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Your Inner Being is like a dog on a bone, not letting go of anything that you’ve put into that Vortex. And when you give up on things that you want, you don’t feel good. And then you say, “Oh, I don’t feel so good. I have fear of loss,” or “fear of failure” or “I have this negative emotion or this one.” And we say all you have is lack of belief that you can be or do or have anything that you want, when your Inner Being knows for sure that you can be or do or have anything that you want.
—  Abraham-Hicks
imagine vampire yoongi.

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  • just when you thought he couldn’t get any grumpier, min yoongi is cursed to walk the earth for all eternity.
  • yikes.
  • so done with the world’s shit by now, honestly he stopped caring a long, long, looooong time ago and if anyone expects him to give a flying fuck about a hashtag or the panda’s dying they can think again.
  • political scandal? “is that a new band?”
  • global warming? “good, it’s kinda drafty here.”
  • the sun will one day grow to encompass the earth? “great, i’ll be waiting.”
  • whenever he gets bored or impatient with everything he’ll just go to ground and hibernate. 
  • by which i mean he will literally dig himself a hole and go to sleep in the earth for anything from a week to a century (ok that was one time.)
  • and he’s cold all. the. time. like, yeah i know he’s technically dead but he actually feels the cold all the time, because he lowkey starves himself.
  • so he’s always very bundled up, and doesn’t really notice the temperature shift from inside/outside or winter/summer.
  • and yoongi is old, okay, he doesn’t need much blood to keep him going. 
  • he’s got a short list of donors he can have a few sips from during the week, and that way nobody has to die because of him.
  • because ugh slaughter is such a pain to clean up.
  • so, not only is he technically dead, but he looks kinda malnourished, a little sick, and like he hasn’t slept. ever. 
  • and yet he’s very pretty, flawless, stoic, and distractingly magnetic.
  • because he’s so old however, he’s not weak, just lethargic af.
  • there’s just one thing he cares about. wanna take a wild guess?
  • music.
  • the only reason he hasn’t sunk to the bottom of the ocean, flung himself into a volcano, or walked into the sunset by now.
  • and when you don’t need to eat, sleep, or pee, you get through a lot of music so yoongi has pretty much heard it all.
  • these days he just kinda hibernates and wanders around while he’s waiting for new releases.
  • and you work in a record shop. wow isn’t that a nice coinkydink.
  • his usual place shuts down and he has to find a new shop that’ll let him sit around and listen to music in the evenings. 
  • and your place of work is exactly one such place.
  • he comes in late, depending on the season, just when the sun has gone down, during the last few hours of your work day.  
  • he doesn’t say anything, just sits and listens until you have to lock up.
  • and you just assume he works all day and this is the only time he has to go browse, although you notice eventually that he rarely buys anything, but you decide to leave him alone because he looks like he’s had one hell of a day.
  • anyway it’s nice not to be alone in the shop at the end of the day when it gets dark and all.
  • you tried to offer him coffee once, because you got some for yourself and he always looks like he just got in from a snowstorm. but he just shook his head no.
  • and at first he would stop by the shop once a month or every two weeks.
  • but one night, when you play something over the speakers that he hasn’t heard in decades, he suddenly feels???? nostalgic ????
  • and with wide eyes he asks you the name of the artist and you trip all over yourself and your words trying to tell him because you don’t think you’ve ever heard him speak and wow is that what his voice sounds like
  • and after that he starts coming every night to rediscover all the old stuff he hasn’t listened to in ages, because somehow in all his grump he had completely forgotten he could do that???? 
  • and he’s lowkey very grateful that he rediscovered his love of music through you, so whenever you try to make polite conversation with him after that he doesn’t just grunt or shake his head, he gives you actual answers, and you start learning more about him.
  • you let him stay after closing time, just a little while until you have to go, making small talk whenever he’s not absorbed in the music.
  • that way you learn so, sO much about music, everything from little technical details to great historical context, and you don’t understand how one man can have such a large range of knowledge.
  • and then you start playing whichever album he chooses over the speakers so that you can both listen and talk about the music together.
  • and stay around longer so he can finish whichever album he’s listening to that evening.
  • and he begins to walk you home because that way you can continue your conversations, and also it’s late and dark and he knows exactly what kind of monsters lurk in these shadows.
  • and by that time you’re already head over heels for him, but he’s very careful about keeping his distance, so you just assume he’s not attracted to you and that’s fine as long as he keeps keeping you company.
  • yoongi has probably mentioned he’s a vampire.
  • like at least twice he’s proclaimed to be dead and you just assumed you didn’t get the joke.
  • but the real joke is he’s dead, he doesn’t care who knows, and it’s not like anyone will believe him anyway.
  • “you’re too thin, when was the last time you ate something, yoongi?”
  • “a couple centuries probably, what year is it again?”
  • and
  • “you’re so pale, yoongi, you should get more sun.”
  • “i’m already dead, a little sun isn’t gonna help.”
  • or
  • “you look tired, yoongi, do you get enough sleep?”
  • “i took a ten year nap before this, don’t worry.”
  • or
  • “hey, yoongi, how are you today?”
  • “dead. could be worse, i guess.”
  • lmao rip.
  • and then, you go and get a dang paper cut.
  • before you can so much as bring it to your lips yoongi is already at your side, pressing a tissue (where did that even come from?) to the cut so firmly it cuts off circulation to the entire finger anyway.
  • and he’s so,,,,, close. 
  • you’ve never seen him so close, and all you can do is stare at him like an idiot and wonder how many people have specks of red in their eyes, because you’ve never seen that on anyone before.
  • and he doesn’t even breathe. he can’t.
  • and that’s when you realise “yoongi, you’re so cold!”
  • “i’m dead. i told you, i’m a vampire.”
  • and you’re like hha,,, hah,,,ha? w-what? 
  • so he takes your other hand, and holds it to the side of his neck and he’s completely cold and there’s no pulse.
  • and now the cat is out of the bag so he may as well lean in and sniff you because life’s too short amirite.
  • “you smell……….. incredible.”
  • that’s when you see his lil fangs.
  • and at first you’re freaking out because hol ?? ?y STHIT???
  • but then you realise, this is yoongi, who’s walked you home for months now, he’s had every opportunity to drain you dry and he hasn’t and you’re desperately in love with him.
  • so you just kinda,,,,, chill.
  • and yoongi looks surprised, expecting you to kick and scream, and asks why your heart rate suddenly slowed again and you tell him it’s because you trust him.
  • so, he asks “but what if i bit you?”
  • and you say “you wouldn’t.”
  • “then,,,,,,,, what if i kissed you?”
  • your heart damn near beats right out of your chest.
  • and in response he gives you the smuggest grin, fangs and all.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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You can’t attract what you WANT if you don’t believe it can be yours

