you have to see the edith one

The City on the Edge of Forever

You don’t have to agree with me on this one, because I know its a long shot. 

I always get the feeling that Edith Keeler has this…  resignation through the whole episode. Like she knows Kirk fancies her but, in the end, he will leave her. For Spock. Even if Kirk doesn’t even realize it at the time. Like, she’s the first person who can clearly see this connection between them and she knows she won’t achieve it with Kirk, specially after she asks him to let her help and he simply shoves her off. And then, she says “and you, like you’re always gonna be by his side ” and she has that look on her face, that spiteful expression on her face, while talking directly at Spock… Almost like jealousy. I believe that she is jealous because Kirk likes her and yet he’s leaving her, she knows their (Kirk and her) relationship is only momentarily, and that when he leaves, he will leave with Spock. 

Idk, this is supposedly an episode where Kirk falls in love with a girl but it’s really about THEM BEING IN LOVE AND NOT EVEN NOTICING IT BUT SOMEONE ELSE DOES

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hawkmates + 6?

6. “things you said under the stars and in the grass”

“I miss them,” Kendra says. The night is balmy, heavy with residual heat. The words come out like an admission, though there’s nothing surprising about them. If anything, Carter wonders why she doesn’t say it more often.

“There’s ways to find them,” he tells her. “If you wanted to see them.”

She tucks her hands under her bump, closing her eyes. She envisions Aldus growing inside her, taking form and someday taking flight. When she shuts her eyes, she feels at one with herself. With Edith, with doing this before. 

“We can’t,” she says. “I-” And she doesn’t have the words for it, the feeling that she and Carter just don’t belong there anymore. That something will always be off if they return, with or without their son. “I don’t know. I just have this- Feeling.”

“Your instincts have never been wrong,” he says.

“I know,” she says.

“It’s never stopped you before,” he adds.

“I’m stopping me,” she says. “We- I can’t risk Aldus. Not again.”

“Would you go back otherwise?” he asks.

“I don’t know,” she says. “It’s not like we didn’t have a chance before. We did and we didn’t take it.”

“Kendra,” he says, softly, hand covering hers.

“I have you,” she says, and means it. “That’s all I need.”

“But what do you want?” he asks. He shifts onto his shoulder, curling up against her, planting a kiss in her hair. His hand covers her stomach, splayed out against her, keeping her rooting in the grass. “Chay-ara. What do you want?”

“To see my son grow,” she says. And that’s all she really can say.

watching again because it’s so unbelievable! SO UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Mary is acting like an idiot all the time
Tom is acting like an idiot all the time
Why suddenly Henry  become Tom’s love Oops, Mary’s love?

Tom to Mary: You do love Henry, I know I love Henry too

Mary to Tom: Not I Do not, please stop now please!

Tom to Mary: NOPE, you will marry  him or I do not know what I do ….I’ll scream at you, because I have so much love repressed inside me!

Mary to Tom: NOOOOO please

Tom to Mary: I love you so I want you to marry him!

Mary to Tom: What a stupid way to love me! Can’t you see you’re the only one who can fight me? I’ll end up accepting what you ask me!

Mary to Edith: I blame you! I’ll F*ck your happiness right now!

Mary to Anna: Tom, Tom, Tom, Henry, Tom - I Do not love him and I know my own mind

Violet to Mary: “Tom, Tom, Tom, Henry, Tom”

Mary to Violet: ok, now you have convinced me, is Henry, not Tom

Mary to Tom: now I’m finally making you happy?

Henry: CAR!

Tom: Henry!

Fellowes: What a wonderful end!

Edith: F*ck you Fellowes!

Me: What?????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO