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GOT7~ When Their S/O Walks in on Them Changing

Smolbeankay Asked: hoi 💛 i was wondering if you could do a GOT7 reaction to their s/o walking in on them changing/naked 😂

Im Jaebum

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You’d leave the room for a moment to grab a drink or something and when you return, you’d see JB changing his shirt. Your eyes would travel down his torso as he noticed your presence. He’d look at you with a smirk while he walks up to you.

“Like what you see, Jagiya?”

Mark Tuan

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It would depend on how long y’all have been together.
If you guys hadn’t been together long then he’d be a little shy and try to cover himself as you mutter apologies.
But if you guys we use to seeing each other like this, I don’t think he’d be phased. Rather, he’d give you a heated kiss when he noticed you getting a lil hot and bothered

Jackson Wang

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If you walked in on him while he was half nude, he would make sure you weren’t uncomfortable. If you weren’t, he’d proceed as you watched him intently. When he noticed you checking him out, I feel as if you be like the gif above.

Park Jinyoung

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Upon you walking in on him in just a towel, he’d walk over to you as your eyes scanned his body. He’d grab your waist to pull you close to his chest and start to kiss your neck, leaving light marks to show you were claimed. When he finally heard a moan escape from your lips, he’d back away with a smirk on his face and get dressed.

“Jinyoung, get back here and finish what you started!”

Choi Youngjae

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Once you walked in on him, you’d turn around to respect his privacy as he’s rather shy. He’d quickly get dressed while he becomes flustered, wondering if you saw anything. When he’s done, you turn around and smile at his nervous state.
“You know, you’re so cute when you’re flustered.” You’d say, kissing his cheek.


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Guys lets be honest, he wouldn’t even care like, he’d flaunt his stuff. You’d blush watching him show off and then he’d bring you close to him so he could kiss you and dance with you.

“Dance with me Jagi.”

Kim Yugyeom

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Awe! Yugy would be so embarrassed if this was the first time you saw him like that. You’d have walk up to him kiss him so he would calm down for a moment. He would just be so cute!

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)


“No worries Mrs. Dempsey everything will be fine!” You assured Mrs. Dempsey, you were babysitting her daughter for the weekend seeing as her and Mr. Dempsey were going away for a trip.

“Okay, I’ll leave you two have fun!” She got into the car, and you turned to the little girl who had the biggest smile on her face.

“Ready for some fun!” You yelled,

“YESSSSSS!” She replied,

“Okay what shall we do first?” You asked,

“Makeovers?” She asked, you smirked while nodding,

“I did bring some of my makeup,” you saw her face light up with joy. You two ran to her room, where you took out all your makeup,

“Can you do mine first?” She asked,

“Of course cutie,” you said while tapping the top of her nose. You let her choose what eyeshadow color she preferred. She chose a pink, so you began doing her makeup. Next you guys moved onto lipstick where she again chose a pink color.

“Okay done, you look beautiful.” You told her as you finished applying blush. She looked in the mirror,

“I look like a princess!” She said while smiling,

“Your turn!” She turned to you. You sat down and she began.

“You’re pretty enough for Zach,” She randomly stated,

“Who’s Zach?” You asked,

“My older brother,” she stated while being concentrated on your eyeshadow,

“You have a brother?!” You asked completely surprised. Mrs. Dempsey never once mentioned she had a son, maybe he’s away at college.

“Yeah, he’s in high school,” welp never mind not in college then,

“But he’s rarely home, he’s always with friends or basketball.” You could hear the sadness in her voice, you frowned.

“Well you always have me,” you told her rubbing her shoulder up and down. She smiled hugging you, she finished your makeup and you looked in the mirror. She actually did a pretty good job for an 8 year old. You have her a high five,

“So what’s next on our princess adventures?” You asked her,

“Dinner!” She said running to the kitchen,

“What do you want to eat, princess?” You asked her,

“Cookies!” She yelled,

“Hmm that’s not really dinner, how about I cook us some pasta and then we can bake cookies afterwards?” You asked her she nodded, you started making some pasta. After you were done you served both of you guys’ food and you both began eating,

“This is really good!” She said while gobbling her food away, you just giggled. You were both done with your pasta so you took out all the materials to bake cookies. All you guys really needed to do was place the cookie dough on a pan but you guys made it seem like you guys were professional bakers.

“Don’t eat the cookie dough!” You giggled while taking it away from her.

“But it tastes sooo good!” She tried reaching for more.

“The more cookie dough you eat, the less cookies there will be!” You said putting it further away, she finally gave up. A couple seconds later, you guys heard someone come in through the door, you both looked at each other confused. You told her to stay in the kitchen as you went to go see who it was,

“Who the fuck are you?” This very tall muscular guy asked,

“I’m in Y/N.. who are you?”

“ZACHHHHHHHH,” before you could answer she ran into the kitchen. So this was Zach, you thought he was pretty cute. She rushed to him and hugged him,

“Y/N’s babysitting me, she’s so nice and she’s pretty!” She stated while Zach picked her up.

“Cmon let’s continue to bake our cookies,” you told her as Zach put her down,

“Wanna join us Zach?” She asked,

“Sure why not,” Zach stated following you guys to the kitchen. The three of you started placing cookie dough on the pan,

“Don’t eat the cookie dough!” You scolded Zach,

“Geez okay mom,” you giggled.
You guys were soon done and placed them in the oven,

“What do you want to do while they’re in the oven, princess?” You asked her,

“If Zachs gonna hang out with us he has to have makeup on too!” She declared, you laughed and looked over to him,

“NO!” He stated while walking away,

“CMOOOOON,” both of you guys whined, giving him puppy eyes.

“don’t give me those cute faces, ugh okay fine,” Zach said finally giving in. You and his sister high fived each other. You two finished his makeup and he didn’t look pleased at all. You two just laughed at him.

