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you know what I love more than college aus?  fake relationship/dating.  slow burn.  this is being broken up into multiple parts so i can satisfy the need for slow burn.

title: homecoming, pt. 1 (or, how my latte-stealing coworker became my boyfriend for the weekend)
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 2975

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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Just for Tonight (m)


Words: 16,826 (welp rip me).

Genre: Fluff, smut.

Summary: Jungkook plans on getting into the annual secret underground party for his birthday and you can’t help but tag along.

A/N: A fic for Jungkook’s birthday (I know I’m late, shh). Inspired by the movie Nerve. Thanks for helping me @pjmfantasy + @minsfires!

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Not Women Enough

Spencer x reader based off the line “don’t profile me/stop profiling me”. Angsty? :) -Anon

AN: Sorry it took me so long to write this. I am currently going through finals so some of the request i received will be a little late, but don’t fret my potatoes, I only have two weeks left of school and i am all yours. But my dear Anon that requested this prompt, I hope you like it.

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Word Count: 1400

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anonymous asked:

Do you have anything for a "I kinda hate you but your girlfriend is my best friend and I can't stand to see her hurt so now I have to keep you from killing yourself because I won't hear the end of it" kind of relationship

AIGHT! I’m sorry for going MIA for a few days, I was working all weekend then I was done for and have been resting, BUT I’M BACK HI <3

This is so specific so I won’t have the best ideas but bear with me here;

TRIGGER WARNING: suicidal attempts and suicidal thoughts

This is sensitive topic. I’ve been there. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone here, just remember that. Also sorry these may not fit your request, it’s just I’ve been in a depressive fit lately and this turned into a kind of a vent to myself <3

  • “Look, you may be an asshole but your her asshole for some reason, so I’m not letting you do this, hand me the knife.”
  • “Maybe we got off the wrong foot. I didn’t know you were suffering like this. I’m sorry, okay? Don’t do this, don’t leave her.“
  • “I’m not going to tell you not to but consider this; You have so many things to try okay? Cut your hair, go to fun places, connect with strange people, dress how you like! Life’s short, you’re proving that right now. But why not have a little fun first, huh? Love the people in your life, it’s worth it, and please love yourself.”
  • “Hey, this isn’t you. This is an illness in your head messing with you. Don’t listen to it, you are loved. You are not your mental illness.”
  • “Maybe you sometimes do questionable things, but so does everyone! We’re all flawed, that’s the beauty of it.”
  •  “Let’s pause for a second and get some tea and chocolate. We don’t even have to talk about it, we can talk about anything you’d like. You like space? I have so many fun facts to share, okay, did you know…”
  • “What’s your favorite movie? Go get it and I’ll get some blankets and glasses of water, let’s not think too much, just watch it.”
  • “Don’t you dare! You may get on my nerves but you don’t deserve that so stop!”
  • “Hey, listen to me, it’s just us, just us and this space. Take a deep breath, another one, remember that pretty lake we saw a few months ago? That was amazing, there are so many pretty things out there to enjoy. Just breathe that in okay? Think about that lake, so peaceful, so beautiful. Breathe with the ripples in the water. Calm and steady, there we go. You’re okay.”
  • “I guess you’re okay, I mean you do have some good qualities. Want to start over? Let’s find something we have in common, huh? Maybe, we’ll be the best of friends!”

To My Future Lover,

I’m sorry for how I may act when we meet. I’m sorry if I seem too detached or uninterested, it’s a defense mechanism so I don’t let myself get too invested. I’m sorry if I make you take things slow, I just can’t give myself to someone that fast anymore, too many people have left me and now I need to make sure you’re going to stick around for awhile before I get myself involved. I have been used and left so many times that it may take me a little longer to trust you, I might even push you away at first but please fight back and prove to me that you’re worth it. All I ask from you is that you prove to me that you won’t hurt me and leave, that you won’t treat me like others have in the past. I can promise you that once you get through the hurt and bitterness I am completely yours.

Your Future Lover

—  things no one will ever read 2/??
12x06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1078

Version en Español  –  PREVIOUS EPISODE

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

“You were really quick in there,” Mary complimented you on the way to a diner.

“Yeah,” you grunted, not looking away from where you kept watch out the window. For a reason that was beyond you, the boys invited their mother to breakfast after the night in the hellhouse. What’s more, they all decided to ride in the Impala and drop her off at her car after breakfast. That meant that you were stuck in the backseat with her.

“Y/N’s saved our asses more times than I’d like to admit,” Dean said in the silence you created by your short answer.

His praise grated on your nerves. It was like he was trying to prove your worth to his mother. As if her opinion of you really mattered.

“But we’ve had to save yours quite a few times too,” Sam jabbed playfully. Despite your stormy mood, his words made you smile. Sam could always make you smile.

You reached over the seat and swatted at the back of his head. “Only because you two didn’t do your jobs in the first place and put me in impossible positions.”

Sam twisted around and grinned at you. “Hey, sometimes we just want to feel better about ourselves. Can’t have you showing us up all the time.”

“Whatever, Winchester.”

“You’ve got quite the reputation, it seems,” Mary tried injecting herself into your world once again, and your Sam-induced good mood vanished. “I’ve only heard good things about you, Y/N.”

With only a noncommittal grunt, you returned to your post at the window. You could feel everyone grow uncomfortable with your obvious hostility, but no one called you out for it. The friction in the car made the trip to the diner take hours, when it was only a few minutes later that you pulled into the parking lot.

The four of you exited the car, but Sam grabbed your arm before you could head inside. “You two go ahead. I have something to ask Y/N.”

Unsure, Dean and Mary glanced around before they resumed walking toward the front doors. You and Sam watched them until they were safely inside.

Then Sam rounded on you. “What the hell is going on with you?”

“What do you mean?” You asked innocently.

“I mean with my mom. You’re treating her like she’s the enemy.”

There was nothing you could say that wouldn’t set off his temper, so you said nothing at all.

“Seriously?” He looked so disappointed in you. “She needs space! You of all people should understand that!”

