you have to come from behind your anon hate

Okay so after the last couple of days, there is something really bothering my; something that kind of baffles me a bit and something I feel like I really need to get off my chest. So here I go: IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, PLEASE JUST DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. It’s a message I’ve seen spread in the rpc plenty of times yet still it seemed like it hasn’t really made it through to an astonishing amount people. I don’t know what the hype is around being mean. It might just be me, but this ‘mean aesthetic’ some of you all developed is truly scaring the crap out of me. Do you REALLY think it is cool to hurt people ?? To be mean FOR FUN ?? If there’ anything that makes me click that unfollow button in a heartbeat it’s mean rpt’s or rph’s or really, any blog in general ?? You people RUIN moods, RUIN lives and RUIN other people. And the funny not really thing is that you probably don’t even realise it. Because ‘eyy it’s just the internet, don’t take it so serious ??’. Well news flash, darlings, some people DO take hate serious. Even if it’s sent by an anonymous chatter or a virtual bully – just because you can hide behind a greyface like the cowards you truly are, just because you can hide behind an alias or a group of stans who thrive on seeing others being made fun of or dragged or “”””exposed””””, doesn’t make you any less of a bully. You are the people that drive others to hate their life sometimes so bad that they don’t want to live it any longer, those who push others’ heads in toilets; those that make others feel like shit for no apparent reason. You are bullies. You aren’t more or less than those people we all claim to despise, just because it’s virtual. Once again, JUST BECAUSE YOU SIT BEHIND A SCREEN DOES NOT MAKE YOU ANY LESS OF A BULLY. So please, and I know this is a useless plea but I’m going to ask it anyway, don’t do it. Don’t send hate messages. Don’t make others feel bad for no apparent reason (or any reason at all ??). Don’t be a cyberbully. Stop making the rpc such a toxic place; stop draining all the positivism out of it. The amount of blogs I’ve stopped following only the last two days because of the negative vibes was… Ridiculous. A KIND WORD TRULY COSTS NOTHING – but still it can make a WORLD of difference to someone. You don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives, don’t risk making things even worse just for the hell of it. If you have a problem with someone, talk to them personally and off anon. Or just unfollow them. It is YOUR CHOICE who you follow and who you don’t follow. Not everyone gets along with everyone, but that still isn’t a reason to send that person that annoys you for some reason nasty hate messages on anon. Just live and let live, for one fucking more time I’m going to say this. DON’T HIDE BEHIND A GREY FACE AND SEND HATE – it doesn’t make you ‘cool’, it just makes you petty. And a bully. And a coward. And if that’s what you want to be, then I feel for you, and I truly think you have to search for some serious help. Go find another hobby, please. As for the people who are victims of anonymous hate – please, sweethearts, for the love of God, don’t let them get to you. Block their IP adresses which can be done by clicking the three dots on the anon message and click block. Turn off your anon for a while. It’s truly relieving, knowing that those cowards cannot slide into your box anymore and you won’t be waking up to hate. Because we both know they don’t have the guts to come from behind their little mask. If you get hate, just remove the message; don’t give it any attention. That’s all they want; they want to get a raise out of you. A reaction. Don’t grant them that little joy of seeing you get worked up. Just remove it. All of it. Time after time. Ad watch them bugger off because they see it’s useless. Because they’ll see you’re smarter than them, and more mature than them; that you are the bigger person. If they want to get you down, it only means you are above them – don’t let yourself drop to their level. Never. Just keep your head held high. Always. And I promise it’ll blow over eventually. Just NEVER GIVE IN TO HATE. Especially not anon hate. And with that, I said what I wanted to say. I will no longer take accept negativity on my dash, really… I hope no one does !! Xoxo

Title: Kidnappings and rescues 
Fandom: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Character(s): Pietro,  the reader, Wanda and the Avengers
Warning(s): None
Requested by: Anon- Can I have an enemy’s turned lovers fic/imagine with Pietro where we hate each other and argue ( but we keep true feelings inside) then I get captured by Ultron and Pietro comes saves me and fluff. Pretty please with a cherry on top.  
Hope you like it.

