you here to finish me off sweetheart


Derek x Reader

Warnings: talks about sex, jealous Derek, first time, sex, smut

Requested By Anon

Derek glanced up when you shuffled into his loft, he was surprised to see you’d come alone, normally if he so much as looked at you he’d have you caving into a giddy blushing mess. He knew exactly why you acted that way, the scent of it clung to you, driving the wolves insane but they resisted you.

You didn’t mean to have the deliciously obsessive scent and no one wanted to be the first one to point it out. He watched as you stopped in the middle of his living room and glanced at the door as if you were having second thoughts about being there.


“You alright?” He asked finally and you jumped when he stepped into the dim light.

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Train Ride

For @notanislander why you had to send me that gif….

AU set in Cannon Victory Tour. There aren’t any Hunger Games, only the Panem Games, where Peeta and Katniss meet and fall in love.  

WARNING: M for SMUT…unbetae’d all mistakes are mine

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The steady beat of the train drove Katniss crazy. They were passing through a storm in a remote area and the train had to slow down. They were on their way to the Capitol. She punched her pillow it wasn’t hard enough. It was too soft. The other pillow was too hard, it wasn’t soft enough. Nothing was good enough.

Katniss hated leaving home, hated having to go on this victory tour. She hated the idea of having to be half of ‘The Star-Crossed Lovers,’ she had to be the sweet dutiful girlfriend of Peeta Mellark as part of the game-winning strategy. A plan he cooked up to get her the prize money for the competition back when they’d been something more. “Stop it Everdeen, don’t do that to yourself,” Katniss murmured to herself.  

She slipped from her bed and padded across the floor to the door. She couldn’t sleep, and she hated admitting why. She needed Peeta. No bed, no blanket, or pillow compared to being in his arms. Something she’d been bereft of for months since they’d come home from their win.

Straightening her shoulders she opened the door to her luxury cabin and slipped quietly down the hall toward his room.  Her heart pounded in her chest, as she knocked on his door.

“Are you here to finish me off sweetheart?”

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Characters: Dean and Reader

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Hunter!Reader (She doesn’t know Dean is a demon)

Warnings: Shameless smut, pretty much pwp, rough sex (It’s Demon!Dean. Duh.) Oral on male, spanking, dirty talk

Words: 928

Author’s Note: This is my first Dean smut, let alone my first Demon!Dean smut, so I hope you guys like this!

His intense glare had been trained on me all night. Frankly, it’s borderline creepy, but it’s also extremely alluring. His green eyes bore into mine, challenging me to approach him first. With that obvious notion at the front of my brain, I turn back to my drink, the amber liquid burning my throat as I finish it off. My inhibitions disappear as the whiskey does the same.

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Why Don’t You Ask Her

A/N: Three months later and this is finally being posted. I don’t know if it’s actually been three months, but the point was that it’s been a long ass time. Sorry to whoever requested this btw.
I feel like the ending uses names too much, but like the same pronouns can get confusing okay? 
Never the less, I hope y’all like it.

Pairing: Jughead x Fem!Reader

Words: 2,838 

Warnings: swearing, angst (lmao this became way more angsty than i had intended it to be), and that’s all I can think of

Request: (From the dialogue list) 16 with Jughead please. Like the reader feels like she isn’t good enough because Jughead is always writing and hanging out with Betty or something!

16. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

masterlist | prompts

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Shameless Self-Insertion: Mission Report

By popular demand, here’s the sequel to Shameless Self-Insertion: A Soldier in the Night

Bucky Barnes x Reader SMUT!! - 8962 words.

Bucky’s called away after your hot night together, leaving you to pick up the pieces. As you struggle to return to a normal life without him, you wonder whether things will ever be the same.

Originally posted by peterparkher

A/N: Thanks for checking this out!! I sure hope you like it. ✌🏻💗😈

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what’s a title i don’t know

Warning: There’s a few sexual inuendos lol byyyyyeeeEEEEEEE

The bolded print is Shawn’s POV

The one day you had off you were being called into work. Because what else would happen. You had received the call at 2:45, your boss told you that your co worker Kelsey, had called in sick today. On one of the biggest days of the year for the company you work for. The VMAs. Yes you worked for MTV, and it was great. You were one of the stage managers and photographers whenever the crew was short on photographers. Regardless, you had wanted to spend your night curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, a book and John Mayer playing quietly from your phone. But you unwillingly pulled on your black MTV staff shirt, black leggings, black lowtop Velcro vans and got into your car. All black was standard uniform for a stage crew member. The focus should be on the celebrities not the people behind the scenes. 

By 3:30 you were in your car dealing with LA traffic attempting to get to the location in Inglewood. By 4:00 you were on sight of the award show, and the pre-shows wouldn’t start for another 3 hours. You quickly found your boss through the haze of busy coworkers. 

“Hello dear, thank you so much for coming in today. I know it’s your day off but that stupid head lady Kelsey decided to call in sick today and you’re the  only one who could cover her job. So let’s get started we have no time to lose. See those baskets down the hall. Yes okay, you need to deliver them to the dressing room of each corresponding performer. Their name and room number will be on the card.” your boss, Spencer, explained to you quickly. 

“you brought me here to hand out baskets? Kelsey couldn’t do that, hell bring her in sick or not. It’s a few baskets. MY one night off is going to be wasted because Kelsey couldn’t come in and hand out a few baskets.”

“oh shut your trap sweetheart,(btw this guy is gay, so he’s not like some predator calling her sweetheart for some creepy ass reason lol)  it’s just a few baskets an then I need you to help conduct cameras and take photos at the show tonight. NOW SHOO” he finished, lightly shoving you in the direction of the hall. You walked down the hall muttering to yourself til you reached the basket table. You picked up the first four, balancing two on each arm and walked to your first destination of Khalid’s room. After leaving baskets in the empty rooms of many artists including Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, Fifth Harmony, Julia MIchaels, Alessia Cara and many more. You went on to give your last basket to Shawn Mendes, a Canadian popstar you had heard about on the radio. Stupidly, you didn’t knock and walked right in. But unlike the last 20 rooms this room happened to be occupied. Occupied by a half naked, Shawn Mendes. Clad in only his boxers and socks. You immediately shrieked upon entering and quickly backed out of the room, shutting the door behind you. You faintly heard Shawn’s voice from behind the door.

“It’s uh fine you can come on in again” he said to you from the other side of the wooden boundary. You slowly turned the doorknob and your eyes fell upon a still half naked Canadian popstar. 

“uh Hi, Mr. Mendes, I am so sorry I didn’t knock. I thought your room would be empty. But here is a gift basket from MTV personally. Have a great time at the award show.” you word vomited quickly.

“It’s fine” he said taking the basket from you “you can call me Shawn and please thank MTV on my behalf for this fantastic gift basket.”  he finished, turning away from you to set the basket on the vanity behind him. Back muscles shifting. You chuckled quietly at his last comment. You had obviously knew who Shawn Mendes was. You had seen his videos and heard his music but you wouldn’t call yourself a fan. It’s not that you didn’t like him you just never took the time to thoroughly check him out. At the current moment you were beginning to retract and make new opinions of the boy standing before you. You slowly began to realize you had spaced out and began to snap back to reality (oh there goes gravity lol sorry) but before you physically showed you were paying attention to what was happening. You couldn’t help but notice that Shawn had been staring back at you, studying and scouring your features.

“Um I’ll make sure to tell MTV that, once again I’m truly sorry for walking in on you. Have a fantastic time tonight.” you said quickly rushing back to the door.