“I do! But when I take off for a few weeks to be alone, I make sure to text or call you every few days so you know I’m alive. And she of all people should understand that!”

“She didn’t ask for this—” he tried to defend.

“No one asks for this, Sam! We didn’t ask to be born and we sure as hell didn’t ask to be thrown into the hunter life. But it’s our reality now! We’re thrown into situations that we don’t ask for all the time. But we adapt!” You gestured in the direction of the diner and Mary. “She’s been here for weeks. I don’t expect her to be up to speed, or even remotely okay with what’s changed. But I do expect her to do the decent thing and shoot you a text every now and then so that you know she’s still alive.”

“This is a whole different world. Technology, hunting… everyone she knew is either dead or thirty years older.”

“But she’s a hunter. She was raised in this life. She knows how much everyone worries. And your mom knows how to send a text that says ‘I’m still alive’. Hell, even my mother can pull herself out of her cloud of drugs to let me know that she hasn’t ODed.”

Sam dragged his hand down his face. “That’s your mom though. Why the hell is this such a big deal for you? This is my mom we’re talking about.”

“Right,” you bit out. “I’m not a Winchester. I’m not family.”

“Y/N, I didn’t mean—“

“I’ve only been hunting with you and Dean for ten years. Excuse me for thinking that being with you for a decade entitled me to having an opinion when I think people have wronged you two.” You held your hands up and began walking backwards. “I won’t make that mistake again.”

“C’mon, Y/N. What are you doing?”

You yanked the door to the Impala open and pulled out your duffel. Only after you slung the strap over your shoulder and started walking away did you answer him. “Taking some time off. Enjoy your breakfast. I’ll text you in a few days if I feel like it.”

Sam grabbed your shoulder and spun you around to face him. “You can’t just leave like this.”

“Do you want to know why I’m taking this so personally? It’s because I’ve spent the last ten years saving your ass. I’ve lived with you for an entire decade and this is a pattern with you. You cut people so much slack. You leave yourself wide open to hurt. And you’re blind, Sam.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about—” You clenched your jaw and closed your eyes, taking a moment to center yourself. “You don’t see half the stuff that happens. You’re so damn smart, but my God, Sam. You’re so dumb sometimes. You haven’t seen that I’ve been in love with you for the last ten years. And when it comes to your mom, you’re even more blind. You want her to be the amazing mother that you’ve built her up to be in your mind, but she’s not. Stop cutting her slack and just look at the facts.”

“You’ve been—” he cut himself off with a shake of his head. “What facts are you talking about?”

Throwing your arms out, you took a step backwards. “We’ve already established that it doesn’t matter what I think, because I’m not a Winchester.”

“It matters to me.”

“You know what? Forget I said anything. Enjoy your time with your mom. I’ll see you in a few weeks.” This time, Sam didn’t reach for you when you turned away. He called your name a few times, but only half-heartedly. You were halfway down the block when you looked over your shoulder and saw him running a hand through his hair in frustration.


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Talk Less

* Aaron Burr × Reader
* 115: I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and-oh screw it!
* Hamiltime

A/N: I’m not gonna say I’m too proud if this piece, however, it’s a finished piece. Lately the pain killers I’m on having been kicking my ass and making me only want to sleep. They also are making it hard to focus. So posting may slow, just a warning. But, onward to the story!


“Is that Aaron Burr?” You asked your friend.

“No way…I think it is.” Alexander breathed out. Your friend had been trying to get through King’s College as quickly as the prodigy in front of you. Except the bursar seemed to think it was impossible, which led to Alexander losing his temper as usual. “Maybe I should go talk to him.” He pondered aloud.

“Oh no Alexander, don’t embarrass youself.” You said, holding onto his sleeve to hold him back.

“I won’t.” He said, and jerked his arm free. He walked up to the man and said, “Pardon me. Are you Aaron Burr, sir?” You trailed behind your friend.

“That depends. Who’s asking?” He asked, looking both of you up and down. His eyes seemed to linger on you.

“Oh, well, sure, sir. I’m Alexander Hamilton.”

“Y/N L/N.” You cut in knowing your friend was very excited to meet this man, and would likely forget to introduce you.

“I’m at your service, sir.” Alexander said. You groaned inwardly. Your friend was not the best at first impressions. “I have been looking for you.”

“I’m getting nervous.” The other man admitted. Alexander recounted his run in with the bursar earlier. He found he was like Aaron, they were both orphans and desperate for a chance to prove their worth. After a moment Aaron asked, “Can I buy you both a drink?”

“That would be nice.” Alexander said happily.

“While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice.” Aaron said as you walked into Fraunces Tavern. “Talk less.”

You laughed aloud while Alexander let out a bewildered “What?”

“Smile more.” You liked this guy’s mindset. Alexander wasn’t so convinced.


“Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.” He finished.

“You can’t be serious.” Alexander told him.

“Yeah, telling Alexander to hold his tongue is like telling King George to step down from rule.” You joked.

“You want to get ahead?” Aaron asked.

“Yes.” He responded immediately.

“Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.” He told your friend.

“Yo yo yo yo yo! What time is it?”

“Show time!” Voice shouted from across the bar.

“Like I said…” you heard Aaron mutter.

Three men started rapping. One man, John Laurens, rapped about revolution. Another, a Frenchman named Lafayette, spoke freedom here and in France. The last, Hercules Mulligan, mainly rapped about sex. John turned to where you and Alexander where standing with Aaron.

“Well if it ain’t the prodigy of Princeton College!” He said and they all approached you guys. Aaron took a half step in your direction, partially blocking them from you.

“Aaron Burr!” Mulligan exclaimed.

“Give us a verse, drop some knowledge.” John asked him.

“Good luck with that, you’re takin’ a stand. You spit. I’m ‘a sit. We’ll see where we land.” He told them. Did he really not want revolution?

The men questioned him. “If you stand for nothing Burr, what’ll you fall for?” Alexander asked.

“Who’s this kid? What’s he gonna do?” The men asked. In the following minutes you watched as Alexander befriended them with similar views of revolution.

