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Iplier Theory - What Do They Want?

(@markiplier, it would mean the world to me for you to see and read this theory. You inspire me every day, and if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have the patience to sit down for half an hour to write this delicately crafted theory about your crazily creative characters. It breaks my heart knowing that you’re rarely on tumblr. So much of your community is on this platform! There’s so many cool theories that you miss! And as humble as I can say it, I would love for you to look over mine. I put a lot of hard work into this. I’ve re-watched “Markiplier TV” WAY too many times just trying to piece this whole thing together; I feel like Matpat for cryin’ out loud. Thank you regardless, Mark!)

[This entire thing is based around the ending segment of Markiplier TV. If you haven’t seen that, none of this will make sense]

As seen in the video titled “Markiplier TV”, we know that the “ipliers” are clearly planning, or at least figuring out, something. Surely, it has to have something to do with Mark. But…what do each and every individual iplier want?

None of them have the same desires. Sure, some of them are similar to one another, but they’re all very different characters. It honestly surprises me that they are shown trying to work together. Yes, I said trying, because in “Markiplier TV”, they aren’t doing a good job at negotiating.

We do know for a fact that Wilford Warfstache and Darkiplier are heads (leaders/bosses) of the group, Mark himself has stated this as fact on his own tumblr page, but we don’t quite know their overall goal.

My theory is that they have grouped together to help each other achieve their own goals through one big plan, which certainly may be sinister, since Dark is one of the leaders and his intentions are anything but good.

This is CLEARLY shown in “Markiplier TV” when Wilford says this:

“Look, this is an opportunity that can’t be missed! It’s for everybody–”.

The entire “Markiplier TV” video is Wilford’s attempt at helping the other ipliers achieve their goals. But of course, since this video was entirely directed by the moronic Warfstache, his plan failed miserably. The only ipliers that showed up in Wilford’s creation was Wilford himself and Doctoriplier (or Dr. Iplier).

Dark is quick to dismiss Warfstache’s plan and say this to him:

“Look, Wilford. I appreciate what you’ve done for us, but, how is this going to help us take back control?…”.

Now here’s where I start to move on with my theory. You have to really pay attention to what these characters are saying! Dark is obviously using the ipliers to get what only HE wants. He manipulates the rest of the crew by saying elusive phrases such as “us”.

Darkiplier is a very manipulative character, Mark himself has also proven this as fact in one of his livestreams. He talks a lot about the character of Dark in this video provided by LadyElvan on YouTube.

I personally think Dark is using the rest of the ipliers to ultimately get what he wants, which is presumably:power over the one and only Markiplier. Being the sly and seductive “person” that he is, Dark is going to do everything he can to achieve the iplier’s dreams….and then betray them for his own personal gain. (This is completely theoretical; we’re just going to have to wait and see for the next video where these characters are featured, and this obvious story is continued).

More evidence of this whole theory comes to light when Google (Blue) says this:

“I feel like it deviated from our primary objective. If we’re to get back on track, we need to reassign our goals and unify into a singular strategy”.

So there’s no questioning it. This group of Markiplier clones are in fact working together to achieve something. Google phrases it in a way where it seems that they’re all shooting for their own, individual, “primary objectives”, or simply: goals. Google suggests that all the ipliers forget about their dreams and try to reach for one particular objective. Being a robot, he doesn’t have any desires or hopes, he just wants to get things done, that’s why he says that this whole TV idea deviated from what they were trying to accomplish. So, for Google, I think he just wants to follow and achieve one large goal, whatever that goal may be, or he just wants to continue the objective that he was programmed with: answer as many questions as fast and as efficient as possible, and of course…destroy all mankind.

After Google’s two cents, Ed Edgar follows by yapping out tons of nonsense about “good deals” and other promotional TV things. So quite frankly, his goal in all of this is just to become a successful TV salesman and get some cold hard cash.