a very simple yet complex Universal “law” so to speak.

Think about it, we ARE consciousness, the Universe, creation, God energy or whatever you resonate with calling it. And as we know, it is our vibratory frequency that creates our reality. It’s the energy we exude that is reflected back to us in our reality, this is the energy that creates the world we see. And it IS easily changed!
This is just an example to get you thinking about being a creator of your reality:
Think about when you wake up and stub your toe, drop your toothbrush and hit traffic on your way to work making you late. Odds are this cycle started when you stubbed your toe and instead of thinking “Ha, okay that hurt but it’s over now”, maybe you thought. “Damn, that hurt, why is my life so awful?” or “OW! This is the day I am going to have? Great?…” or “Why does this always happen to me?” or something along that negative way of thinking. And that’s okay, you can think whatever you want, but just remember this does set off a domino reaction. You thought things weren’t working for you, so they continued not to, and you continued to think that. Even though it isn’t even a little bit true (you deserve good things). You inadvertently created a negative cycle, which again is perfectly okay, there is nothing wrong with this. We are human and we have to learn these lessons!
Of course we go through life with certain beliefs that have been molded, and changed, and evolved as we learn lessons and grow as humans. But sometimes it’s these underlying beliefs that hold us back from getting what we really want.
NEWSFLASH! You can have absolutely ANYTHING you want in life, the perfect relationship, the beautiful car, the great job, the nice house (if you choose these things and they resonate with you). The only thing that could possibly stop you is your mind. That is it!  
So sometimes you need to look at what you believe and shift it or change it completely in order to get into a better receiving state for what you want. Do you believe that you are worthy of everything you want? Do you believe that you are one with creation, and the Universe, and that you could have something appear just because you simply desire it? Do you believe you are worthy of being happy? or loved? or wealthy? Or do you believe that you are always “just making it by” or  that “love isn’t something you can have”? 
Get to these beliefs, and change the ones that make you feel bad. The only reason they make you feel bad is because your higher self, the Universe, and any other high vibratory frequencies know that they are 100% UNTRUE. 
While it takes time to change some beliefs because you have had them for a very long time and it’s sort of “natural” for you to think of them, you CAN change them. And the SECOND you do everything around you will change. I know firsthand, I have seen these things happen! 
Ask for what you want always, and KNOW that you CAN have it, and more importantly that you ARE worthy of it.
Change your beliefs, change your thoughts, change your life! Take back your power!

