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hi i’m here to constantly remind the world that my wife is a gift who somehow always knows how to make me smile 💕

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Bad Dreams (Original Audio)

So i know this idea has been done before…. but me… and someone close to me have been having bad dreams… i couldnt sleep my self…so… this is for them. 

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I bake now to de-stress. I’ve made alot of stuff thought not taken good pictures of them so here are some. doughnuts last batch was at 70; chocolate and caramel, white chocolate and pistaionuts, tripple chocolate and pink white chocolate with blue glaze with lemon flavour. I made a vanilla banana white chocolate cake for my moms birthday. Some Swedish chocolate goo cake with nougat along side two Lemon raspberry muffins. My first attempt a cupcakes chocolate with white chocolate frosting and raspberries. Then just simple blueberry muffins.

Just a little update for anyone who is interested. I’m feeling a bit better than last any of you herd from me I’m not.. Good but.. I’m better and that’s.. Umm a step…
Just waned to update you seeing as the last note was.. Grim and such.
And no I’m not eating all the stuff I bake my mom. And dad brings em along to their workplaces and share there.
We have some at home for guest.
Ive also had a terrible cold that lasted all of February.
I’m working out at gym evryother day.
Umm like I said just and update I geuss. Hope all of you are well. And whole I’m not actively posting or participate in anything you can still message me if you feel like you want to I’m here if you need and ear is all I’m saying..
This is longer than I planed so I’m ending this here.
Again hope you are all well
With lots of love nerumline!