you have the right to say no

  • John: We have some exciting news.
  • Hercules: Okay.
  • Alexander: As you know, John and I have been together a long time, and a lot of things I never thought possible now seem possible.
  • Hercules: Okay.
  • Alexander: After a careful evaluation of our relationship, we decided that the time was right to take a step forward.
  • Hercules: Okay.
  • Alexander: Do you want to say it?
  • John: Let’s say it together.
  • Both: We’re getting a turtle!
  • Hercules: This is why I’ve been saying we should keep champagne on ice.
“what do you want?”
i want a life that’s worth living
without a need to turn around
just to say, well damn,
i could’ve treated you better
if i held you that night
would it have made a difference
probably, a life without regrets–
“don’t regret anything you do”
she tells me with a kiss goodbye
and it’s just another one of those nights
when you used to be 15 and you look back
the sun hits you right in the eye you’re 24
now you get it, i understand now
“what do you want?”
i want a lover that’ll tell me no
so that i can respect it
no means no means no means no
i want a lover that doesn’t force
hearts to beat where they shouldn’t
i want a lover that counts the stars
backwards by the thousands
every night just to say
“shit, i almost guessed it right this time”
kiss me slow, kiss me slow
let’s save this moment
like old nintendo video games
and we were too broke
to afford a memory card
so we played it every morning
just to beat it in one try
you grow up too quick
you used to be 7 and
now you’re 24 and
you’re still worrying
about if you said something wrong
or if it was offensive
or if you are liked
or if you are loved
“what do you want?”
i want to be like the greats
that came before,
as a matter of fact
i want to be greater
than the greats–
they’d want an honest fan
i want to be the best version
of myself by following
your inspiration
into the sea where i can see
into hearts where i’ll make art
into the soul where i shall sow
into emotions where oceans dry
into teardrops the shape of your eyes
“what do you want?”
i want poetry to be written for me
when i don’t ask, leave it everywhere
inside of my back pockets
when i grab my cigarettes
and find you there–
read every word,
save you into this moment
love me when, love me then
love me back, love me now
love me forever, love me always
keep us inside your ink
bleeding deep into your pores
regrets as tattoos, a love made for two
a love like this, unconditionally sweet
kiss us slowly, let me feel it until next week
leave the words that you can’t say in person
leave the words under your tongue
leave the words trapped in your throat
pandora’s box, my melody
hope finally finds an escape
hope finally makes it home
hope is finally seen,
fairy dust, stardust
moon dust, phoenix ash
dragon fire, wildfire–
we burn the same
“what do you want?”
i want an alarm for every flower
that’s dying right now
so that i at least have a reason
for why i can’t sleep
when i think about your soft lips
“what do you want?”
i want to know why we look
for each other when we’re away
i want to know why we look
for each other when we’re together
i want to know why we look
for reasons to blame each other
i want to know why we look
for reasons as to why we hate each other
i want to know so much about you
even though we are just strangers
dear lover, oh lover, my lover
we are no longer the same
and it’s this thing called love
that makes life feel insane
“what do you want?”
i want to teach my sons
that a woman’s body is hers
and hers alone, so respect it
i want to teach my daughters
that if a man ever lays a hand on you
tell them that daddy put me
through karate class
and this belt is only white
because i bleached it
just for this day,
i’m about to kick your butt
“what do you want?”
i want my mother to gain more weight
she’s losing much, we’re running out of time–
do you think angels give us signs?
what about god?
is this a sign?
or is it just time?
do we all end up sad and alone?
i hope not, she’ll always have us
“what do you want?”
slowly, with less poetry
more eye contact, less texting
more voice recognition
talk to me like i’m deaf
sign language
your screams
how come you never listen to me?
i hate you. i hate you.
love her like she’s blind,
show up everyday with flowers
even if she hates them,
she will love them.
even if she hates you,
she used to love you.
“what do you want?”
“go on many adventures without me, okay?”
sometimes i want that exact sentence
to not be your last words.
“what do you want?”