We promise you, if you pay the price of happiness… if you are willing to change your thoughts, even though the current reality doesn’t justify the happy thought, it is our promise to you that, if you are able to direct your thought and sustain more positive emotions, that the manifestations you have been seeking must come. And they must come fast! It is Law. It is our absolute promise to you.
—  Abraham-Hicks
3 weeks early

requested: can you also do imagine where y/n is married to shawn and she’s pregnant and she’s on tour with him and before every concert she goes out to fans to give them some tickets 😊 and it’s cute and fluffy ☺ thanks, love you 💖

okay i changed this one just a little bit, it’s not that much but she’s just not on tour with him



“guys where’s y/n?” the voice of your probably worried husband could be heard from his dressing room even though he was on the stage doing soundcheck for the show later on. he got no response from his team around him, causing him to worry more. “you left her alone? you guys can’t do that she’s 8 months pregnant!”

you chuckled, knowing he was going to send someone to the dressing room so you could sit in the audience and watch him or something. just so he can see you at all times. ever since you found out you were pregnant, shawn has been almost extra protective. you were surprised you were even allowed at tonight’s show. when you were in the early stages of your pregnancy, you were still allowed to tour with him and go to his shows but once you reached the 6 month mark, you were banned. you had managed to convince him to let you come tonight since it was a show in your hometown, but after a few weeks and a few deals made, he finally let you come. of course, he tried his best to make sure you were never alone just in case you went into labour early which was definitely a possibility. another reason he let you come to tonight’s show was because his family was also going to be attending, and you could stay with them while he was

“somebody go find-” shawn yelled, walking into his dressing room. “oh you’re here. okay never mind everyone i found her!” he came over to your spot on the leather couch, “how are you two?”

“i’m good,” you said, rubbing your giant belly. “she’s good too. she loves the music, she’s been dancing around in there all day.”

“that’s my girl.” shawn smiled, changing into a black short sleeved dress shirt for his q&a that started in about 45 minutes. “she’s gonna be a dancer one day.”

“you mismatched like all the buttons shawn.” you laughed,
nothing that all the buttons he just did were all in the wrong places. “how do you even do that?” slowly, you managed to get up from the couch to help him redo the buttons. you got as close as your stomach would allow to undo all the buttons as shawn just smirked while watching you intently.

“i’m having some sort of déjà vu,” he said. “last time you did this, that happened.” he pointed to your baby bump.

you rolled your eyes, swatting the side of his arm then quickly doing up the buttons. “you’re an idiot.”

“hey,” he raised his hands up in defence. “i’m just saying the truth.”

“all fixed,” you announced, lighting patting his chest. “what would you do without me?”

he shrugged, taking some food from the table that was set up in every one of his dressing rooms. “i wouldn’t be living y/n, my fans would make fun of me too much for not knowing how to do buttons.”

you laughed, taking a peek out the window to see a giant crowd of fans in the distance. you remembered going out into those crowds when you toured with shawn, you had a tradition of giving away tickets to a few fans who had none. of course, you kept it a secret because you didn’t want people to get greedy but you missed doing that.

“hey shawn?” you called, closing the curtains so fans couldn’t look in. you stood in front of his spot on the couch, wrapping your arms around his neck. he looked up at you, his hands grabbing your sides. “did i ever tell you how insanely attractive you are?” you smiled. you knew that if you wanted him to agree, you would have to do some kissing up.