“yeah thanks you as well.” Shawn replied lazily watching you leave. You grabbed the knob and pulled the door closed behind you. As soon as you heard the door fully shut, you exhaled and speed walked down the hall and back into the red carpet area. 

She’s adorable, you couldn’t have been happier that she walked in on you getting dressed. But that line, who the fuck is MTV. It’s a company not a person, Jesus Christ. You were overthinking everything now. She’s perfect but you doubt you’ll ever see her again. Which sucks.


Bright lights flashed as you adjusted the headset connected to one of your coworkers who was feeding you instructions about what interviews you needed to film, what cameras, what angle or what celebrity was going to be interviewed next. The pre-shows had commenced 25 minutes ago and you already felt like you’ve lost your head among the sea of stars. 

“Shawn Mendes is up next on camera 3″ said the little voice in your ear and your stomach explodes in a mass of butterflies. You hated it. Yet you still returned Shawn’s grin as you handed him his mic. 

“Fully dressed now huh?” you coyly whispered to him.

“Yeah I hope so” he replied sarcastically, his cheeks heating up. You lightly pushed him up the few steps and onto the interview platform. Every so often he would glance your way and grin slightly. You just continued to do your job, trying to keep your gaze away from his. He was a star and you were an asteroid. He burnt brightly, shining for all to see. You were dull and boring. You had no purpose but to drift through life quietly going unnoticed for the rest of time. It was the sad truth but then again not many truths are very happy.


It was finally time for the award show to start. You were walking around the venue taking pictures of the stage, the fans and obviously the celebrities. You had the camera hanging around your neck and were listening to the headset in you ear giving you the countdown til the show started. At the 5 minute mark you made your way over to the cameras being set up and tested. Finally the lights began to dim and those standing on the main floor began to scream and shout. Every time you and the camera man walked past Shawn during the show he would lick his lips or clench his jaw or curl his fist that was casually resting on his thick thigh. It made you blush every time so thank god for the darkness.

She was the epitome of absolute perfection, every damn time she walked past him as she trailed behind the camera man. He would feel his mind and heart explode into thousands of pieces. He almost lost his mind when she crouched down several feet in front of him. Her ass, Jesus fucking Christ, her ass made him wanna cry. She was a goddess but he knew he could never have her. She couldn’t love him if he was always on the road or recording or practicing. He was physically unlovable and nothing could change. But he would never see her again after tonight so what’s the point.


The show had whirled by and before he knew it, Shawn was standing backstage waiting for someone to hook him up to the sound system and a mic. By the luck of the gods, she came walking through the green room door. Her hands piled high with equipment to help Shawn and his band perform. She looked busy and tired, he wanted to be able to comfort her. He just barely met her and has probably spoken to her twice but he couldn’t help himself. She carefully dropped the equipment on the table across from Shawn and sighed.

“It’s been a busy day huh?” Shawn asked trying to break the ice.

“You have no idea.” she replied, picking up an in-ear monitor and walking over to him. When she reached him she began to untangle the wires of the monitor. Once the monitor was successfully untangled, she looked down at his crotch and then up to his face.

“May I?” She asked him. Shawn looked at her a bit puzzled and taken back. “Oh my god, I’m not trying to get in your pants or something. I just need to clip the monitor’s power box onto your waistband. Jesus, for such an innocent looking guy you have one hell of a dirty mind.”she said quickly. She crouched down onto her knees so she was level with his waistband. She pulled the waistband away from his hips and handed the monitors control box to him.

“Just clip it to your waistband so that it’s inside your pants and the little light is facing your skin..or…torso I guess.” she said, leaning to the side you grab the wire on the table behind him. Her chest was pressed against his upper thighs and he almost yelped at the contact. She took the wire and plugged it into the monitor box clipped on his pants. Needless to say Shawn would have loved to have her on her knees in front of him, under other less clothed circumstances. She took the other end of the wire and put it up the bottom of his shirt, so that the wire was brushing gently against his abdomen. Her cold hands made him shiver but the new sensation felt oddly relaxing. She made him nervous, she relaxed him and she even excited him with her glowing presence. Shawn hadn’t noticed what was happening until he felt the wire tickling his jawline(so sharp it could cut a bitch). She then stood up and pulled his waistband away from his hip, putting her hand on the monitor’s switch and turning it on. Shawn couldn’t help but what the way she moved with her fluid motions, he knew it was creepy and they had just met but he couldn’t help but look at her. Shawn was once again caught off guard when she cupped the side of his face and put the ear piece correctly in his ear. Their faces couldn’t be more than a few inches apart, a gap that could be easily closed. Her minty breath fanned his face, their gaze connected and Shawn almost exploded. But then it was over, and as soon as she came in. She was gone. He realized he would probably never see her face again. Little did he know that she would be working the next MTV unplugged show.(part two?)

Okay so I realize I’ve been gone for too many weeks and that school is bullshit. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTT I’m back and this is my apology and I love every single one of you beautiful people that are crazy enough to follow me and publicly say you enjoying my writings. Ok bye<33333 but like if you want a part 2 I would be so down to write it.

Thing For You Part 2


Summary: Reader is on the run, after she discovers she has powers and has no control over them because she has no control over her emotions and she’s running from authority and anyone who approaches her because she’s scared she’ll hurt them.

Request: No

Warnings: Insults, fighting, mentions of death, mention of sexual assault, other than that no

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Bruce’s POV

“Please, I don’t want to hurt you guys.” Her voice cried out. 

It played over and over in my mind. The sound of her pleading for help made me think she was actually innocent. I shook my head trying to forget it.

“We have her in our safe room, no glass, no way for her to get out, unless we let her out” Tony interrupted my thoughts “We have SHIELD agents rotating watch on her door.” 

I nodded my head. I pulled up the results of her blood samples that I took from her earlier. The amount of radiation and unknown substance in her blood should kill her but it didn’t. I was shocked as I realized what this means. I pulled her file to look up who she was and watch she did.

Doctor Y/F/N Y/L/N

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Career: Scientist; studies medicine

There was an article about her lab catching on fire. Reading more into it I found that her lab was doing research on a vile that had the unknown substance in it, the file had it blacked out so I had no way of knowing what it was. continuing on, her supervisor wanted to test it with another vile, also blacked out, and she refused saying it could cause a huge chemical reaction. An unknown scientist had came in wanting the results right away. After she refused to continue, there was an explosion in the next room. Radiation leaking everywhere. Y/N grabbed her files and made her way out. Somehow she didn’t make it out was was found unconscious in the same room of the explosion. That was all?

I slammed the file down on my desk. 

“You okay?” Tony asked moving towards my desk. He looked at the file on my desk 

“It doesn’t add up” I groaned quietly “If this is how she got her ability then why is HYDRA looking for her?” 

“Maybe to run some tests or to try to recruit her.” Tony suggested with a shrug.

I studied her file reading more about her. I read all of the articles she was in that talked about her studies, I even read her lab reports and how she discovered a cure for Ebola. I read about her childhood, about her father being a well known FBI agent, protecting her from the man who came into her room when she was just 10 years old, the man who was suppose to be a good friend. I read how her mother had left when she was 11 and how it was just her and her dad until he passed away 4 years ago. 

“I can’t control it” I heard her voice once again. Realizing how rude I was to her before. I sunk lower into my chair. 

Reader’s POV

I laid on the thin bed that was on the floor. I stared of into space, wishing I could go back in time and stop myself from going to work that day. Rethinking the events that took place. The man with the name of Brad, came into your side of the building causing your supervisor to piratically squirm under his skin and he instantly started bossing me around, trying to force me to mix the chemicals.

