you hear me baby


Ghost - Cirice (Vooruit - 31/01/2016)

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do you ever think about new to bottoming Derek unable to be quiet like he usually is during sex? He tries to hold back every whine and moan and whimper because he isnt used to feeling comfortable making a lot of noise but Stiles is like "no baby lemme hear you please be loud for me" because I think about it a lot




(I mean, all of the songs will be composed by Stiles but the point still stands)

This is a very important headcanon and we must cherish it always, nonnie.

Now, someone reblog this and write a fic because I have needs and no time to do it myself.

Late night craving.

4 in the morning I wonder if I’m sneaking into your dreams. Do you smell my  essence in the atmosphere? Slowly walking down the hall with my fingertips gently running across the wall.Do you hear the soft creaks from the wooden floor while I tiptoe your direction? Do you see me in your doorframe? Don’t move or speak while I’m in motion.
When you roll back and forth between the sheets are you craving me? Do I send chills down your spine? Don’t let me get lost in your mind. I got a game I’d like to play daddy. Are you in? Are you missing my voice? Baby wake up! Can you hear me? There’s knocking at the door.
There you go creeping in the dark down hall with curiosity. Clearing your eyes to see the blurry red light of 3:59. Turning the doorknob with cold sweats. The aroma of sweet jasmine start seeping through the opening of the door. A gentle push from an unknown stranger opens the door. Don’t be surprised I know you were expecting me.

A Dean pick me up.

A/N : I really needed a pick me up today so I wrote this. I hope whoever had a crazy/crappy Monday can read this and feel better. Thank you for reading.

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“Sweetheart. I always look at you that way because you are magic. You are beautiful. Now don’t roll your eyes at me and say I’m being cliché because I know you’re thinking it. Don’t laugh sarcastically baby, atleast hear me out.

You’re beautiful in the way you think, in the way you are protective of those you love, in the way you wear your heart on your sleeve and that damn smile. You get this sparkle in your eye everytime you talk about something that you’re passionate about, even those dorky TV shows.

I love how you have the ability to laugh- letting nothing get to you even when you feel like the whole world is against you. I could stand in the sidelines for hours watching you do completely normal things and still I’d fall hopelessly in love with you all over again.

No Sweetheart. You aren’t beautiful only for something as temporary as your looks, you’re beautiful deep down to your soul.”


tem tweet de outubro q ainda n postei socoro to com uma pasta com mais de 100 mas vo posta todos prometo bejo te amo e like

stay gold


summer’s hot but I’ve been cold without you

one day i know i’ll be moving on, but i fear you’ll be always right there holding a piece of my heart that’ll never belong to me (…)

i’m looking in on the good life I might be doomed never to find

give me therapy, for dear I’m a walking travesty

you’re my religion

sweet like honey, soft like silk

goodbye to the people who loved me

sad girl. mad girl. bad girl.

living la genderless vita

you’re not getting away from me. never again.

do you miss me when you hear my name?

im not ur baby


Can you believe there are actual people out there that hate her? Just listen to her. Amazing. They don’t get enough recognition. 

A friend once asked me if I would ever go back to you. Even though you broke me into a million tiny little pieces that scattered across the universe. I hear you calling me baby and it’s like I’m hearing my favorite song for the first time all over again. And then there was the day you said you couldn’t do it anymore and we should just be friends and I felt my ribs crack. And even though you hurt me in every way you could I still love you and I would go back if you asked me to.

passes tf out on u congrats u can put pillow on ur resume
i have more memes to answer but i !! also have work in the morning and it’s already 3 so i think i’m gonna bid you all a fond farewell and a goodnight and good luck as i go.
and just remember that you are all awesome and i believe in and am so proud of each and every one of you, so keep on rocking and don’t cause too much trouble. night, nerds. <3

ignore my emo ass but i’m tearing up every time i see harry’s latest instagram post on my dash

i mean i know we all freaked out when he posted the rainbow flag when gay marriage was made legal everywhere in the u.s.

but this. he didn’t have to acknowledge this. this isn’t anything “official”, only a beautiful display of love and rainbows at a popular u.s. event…

and yet he did - he did acknowledge this, he’s showing his support but also his pride and i just…. yeah i need a minute

Guardian Angel

Don’t let me hold you back
My perfect sweetheart
Don’t hold back
I need you to know

I am still here
Please keep moving
I’m always with you

Baby, stop crying
I will always be there
Even when you feel I’m not there
I am

Please don’t worry
I know you miss me
Baby even if you don’t see me

I’ll always watch over you
Please stay strong
Tears run down your face, I wish I could still wipe them
I wish I still could
Hold you, call you ‘baby’
But you can’t hear me, I just wish you knew

I’m still here
My lovely angel
Please wipe your tears
Don’t make me cry
(You are mine
I am yours forever)

I know it hurts
I wish I could say
“I love you” once more

Your heart is broken
But honey I’m here
I wish you could feel
When I still touch you

You’ll always have
My heart
Just know please
I’ll always love you

-this is a poem, that is also lyrics. Inspired by Vincent Cyr’s Buddy Orange.

All ambassador of 12 clans wants to kill lexa. Ice queen wants to kill lexa. Probably alot of sky people wants her dead for betraying them. Ya’ll if she survive this season we fucking celebrate and praise the sky do you hear me. Do not touch ma baby