“you want something don’t you?” he narrowed his eyes, not being able to keep a straight face.

“you don’t happen to have any extra tickets lying around do you?”

“y/n,” he sighed. “you can’t go out in that crowd. it’s too dangerous for you and the baby.”

“shawn i used to give away tickets all the time before! please, i’ll be fine i promise.” you begged. you wanted nothing more than to get some fresh air. after being in this stuffy dressing room all day, you were in desperate need.

“y/n, you could go into labour at anytime now! it’s way to dangerous and if i let you go out there and something happens i will never forgive myself.”

“nothing is going to happen shawn, i’ll be careful i promise. i really need some fresh air, i feel like i’m suffocating in here. if you’re really that scared, come with me.”

“if i come with you we’ll for sure get mobbed. i’ll get you some extra tickets.” he sighed, finally giving in because he knows you wouldn’t have stopped until he did. “but, you’re going out with security standing close by and i’m going to be watching. if i see anything that doesn’t look normal, you need to come in.”

you nodded, taking the tickets he handed you. some people would think shawn was being too demanding and overprotective but you know he’s just looking out for you and the baby.

“i’m not trying to be harsh baby,” he said, kissing your forehead. “i just want you to be safe and protected at all times. if anything were to happen at one of these shows i would never be able to live with myself.”

“i understand shawn, trust me. but i’m going to be okay out there, especially with everyone watching my every move. nothing is going to happen.”

“you could go into labour at anytime y/n, your due date isn’t that far away.” he said, cupping the side of your face with his spare hand.

you were due on april 21st and today’s date was april 2nd, meaning you were almost full term and the baby could come at any time but she would be early. you had the slightest feeling she would be late though, motherly instincts i guess.

“babies aren’t always born early shawn. she could come when she’s supposed to come.”

“y/n,” he chuckled. “how early were
you born?”

“5 weeks early,” you mumbled. “okay i see your point but still, i’m going to be fine you can watch from the window or something.”

he reluctantly handed you one more set of tickets and you were off. “be safe out there!” he called.

“i will!”

you met a security guard at one of the entrances of the arena who allowed you to leave, and another one followed you out. you were happy that he wasn’t right behind you, you needed some space. as soon as the door opened you were relieved that nobody was really paying attention to you. everyone was mostly occupied with their phones or talking to their friends as they waited to get into the arena.

as you walked around for a bit you heard a few mutters of “is that y/n?” or “guys look, it’s y/n.” but thankfully the crowd was calm and hadn’t erupted into screams yet.

you began to feel a large amount of pressure on your stomach which you were used to, but never this intense. you shrugged it off thinking it was just braxton hicks.

you noticed a young girl, probably about 6, and another older teenage girl who looked about 16, and their mom standing further away from the crowd. the two girls were wearing t-shirts with your husband’s face on it, but you had never seen those shirts before. they must not have been official merch shirts. the older girl smiled at you, and you decided to go over and talk to them for a bit.

“hi,” you smiled as you approached them.

“oh wow, hi y/n!” the older girl smiled. “would it be okay if we took a picture?”

you nodded, smiling for a picture with the girl and asking for her name. “i’m alessia, and this is alex.” she said, pointing to her little sister who was standing behind her mom.

“aless, who is this?” her mom stepped in. obviously noticing you were very pregnant, her eyes flickered to your ring finger, obviously looking to see if you were married.

“mom, this is y/n. she’s shawn’s wife, you know that already.” alessia stated like she should already know.

the girls’ mom asked you a few questions about your pregnancy which you were happy to answer. eventually the younger girl came from behind her mothers legs and asked for a picture.

“so,” you started. “are you guys coming to watch the show?”

obviously they just thought you were making casual conversation, but you knew what you were doing.

“no,” alessia sighed. “i wish.”

“i tired my hardest to get them tickets but they were so expensive and money is tight right now.” their mom said. “but they wanted to come stand outside for a bit just incase shawn came outside.”

you sighed, you suggest shawn come outside but you understood why he couldn’t.

“well,” you smiled. “i happen to have some extra tickets if you three would like?”

the two girls nodded eagerly, looking at their mother for permission.