Next, Bim Trimmer complains about how in the game show segment of the “Markiplier TV” plan, he wasn’t the host! This makes me believe that all he wants to do is make money and continue to host game shows. Maybe “Hire My Ass” ended or got canceled in some way (maybe after the authorities found out that they were grinding up contestants into sandwiches for other contestants to consume during screen time).

After that, Silver Shepard basically hand feeds us what he wants to do with his life. He said that he has quit fighting crime as a superhero, only to become an actor, assumingly for an entertainment superhero TV show. But of course, “Markiplier TV” didn’t at all include him or his ideas.

Then, Dr. Iplier says that he admittedly enjoyed Wilford’s plan, since it featured him in it quite a bit. I theorize that Dr. Iplier just wants to be known as a professional doctor. Does he actually want to help cure and tend to others? Of course not. None of these characters are actually selfless. He just wants to be known as a great doctor.

Now the Host…is a little more complicated. Mark has confirmed that he used to be “the Author”, but after discovering that he had no “control” in his life, and he was just a host to the world, he changed his status name from “the Author”, to: “the Host”. I presume that the Host just wants to go back to writing interactive stories, …where admittedly, he kidnaps innocent people to reenact his cruel form of writing. The Host wants to feel like he’s in control again.

After Ed Edgar blabs on about selling his son for business, the King of the Squirrels comes barging in to simply state: “I uh…I’m the king of the squirrels”. Admittedly, I have no idea what he would even want from all of this; he seems to be doing fine for himself. Maybe he wasn’t even invited to this meeting and just barged in to declare his status.

Now finally, it’s time to discuss what Wilford wants from all of this.

Wilford is, I dare say, one of the most honest and normal people out of this whole group. Sure he’s plenty selfish, but I know for a fact that all he wants is to become a genuine, non-murderous, host/interviewer/journalist. Wil doesn’t want to be infamously known, he just wants to be famously known. This poor imbecile wants to forget his blood-soaked past and focus on becoming a successful journalist, the thing that he started off as when he interviewed Slenderman all those years ago.

Now…we have all the ipliers covered, …but…as I typed this theory, I…noticed a certain pattern.

Mark has gotten in the way of all of these characters..

He has stripped the Host of his proud, former, status: the Author.

He has excluded Bim, Silver, Ed, and Dr. Iplier from YouTube all together. (Even The King of Squirrels)

And he hasn’t kept his promise with Darkiplier.

Dark himself has talked about them taking back control MANY times in the “Markiplier TV” video. He even said:

“..we are the heart and soul of this channel after all”.

Now with Wilford, It seems that he is just following along with Darkiplier’s plan. I truly do think that Dark is tricking Wil by promising him an actual opportunity in journalism. In joining Dark, I think Wilford has made a deal with the devil.

But hey…that’s JUST A THEORY….

ahem. Excuse me, not sure where that came from. Anyways, thank you so much for reading. If you happen to be Mark, an extra thank you goes to you! You actually took the time out of your crazy, busy life to read my dumb theory. That really means a lot to me :)

Again, thank you. I’m honestly very excited to see what Mark has in store for us with these loveable characters.

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we don't need all these new invented pronouns, it's just not necessary. if you wanna be referred to as xe or whatever the fuck amongst your sjw friends then go for it as long as you're not hurting anyone but if someone's trying to get me to use that, nope. I'm not adjusting my vocabulary to fit your needs and if you wanna cry about it and say you're being oppressed well then (1/2)

that just sucks for you. If you wanna identify as all these genders (even though you’re wrong) you gotta have thick skin and can’t get so easily offended or you’ll never enjoy life (2/2)

There are so many things in this

1.) It’s you guys being offended this whole time?!??!?!!

2.) We also don’t need poptarts or nutella or drones or smartphones or nuclear weapons and the list could go on forever so what the heck are you trying here?!

3.) You say ‘as long as you’re not hurting anyone’ how is it hurting you to adjust your language?

4.) ‘sjw friends’

5.) No one said anything about oppression but okay. 

