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Camp Mockingjay - Ch 3

We asked, you voted, and now Katniss and Gale are teaching archery together at Camp Mockingjay! So, here it is, the next installment of our story, brought to you by @peetabreadgirl. You have 48 hours to vote on the direction of the next chapter of the story (until noon EDT on Wednesday, July 5th). Remember: vote in the comments, not in the tags! And don’t forget to spread the word by reblogging. The more fans playing this game, the more fun it will be.

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The next morning, the female counsellors are eating our oatmeal together in the mess hall and I notice a few of the teen girls whispering and pointing at some of the male counsellors. When Peeta says good morning to me as he passes by, I think I see hearts in their boy-crazy eyes. I spot Gale at the guys’ table, watching me. I wave but he looks away. Weird. Maybe he wasn’t looking at me? I shrug a shoulder and try to follow the conversation going on around me. Bad idea. For the rest of breakfast I dodge questions about whether or not Gale and I have a thing going on, and if not, then do I want there to be. I thought we looked more like brother and sister than a couple, but Johanna is certain the way he looks at me means he wants more than friendship. The whole idea gives me a queer feeling in my stomach, so I shovel my oatmeal in a little faster in an effort to finish up and get outside.

For the rest of breakfast, I have to listen to Johanna detailing the best spots in camp for hook-ups, in case we need to know. Ugh. I’m not here for boys. The only useful information she gives us is a reminder about the big bonfire tonight for the counsellors, and an invite to an all-girls swim at the lake tomorrow morning. I’m not much better with girl talk than with boys, but a swim with no kids sounds nice, and I really should try to make friends. Otherwise, it’ll be a long summer.

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…I should punch with this arm more often.

Can you what?!