“we could ask you to do this,” she said, shaking her head.

“please,” you handed her three front row tickets. “it’s my gift. take them.” she took the tickets, all three of them thanking you many times.

another sharp pain ran through your body although this time it was more noticeable.

“are you okay?” alessia asked, putting her hand on your arm.

“yeah,” you nodded. “i’m okay. she’s just kicking.” you lied. “anyways, i should probably get going but it was nice meeting you guys. have fun later!”

you met a few more fans, giving them tickets and making them promise they wouldn’t say a word about it. you forgot to tell the first family not to say anything, you really hoped they wouldn’t. as for the pains, they didn’t fade away. in fact, they were getting more intense but you didn’t want to go inside just yet. you were sure everything was fine. the fact that you were in pain was more noticeable now, almost everyone was asking if you were okay. you were sure shawn knew something was going on because at one point even your security guard asked if everything was okay.

you handed the last group of fans some tickets as you felt the sharpest pain followed by a trickle of water going down your leg.

“shit,” you mumbled, noticing that your dress was now soaked with water and there was a small puddle under you. the girls noticed what happened and were definitely all recording you but you didn’t care at this point. you were in too much pain to walk back into the arena and find shawn. you noticed a bunch of people from shawn’s team walking out of the main entrance, followed by your husband. he knew exactly where you were standing so he was at your side immediately. the rest of the team followed close behind, andrew was on the phone with who you hoped was 911 for an ambulance.

“y/n,” shawn said. putting his arm around your shoulder and his other hand on your stomach. “is everything okay?”

“yeah,” you breathed. you assumed you were having a contraction, which would explain the pains you’ve been having all day. “i’m in labour though.”

“what?” shawn practically yelled.

“my water broke,” you motioned to the puddle of water a few feet away. you managed to move a few feet in the time it took for shawn to find you.

“you’re joking.”

“shawn why would i joke about this?”

you felt another contraction hit, while shawn yelled at someone to call an ambulance even though it was already on the way. you could hear the sirens in the distance already.

“holy shit y/n this is really happening!” he exclaimed, kissing the side of your head.

“yeah, 3 weeks early.”

the ambulance pulled up next
to you after a few more
minutes. they helped you onto the gurney and shawn followed behind them.

“let’s go have a baby,” he said as the nurses closed the ambulance doors. “3 weeks early.”


                                if the story’s g o o d, it sticks with you f o r e v e r.


Most everybody is looking around and vibrating in response to what they are seeing. So what is the solution? Look around less. Imagine more. Look around less. Imagine more. Look around less. Imagine more. Until your imagery is the most familiar vibration that you have. And then, they’ll write books about you. Good.
—  Abraham-Hicks
Richard Campbell Gansey III’s guide to forming the perfect squad:
  1. Drive an orange car to random town intent on finding something supernatural
  2. Buy an abandoned warehouse
  3. Recruit recently traumatized friend
  4. Insert a fridge next to your toilet
  5. Be unknowingly haunted by not-so-recently dead friend
  6. Recruit genius-hick friend
  7. Drive pointlessly around town with willow stick
  8. Go to your local diner
  9. Attempt to hire waitress as verbal prostitute for your genius-hick friend
  10. Here you have your perfect squad
  11. Climb into murder-hole with socially awkward mutual acquaintance, tell him your deepest, darkest secrets, go to his house dressed only in a bed-sheet, invite him to your parents mansion, casually save him from your good friend the hit man, go into more holes in the ground, cry,  attempt to prevent your squad’s resident gays killing each other alongside him, die, come back to life, go to Venezuela in an engine-less car…….
  12. Now you have a perfect squad.