sometimes i wish i didn’t have to write so much,
the thing about being in love with you is–
for every sentence, i remember the passionate
fibers you put into each letter, if the word love
has four letters, you made it meaningful
each one had meaning
l stands for lasting,
we didn’t last
o stands for one,
one mistake can make you apologize for years
v stands for very,
very much in my mind
like sands that fall in an hourglass–
drop by drop, hold you until we’re faded
but like all stories, the book has a last page
a kiss is like that page, we just read it too much
loved into it too much, should’ve left
but we stayed, should’ve ended it
but we wanted to make it work–
the youth remembers e
e for ecstasy
e for euphoria
e for evenly empty
e for everything
e for etchings
e for eternity
we remember the ways
to count backwards
for every star
there’s a dark passage
that we can’t return to
and we won’t
“what do you want?”
i want to write it all out
i want to write it all down
i want my first thoughts to be
how can i be a better person?
by being a better person
“what do you want?”
i just want this to make sense to someone
am i making any sense?
jumbled earphone poetry,
no rhythm
no rhymes
no schemes
no iambic pentameter
no lyrics
no style
no structure
just everywhere
like the sound of a heart
removed from a chest
that has been poisoned
because being love sick
makes a broken person
feel like an indention
inside of a paragraph
like a doggy eared page
because love makes us feel
this chaos that’s light enough
to drown out the sun
because love makes us crazy
my dark room is its own brand
of an asylum
because love makes us better
even if soulmates split
and we’re two strangers
all over again
back to the start again
because love makes us contemplate the stars
and how the universe made us into this
because love makes us angry
while simultaneously
forcing us into constant laughter
such a stupid naive kid
who thought that he could contain love
love isn’t meant to be forever
it’s meant to be freedom
you do something wrong
learn how to do it right
and in truth, there’s never black and white
when it comes to love
no who wears the pants
it’s about compromise
and we always learn things
a little too late, when you can’t fix things
you can only dwell on it,
so i’ve been dwelling
“what do you want?”
i want happiness
i want to be poetry
like a link that ties
my past to a red kite
fly it real high,
maybe i’m high
electrocute my lies
into soft butterfly truths
turn the ocean into a huge glass of wine
baby, i’ll have two
one for my apologies
and another for not loving you right
so when i can’t sleep at night
and i find out new ways to treat you right
when i fall in love again
i’ll do it better,
i won’t make her cry
and if she does
i’ll hold her until the clouds get jealous
the only tears running down those eyes
should only ever be rain,
let’s kiss in the rain
to the person i haven’t met
and this is a little long
and this may hurt to read
but if you’re reading this
and i’m asleep
right next to you some day
and you realize that i
have a strange philosophy
on love, love to me?
every person that i’ve
felt full and empty for,
the people that i have fallen for,
i still love them,
all of them
every bit of who i am
shaped by who i should’ve been
every bit of after all this time?
always a thousand times
every single dozen of roses
bought from the very
first moment valentine’s day
was invented,
i will be enough to love you,
even if i get sad from time to time–
and one day, on that day,
when i wake up
and you’re reading this
and i’m less sad
and we might even be happy
if i do read this later
when i’m in my early 40s
with some kids who fall in
and out of love just to live a little
and they need advice
about love poems and sad songs
i’ll tell them to learn the art
of letting go, but also
to save precious moments–
savor them.
dear person i will love some day,
what do i want?
i want to love you,
in the right way.
“what do you want?”
yes. you. the person on this app.
reading this shit poetry.
you’ve made it this far.
don’t stop now.
“what do you want?”
whatever “it” is.
i believe in you.
i am proud of you.
you are great.
you are amazing.
you still have purity.
you are still flawed,
but that only makes you
unusually human.
i love you.
a teacher of mine said
that if a human doesn’t have
human connection at least
once per day,
insanity will sink in.
this is my contact.
i am the first astronaut
to ever land on your moon.
my feet is on your moon dust.
i will plant no flags,
i will sow an idea.
you are beautiful,
remember that.
—  “what do you want?”

