you have to see the edith one

as long as we’re all talking about captain underpants

in one of the books, i think it was “wrath of the wicked wedgie woman” but i could be wrong, captain underpants is in a situation where ms. anthrope, first name edith, needs rescuing. however he’s got his cape stuck on something and he can’t save her unless he takes his cape off. the chapter ends immediately after this is made clear to the readers and the title of the next chapter is, i shit you not, “You Can’t Have Your Cape and Edith, Too”

like i rarely see a pun so bad that it actually makes me reevaluate my life but this one sure as hell did. it’s been like a decade since i read that book and i haven’t stopped thinking about that pun since. like the amount of setup that pun required… iirc her first name was canonically established as being edith way before that book and i imagine dav pilkey gave her that name with the pun in mind and literally waited several books in order to make it and that just. that’s incredible

Challenge accepted!

Seeing as I have some time coming up where I’m going to be entirely free, I thought it would would be good to give myself something to do. So…send me a word, sentence or phrase as a prompt and I’ll put it into a one shot for you.

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Amos Diggory - About Me

The Basics:

  • What is your full name? Amos Nathaniel Diggory
  • Do you have any nicknames? Digs, Diggory
  • Where were you born? London, England
  • When is your birthday? September 10, 1957
  • What are your parents’ names? Edith Diggory née Abbott and Nathaniel Diggory
  • Do you have any siblings? No
  • Do you have any children? Just one – Cedric
  • Do you have a significant other/are you married? Currently seeing Hestia Jones, although that’s not been made public
  • What is your occupation? Ex-Quidditch player turned father
  • What is your blood status? Halfblood

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