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Imagine having a well-planned out Valentine’s Day date with Woozi at the Pledis building rooftop.

BONUS: When you reach the building, you were surprised to see the other Seventeen members dressed up in suits and waiter attires. It turns out that Woozi “hired” them to help out with your date.

why do kaylor fans on twitter read my blog if they don’t like it…. nobody is forcing you to read what i post

hey so.
I hate to do this but I really need help and I’m sorry if my words are wrong as english is not my first language.
anyway, yesterday we found out my mother’s lawyer overlooked a process (since she owns a company, my mom gets sued a lot by ex-employees and she usually wins the case) and the judge decreed that we need to pay like A LOT of money. but since it was overlooked, we didnt pay and they wiped our bank account clean.
we literally dont have any money right now.
I don’t like to ask for money, but if you do want to help us, I take commissions (link is on my blog). the money will go straight to my mom’s account, and hopefully it will help the situation a little bit. I’m opening 5 COMMISSION SLOTS, and might open more if the situation gets worse.
please, please, signal boost this. I’m crying so hard, I just want this awful situation to end.

  • Settler:Can you help us? A pack of feral ghouls have holed up nearby and a few of them have started wandering over.
  • Me:okay fine where?
  • Settler:*shows on map*
  • Me:piece of fucking shit that's clear on the other side of Boston how are you scared of them wandering over there is literally a super mutant base right up your ass and you are worried about fucking ferals from the far-reaching asscrack of the world like what the ffffffffs

tippycraftmtg asked:

Is the problem happening on Innistrad something we haven't encountered before? yes or no will suffice

“Will you help us solve the mystery of the set that hasn’t even started previews yet?” Um, no. : )

kate @courf just called me a metric minded jerk i feel unduly insulted the metric system is much more logical than u and ur other three countries who don’t use it (anyway we still use imperial in a lot of things and i don’t know why. what is an ounce….. how do u convert between feet and inches….. whAT IS A CUP WHY DO YOU NEED A VOLUMETRIC MEASUREMENT…)

'Thank You', A Valentines Day Poem Addressed To Dan And Phil

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

Dan Howell’s funny,

And Phil Lester too,

This poem’s cheesy,

You know it’s true,

But to Dan and Phil,

We say ‘Thank You’,

You helped us through illness,

You helped us through health,

You helped us when nobody else wanted to help,

Thank you for PINOF,

Thank you for Dil,

You helped Dan start YouTube,

That's a ‘Thank You’ for Phil,

Thank you for friendships,

Thank you for kindness,

Thank you for making our lives shine the brightest,

Thanks to the meme,

Thanks to the sun,

Thanks for showing us how to have fun,

Thanks for the book,

Thanks for the tour,

Thanks for the merch that makes us look cool,

Thank you for showing that we mean the most,

Thanks for all the inspirational quotes,

Thanks for your laughs,

Thanks for your smiles,

Thank you for making it all worthwhile,

Thank you for all of you hard work and devotion,

Thank you for showing that we mean the most and,

The biggest thank you is for the both of you,

The meme and the sun, the perfect two,

We love you both and do not forget,

We will always support you even if you’re upset.

- Love From, The Phandom xxx

anonymous asked:

i find compliments so overwhelming :( i hate myself so much and i know that it's good manners to respond with 'thank you' to compliments, so i do that, but. it's still overwhelming. i want to be like, 'no, you're wrong,' but i also don't want to upset the person? or make things awkward? and so i just say thank you and scream internally.

I’m sorry that it’s so overwhelming for you. You’re definitely not alone… I’m really bad at taking compliments too, and I often respond to them with self-deprecating comments without realizing it, and it frustrates people. You know… the whole ‘debilitating low self-esteem’ thing, I guess. 

It might not be such a bad thing to respond with just a polite thank you, though. Maybe it could help you get used to accepting them, even just a little? And then maybe eventually some good things could be absorbed, just from hearing things often enough. Anyway, you’re not alone at all with this!

- Shinji

Phan in Latinamerica

🌸¡Hola chic@s! Queria venir a informarles que, como algún@s de ustedes saben, Dan y Phil se van a ir de tour mundial, pero la mayoría de nosotros sabemos que solamente se refieren a USA y Canada. Queríamos cambiar un poco las cosas y hacerles saber que nosotros también existimos, pero necesitaríamos la ayuda de todos ustedes.

🌸Hello guys! I wanted to inform you that like many of you may know Dan and Phil are doing an international tour, but most of us know that when they say international it basically means USA an Canada. We wanted to twist things around and make them know that we exist, so we need your help.

Si quieres ayudarnos y eres de:

If you want to help us and you’re from:

· Argentina

· Bolivia

· Brasil

· Chile

· Colombia

· Costa Rica

· Cuba

· Ecuador

· El Salvador

· Guatemala

· Haiti

· Honduras

· México

· Nicaragua

· Panamá 

· Paraguay

· Perú 

· República Dominicana

· Uruguay

· Venezuela

🎀Rebloguea esto así nos puedes hacer saber que eres parte de #BringPhanToLatinamerica. Nuestro objetivo es hacerles saber a Dan, Phil y a sus manager que su audiencia latinoamericana es numerosa y que apreciaremos si ellos pudieran venir aca.

🎀Reblog this so you can make us know that you’re part of #BringPhanToLatinamerica. Our goal is to make Dan, Phil and their managers realize that their latinamerican audience is very big and that we will appreciate if they could come here.

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Hi, I read that you're using Tinder and I was wondering what pictures you use for your account? Because i'm interested in making an account ( with a fake fb profile ofcourse ) there but i'm afraid that people who know me in real life will see me and recognize.. Can you help me please?

I use pictures that focus on me and my interests. There is a picture of me holding my favorite book. There’s one of me sitting in front of my easel. I’m not worried about seeing anyone I know for two reasons: I have my preferred ages set to higher than anyone I know personally. The second is I haven’t done anything I’m ashamed or embarrassed about. And if they mention that they found my account on Tinder that means they have a profile there as well. The tea pot can’t call this kettle black and expect to get a reaction.


@squigglydigg and @shadowlillium animation of @mysterybensmysteryblog ‘s Lewis dancing

Squiggs did Key frames, Lineart, and Inbetweens

Shadow did Inbetweens, Color, Effects, and Backgrounds 

Check out the original Mystery Skulls Ghost video here:

Thank you everyone for the support and love! <3


Today’s Hamilton aesthetic: this poem by Oak


due to many requests I’ve finally released some of my tutorials from Patreon on to Gumroad! c:

the packs range in price from $0-$10! there are free/pay-what-you-want packs available with brushes, tutorials and layered .PSDs.

you can use the code teacake for 10% off for the next couple of days! I really hope that they’re helpful and thank you so much for the support :D