gardeninglifegoals  asked:

I know you're getting a lot of asks right now, but I first have to say how much I enjoyed the domestic blissfulness of obsbh ch5. It was so lovely and we fans really needed it to prepare for what's coming up. So to my question, what the hell is going to happen when Yuuri shows up for the SP in Vic's old costume? The Russian team will know... Yakov will know that something's up. Will they figure out that Yuuri has been staying with Vic? Second, what IS Yuuri's original SP costume?

Well they’ll definitely know something happened between Yuuri and Viktor, that’s for sure! 

As for Yuuri’s original costume, it was designed and drawn by the lovely @leblacknoir and can the original post be found here. This was the costume in the promo picture that Viktor saw and then promptly dropped his phone ;)

Shuu Shiotsuki as Sailor Uranus
Sayaka Fujioka as Sailor Neptune

I heard that both of you are close in private. What is your impression of each other in private?

Shuu: Sayaka is a person who enjoys eating (laughs). She loves delicious food, and she would recommend me nice dishes like “Shuu-san, this is delicious, you have to try it!”

Sayaka: Don’t you think there is a sense of happiness when you eat something that is “delicious!”? I think it is my habit to share this happiness with people.

Shuu: Even when we are not out together, when I say “Tomorrrow, I am going to OOO for work”, she will let me know “There is a XXX shop there, and you have to try the XXX dish!”

So she would recommend places and food to you (laughs)

Shuu: That’s right! In fact, all the places that I’ve tried are really delicious! Sayaka is indeed a gourmet.

Sayaka: I feel satisfaction from good food.

Shuu: She has a high expectation of food, so she can also be critical of it. (laughs)

When you two go out, is Fujioka-san the one who initiate the outing?

Sayaka: Do you not think so? (laughs) It is not surprising.

Shuu: Oh? Is it so?

Sayaka: Of course, I will initiate but when it comes to planning, it has to be Shuu-san.

Shuu: Many people think that I enjoy planning activities, and that is wrong (laughs). I am not good at asking people out on an impromptu outing, and I like to get things done ASAP. During practice, we often said things like “I want to go to OOO!” but then the play started, and everyone could not find a common time to go, as a result, we couldn’t make it for our original plan…. this has happened a number of times. I dislike that, so I will quickly ask everyone to fix a time together, whenever “I want to go to OOO” pops up, I will ask “So when shall we go?” and start planning. However, I don’t plan all the activities, I only plan those which I am interested in (laughs)…… but those suggested by Sayaka were mostly materialised.

Sayaka: Yeah (laughs). I enjoy going out, when we travel to other places for our performances, I would tell Shuu-san about the places which I would like to go and Shuu-san would always say “You like to visit this place? Let’s go together”.

Shuu: Basically, I will not actively research on places to go myself, when there is a proactive person around, I will tag along (laughs)

Sayaka: However, sometimes when the timing is very close, Shuu-san would be irritated and said “why do you only ask me now!” So recently, I try to let her know where I will like to go earlier (laughs).

Shuu: I’m someone who likes to decide my schedule earlier. Like “Do you want to go? or not?” (laughs)

- from Otomedia+ Summer 2017
scans from @themarinecathedral <3

Go out there, enjoy yourself, make the most of what you have because none of us know how long we have on this plane of existence, none of us know what lies beyond this; this state of being; a lot of us wish for things that are beyond this, a lot of us are waiting for that, but we dont know and because we dont know, i say that, that makes trying worth it right now. You can wait all you want for great things to happen, but why not to try to make them happen right now, because none of us know whats going to happen tomorrow. So, try your best right now and what you have in this situation that youre in at this moment in time, you dont have to do amazing things, but as long as youre trying your best to make the most of it then thats a success in my mind, so just dont take anything for granted.
—  Jacksepticeye
Family Pictures

A/N This was written for @hopelesslyhemmings, and I thought I would share it. 

