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Right Before My Eyes

For the Writer’s Guild AU Day!!!

Part One.

“Hey Harrington, 3:30.  Break time.”  Steve looked up to see his coworker Dave slip back into the CCTV room.  Steve sighed a breath of relief, grabbing his keys and his I.D. as he got to his feet.  “Anything interesting happen on the screens?”

Steve laughed at the question.  “It’s Hawkins Lab, Dave.  When has anything interesting ever happened in this godforsaken building?”

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Quick little drabble I dashed down today about the Kirkwall gang on Wintersend. Takes place just before Act 2.


“Hey, look who finally decided to show up!”

Fenris winces, ducking out of the raucous clamor of the Hanged Man and into the back room. “I apologize. I was meeting with a contact who—“

“You’re working on Wintersend?” Varric lifts an incredulous eyebrow. “Don’t you ever take a day off?”

“Not really,” he mutters, scanning the gathered company. Isabela and Merrill wave—Anders doesn’t—and Hawke scoots over on the bench, squashing his enormous bulk up against the wall to make a space on his side of the table for Fenris to sit. But that means—“Aveline is also missing,” Fenris puts in. “You see, I’m not the only one—“

Varric groans. “I think she views going in to work on the holiday as a Wintersend present to herself. I tried to convince her to show up, we’ll see if she bites.”

Fenris inserts himself in the narrow space between Hawke’s giant body and Isabela’s hips. “So who’s winning?”

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per several conversations i had today & in case anyone else is interested: varric’s flirt option post “night terrors” in act ii

VI. Watch Me Dance

Also called: Club to Bed to Date.
Prompt: @overad smacked me deadass straight to the face with a gif. So here’s this. She said and i quote: “
imagine him looking at u like this, watching you dance. Dancing for him” you should have seen her facial expressions when i typed this in. Karma got its way?

In which Harry’s hawk-like stare on Y/N is only the beginning of their casual encounter, and new experiences.

It’s foggy in the night club. You had decided to go out and unwind after a month of non-stop working.  It was time to have some you time, to go out and enjoy. You called up some of your friends and they had agreed to come with to have a drink and dance against random bodies, something you didn’t do often, but what the heck. You were single and it had been a while since you mingled. It wouldn’t hurt to mindlessly flirt with a someone who was nice enough to buy you a drink and listen to you talk. Someone nice.

Upon arriving at the club, your friends basically ditch you for hotties and drinks, and you stand alone at the bar. You’re about ready to leave the place and ditch them, lord knows they were going to get some tonight, but something made you stay. You weren’t having a bad time, you were ok enjoying the music and swaying softly from side to side. There was some sort of “Ladies Drink Free” Night, and although you were not getting wasted, you weren’t about to turn down a free drink after the tough month you had gone through.

There’s a chilling gaze upon you. You can feel it. And you turn slightly to your right, scanning the place for someone creeping on you. And your eyes briefly connect with green ones. He’s a bit far, there’s a light on him for a moment that lets you know his eyes are emerald, and that confirms he’s looking at you. It’s not unnerving, it’s not creepy, even though he is literally staring. You feel warm all over. There was something about the way he was looking at you. Like you were all in his mind, like you were the light, and he liked that. You blush slightly and continue to drink from your glass.

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Cullrian Fic Recs - More will be added over time - 

1.  A Delicate Arrangement 
Dorian’s parents come to Skyhold to take him away based on a deal Dorian and his father made a long time ago that if Dorian was not in a relationship by a certain age, Halward could marry him to Livia Herathinos. No questions asked.

2. Dreaming
Corypheus has fallen, and Cullen has been left alone to his addiction. He is slowly breaking apart, losing his grip on reality, not sure what is real and what is not any more. Lyrium withdrawal is not well documented, and it’s clear to all that it’s slowly driving him mad.

3. With You I Am Home
Corypheus is defeated and Dorian plans to return to Tevinter. Cullen needs time before he can join him.

4. A Safe Port in a Storm
Fleeing from the destruction of Haven, the Inquisition is burdened with civilians, the injured and the dying, none of whom they are prepared to leave behind. When a sudden blizzard sweeps over them in the mountains, with very little in the way of shelter, Cullen’s determination to save everyone puts his own life in danger- to the immense annoyance of Dorian. Saving his life seemed a simple enough thing to start with, but as the night stretches on and the blizzard keeps them trapped together, simple things have a terrible habit of becoming complicated.