“But sir, if we mix it, the chemical reaction could kill us all” I protested, this was the third time this man has come in demanding the same thing. Only this time it took a bigger toll than I expected. withing minutes, I heard a loud boom and the walls shook causing the vile’s to vibrate.

“Do it now” my supervisor demanded. 

“No” I protested again and quickly put the rubber caps on the vile’s and slid them into my pocket and grabbed my files to make my exit.

Brad stopped me from going any further “If you follow my orders and join HYDRA you will be rewarded, only if you comply” He reached into my pockets and took the vile’s. 

“Never” I shouted as I shoved him away. He snatched the file from my hand and shoved me in the room and locked the door. 

‘Jokes on him’ I thought to my self ‘Those were just samples’ I turned around and saw the two bigger vases with the chemicals ‘Oh shit’ 

“Y/N” Someone called out entering my “room” I sat up, pulled my knees closer to my chest. I looked up to see Wanda enter into the room “I didn’t know your size, but I figured you might be cold or just want a change of clothes.” She handed me a sweatshirt and a pair of pants. Seeing as the pants were too big, I quickly switched to the new sweatshirt that was also to big but was more comfortable.

“Thank you” I said in almost a whisper.

“I know the last time we spoke I went digging through your brain, seeing everything you went through.” she came in closer, “I know how it feels to feel trapped in your own mind and to have no idea how to control your powers. Or to feel guilty for something out of your control.” She pulled me into a hug “We don’t want to hurt you, if you let us we will help you.” 

I hugged her back, so tightly, I wanted someone to understand how I felt. I let out a small sob, and she pulled away “I’ll be your new best friend” She gave a small smile and gave a tight squeeze before making her exit. 

and hour later I was greeted with a man who I thought was another agent. 

“Follow me miss” He ordered grabbing my before forcing me up.

Bruce’s POV

I checked the camera that was in her cell. I watched as she sat there hugging her knees waiting for someone to come in, unsure of what to do. I watched as she jumped when the door flung open and a man forced her to her feet. Next thing I hear is Tony yelling in my ear piece

“She’s escaping again”

I watched as she struggled to break from his grip. something was wrong. she wasn’t trying to break away from us, she was trying to break away from him.

“I got this one” I called back and ran out of the room

“Bruce don’t” Was the last thing I heard Tony say before I made my way to y/n

Reader’s POV

I struggled to get free but once I did I realized we were standing by an elevator and a flight of stairs. I tried to go back towards my cell but he wouldn’t let me. regaining control of my arm I tried to get away. 

“Let me go” I snapped, I felt myself starting to burn up

“You’re coming with me” He started to make his way toward the stairs, only to see Dr. Bruce Banner standing in his way. 

“I don’t think she wants to leave” He shot the man a warning look, the man pulled me closer pulling a knife to my throat

“Step any closer, she dies” He snapped 

“And you would fail your mission.” Bruce shot back, this caused the man to lower his knife and stabbed me in the stomach. I instantly caught fire, not trying to, but the sudden pain in my stomach caused me to lose it. The man quickly tossed me at Bruce and I fell into him burning him. I quickly fell to the ground as I tried to stop the bleeding.

“I’m giving you one last warning” Bruce called out to the man. 

I managed to calm down enough to not be a raging ball of fire, as I tried to get up and make my way to a safe spot, but was quickly swept off of my feet and heard the sound of glass break, feeling a sudden rush of wind taking my breath away. The man grabbed me and threw me full force at the glass window. Feeling it shatter around me,  I was now falling to my death. I waited for the impact that never came. 

Instead I found myself in the arms of a giant green man who looked a lot like Bruce. once he made impact with the ground, he stood there for a moment shrinking to a smaller size. I was in the Doctors arms being held bridal style as he made his way back into the building. 

“Put me down I can walk” I demanded, but he ignored my request. I felt the sharp pain of my wound and tried to ignore it.

Once we made our way into the elevator, Bruce whispered in my ear “Sweetheart, you burned your clothes off.”

He watched as my face went red from embarrassment “Don’t worry, we won’t see anyone until we get you onto the medical floor, by then you’ll have something to cover yourself with. 

So here I was in the same medical room with just Bruce. I laid there with a small blanket covering me as he stitched me up.

“Lucky he didn’t hit and artery” he said while finishing up. “wait here” and he left I covered myself again waiting for his return. He tossed a big blue sweater and black sweatpants my way “This will be more comfortable” 

It sat up and pulled the sweater over my head adjusting it so my hands stuck out of the sleeves. It almost went to my knees and I put the sweatpants on and rolled them once at the waist so the fit. I looked up to see the doctor had turned around so that I could get some privacy.  I cleared my throat announcing I was done. 

“They smell like cologne” I gave a small smile taking in the strong smell.

“They’re mine” He smiled back softly. “So don’t burn them please.” He joked.

Tony came barging into the room.

“I thought we agreed, no escaping” He yelled.

“I di-” he cut me off

“I was gonna show you the ropes and maybe you could’ve been one of us dorks. It was gonna be a surprise.”

“Tony, she didn’t escape. Someone pretended to be and agent and tried to force her out and ended up stabbing her and throwing her out the window. I knocked him out and the big buy crushed him and caught y/n” Bruce explained. He said that Steve and Bucky have him tied up in a cell and are personally watching him. 

“Oh good” he sighed in relief “Cause I made you a suit” He said cheerfully and motioned for me to follow him. Bruce wrapped his arms around my waist holding me up carefully to not touch my wound. We made our way to, what I was assuming his lab. On the table I saw the black suit. I studied it carefully.

“You’re missing something” I looked up at Tony and he gave a confused look “I’m not sure what it’s though”

“Well it’s a good thing it’s not done” He stuck his tongue out like a child. 

I leaned closer into Bruce “I need to lay down” I spoke calmly trying not to cry out in pain as the shooting pain continued in my stomach. He picked me up again 

“Please don’t” I protested again, I hated to be carried. All my weight in someone else’s arms made me self conscious

“It’s okay, you’re a small woman, just relax.” He continued walking out of the room.

Next thing I know I’m being placed on a bed and a blanket is being pulled over my body. I moved quickly, unsure of my surrounding.

“Shh it’s okay. You’re in my room, on my bed, I don’t ever use the bed so I figured you could sleep there for tonight.” He rubbed my arm, and I quickly relaxed, knowing I was going to be okay. I allowed myself to drift into sleep.


For @loveinpanem’s July-challenge “Adopt A Fic/Finish A Fic” I had the wonderful opportunity to finish a short ficlet of @xerxia31. She sent me the first 800 words, and I finished with the rest. Therefore I asked her if it would be ok to post this here as co-authors (also because “co-author” sounds so swanky and makes us feel very sophisticated. ggg).

Thanks to the team of LIP for another awesome challenge, thanks to @xerxia31 for not only being co-author, but beta as well, and thanks to all of you awesome people for the constant support. You’re lovely!

You can also read this on AO3.

Happy reading! :)

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Katniss was slumped in a chair, the painkillers they’d pumped her full of making her light-headed but doing precious little for the pain in her broken hand.

They weren’t helping the hurt in her heart either.

“Finnick, where are you?” she grumbled under her breath. The hospital wouldn’t release her without someone to take her home, despite her insistence that she’d be fine on the bus. So she sat, fidgeting with the sling that supported her newly-splinted hand, feeling miserable.

She dropped her head into her one good hand, concentrating on her breathing. She wouldn’t cry. Not here. She didn’t cry when it happened, didn’t cry in the cab to the hospital, didn’t cry while the doctors and nurses poked and prodded. She wasn’t going to cry. At least not until she was home, alone.

