you have to give a shit

we get along, really.

Entering a small town. I (wizard) keep track of our party funds.

Barbarian: Hey maybe I can even get laid here.

Me: We don’t have money to waste on brothels.

Barbarian: *wink wonk* Not if I charm them to give me a free experience.

Me: And we most definitely do NOT have money to waste on your jail-bail if you get reported for harassment.

Barbarian: WHAT! How can we be so poor we can’t even afford me?!

Paladin: We’re millennial adventurers remember?

[DM looks up from behind her screen to nod grudgingly at us]

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taylor swift is scamming her fans with her new ticket site and it's disgusting

you know what ive seen a lot of this shit so let me explain it to you because you really just do not understand what you’re bitching about here.



the entire point of the site is to allow fans to have a better opportunity to purchase tickets when the time comes, so that the tickets won’t be grabbed by bots and people looking to resell them at ridiculous prices. this is done by giving fans opportunities for “boosts”, which help them get a better chance at tickets. also might i add, this is in addition to normal ticket sales. for everyone who doesn’t participate in this site, they’ll be able to buy tickets later on normally. 

you don’t have to buy a single thing to have this opportunity. 

now, can you buy things, such as merch and the album to get boosts?? yes of course, because fans are going to buy merch and the album anyways so why not give them boosts for it??? 

are there equal opportunities to get boosts without spending a single penny?? uh yeah, in fact there are more free boost opportunities than paid ones. 

ive also seen a lot of people complaining about how it’s pitting fans against each other, but frankly i think that’s a load of bs too tbh. now i could be wrong here, but im pretty sure the boost thing doesn’t work like “so and so is #1 and this person here is #2 etc.” but rather if you get to the green area then you will get an opportunity to purchase tickets early… there is absolutely no way that they’re ranking every single person on that website by “#1 to buy tickets #2 to buy tickets” and so forth. if they were then yes that would be ridiculous, but can we use some common sense here please…


i for one am very okay with watching free videos of taylor swift and in exchange getting a chance at better tickets, so enough with people complaining about taylor “cheating her fans” because literally this is a free program full of things that we already do and now we get something out of it. 

Connor comforting you hc

about how Connor Murphy comforts you when you’re having a rough time

  • you tell him you’re having a bad day and his heart breaks and he mumbles “oh shit” under his breath
  • he hates seeing you upset, honestly it makes him super pissed at the universe
  • most people think Connor would… idk like do parkour all the way to your house just to physically be there for you but nah
  • he gives you like an hour max to process through your feelings on your own
  • this isn’t to say that he doesn’t want to be there for you. he does. he just doesn’t want you to be dependent on him for comfort. and if you were in harms way, it’s a totally different story cause he’d be by your side in a heartbeat
  • he texts you, telling you how much he loves you
  • once a little time has passed he speeds to where you are
  • doesn’t say anything once he sees you, just wraps you in his arms and holds you
  • his hands feel nice running up and down your back and oh FRICk he’s still rubbing your back even though an hour has passed
  • lots of ‘I love you’s and forehead kisses
  • uses the back of his fingers to gently run your cheeks and if you were/are crying this feels GREAT because your face probably gets all warm and rosy when you cry and Connor’s fingers are always cold and soft
  • squeezes you tightly and mumbles “Tell me who made you sad so that I can kick the crap out of them” which he says because he knows it’ll lighten the mood
  • super good at listening to you talk about your situation A+
  • not super good at giving advice C- (but that’s fine because sometimes being heard and understood is all a person needs)
  • Just sadly responds with ‘I know’s and ‘I’m sorry’s 
  • ex: “I feel so tired and frustrated” “I know what it’s like to feel that way. I’m sorry, baby”
  • makes you drink water because crying dehydrates a person!!!
  • opens up your windows and curtains to let in natural light
  • secretly checks to makes sure you’re taking care of yourself
  • so like, he’ll go into your bathroom and casually check your medicine cabinet to see if you’ve been taking the right amount of meds and looks in your fridge to see if you’ve been eating right
  • wraps you up in warm blankets and holds you as you take the nap he demanded you have
  • kisses your sleepy lips because he thinks you’re cute when you sleep 
  • wakes you up by running his fingers through your hair
  • asks you how you’re doing frequently
  • is concerned for you from a distance and only intervenes when he feels he has to
  • is super good at looking out for you and minimizing the amounts of times that you feel sad
Aizawa training Shinso -- snippet/preview

“The way he talks to you. That dopey smile he gets when he brings you breakfast. He likes you.” Shinso looked over at Aizawa, expression vaguely curious but weirdly steady. Unflinching. Slightly bored. The kid sniffed once. “Are you into that?”