“Okay princess go put on a movie while I go get the cookies!” You told her and she nodded, you walked into the kitchen. Zach walked in,

“I can take them out,” he stated,

“Such a gentleman,” you said in between laughs, you couldn’t take him seriously because of his makeup.

“Only for princesses,” he smirked you just nudged him. You walked into the living room where the movie and blankets were already set up. Zach came in a couple minutes later with a plate filled with cookies and three cups of milk. He placed them on the coffee table, you guys all sat down and got comfortable. You were in the middle of Zach and his sister but in a matter of seconds she knocked out.

“Here I’ll take her to her room,” Zach stood up while picking her up bridal style. As that was happening you paused the movie and took out some makeup wipes, you went into her room and gently took off her makeup.

“My turn,” Zach stated,

“Cmon I have some more, they’re in my bag.” You said, both of you walking out of her room. You took out some more makeup wipes and started taking his makeup off. He kept his eyes on you the whole time. Next was you, you took off all your makeup and he still stared at you,

“You look better without it,” He mumbled, you looked over at him and blushed. You two went back to the living room to continue watching the movie. Both of you sat together and after a few minutes he placed his arm around you, you liked the warmth it gave you. You moved closer to him and placed your head on his chest. You got up to go check up on his sister, she was still knocked out so you returned to the living room where Zach was. You sat down next to him again,

“Is she still asleep?” He asked, you nodded.

“She’s so cute,” You said while reaching for a cookie,

“Yeah she is,” he agreed and you swear for a second you heard him mumble “so are you” but you just shrugged it off. You turned to him and shoved a cookie in his mouth, him almost choking. You burst out into laughter. He pretended to be mad and turned his head to the side,

“Aweee is little baby Zach mad?” You cooed, he turned to look at you and nodded. He looked so cute, you just grabbed his cheeks. You sat on his lap, and continued pulling his cheeks,

“Are you still mad?” You laughed.
He crashed his lips into yours pulling you closer to him. Grabbing your thighs and you wrapping your arms around him. You moved your hands to his hair where you lightly tugged it as he moved down to your neck where you let out a soft moan, you felt his smirk and he continued sucking that particular area.

“Ewwww,” You got off of him and looked around to see his sister covering her eyes, you blushed.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed, love?” You asked her while getting up she gasped,

“Did Zach hit you?!” She asked,

“No why?” You asked,

“You have a bruise on your neck!” She said running to Zach starting to hit him.

“No Princess he didn’t hit me,” you said while separating her and Zach,

“It’s just umm it’s an umm it’s a bee sting! You just didn’t see it before because I covered it with makeup.” You lied, she made an ‘o’ shape with her mouth and you could hear Zach laugh at that horrible lie.

“Zach why was Y/N on top of you?” You smirked, now the spotlight was on him.

“We were um… playing dentist! She was looking to see if I had any cavities!” He lied to her and you covered your mouth to keep you from laughing,

“But it looked like you guys were kissing,” she said again,

“What? No I would never kiss him, boys have cooties.” You told her, she looked confused but she nodded.

“Cmon let’s take you back to bed princess,” Zach carried her to her room again. He came out a couple minutes later,

“Bee sting huh?” He smirked,

“My lie was wayyyy better than yours.” You laughed, he just shook his head while laughing. He changed the subject,

“You can sleep in my bed if you want,” he said,

“Where are you gonna sleep?” You asked,

“I can sleep on the couch,” he simply stated, you thought it was unfair. He led you to his room where he opened the door,

“Your bed is big enough, we can both fit, you’re definitely not sleeping on the couch.” You stated,

“Are you sure that’s fine?” He asked, you nodded. You went to go get comfortable clothing from your bag, you took out some shorts and a loose crop top. You went into the bathroom to change and came out. You walked into his room where Zach was taking off his shirt, you quickly looked away even though you wanted to stare at his body.

“Is it okay if I sleep shirtless?” He asked, you nodded still not looking at him, instead looking around his room. Noticing all his medals and basketball posters,

“You’re good aren’t you?” You asked pointing at all his medals, he nodded while scratching the back of his neck. You yawned, Zach picked you up bridal style,

“You’re tired princess,” him calling you that made you blush so you buried your head into his chest. He laid you on one side of the bed and pulled the blankets over you, he got in on the other side. He pulled you into his bare skin, the scent of his cologne made you fall asleep.

“Zach I can’t find Y/N,” His sister walked in making both of you wake up,

“Don’t worry in right here,” you walked over to her, hugging her.

“The thunder, it’s scary,” She said, Zach turned on the lights, tears filling her eyes.

“It’s okay, baby, come sleep with me and Zach.” You said bringing her towards the bed. She crawled in and you got in next to her, and Zach on the other side. You three both fell asleep, but before you did you heard Zach say,

“My two princesses.” Which made you smile for those couple of seconds that you were awake.

I was ready to open my arms for you. I was ready to make room for your lips on my skin. I was ready to be your home. You, on the other hand, never truly seemed ready for anything. I could never tell where your mind was or where it wanted to be, but now it’s clear to see that you’re moving on from whatever we had. Now I just have to wait for the end, even though we never really began.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: I was falling in love but you were confusing, I didn’t know if you even liked me. But you have to move on and I am stuck here waiting for everything to finally be over.
Beginning And End Of It

Request: You overhear boyfriend!bucky comparing you to natasha so you start hanging out with someone else to make him jealous (no smut pretty pls)


Warnings: Language (only once)

This took soooo long to write, but I finished it for you xx Hope you enjoy.