It felt like forever before footsteps crossed the room, familiar ones that her mind refused to consider possible until a pair of double-knotted sneakers appeared in her line of vision. She quickly dashed away the few tears that had defied her iron will and fixed her face into a scowl before looking up.

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Is That a Yes?

Words: 1,607 

Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I wrote a thing.

Hanzo tilted his head, staring at the slim box McCree had shoved into his hands before he could even say hello. He found himself confused for a moment as he tried to think of a reason for the cowboy to be bringing him a gift before recalling the date. He bit the inside of his lip before looking up to meet McCree’s eyes. “I did not get you anything.”

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Originally posted by midqueenally

*has not been proof read yet, sorry for the wait! * x

“Come on sweetheart; don’t give me the silent treatment!” Negan pleaded with you, sitting with your arms crossed and gazing out of the window. You continued to look out of the window, knowing you have to stand your ground firmly to get Negan to understand. “Did you hear something Carl? I swear I heard something, I just don’t know what it is.” You commented, making Carl roll his eyes. Sat between Negan and his sister was proving to be the most uncomfortable situation he had found himself in, it was bad enough he had to sit next to the man he tried to shoot less than two hours ago but it was made even worse because of the argument going on. “Y/N, it doesn’t matter anymore.” He tried to reason with his sister but was brought to a halt when she snapped around to look at him. “No Carl, he shouldn’t have said what he said and he knows that.” Briefly looking towards Negan, and then turning back to the window. “I said I was sorry to the kid Y/N! What more can I do, wife?” You scoffed and rolled your eyes at his ignorance. “Not say it in the first place, husband.” Now it was time for Negan to roll his eyes.

“Against the grain, kid… always against the grain.” Negan lowly laughed, dragging the razor across his skin. You stood behind him, Carl and Judith watching Negan intensely. Carl already felt uncomfortable with Negan being around his baby sister, feeling like he needed to be alert in case he tried anything. “Darlin’, pass me that towel.” Negan held his arm out, palm open waiting to receive the white towel from his wife. You picked up the towel off the rack, walking towards your husband; you pulled him around to face you. You began to pat dry his face, making sure to get the left over water and shaving cream. “You done being mad at me, sweetheart?” He asked a smirk present on his lips. You looked into his eyes, small smile on your face. “Now, how can I stay mad at that face.” You teased, caressing his face with your hand, giving a small squeeze. “Back in the good books kid, looks like sex is not off the table tonight.” He lowly chuckled, looking over at Carl. You wished he wouldn’t be so vulgar in front of your family. Carl picked up Judith, taking her to the kitchen to watch over the pasta that was cooking. “I’m going to miss your beard.” You sighed, eyes trailing over where it used to be. “I had to shave that shit, baby.” You ran your hands around his shoulders, joining them together at his neck. “That’s unfortunate, I loved the way it felt scraping my thighs.” You smirked, giving him a kiss before walking out of the bathroom. Negan watched you as you walked away, hips moving from side to side. “Control yourself.”

“Damn, that smells good. Baby, come and taste this.” Negan heavily sniffed the air, taking in the aroma of the bolognaise cooking. He took the wooden utensil out of the pan, holding it up with the sauce in the spoon, turning towards you. He raised the spoon, towards your mouth. You wrapped your lips around the spoon, tasting the red sauce. “You never told me you could cook Negan.” You questioned, crossing your arms across your chest. He chuckled, scooping up a second spoonful, sliding over to Carl. “Want a taste?” Carl stared up at him, a light scowl on his face, continuing to set the table. Negan continued to look at him, laughing, taking a taste for himself.

You all sat around the table, Olivia sat with Judith on her lap, Negan sat at the opposite you with Carl at the side of you. Negan began to tap his fingertips on the table, obviously becoming restless with waiting for dad. “I’m not waiting for your dad anymore; I don’t know where the hell he is but…” He announced, placing Lucille upright on a chair. “Lucille is hungry. Not only that, my girl is eating for two. She can’t be waiting around for her daddy. Well, her father anyway” Negan snatched the napkin off the table tucking it into the inside of his shirt, getting ready to eat with you blushing at his comment. “Carl, pass the rolls.” He asked, turning his head to look at Carl as he didn’t make a move. “Please.” He said, sounding forced. Carl looked towards you; you raised your eyebrows and shrugged your shoulders. Carl picked up the rolls, passing them over to a smug looking Negan. 

You watched Negan outside from the window, talking to a man in a grey thin jumper. Arat was stood guarding the front of the house, just below the stairs. You had no clue what was going on, when you felt a presence come at the side of you. “Why do you love him?” you heard the voice say, recognizing it as Olivia. You turned your head to her, with a puzzled look on your face. “And what makes you think you can question me about that?” You replied bluntly, annoyed this woman clearly judging your relationship with Negan. “After everything he’s done to us, your dad and brother? How could you?” You walked towards her, Olivia backing up a little in fear. “You want to know why? I’ll tell you. Because ever since this world went to shit, he has protected me, my dad sent me away. Making me choose between my husband and my family. That showed me he didn’t fully care, Negan supports me and our child. Sure, he treats you like shit but that is not my problem, you wouldn’t understand his reasons and I don’t expect you to Olivia. But don’t you ever question me and my husband’s relationship.” You backed up from her, walking outside to the porch of the house.

“Only thing missing is a pool table, nothing better than a good game of 8 ball.” You heard Negan proclaim, with a small glass of whiskey in his hands. You moved towards him, placing yourself behind the rocking chair he was sat on. “Hey baby, Spencer I’d like you to meet Y/N, my beautiful wife.” He said, as you placed a hand on his shoulder. He brought you hand to his mouth, placing a kiss to it before turning back to his conversation.  Spencer pointed over to another house opposite the one you were at. “House across the street has one in the garage.” Negan smirked, raising his eyebrows. “Oh Spencer, you may just be my new best friend.” Spencer smiled genuinely at Negan but you knew better. He was naive, thinking Negan actually had friends. “Such a nice day though, too nice to be cooped up in some garage, don’t you think? Oh, I got a better idea.” He exclaimed, standing up taking his leather jacket off the back of the chair. 

You knew there was a reason Spencer wanted to talk to Negan, and it was Rick. He claimed Rick to have a big ego, saying his mom used to be the leader of Alexandria before your dad came along. Spencer wanted to become the leader, follow in his mother’s footsteps. Residents of Alexandria began to gather around the pool table Negan had moved into the street, watching the game between Negan and Spencer. You normally could tell what Negan was thinking or plan out his movements but he was unreadable. You didn’t know what game he was playing, if he would actually take Spencer’s proposition into consideration. “You know, I’m thinking, Spencer. I’m thinking how Rick threatened to kill me, how he clearly hates my guts but he is out there right now, gathering shit for me to make sure I don’t hurt any of the fine people that live here. He is swallowing his hate and getting shit done. That takes guts.” Negan explained, taking another shot with the cue then placing it down on the table.