“I don’t have time to be ‘into’ anything, Shinso,” Aizawa said at length, tensely. In the most businesslike way possible, he secured his wrappings and flexed his hands and feet, slapping the excess powder off and giving the GenStudies kid a dry look. “Especially this morning. We need to get going or else we won’t even break a sweat by the time we have to head in.”

“Eh. Well you should probably talk to him,” Shinso said with a yawn.

Who fucking asked you? Aizawa wanted to yell, suddenly a little crazy. The kid’s flat, wandering affect drove him to the edge of his patience and the things he thought were interesting, that Shinso felt the need to tell him. He hoped that was the end of it, as he didn’t have anything to say to that. But once Aizawa slapped the kids hands away from the pathetic job he was doing wrapping his feet and took it into his own hands so he wouldn’t pull it too tight and break his fucking foot landing on a kick, Shinso had more volumes of wisdom to share about love and life.

“I liked this girl, once. I was really nervous to talk to her, to say how I felt, so I waited and tried to find a good time but things kept getting in the way,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck as Aizawa tangled with his bruised feet. 

“But then, turned out she knew all along. She just avoided me so I’d never even get a chance, because she was afraid of, I dunno, me making her go out with me or something. She even roped her friends into it, like playing interference. All so I couldn’t even talk to her. It felt like being erased, you know? Or made into a villain. It felt really shitty and, if I could, I’d want to make sure nobody else felt that way.”

Aizawa’s hands were stilled, had stilled on the kid’s feet seconds ago, but he came back to himself in a rush and tightened and tied it off, commanding him to flex and test it, pointing out the correct balance between the support wraps could offer and the potential for cutting off circulation.

In his mind, he struggled with the white cord suddenly connecting him to the kid, tugging, tightening up his chest and thoughts. Sweat dripped down his side, ice cold. They were so alike. 

It wasn’t a good thing. Not at all.

Quirks were a burden, more often than people realized. There were times in his life that he had wished he were born Quirkless. He had no doubt Shinso had those moments, too.

Yet here they were. Trying to be something different than nature had made them.

“Anyway. If someone likes you, and you know it, you should probably talk to them. It’s a decent thing to do, even if its just to tell them that you’re not into it. That’s all I’m saying,” Shinso finished up with a shrug, then squinted over at the seated pro hero with a vaguely disappointed expression, rocking back on his heels. “And you guys are adults, too, you know? You should probably be better at this.”

“Okay, shut up,” Aizawa said loudly, getting to his feet. His current project knew that tone of voice and got up accordingly, testing out his stance. “Get ready to fight.”

“It’s nice, when somebody likes you,” Shinso continued dreamily, looking into the sky like he hadn’t just heard. Aizawa suppressed the urge to teach him about headlocks that day, and how you could choke a person into unconsciousness within a minute if you held the jugular right. That would be fun, today.

“What did I just say, GenStudies?”

“It’s even better when you’re not very likable,” Shinso said with a strained grin, raising his fists.

That grin. That devil may care stare, the glint of confidence. Surprised, Aizawa found himself mirroring it, thinking, you little shit.

He was going to kick Shinso’s ass in the most educational way possible.

  • Alfor: Guys I have this project I've been working on for months I want to show you
  • Alfor: I built these giant robots and I barely know what they do or how they function but I get the feeling we should just kind of fly around in them
  • Alfor: I have no idea how any of this works
  • --Meanwhile--
  • Pidge: Oh btw I modified this alien technology to give this alien mystical lion robot cloaking abilities, nbd
  • Pidge: I've been here, like, four days

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i think the idea of flug having trouble telling his crush he likes them and demenica having to help him out cause the poor man is too nervous is really cute

HNNNNNGGG, yes dude, yes. 