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“Nat?” you called out, poking your head through the main control room door. It was on the regular you would see her filing in missions and backing up data to hundreds of hard drives, but for once today she wasn’t there. Sat in her regular seat, Steve spun around to face you, recognizing that you were looking for her. “I think she might be in the gym,” he replied, pulling his soft smile which everyone loved. “Oh ok,” you answered, backing away to the door. “Have you been in yet? I didn’t see you in there this morning like I normally do?” asked Steve, who had noticed your mysterious absence from the whole mansion. No one else seemed to… even your boyfriend, Bucky, which you fought to not let bother you. “Er, no I haven’t, I was gonna go in later actually. I was out in the city this morning so I wasn’t in, sorry!” you replied, deciding it was easier to tell him the truth rather than mask it. “Maybe join Nat now? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind,” Steve suggested. After deliberating for a minute or so, you finally gave in and rushed back to your room, grabbing your workout bag and hurrying to the gym. Sure enough, there she was.

“Y/N!” exclaimed Natasha, excited as always by your presence. “You joining me?” she asked, pulling back her hair into a pony tail; she never wore it like that, ever, unless she was going to be in the gym. “It seems so,” you replied, wrapping away your hair and leaping into the sparring ring. You didn’t necessarily like sparring, in fact you hated it, but if anything made the time pass quicker it was that. Running back and forth into the ropes to warm and loosen up a bit, you watched Natasha slide up underneath the bottom rope before joining to stand with you in the middle. “Three or one fall?” she asked, stretching out her arms. “Maybe just one, I haven’t got ages and it is dinner next,” you stated, Natasha nodding in agreement. Three? A standard one fall match took around half an hour, but you didn’t really have a good two hours to spare just for fighting.

It’s just fighting after all.

As you both began to circle each other in the ring, you latched arms, locking each other and attempting to push each other to the back ropes. Nothing. Wrapping a leg around your right knee, Natasha swept away your foot off the floor and wriggled to get on top of you. Rolling out of her way, you scrambled to your feet, sprinting to Natasha who was propelling towards you. Leaping off the ring ground, and powering through the air, you spearing Natasha, winding her and leaving her panting on the ring apron. Glancing up, you caught Sam and your boyfriend, Bucky’s eyes who were watching over at your fight. You hated it when people watched you; it made you feel so conscious. You were used to the backlash you would get from the media on missions. The way the world saw it, you would be better in the WWE rather than the Avengers. It was true, some of your moves were practically identical, but when it came to a fight, and there was a true cost, you would do anything in your power to fight for the people you loved. Faintly, you latched on to one of Sam’s statements.

“I admire Y/N, I really do, but she is nothing like Natasha. Natasha is a trained agent and assassin but she is just someone who can through a punch, if you know what I mean?” he claimed to Bucky. Turning back round to Natasha, you watched her scramble to her feet as you prepared for your submission move. Before you could lock in the move, she swiped your face with her foot, knocking you back into the corner and slouching into the ropes slightly. Natasha sprinted towards you at an extreme pace, leaping up and latching her legs around your next, flicking underneath you before landing on the floor. “Woah!” yelled Sam, clapping with Bucky. “I get what you mean, Natasha’s moves are actually really impressive!” agreed Bucky, only making you feel even worse. “It looked better than Y/N’s spear, I think,” Not even wanting to carry on the fight, you slumped onto the floor, waiting for Natasha to pin you and take the win. “Natasha is gonna win; rightly so, she is better,” finished Sam.


You loved Natasha, you really did, but the jealousy over Bucky had totally overwhelmed you, wearing you down until you were sobbing over your own emotions. You had called in Steve and Wanda to come help you out, but Wanda was out on a date and Steve was just leaving the control room so you just blabbed on the phone to him until he had to eventually change in his room. Steve was as good as useless, except being another problem as you had to make him swear not to tell Bucky how you felt.

It had been an hour since going to the gym and dinner was only ten minutes away, and throughout that time you had a completely convinced yourself Bucky wanted to be with Natasha, rather than you. After all, she’s a better a fighter than you and had an immaculate appearance 24/7. She was just so perfect you started to hate her for it, except you had to keep reminding yourself she was in fact your friend, and had done nothing to you.

As you huffed to dinner, you sat in between Thor and Steve, deciding to only sit opposite Bucky so you didn’t have to totally talk to him. You were a couple, and you were meant to be in love, but the urge to blurt out the fact he clearly loved Natasha was overwhelming.

After a couple of sips of wine and a few slices of Vision’s pizza, you eventually decided to turn your attention to Thor, rather than Bucky. “He clearly doesn’t want me” you thought.

As Thor enlightened you with his miraculous stories from Asguard, you slowly began so settle your mind and delight yourself in Thor’s presence. You had to admit, he was miraculously ripped and you couldn’t help yourself from catching a sweet glance from once in a while. All throughout the meal, you and Thor had become very acquainted with each other’s company and nevertheless, you both decided to head back to the lounge area together, along with Steve, Tony, Rhodey, Natasha and after a good while deliberating, Bucky. You weren’t exactly sad that Bucky had decided to stay down with you, as you still loved him very dearly, but the temptation to leave him to stick with Thor was horrendous.

As you sat, situated between the two bulky men, you watched as Bucky would glance over to you, and then to Natasha. You flicked back and forth from it being a coincidence or not, but after a while sticking silent and flooding with questions, you decided to turn to Thor. Bucky was with Natasha, after all.


It was later into the night and Steve and Rhodey had decided to call it a night, when Bucky finally called to talk to you separately. You weren’t entirely sure you had done anything to upset Bucky, despite being frankly pissed off with him.

“What is all this with you and Thor then?” he asked, pulling you round the corner. Sighing, you started.

“There’s nothing between me and him, why?” you replied, kind of understanding at what he was getting at. Not that you were going to admit it, but had been basically flirting with the Thor the whole time. “I see the way you have been with him, what’s going on?” he asked, almost looking worried.