A/N: Klaus x HumanF! Reader, so Elijah has been helping the reader learn French, until he has been called away, so he asked Klaus to take over, reader having a crush on him tries to impress him with what she knows but asks him something very…dirty. Warning: Smut dont like no read! Story: “Bonjour je voudrais vous parler” Elijah said smiling when Y/N looked confused and hesitantly said “Hello, I would like to speak with you?” “Très bon” (Very good) Elijah smiled. “Now tell me what would like to eat, in French.” He testing her, he has been teaching her for the past two weeks, he didn’t mind, she was very pleasant company, she wanted to learn a new language so he offered to teach her. He did find it very adorable when she would get flustered when she was having a hard time pronouncing the words she learned. “J'aime manger de la cuisine italienne, surtout leurs déserts” she said slowly. “I didn’t know you liked to eat Italian sand..” he teased. She blushed. “Tu sais ce que je voulais dire!”(You know what I meant!) She pouted. “Yes I did but others would laugh at you.” He replied “Like you did” she continued to pout. “It’s very cute.” She blushed as he said that. He didn’t have romantic feelings toward her neither did she but they were considered friends. Just then his phone rang “Excuse me.” He got up and started talking to the person on the other side. Klaus walked into the room, Y/N blushed, he seeing them smirked at her “Hello Y/N, what are you doing here today? I noticed you have been coming to see my brother these past two weeks, you wouldn’t be cheating on me now would you?” He liked her, he liked her alot, even though he was only teasing, he hoped there wasn’t anything going kn between his brother and her. “Oh never my dear Klaus, you now I only long for you.” She joked/flirted back. Before Klaus could respond. Elijah said “Niklaus great timing brother, could you perhaps take over teaching Y/N French, I have other matters to attend to sadly” Klaus raised an eyebrow “French?” He asked looking between his brother and Y/N. “Yes, you are also quite fluent in the language as I remembered.” Elijah said walking past them, “Thank you Niklaus and I will see you for our next lesson Y/N,Au Revoir (goodbye)” he left the room. “Alors, le français? Essayer de séduire quelqu'un avec la langue de l'amour?”(So, French? Trying to seduce someone with the language of love?) Klaus smiled taking her notebook looking at her notes she took when Elijah was teaching her. “Quelle? Vous avez dit trop vite.”(What? You said that too fast.) She asked, Klaus was impressed, she was a fast learner. “You’re trying to seduce someone with the language of love?” Klaus said “You also have very neat handwriting…” he noticed “Thank you and no, I just always wanted to know more than one language.” She replied, curling her hair between her fingers. She wanted to impress and flirt with him so she tried to say ‘Je t'aime vraiment, je peux t'embrasser?’ (I really like you, can I kiss you?) But said “ Je t'aime vraiment, je peux te baiser?” ( I really like you, can I fuck you?) Thinking she said something alittle more innocent she looked confused when Klaus choked caught completely off guard. “Can you what!?” Klaus asked shocked. He was happy she liked him because he liked her but the second part completely threw him off she was not the type of girl to just say something like that. She rarely ever cussed. “Wait, What did I say?” She embarrassed now looked at him wide eyed. “You said You really like me, can you fuck me” he now laughing. She turned red and shouted “I meant kiss you, KISS!” She panicking, oh my God she was an idiot she thought. “I think I’m gonna go!” She got up quickly and tried to leave but he was quicker and before she could leave the room he had closed the door, turning to her. “Mais je n'ai pas répondu à votre question…” (But I didn’t answer your question..) he said smirking, he backed her up into a wall. His hands on her sides leaning close to her ear “Vous pouvez faire ce que vous voulez pour moi…”(You can do whatever you want to me) he kissed her neck, she blushed biting her lip. His hand took a hold of her hair tilting her head to the side so he had more access to her neck as he kissed and sucked on her flesh. Her legs became like jelly and she moaned as his hand went under her shirt, groping her breast. As she moaned to his touch, he kissed her lips,sliding his tongue on her bottom lip asking for entry. She shyly opened her mouth and his tongue full advantage, her tongue shyly moved with his. She was wearing a button down shirt and a miniskirt and flats. He wearing his long sleeve shirt and jeans with his shoes. He ripped her shirt showing her pink bra “Quelle belle vue ..” (What a beautiful sight..) he whispered. She helped him out of his shirt as she ran her hands down his chest. “Je pourrais dire la même chose pour vous” (I could say the same for you.) She smiled. She pulled at his belt, he undid his pants and they dropped to the floor, she unzipped the side part of her skirt and stepped out of them, she was wearing matching panties. He kicked off his shoes and picked her up, she wrapped her legs around him and walked over to the table he pushed the books off and layed her ontop kissing down her body, she whimpered under him as he slowly slid her panties off kissing along her thighs as he did so. “Je me demande comment vous étonnez goût” (I wonder how amazing you taste.) He said spreading her legs open, She blushed and gasped as he kissed her folds, she bit her lip as he started to suck and lick her clit, “Klaus…” she moaned as she tried to buck her hips for more friction but he held her hips in place. He put two fingers to her mouth with a command of “Sucer” (Suck) She did as she was told until his fingers who nice and coated, he then slid his fingers into her core as she gasped. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, “Klaus…S'il vous plaît laissez-moi vous plaisir …” (Klaus please let me pleasure you..) she moaned, he shook his head and became rougher with his fingers and stronger with his tongue. “Je veux que tu me relâches dans ma bouche mon amour” (I want you to release into my mouth my love.) She whimpered. She was close,so close she moaned loudly as she came. He licked her juices and licked his fingers off. Looking at her his cock ached, he didn’t want foreplay he just wanted to take her now. He pulled her closer to him his tip to her entrance. “J'ai rêvé de ce moment” (I have been dreaming of this moment) he thrusted into her, she moaned as he groaned, she was so tight, she felt amazing, his hand gripping her hips as he thrusted into her,the table creaking under them. She wrapped her arms around his neck “Plus vite..” (Faster) she panted, he kissed her as he thrusts became faster and harder. “Je vous manque depuis très longtemps” (I have been wanting you for a very long time) Klaus said between groans. “Je ne veux pas qu'un autre homme te touche encore.” (I don’t want another man touching you ever again..) Y/N was a moaning mess, his words came out so husk so sexy. If he keeps talking to her this way she will cum just by his voice. “Vous êtes à moi, et à moi seul.”(You are mine and mine alone.) He was now getting really close. She was becoming too tight “Cum pour moi, mon amour” (Cum for me, my love) with a few more thrust she cried out cumming,he shortly came after her, riding his high, he slowly pulled out of her. She sat up and kissed him, he kissed her back. “That was quite a lesson” She smiled. He smirked “Well you’re a very good student, luv.” ~~♡~~ Y/N went home after their ‘lesson’ he had to give her a shirt, and they cleaned up the place before she left. He couldn’t stop smiling. He heard someone clear their throat. He smiled knowing Elijah had come back. “I see it went well” Elijah walked around the room. Noticing something on the floor. Klaus chuckled “It went really well. Perhaps I will take over more often.” “Brother I don’t need you taking advantage of her.” Elijah sighed. “She asked me..” Klaus turned to his brother. “What do you mean?” Elijah raised a curious brow. “Je t'aime vraiment, je peux te baiser? (I really like you, can I fuck you?) Was her wording.” Klaus looked at his brother who now was chuckling, picking up the item he saw on the floor. “I certainly did not teach her that.” He said smiling at his brother. Klaus raised an eyebrow “It seems she forgot something.” Elijah said as he held up Y/N’s panties. Both brothers shared a laugh and Klaus took her underwear from his brother. Y/N got home and realized and was a blushing mess, she pulled out her phone and called Klaus. He picked up still laughing “Yes Y/N?” “Did you find my…panties?” “Elijah did.” She wanted to die..she wouldn’t be able to look Elijah in the face again. “I’m going to go kill myself now.. bye bye” “Don’t do that love, we need to continue our lesson tomorrow. I was going to teach you our safe word” Klaus purred. Y/N’s blush darkened “Safe word?” She asked. “Oh, je vais avoir du plaisir à vous enseigner ..”(Oh, I’m going to have fun teaching you..“ he purred “See you tomorrow ” he said hanging up. Y/N Slid down the wall of her bathroom, “Oh my…” she blushed. ~♡Fin♡~ AN: Tell me what you think of this one. I might do one with Elijah. I hope you enjoyed it. I had fun writing this. Xoxo GIF Is not mine.