  • can i say, first of all, demencia is the ultimate wing man? it certainly helps she’s an active shipper
  • she loves seeing other people fall in love, flirting, and just doing couple stuff in general. ((she sort of lives vicariously through watching romantic relationships play out in front of her))
  • also she’s like? a really good?? pep-talker??? you’d be surprised
  • demencia is that friend who gives you the slap you need to get ur shit together because u are a goddamned american treasure
  • the moment she figures out flug’s crush, she goes to him and says, “look fam, ur not getting anywhere if u wanna get with ur crush”
  • and flug is like ??? how did u know and demencia just smiles and nods knowingly
  • but, even though demencia is a great cheerleader and confidence booster, SHE AIN’T SUBTLE
  • every time flug is even within a few feet of his crush, demencia just pops out of nowhere humming ‘kiss the girl’ from little mermaid, which makes flug wanna die™
  • honestly flug is desperate to take romantic advice from anyone, so he lets demencia (another dork who has little experience with actual dating and intimate relationships) lead the way
  • cue the shenanigans of an anxious nerd trying to figure out romance, and a hyper manic lizard girl being his ultimate wing-man.

You noticed how Reigns fans have to give like 300 page essays on why we like him  just to prove our worth as wrestling fans? But if you say that you’re a fan of AJ or Dean or even Brock and it’s it..”oh okay. cool”. That irritates me to death! Why do Reigns fans gotta explain why we liked his promo last night?  I ain’t gotta explain shit! I think Roman Reigns is cool. Leave me the fuck alone in my valley of happiness! Take your salty ass back to the salt mines and dry out.


Pic 1: (Is hypnotized by shinsou) I need to speak to Todoroki-kun…But now that I think about it, I guess I don’t have to…He only uses me for my blood.

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hi um you're really hot and your tattoos are really pretty and i aspire to have arms your size one day and ik my mom will give me shit about getting more muscles bc "it's not ladylike !!11!!!" but idgaf lol bye (runs away screaming before i embarrass myself further)

thats the attitude i have when my mom says my shoulders are too wide :) just dont give a fuck!! it works pretty welll :) lol 

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HC's about you getting penny mad & then having him fuck the living shit out of you/not caring if the bed is broken or the whole town of derry can hear (djdjsjd)


-He got mad over something stupid like you wouldn’t give him the remote or something earlier. 

-So later on when his sensitive ass is STILL upset, he walks behind you into the bedroom not saying anything. 

-As you walk into the room, he pushes you onto the bed and starts shredding your clothes off.

-He bites a lot, like, to mark you. 


-He screams louder than you are…:P 

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can you do a daveed drabble where he comes back from a long tour? super fluffy

Life was lonely without Daveed home. Sure you enjoyed having the place to yourself sometimes and you got to see your friends most days but it still felt wrong. Coming home to a dark and empty apartment every night was pretty sad after a while and eventually just just missed him.

But all that is going to change tomorrow. Tomorrow he’ll finally be back home and the apartment will finally be the way it’s supposed to be.

You realise he won’t give a shit about the little mess you’ve accumulated in the kitchen and the pile of dirty clothes you haven’t washed that’s sitting at the end of the bed, but you still wanna make the place look nice for him. So you do. You slip your headphones into your ears and get to work, cleaning the apartment and making it look spotless for when Daveed gets back.

You’re halfway through vacuuming the floor when a pair of arms slip around your waist and pull you against a solid body, causing the vacuum to drop from your hand.

A scream rips out of your throat, you kick and wriggle against whoevers got a hold of you until you hear a familiar laugh in your ear.

“Babygirl relax it’s me,” Daveed chuckles, dropping his grip on you so you can turn around to face him.

There he is, hair tied up and glasses on, looking tired as hell as he grins down at you.

“You asshole!” You say as you punch his arm. “You scared the crap out of me!”