“Geniuses, lower your voices.” He told them as they grew more rowdy. “You keep out of trouble and you double your choices. I’m with you, but the situation is fraught. You’ve got to be carefully taught, if you talk your gonna get shot.” He warned.

Alexander wouldn’t back down though. He and the other men kept speaking loudly. Burr never seemed to let you out of his sight during this. Even when Laurens grabbed you hand and spun you around in a friendly dance. Or when Lafayette did the same. His eyes followed you.

“What about you?” Laurens asked. “How do you feel about revolution?”

“I think we need it.” You told him.

“Unbelievable.” You heard Burr mutter.

“What?” You asked him. You walked away from the rag-tag group to speak to Aaron with some privacy. “Do you not think freedom is important?”

“OK course I do.” He wispered. “But you must be careful. Shouting it as carelessly as these men are, it could end with you getting hurt.” He said.

“But sitting by waiting will not aid the process at all.” You told him. “Someone needs to speak up.”

“Just…” he paused. “Be careful ok?” He asked.

“Why should it matter to you if I’m careful? You don’t know me.” You asked.

“Because no one should get hurt as a result of a few loud and drunken men.” He said glaring past you at the group.

“You need to loosen up Burr.” You told him before walking back to the group.

“Let him be.” Burr urged your group. They were complaining about a squire who was trying to talk down revolution.

Suddenly, Lafayette pushed Aaron out of the way and Alexander ran up and began arguing with the man. “Shit.” You said.

“Idiot!” Burr grumbled and approached the box. “Alexander, please.” He said, trying to urge your friend down.

“Burr I’d rather be divisive than indecisive, drop the niceties.” He shot back.

When heralds announced a message however, Alexander hopped down and came back to stand with you and his friends. The heralds finished their declaration and British soldiers came forward and killed one of the rebels among the group. Shouting ensued but Aaron pushed you away from the growing struggle. “See? That is what happens when you speak for revolution!” He told you.

“And that’s what happens if we allow King George to control us!” You couldn’t believe him. Still, he had a point. Holding your tongue did help in some cases.

“Please. I won’t ask you to not want revolution or even to not support it. I just want you to be careful about it.” He asked. He said it with such strong emotion.

“Alright.” He looked at you shocked. “Maybe talking less wouldn’t be a bad idea with how high tension is right now.” You admitted with a shrug.

A few weeks later and all the men were fighting. Alexander, John, Hercules, Lafayette, and Aaron were fighting under George Washington’s command. It was the start of winter and Washington was hosting a ball, Alexander insisted you come.

When you arrived you expected Alexander to be the first familiar face you saw. Instead it was Burr. He was in conversation with another soldier but glanced at you. He did a double take and walked over to greet you. “I didn’t realize you’d be here.” He said, holding out his hand for yours.

“I’m surprised to see you as well, although with you fighting I’m not sure why.” You admitted. You placed your hand in his and blushed as he placed a light kiss to it. You admired him in his blue coat, the sign of a soldier. It hung to his knees with white inner lining and brass buttons along the front and cuffs. “The uniform suits you.” You complemented. Aaron opened his mouth to respond but was cut off.

“Y/N!” Alexander shouted and ran over. “It’s good to see you again.” He said happily. Once he joined the fight you hardly saw him.

“Likewise.” You told him and pulled him into a hug. “I trust you’re all staying safe.” You said, a playful warning tone to you voice.

“I’m offended you even need to ask.” Alexander said, putting a hand to his heart in mock offense.

“You’re the only one I’m worried about.” You told him. You knew Aaron would be safe and cautious.

“Well, I may take some risks but that’s to be expected.” He said.

“Alexander.” Burr said, looking past the man. “I believe one of the Schuyler sisters may be watching you.” Sure enough, the oldest if the sisters was looking Alexander over.

“How one Earth did you manage to catch her eye?” You asked.

“No idea but I’m going to find out.” He said and walked off.

“I must admit, I’m surprised you’re here. Publicly supporting revolution.” You told Aaron.

“I’m already a soldier. I can’t get much more public.” He admitted with a shrug. “Y/N, will you honor me with a dance?” He asked.

“Why yes I will Aaron.” You said with a smile. So the two of you spun around the tiled floor. You were smiling the whole time.

You were beginning to think back on meeting Aaron. It was a rocky beginning, part of it being your loud friends. Aaron was quite nice, if not a little hesitant about things. You felt his beliefs would help him stay alive in this mess.

“Cause if the tomcat can get married, there’s hope for our ass after all!” John cheered.

You laughed at the men as the teased Alexander. He managed to marry the middle Schuyler sister. You smiled as you noticed Aaron Burr walk up. He had began writing you recently. You enjoyed every letter you received from him.

He smiled at you, admiring you in the gown you had bought for the wedding. You’re letters, you admit, had taken on flirty suggestions. The boys turned their drunken teasing to Aaron.

“Well I heard you got a special someone on the side Burr.” John said.

Your smile fell. Surely John didn’t mean you, you hadn’t told anyone. Aaron also mentioned he was keeping everything under wraps for now.

“What’re you trying to hide Burr?” John asked.

“I should go.” He said quickly. He was avoiding looking at you.

“No, these guys should go.” Alexander said shooing you all away. You couldn’t get away quick enough.

“I wish you’d brought this girl with you tonight Burr.” Alexander told him.

“That’s very kind Sir. But, I’m afraid some would opposed to it.” He admitted slightly bashful.

“I will never understand you. If you love this woman go get her.” Alexander said.

“I’ll see you on the other side of the war.” Burr said, walking away. Should he just go after her? He saw you walking out of the reception and rushed after you. “Y/N!” He called.

You stopped and turned to face him. You eyes were red from unshed tears. “What do you want?” You asked angrily. “Go find that special someone John was talking about.” You spat.

“Oh seriously. Y/N, John was talking about the girl I’ve been writing to. I talk about this amazing girl all the time. He just doesn’t know your name.”

You paused. “What exactly are you saying?” You asked, you both just stopped into confusing territory for the two of you. Uncharted land that you both worked to avoid.