“And then there’s you. The guy who waited for Rick to be gone so he could sneak over and talk to me to get me to do his dirty work, so he could take Rick’s place. So I got to ask – if you wanna take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over?” Your eyes wondered over Spencer, is that what he had wanted to achieve? To get Negan to kill your dad off, so he could take back control of this place, Spencer looked at Negan in disbelief. “What? No, no.” He denied, looking worried and confused. “You know what I’m thinking? ’Cause I have a guess.” Negan was inches away from Spencer’s face, looking him in the eyes. “It’s because you got no guts.” He whispered, pulling out his machete plunging it into Spencer’s torso. You heard gasps and cries coming from the Alexandrians, you in a state of shock yourself. No matter how long you had been with him, you still felt that sinking feeling coming to terms with this side of Negan. The cold, heartless side, always making you doubt your relationship with this man a little. “Ohh. How embarrassing. There they are. They were inside you the whole time! You did have guts.” Negan joked as blood dribbled out of Spencer’s mouth, him holding his organs in his hands.  “I’ve never been so wrong in my whole life! Now, someone oughta get up here and clean this mess up. Oh. Anyone want to finish the game? C'mon, sweetheart how about you.” Negan pointed over to you. “Now come on baby, don’t get soft on me! It’s just a little guts and blood, don’t be scared. I was winning as well!” He cooed, you stood in your position, not being able to move. You looked over at a young woman with brown hair, noticing her shaking with anger, staring at Spencer’s body with a rage in her eyes.

A gunshot went off; you immediately tackled this woman to the ground, shoving the barrel of your gun into her neck. “Shit! What the shit?! Shit! You just – You tried to kill me?! You shot Lucille!” you heard Negan going off at her, while all she did is stare at you. “You try and kill my husband, right in front of me?! The father of my child?!” Negan walked over to the bullet, examining it. “What is this? What is this? This little bad boy made from scratch? Look at those crimps. This was homemade. You may be stupid, darlin’, but you showed some real ingenuity here. Baby, move that gun up on that girl’s face.” You did as he asked, breathing heavily while your heart was racing. “Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the same, so why should yours?!” he roared, staring down at the girl. “Unless, Unless you tell me who made this.” She looked towards your husband. “It was me. I made it.” She tried to get Negan to believe her, but you knew he was too smart for her.

“You see, now I just think you’re lying. And you lying to me now?! Such a shame. My wife’s going to have to put a bullet into that empty head of yours.


Eric x Reader

“Alright what the hell’s this?” Eric snapped as he came to a sop next to Four.

“She said we were pushing the little one to hard so she’s decided to give him some one on one lessons.” Four muttered as you started a new activity with the initiate that you’d picked out.

“Tell her she can’t train the initiates.” Eric glanced over his shoulder at Four when he snorted out a laugh.

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The Boys (1/?)

Summary:   You’ve been a hunter since you were 18 , a  vampire killed your bestfriend and you threw yourself into the hunting world after you met the hunters handling her case. John Winchester & Bobby Singer.   Being around Bobby, it was a matter of time before you met Dean & Sam Winchester.  You got along with Sam instantly, but you & Dean didn’t click as much . For the most part your relationship was full of flirting, insults, and arguments. Thankfully you weren’t around them often, only helping each other out on a few hunts . But what happens when you run into the boys again after years of not seeing them?

Warnings: swearing, flirting

Pairing: ( none yet) Dean x reader, Sam x reader

                                                         Chapter 1

 You swipe your leg out, successfully knocking over the vampire infront of you . You whip your blade around , slicing his head clear off. 4 down, 3 to go.

  You hear deep voices coming from somewhere in the house,  I feel like i know those voices.  You quietly begin stepping closer, following the voices.  You’ve been watching this nest for a week , counting 7 vamps .But the number of voices you hear is changing the count to 9 . When the dialogue becomes clearer, you realize the voices aren’t from the vampires, but what you assume to be two captured hunters.  You roll your eyes at the realization, Maybe if they didn’t butt into my hunt they wouldn’t be losing .

   You stand outside the room where they are being held, you peek through the slightly cracking door .  You see the two hunters , hands in chains from the ceilings. How do vampires always find warehouses with chains? Do they have an app for this shit?You grab the last of the dead mans blood you packed, and pour it over the length of your blade.Here goes nothin .

You kick the door the rest of the way open, causing the vampires to step back from their meal. 

 " I’m sorry , did i interrupt something? “ you sarcastically ask . The 3 left lunge at you   Son of a bitch .  

You duck , and begin swinging your blade making sure to at least come in contact with the three.  You see them stagger a little, the dead mans blood doing its job. You didn’t have enough to rely on it, so as soon as you see them stumble you jump into action. You manage to get ones head off, before the effects start to ware off the others. You twirl around as the second one nears you, shoving the blade through its stomach . You retract it quickly and disconnect its head from its neck. one to go.  The last one was still reeling from the blood, but stronger than you would like. He knocks you on your ass, kicking your blade away from your reach . He’s on top of you in seconds, pinning you down. You squirm, panicking that this might be it.  You feel his strength falter a little bit, and swiftly reverse your position. You are now on top, you reach for your blade, finding it barely out of reach . You push yourself , feeling your body already getting sore,  you finally grasp the blade and bring it down on the last ones neck. You pull yourself up , making your way to the other hunters. Both have looks of awe on their faces , you look them both over and a light bulb goes off.

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” Well well, since when do the Winchesters get captured by vampires?  Losing your touch boys? “ you say . You can tell by their expressions they still haven’t registered who you are. You don’t blame them though , its been almost 5 years since you’ve seen or heard from them .

 ” Listen sweetheart-“ You roll your eyes,

"   Try sweet talking your way out of those chains prettyboy, i dare ya.” you taunt  . As soon as the nickname leaves your lips, you see Deans eyes light up.

“ Well i’ll be damned. Y/f/n ,y/l/n . ” he says , a smirk playing at his lips. Sams eyes mimic his brothers at your name.

 " Guys, can we catch up later, ya know after you get us out of these?“ Sam jingles the chains around his wrists.  You pull a bobby pin from your hair, going to release Sammy first. When his hands fall loose, he pulls you into a hug.

 ” I don’t think ive ever been happier to see you Y/n .“  Sam seems like he got 12 feet taller , making you feel like a 4 year old next to him.

 ” Sammy , i thought you were done growing, Jesus.  “  you hear Dean clear his throat,

 ” Come one y/n, these chains aint gonna unlock themselves.“  you send him a smirk ,strolling over to him .

” I don’t know Dean, i think i kinda like you tied up. Its a good look on you.“  you wink as you glide your hand over his chest.

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 ” Oh sweetheart, don’t tease me.“  You go to retort but Sam stops you  ,

” Save it for later guys, lets go. “ 

You unchain Dean , but don’t hug him. You follow after Sam  instead.   When you walk out of the warehouse, you go to stretch your arms, but a sharp pain stops you . Your hands fly to your ribs, you recognize the pain that was blooming. ” Son of a bitch ,“  you lift your shirt, black and blue bruises forming around your torso already. ” Damn vampires. “ you mumble.  

 ” Well what the hell do you expect when you try to take on a nest alone ,yn. “ Dean barks .Theres the Dean i know & want to kill.

  ” I didn’t try to do anything, i DID IT. Alone too , by the way . “ you shoot back .

” Barely sweetheart, next time don’t be stupid, you should of had backup.“

You scoff, ” Who was i going to call? You ? Is your age catching up with you already Winchester,  because you seem to forget who the fuck just saved your ass !“ you growl. Dean wasn’t that much older than you ,  just a few years. But you know how sensitive he is about it, so you use it against him.

 ” Can you two knock it off ! Jesus Christ,  you were about to rip each others clothes off less than 20minutes ago ! “  Sam yells.   You both roll your eyes at the younger Winchester.

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 ” Y/n,  give me your keys. “ Sam demands, making your raise your eyebrow . You don’t feel like arguing anymore, so you hand them to him . ” You know , you’re kinda hot when you yell Sammy . I think i like it.“ you wink as you slide into your passenger seat. You hear Dean scoff, watching as he gets into Baby. Sam climbs in , starting the car.  As he drives you back to the hotel , he begins laughing.