“You can’t say anything, Bucky. I know you like Natasha!” you piped, slightly too loud. “Are you serious? I don’t love Natasha, what are you going on about?” he spluttered, almost in amazement. “I… I thought you liked Natasha and I wanted to get away by being with Thor and…”

“Ssssh,” calmed Bucky, rubbing onto your shoulders. “So you did this because…”

“Because I heard you talking about Natasha with Sam and how she was better than me and I got upset and…” Slowly but tenderly, Bucky planted a soft kiss onto your lips. It wasn’t forceful or irrational… just soft and slow. “I love you,” he soothed. “I really do, and I would never say anything to hurt you, or make you feel bad,”

“And that is beginning and end of it,”

“He’s not same Y/N, he’s been through a huge traumatic experience.” You stared at Steve straight in the eyes, “Steve I didn’t ask for Howard help all those years ago for nothing.” His lips formed into a thin line and gave you a stiff nod.

You breathed in deeply to prepare yourself for what lay behind that door. You slowly walked into the room behind Steve as the door opened.

“Bucky, there’s someone here to see you,” Steve spoke beside you, but you didn’t pay attention to him, all you could focus on was the man before you. You couldn’t believe it. It’s him. It’s Bucky. After looking for him after all those years, you finally found him. You want to run up to him and hold him while telling him everything will be alright, but you have no idea if he even remembers you.

All of a sudden he looks up…your breathing stops. “Y/N….? What the hell is going on here Steve?” He looked at you in shock, “Y-You sh-should be dead!”

“Well,” you shrugged, “I guess it pays to have friends in high places. Now,” you knelt down in front of Bucky and brushed his hair away from his face, “where the hell is Tony Stark or do I have to hunt down my stubborn brother’s ass as well?”

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Hello - congrats and thank you for doing matchups! For it: I have short brown hair in a boyish cut, and brown eyes and large glasses. A little on the short side. I usually dress business formal, and try to make a good first impression. I play flute and love music, particularly classical. I also enjoy reading and writing stories, especially murder mysteries, and bake. I have to fidget if I'm trying to focus, and I also have a tendency to drum my fingers/pens, but can stop if need be.

hiya!!! today’s imma match you up with *drum roll*


Yes, I know. Two???? I couldn’t decide ;;; I chose Jumin because I can just imagine the two of you sitting in his living room, listening to classical music and reading. Nothing else. Just pureeee bliss. For Jaehee I see you guys together because not only do you remind me of Jaehee but the two of you would fit sooooo well together!!!



  • he would help you with your outfits
  • because this man KNOWS good business formal
  • Also, expect books as gifts for every single holiday
  • once the two of you got in a fight because he recorded over your murder mystery show, but the next day when you woke up Jumin had FILLED your room with copies of the show


  • seriously, every Saturday or rainy day you guys bake something together
  • She loves watching you write bc you get so focused and it’s SO cute
  • She also helps when you have writer’s block ♥

Arashi 6D00-001F-9A13 by @mayor-aby

This is another great town full of various paths that are awesome to check out. I love the little streams running throughout the town. The double flower arches are gorgeous. Seeing all the adorable Sanrio stuff in this house made me wish I could still hack. Love that starry cloud flooring. I also really liked the room in the other house with all the clocks. 

As I was wandering the town my husband looked over my shoulder and we ended up having a rather funny conversation about the balloon. 

  • Him: What is that thing you are holding?
  • Me: it’s a balloon. 
  • Him: You can have those? 
  • Me: Yep, it’s a thing in this game. 
  • Him: It’s a bunny…. 
  • Me: Yes, there are bunny balloons and regular ones.
  •        *later on…*
  • Me: I’m inside a house right now. 
  • Him: You can’t have the balloon in the house? 
  • Me: No, you can’t hold stuff in the house. 
  •      *once outside again…*
  • Me: OMG, hold on. I just put it away. Here… do you want the pink one or the green one. 
  • Him: Green. 
  • Me: Happy now? Can I finish playing? 
  • Him:  *smiles* ….. balloon….

Go visit Arashi and have wonderful balloon adventures. 

So I was tagged by @scarletsundae to the the recreate my room tag by @cinemasims, and I love how it turned out! Thank you for the tag, it was a lot of fun! 

Fun fact: The bed is actually the exact bed that I have irl. I was v surprised when I actually found it lol. The bed covers are also extremely similar. I’m surprised I could get them that exact.

rules: recreate your favourite room in the sims! this could be your bedroom, your creative space, your kitchen or even your bathroom if you really love your bathroom. use the hashtag #ReplicaRoomChallenge and tag whoever you want to see try this! 

I tag @pearlescentsims, @thekawwiisimmer, @starryllamas, @dangerous-stain-builds, @nicotinc@maimouth@loniden, @simtopolis and anyone else who wants to do it! Say I tagged u ;). U don’t have to do this if I tagged u and u don’t want to

Sick Day

Summary: Gabriel shows up and finds you’re not feeling well.

Pairings: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings/tags: fluff

Word Count: 1107

Author’s Note: This was written for the lovely @becaamm.  Hope you’re feeling better sweetie!

No beta involved in this one.  Apologies for any mistakes.

All the tags:  @girl-next-door-writes @sumara62  @fand0maniac @feelmyroarrrr @omgreganlove @jannalionheart @baritonechick

Gabe tags:  @theblackenedsky @bloodstained-porcelain-doll  @pepperwoodatnight @lacqueluster  @samikitten

Your phone buzzed for the hundredth time today and you groaned.  Hazy eyes sought out the faint glow that emanated from across your room.  The Winchesters skittered along the edge of your mind, but the reason remained elusive.  No doubt it was them calling and as much as you wanted to see what they needed, your phone might as well have been in South Africa because there was no way you were making it out of bed, let alone all the way to the dresser.

You had known the moment you woke up to the heaviness in your head that you were getting sick.  You tried to get some things done, but an ache began to spread, making the simplest movements unpleasant.  Your throat felt on fire, making it hard to eat or drink.  There wasn’t much you could do but crawl back into bed, exhausted and miserable, and hope whatever you’d caught went away soon.    