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Cotton Candy (Trixya) Chapter 1 - Mohon

AN: This is the first fanfic I have ever posted so I am hoping it isn’t terrible. If people seem to like it I will continue, hopefully someone will enjoy so I will get post the second chapter.  Also I am sorry this is rather short, if this continues the chapters will be longer. Well Enjoy! :) (Lesbian AU)

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Hey can you write a Cristiano imagine where he's teaching you how to play soccer and it results to you two just goofing around?💕

this turned out a little different than i’d planned but i hope you like it anyway!! if not, let me know and i’ll re-write it 😌😋👀💜

Cristiano lets his body drop down onto the couch next to you, the soft cushions dipping under his weight. He lifts one of his arms to wrap it around your shoulders, pulling you against him, and uses his other hand to cup your cheek to bring your face close to his.

Immediately, you get weak in the knees, melting into Cristiano’s firm, warm body as he presses his lips to yours softly, kissing you just fast and pressing enough to leave you wanting more but being satisfied at the same time.

“Meu Deu,” he says against your lips, a sigh emitting from his lungs before he adds, “That was a long day.”

“Press day?” you ask, your fingertips trailing up and down his broad chest. Cristiano leans his head against yours, his cheek warming your temple.

He hums in response, one of his hands running through your hair. Which probably looks a mess; you had been half asleep, drifting in and out of sleep until Cristiano came home.

“Cris wanted to play football with me today,” you tell him, smiling when he lets out a snort.

“Yeah? How did that go?” His tone suggests he knows the answer already. So does the breathy laugh that follows.

You roll your eyes but your smile doesn’t fade. You know you’re awful at football — especially when Cris is used to playing with someone like his father who is … well, good.

“Terrible. I think he got bored.”

“Of course. He’s talented.”

You nod. “I wonder where he’s got it.”

“I have no idea.”

With a little frown, you look up at Cristiano, leaning your head against his shoulder. “Seriously though, I felt bad. He was bored with me and he shouldn’t be.”