He laughs and pulls you in for a hug, which you gladly allow him to do. You can’t help the small smile that comes over your face as he kisses your head.

“I’m sorry baby, but that was damn funny,” he says, gently rubbing your back.

“You said you were coming home tomorrow. I was making sure everything was clean for you,” you explain and he shakes his head.

He leads you over to the couch, crashing down on it before pulling you onto his lap.

“I did say I was coming home tomorrow but I always intended to come home today and surprise you. And as for cleaning? This place could be a mess and I wouldn’t care, I’d just be happy to see my girl again. Especially on our anniversary,” he says before kissing your forehead.

“Our an- oh shit! It’s our anniversary!” You exclaim with wide eyes.

You’d never forgotten your anniversary before, but this time you were so excited to have him home you weren’t thinking about the date.

“That’s right. And I’ve got tonight all planned for us babygirl. You’re gonna love it,” he assures you, leaning in to kiss you softly.

“I missed you Daveed,” you mumble against his lips.

“I missed you too baby.”

I think black and white thinking is dangerous. I think people have valid reasons to be afraid but I think they’re taking it to EXTREMES. Nonetheless, you can’t say all vaccines are safe and that the government and the pharmaceutical industry are trustworthy. Cause they’re obviously not.

Gardasil is a great example. They’re now starting to give that to children as young as 8 years old and want to give it to new borns with the rest of their shots… that’s an HPV vaccine. Why in the fuck are they giving it to CHILDREN?! Especially when they’ve been having serious issues with the vaccine.

I really hate it when I see shit on here completely demonizing parents that have gone through hell with their children because they’re now antivaxx because of it. I do not blame them, I can’t blame them, for being paranoid.

So often people just blindly trust their doctors and so often people get hurt because of it in some form or another. There is a HUGE rift between doctors and patients – the pharmaceutical industry and their consumers. You can’t blame parents getting freaked out over the mass hysteria, especially those parents and their children that have been negatively affected by vaccines.

There needs to be education. Non-bias education. Education not paid by anyone but the tax payer dollers so that we can feel safe learning from these experts.

Same goes with fascism. I don’t believe we were truly taught in school, how facism came to be… like we don’t really study the rise of these dictators other than the political aspects. Not the mental aspects and the manipulation tactics and the beliefs that nothing like that could ever happen…

Our educational system needs to change BIG TIME. This is what’s causing mass ignorance on such topics.

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idk if youve ever considered olympics au, but heck olympics shance au is good shit

Originally posted by jenesuispasunefilleparfaite

Never the kind to explore an AU myself (though my fam @bijellyfishy always got me into it) but NOW THAT YOU ASK ABOUT IT, I NEED IT. CAN WE PLS HAVE IT. IT SOUNDS BRILLIANT ;-;

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Izuru who can do anything, learns that he can't wear heels for shit because his body is naturally unbalanced, and just Hajime watching the struggles yes

Oh boy this sounds so hilarious that I have to write it.

  • It happens when Izuru’s girlfriend left her heels at their house one day
  • “How do girls even walk in those?” Hajime asked while looking at the shoe
  • “It’s simple enough really you just need enough balance.” Izuru replied while reading one of his many books.
  • “Well if it’s so simple why don’t you try them on?” Hajime huffed
  • Izuru simply raised an eyebrow “Why should I?”
  • “I’ll give you 25 bucks if your able to walk straight in those.” Hajime replied
  • (When in reality he just wanted to take a picture of Izuru in heels for blackmail purposes)
  • Izuru sighed but got up
  • (After all 25 bucks was enough for a new book)
  • As he start putting the heels on Hajime took out his phone
  • “See noth-” Izuru started talking but when he took his first step he fell
  • Hajime couldn’t help but laugh as Izuru for once look startled
  • As Izuru got up to try to walk again Hajime started to record on his phone
  • Izuru carefully took a step and then another one, wobbling all the while
  • Hajime was trying and failing to hide his laughter
  • Izuru spent the next 15 minutes trying and failing to walk in heels
  • And Hajime now as perfect blackmail on him
  • Who knew that the genius Izuru Kamakura couldn’t walk in heels