 ” Do you always have to rile him up like that ?“ 

” He started it ! He couldn’t just say thank you? “

 ” You’re right, but so is he. It wasn’t safe to do that alone , and you know it.“  You mimic him in a high voice, as you step out of your car. 

 ” wait how did you know-“

” Its the only motel in town , genius.“

” … i knew that.“ you mumble. You go to open the door to your room, both boys behind you now.  You direct them to sit , as you go for your first aid kit. They don’t look too beat up, just a few scratches and bruises. It seems Dean has the worst of it , a long gash on his shoulder. Probably from not shutting his pie hole .

  You clean up Sams cuts, dabbing them with antiseptic and bandaging them as needed. When you get to Dean , you see the gash is deeper than  you thought . ” Alright Dean, shirt off. “ you command, grabbing the needle and thread to stitch him. He moves slowly , pulling his shirt over his head.  You try not to stare at his bare chest, but you cant help it.

Damn, no wonder women cling to him .

  You clean the cut, then try finding a comfortable position to begin stitching. Where the cut lands on his shoulder makes it hard to find a good, comfortable way to stitch him correctly.  You end up getting frustrated, not finding a stable way to do this. Dean continues sipping on the bottle of whiskey you pulled out , sending you an amused look. 


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He would find this entertaining, jackass.  You finally just decide to plant your self on his lap . It was the only effective angle that would keep you steady ,and make it easiest to do this. You straddle his lap, placing your legs on either sides of him . His eyes go wide as he start coughing on the whiskey in his mouth.  You send him a smirk , and get right to work.  Halfway through stitching him, his hands grip onto your waist, digging in every time the needle pierces his skin. You feel bad , even if it is Dean . You try to be as gentle as you can , but anyway you do this will hurt him . You decide to try and distract him,

 ” You know D, you didn’t have to get hurt in order to get me in your lap, i mean i know you’ve always dreamed of this.“ you flirt. He chuckles,

” Oh sweetheart, we both know you’re the one that wants to be here. But hey, i aint complaining.“   you roll your eyes, finishing the last stitch . As you move to get off his lap, his grip tightens, holding you on his lap. It catches you off guard, your hands fly infront of you  , landing on his chest to hold you up right.

 ” Dean what are you -“

” Promise me you wont be that reckless again.“ he says, his voice almost a whisper.  You look to Sam , seeing him passed out in one of the beds.

” I can handle myself. “

 ” I’m not saying you cant, but help never hurts Y/n.“ he reasons. You sigh, realizing he’s right.

” Ill try my best not to let it happen again, but no promises .“  You try to move again, but he still hold you to him

 ” Watching you kick ass was kind of hot, “ he says, moving a hand to cup your cheek.

Originally posted by ionmyway

what the hell is he doing?

  You awkwardly laugh , moving your hand over his and removing it from your cheek.

 "  Looks like the pain is making you delirious, Winchester. Lets get you to bed, you should try to sleep this off."  You move off him ,  a frown lingering on his face.  You wince, your movements causing your ribs to ache. Deans on his feet now, moving his hands under your shirt.  You let him lift it, uncovering your bruised body.  He sighs, releasing your shirt and going to the mini fridge.  He finds your icepacks, bringing them back and holding them to your ribs.  You let out a moan at the feeling of the cold hitting you. He raises his eyebrow,  you can tell hes about to say something but you beat him to it.

” Not a word ,Dean . Or baby will end up with a nice new paint job.“ You threaten.

” You wouldn’t.“ he challenged, You shrug

” You wanna risk that ?“ He grunts, and falls into the second bed.  He lifts up the covers, signaling for you to join him.  You’re used to sharing a bed with the boys, you would do it at Bobbys or on the hunts you shared before. You carefully slide yourself into bed with Dean ,being cautious of both your injuries. You end up being more comfortable on your side, apparently Dean has the same idea. He moves himself on the side without the cut, which results in him spooning you. He rests his arm low on your waist, avoiding going anywhere near your bruises. Your breath catches in your throat at his action, no matter how many time you may have shared a bed, youll still never get use to the feeling of  your heart fluttering when Dean shows any sort of affection.

” good night sweetheart,“ he says into your hair.

” Night , jackass.“     In minutes, Dean is lightly snoring into your hair. 

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 When you wake up , there is no sign of Dean or Sam.  As you get out of bed, the door to your room flies open.

 ” Well , goodmorning Sunshine !“ Dean bellows as he places a fastfood bag on the table. You make a grossed out face ,

” Why are you so cheery , its too early for that shit Dean. “ you grumble.  He laughs, Sam enters the room, coffee in his hands. He hands you one, and you moan at the taste. Both men chuckle, and begin eating their breakfast.

” So Y/n, we were thining-“

” Well this cant be good.“  playfulness taking over your tone.  Sam rolls his eyes but continues,

 ” We think you should come with  us,  we could do really well on cases with three sets of eyes and ears. “ he suggests . You take  a moment, weighing the pros and cons. The only thing that would be bad, would be me constantly wanting to kill Dean and his stupid ass attitude.  But what the hell, Sams right .

  ” Fine, but if Dean gets on my nerves-“

” If i get on  YOUR nerves, oh Y/n-“

” He wont.“ Sam butts in.  Dean sends you a fake smile, a laugh escapes you .

” Alright then, partners.“you wink  . Both boys smile at you, looking genuinely happy with your decision.

 What the hell could go wrong?

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Hot for Hunter

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Summary: Dean drunkenly mentions something he’d like to try one night, leading to a whole week alone with the reader…

Pairing: sub!Dean x dom!reader

Word Count: 3,400ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: So I was in a mood and this idea just kind of came to me…

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Come home

Word Count: 2,040

Jensen x reader

Warnings: huh.. maybe that the Reader has a lots of insecurities

Note: I wrote that just because I was bored at work. Haven’t had the time to proof-read. Enjoy anyways and let me know if you liked it or not. 

Part 2: Come Home - Part 2

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Waking up to an empty spot in your bed has never been easy on you. Ever since you moved in with your boyfriend, whom you meet 3 years ago, there was this fear of yours of not being good enough for him. He was a successful actor and you were a normal secretary working for a big local company. You moved to the states a couple of years ago to start a new living where you meet this handsome man in a coffee shop. 

After meeting him and having some smalltalk a few times while waiting for your coffee he asked you out and you happily agreed. After dating for almost one and a half year he asked you to move in with him. To every other guy you most probably would’ve said no, but he was different.

There was this strong connection you felt towards him and you knew you could spend the rest of your life with him. But with him being away almost the entire year and all those convention he had to attend on weekends for his job, it wasn’t easy for you.

You started to get insecure of yourself, you started to think that you weren’t good enough for him, that you would hold him back from things he liked, and the fact that you weren’t happy how you looked like didn’t really help. You loved him, that was true, but you couldn’t take the feeling of being a burden anymore, even though he tried his best to let you feel his entire and strong love towards you.

It was a convention weekend and you woke up – alone. You knew that the panel of your boyfriend would start in about five minutes so you searched for your laptop and opened a livestream to watch your boyfriend and his best friend being on stage and having fun. This was a thing you always did during convention weekends. It helped you getting through the time of being alone. On this day you decided to take a quick look through Twitter which clearly wasn’t your best idea. You scrolled through the hashtags and saw a lot of pictures of your boyfriend posing with people. Mostly women. You weren’t jealous, well maybe a little bit, but seeing him this happy with other women only made you more insecure.

Half of the panel was done when you couldn’t take it anymore and decided to stop watching it. You took a shower and during that shower you made the hardest decision you ever had to make. You thought about it before but never actually had the courage to really do it. You thought you could change but sadly you couldn’t change who you were.  So after debating with yourself you came to the conclusion that it’d be the best if you just leave and let him live his life, without you being a burden.  You would do this for him.