Word Count: 1155

“You’re making us do what?” Shawn and Cole exclaim at the same time.

“Well, I figured that because we’re together all the time and everyone gets along so fantastically, that we should get family pictures done. I also want to get pictures with the twins before they start the busy stage.” Kaytlin explains to the two confused men. I just laugh.

“You do realize, that the two of you have no say in this right? Whatever Kaytlin says, goes.” I say to both my husband and Shawn.

“But –” Cole starts, but I cut him off.

“No buts. And nothing out of you either, Shawn.”

“How did I get thrown into that? Darrien, I didn’t say anything,” Shawn tries to explain, but I’ve known him too long.

“You were thinking of ways to get out of this, I know you. And I also know the stupid faces you make when trying to get out of something,” I say as I squint my eyes at him. “Yet again, you always make stupid faces.” Cole and Kaytlin are sitting on the ‘L’ shaped couch laughing, each holding a sleeping twin, while I stare down Shawn. He glares back.

“I wasn’t trying to –” Shawn starts, but I cut him off.

“I said, nothing out of you.” I say. Kaytlin just sighs, and then intervenes.

“Baby, Darrien may be 5’2, but she’s good at getting what she wants. You should know this. You’ve only known her for like what? 9 years?” Kaytlin says to Shawn, with sarcasm dripping from her voice. He just laughs.

“Can I –”

“No.” I deny.

“I wasn’t asking you Darrien. I was going to ask Cole, if I could have my child back.” Shawn says, reaching for his baby girl, putting the emphasizes on my name. The twins were born around 8 months ago, and little Leah, has both Shawn and Cole wrapped around her finger. Andrew, just sleeps wherever is comfortable to him.

“Yeah, I guess. I mean, she is your child. I remember when Rosie was that small. She would fall asleep on my chest, and wouldn’t move. Speaking of which, where are the rest of our children?” Cole asks, handing a still sleeping Leah, into the waiting arms of her dad. As soon as Leah is placed into Shawn’s arms, she snuggles up to his chest, and let’s out a little sigh. He just runs his finger gently across her cheek.

“Well, the last I remember, Briar-Rose and Lily were up in Briar’s room, and Logan and JJ, were downstairs.” I say, trying to figure out if I’ve heard any footsteps in the past few minutes. My mind has been else where all day today.

“I’ll go gather them up. I think it’s almost lunch anyway,” Cole says walking past me, stopping just quickly enough to lean down and press a soft kiss to my forehead. I close my eyes at the sensation of his lips.

The only thing I can think of, is the pregnancy test I took this morning. I never got a chance to look at it, before Shawn, Kaytlin and the kids showed up.

“You know what I’m really craving right now? Some deep-fried pickles and some mozzarella sticks. Oh, and pepperoni. I don’t want pizza though.” I say, rubbing my stomach. Greasy foods have been my go to lately.

“Do you want the whole deep fryer too?” Shawn asks, and we all laugh.

“You know, that does sound pretty good.” I say back.

“Have you been feeling okay lately?” Kaytlin asks, concern dripping from her voice.

Just then, we hear 3 sets of feet running towards the livingroom. Cole carrying both Lily and Briar-Rose.

“Aunty Lin!” Logan screams as he sees Kaytlin sitting on the couch and starts walking over to her.

“Shh, bud. The twins are sleeping. You don’t want to wake them, do you?” Cole says, placing Lily and Briar on the ground. Lily goes and walks towards Shawn, and Briar comes walking up to me. JJ is still standing beside Cole.

“Hi, baby,” I say as I pick Briar up.

“Hi, mommy,” she says as she lays her head on my shoulder.