“What are you doing here?” a familiar voice sounded annoyed from behind you, you rolled your eyes and turned around with a mug of hot chocolate in your hands “I live and work here” you responded with just as much annoyance in your voice as he did “you know, in case you forgot” stated shrugging your shoulders, turning back around to the magazine in front of you.

Pietro grunted in return and walked around the kitchen, you watched him through your eye lashes, your heart skipping a beat, his silver hair was ruffled as if he had just woken up, you hadn’t realized that you had actually been staring at him “liking what you see?” he said in a cocky tone, you rubbed your forehead and shook your head “no, not really” countered, pushing yourself away from the island in the middle of the kitchen, leaving the warm mug of hot chocolate and the magazine.

“Then why were you staring?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at you, you shook your head once again and left the kitchen “you’re just seeing things” you called over your shoulder at him, only to jump he appeared right next to with that cocky smirk of his “I don’t think I was” he hummed, you just ignored him and walked towards the elevator but ignoring him didn’t seem to work, he just kept talking.

“Oh my god, do you ever stop talking?” you seethed between clenched teeth, you and Pietro have been like this since the day the two of you first met each other, going at each other’s throats, annoying each other, having arguments about a lot of things, everyone thought you hated each other and to be fair, the two of you thought the same, you stepped into the open elevator and pressed a button, any button really as long as you were away from Pietro, you didn’t actually care. 

Pietro stood there watching you tap your foot on the floor, your arms crossed over your chest with a frown on your face, until the elevator doors finally closed, Pietro let out a sigh and slapped his hand against his forehead, Pietro honestly wanted to tell you how he felt but every time he did, he said something completely different and it always came out harsher than it was suppose to, which of course just made you mad at him even more and storm off in a mood. 

Pietro had learnt from the very time when you stormed off in a mood and he followed you, only to be hit in the chest with something heavy and metal that hurt like hell, he never went after you again, mainly because he didn’t want to make you hate him even more than you already do.

Seven hours it had been hours since Pietro had seen you last, the two of you would usually be having your third argument by now and the others would be trying to calm the two of you down, but you weren’t here and by the looks of it everyone else was worried about you too. 

You had this power that could allow you to track anyone you wanted to, so naturally when Natasha, who was like a sister to you went missing during the mission, you decided to use your powers to find her and bring her home safe, all without telling the others, because hey would have called you crazy and would have told you to wait to hear back from her. 

Now everyone was running around the tower in a frenzy looking for you, trying to see if there was anything out of the ordinary, but the only thing that they found was that your weapons were missing, your armor was gone and so was your motorbike and a few other things. 

“She’s doing the exact thing I told her not to do” Steve complained, throwing his hands in the air, Tony and Bruce were stood at the back “so? she just wanted to help Cap” Tony replied rolling his eyes, Pietro and Wanda were sat on the couch listening in on the conversation between the three of them, Pietro’s heart racing faster than it had before, he was worried that something might have happened to you and was hoping that Clint had found out where Natasha was.

Pietro couldn’t stay still, he was always fidgeting on the couch, his leg was bouncing up and down at lighting speed, his eyes darted around the room and he practically forgot how to breathe because of an over whelming feeling of dread pressing down on his chest, Wanda was trying her best to calm him down, although she wasn’t sure what got him like this all of a sudden. 

You didn’t know what happened, one moment you were perfectly fine, weaving through cars and trucks and the next moment a lorry hit you head on the right side, as if the person or more like robot was waiting for you. 

You woke up in some kind of prison, on the cold concrete floor, your legs were killing you, your left side felt as if it was slick with blood, probably from where you slid across the road from the impact of the crash, you stared up at the ceiling and tried not to breathe so much, it did after all hurt your ribs, deciding it would be a great idea to see if there was anything broken. 