You called your boss to take a few days off. After packing everything and putting it in your car, you wrote a goodbye letter for your boyfriend. Everything was done and you got into your car and drove to a friend of yours where you knew you could put your stuff for a few days.

“What? Why? I mean are you being serious, (Y/N)?” your friend said when you arrived. You just nodded and whipped away a tear while putting your things in an empty room. “I am sorry but I have to leave. I can’t be a burden for him anymore. I have nothing to offer. I am just a normal woman and he… he is Jensen Ackles. I don’t understand why he went out with me in the first place anyways.” Your friend looked at you with disbelieve. “You do know that he really loves you, right? You can offer so much, why don’t you see that, (Y/N)!”

“I’ll fly back home for a couple of days. I’ll let you know when I’ll be back. Bye.” With that you got into your car and drove to the airport, flying home to your mom.

In the meantime Jensen was finished with his panel and tried to call you. He always called you when he was away and you normally picked up immediately. But not this time. He came straight to your voicemail which was weird.

“Everything alright, Jensen?” Jared asked when he saw Jensen staring at his phone. “She’s not picking up the phone.” Jensen’s eyes still were focused on the phone. “Maybe she’s just being busy or ran out of battery, I am sure everything’s alright.” Jared tried to comfort Jensen.

“No, Jared. You don’t understand. She always picks up the phone when I am at a convention. There has to be something wrong. I came straight to her voicemail. You know that she feels so insecure about herself when I am gone. I try my best to make her feel my love and my feelings for her, but it seems that it gets worse with every time I am gone.” Jensen started to feel the panic slowly rising in his head.

He knew how you felt about yourself. He knew that you thought you couldn’t offer much. He knew that you had insecurities and he hated himself for not being able to make you understand how much he loved you and how perfect you were to him.

“Yeah, you told me about her insecurities but man, I am sure everything’s fine. Let’s finish this convention and then you can fly home. Thankfully we have the week off of filming.” Jared smiled to Jensen who only nodded and got up to get ready for the photo ops.

Ten hours later, Jensen finally was home. He unlocked the door and stepped in. “Sweetheart! I am home!” but there was now answer. “(Y/N), you here?” When there still was no sight of you, he started to panic. He ran up to your shared bedroom and looked around. Everything seemed to be normal. At least until he turned around and saw a handwritten letter lying on the dresser. He took the letter, opened it, sat down on the bed and read it with tears forming in his eyes.

Dear Jensen,

I am sorry that I am not good enough. I am sorry that I let you down. I am sorry that I am a burden. I am sorry that I hold you back. I am sorry for not being able to stay here anymore. I need you to be happy. I need you to live a happy life without me being around and that’s why I have to leave. I feel like that’s the only way you can live your life without me holding you back anymore.

I packed my stuff and stored it at my friend’s. I’ll send someone to get the rest of it.

Please know that I am truly sorry for stealing your past three years.

I love you.




He couldn’t quite believe what he was reading. He took out his phone and dialed your number but you still weren’t picking up. After he tried a couple of times he called Jared. “Jensen? Everything okay?” Jared asked with confusion.

“She’s gone, Jared. I don’t know where and I am freaking out.” Jensen nearly screamed in his phone. Jared had troubles to keep up with what his friend was saying. “Wait, what? What do you mean with (Y/N) is gone?”

 “I mean that she packed her stuff, wrote me a goodbye letter and left” Jensen had to take a deep breath while saying that. After all you were his love of a lifetime. “It’s my fault, man. I wasn’t able to show her just how much she meant to me. She wrote that she didn’t want to be a burden anymore and that her leaving is the only way how I can have a happy life.“

 “Okay. First of all calm down, J” Jared tried his best to calm Jensen down, “I’ll be there in 15 and we are gonna find her, alright?” Jensen had to hold back tears. “Thanks, Jared.” With that he hung up.

15 minutes later Jared was standing in front of Jensen door. He didn’t have to knock because the door was being open. He stepped in and went straight for the bedroom in which Jensen still was sitting on the bed.

“Do you know where she could be?” Jared asked while walking into the room. Jensen looked up, a sad smile across his face. “She’s still not picking up but she wrote that she brought her stuff to a friend. (Y/F/N) is the only one I can think of.”

“Alright, well that’s a beginning. Do you know where (Y/F/N) lives?” Jared asked and Jensen nodded a tiny yes. “So what are you waiting for, let’s drive to (Y/F/N) and ask her if she knows something.”

The two of them got up, locked the front door and made their way over to where your friend was leaving. Jensen could feel his heartbeat speed up when they reached the front door of your friend’s apartment. “You ready?” Jared asked.

Jensen knocked on the door and whispered “Let’s do this.” After knocking a few times your friend finally opened the door. “Jensen? What can I do for you?” She asked. “Hey, (Y/F/N). I know (Y/N) was here bringing you some stuff of hers. Do you know where she is now?” Jensen asked nervously. “Uh, yeah. She was here. She… She told me she has to leave.” (Y/F/N) told the two men standing in front of her home.

 “Did she say where she was going?” Jared asked with a polite smile on his lips. “She said she was gonna spend some time at home. She wanted to fly back to Europe to visit her mom there. That’s all I know.” Your friend returned the smile to Jared.

“Thank you.” Jensen said and turned around to go back to the car. Jared said goodbye and followed his friend. They got in the SUV and started to drive back to Jensen’s. “What are you gonna do now?” Jared asked. “I am gonna take the next flight to Europe. I need her to know that I love her and that I want her to be here… here with me.”

After an eleven hour flight you arrive at the airport near your home town. Your mother picked you up from the airport and as soon as you saw her you began to cry because you missed her so much.

 “I missed you, too.” She assured you while hugging you. “But sweetie, why are you here? Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that you came but did anything happen?”

You didn’t want to tell your mom why you really came to visit so you lied to her. “Everything is fine, mom. No worries. I just wanted to see you.” The two of you made your way to the car. You loaded your small suitcase in the back and started to drive back home. You didn’t talk much because you were exhausted and you were thankful that your mother seemed to understand that. But every now and then she would ask you something and suddenly the question you feared popped up.

“How’s your boyfriend doing?” You froze when you heard that question. “Earth to (Y/N). Did you hear me, sweetie?” your mother asked when you weren’t giving her an answer in the first place.

 “He’s doing well. Everything is fine.” You lied to avoid any further questions. After driving for about half an hour you reached your old home. You said your hello’s to everyone at home and made your way to your old room. It was just the way you left it the last time you were here. Your bed, your dresser, your pictures on the wall. Exactly how you remembered it.

Before you went to bed, you took a warm shower to realis some of the stress you felt in the past few hours. Your thoughts always were with Jensen and if he already found your letter. Little did you know that he already was at the airport, boarding a plane and thinking about you non-stop

Music, Black Coffee, and Lemon Blueberry Scones

Here’s my entry for Mimi’s Trope Challenge!

PROMPT: Coffee Shop AU
CHARACTERS: Female reader, John Winchester, Charlie Bradbury, Castiel, Chuck Shurley, Meg Masters, Krissy, Claire Novak, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester (these last 7 are just mentioned)
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: THIS IS AN AU; language, angst, moment of suspense, fluff, flashbacks are in italics

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Charlie’s eyes were wide when you walked into the shop. She looked to the big clock on the wall, confusion coloring her features. You walked behind the counter, and she leaned on the register.

“Morning, boss.”
“Don’t call me that.”