Archie made a Friend? (AA imagine)

This was not a request, but I really liked this idea so I decided to write it! It’s could be a multi-part imagine, but that’s only if you guys want it to be! Enjoy :)

archie x reader

word count: 1,678

Triggers: None 

Originally posted by daddybetty

The first thing that you figured out when you got to Riverdale High is that it’s definitely separated by jocks and nerds, all except that one table in the middle of the lunchroom. Everyday you try to push yourself to sit there, but you have yet to actually make it to the table. See, what happens is you talk yourself into it throughout the whole lunch line saying that ‘this is it, this is the day I’m going to sit with them.’ but then as soon as you get into the actual lunchroom, you chicken out and go sit at a table in the back where there’s only a few kids. None of them talk to you and they all have headphones in. You sigh as today is another one of those days. You make your way to your usually seat and pull out your latest read. Reading and writing is one of your favorite past times. You sometimes write song lyrics but, singing is something that makes you very nervous, so you can never sing them. Ever. The final lunch bell rang, taking you out of your daze, and you made your way to chemistry. As soon as you walk into the room you see ‘NEW SEATS TODAY!’ written on the board. You and a few other kids groan as you walk to the back of the room, waiting for your new seats. You’ve been here for 4 months now and you still have a hard time remembering everyone by name.

“(y/n) (yl/n) you are going to be partners with.. Archibald Andrews. Find a table you two.” Said the teacher. You look around trying to remember who Archibald was. Archibald? Who names their kid Archibald? You finally see a boy with bright red orange hair taking a seat while trying to find his partner.

“Uh Archibald right?” you say with a weird look on your face. He grins and chuckles at you.

“Yes, but everyone calls me Archie. You’re (y/n) right?” He asks as you take the seat right next to him.

“Yeah, how do you know me?” You ask with nervousness behind your voice. Does he see you looking at his lunch table everyday? More and more crazy and outrage thoughts come to mind until finally Archie snapped you out of it.

“(y/n)? I said I have you in like 4 of my classes. And you’re new, which doesn’t happen too often here in Riverdale. Our last new person was ronnie, and she only came a few months before you.”

“Ronnie?” You ask.

“Veronica Lodge. River Vixen? Black hair. You’ll see her now that you know who she is. Do you eat lunch in the lunchroom. Not that I think you don’t! I mean, I didn’t want it to sound like you eat in the bathroom because that would be-”

“Archie!” you said with a laugh before he got even more flustered.

“Sorry, it’s just that I’ve never seen you in the lunchroom before, that’s all.” He finally says before turning bright pink. You give him a small smile.

“I eat in the back of the lunchroom. See, I haven’t made too many friends yet. Actually, none at all. So I sit in the back with like 3 other people who don’t speak. They just listen to music and watch movies.” You explain almost embarrassed at the fact that you just admitted all of that to a boy you just officially met 5 minutes ago.

“Well, since we’re friends now, why don’t you sit with me and my friends? Oh Betts would love you! Please?” He begged. You thought about it. You finally got the invitation to sit with the group you’ve been wanting to sit with since you’ve got here.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to be invading anything…”

“No really it would be fine! I promise you they would all be okay with it! Give it a try and if you don’t like it you can go back to sitting with the no-talk kids who listen to music and watch movies.” You smile at this offer.

“Okay deal.”

The rest of class that day was you imagining what everyone would think of you. You finally were going to make some friends and Riverdale will finally start to feel like a home.

The next day, you were nervous in every class before lunch. You also realize that You had Archie in 2 morning classes, and you figured out who Veronica was.

“Hey (y/n), mind if I join you.” Archie smiles as you both walk out of English together.

“Uh sure, my locker is this way.” You both made small talk about random things on the short walk.

“Hey Ronnie! (y/n), this is Veronica, Veronica this is (y/n).” Archie says as you stop at your locker. I guess ‘Ronnie’ was a few lockers down from you. Just because you oh so desperately wanted to sit with them at lunch, doesn’t mean you knew who they were. You’ve only seen side profiles.

