you have the dumbest face ever

the signs as six of crows quotes
  • Aries: It’s one prisoner, Helvar. And a bridge. And anything we have to blow up in between.
  • Taurus: Oh, it’s worse than that, Van Eck. If I fail, I don’t get paid.
  • Gemini: I love puzzles. Trickery is just my native tongue.
  • Cancer: I have been made to protect you. Only in death will I be kept from this oath.
  • Leo: Think how embarrassing it would be for you when you got trounced by a Fjerdan girl.
  • Virgo: Statistically, he’ll probably only get some of us killed.
  • Libra: If any of you survive, make sure I have an open casket, the world deserves a few more moments with this face.
  • Scorpio: When everyone knows you're a monster, you needn't waste time doing every monstrous thing.
  • Sagittarius: I’m going to get Wylan’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost.
  • Capricorn: Greed may do your bidding, but death serves no man.
  • Aquarius: We're either geniuses or the dumbest sons of bitches to ever breathe air.
  • Pisces: Facts are for the unimaginative.
Ask Me Questions

1. Do you ever get good morning text from anyone?

2. If your significant other smoked, would you care?

3. Do you find it easy to trust people?

4. What were you doing at 11pm last night?

5. You’re drunk and lost walking down the road, who is with you?

6. What is the real reason you are confused right now?

7. What would you do if you found out your were cheated on?

8. Are you code with your dad?

9. You can only drink one liquid for the rest of your life, what is it?

10. Were you happier 4 months ago than you are now?

11. What was your thought before you went to bed last night?

12. Have you cried in the past week?

13. Do people ever call you by your last name?

14. Are you keeping anything from your best friend right now?

15. Do you have a secret that you have never told anyone?

16. If you had to get a piercing (not ears), what would you get?

17. Do you believe exes can be friends?

18. Why aren’t you pursuing the person that you like?

19. What part of the person’s body do you find most attractive?

20. Would you get involved with someone if they have a child already?

21. If you are single right now, do you wish you were in a relationship?

22. Do you prefer a monogamous relationships or dating other various people?

23. Are you to shy to ask someone out?

24. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

25. Would you put yourself first in a life threatening situation?

26. Would you either make out with a complete stranger or sleep with your best friend?

27. If you had to choose 2 celebrities for a threesome, who would it be?

28. Would you treat your friends different if you were rich and famous?

29. Do you believe people need breaks from each other in relationships?

30. How do you feel about what happens after death?

31. If you could have your hair dyed any color you wanted, which color would you choose?

32. Have you ever experienced something that just could not be logically explained?

33. If you won the lotto and millions in cash, what would be the first thing you would do?

34. Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day?

35. Who is the one person in your life who can always make you smile?

36. Would you date someone 3 years younger than you are?

37. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat?

38. If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be?

39. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?

40. Suppose you see your ex kissing another person, what would you do?

41. Have you ever found it hard to speak your mind?

42. Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?

43. If you could choose one family member to go on a holiday vacation with, who would it be?

44. Someone on the street ask you if you have money to spare. What do you do?

45. Do you have a particular song that you feel deeply about?

46. If you had 2 days to spend 1 million dollars, what are you buying?

47. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

48. One thing you wish you could change about yourself?

49. How many pillows do you sleep with?

50. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?

51. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

52. What is the best advice you can give someone who is feeling down?

53. What is one word that describes yourself?

54. If you could become an animal for a day, what would you be?

55. Do you prefer the beach, city, or mountains?

56. If you are being extremely quiet, what does that mean?

57. Do you believe in love at first sight?

58. Dumbest lie you have ever told?

59. If you could have a large collection of one item, what would it be?

60. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

61. If money cannot buy happiness, can you truly be happy without money?

62. A song you would love to be played at your wedding?

63. Do you hate the person that you fell the hardest for?

64. Ave you done anything recently that you hope nobody finds out about?

65. Is it more important to love or to be loved?

66. Who are the 3 most important people in your life at this moment?

67. Is it better to have an open mind in this society?

68. What do you sometimes pretend you understand when you really don’t?

69. Are you depending on anyone at the moment?

70. Are first impressions important to you?


Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Description: You and Peter have been best friends for about a year now, and one day you get a call from your dad, Tony Stark, and he starts to act super weird. 