Aaron took a deep breath. “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and-oh screw it!” He leaned and kissed you soundly. Your eyes widened and your arms went around him, you clutched the back of his coat tightly. One of his arms wrapped around your waist while the other snaked up your back and his hand tangled in your hair.

He pulled back and looked at you. “I’ve been so desperate to protect you since meeting you. Then those loud revolutionaries came along. They were annoying and foolish, and they put you in danger. And then John told you that I found someone else.” He sighed. “I’ve only ever longed for you. I’ve waited to say something for far too long.”

“I gotta agree with you there.” You said. “Talking less was destructive in this case.” You told him, a teasing smile on your face.

“Well, I was hoping to talk even less right now.” He said leaning closer.

“Oh yeah? And what would you rather do?” You asked, finally gaining the courage to flirt with him in person besides through letters.

“This.” And with that his lips found your’s again. He pulled back again after a few minutes.

“Well that definitely does make me smile more.” You said, a little breathlessly. He laughed lightly. “And while keeping our opinions to ourselves is to be the smart plan, I’m definitely all for this.” And you leaned up and kissed him once more.

Things I want to tell the signs ( based on people I know )
  • Aries: happiness and love and lust are infinite. You won't run out of them. Remember the difference between being selfish and putting yourself first for your own good. No one is going to punish you for the latter. Stick to faking it till you made it. I know you'll make it. And it'll all be as real as you are, and it'll be overwhelming.
  • Taurus: you are capable of so much more than you think you are. You are not a supporting role, you are the star in a movie with a happy ending. Life will reward you for being so patient, supportive and kind. I'm sorry you're being underappreciated so often. You deserve the world and more. I wish I could protect you, but I know you're strong enough to save yourself.
  • Gemini: people will judge you before they try to understand. Don't waste your time on those who don't bother to really get to know you, they don't deserve to be around you, anyway. Your reputation is a shield. You can be cruel, you can be cold, but those who accuse you of having stabbed their back don't see the open wounds on yours. You're a book with many pages. Don't let them take the pen from you.
  • Cancer: let go. Let go of the past, let go of your fear, let go of your worries. The burden on your chest is only heavy cause you cling to it. Nothing bad is going to happen if you dare a little more and fear a little less. Forgive and forget. You're going to be okay. Don't hold on to your grudges. Hold on to your hope for a good future. It'll pay off to move on.
  • Leo: barking dogs never bite, roaring lions don't do, either. You're too afraid of coming off weak to put down your grim mask, but it's time for you to realise that vulnerability doesn't make you less of a respectable person. You don't need to be intimidating to be admired, and you don't need to hurt people to leave an impression. Even when you're at a low point, you'll always have someone looking up to you. Why are you so scared of being scared?
  • Virgo: it doesn't have to hurt to be real. It doesn't have to be perfect to be worth it. It doesn't have to be everything to be enough. It doesn't have to be complete to be fullfilling. You don't have to be numb to be safe from negative feelings. It doesn't have to overwhelm you to have a meaning. You don't have to shut down to protect yourself. You don't have to be so cruel to keep people at distance. It's not a game just cause you like to play. You don't always have to be the winner.
  • Libra: to me, you're like the ocean. You come and go, you give and take. You can be dangerous and wild, you can be calm and steady. No matter what, when I'm with you, I feel home. You're a blessing to the people around you. Full of surprises, yet reliable. Daring, yet reasonable. You do not have to choose.You can be all of it and everything you want to be. Having a libra as a friend means having a friend for a lifetime without the boredom of having gotten used to something, because one can impossibly get used to you. Always remember your worth.
  • Scorpio: you're the kind of person people write about. You will be remembered. For what you did and who you are. Trust your guts. Your feelings are valid. You will prove them all wrong, everyone who ever doubted you, and when they'll come to apologise, you will be mature enough to forgive them. I wish I was more like you.
  • Saggitaurus: the last song at a rock show, fireworks in July, the first bite of a good meal after being hungry for so long, that's what you are to me. You're a radiant, powerful person, an achiever, you don't just talk, you act on it. But let me tell you, you'll still succeed even when you lower the pressure you put on yourself. I can promise you that you'll reach your destination even if you slow down cause your feet startet aching a long time ago. Give yourself a rest. You deserve it.
  • Capricorn: when someone says they value you, they mean it. When someone says they want you in their life, they mean it. When someone says you're beautiful, they're right. Learn to trust others. Yes, you can always rely on yourself. Yes, in the end, you only got yourself. But there's plenty of people out there who see your potential and want to help you and be there for you. There's many people out there who enjoy spending time with you. You won't lose yourself if you give a bit yourself to others.
  • Aquarius: how do you do it? What is your secret? You're a mystery to me. We could spend each day of the week together, talk for hours, because talking to you is stimulating, inspiring, refreshing, and you could tell me about yourself, but I'd still feel like I could never possibly know everything about you and get a grip of who you really are. You're a painting in pale colours that has come to life and it's blurry around the edges. But that's exactly what completes you: The lack of edges. The infinity of all the possible answers to the questions I want to ask you.
  • Pisces: don't confuse taking things easy with being too careless. You might end up hurting someone without even wanting to. Don't confuse being wanted with being loved. You deserve more than just their appreciation, so don't settle for less just cause it's easier. Sometimes you have to pull yourself together and face the ugly truth, but if you've made it through the storm, your life will be a beach by sunset and all you've ever dreamed of will come true.

anonymous asked:

could i have a ship from shadowhunters, the flash or the originals? (male if that doesn't bother you) im 165cm, i have long brown straight hair and hazel eyes. Im into fashion and periodism, and i love to dance. im very sarcastic and determinant in what i want, im mean with people i don't know well because i don't trust in too many people and it's hard to me to do it i love your page💖💖💖💖

It does not bother me at all! And thanks a lot <3

First, Raphael Santiago. Let’s be real here, he is not  judging on someone’s appearance but if you have a decent sense for fashion, he might be willing to take a closer look. Sarcasm and determination is definetely something he can relate to/ cope with so he’d rather find it amusing than actually being annoyed. Also, his trust is something you need to prove you’re worth of.