5. Two if by Chance 

6. The Hazards of Love 
Cullen notices him the moment he stumbles through the doors of Haven and into his arms.

7.  You (do) know you want to call (me, don’t you?) 
Cullen is stuck in a rut. Coming to Haven had meant a fresh start, a new job away from Hawke, but two years later and Cullen can’t even get a date. Josephine hands him a life jacket in the form of a little white card with the number to Inquisitive Minds, a gay sex chat line. Cullen rings and Dorian answers.

8. Sit in Judgement 
Cullen leaves his relationship with Lavellan after she’s caught in the arms of Solas. Lavellan does not take it well, and it’s Dorian who pays the price.

9. Rough
Prompt for anon 

10.  More Than Good Enough
‘Perhaps you’ll take me out one day - or do I have to make an appointment?’

11. Cold Feet 
“What do you mean, he’s escaped?”  

12. Yours to Take 
He cards his fingers through Cullen’s golden locks, damp with sweat but still soft to the touch. There’s not a thing about this man he doesn’t love, Dorian thinks.

13. Unexpected Consequences 
Dorian asks Cullen to teach him how to fight.He doesn’t actually need the lessons, but Cullen doesn’t need to know that.

14. The inescapable risk of intimacy 

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this-extra-hour  asked:

So I just saw your tags about your "evil headcannon about why Anders never uses his birth name", and now I'm really curious?

They’ve been living in the old Amell Estate for about eight months the first time he gets called “Hawke Amell.”

It’s a party, one of the many tedious affairs the not-quite-so-recent Fereldan immigrant barely tolerates for his mother’s sake. It’s strange to him, still, the… everything about this. Living in this grand, picturesque Estate, the cobwebs and remnants of the slavers they’d “evicted” some time back, his mother telling him stories of her childhood before her elopement and the fall of the Amells and never quite remembering not to turn to make sure Bethany and Carver were listening, too.

At least it agrees with her, in some ways. She seems like a woman ten years younger, sometimes, falling back into old half-forgotten habits and distractions from the emptiness of the family home. But it’s only that sometimes, most times, he misses Lowtown, the farmer turned refugee smuggler turned noble still feeling more at home in the Hanged Man than in the place he hangs his metaphorical hat. He doesn’t like these people, whispering sotto voce about their horrendous journeys through Lowtown, how unsafe they felt forced to deal with the masses for some trinket or another, flanked by guards and servants, and all Hawke can think is all the times he’s walked to visit Fenris or Merrill to keep them out of the gaze of the Hightown guards, Aveline’s influence or not.

He doesn’t like this, living the life set out for him by a grandmother he’d never met as if his mother’s 22 years with a mouthy Chasind apostate had never happened.

So he laughs - the genuine, startled noise a rare sound from the sarcastic, bombastic rogue - when he hears the name, not even knowing where to begin to correct the man and not entirely sure he wants to.

There are worse names than “Hawke,” really.

Still, perhaps he should have seen it coming when he asks late in the tavern one night, a few ales and entirely too many months of wondering -

“So what sort of name is ‘Anders’, exactly?”

“What sort of name is ‘Hawke’?” Anders tosses back, leaning his head on a hand and shooting a smile perhaps a little too like Hawke’s own for him not to have realized in retrospect, but Hawke’s always been too curious for his own good.

“One that everyone started calling me, I’d like to point out,” he counters.

“Does it bother you?” Anders asks.

“Not particularly,” Hawke says with a shrug. “I rather like it, actually. That no one can talk to me without bringing my disreputable apostate father into things.”

“And here I thought you just hated your first name,” Anders says.

“Is that the story behind yours?” Hawke asks. “Is it something embarrassing? Eugene? Hubert? Pubert?”

The mage laughs, then goes quiet, brows knitting briefly as he stares into his tankard of ineffective ale. “It’s… nice, sometimes. Owning what they call you. Making it your own. Isn’t it?”

Hawke nods in agreement, quiet for once, and watches as Anders shrugs before taking a long drink.

“Besides. Some of us were named after our fathers in the first place.”

mariuspontbambi  asked:

Joly and Bossuet were neighbors and met when one of Joly's bags broke in the stairs as he came back from the grocery store and Bossuet came home. Bossuet helped him clean the mess and bring food back to his flat. Joly knocked at Bossuet's door that night to thank him again and Bossuet teased "you're not going to come every night and thank me, are you?" and Joly went all confused "I have a girlfriend" and Bossuet said "well, you can bring her" and that's how they got together :3

They had dinner between the three of them that night. And the night after that. After that. Basically only one apartment was being used, so they decided to move in together because why not? And they casually slept in the same bed, to save som space.

And one day Joly was on his laptop and called “Babe?”

Bossuet: “Yeah?”
Musichetta: “Yeah?”