you have to admit its clever though

I saw the new Jurassic World trailer and it made me even more miserable than the first did (if you follow me on twitter you saw some distressed tweets), but you know what, I thought about it, and there are a few things that would really resolve much of it for me:

  • a scene where the genetic engineers mention that they actually built phenotypically accurate dinosaurs but the public didn’t like them
  • they SHOW those feathery dinosaurs and furry pterosaurs because a thowaway line ain’t gonna satisfy me
  • the whole business with the neo-rex “hunting for sport” is just a misunderstanding of an intelligent and curious predator and nobody fucking murders it in the end

That would all make me feel much happier. I’ve expressed my thoughts on the whole “well they don’t have to look like dinosaurs because they are genetic hybrids” concept- a) why call them dinosaurs at all then (and it’s not like they look like any other animal they’d be theoretically hybridized with) and b) that excuse could easily be turned around to say “we used bird DNA instead of frog DNA to make the dinosaurs look the way they actually used to” and c) it’s really just an excuse for LAZINESS imo.

But I have to admit that it would be quite clever of them to explain their inaccuracies by saying the park geneticists made what the public expected and wanted to see. Because that would actually be kind of meta. And if they made a commentary on that work it would actually elevate this movie quite a bit.

I have the feeling that won’t happen, though, and despite said theories of genetic manipulation the movie will cheerfully talk about all its dinosaurs as DINOSAURS. Y'know, because the neo-rex is special because it’s the only hybrid there.