Second, Barry Allen. He is rather someone you go on fancy dates with. Dancing would be something he’d love to do beside having dinner or going to the theatre. He’d be very patient with you and will wait until you’re ready for next steps.

Third, Kol Mikaelson. Mainly the same reasoning as with Raphael. Maybe plus he’d be more willing to dance than Raphael. 

anonymous asked:

I feel like I have to battle for his attention. I just want him to want me without having to force it. What do I do to get him to notice me more?

The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment you walk away. You deserve to be someone’s first choice, not their second or third. You are more than somebody’s backup plan. You deserve to be put first, always. You deserve someone who’s so utterly obsessed with you that they can’t get enough. Don’t settle for anything less.

Get Paid to be Healthy!

No joke!! I know this headline is super spammy but I promise I’m not a robot /clickhole/getting sponsored to post this! I just figured I would share the wealth, since you guys have all been so amazing throughout this journey with your words of encouragement and support, and I wanna give back with a little motivation secret.

SO. I heard about this app called Pact from a fellow fitblr blogger (hey @fitchris25​ ) and decided to give it a go. Basically, it’s a tool to help you stay motivated with going to the gym and recording what you eat. You start by making a Pact; i.e. “I will workout 3 times this week and journal my food 5 times this week.” If you complete your pact, you win money! But for every day you miss, you get charged $5 (Or $10, or $15, or $20 😱- whatever you set the punishment to be). So how does this work? 
Basically you link up the app to your Paypal account. The reward money you receive for completing your pact usually isn’t much (for me it’s around $1.75 a week), so the stakes are much higher if you don’t complete your pact than if you do. You’re not going to make a ton of money off this app, but if you’re already working out and food journalling, why not earn some extra cash and treat yourself to a healthy smoothie or a new yoga mat! 

Here is my current Pact Profile:

I have it set for 4 workouts a week, and 7 food journals (since food journalling is easy peasy for me.) 

Now, I’m sure your mind is buzzing about all the ways you can cheat the system. And you’re right, there are obviously ways that people can fudge the data. But really, you’re only cheating yourself in that situation. The money you earn isn’t THAT that much, so it probably takes more effort to cheat the app than it’s really worth. But, Pact does do a good job of making it difficult to lie. 

To prove that you worked out, you have three options on the app. The first option is to “check in” at your gym. 

The app uses location services to verify that you are indeed at a gym, and if you leave early it will know and your workout won’t count. So you can’t just “check in” at a gym you’re walking past because you need to stay within the radius for at least 30 minutes for it to count. 

The second option is to use the Motion Tracker. 

This feature uses the motion sensor on your phone to determine if you are running, walking, or jogging. It also uses location services to make sure you’re actually going somewhere, not just jigging your knee under your desk at work for a half hour :) You also need to keep the motion reading above a certain threshold for all 30 minutes in order for it to count, so if you stop for a 5 minutes breather and then pick back up again, that’s fine, but you must complete at least 30 minutes of activity within 90 minutes of you tapping the start button.

The third option is to pair it with one of your favorite fitness apps

As you can see, I don’t have any of these apps, but it seems super useful! Especially since Fitbit has become so popular. The same rule applies, in order for your “workout” to count you must complete at least 30 minutes of activity. 

Now on to food journaling. I have Pact sync’d up to MyFitnessPal. So I record all of my meals and snacks on MyFitnessPal, and Pact automatically updates when I journal. Your food log for the day won’t count unless you log at least 1200 calories, to make sure you are getting enough nutrients and actually blogging all of your food for the day. This is the area that has the most opportunity for cheating, because you literally could type in anything to your food journal and MyFitnessPal wouldn’t know you’re lying. But, again, if you’re really going to go through all that effort just to earn 79 cents… that’s just silly.

The third Pact feature is Fruits & Veggies. 

I haven’t delved into this feature yet because I get self-conscious taking pictures of my food in public (do I really wanna be THAT girl that takes pictures of everything she eats?) but I probably should considering I’m vegan and 85% of everything I eat is fruits and vegetables. So the way this works is you take a picture of whatever fruit or vegetable you’re eating, and members of the Pact community vote if it should count or not. You need at least 5 upvotes in order for it to count. 

Another question you might ask is, “Where does this money come from??” Basically, when you miss a day, and you get charged, that money goes into the Pact Pool. Pact then uses that money to pay other users who did complete their pact for the week. So they basically bank on people failing lol. But that’s also why you get charged so much if you miss a day compared to how much you make when you complete your weekly Pact. 

You are allowed to cash out on your rewards once you earn at least $10. Otherwise you’ll be paying out the wazoo for PayPal fees. 

So anyway, that’s my little shpeal. I hope you guys can find this app as useful as I have. The truth of the matter is, people are motivated by money, so this app really capitalizes on that and gives you an extra incentive to get your butt to the gym. Have you guys ever tried this app? Let me know what you think!

Another bleach rant.

First rant here

Okay, now it’s obvious that when IchiHime became canon, the IchiRuki fandom took a hard hit. While some of them are accepting it, a majority aren’t taking it so well. And so, this message is for them.

Strap in, my dudes. It’s gonna get long.