“So, Aunty Lin?” Logan asks Kaytlin as he sits beside her on the couch. “Dad said you’re making us do something horrible.”

“Cole!” Kaytlin scolds him. “Logan, what we’re doing isn’t horrible. We’re going to be taking pictures together, as one big happy family.” She says.

“When exactly are these family pictures happening anyway?” Shawn asks, looking down at Leah, still fast asleep.

“4.” Kaytlin says. Shawn lifts his head up quickly to make eye contact with his wife.

“Like 4 o’clock today?” Kaytlin nods her head yes. “You gave us a 4-hour window? How are we supposed to look presentable in 4 hours?” Shawn explains.  

“Oh, I don’t know Benito. You are the famous one here. How are we supposed to do it?” Kaytlin asks, laughing.

“What am I? Chopped liver?” Cole says offended.

“Right. Sorry Cody Martin,” Kaytlin laughs and Shawn and I join in on her laughter.

“Okay, rude.” Cole pouts.

“Okay, kids are in bed, and asleep.” Cole says exasperated, as he drops into bed. I barely acknowledge him. After the family pictures were done, we all went out for dinner. When Cole and I came home, he went to put the kids to bed and I went to shower. After I finished my shower, I remembered the pregnancy test and looked at it. Positive. I was shocked, but happy. Cole and I never really talked about having another child. So here I was, laying in bed, trying to figure out what do to. Where to put the new baby? Would we have to move? Was the baby going to be a boy or girl? What should we name the new baby? And then my mind wandered to Kaytlin’s question today. “Have you been feeling okay lately?” Maybe she could tell, I mean she was pregnant three times.

“Hey, what’s on your mind?” Cole asks as he wraps an arm around me and pulls me closer to him. I go to tell him nothing, but my mouth has other plans.

“I’m pregnant.” I blurt out. Jesus fuck. Cole doesn’t say anything for a few minutes, so I turn to look at him. He’s looking up at the ceiling, smiling so big.

“I take it, you are very happy about this new information?” I ask him, as smile gradually appearing on my lips.

“Very. Oh my god. Ever since Leah and Andrew were born, all I could think of is having another baby. Have their tiny fingers wrap around my long ones. Have them fall asleep on my chest like Rosie, and Logan did. I just, I just. Wow.” Cole rambles and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

“Celebratory sex?” I ask him, biting my lip.

“Holy fuck, this day just keeps on getting better!”  

anonymous asked:

I'm really struggling with self dx-ing probably because of all the shit autism gets and then idk self dx-ing is also like... idk I don't feel right saying I do have it when it's not pro dx-ed, but also I don't want to get pro dx-ed because that's permanent and I feel like it would make things more difficult and the only real benefit would be not feeling guilty about saying I have it but self dx-ed. I also don't know if any of this makes sense... I really struggle with words...

I understand what you’re saying. It can be hard to figure this all out and know what the right thing to do for yourself is. 

I would suggest reading up on self-diagnosis to see if that helps you feel more comfortable with it. Both of the following are good places to start:

I hope this helps!


anonymous asked:

Hey. I tried to explain to my parents that I am asexual and aro-spec without using the labels, because they wouldn't understand the terminology, but it didn't go well. When I told them, they said that I only feel this way because I'm 16 and I am too young to feel romantic and sexual attraction at all. They said that everyone has urges and that one day I will too. I don't know. It was a little disheartening, and now I'm wondering if their right and I was just trying to feel different. Thoughts?