You didn’t get sick often, but when you did, boy did you get hit hard and today was no exception.  

“Cupcake?” A familiar voice caught you off guard.  Normally the arrival of your boyfriend sent butterflies fluttering in a flurry of excitement.  Today, you barely had it in you to even roll in his direction.

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seeing a moth in your room more like “oh hey man. i hope you don’t mind if i just chill here in my underwear and watch some anime. don’t fly at my face or move from that spot you’re in. have a good night.”

Take Me Home: Part 6

Prompt from Iris:

Cool! I don’t know if you’re going with the same universe for all your prompt but if you’re open to a college au, I’d love to see Sanvers being friends in college and going to a club and somebody dance with Alex but Maggie will have none of it and start dancing with her very sexily. Bonus if they have sex for the first time in their dorm room. 

“So you’re telling me you’ve never been to a club?” Maggie asks in surprise as she hands Alex a cup of coffee.
“Never,” Alex replies, smiling at Maggie’s response.
“Wow, Danvers. I knew you were a nerd, but… wow,” Maggie chuckles, sitting down next to her. Alex rolls her eyes, pretending that her heart doesn’t skip a beat when Maggie sits so close to her, their hands almost touching as Alex finishes the sentence she’s writing.
“You okay, Danvers?” Maggie asks softly, noticing how quiet Alex is.
“Umm, sure. I just have a lot of biology notes to get through.”
“Right,” Maggie nods, “the nervous system. Cool,” she says. “Need any help?”
“I’d love some,” Alex nods and opens her textbook. Maggie bites her lip, smiling.

Later that evening, Alex is trying on her fourth outfit and trying to keep her breathing under control as she checks her phone. “Kara,” she squeals into the phone.
“What’s wrong?” Kara asks.
“I’m going clubbing with Maggie and I have no idea what to wear. Help!”
“On my way,” Kara says, hanging up.
Two minutes later, the window slides open and Kara slips inside.
“Oh my God, Kara!” Alex hisses, slamming the window shut, “You flew here?”
“Calm down, it’s dark – no one saw me. Do not tell Eliza.”
“Fine. It’d be my fault anyway if I did,” Alex sighs. “She’s going to be here in –” Alex checks her watch, “half an hour. Help!”
“Again, calm down. Clubbing? Really?“
"Don’t even ask,” Alex laughs.
Kara goes to Alex’s wardrobe and looks at it for a moment.
“This,” she says, pulling out Alex’s blue dress and then a pair of black heels.
“Thank you,” Alex kisses her cheek and Kara leaves the same way she came. Alex rolls her eyes again and her phone buzzes. The text is from Kara.

I know you like her. X

Alex switches her phone off and sighs.

“Wow, Danvers,” Maggie says in a hushed voice as Alex opens the door, “you… clean up nice.” Dammit, Sawyer, you can do better than that, Maggie thinks, biting her lip again.
“Thanks. I – uh – I love your… hair,” Alex stutters and Maggie flashes that smile that makes Alex forget everything except the beautiful woman standing in her doorway.
It’s true, though; Maggie’s hair is pulled half into a bun and the dark waves spill over he shoulders, cascading down her back. All Alex can think is how much she wants to run her fingers through Maggie’s hair and for a moment, they just stand there, taking each other in while Alex tries to remember how to breathe.

“Umm, come in,” Alex says, barely managing to focus.
“Nice place, Danvers,” Maggie says, looking around at the human anatomy posters and hand-drawn diagrams covering Alex’s walls. Good thing her roommate was never there.
“Thanks,” Alex blushes and gestures that they leave after picking up her bag.

“What do you want, Danvers? Drinks are on me,” Maggie says as they enter the club. The music is overly loud and the sound is making Alex’s head throb. It’s dark and very crowded. What have I got myself into, Alex thinks. Oh well, at least Maggie’s here.
“A beer, please,” Alex has to shout over the music.
Maggie nods and takes Alex’s hand, leading her to the bar. Alex’s heart is thudding so hard, Alex is sure Maggie can hear it, too – even over the music.
Alex takes a sip of her beer and grimaces. Maggie pretends she doesn’t notice Alex’s reaction, hiding her smile with her own drink.
“Your dress… it really suits you,” Maggie tells her later, her confidence improved by the alcohol.
“Thank you,” Alex shouts over the music.

Alex wants to compliment Maggie’s eyes, but she’s worried she might kiss her if she does.

Eventually, Maggie goes to the bar again and Lucy Lane from their chemistry class approaches Alex.
“Hey,” she says.
“Hi Lucy,” Alex says, smiling awkwardly.
“Want to dance?” Lucy asks.
“Uhh, I don’t… sure,” Alex finally agrees, downing the rest of her beer and shrugging.
Lucy nods and Alex follows her to the dance floor, where far too many people are packed together. The air smells strongly of deodorant and overly sweet perfume and Alex’s head spins as the alcohol rushes straight to her head.

Alex shrugs again and follows Lucy further into the maze of bodies and imitates her dancing. She doesn’t feel happy or like she’s having fun - she just feels uncomfortable.

Alex Danvers doesn’t dance. but if she has to, she wants to dance with Maggie.

Lucy is pretty, but Alex’s heart doesn’t skip a beat every time she looks at her. Lucy is smart, but Alex’s stomach doesn’t flip when she smiles at her in class. Lucy is Lucy…

But not Lucy. It’s Maggie. It always has been.

Suddenly, Maggie’s standing beside her and Alex’s breath catches in her throat for the thousandth time that evening. A smile lights up her face.
“Lucy,” Maggie says, her tone bordering on cold.
“Oh, hi,” she replies, oblivious to Maggie’s icy gaze.
“May I borrow Alex?” Maggie asks, looking straight at Lucy to ensure she knows it isn’t a request.
“Sure,” Lucy disappears into the crowd.
Alex doesn’t realize how quickly she’s breathing until Maggie pulls her out of the crowd.
“You okay, Danvers?” Maggie asks, her eyebrows furrowed in concern.
“I think so,” Alex mumbles, looking up. Maggie’s looking into her eyes and Maggie’s getting closer to her and suddenly she can’t look away.