I know, with this ending, all of you ir fans feel hurt. You feel defeated. You feel like you’ve been betrayed. You feel like you’ve been lead on. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there. However, is bashing on the creator really necessary? What gave most of you the audacity to harass the author and call him a shitty writer just because your ship didn’t become canon? Just because ir was the most popular ship doesn’t mean you dominated the entire series. Even Tite Kubo himself said that Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship is indeed unique and so deep that it’s indescribable, but it was never meant to be in the romantic sense. They are NAKAMA. Yes, the they loved each other but they weren’t IN love. Most of you are saying that ih and rr had “no development”.. that it was all “one-sided.” How can you say that when ir never had any sides and was the actual ship that had no development in the romantic field? In all the years I’ve been a fan of this series, I have never come across Ichigo saying he had feelings for Rukia or even IMPLIED that he did, and for Rukia vise versa. Orihime was the only one to ever feel anything romantic towards Ichigo and this has been proven countless times. Especially in the scene WAY back in the series where Orihime came close to kissing him. That was her confessing to him. That moment will forever be engraved into the history of Bleach. “But Ichigo was unconscious for that whole thing.” Yeah, and you wanna know what happened next? He felt Orihime’s reiatsu and was willing to go head on into dangerous territory he knew full well that he’d die or get seriously injured, and he was willing to go without training. “Ichigo waited 15 years to say Orihime’s first name when Ichigo said Rukia’s from day 1.” Yes, I do have to admit, that made me confused. However, now that they are in MARRIAGE and we had to wait that long to see him finally saying her first name, that wait was oh so worth it. You want more proof that IchiHime was the obvious endgame relationship? I could put down the entire SERIES onto here but no, I’m not going to shove manga caps in your face just to make you feel bad. I’m not like you. A majority of us ih fans have done that solely to prove most of your illogical answers wrong. I do admit though, I have come across some nasty ih shippers and I really do think that something’s wrong with that picture.
Now, let me make something clear to you. I’m not trying to shove our victory in your face. I’m not trying to be petty, although I SHOULD after all the damn harassment we had to endure from most of you guys. Most of you guys are just so damn cruel. Most of you guys harassed us and insulted not only the fandom but to a beloved character well recognized in Bleach. Yeah. I’ve seen all the hate for Orihime most of you guys put up and honestly, I can never be more disgusted. Most of you guys disfigured her body, making her into a giant blob and naming her “Porkihime” or “Oriham.” Let’s put it this way. You think if Ichigo saw that, he’d like it? Do you really think he’d just sit aside and not give a damn? If you really think that, then boy, do you need to reread the manga all the way from chapter 0. Anyone who does something so atrocious in this fandom is immature and not considered a true Bleach fan, in my book. Not only that, but most of you guys poured even more salt by saying Ichigo and Orihime’s child isn’t even cute. You can insult us all you want, but you leave that child out of this. That adorable little ball of sunshine is innocent.
Now, I did say most of you guys. There are some IchiRuki fans that took the hit and DIDN’T harass us, but congratulate us. Respect to you guys, man. You’re the best.

But back to all the negative, downright cruel IchiRuki fans that unfortunately corrupted most of the shipping fandom. I’m going to repeat this. The creator of bleach, Tite Kubo himself, said that Ichigo and Rukia were never meant to be a couple. You can’t feel betrayed by something that wasn’t promised.
We have dealt with your petty bullshit for 15 goddamn years, so I’m just gonna say one thing to get even with you.
Take your salt out of our tag. You’re ruining our victory meal.


Girl Talk.

You’re hanging out with your friends and your best friend (who happens to be a male) walks into the building with his new beau on his arm. You’ve heard about her from your best friend. She’s quiet, but he’s obviously taken by her. He trips over his own foot to go get a drink for her in the kitchen while she sits quietly on the sofa, politely answering the usual, “What do you do?” “How did you guys meet?” questions from your other friends.

But you watch her with intent. You’re excited that your bro has a new girl–and is CLEARLY happy with her–but you wanna make sure this girl knows her place.

After all, you are THE best friend. She needs to go through YOU first before she gets the green light to date your brother from another mother. Right?

I’m sorry, but personally, I will disagree with you

My only reason is because there is no need to get catty, girls.

Being the Taken Guy’s Best Friend (with boobs) is quite the task. 

- Your bro is always telling you how he can’t go out because his girlfriend made plans. And you’re pretty sure she’s making plans so he just doesn’t go out with you

- You end up not seeing your bro for ages. 

- What about the movie he PROMISED to watch with you before he started dating her? His Twitter shows that they just watched it 21 mins ago. It sucks.

But can you blame her for being insecure? You’re a woman AND you know possibly years worth of information about the man and she knows nothing. Your birthday gift to him would probably be more relevant than hers. You know where he keeps the baking soda, for crying out loud

And we girls are naturally catty. And we feel the need to prove who got there first. Who’s known who the longest. “I’m his bro so you know, bros before hoes.”

But this catty attitude will eventually–trust me–lead to your bro having to pick. The girlfriend or the best friend because both of y’all ladies would have started to get real sick of each other’s competitiveness, and you’re not even trying to sleep with him! 

SO how bout we be the REAL bro?

When your best friend (who happens to be a male) decides to finally introduce his new lady to you, why don’t you “court” the girl, as a courter would a courtee? (is that even a word?)

- Make it about her

- Ask her how long has she known him–and don’t try to compete that with how long you’ve known him!

- When she states a fact about your friend that you know, don’t respond with a, “duh, I know that, we’ve known each other for years.

- Don’t play with your buddy’s hair, sit on his lap or stroke his face tenderly like you used to when he was single. Cos now he is not

- And oh my God, by all means, refrain from giving her ‘advice’ and ‘tips’ about her man. Let her learn his traits on her own. She doesn’t want to know how much you know about him. Especially when it comes to how he likes his women (from what you’ve observed).

It doesn’t make her feel nice. I can confirm this

Be respectful to their new found relationship and don’t try to act like you own him. He IS your best friend, but the chances that they might spend the rest of their lives together, married or not, are higher than yours and his. For goodness sake, this woman might be the mother to your god-kids! 

Treat her well, cos your buddy loves her. 


If EVEN after all this respect paid to her, she doesn’t mutually respect your long-term friendship with the guy, then you know she’s probably not ready for that relationship. But at least you didn’t GIVE her reason to be disrespectful. 

You know how you need to compromise with your significant other to make your relationship work? Well, you need to compromise with ANY relationship you have with ANYONE. Even your best friend’s girlfriend. 

Especially if she’s good for your boy. And if she makes him ridiculously happy. 

As with everything in life, there are things that you should do and things that you shouldn’t.

You should look out for your best friend’s happiness, so don’t get possessive over him just to prove a point to the new girl.

Let them ride their own car in this new found journey of theirs. And if she crashes the car, you can pick him up and drive away, flipping her off if you want, especially if she hurt your best friend.