“Ugh” you grunted as you rolled over onto your left side, you spat blood on the floor and cleared your throat, releasing a breath of air from your lungs, you clenched your left side, only to jerk your hand away because of a sharp pain running up your arm and through your side “broken bones, nothing that can’t be fixed” you muttered quietly, pushing yourself into a sitting position, your back resting against the wall.

“[Y/N]?” a familiar females voice called out to you from the other side of the room, you closed your eyes and nodded your head a bit before responding “Natasha” you groaned, resting your head on the stone wall “are you okay?” she asked, concern dripping from her words, you puffed a bit of air out of your nose, your lips twitching up at the corners slightly “I’ve had worse” you laughed causing her chuckle breathlessly with you “well that’s true” she responded.

“You looked terrible when one of the robot’s brought you in, blood dripping from your left side, I managed to get them to let me look after you” she said, resting her forehead against the metal of her prison “thanks” you instantly said “no problem, I’ve sent out an SOS, hopefully Clint got it” she stated “oh good, I was hoping we’d be able to stay for the tea party” you shrugged, wincing at the pain it caused.

You heard Natasha snort quietly “well I sent the SOS a few hours ago” she told you, you made a weird noise causing her to laugh “so I suppose they’re on their way then” you mumbled, more to yourself than anything, hoping a certain someone was coming for you, but highly doubting it seeing as he hates you “hey, so just in case something happens to me out there, against Ultron” you said to her “which it wont, because when we get out of here, you’ll be taken to a safe place” she said calmly, her fingers poking out through the holes in the metal door “you can’t help us when you’re like that” she said.

“I can try” you grumbled, closing your eyes, you weren’t happy about missing a fight like this “don’t go getting any idea’s” said an obnoxiously familiar voice of a certain Slovakian guy that irritated the life out of you, but that didn’t mean you hated him, it didn’t even mean that you weren’t glad he came “Pietro?!” you said happily, pushing yourself off the wall, your eyes snapping open as soon as he spoke. 

You heard Natasha talking to someone, although the other voice was practically a whisper, you guessed it was Bruce, considering they’ve been getting pretty close over the last few years “I bet you’re glad to see me” Pietro smiled at you, that adorable smile that made your head beat restlessly, your hands sweaty and you melt right on the spot, his voice held worry and his blue eyes held concern, fear and another emotion you couldn’t pin point.

“You have no idea” you smiled at him, wobbling slightly, you instantly shot a hand out to the side, placing it on the brick wall to keep you up right, you must have lost a lot of blood and the pain shooting through your right leg told you that it was broken, you let out a shaky breath, Pietro quietly saying your name, reaching a hand through the bars at you “I’m fine” you reassured him, taking his hand. 

“Just get me out of here” you told him, letting go of Pietro’s hand you stepped back a little bit, Pietro nodded and quickly whizzed around to grab a hold of a massive gun that was laying on top of a metal table with wires and things scattered over it, you continued walking  back in the cell until your back it the wall behind you.

From the other side of the place, you heard a loud noise and the sound of the  metal door being pushed opened, Pietro stood in front of your cell and shot at the lock, he dropped the gun, pushing the metal door open, Natasha and Bruce both coming around to where you were held, both of them standing just out side, watching you and Pietro.

You instantly wrapped Pietro into a hug, him returning it but being careful of any injuries you may have, his face was buried in your neck and breathed in your scent “I was expecting someone other than you” you whispered, closing your eyes and burying your head into his shoulder “I couldn’t let someone else rescue you now, could I?” he joked, but sounding sincere as he said it.

“What do you mean? you freaking hate me” you responded “I don’t hate you though, I love you and when everyone was looking for you, I couldn’t help but panic, I was so worried for you” he told you, holding you tighter “look, you two lovers can do this after we made Sokovia safe” Bruce told them, Pietro had stepped back and lifted you into his arms. 

You grunted in pain, biting your lip to keep a scream suppressed, you didn’t want to alarm him or make him worried “he’s right, you need to stop Ultron and save these people” you smiled at him, wrapping your arms firmly around his neck and placing a soft kiss on his lips.