✨FOCUS on the Powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful, parts of life, and the Universe will keep giving them to You. ~ Abraham Hicks

What is ACTUALLY happening in this scene in the DBS Anime & Manga? + Japanese Translation

So, I’ve been waiting for the Super manga to come out and see how they handle this scene because its counterpart is really controversial in the anime. We know from interviews that Toriyama gives Toei and Toyotaro a general draft, and they fill in the rest, although Toriyama appears to be more involved in the production of the manga with Toyotaro (and working on a comic with someone is a more intimate setting than, say, a massive studio) so I’ve been waiting to see how this plays out. It turns out the dialogue in the manga is different, and I had a buddy of mine who translates Japanese-to-English for the DBZ fandom all the time take a stab at it. Here’s what she sent me:


“Goku literally says that Trunks puts his mouth against Mai’s mouth  (“kuchi to kuchi kuttsukeru” = place mouths together), but his “yoku” is giving me trouble here, because it can either be translated as “nicely/skillfully/well” or “frequent/often”.  To me it seems like Goku is simply refering to it coming off as a natural thing for Trunks to do.

Vegeta then says: “You… don’t know about that?”
Goku: “Mh? About what?”
Vegeta: “(About) that kiss(ing)…”
Goku’s “attarimee daro” can either mean “Well, of course?!” or “It’s a common thing to do, right?!”
Vegeta: (not stating WHO he is talking about) “…aren’t you married?” or possibly even “…they aren’t married?” refering to Trunks and Mai (they are in the panel after all.)
Goku: “Huh? Has that something to do with this?”
Like… I honestly don’t know what the whole point of this conversation is.

Are they completely talking past each other? Is Vegeta an idiot? Maybe Vegeta is like: “Duh, Bakarotto, why you so surprised two people put their mouths against each other?! You damn hick. You don’t know about that?! That’s what they call a kiss.” and Goku: “Yeah, of course I do, because it is a common thing.” I don’t even think this is about the momma-birding and more about Vegeta thinking Goku’s dumb and Vegeta being being uptight or even prude, because he doesn’t wat to continue the conversation, dissmissing it with an “Enough!”.

So, what Western audiences may not know, is that Japanese is a very contextual language, and if two people are having a conversation and assuming they’re referring to the same subject, but they’re not, they may not even realize it and walk away with a complete misunderstanding–it doesn’t help that in Japanese, usually, the context is implied, so if two people aren’t on the same page, misunderstandings can occur often. In the anime AND the manga, the “joke” is that Goku and Vegeta misunderstand each other due to this aspect of the Japanese language.

For the anime, most English and Japanese fans who logically concluded that, even with Goku’s childhood, common sense must prevail, and that the idea that Goku has never kissed Chichi after 20+ years of marriage and fathering two children with her–or that Chichi never even taught him what a kiss was or continued to remain ignorant of it when exposed to TV or public outings, figured that Goku was referring to Trunks momma-birding Mai–while Vegeta thought he was referring to kissing.

In the manga, Goku balks at the idea of not knowing what a “kiss” is, because it’s a very common thing. Like, duh, Vegeta. Interestingly, Vegeta’s option for translation here, since Goku has already stated he knows what kissing is, is to wonder aloud “…Trunks and Mai aren’t married?” which might imply that Vegeta has a more conservative view on kissing, or is wondering aloud about, after seeing his son kiss Mai, if they’re married.

When Goku asks,  Huh? Has that something to do with this?” the most sensible interpretation after what’s just been said, would be that Goku doesn’t see how kissing is something that is necessarily exclusive to marriage, so he wonders why Vegeta would even pose the question.

Before this though, Goku describes the literal description of kissing and with some awe, the manner in which Trunks does it–he hasn’t seen Trunks do it before now (which dismisses the “frequently/often” translation option) so Goku’s probably mentioning the natural manner in which Trunks “puts his lips up against her’s”, and in front of company in such a public and casual display of affection–all of which seems to have surprised Goku. The most logical interpretation of Goku’s response here would probably imply that he just doesn’t kiss Chichi in public or do PDA really, and thus the casual way Trunks “kisses” Mai in front of him and Vegeta strikes him as a culture shock. (which fits with the manga–and in the anime he’s only physically affectionate when they’re 1) alone or 2) around close friends or family)

Clary and Wrango are headed to the Derby! Wearing their May best c8


Y’all should draw your ocs in Kentucky Derby clothes I wanna see more dressed up ocs/ocs in big hats

“You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting, more than life itself, because it is life itself, to adore the vessel that’s you through which this Source Energy flows. You are God. You are Source. You are creator.“ - Abraham Hicks ✨

I am so happy my soul picked a physical human vessel on earth. We as humans have the ability and a mission contribute to change in the planet earth. We are creators and we are here to manifest change. We are connected. Wake up. We are love. We are energy. We are light. We have a purpose. Open and Awaken. 🌿

Our most inexhaustible source of magic

“Sam, you can’t be serious!” Andrew exclaimed. His father could tell this was not the first time she’d brought the topic up, from the healthy measure of exasperation in his son’s voice, but there’d been no change to the deep, underlying fondness that colored Andrew’s tone whenever he spoke to or of Sam, so Foyle only sat and waited. It wouldn’t be long.