EDIT: If you and your best friend’s girlfriend are not cool with each other, it’s probably not anyone’s FAULT. We have women instincts that make us act this way to protect the people we love. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, just something to be AWARE of.

We’re classy, ladies. Keep those claws well manicured but don’t waste a $35 manicure clawing at petty things. 

I’m not asking you to hide your strength and fierceness. I’m only politely requesting that you show ‘em when absolutely necessary

Be kind to one another, brothers and sisters! So much love!



Letting go of a loved one is truly one of life’s hardest lessons. But I must congratulate myself for I went down fighting when most people would have walked away. I showed him more forgiveness than he deserved, more trust than he ever earned and more love than he even realizes. But I did it my way and I am at peace now. There will not be any lingering “what ifs” that creep into my heart and keep my pondering mind from its slumber. When I see him years from now walking hand in hand with his wife and kids, I will not feel anything but joy because he deserves happiness, he deserves a family, he just did not deserve me and my heart. And I will have my man at my side and I will be the brightest star he has ever seen. He will never let me stain another pillowcase with my tears, he will never make me prove my worth or beg for him to stay. He will be everything I need and more. And then I will glance down at our little boy who is a spitting image of his father and my heart will clench with the realization that I am exactly where I am meant to be and all of the preceding moments were leading me to this. Yes, I got the boy version of him. All of the clumsy firsts but that includes all of the painful, important lessons. I have been told that you never forget your first love and so there will always be a part of him that she will never be able to attain, a piece that can only be touched by me. And she will be thankful because I helped shape him into the man she fell in love with.
—  My goodbye to him - Jess Amelia 


rating:  w for wink wink trying to do smut
pairing: yoongi x reader
word count: 2278

He doesn’t care about formality. Oppa is fine or better yet, his name.

“Fierce and sexy concept.”

Your fingers fiddled under the table, eyes explored nothing but the air. Those four words seemed to capture all the heat around and now you were frozen.

“Isn’t that too early for them?” Thankfully, your assigned manager seemed to have read your thoughts. “Their leader here. She is only like, what, 19?”

“Isn’t 19 the age?” The young president’s thrifty rebuttal echoed in your ears.

It suits me?

“Don’t worry. The concept is not the slutty kinda sexy. You’ll be more on the fierce yet sultry side; inspiring women to be confident about themselves.” He mumbled through his lazy voice.


“No buts,” cutting your manager’s words, “songs were already made. All the group needs to do is to debut on stage and carve a strong image on people’s mind,” he looks at you with a light smile. “Right, Ms. Leader?”

You cleared your throat, “Y-Yes, S-Sajangnim.”

Rehearsals were never easy. You have been a trainee for five years and your grooves prove it, but even though you are used to dancing almost everyday, these days are no joke. Debut’s nearing; everyone’s cramming. Your mates are exhausted yet excited each day like your debut will be tomorrow. But you, you felt the most burdened. Not just because you are the leader, but also because sexy was never in you.

Yes you got the grooves, the rhythm, and the flow like you drink music like coffee every morning but the dance teacher and even the young president are not satisfied with your “character”. Last week you had your first monthly evaluation and out of four you were the only one who got this kind of comment.

Is it my fault that my hormones are not that active?

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anonymous asked:

Okay so I made it a habit to always check out your blog before going to sleep, and now I'm sad because Gaius is my favorite and he has such a sad story- So um, maybe a short imagine with FMU confronting him on the subject, telling him he's important?

Your name: submit What is this?

Although the lights are out in all the other tents, you’re anxiously waiting for your Gaius to return. He comes back, albeit he’s cut up and a little battered. You demand to know what happened, but he tells you that he had to make a hasty escape, and the tree that he was hiding in wasn’t very cooperative.

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Preference #13.3 You’re Both Teachers

Masterlist || Teacher Series


You were pissed at Liam. He knew what would happen if you both got caught together, and you loved your job. Yes, Liam was a great guy, but you weren’t in love. You loved the thought of him.

You stayed your distance from him for the most part. You tried staying in your room and avoiding the English department of the school. You usually got to sit away from him in teacher meetings, but it was hard to ignore him.

“So it is tradition,” the principal began at the end of the teacher meeting, “that the new teachers chaperon homecoming together, so Liam and Y/N, you’ll be chaperoning the dance.”

You nodded but avoided eye contact with Liam. You knew he would have that smudge look on his face that you did secretly loved for all the wrong reasons.

“We will be there,” Liam said, smiling in your direction. “Right. Y/N?”

You mustered a small smile towards Liam, “Wouldn’t want to miss it.”

“Y/N,” Liam called as he caught you in the teacher’s lounge during your lunch. “Do you think we should match?”

You shook your head, putting down your salad, “Excuse me?”

“You know, technologically, you are my date for this dance.” He took a seat next to you. “So, do you want to match?”

“I thought you said you knew me?”

“Well I only know the Y/N you let me know.”

Your demeanor towards Liam wasn’t really you. Your heart would actually race when you saw him. His hands on your body brought goosebumps to your skin. That was the real you around Liam.

“Okay, well…I’m wearing red. Find a tie to match,” you decided.

“We’ll be the best couple at the dance.”

“If only we were a couple.”


“Hey, what you doing?” Niall asked, bringing you both back a beer. “We are in Hawaii at this beautiful beach, and you’re on your laptop?”

“I’m just doing some research,” you smiled , closing your research and placing it back in your case. “I think you still deserve to be teaching biology…”

You have been upset about that ever since Niall had given you the news. You talked to the administration yourself, and they said the decision was final. Your heart broke for Niall. Ever since you meant him two years ago during his and your first year teaching, he knew biology was his passion.

“Y/N…” he mumbled off, placing his hand on yours.

“The students from your first year of teaching that I just had said you were the best science teacher they ever had,” you admitted to him. “Everything that was covered in biology, your old students still knew it in anatomy. Don’t tell me you didn’t make an impact.”

“And I can make an impact in physical science,” he reminded you. He laid on his stomach and traced along your thigh. “Y/N, what do I have to do to prove to you that you are worth so much to me? I love you, and I get to keep my job as a teacher and be with my girl; I can’t asked for more.”