“You could have played something else,” Cristiano says, twirling a strand of your hair around his long index finger. “You’re good to him. He loves you. Don’t beat yourself up.”

You shake your head. “No, I know. But he loves football and you were at training, so … I don’t know. I just—”

Cristiano shifts, his hand trailing down to your cheek to let his thumb caress the soft skin there. “Want me to teach you a little?”


“Sure. Cris is asleep already, isn’t he?”

“Yes, he is. But you said you had a rough day. Don’t you want to go to sleep, too?”

Cristiano grins. “Of course I do. But I’d prefer to have you in bed with me. And happy.”


You watch Cristiano grab a football as you’re hugging your torso with your arms. It’s usually warm in Madrid, even in the evenings still, but it’s late September and there is a cool breeze wheezing around you, engulfing your body. And unfortunately, you’re only wearing a thin sweater and a pair of leggings.

Cristiano shoots you a level look. “You know, your closet is like two minutes away.”

“I’ll get warm once we start playing.”

He grins while he lets the ball drop down in front of his feet, then kicks it over to you with little force. You don’t know why it’s so attractive to you to see him play football — both in Real Madrid colors, with passion in his eyes and sweat all over his body, and lazily like this, cracking jokes and running after balls with a bit of a jump to his movements, like he doesn’t really care even though you know he does. He always does.

Sighing, you stop the ball with your foot, then move to kick it back to Cristiano. He stops you before you can.

“Use the side of your foot. You’ll have more control that way.”

You do as you’re told. Of course, he is right. After continuing to pass the ball back and forth, you notice Cristiano applying more and more force to every kick, making you run more, forcing you to try to play with both of your feet.

“I’d say my left foot is not the best one out there,” you comment after a while. You’re breathless already. It’s a little embarrassing when you think about the distances professional footballers cover every match. Then again, they are professionals.

“No. I would pay like ten Euros for you. Five ‘cause you’re pretty.”

Cristiano chuckles.

After a while, he moves to stand between the posts of the goal, stretching his arms out and rolling his shoulders. Then, he claps his hands together.

“Alright, let’s go.”

You nod, positioning the ball where you want it — close to the goal. Cristiano shakes his head but doesn’t say anything.

You take five steps backwards, arms akimbo, feet apart, and let out a deep breath.

It makes him laugh. “Who’s the ass now?”

You grin at him, happy to hear him laugh. It’s cheesy, but it’s one of your favorite sounds.

Running up to the ball, you kick it. You think you’ve kicked it well but Cristiano catches it effortlessly before he throws it back to you.

You try hitting the net a few times but it never works; your shots are either too far away from the goal, too slow, too high, … and just like his son, Cristiano soon looks a little frustrated. You can’t blame him.

“I’m sorry,” you say, running your hand through your hair to get it out of your face. And as you’ve predicted, you have gotten warmer.

“It’s okay,” Cristiano answers. You notice a small smile playing at the corners of his lips. “I guess I’ll have to talk to Zinedine about leaving training earlier, huh?”

You laugh. “Or bring Cris.”

“Or bring Cris,” he repeats as he walks over to you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and pulling you close. He kisses your forehead, then adds, “I am really tired now, though. Want to get some shuteye?”

As if on cue, you yawn. “Yeah, but only if you keep your arms around me like this in bed, too.”

“Would have done that, anyway.”

“Good. Can you continue to teach me more tomorrow, though?”

Cristiano beams down at you. “Sure. And … thank you, Y/N.”

You frown, blinking. “For what?”

“For being there for me, for Cris. You don’t have to and I know it can be hard for you at times, so. Thank you. Really. It means a lot to me.”

His words make your heart skip a beat and your cheeks warm up. “It’s no problem, babe. I love you, I love Cris. I like being with the two of you. So, again, no problem.”

He smiles, his eyes glisten. “I love you, too.”

Robb Stark Request

Robb Stark x Reader imagine where she’s a part of a noble family that is a guest in Winterfell and her mother urges her to spend time with Robb to get to know him and at first she’s hesitant because she assumes her mother is just pushing her to get married but soon her and Robb become really close and they fall in love?? You’re amazing and I look forward to all of your posts! <3<3<3 Thank you :)

“Y/N, dear, you are of age now-”

“Mother, not this again. Please.”