No, they’re not right

I’ve never been able to understand how people will say that a-spec people are just not old enough to feel attraction when teenage years are the years that attraction really presents itself, when people are supposed to be ensnared by their hormones and urges, but somehow, in some weird way, those years are suddenly too young when you don’t feel attraction

If it was about sexual desire, then perhaps they would have a point, but if your body is functioning in the correct way for your age group, then there is no reason to believe that you are a “late bloomer” for attraction

Believe me, they won’t stop thinking you’re a late bloomer till your late 20′s early 30′s, and even then they may just think there is something wrong with your body, it’s a matter of them not being well informed enough on a-spec identities and the best course is to try and teach them if you are comfortable enough for that

I would look into asexual books and papers 

Like Ace & Proud: An Asexual Anthropology (though I heard it’s a bit lacking), Asexuality: A Brief Introduction, The ABC’s of LGBT+, and The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality

What Remains of Edith Finch

I absolutely loved Jack’s play through of What Remains of Edith Finch. It was a weird game at the start but the story is so interesting and mysterious at the same time but what a powerful message it has! I think that Jack said it best in the video:

Go out there, enjoy yourself, make the most of what you have because none of us know how long we have on this plane of existence. (…) And because we don’t know I say that that makes trying worth it right now.You can wait all you want for great things to happen but why not try to make them happen right now because none of us know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. So try your best right now in what you have in this situation that you’re in at this moment in time. You don’t have to do amazing things but as long as you’re trying your best to make the most of it then- That’s a success in my mind. So, just don’t take anything for granted.

This is honestly up there with my favourite series on the channel. Thank you Jack for playing it, I actually needed to hear this today so again, thank you! <3

anonymous asked:

So I work in a restaurant and I have many pet peeves right now with customers 🙄 like every table except one is clean and the customer HAS to sit on the one unclean table. Or even giving me a big order and I triple check (sometimes even more) that their order is right and then when handing out their meals they say it wasn't what they ordered... and most of the time it's because they forgot they are trying something different. and when they have a go at you because we ran out of a certain meal


Star-Crossed Lovers//Stiles Stilinski & Isaac Lahey - Part 3

Characters: Isaac Lahey, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.

Stiles groans as he sits up, rubbing his eyes. “I feel like I’m not as hungover as I should be.”

You didn’t sleep last night, “I gave you an aspirin before bed.” You sit up beside him. “Do you remember anything from last night?”

“I forgave you, didn’t I?” He looks over at you.

You nod, “I’m totally giving you the opportunity for take-backs right now, too.”

He sighs and puts his head in his hands, “You make it hard to be mad at you, no matter what you did, when you sit there all cute saying take-backs. I don’t want to take it back. I’m still extremely pissed, but I get it. I’ll dial back work.”

“Stiles you don’t have to do that.”

“Look, I’ll never forget that you cheated, but I won’t lose our marriage over something that was terrible, but not prison worthy.”

“Oh, baby.” You smile as you caress his cheek. “I’m so sorry.”

“Let’s just not think about it, okay?” He looks over at you.

“Can I ask you something, though?” You climb out of bed, Stiles adopting a smile when he sees his jersey on you.


“You forgave me..will you forgive Isaac?”

He sighs and gets out of the bed, stretching. “I’ll try. Right now I need coffee and another aspirin.”

“Do you even remember showering last night?”

“I showered?”

You look at his hair, which is normal quiffed up, pointing in different directions. It’s flat against his head, the length making you smile. “Yeah. You did. You actually stripped down in here and ran down the hallway naked.”

“Oh, nice.” He looks at you and nods as he makes his way for the door.

“I took good care of you. Don’t worry.” You smile and follow him downstairs.

“You always do.” He smiles at you over his shoulder.

Why was he being so forgiving?

You sat at the counter, watching as he made coffee.

“I’m going to take an aspirin and call Isaac. I just can’t hold a grudge.” He grabs his phone and takes the pill. You watch as he dials the oh-so-familiar number and walks out of the room.

“Isaac’s on his way.” Stiles walks back into the room.

You nod, “Should I go upstairs?”

“No. I’m making amends, you should be there.”

“Okay then.”

You sit and talk with him, you can’t help but stare at the black eye Isaac gave him yesterday. You felt so bad.

Your stomach knotted up when the doorbell rang. Stiles let him in and you heard them exchange before Isaac was ushered into the kitchen with you.