“Hello (y/n), it’s nice to meet you. Anyone that’s a friend of my dear archiekins is a friend of mine.” She says with a smile.

“I’ll see you guys at lunch.” She exclaims as she walks off to her next class.

“I like her.” you said as you and Archie walked off to your next classes.

“I knew you would. See you at lunch?” he asks with a huge grin. You smile back.

“Yup, see you at lunch.” You begin to think of all the things that are going to go right at lunch, and not the things that could (and won’t) go wrong.

This is it. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You finally get to sit with the group you’ve been waiting to sit with all year. You start to slowly walk over there when Archie finally catches your gaze and motions for you to sit next to him.

“Hey Arch.” You say smally as you take a seat at the table of hopefully new friends.

“(y/n), this is Jughead, Betty, Kevin, and Veronica. Guys, this is (y/n). She was new at semester and hasn’t exactly found the right friend group.” He started to explain.

“Hi guys, it’s nice to meet you.” you slightly smile.

“Hello (y/n)! Archie has talked so much about you! I’m glad he finally had to guts to talk to you.” Betty laughs. Archie’s face tinges pink. You give him a confused look. Betty realizes what she said probably wasn’t the most appropriate and decided to change the subject.

“So, (y/n), play any sports?”

“Uhh not really. I was on a swim team when I was younger but I had to stop because I got so busy. I used to play volleyball in middle school but not anymore.”

“You should be a river vixen! They are having tryouts again next week. A girl broke her foot when she was rollerskating with her family, so we have to get a replacement.” Veronica says. I blush at the offer.

“Gee, thanks Veronica but I, I don’t know if I can do that. I’m not really built to be a cheerleader.”

The River Vixens are everywhere and they are so intimidating. I don’t think I could be like that.

“I think you could do it.” Archie says nudging you out of your thoughts. Veronica laughs.

“Oh please, (y/n), he just wants to see you in a cheerleading outfit don’t ya Arch?”

“W-what! Ronnie that’s not true. I feel like she should join a club or something to make more friends.” He says with slight embarrassment in his voice.

“Join the Blue and Gold. Can you write?” Jughead asked.

“Uhh yeah. I write poems and songs in my journal all the time…”  you slightly trail off. Betty and Veronica give each other a look.

“Archie sings.” Betty said with a small smile. You look towards Archie.

“Really? You sing?” He blushes.

“Well yeah sort of, It’s this new thing I’ve been trying.” He grins.

“Maybe you guys can sing a song together sometime?” Veronica said.

“Oh no no no, I don’t sing, I just write lyrics.” you say with a sheepish smile.

“What? That’s nonsense. Spend 2 weeks with us and you’ll be singing right next to Archie at some event.” Veronica said.

“She’s not wrong, eventually, she’ll make you do some of your biggest fears.” Jughead added.

Ronnie gives you a huge smile as the bell rings.

“Well, I hope you continue to eat with us, I love it when Archiekins gets new friends. See you later.”

“It was great meeting you (y/n). Again, I’m really glad that Archie finally had the guts to invite you to eat with us. He’s been talking-”

“OKAY Betty! That’s enough we will catch you guys later.” Archie starts.

“Let’s head to chemistry.” He says to you as you both walk away. You nudge him.

“What was that all about?” Archie blushes.

“Well, uhh you see I’ve kind of had my eyes on you for awhile now. Not-not like that! Just in a friendly way - oh god I sound crazy now don’t I? Ugh well, I just really wanted to be your friend because you seem like a really cool person and oh I don’t know, I saw you sitting by yourself and I just felt like you could have more fun sitting with me and my friends. I’m sorry that this has been really long and rambly I’m not-”

“ARCHIE! It’s fine, I get it. I’ve had my eyes on you guys for awhile now too.” His eyes widen.

“Really?” You nod.

