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(Breathes in.) If you read the message, you would understand the point wasn't that I don't understand what an anagram is. The point is that people are going around saying Ishida himself confirmed that he calls Amon Koutarou "Koumon Rotor", i.e. Anal vibe/dildo thing, when in fact it wasn't Rotor, it was "Koumon Tarou". Just... "Anal Tarou". Which I guess can mean "Anal Man" but... I was looking for "Koumon Rotor", which I had heard he tweeted, but I can't find it anywhere, even his twitter.

Oookay. First of all, visual aid: please refer to page one of this omake.

Second of all. I have no idea what “people” are saying as I’m not responsible for them. You came to my blog asking how does Amon Koutarou make “Koumon rotor”. I told you it’s an anagram of Koumon Tarou, which is a name Ishida actually wrote in the omake (since he couldn’t actually write “anal dildo”).

As a bit of an advice, wording your questions properly and subsequently being polite when addressing people you don’t know is considered the norm in most societies. Just a tip.

Here's hoping FE Echoes fixes the story's biggest problem

Spoileriffic as all get out, don’t click that “Keep reading” button
unless you know the plot of Fire Emblem Gaiden.

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For the first time, I’m not officially attending 221b con. Money and roommates are mostly why. If you want to meet up or say hi maybe we can work something out. Message or inbox me if you’re gonna be here for 221b and want to meet or hang out. I’m in the area and can try to work something out. I’m sad I can’t this year but don’t want to miss meeting friends.

You have all heard something about me and believed it. Now if I say that I am innocent – and Allah is my witness that I am innocent – you will not believe me; and if I confess something which I never did – and Allah knows that I never did it – you will believe me. I cannot but repeat the words which the father of Prophet Yousuf (Joseph) had spoken: ‘fa-sabrun jamil’: I will bear this patiently with good grace.
—  Aisha RA

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Lavmun, have you heard All-star but in alphabetical order? (Sry for being a memelord)

I’ve heard the nutshack theme in alphabetical order but not All-star >u> . . 

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[[hey @mun! are you okay?? havent heard from you for a while is all!]]

((im ok, its just been really hard for me to keep up with rtah related things for a while so sorry abt the long break without nothing ;; i hope ill be up to it eventually bc i still love this blog a whole lot… its just for now i have No Drive at all))

Request: “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you.” With Lin/Reader ~ @colbertandlin-manuel

Masterlist | Request!

You were working on the script for the new movie you were writing. Your agent said you had to have it to her in four days. Knowing yourself and how you procrastinate, you decided to start early. You only planned to work on it for an hour or so, but once you started you couldn’t stop. The click-clacking of keys was the only thing heard through your small apartment.

“Baby, you’ve been working all day!” Lin whined from his spot on the couch. “Come cuddle.”

“Lin, I can’t,” you told him, not taking your eyes away from your computer screen.

He walked over to you and put his hands on your shoulders. He massaged them and placed a kiss on the top of your head.

“Take a break,” Lin said, quoting his own work.

“I have to get this draft to Jennifer, I can’t stop ’til I get this draft to Jennifer,” you smiled smugly.

“You’re so sarcastic!” he grumbled and made his way back to the couch.

“I am your wife!” you shot back.

“Y/N, it’s 12 o’clock in the morning.” Lin told you, irritation present in his voice. “Please come to bed.”

“Lin, I have to finish this one scene then I’ll come to bed,” you said.

“You said that four scenes ago!” he said.

You just ignored him and continued to type.

“Well, I’m going to back to sleep,” he said, quoting more of his work.

“Best of husbands and best of men,” you said apathetically.

That’s when he got fed up. He walked over and closed your laptop screen.

“Hey!” you exclaimed.

“It’s Google Docs, it saves automatically! Now, come to bed!” he said.

You surrendered. The thought of being snuggled up with him was enough for you to stop everything. You followed him to the bedroom and got under the covers. As soon as you cuddled against him you were out like a light.

You felt Lin shift underneath you, and it with was enough to wake you up.

“’Morning, sleeping beauty,” he said softly.

“’Morning,” you replied groggily. “I’m hungry.”

“I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you,” he said.

“My draft!” you remembered and shot up off the bed.

“That’s another reason why I didn’t wake you,” Lin began, “I knew the first thing you would do was rush off to go write.”

You looked at your husband. He was frowning and you absolutely hated seeing that. You immediately felt bad; after all, all he wanted to do was spend time with you.

“Mi rey, don’t pout. I’m sorry,” you cooed as you caressed his cheeks. “how about I make chocolate chip pancakes and then we can rewatch ‘The West Wing?’”

“With whipped cream?” he asked, looking up at you with a childlike glint in his eyes.

“They’re not chocolate chip pancakes without whipped cream!” you chuckled and led him into the kitchen.

Your draft could wait.

send me one of these with a cast member/character and I’ll write a drabble!

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Are you into Kpop at all? Do you know any groups, or have you heard any Korean music you've liked??

I’m not particularly - I’ve never really had a chance to listen to anything like that. I’ve heard of some groups like BTS or exo? I think they’re Kpop? My studygram feed is full of people that are into it, so I see quite a bit but don’t really engage with it since I don’t know it very well. Maybe one day I’ll get to listen xx

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1-31 of the panic! Questions 😋💕

im just gonna assume you meant 2 separate ones and not all jfkfbjh

What what the first P! song you heard?

honestly i have no clue, it was so long ago and i was so.. so small

What song is your least fave?

i think its always been like camisado? i have nothing against it i just listen to it the least

ask me panic Qs yay

Butthole Deoderant

I was watching Edward Scissorhands when I heard my dad say: “I rubbed it on my butthole.” I turned around and questioned him what he was taking about. He turns to me and says:

“My boss was irritating me and since it was my last day I took his deoderant and rubbed in in my ass crack. I made sure there were a few hairs in it before I put it back. I was gonna super glue his locker shut but…”

Idk about you but this was the best at thing I’ve heard all year and I thought I’d share it with you

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)




Funny how that works, huh?


I KNOW what you’re trying to DO there gamefreak

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