Charlie smiled, glancing towards the door, and when she didn’t see a customer, she spoke again.

“Long night?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Charlie winced.

“That bad?”
“Can we not do this?”

Charlie watched as you fixed yourself a white chocolate mocha, expertly going through the steps to create the drink without even thinking. When you placed the lid on the coffee cup, you turned to her.

“On the off-chance he comes in, don’t tell him I’m here. And you know what, don’t tell me if he comes by either.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?”
“Absolutely sure. I’m going to the office. Don’t bother me.”

Charlie watched you walk away, flinching when your office door slammed. She nodded, glancing at the clock again, then going to fix Mrs. Greene’s morning hot chocolate.

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Online Besties

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

As requested by @tenleylines : Imagine Poe having a tumblr and you have one and you both become friends and soon best friends and you guys fly out to meet each other.

When you joined tumblr, it was for just shits and giggles. You were bored. Your friends told you to make one. So you did. Five years later, you’re still on the website. You’re now in multiple fandoms, you take part in writing fanfics, as well as contributing to your fandoms in multiple ways. Whilst in your contributing via making lists of headcanons for the Avengers, a follower of yours direct messaged you.

Hey! You don’t know me, but I’ve been following you for a while now and I really enjoy your imagines and headcanons!


That sounded really creepy.

I’m sorry. I promise I’m not creepy.

At least my mom says I’m not.

Those messages made you smile and giggle. To which you replied with:

Hahaha! It’s okay. I didn’t think of it as creepy! And thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed them!

The follower replied with:

I’m Poe by the way.

You sent this gif

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I’m Y/N.

And it was the start of a beautiful friendship. 

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Kas' 2.5K Follower Writing Challenge!

Thank you all so much for the 2.5K followers! You guys have been with me through thick and thin, you all are the best! My life has been insane this year, but things are settling down so I’ll be more active. You guys are so amazing, and I’m so happy to have all of you in my life! 

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So to celebrate this huge milestone, I’m going to be hosting my first Writing Challenge

Kas’ 2.5K Dialogue Prompt Challenge!


  1. You may pick only one prompt and pairing. If we happen to have extra then you can pick another if you want. Just send me an ASK with whatever prompt  you would like. Send me three choices just in case the one you want is taken and let me know what pairing it will be.
  2. There is no word length, I happen to enjoy long stories! ;)
  3. It can be anything from a drabble, one shot, mini series, whatever you guys want it to be.
  4. It can include angst, smut, fluff. It can also be an AU if you want whatever floats your boat
  5. All entries for the challenge will be due on July 1, 2017 12:00am PST.
  6. Must include Kas’ 2.5K dialogue challenge in the first five tags.
  7. And above all else please tag me! If I don’t like a reblog it, it’s probably because I didn’t see it.

After July 1, 2017 I will be making a masterlist for all of the submissions. That way everyone will be able to read all you amazing fics!

Let’s get this celebration started!

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Healing (Gabriel x Reader)

Request: Reader is Dean’s daughter, a hunter herself and has a huge crush on Gabriel, who she is very close with, but doesn’t think he see’s her that way. During a hunt, she get’s hurt, nearly dies (Maybe?) and Gabriel saves her and tells her how he feels. The reason I suggested that the reader is Dean’s daughter is because I know Dean doesn’t like Gabe very much so he’d probably have some kind of issue with his daughter and Gabriel being together.

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A Girl Can Dream 

Pairing: Roman x Reader

Word Count: 862

Warnings: 90′s teen level Angst

A/N: Sorry that its been so long guys! Probably a part 1. Give me some ideas friends! Love yall

“Here we have our newly crowned champion Roman Reigns, Congrats on your win Roman!” I said with an obnoxiously fake smile.

“Why thank you sweetheart” He replied flirtatiously.

As I continued the interview, asking about his plans for Braun and the future, my chest tightened. This dreaded conversation needed to come to close. “Well thank you for joining me!” I finished as the cameras began to shut off. I pulled my mic off and tried to escape to anywhere but my current location.

“Hey! Wait” Roman yelled from behind me as I flooded to my dressing room, closing the door behind me. I locked the door as his loud footsteps stopped outside of the locker room.

My back slid down the door as a loud sigh came from the other side.

“Come on, open the door” He said demanded.

“Leave me alone Roman” I yelled, switching from my tight dress into my shorts and Breezango shirt that I had packed away the night before.

“I’m your fiance! You can’t just ignore me!” He barked. I shuffled over to the door and unlocked it.
Roman stormed in almost trampling me as I stumbled backward, slamming the door behind himself.

“What do you want Roman?” I asked crossing my arms.

“I want to know what the hell your problem is!” He bellowed, adding fuel to the already untamable fire.

“What the hell my problem is? Maybe it’s you Roman. Maybe your my problem ” I muttered, leaving the room. Not knowing where to go, I knocked on the only person who I knew would make me feel better.

“Hey! Whats up?” Naomi answered the door.

I sighed, “Can I come in?”

“Yeah! what’s wrong?”

“Roman is just tearing everything apart and I-I don’t know what to do” I sniffled. She pulled me into her arms and rubbed my back as tears fell down my face.

“Shhhhh, its ok,” She cooed.“How can I help?”.

“I-I don’t even know. He just wants to see ou-” I stuttered out as the locker room door opened.

“Hey Nai- Wait what’s wrong?” Jimmy asked, concern taking over his face.

“Roman” Naomi replied as Jimmy walked over.

“Do I need to rough him up a little?” He asked with a smile causing me to giggle a little.

“You know what? I’m good. I’m fine, seriously,” I said getting up and brushing myself off. I took a deep breath and thanked the two for helping me calm down before heading to my car below the building. The drive was slow but just what I needed as I gathered my thoughts and made a plan for the upcoming night. As I entered the hotel lobby, the clerk seemed to me the only other person and the room was seemingly empty. “Hi, I was wondering if you had any rooms available for the night.”

“Let me check,” the man said, his typing echoing through the empty hallway. “It looks like we have one room available for tonight.”

“Perfect! Thank you so much” I sighed in relief. He handed me the key to my new room and I gathered all my belongings, trudging my heavy legs to the elevator.

“563… 563..” I muttered to myself as I walked down the hall. Pushing open the door, I threw my backpack on to the desk and my suitcase onto the bed. “Where the hell are my….” I mumbled before finding my shorts. I threw them on along with a thin tank top and  grabbed an old hoodie out of my bag. Taking my wallet with me I headed back outside only to slam into someone.

“Oh hey! There you are! I was so worried when you didn’t come to our room!” Roman sighed in relief.

I looked down at my feet, afraid to meet Roman in the eyes. “I have my own room,”


“Yeah, I, um, got my own room” I cleared my throat trying to regain any confidence.

“Why would you do that?” He scolded, gaining the attention of a group of kids wandering the hallways.

“Can we not do this out here?” I said, opening the door for Roman. He accepted my invitation and I followed him into my room.

“Why didn’t you answer my texts? I was so worried about you.” His arms wrapped around me.

I struggled, for a second, to get out of his arms before he realized what was happening and let me go. “I can’t pretend like what happened didn’t happen.”

“Baby it doesn’t change anything. People fight. It happens.” His hand tried to pull me back in but I pushed it away.

“This ‘fight’ has been going on for months. I mean when was the last time there was no argument or lingering glares?” His silence answered for him. “I think you should go Roman”

“This is ridiculous” His eyes dropped the naive hope he normally had. I walked over to the hotel door and opened it leading him out and closing the door behind me. I crawled into my bed and curled into a ball, hoping the ache in my heart would disappear with a little rest. An insane thought really, but a girl can dream.