“Now come on Arch, let’s go blow stuff up!”


i know this is gonna be Really Unpopular and Possible Controversial but i hate all this stuff going around about robert being forced to care against his will. no one can force you to care about anything. and like i would totally get it if robert didn’t want to be a part of the kid’s life but people are acting like he’s completely heartless, and saying things like he was hoping for rebecca to have a miscarriage (???? ew).

like. robert isn’t outwardly emotional. we know that. he puts up walls and acts like he doesn’t care. in this situation especially, he might see himself caring about the kid as a betrayal to aaron, even though aaron is being supportive, because robert is pathologically scared of losing him. this whole situation is ridiculously complicated, and i honestly believe that robert putting on a cold, uncaring exterior is a way of protecting himself. he’s convinced that this situation can only end terribly for him. he’s convinced that he can’t be a good dad and he’s convinced that his own kid would hate him and he’s worried about losing aaron. as far as i can see (and im not saying anyone has to agree with me) the only way robert knows how to deal with this situation is to shut down.


Random, but something I always found curious. I think ‘Who are you?’ must be the most common phrase ever said in fiction. It’s pretty much in everything, every genre, every book, game, show, movie, whatever. Now that shouldn’t seem strange really, should it? …Apart from it’s a phrase you NEVER actually hear in real life. People don’t go around saying ‘who are you’, it’s a strange thing to say and quite rude sounding. And yet it’s so prevalent in fiction.

Of course I know WHY it happens. It’s setting up having a nice tidy introduction from a character, who has wandered in doing something interesting without explaining themselves… The whole scenario is so weirdly common. I can’t bring myself to write the line anymore, just because it stands out to me so much.

Does it sound like I’m trying to make a point? Or call people bad writers? I’m not… I just thought it was interesting, and felt like it was worth mentioning. One of those weird things. I also challenge anyone to come up with a line more common and universally in fiction, and bonus if it’s never said in real life. 

  • Robert: Look, I know what you're gonna say and don't bother, right? I'm sick of hearing it. (Aaron nods) Be a disaster anyway. Her whole family hates me. How long before the kid does, too?
  • Aaron: So maybe we find a way of working through things. You'd be a good dad.
  • Robert: How do you know that?
  • Aaron: Because you'd have me helping you. What? I'd be great.
  • Robert: I reckon you would, too. But... you know, maybe, one day, we'll have a family of our own. But not like this. I just want us to get back to where we were.
They never said hide and kaneki are hetero.

Wasn’t the fact that the whole manga started with kaneki wanting to fuck rize, or hide having a thing for touka enough for you to realise their sexuality?!

Like seriously I don’t get people nowdays. Sui never said they are gay, because they aren’t. They were buddies since childhood and so they were through the whole manga.
Shippers are honestly so delusional now days.
Your interpretations of their interactions means nothing if the author and the manga says otherwise.
You can ship what ever the fuck you want but you can’t come and attack the mangaka himself and other fans who deosn’t give a fuck about ships like me just because they have different tastes.
That’s immature and you already made a fool of yourself, by trashing a great manga such as Tokyo ghoul over a fucking ship.


Kalvin - “I mean it. You go in. See your baby. Leave. You don’t talk to my wife, you don’t look at my kids. You got that?”

Lawrence - “I get it, you’re a tough guy. Enough talking. I wanna see my daughter.”

Kalvin - “You go in when I say you can go in! You step one toe out of line and I’ll pull the plug on this whole thing. That baby may be yours by blood, but in a court of law she’s mine. I can make sure this is the last time you ever see her. Don’t cross me again. I promise you’ll regret it.”

Lawrence - “Alright man, alright! We’re both heated here. I know you don’t have to let me be here and I really do appreciate it. Honest to God, I just wanna see my little girl.”

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I think that the whole "Sheriff would rather have Scott as a son" thing comes from John always needing Scott to confirm the things Stiles says before acknowledging them as truth and Stiles always looking so defeated everytime this happens.

