you have the most precious laugh ever ;u;

chenle confessINg

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wow looking back at this i rly got carried away :”))))). i love china line so much thank you for requesting this hunty xoxo :-))) i hope you enjoy!!! - admin amy

- ok so you how you met chenle

- in english class you had to go into groups for a project

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kahasan  asked:

i a m h e re f o r iT

1. First impression: i actually didnt know about u until u sent me an ask where u described me based on my blog,, then i followed u and yE
2. Truth is: ur the most precious human being on earth and im so so glad we finally started talking bc i always thought u were v sweet and nice and funny and i loved ur hc’s so mucj jdejdjs
3. How old do you look: i never actually saw ur face whY DID U DELETE UR SELFIE
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yeee
5. Have you ever made me mad: nuuuu
6. Best feature: your pure heart 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: i gave all my gay to u
8. You’re my: cuppy cake gum drop snookum snookums the apple of my eye
9. Name in my phone: n/a
10. Should you post this too? go for it betch

“I’m too much of a mess right now to be left alone, huh?” said Akoya as he, once again, made his way to Ibushi’s arms.

“I told you already, you’re the loveliest mess I’ve ever seen.”

Now, that was a compliment Akoya could get used to.

“I like when you call me that.”

A fanart inspired to one of my favorite Boueibu fics, “Family jewels” by @mostlikelytofangirl. There is basically no valid reason for not reading her “Something wicked” series! I could go on and on about what I love of these stories, but hey, there is magic - with witches, vampires, ghosts, great characterization, some of the sweetest Akoya&Ryuu interactions I have ever read, lots of tenderness (and angst, aw) and En and Ibushi together make the best humor ever (or not?). It was also very hard to choose what to draw… but eventually, I thought the birthday girl would be happy with the OTP :D

Happy birthday Ale, I really hope you’re having a great day!!! Thank you for being the sweetest and most precious person ever, you’re a treasure! ♥