Not going to give certain anon asks the pleasure and exposure of receiving a dedicated response. Instead I shall simply state that what you are attempting to do is so transparent I almost missed that you were there. You open with the compliment or the concern to make the ask seem engaging, worrying about me, seems all nice and lovely, you then swerve in to a dig at Fiona, implying things that you know aren’t actually true in an attempt to make me doubt myself or the relationship. You even finish it with a friendly goodbye, a way to make me think you were saying nice things and trying to help me. A tirade of hate sandwiched between niceties so that, you hope, I take the whole thing in.

You know exactly what you are doing but it will not work. Because I know what you’re doing too. I await the day that you finally come off anon and stop hiding behind your flimsy shield, but I know really that will never happen. I hope you find happiness one day, I really do, but you won’t find it by trying to take it from others.

I shall keep anon asks on, 98% of them are absolutely lovely and have meaning and purpose. Anyone else is just a spiteful anon too weak to show their true face.

Zoey out, peace.

anonymous asked:

I don't have anything against opinions that differ from my own and I understand how the internet works, thank you. I do however have a problem with a community that perpetuates misogyny and violence against women, even if it's not intentional. I think it's clear when a relationship is abusive and I can say with absolute certainty that I will never belong to any community that directly or indirectly normalizes abuse. I still don't understand how anyone can.

Oh, look! You’re back! Because apparently, everything I said before wasn’t clear enough for you.

Also, basically EVERYTHING you just said is completely blown out of proportion. We are not “even unintentionally” supporters of misogyny or violence against women. In any way, shape, or form. About 90% of people I know who ship Joker x Harley have actually outright said that they are feminists and do not support any sort of abuse in reality. I myself am a feminist. I am a survivor of emotional/mental abuse and I was neglected and felt left out for a vast majority of my childhood. I have nothing against men, but I think that meninism and misogyny is absolutely ridiculous. Telling me that because I ship a couple that is often seen as nothing more than abusive makes me an abuse supporter is honestly the same thing as telling someone who ships a couple with an age difference that they “must have a daddy kink” or something. What I ship and what I believe in are none of your goddamn business, and the two don’t even have anything to do with each other.

WE! ARE! ALL! AWARE! THAT! THE! RELATIONSHIP! IS! ABUSIVE! BUT! WHAT! ALL! OF! YOU! CAN’T! SEEM! TO! GET! THROUGH! YOUR! THICK! SKULLS! IS! THAT! WE! DO! NOT! SHIP! THEM! FOR! THE! ABUSE! BUT! FOR! THEIR! DYNAMIC! AND! THEIR! PARTNERSHIP! Honest to God, that is the absolute LAST time I’m going to repeat that, so please, try and understand it this time.

Oh, and I’m THRILLED to hear that you would never be a part of this community. Why? Because believe it or not, Joker x Harley shippers are AMAZING PEOPLE! We’ve all gone through this same shit from idiotic and obsessive anons like you who do nothing but try to demote us to feeling like absolute garbage just for liking a certain ship. People like YOU are the ones who disgust me. You are shaming us, you are bullying us, you are harassing us, you are ridiculing us, and you are completely disrespecting us. JUST BECAUSE WE LIKE A DIFFERENT SHIP! You people are the reason why the DC fandom is utterly toxic and why we can’t enjoy anything without being afraid of receiving dozens of hate messages for it. The people in the Joker x Harley fandom are incredibly kind and supportive, and we all are able to speak to one another reasonably without people losing their tempers because someone doesn’t agree with them. We don’t want rude, disrespectful, and arrogant people like you around.

WE’RE PEOPLE! We aren’t abuse supporters or anti-feminists. We just like a ship. That’s all. We are no different from anyone else on this site and we deserve respect.

You say you can respect other peoples opinions, but it really doesn’t seem like it, as the end of your ask literally shames every single member of the Joker x Harley community. If you have something of actual substance you would like to ask or discuss with me instead of this repeated nonsense, feel free to come back. If not, then kindly get the hell off of my blog and stop hiding behind anon like all of the other hateful cowards. Have a lovely fucking day. :)