“Dance with me?” Maggie says softly in Alex’s ear. Alex nods and she can feel Maggie’s breath on her neck as she places her hands on Alex’s shoulders. She watches Maggie dance for a moment, completely mesmerised. Maggie leans closer, and for a moment, Alex thinks she’s going to kiss her, but Maggie pulls back a little, and Maggie runs her hands down Alex’s body. Alex shudders, closing her eyes and tries to exhale normally.

They dance like that for what feels like forever. Alex’s heart is pounding and she can hear the rush of blood in her ears. Maggie takes Alex’s hands and puts them on either side of her body. Alex’s chest is heaving and it feels like everyone else has disappeared. Their bodies are pressed together and Maggie leans forward slightly, her face lifted upwards.

That’s when Alex kisses her.

Their lips touch gently, and time stops. Maggie’s lips are softer than Alex had imagined and Alex’s eyes flutter closed. Their lips move in sync and Alex decides that Maggie tastes a bit like vanilla, which is strange, considering the amount of beer she’s consumed.

Eventually, they break apart, and when they do, oxygen is the only reason. Alex holds her breath for a second, terrified. Maggie takes in her deer-in-headlights expression for a second, then smiles gently, intertwining their fingers.
“We should…” Maggie murmurs, her voice hoarse.
“My place,” Alex nods.

Alex barely has time to drop her keys on the floor before Maggie has her pressed against her own door, her lips pressed against her neck and working their way down to the bare skin of her chest. Maggie looks up at Alex for permission, waiting for a nod before she unzips her dress and Alex steps out of it, kicking her heels off in the same moment.

Within seconds, Maggie has her on the bed and Alex is trying to pull away so she can speak.
“Sawyer,” she rasps, and Maggie shivers at the sound of her name rolling off Alex’s tongue.
“Hmm?” she replies, lifting her head from Alex’s chest.
“Dress. Off.”

Maggie grins and strips the material off her body, deciding to take off her underwear at the same time, her smile widening as Alex’s jaw drops. She leans back into Alex’s body, straddling her hips again and Alex makes a sound that’s really more of a growl, and flips them over so she’s pinning Maggie against the bed.

A soft gasp escapes Maggie’s lips at the sudden change, but then she realizes that Alex Danvers is naked on top of her and her lips are on her breast.
“Danvers,” she moans, the syllables coming out broken and breathless. Alex stops, hovering stationary over Maggie’s body, her head tilted to the side.
“Are you okay with this?” she whispers, her eyes soft. Maybe they’re more sober than they realise. Maggie nods in response, her chest heaving. She can feel the warmth radiating from Alex as she presses their bodies closer together, and Maggie’s hips buck in response. Alex smirks at her the way she has a thousand times before and grinds her hips against Maggie’s. Maggie moans softly as some of the pressure is relieved and she pushes harder against Alex, trying to get more pressure.
“Do you want me to touch you?” Alex husks, and Maggie can’t breathe because Alex’s voice right now is the sexiest thing she’s ever heard.
“Yes,” Maggie replies, her voice faltering.

Alex nods and grins when Maggie’s whole body jerks as she kisses her way down Maggie’s stomach. She looks up at Maggie for consent again and receives a quick nod in response. Alex kisses the insides of her thighs, smiling when they tighten around her.
“Relax,” she whispers and leans forward, and with the boost of confidence she gets from Maggie’s soft whimper, Alex presses her mouth against her.

Maggie gasps and her hips fly upwards against Alex’s face as she alternates between dragging her tongue along her wetness and using her fingers. Maggie spends the next few minutes with Alex’s pillow pressed against her mouth, her fingers clutching Alex’s sheets desperately, and Alex’s head between her legs.

Right when she’s about to tell Alex that she can’t take it much longer, that the stimulation is getting more overwhelming by the second, that her legs are shaking in a way that they haven’t with anyone before, Alex slows down and kisses her way back up Maggie’s body, her palm keeping pressure between her thighs. Maggie almost chuckles when she realises that she could probably finish just from that gentle touch, but then Alex’s mouth is on hers and she can taste herself and she can taste Alex and it’s the most perfect thing that’s ever happened. Maggie moans against Alex’s lips and her lungs don’t want to work properly as she gasps when Alex releases her mouth.

“Alex?” she whimpers, and Alex smiles, knowing how close she is, even now. Alex nods and pushes two fingers inside her, thrusting them harder with every jerk of Maggie’s hips. Maggie’s eyes close and the only thing she can think or feel is Alex… just Alex. Suddenly, Alex isn’t thrusting anymore, but her fingers are pressing against her and curling and putting pressure on somewhere Maggie didn’t know existed and she falls into the first wave of her orgasm with a shout.

Alex doesn’t stop when Maggie’s muscles finally relax, though. She waits for Maggie to nod at her again and keeps pressure on that spot inside her, using her tongue at the same time. The added stimulation is more that Maggie can cope with at this point and she’s climaxing again within seconds.

Finally, Alex releases her, kissing her lips once before pulling Maggie’s damp body against hers and holding her. Maggie’s never let anyone hold her like this before, but something is different with Alex. She’s okay with feeling exposed and vulnerable like this because it’s Alex, so she lets herself be happy while Alex whispers about how beautiful she is in her ear. They lie there like that for a while, and eventually, Maggie can breathe normally.
“You didn’t…” Maggie whispers, trying to turn around so she can see Alex’s face.
“It’s okay. We can sleep now. You can return the favour later,” Alex mumurs softly, kissing Maggie’s neck gently.
Maggie nods because she’s honestly too tired – in the best way – to move right now, so she relaxes against Alex’s body and lets her eyelids close.