Oh, absolutely. The first interaction between Stiles and his dad, Stiles is lying, and trying to talk his way out of it. And John is exasperated. You know this  is something they do every single day. 

Their relationship strains to breaking point when Stiles is actually hiding some important truths from John, and endangering John’s job, and eventually losing John his job. These aren’t small lies. These are big things, and the fact that Stiles continues to lie is absolutely gutting to John. Because what could he possibly be hiding that is more important than John’s job? Than the roof over their heads, presumably. 

And Stiles knows that. Lying to his father to that extent is horrible for him, but he accepts it as the price of keeping his dad safely out of the supernatural loop. 

And I think the damage done there is going to take a long time to repair. They’re in a weird push-and-pull now, where sometimes I think John still thinks Stiles is lying to him (whether to protect him, or just because he’s up to no good like the old days) but he knows Scott won’t lie to him. And I think it does hurt Stiles whenever John asks Scott to confirm something, but that’s because broken trust takes time to rebuild. 

It’s a hell of a leap from that to saying that John would prefer have Scott as his son. 

This scene here? 

This is the Sheriff absolutely taking the piss. It’s a joke. Scott knows it’s a joke. 

Stiles… Stiles probably knows logically as well, but there are some deep insecurities still at play and a layer of vulnerability that DOB adds to Stiles’s reaction that isn’t necessarily shown in the GIF, but is there if you watch the scene. 

It’s a joke. It’s his dad getting him back for the remark about his hair. 

It’s a joke…but what if it isn’t? 

And it’s subtle reactions like that one that elevate DOB’s performances above the dialogue. 

And, joking and insecurities aside, they’re the most important people in each other’s lives. 

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So instead of pure unadulterated hate, people should educate themselves a little bit more about his struggles, his accomplishments. People, including Hillary have said this time and again about him, he has a big heart and has absolutely no malice in him. He may not be everybody's cup of tea but he sure deserves at least some respect for successfully leading his state and the country through no ordinary times. That is all. And lastly I hope people stop giving you grief about this.

e x a c t l y! I think it’s way too easy for people to just to hate him for what he did (and I do hate what he did, but it is possible to do so without hating him!) and not look any deeper. Because it’s a whole lot more complex than that, as most relationships are. Personally I think things are rarely ever so clear cut and black and white as to be able to say “he doesn’t deserve her” and have it just be as simple as that. It’s often said that his childhood had a definite affect on him and Hillary chose to stay and help him work through that because she loves him and he loves her. As he said himself “I had always loved her very much, but not always very well”

‘Thwarted’ Chapter 61

Next chapter is up! Galactic Idiot has a long conversation with his mother who makes him see what he really might have done to Galactic Girlfriend. Galactic Middle Management is totally cool with Galactic Idiot’s plans and Galactic Girlfriend once again reminds our messed up man-child that she can think for herself.


“So all of this, it’s just for Rey?”

He frowns. “No … no … I know that things need to change. I’m not sure how far I’m willing to go … but … I never would have seen without Rey. She … she heals me.” He can almost feel Rey’s small hands moving across him, her precious light infusing him.

“And you heal her, I think,” Leia says, her expression pensive.

That’s all he wants now, for Rey to be happy and whole. “Really? How could you know?” he asks hopefully.

“I saw the way she looked at you. How quick she was to hide in your embrace. She was never very comfortable with being touched when she was with us. But she sought comfort from you. I never saw her do that in the months she was with us. Not even with Finn,” she says.

His jaw tightens at the mention of Finn. He knows there’s only friendship between them, but he still doesn’t like that another man has any sort of claim to her.

“Now, don’t be like that. Finn cares about Rey very much, they went through a lot together.”

Kylo snorts. “Yes, I was there.”

Leia’s eyes glint with fire. “Perhaps a bit more humility is in order, you nearly crippled him.”

Deeply ingrained instincts make him wish he had, but now the thought shames him.