“Well, why not? We need to carry on the family. You’re the oldest of our house; it’s your duty to marry and connect our house to another.”

“Mother, I know. I know. I’ve been told this everyday since I was 4 years old. I don’t want to just marry a random old Lord of a random house that will only look at me when he decides it’s time for an heir.”

“Y/N, my dear, your father and I were arranged to marry by your two grandfathers and we love each other very much. It’s doesn’t always turn out like the horror stories you here.”

“I know you’re right.”

“Mother,” you little sister, Laina, spoke up, “when will we be at Winterfell?”

“Just another hour or so my dear,” you mother smiled. “Then we will get out and stretch our legs and you can play with your brothers.” Laina was one of your five siblings. You were the oldest, followed by your brother Terren, the twins, Kayl and Laina, Dyron, and Gregor. “You know, Lord and Lady Stark have two daughters also. I’m sure the four of you girls will get along great!”

“Father said that they had boys for Terren, Kayl, Dyron, and Gregor to play with too,” Laina smiled.

“That’s true,” your mother told her. “Y/N, the eldest Stark boy, Robb, is a year older than you. You two should get to know each other a little bit.” She looked away back to your sister just as you rolled your eyes. Everything she said to you recently seemed to be pressuring you to marry.


The coach door opened and you held Laina’s hand and followed your mother out into the castle yard. You smiled as you saw your brothers hop off their horses. You all got in a line behind your parents and bowed along with them to the Lady and Lord of Winterfell. “Ned,” your father smiled at the Lord of the North, “Good to see you again. It’s been too long,” he hugged Lord Stark. “Lady Catelyn, beautiful as ever. Good to see you again. This is my wife. And these are my children. Y/N, Terren, Kayl, Laina, Dyron, and Gregor.”

“Beautiful girls and handsome lads,” Lord Stark smiled. “These are my children. Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon.”

“Come, you must be tired from your journey. We’ll escort you to your rooms so you can rest before supper,” Lady Catelyn said and you were all lead to your rooms.

Although the rest of your family took a nap as soon as they settled in their rooms you found yourself unable to sleep. You tugged your coat back on and started exploring the castle and the grounds. You found yourself in the stables and felt relaxed as you looked into the big brown eyes of the various horses. As you stumbled further back you were bewondered as you saw 4 direwolf puppies. “Hello there,” you smiled at the pups with their tails wagging at you.

“You can pet them if you want,” you jumped at the deep voice. “Sorry,” Robb laughed, “didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s ok,” you chuckled along with him. “Are they yours?”

“This one is. Grey Wind,” he motioned to the pup at his side. “The rest belong to my siblings. Looks like Jon has his though,” he said glancing over into the kennel area.


“My father’s bastard,” he told you. “What brings you here, Lady Y/N?”

“Didn’t feel like resting so I thought I’d explore. What brings you here?”

Robb smiled, “Grey Wind, actually. I followed him here. Since you and I are both walking aimlessly would you like a tour of Winterfell?” You nodded and saw the whole castle before dinner.


Your family and the Stark’s lined each side of the great table as you ate supper. “I heard you and Robb were walking around Winterfell while we were all in our rooms,” your mother whispered into your ear. “What happened?”

You shot a glance across the table making sure Robb wasn’t hearing your mother. “It was very nice. He showed me all of the castle. It’s beautiful Mother.”

“Anything else,” she wiggled her eyebrows.

“No, Mother, nothing like that.”

“Y/N,” Lady Catelyn spoke from across your mother, “would you and your siblings children like to accompany my children for games tomorrow in the courtyard?”

“That sounds wonderful, Lady Stark. Thank you very much.”

“Are any of you good with a bow and arrow,” Lord Stark looked at the boys.

“Actually,” your father laughed as he spoke up, “Y/N’s the best marksmen we have. She was an only child for 4 years so she trained in with our soldiers as her play time.”
“Sounds like our Arya, huh Cate?”