At some point, they fall asleep, and in the morning, Alex wakes her up with water and coffee and a bagel just the way she likes them (which Alex thinks is disgusting), and Maggie decides it’s Alex’s turn (more than once). They spend most of the next day in bed and when they decide that they should probably study or something, Maggie decides to steal Alex’s shirt, so they end up in bed again.

It doesn’t matter, though, because finally, they’re not pretending anymore.

obviouslyelementary  asked:

90. "You’ve been replaced.” - “Alright, we’ll see how you feel when you need me to kill a spider in the shower.” Anyone because we all know they are all afraid of spiders

I don’t really know what to title this. And it doesn’t really have a ship. Maybe Prinxiety or POLY Sanders? Not really any warning that I’

Anxiety decided to drag himself into the common room, because he hadn’t eaten a meal in a couple of days. He was living off of granola bars and energy drinks. He pulled out bread, peanut butter, and jam (because who actually uses jelly?) to make a sandwich. When he finally noticed the crowd on the couch they were huddling over something. “Oh hey Anx!” Morality called out. He stalked over to the couch. He squeezed in to see a little black kitten sleeping peacefully. “Face it Anxiety, you’ve been replaced.” Prince smirked. “He does mimic a cat” Logic commented. Prince finally got to be the first one to ‘attack’ the darker trait. But his victory was slowly drowned out when he heard the dark trait quietly chuckling to himself. “What’s so funny?” Prince asked cautiously. “Oh nothing there’s just a spider on you head.” Prince squealed so load, he disturbed the kitten. “HAHAHAHA!” Anxiety was having trouble catching his breath as he watched the royal continue to freak out.  “I’m just kidding SIr-Sing-Alot.” Anxiety chuckled. “ Why would you torture me like that?” Prince said his face washed red. “Because. That. Was. Hilarious. So I’m not that replaceable.” He responded muffling another laugh-attack. “We will see about that.” Prince hissed. “Alright, we’ll see how you feel when you need me to kill a spider in the shower. A REAL spider.” Anxiety said before walking back to his room once again. Glad he came out.     

Okay, that didn’t turn out as good as I believed. But I hope you still like it.   

A lil headcanon

Okay but like imagine Y/n sneaking in through Edmund’s window at midnight when he needed comfort for any reason


“Susan, do you…hear anything?

It was no later than 2:34 in the morning, and Lucy Pevensie had awoken suddenly without reason. So, as any younger sister would do, she snuck into her older sister’s room to whine.

“Lu,” Susan groaned in response, tossing a pillow in Lucy’s direction. “Go to sleep for god’s sake!”

 “But I just woke up and I could’ve sworn I-” 

“Lucy,” Susan growled, raising her head from the pillow she was resting on to look at her sister, “It was probably just the cat.” 

Lucy frowned. “We don’t have a cat.”

 Lucy could see Susan’s eyes roll-even in the pitch black of her room-as she let her head fall on her pillow again. “Look, get a glass of warm milk and go back to sleep, yeah? We both have school in the morning.”

Reluctantly, Lucy slid her feet across the floorboards to the door of Susan’s room, closing it softly behind her as she made her way down the narrow hallway to the kitchen. 

With every creek of her socks against the floor, she could hear noises that resembled feet walking across wood and small giggles between silence. As she walked further, she noticed the noises were coming from Edmund’s room. 

“Edmund?” She whispered, lightly knocking on the door with the back of her fist. As she opened the door, her eyes widened almost instinctively. 

“Y-Y/n? What-”

Continue the fic…:)

@atc74: thanks for the submission!

Waking up was rough.  Everything hurt, starting with your head.  It was pounding any bit of light made you want to barf and any sound felt like a drill to your skull.  You don’t know what made you think it was a great idea to go drink for drink with Dean and Ketch but you were paying the price this morning.  

You somehow stumble into the bunker’s kitchen in desperate need for some water.  You open the fridge grabbing a bottle and downing half the contents in five seconds. You only turn when you hear the groan coming from the corner of the room.  You turn on your heels and see Dean sprawled out on the table.  He lets out another groan “Whyyyyy… Damn Brits and their insane ability to drink,”

“Why did you need my help again?” You try speaking only to have pain reverberate to your head. 

“Oh I didn’t, I just like drunk Y/N.” He lets out a laugh which turns into a whine of pain.

“Well you look like crap you ass wipe.” You try laughing but your results are no better than Deans. 

“Yeah, you look crappier.” He groans and puts his head back down.

Before you retort back you chance a look on the reflective surface of the toaster.  Wether he meant it or no he was right, you did look crappier.  Your mascara had created dark rings around your eyes, your hair was matted on one side sticking straight up and you had a pillow crease imbedded across you face. “Uh I’m going to shower and try to look like a human again.”

“Yea you do that, I’m just gonna stay here and die.”

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Lana! For your Shallura hour: dancing! Formal dances or kitchen dances, canon or AU, you decide! :D

so they’re at some kind of formal event and Allura doesn’t want to talk to that purple minityrant, and she’s wearing a backless dress which may have been a bad choice, but at least she looks good right???? right???????

Allura had nearly dropped her glass when she’d seen who it was causing such a stir across the room. She hadn’t expected him to show up—she’d thought that Lotor had been stashed somewhere else, another galaxy, another universe preferably if it meant that she wouldn’t have had to see him again.  But here he was, and if he saw her he’d draw attention for the sheer joy of ruining her plans.

If it wouldn’t have caused a diplomatic incident, she’d have leaped across the room and strangled him herself.  But instead she turned abruptly to Shiro (who had been oddly tense the whole night, why were humans so strange, he looked more than fine in his borrowed tunic and trousers and boots and maybe it was more distracting to her to see him dressed like an Altean than she’d anticipated) and said, “We’re going to dance.”