(in the interest of efficiency I went right up to David with those bat-cuffs in hand - home made by my partner in crime the crazy talented @enchantersnight - and asked him “can you arrest me?” without even saying “hi, how are you?” or anything, lol! and David was SO UP FOR IT - when he saw what the prop was he smiled really big and said “hell yeah I’ll arrest you!” and listen, I kinda expected him just to hold up the cuff that wasn’t already round my wrist, but he got SUPER INTO the whole thing and was proper fitting the other over my hand, putting on a stern Batman expression all the while, it was AWESOME!

now, due to the nature of this pic, our interactions should have been limited to the person each of us was posing with and I was cool with that - the things we sacrifice for art :p - but David and Sean are SWEETHEARTS and when it was time to move on they literally would not let us leave until each of them had shaken BOTH our hands! and they were saying “thank you” and “great to see you” like we were the ones who mattered?? so lovely…)

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Question: so like, is Vitya obnoxious in the rivals series? If he is, then it's not for me, if he isn't, I'll read it. What I'm asking is if Vitya and Yuuri is equally flawed, because in my personal taste (not judging others, that's fine, my interpretation of a character isn't universal.) Yuuri always being "the victim" of Vic's shenanigans is a little tiring. It's kinda a big commitment to begin reading and I'd like to hear a review, if you have the time. :> Have a nice day!!

ohhhh god no, vitya’s definitely not obnoxious in the series! he did accidentally and unknowingly set the whole thing in motion by saying one thoughtless thing to yuuri when they were kids, but it’s honestly the only part where he acts in hurtful manner. i’d say the plot very close the canon in the sense that the actual villains are yuuri’s anxiety and severe lack of self awareness? then you just take rivals!vitya’s idealistic ideas of love & yuuri and add their lack of verbal communication to the mix and you have the setting for the series. they’re definitely both equally flawed and responsible for the issues that come up in the series, although in different ways. aaaand let’s just say that the companion fic will give you some serious vitya feels. i’m still crying.

also yeah i feel you, i’m rather tired of seeing vitya always getting set up as the bad guy as well. but i’m certain you’ll enjoy the series, so please give it a chance! you can come blame me afterwards if you don’t like it, but i think you’ll love it!

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When the whole Vadaphra thing dies down the paparazzo start looking into Luke's love life.

Luke just keeps dodging questions like “Not really looking for anything right now, thanks.”

Reporter: “So you’re saying you’re not seeing anyone right now? Not even tonight for the gala premiere of the new Wynssa Starflare picture?”

Luke: “Are you asking me out? I’m flattered, but I’m afraid I already promised my cousins I’d take them.”

(behind the scenes, Han and Lando high-five after having coached Luke on that one. Leia has her head in her hands to hide the fact that she’s smirking)

I took my ADHD meds for the first time this morning. The psychiatrist said they should take an hour to take effect, then let me focus for five hours after that. I took them four hours ago, and in those four hours I have completed a school writing assignment, read a novel for school, and studied some old Japanese vocab. I don’t feel dramatically different, I’m just…. doing stuff. Before noon. Not even the day it’s due.

It’s weird that you can go your whole life trying to cajole yourself into doing things, and then you make a call to an office where somebody has you briefly explain your problems and go through a two-minute symptom checklist, and then you go pick up some tablets at the pharmacy, and then you do things and it doesn’t hurt at all and you don’t feel the need to pace around the room after ten minutes and multiple things are done and you didn’t have to berate yourself once.

It’s weird that this has existed my whole life, and that nobody thought to tell me about it until I got to college and was in danger of being kicked out.

I might be having a really good day anyway. The meds might not work forever. It might be part placebo effect even though this morning I had to psych myself up for ten minutes before taking them because I was so scared that absolutely nothing would happen and maybe that would prove I actually don’t have any problems and have been faking this whole time and am just a horribly weak person who expects all battles to be won without any hardship or difficulty.