“I love you too, I just feel bad that I cost you your job…”

“Do you really want to make it up to me?” His face was a bit more serious. You quickly nodded, scooting closer to Niall from your blanket. “Drink this beer and afterward join me in your cute bikini in the water and we’ll have some actual fun. Later, we’re going dancing on the beach, and I’ll probably embarrass you all whole entire night,” he chuckled. You smiled. “Here you go.” He placed a beer in your hand.

“You mean you will embarrass me the whole night but thank you.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.”


You hadn’t talked to Zayn in a week. You tried to avoid him at all cost. You knew you would have to drop off your students again to the art room. Staying there with them wasn’t an opinion for you right now The rules were that you had to stay with them until the end of the session, but you still couldn’t stand being with Zayn.

“Ms. Y/L/S isn’t it art time?” a young boy in your class asked.

“Uh yeah, thank you Ryan,” you said through your pain. “Everyone line up.”

As much as you were hoping they wouldn’t remember it was today, you knew they would. It was their class, and they love Zayn. Your kids walked quickly in their line to the art room. Your heart raced as you approached the door. You opened it for your kids with a smile.

You saw Zayn standing with a smile. His eyes meant yours making your heart drop.

“Hey guys, get your projects from last week out of your bin and get started.” Zayn placed the bin on a table. “Ms. Y/L/N, would you please help me with the supplies?”

You hesitantly nodded as you walked to the supply closet with Zayn. His hand brush against your arm; goosebumps rose from your skin.

“Zayn, I wish you didn’t,” you whispered as you grabbed markers.

“Y/N, you never let me explain what really happened, and you don’t know the full story.”

“I know enough!” you whispered loudly. “Why would here underwear even be in here?”

“I don’t know I didn’t put them there!”

“But she’s always in here after school,” you mumbled walked out with the markers for your students.

You loved Zayn; there was no denying it, but you were hurt. You had put all your trust in him, and he dropped it. The tension between you and Zayn in the room would of been obvious to any adult. Children were too focused on their works. Zayn wasn’t his natural self. He was quieter and less motivated to help others.

The class went by slower. It used to feel faster to you. You used to get caught up with your students but especially Zayn.

“Okay guys time to clean up,” you told your students. They quickly placed their crayons and markers in their boxes and cleaned up the area.

You picked up a view boxes and carried them to the back.

“I didn’t do it, Y/N,” Zayn sighed, walking in to the closet. “I love you too much to ever cheat on you. You have to know that.”

“I want to believe you Zayn but I don’t know..I really don’t.”


“Another date, Harry? You spoil me,” you smiled as Harry dropped you off at your house.

This was the fifth date of the month, and you were only barely half through the month. Harry was one to spoil you. You were quite impressed with him. He was always a gentleman throughout them. On the other hand, Harry knew he had only three more days before his bet was all lost. Tonight had to be the night.

“Only the best for you, baby.” He softly kissed your cheek before you opened up your front door.

“Would you like to come in?” you asked Harry. “I mean it’s Friday, and I have a bottle of wine I would like to tryout.”

He smiled, hands dug in his pockets, “I would like that.”

You both entered your small home. You showed Harry to the living room, letting him sit on your couch

“Get comfortable, and I’ll get the wine,” you smiled walking into your kitchen to grab the expensive bottle. You grabbed two glasses before you felt two hands wrap around your waist,

“Mmm, do you need any help there, Ms. Y/L/N,” Harry hummed on your shoulder before pressing a soft kiss to it.

“I think I can handle,” you smiled, “Besides you’ve been spoiling me so much, and I don’t know how to thank you.”

“I could think of a couple of ways,” he chuckled, his lips grazing down your neck.

Chills ran up your body causing you to lean in to him, “Harry…”

“If you want me to stop, just say so.” His hand moved the collar of your shirt to expose your shoulder. He left a trail of kisses from your neck to your shoulder.

“I don’t want you to stop.”


You and Louis were starting to get used to a bit of separation. It was a little hard for the both of you. You didn’t want to take any chances of either of you getting fired, so were strict with Louis.

“It looks like we have some extra time, so you guys can start ready chapters three through five,” you told your students, walking over to your desk.

Your students sat quietly as they read their novels. You began grading some papers before you saw a hand raised.

“Uh yes, Hannah?”

“So, why haven’t you and Mr. Tomlinson not been with each other so often?” she asked making every child in your class take notice in your response and not their books.

“Well, we both have been pretty busy with our jobs,” you said simply. “You guy keep us pretty busy.”

“I thought it was because Mrs. McMann caught them fucking in the teacher’s lounge,” you heard one of your students, Wyatt, whispered to another. Other students snickered around him.

“Wyatt, you can see me after class with a detention,” you sternly said, still looking down at your papers. Kids in your class laughed again.

“Ms. Y/L/N, I didn’t he say that,” Wyatt said in his defense.

“I could hear you from my desk as did the rest of the class,” you told him. “Rumors like that could get not only you but me and Mr. Tomlinson in trouble and next time, it’ll be a suspension,” you told him, handing him his detention. “And where did you hear that rumor, Wyatt?”

“I don’t know, I heard a lot of things like that lately,” he said before walking out. “I’m pretty sure what I said was something every in this class had heard before.”

You nodded, “Thank you but please don’t spread rumors like that.”

He promised before leaving your classroom leaving you thinking about what could you possibly do at this point.


GUYS I FINALLY DID IT!! I started a YouTube channel after months of promising (I’m so sorry I’m rlly noncommittal oops)

anyway form now on most of my covers will be posted on youtube and i will put downloadable audio files on soundcloud, as well as uploading them to tumblr!! Your guys’ support would be so appreciated, thank you all so much for encouraging me to do this in spite of all my self confidence issues- the support i’ve gotten from tumblr has proved such a confidence booster and I’ve gained so many great friends along the way. I am playing my first paid gig on Labor Day, I have reached amazing goals as far as my instrumental abilities, and I don’t think I’d have come this far if it weren’t for the people who listened to my early audio files and thought I was worth encouraging. Thank you all xxx