“Hey, Y/N.” He smiles at you. You nod and wave, hopping Stiles doesn’t pick up on the tension.

Your phone buzzed and you glanced at it.

I meant what I said last night on the phone

It was Isaac. You texted back.

so did i. stiles trying to mend things. don’t screw this up

Isaac and Stiles talked for awhile before Isaac when home and Stiles left for work. The second he knew Stiles was out of the house he called you.

“Jesus he just walked out the door.” You say.

“I know. I see him. Listen, I really am in love with you, and as you confusing as it is for you it’s worse on me. I can’t break up a marriage but I also can’t let you go.”

“Isaac, we said no feelings. I thought we meant that.”

“So, you’re saying you never had feelings for me? It was just about the sex for you?”

He’s jumping to conclusions. “No I never said that.” You sigh.

“So, you have feelings for me?”

“No, Isaac. I didn’t say that either. Can’t you just accept that I’m married?”

“No. Apparently you couldn’t either.”

“Hey, don’t play that card!”

“I’m sorry…I just…do you know that..that he cheated on you?”

“What?” Your body went cold.

“About a year ago.”

“You’re lying.”

“I wish I was.”

“With who? Who was it?”


“’re lying, Isaac.”

“Y/N, I was there.”

“Why did no one try to stop him if you were there?”

“We did, trust me. He wasn’t having it.”

You know you cheated on him, but you felt like your world just ended.

(SPOILER) And then we came to a close!

That was one great episode if you ask me! It was paced good and you didn’t feel something went by too fast. Although the way everything turned peaceful everywhere seemed a bit weird. But it had been 3 days, so I guess we slept alongside Mercenary?

Finally Mercenary had a use… I guess? Like for that denial spell to work, he had to be used. I liked how he said no and was all smug towards Zero. And haha when she told him she couldn’t make him human right now, but she didn’t say she couldn’t and therefore didn’t break her promise. He just have to protect her a bit longer!

And that kissing scene… haha! Although… someone asking me a question spoiled it for me, thanks a lot. I told you guys not to ask me spoilery stuff!

So is this really the end? Of season 1 at least, but will there be a season 2? I think this ending opens the possibility. It’s kinda like at the end of each season of Pokémon where we get “Next time… a new beginning”. As I’ve seen, future material shows new characters and obviously Mercenary and Zero traveling all over. So yeah, a season 2 is possible.

I mean.

ZERO NEVER GOT HER KISS! We can’t leave that, can we?!

Anyway! This is the end of the journey for now! Let’s hope to see a season 2!

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Okay but do you realize that this shit has happened to Sana before? and that’s why her mother is so worried about her… It looks like Sana has been bullied before, in the school she went to before Nissen; since the flashing images of hate messages in the new clip was from people from that school. Honestly this explains so much of Sana’s behavior and her mother’s protectiveness over her and why she wants Sana to “have friends that are more like her”… she wanted to prevent Sana from getting bullied and hurt again.

Boi, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since Horikoshi saved my life


It doesn’t matter if it’s just a stuffed animal, a banner or anything else. Do not throw anything on them. It’s understandable that you want them to find and play with your stuff but don’t aim at them. Throw them on stage when no one is around.
Chanyeol might have brushed it off today and acted all cute, but you don’t know what might happen in the future. Someone might get hurt so please stop aiming the idols/ throwing stuff on stage.

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On writing
  • Me: Oh I know I'll just write a thing for this trashy pairing haha how fun I'll just make it a straightforward one-shot shippy thing that I don't need to take seriously.
  • Me: *Writes several thousand words of set-up* okay I guess that's fine...
  • Me: *Plans layers of complicated emotional subtext* okay I guess we can have some of that *Writes several more thousand words before getting past the first real shipping scene* uhhhh okay so guess it'll be chaptered...
  • Me: *Plans entire rest of story and realises it's already out of control* goddamit me why are you like this.