It’s not always going to be this easy. I realize that. The old problems can always come back with a vengeance later, and when they do, I can break out my old tools and survive using all the skills and abilities that have gotten me this far.

But it’s easy today. And right now I feel like I can definitely study Japanese for a little bit longer, so that’s what I’m going to do.

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Whenever people bring up how Selena called BLM sides and never apologized, her fans are like "she apologized at her show by saying "I get stupid and say things I don't mean." How tf is that an apology for diminishing an entire movement to a hashtag about sides? She never directly said anything about her tweet. No mention of BLM. She just swept it under the rug. All of our faves have made mistakes & all of us have made mistakes. If Selena would own up & apologize we wouldn't be so hard on her

EXACTLY plus Selena is ignorant and has always been ignorant. Remember the whole “you may be picked on in school but I’m picked on by the whole world” I need to drag her for that.

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Hey qcknd! I am planning on moving to north Philadelphia this fall after living in the suburbs my whole life. I was wondering if you have any tips on city safety/ public transportation/ transitioning into an urban setting!?!

hey, i would say that a lot of things come naturally when it comes to transitioning into living in a major city. feel out your neighborhood and you’ll learn pretty quickly what does and doesn’t fly. BUT i would say don’t ever get lazy. I joined my neighborhood association group page, and a lot of the incidents reported are cars getting broken into for things left on the seat/cup holders etc. The bronco was broken into for a wrench. Just being on top of things helps.  

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It seems that the Dauphin is a version of what Hal was on his way to becoming if he hadn't had to take on the role of king. Though Hal is a bit more self aware and his partying and hijinks are almost a bit ironic and overdone when he wants to make a point. But still, in his purely impulsive moments, I can see lots of parallels, which I think is why the tennis balls were such an insult to Henry. The Dauphin is saying, you think you're high and mighty now, but you're still no better than me.

Excellent observation. Hal takes a huge gamble with the whole reformation plan, that when he becomes king he’ll change his ways and everyone will be proud. And while he IS the wild prince, he does some pretty mean/insulting things (like pranking/harassing Francis). Hal grows out of that behavior when he has to take on responsibility, to both his kingdom and family. The Dauphin doesn’t have that responsibility yet, even though he’s in the same position- prince with a sick king as his father. It’s hard to read the ending of the horse scene without getting the impression that the Constable and Orleans have to babysit him.

The Dauphin is actually genius at trolling. He can work on HAL’s level even if he isn’t to HENRY’s level. I love the angle of telling Henry that he’s no better than him. The Dauphin knows that Hal is still part of Henry, and Henry is insecure. Insecure enough to respond to the Paris balls. Henry takes the bait, but the Dauphin doesn’t pull his hand away quickly enough (…is that even a metaphor?) And Henry only became king two years before Agincourt, in 1413, so there hasn’t been time for him to show who he really is and what he’s capable, so for all the Dauphin knows, he’s still a delinquent.

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Ok I could spend a whole day watching the whole celebration thing! And yesss I repeated whole twice that's how happy I ammm I'm sooooo happyyyyy 😭🙌🏼🏆💛💪🏼 And I'm so happy for you tooooo Thank you thank you thank you 💖💖💖 Ps: I would like to know what are Roman and Erik saying in the video when he was filming an ig live 💛

I haven’t downloaded anything yet since I’m still in Europe for another 8-9 days 😅  I have a long list of downloads to do when I’m home next week 🙈

It was a nice celebration and all, but quite honestly I love the celebration after the match against Werder Bremen better. To me it was more beautiful, more emotional, and I don’t know… more personal, I suppose. Maybe because it was in Signal Iduna Park, so close to BVB fans’ heart 💛

I haven’t watched or downloaded anything from the parade either, since I had to fly from Berlin to Paris early in the morning yesterday, and then fly from Paris to Rome in the afternoon. It’s hard to catch up with things during travelling 🙈

I read that Roman said, “They want to see you” when he showed Erik… but after that I have no idea 😅