“You shall have to teach us how it is done tomorrow then, Lady Y/N,” Robb smiled at you.

*1 month later*

“We leave next week you know,” you sadly said to Robb as you two walked through the Godswoods.

“It’s still a week away. Let’s just focus on the time we have left together,” he took your hands in his.

“But what if we never see each other again?”

“Your House is of the North. It’s only a three week ride South. I could easily visit. Or, maybe you could stay here.”

“Stay here? In Winterfell? Robb, my parents would never allowed that.”

“They would if we were to marry.”


“I love you Y/N. You know that.”

“And I you Robb.”

“Then let me talk to my Father, and your Father, and we will arrange our marriage. You can stay here and plan the wedding with my Mother. We can be together.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“It would be my honor to marry someone as beautiful, inside and out, as you.”

We didn’t say goodbye because it wasn’t, and goodbyes are kind of really just awful and we knew, even when we were kind of crying but kind of laughing, that we’d be seeing each other soon. I think that’s a huge part of what love is, and what it means to be intimate with someone when your relationship isn’t a sexual one. It’s letting a person leave so that they can come back. It’s singing to each other in the car on the way home to a song that portrays absolutely every single thing you can’t put into words and holding each other for only a second after because anything longer might last forever. It’s knowing that it’s always going to be hello, even when it feels a lot like goodbye.

I Can Feel The Draw

You had lived your whole life on a scummy planet filled with smugglers, brothels, pubs, and lots and lots of garage. Most of the jobs that were available had to with trash in some way. Your job, to help your support the house of people you live with was to clean up parts of the city that were covered in trash, and then move that trash to another part. You had realized how stupid this job was when you got it, but surprisingly, it paid the best so you took it without hesitation.

   After your shift of cleaning was through you headed back to the smaller building that gave shelter to your family along with strangers that had become friends. When you reached the door, you opened it and headed inside. Smaller bits of trash lingered in the corners of the house which, at the moment was empty besides your mother. The other residents were off to their own jobs, and that left your mother alone in the house. “Mom?!” You called out, putting your bag on the floor next to the door. You walked further into the house, and saw the broken window. Glass was scattered on the floor of the living room, and you looked around. You quickly ran into the kitchen to grab a knife when you saw the limp body. You froze, recognizing the clothing on the human who was lying dead on the floor.

You sunk to your knees beside the body, sobbing as you stared into your mother’s lifeless eyes. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME ALONE LIKE THIS!” You couldn’t stop screaming, your only family in the galaxy was gone. You now only had the friends in the house, since your mother had told you before you have no father. She found out she was pregnant one day at a doctor’s appointment.The doctor had said that there had been reported cases of this once in every 10 or so years. But even though you were very unexpected, your mother had loved you anyway. Your mother, the only person you’ve ever loved was now gone.

——————————-One Year Later————————

“No, Y/N! You can’t leave!” said one of the people that lived in the same house as you. You pulled away from her, and headed to the ship without a second thought. It had been a year since your mother had died. You feel into a pit of pain and anger at being alone. You had also grown tired of living on this junk planet and decided to apply for a job in the First Order. It wasn’t the best paying gig, but it got you off the planet. You boarded the ship and ignored the wailing of your housemates as you left them to fend for themselves.

It didn’t take too long to get the the StarKiller base, and get settled in your new room. You decided it would be good if you took a nap before heading down to talk to General Hux about your position. You covered yourself with the blanket before drifting off to sleep.

Y/N, join us…

Join the Dark…

You can avenge your mother’s death…

The power you will receive will aid you in killing her murder…

Join the Dark, Y/N.   

You woke up screaming in bed, sweat coated your face and chest. The voice was haunting you even awake. Once the fear had subsided, you felt a pulling. You got out of your bed, and towards the door of your room. In the hallway you followed the pull. You felt a Dark power, which brought forth the anger you felt for your mother’s killer, and how painfully alone you felt in the world. You followed the pull because of what the voice had said in your dreams. You hoped that this pull would lead you to the start of your gain of power.

