you heart aches and then your soul feels empty

Leave a souvenir
That my breathing soul
When your casual heart
say’s its goodbye.
The station is still
As your train awaits
But won’t you
Leave this love
On a high?

Water takes a shape
Of every surface it touches
Creepers take a direction
Where empty space lies
But where does my aching heart
When you bid adieu
When there’s no light
Within these fireflies?

Destiny holds the key
The key that opens our love
The love that moves the world
The world that feels as one…
Say something to people
Before they leave the world you love
The love that moves the world
The world that feels as one…

We’re taught to believe that heartbreak happens at one exact moment, a single tsunami of sadness that tumbles over you and destroys everything in its wake. But it’s not. Heartbreak happens slowly, with a kiss that’s a little too quick, a touch that’s a little too rough. Heartbreak happens with one broken promise, then two, with an exasperated sigh that disappears into the velvet night, an irritated eye roll that you dismiss without a worry. Heartbreak pulls you apart seam by seam, it happens slowly and then all at once. Over never feels like over until it really is, after all the beautiful parts of you have unraveled. Heartbreak is all the little things, the echo of his memory, his scent on the winter wind, an empty ache in the deepest parts of your soul. Heartbreak is everywhere yet nowhere. You can feel it in your nerves, in your empty bed and cold sheets, in your heart, in the abandoned picture frames on the wall. It nags at you, every minute of every day, but it disappears just as it happened; slowly, and then all at once. Heartbreak never feels over until it really is.
—  I wish I could write about something besides you but my mind is full of the memory of you