What I learned about long term relationships

At first everything is blissful and great. I would crave him all the time.
But when we had been together for awhile that faded and I got confused. I got so scared that I was falling out of love with him. We weren’t lovey dovey all the time anymore and got annoyed with each other. But I finally realized that we moved into the comfort stage, which can be just as good. Speaking of the comfort stage, I don’t find it as a bad thing. When they newness wears off the true self comes full force. This becomes the person you pig out with, who you have comfortable silences with. Who you can lay in bed all day with them and not feel worried that they’re bored, who will walk in on you taking a shit and you’ll have a conversation. Who you can be completely naked with and not give it a second thought. Having to hear their loud burps and farts all the time, but it just becomes normal. Where sometimes you start the banter of who’s going to take off your pants when you’re both just being so damn lazy. When you shower together and turn around and realize that they’re peeing on you and laughing hysterically which in turn makes you laugh. You do such weird things together that seem normal and doesn’t even phase you.

The other thing is, relationships are hard. You will fight and will hurt each others feelings. There is no avoiding it. Nobody can be perfect all the time. There’s times when we are in a mood and we snap at each other over the stupidest things and annoy the shit out of each other. We know what annoys each other and can’t help but push those buttons sometimes. It used to make me worry that we fought sometimes because everyone else’s relationships seem to be perfect, until I realized that everyone does fight sometimes. It’s not just about you anymore, you have to think about the other person too.

It may get hard sometimes but there is just something so special about it. You have this bond and trust with someone, this trust that is so comforting. You don’t have to worry about what they’re doing because you know that they won’t do anything bad. You can be your complete weird self around them, have them see every scar and flaw and see how it doesn’t make them bat an eyelash. Nothing will scare them off. They have your back and you have theirs no matter how much you annoy each other. Relationships are hard, there’s no question about it but it’s also one of the most amazing things ever, to have someone who knows exactly what you’re thinking without saying a word, who you love and they love you unconditionally.

—  melindacarolinee

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Can I get some hc's of bon, yukio, reiji, and renzo's (and Rin and lewin unless that's too many) reaction to finding out their s/o is a ballerina? Love the blog! Thank you so much!


  • Ryuji is his s/o’s biggest fan
  • Basically a groupie
  • He tries his best to go to all of the shows
  • And as many practices as he can
  • Considering his schedule with being an exwire and handling Lewin, he won’t make it to a lot of things
  • He’ll give his s/o lots of foot rubs
  • While he studies


  • Yukio thinks it is a beautiful art form
  • But he doesn’t have time for it
  • With all the crazy shit in his life rn
  • He’ll be supportive of his s/o doing ballet
  • But he won’t be able to go to shows most of the time
  • When he does have the time, he makes sure to make it special
  • He’ll bring flowers and take them out to dinner afterwards if his s/o wants
  • It’ll eat him up on the inside that he can’t go all the time
  • Just feels like he’s disappointing another person in his life


  • Reiji would be pretty surprised
  • Considering anyone he dates would have to have a punk rock look going on
  • With lots of piercings
  • He’d just shrug his shoulders and be cool with it
  • His s/o probably shouldn’t expect him to come to their shows or practices or anything like that
  • Reiji just really won’t have any interest after the initial shock


  • Renzou can only focus on the fact that his s/o is so flexible
  • Like
  • Gah damn
  • Doesn’t really care about the dancing or anything
  • Just thinks his s/o is hot af


  • Dis boi would be so excited
  • Thinks it is the cutest type of dancing in the universe
  • Can’t wait to see his s/o perform
  • Goes to all of the practices
  • The tutus make him laugh


  • Lewin won’t even try to act like he cares
  • He’ll straight up tell his s/o he’s not a fan
  • But he will be supportive in their ballet endeavors
  • And go to all the shows
  • But he’ll still fall asleep during them
  • [Guy insults Jon] Jon: I don't give a shit, I have bigger issues.
  • [Guy insults Sansa] Jon: What the fuck did you just fucking say, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Nights Watch, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids beyond the Wall, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me? Think again, fucker-