You reached a door, that seemed a tad bigger than the rest. You knocked lightly, before turning the knob. You entered the Dark room and walked towards the center, where the pull felt the strongest. You walked straight into a solid chest, and two large hands grabbed your shoulders.

You almost yelled out in fright, but something about the way the person was holding your shoulders caused you to feel somewhat relaxed. “I’m sorry…I thought..I thought there was something in here…” You said trying to back away from the person holding you still. “It’s not a thing you seek…” said a deep, yet soft voice, “…it is me that you needed to find…”. With that the lights turned on, to reveal the man holding your arms, keeping your whole body still. You looked up into his dark eyes, and saw your own anger and pain reflected there. “That pulling you feel in the draw to the Dark Side. Have you heard of the Force?” He asked, his hands had moved to hold your elbows in his gloved hands. You shook your head, causing him to sigh deeply. “It seems that I will have to teach you.” He said letting go of your arms. “Tomorrow, meet me in the training room made for the StormTroopers. Your first lesson will begin at eight in the morning.” He said heading towards the door. You quickly grabbed his wrist causing his attention to come back to you. “If I’m feeling the Dark Side call to me, why did I….I can feel the draw…but it leads to you.” You said confused. He smiled at you, with understanding and attraction in his eyes before saying, “I am the Dark Side, darling.” with that he walked out the door, putting on a black mask.

He left you in the Dark, where you suddenly felt more at home.  

  (I’m sorry that this is so bad, I’ll be posting another Kylo later to make up for this one being bad)

Calum Imagine: Thunderstorms

Author: Rhine


It was as if the sky had opened up; the rain pouring as if there was a waterfall above the city, pounding onto the pavement outside your house like loud, rushed drumbeats of the sky. 

The thunder rumbled with a deep bass, shaking your bones with every resounding hit, making you jump with every crash that came falling to the ground, somewhere hopefully far away.

You buried your head deeper into Calum’s chest, his steady heartbeat the only rhythm you wanted to hear tonight.

His fingers tracked your lower back, rubbing circles and writing lyrics onto your skin like a silent melody that only the two of you could hear. 

Your feet tangled together underneath the covers, his body radiating warmth and solidity and comfort. You closed your eyes, fingers tapping lightly on his chest. 

When another crash of thunder struck, you jumped slightly, nestling yourself closer to Calum and shuddering despite the warmth of his body and the blankets.

“Shh babe, I’m right here.” He whispers softly, planting a soft kiss on your forehead. You trace the tattoos on his arm to take your mind off the storm, the rain still sounding like tidal waves outside your window.

You had saw the warnings for a severe thunderstorm warning early that day, and you hadn’t left the house since. You usually weren’t one to be afraid about some thunder and lightning, but when the tsunami of rain came crashing down, you started having slight flickers of doubt.

The thunder and lightning came soon after the rain started, and Calum appeared your door like a drenched angel, smiling and saying something along the lines of I couldn’t leave my girl alone, now could I?

The two of you had leftovers from the fridge for dinner, and Calum’s smile was brighter than the lightning that streaked the sky outside, his smile louder than the thunder that crashed to the ground.

The thunder knocked the electricity off an hour into the storm, and it was then did the two of you decide to hole up together on the bed. There was no need for talking; not over the thunder. You just needed Calum’s arms around you, the lightning showing quick flashes of his angular body from time to time.

A soft whine from somewhere near the door caused you and Calum to turn away from each other. You look to see your little dog on your doorway, shaking slightly.

You had almost forgot about him - he’d been sleeping like a rock in his usual corner, oblivious to the world. Clearly, he had been woken up by the storm outside and was looking distressed, tail wagging frantically.

“Come here, boy.” You say to your dog, tapping a spot on the bed next to you. “There’s no need to be scared, pup.”

Your dog hops onto the bed, opting to step over you and curling up on your stomach instead of the spot next to you. You laugh lightly at the little puppy-crater he had made in between you and Calum, completely unaware of Calum’s pout.

“Hey, buddy. That’s my girl you’re trying to steal here.” He says sternly to your dog, though a small smile plays on his lips. 

“Sharing is caring, babe.” You tease, kissing Calum lightly on the lips.