Shiro said something that sounded like “Uh?” as she grabbed his hand and pulled him out into the middle of the couples already out on the floor, her skirts rustling angrily around her ankles.  “You can dance, can’t you?” she whispered, turning so they were facing each other.  Shiro looked like he was about to say something, but he nodded instead, and Allura pursed her lips.

“I want to avoid Lotor seeing my face,” she told him, speaking low and quickly as she stepped close and put a hand on his shoulder.  “If he sees me, he may be able to disinter that the others are here as well, and that would put them in more danger, so.  Dance with me.”

Shiro seemed not to know what to do with his hands for a moment, but when he swallowed hard and his palm slid to her waist, Allura realized she may have made a terrible mistake. She wasn’t going to be able to concentrate on keeping them away from Lotor’s path around the room, because his hand was too warm and too much of a delicious weight on her skin, and why had she chosen this particular dress, this backless dress?

“Lead the way,” she murmured, and hoped for the best.

Getting older

Read also on ao3

“Does my hair bother you?” He asked one day; making Sara look up at him from the sofa where she was laying and reading a book. Her eyebrows furrowed as she saw Leonard standing in front of the mirror they had in their living room; hands on his now fully-white hair. They were still close-chopped but even with his mostly wrinkle-free face, you could now see that Leonard was over 45 years old.

The small blonde didn’t say anything for a minute before she stood up and walked next to him. Sara placed her hands on Leonard’s shoulders as she tip-toed and pressed a small kiss on his cheek. He turned to face her and she continued to have that stupid grin on her face.

“Are you afraid it makes you look old Len?” She asked and honestly; it did… He was feeling normal, same endurance in every department, same will to do things. He didn’t feel old; but his hair was telling him otherwise.

He remember that Lewis’s hair was beginning to turn white after he was over sixty, but his own was starting to turn grey as soon as he turned forty.

Now, 5 years later he was living with a thirty one year old assassin who was full of life and she looked so young. Leonard would never forget the look on Quentin’s face as he walked inside his home; holding Sara’s hand. His eyes fell on their joined hands and then on his graying hair. He had told Sara if she has thought through dating a criminal who was that older than her and even though she had defended him and declared that she loved Leonard and his age or past occupation didn’t matter one bit to her… he didn’t want people to look at them on the street like they did. He didn’t care about what people thought of him because he never had, but for some reason he didn’t want people to talk about Sara. For her friends to judge her on her decision to be with him… And in the end for all these comments to make Sara realize that being with Leonard wasn’t worth all of that, even though they had seemingly accepted the being together and they were being friendly to Leonard; with the exception of course, of Oliver Queen.

“Len, I think the hair makes you look hot.” She finally said with a sultry voice. “And when I look at you; I don’t give a damn how old your hair makes you look, or how old you are. Because practically you are dating a twice-deceased woman and, because I love you. And your hair doesn’t matter not even a little bit to me. It never did…”

Leonard looked at her; marveling at the beautiful human that was Sara Lance. The woman who had made his life better and who was right; again.

“I love you.” He said before the blonde took him by the hand and leaded him away from the mirror.

“And I love you very much.” Sara responded as she pushed Leonard back and he fell on his back on the sofa. “Maybe next Christmas you can grow a beard and dress up as Santa.”

The man smirked as he flipped them and now he was on top and pressing on all of the right spots; making Sara release small moans underneath him.

Well now he really had to show her that just because he had white hair; that didn’t mean that he was any less tireless due to his age… or had any less stamina.

Sleep Overs (Alex Standall x Reader) (13 Reasons Why)

Prompts:#38: They want to do your hair. “Let me do your hair.” [please specify length of hair when requesting].
#39: You have a pillow fight. [definitely can have more than one of them for this request].——————————-“Hey Y/n. Let me do your hair.” Your boyfriend, Alex, came into the bathroom to watch you fix your hair. You laughed as you handed the curling iron to your boyfriend. He picked up a few strands on your long hair and twisted it around the iron. After about 30 minutes, he was finished. You turned to see that he had disastrously curled your hair. You giggled as you ran into your room to get a pillow. “Pay backs a bitch, Standall!” You yelled as you smacked him with it as he came through the door. He laughed and grabbed a pillow from your bed and smacked you with it. You continued smacking each other with the pillows for about 10 minuets. “Okay! Okay! I surrender! I have to finish getting ready!” You laughed and threw your pillow to the floor and walked off to fix your disastrous hair.

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also dreambubble shensnaignas that should have happened: cronus or kankri or some other asshol e get upset with vriska and says she could have just told spidermom no and shes still a terirble eprosn for killing people, she just, throws them in a room wit hdreambubble spidermom, the kaiju sized spider and tells thme "go on tell her no"

lets be honest kankri wouldnt do that due to the fact that he sort of tries to be super sensitive about every single topic imaginable (and makes way to big a deal out of it)

if anything, to be honest, i could see that happening with tavros, even though you were thinking more along the lines of beforus trolls.

legend-waitforit-harry  asked:

Imagine y/N having a really bad and coming home stressed and frat H is just worried but also knows that she does want to talk about it. And just lets her have her soacebut then she gets curious where he's at and goes to the other room to see a

Pillow fort lighted with golden fairy lights and H is grinning from inside. And he’s got treats for you. And you just in there with a lot of terrible jokes from him and tickles and laughing to the point where your cheeks hurt and you just forget about the crap day you had because you’ve got this, and him. And you know whatever life throws at you, you got nothing to complain because you got this idiot to just pull you back up if you’re too low to that on your own 


and you don’t mind throwing in a jestful line in like, “so…..the great frat boy has fairy lights in his closet hm? hiding anything else in there?” and he’d immediately squeeze you tighter, roll a bit so half his body is on top of yours, and the stubble of his jaw would rub against your soft cheek as he whispered a warning in your ear. “Never fucking say that in public.” and when he presses a hot kiss to your neck, you’d forgotten all the other witty comments you were going to say anyway