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Ohh. Interesting thoughts. I’m interested to hear more about all of these angles. Like how Chara would’ve survived or come back, and what would fill someone with that much hate.  

Those are 2 things I am happy to say nobody has ever asked me to do.
And uh wow how did you find out don’t you believe in me, friend?

Oh? This one is interesting, too. Props to this pacing.


a/n: anon suggested a best friend to boyfriend type but i felt redundant sort of making another boyfriend post for him lols. and i just made a college!sewoon post and my heart is forever #howons so here’s a college!jaehwan<3 i’m also trying to write a drabble for jaehwan soon~~

  • the type to carry a thermos with him all the time
  • also a waterbottle
  • probably has teabags in his backpack
  • “my mom must have p-put these in here ha ha ha”
  • it was him
  • if it’s cold up, he’s always bundled up because he’s not allowed to get sick
  • aka his mom wouldn’t let him leave the house unless he looked like the michelin man
  • also has painkillers with him all the time
  • so if you get sick, you’re all set
  • but he always forgets his campus id
  • so if he wants to check out a book from the library he has to look for you to use urs instead
  • sings for school events
  • welcome week literally has all y’all being welcomed by his godly voice
  • your ears are blessed for the semester
  • pretends to get shy when people notice him on campus but lowkey likes it
  • always hangs around the performing arts building
  • sucks at taking lecture notes
  • can’t write fast enough bc he writes every single thing the professor is saying and everything on the slides
  • spends finals week in the library hogging a computer to look over lecture notes
  • begs his friends if he can borrow their laptops to continue looking at lecture notes
  • bothers you while studying
  • asks you “what are you doing?”
  • “what subject?”
  • “who’s your professor?”
  • “should i take that class next semester?”
  • but he will let you make him do stuff for you like buy you a drink (just to get him away from you so you can actually study)
  • talks a lot in big lecture hall classes
  • you avoid sitting near him bc he whispers all the time
  • but he always finds you lols
  • never goes to office hours
  • always needs to have coffee in the morning or else he’ll be cranky
  • random busking in the middle of the commons
  • joins a cultural club
  • and gets really into the planning of the cultural show they are having
  • is part of like every single dance
  • also sings for the show
  • the one person everyone can hear because he’s so loud
  • and if someone tells a funny joke, he’ll laugh so hard the whole commons turns to see where the hyena sound is coming from
  • spends a lot of time googling chords to new songs he listened to
  • always manages to run late for class
  • you asked him if he wanted to get lunch off campus once
  • and he was like “haha funny. i’m broke”
  • but when he gets paid, he’ll surprise you with bread from the local bakery
  • the type to leave you spongecake with a post-it note on it
  • like you would leave ur table in the library for two seconds and comeback with the spongecake on top of your notes
  • and the post-it would say something like “work hard. play hard. stop slacking off!”
  • takes the bus home with you
  • always ends up dosing off 
  • you try to get him to help you study using flashcards
  • but he gets distracted and forgets to change the card
  • or just comments on how well made the cards are
  • there are bean bags chairs in the library and if he’s not in the performing arts building, he’s on those chairs
  • probably writing a song or rearranging a song
  • he’s just a very average college guy that likes to sing okay! C’S GET DEGRESS!!!! #soml

💖 gryffindor gal pals 💖

my entry for @meabhd‘s birthday coloring contest! this was so fun to make, méabh’s lineart is simply gorgeous and i had a blast coloring it

check her blog bc her art is dope and amazing istg

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“Did they make you president of the universe, too?”
“Well, the big vote is tomorrow, and I’m here to make sure every comatose patient has their say. Vote Ryder!”


I love Love live sunshine but it’s always a lil sad that all the girls look exactly the same so I wanted to, uh… draw my headcaons I suppose? Also it was a fun challange in character design.
Hope You like them!!


Also, I have the group shop available as a print in my society6, and You can get 1st, 2nd and 3rd years separately as stickers/prints at my Redbubble <:
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‘’ Monsta X will hold their first world tour ‘‘

When you can’t relate cause you live in Europe, which I’m 99.99% sure isn’t included as always, cause Europe is not a part of the world bye