“Your Oxford degree is in English literature, Andrew. That doesn’t make you the authority on every document written in English, you know,” Sam said stoutly, her knitting needles clacking along without any alteration in pace. Foyle wasn’t sure what she was making save that it could not be intended as a gift for either Andrew nor himself as they were frequent witnesses to the transfiguration of the dark, heathered yarn into some yet-to-be-determined garment.

“Is that what you’re calling it? A document? It’s a letter from your Uncle Vincent about a magical castle in Scotland. He was clearly in his cups when he wrote it,” Andrew retorted.

“A castle?” Foyle repeated mildly, less pointedly than he would have been with Milner, more interested than he would have allowed himself to be with Brookie.

“My uncle Vincent, he’s a vicar you know, but his parish isn’t very big and he spends quite a bit of time walking, collecting things, sort of an amateur naturalist,” Sam explained. Foyle nodded. Sam did seem to have an endless number of uncles who occupied vicarages through the British Isles, all with foibles which made them perfectly suited to one of Mrs. Christie’s mysteries, except that upon meeting them, there was always something about them that suggested Waugh or Maugham. Her Aunt Jocasta, met only the once at the small wedding, had no comparison, in literature or anywhere else, and Foyle had enjoyed telling Barbara about her over a nightcap and the warm look in Barbara’s pale blue eyes as she had listened.

“Sam, he’s a crock,” Andrew interjected, drawing his wife’s gentle wrath.

“Hush! As I was saying, Uncle Vincent likes to go on rambles and he likes to talk with whoever he meets in whatever pub he fetches up in, and he met a man who told him there is a castle in Scotland, a magic castle that you can only see once or twice a year,” Sam said.

“Go on, then,” Andrew said, jostling Sam with his shoulder. Foyle would have worried about his son’s amatory finesse but for the look in Andrew’s eyes and the memory of the embrace he had found them in when they tarried in the tiny kitchen, ostensibly searching for a tin of pilchards.

“It’s a magic castle that’s a school for young magicians. Wizards he wrote, a school of wizardry and then man told him they do ride on brooms and there are all sorts of magical beasts and potions,” Sam went on, trying but failing to suppress her excitement at even the prospect of such a thing.

“There are potions involved, that’s certain,” Andrew muttered.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Andrew, and that’s your precious Bard,” Sam snapped, not angrily, but with a charming fierceness.

“A mystery, then,” Foyle said, smiling because to do otherwise was impossible.


“Well, Sam deserves a holiday and seems you could do a little rambling of your own, talk to a few locals, have a pint. Doesn’t do to overwork yourself,” Foyle said. He thought of the grey at Andrew’s temples and shadows beneath his eyes, Sam’s studied brightness and her pale cheeks. Would there be a warlock with a long white beard casting spells and eating lemon humbugs? Would they discover witches cavorting around a cauldron, wands raised and a unicorn called forth from a forest? The Scottish play suggested it was possible and if not, the break would be good for them, the fresh air and lumpy beds to be laughed over, heather and gorse to be made into a wreath for Sam’s sunny hair, Sam’s appetites indulged and Andrew’s encouraged and uxoriously satisfied.

“You miss detective work too much,” Andrew said. Barbara had said the same and he’d admitted it before saying she might propose an alternate topic to occupy him. He’d been struck with a hand-worked pillow for that remark but Andrew would never believe it.

“P’rhaps,” Foyle replied. “Or maybe I’m angling for a spot of fishing in a Scots loch,” he added, winking at Sam as Andrew groaned at the pun, the invocation of the fishing that his father and wife delighted in, his father once again having the last word.

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