“Not when it’s you, it isn’t.”

Before you can reply, another clash of thunder shakes the ground, deafening and rattling your bones. It sounded as if it was right outside your window, and you can’t help but to shiver slightly.

You hear your dog whimpering quietly, its whole frame shaking violently. You run your fingers through its fur, massaging his shaking body until it calmed down again.

“Poor boy - don’t worry, the thunder won’t hurt you. You’ll be safe here.” You coo softly to your dog. He nuzzles his head against your stomach and closes his eyes, having chosen his next sleeping spot.

“I guess he can stay the night.” Calum smiles down at your dog’s sleeping form, pulling you as close to him as possible with the puppy in between you. “But I’ll have to teach him tomorrow who’s the man of the house.”

You roll your eyes, but you aren’t sure Calum can see in the darkness. 

“Whatever you say, hotshot.”

Calum merely wraps his arms around you again, this time his fingers toying with the ends of your hair. He places another kiss on your forehead, and you can feel his breath on your skin, warming your whole body.

The rain continues to pour outside, sometimes accented by the crashes of thunder, but Calum’s steady breath and his arms around you soon has you drifting off to sleep, knowing that he’ll hold you through the night.


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hells-keeper  asked:

Can you write an AU where they're single dads.Dean has Emma and Cas has Claire. Cas is going to buy a present for his daughter in the toy store and the clerk/owner is Dean,and Emma is with him,and the girls get along so well,they start coming daily?

A/N: Hello my lovely! I’m so sorry that this took a while - I won’t bore you with the long list of reasons - but I kind of just went where the plot bunnies took me and I hope that you enjoy it ^_^ It is kind of long so you can read it here on AO3 if you would prefer.

Warnings: Mentions of Past Domestic Abuse.

Moving On

Dean was sweeping the floor in preparation for closing up shop for the day. He took great pride in his little toy store. He had a few employees but unlike some business owners Dean thrived in getting involved in every aspect of it. He found that the most rewarding element of owning a toy store was seeing the smiles on children’s faces when they got something new to love and play with.

 Dean was treated to his favourite smile of all when the doorbell jingled and his eight year old daughter Emma bounded in to the store.


Dean quickly put the broom down so that Emma could run into his arms. He smiles as he spun his daughter around; Emma giggled with delight.

“Hey, sweetie pie” Dean said as he brought her up to kiss her forehead and the placed her feet safely back on the ground. “Did you and Jess have fun today?”

Jess was working as a nannie whilst she finished her nursing course, and she also just happened to be Dean’s sister-in-law. It was summer vacation and she took care of Emma when Dean was at work.

“Yeah, we went to the aquarium!” Emma replied.

“She was good as gold as always” Jess said with a smile as she admired the doting father and his giddy daughter. 

“Thanks, Jess” Dean said as Emma busied herself investigating all the new toys in the window.

“It’s my pleasure!” She assured him brightly. “I better get back to your brother.”

“Okay, tell the B-I-T-C-H I said hi” Dean said.

“I know how to spell, daddy” Emma said bluntly. “You called Uncle Sam a bitch.”

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2 AM, and you hear a soft pitter patter at your window. Yawning, you stretch, slipping the bunny slippers onto your feet. Lo and behold, there’s Harry Styles, a gorgeous smile painted across his flawless face. He waves, and you open the window, knowing he’ll be crawling in soon.

“Hi babe,” He whispers, kissing your head as you lay back down on your small double bed.

“What’re you doing? We have school tomorrow, dingus.”

“Well, you said you’d teach me mole conversions since you don’t want me copying,” He whispered, kissing your bare shoulder. “God, you look divine. How do you look so great at this hour, love?”

“Why do you want tutoring at this hour?” The pair of you giggle. “Help me up and I’ll teach you Avogadro’s number.”

At four in the morning, Harry became an expert on mole conversions and everything that went along with them. The test would be a piece of cake at school.

Too bad the both of you slept through third period.

Harry woke you up around lunch time, and let you yell at him (what a gentleman). He made it up to you by receiving a 91% A- on your test the next day, making you a proud girlfriend/late night tutor.