance!
These are our rights here as creators in this Universe, and what you experience are mere projections BY you created by YOUR thoughts and YOUR vibration. So the more GOOD you EXPECT to happen and allow yourself to really let go and non resistantly let in the more you will see change in your reality.
 Say you are now working at a place you don’t like for one reason or another, but it pays pretty well. Are you continuing to work there because you are afraid you won’t find a job that pays well (or better)? Or are you working there because you can at least tolerate what you don’t like about it? What if you found a job that had perfect hours and was more aligned with what you enjoyed? If you don’t believe that job exists and that you are worthy of it you won’t find it. It could be staring you in the face but you wouldn’t be aligned with it so you’d essentially be blind to it.
Believe that you are worthy of better. Believe that a good thing can happen millions of times in a day! And you don’t have to hang onto something because it seemed so good months or even years ago and maybe doesn’t now.
We are here to experience, to grow, to learn, and to evolve. 
You don’t have to stay stagnant if you don’t want to!

Most everybody is looking around and vibrating in response to what they are seeing. So what is the solution? Look around less. Imagine more. Look around less. Imagine more. Look around less. Imagine more. Until your imagery is the most familiar vibration that you have. And then, they’ll write books about you. Good.
—  Abraham-Hicks

“You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting, more than life itself, because it is life itself, to adore the vessel that’s you through which this Source Energy flows. You are God. You are Source. You are creator.“ - Abraham Hicks ✨

I am so happy my soul picked a physical human vessel on earth. We as humans have the ability and a mission contribute to change in the planet earth. We are creators and we are here to manifest change. We are connected. Wake up. We are love. We are energy. We are light. We have a purpose. Open and Awaken. 🌿