Requested by: Anon

Tags: @zook7430 @maxisprettygay

A/N: Like always, inform me if you want a part 2 :)

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“That may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard!” You laugh, talking to one of your best friends, Peter Parker. You were outside for gym class, but no one was really doing anything so you two, Michelle, and Ned were just sitting down on the grass. “Oh, come on, you know that was a UFO last night! Don’t even try to tell me it wasn’t,” He retorts, grinning widely. “Okay, I think the conclusion is that you two are both huge dorks,” Michelle interrupts, making you all laugh.

All of a sudden your phone rings and you press the home button to see the face of your dad, Tony Stark. “Got to take this,” you tell them and head over to a tree away from everyone. “Yes?” you ask, leaning against the tree. “What did I tell you about just saying “Yes?” when you answer the phone. A “Hello dad, how are you?” would be great,” “Hello dad, how are you?” you say, smiling and rolling your eyes. “I’m doing well, thank you. Hey, um, I’m going to send someone over to pick you up after school and bring you to Stark Industries. I have to work a little later today and I’m not sure if I’m okay with you being home alone for that long with everything going on,” 

“Ugh, okay. What time do you think we will get home?” “6:00ish” You sigh deeply. “Fine. See you then.” “I’ll see you,” You hang up and trudge over to your friends. “What’s up?” Ned asks. “Nothing,” you respond, “Just have to go to Stark Industries after school ‘til 6:00. I’m going to be bored out of my mind.” “How could you be bored at Stark Industries, dude?” Michelle asks. Before you can answer, you get interrupted by Peter. “Wait, why would you go to Stark Industries?” he asks. “Oh, yeah, don’t you have an internship there? Anyways, I guess this never came up in a conversation but my dad is Tony Stark,”

 He starts to laugh in bits. “You um… you uh… you don’t… heh your last name isn’t Stark… though?” “When have I ever told you my last name?” “Uh… okay. So you are Tony Stark’s daughter.  That’s…” he gulped, “cool, very uh… nice,” He started nervously laughing even more and got up. “I gotta… leave,” “We’re in class,” Michelle obviously states. “Yeah, well you know what they say…” and he rapidly walks towards the school. “What are you doing? Come back here!” Your gym teacher shouts, sitting down eating a Twinkie. Then he just swats at the air and continues looking at his phone. It’s been quite an odd gym class.

Secret | Bucky Barnes

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Being in a secret relationship with Bucky…

  • knowing that he is the Winter Soldier
  • him sneaking into your room 
    • “Doll, I’m scared I’ll hurt you” 
    • “You wouldn’t hurt me” 
  • sneaking glances across the room 
  • him winking while his hair is in a man bun knowing it will turn you on
  • Nat being the only one who figures it out
    • “You and Barnes huh? “ 
    • “How did you?” 
    • “I’m not an idiot, plus it’s cute” 
  • sneaking a kiss before a mission 
  • him being constantly near you afraid you’ll get hurt
  • always having your back
  • sometimes at midnight the two of you sneak you and go to the park and lay down looking at the stars
    • he would steal Tony’s wine & Sam’s sandwiches 
    • holding hands under the stars 
  • Steve getting suspicious when he sees Bucky sneaking out 
  • Bucky making faces behind Sam & Tony 
  • When nobody is around, you’ll dance around to old music 
  • Nat taking a video and telling Clint 
  • Clint giving Bucky the “talk” 
    • “Hurt her and you die” 
  • skinny dipping 
  • having long passionate kisses
  • “I love you to the moon and back” 
  • “I love you to pluto and back” 
  • holding Bucky’s metal hand 
    • “When it gets really hot can your arm melt?” 
    • “Doll that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said” 
  • eventually, the team finds out
  • finding out that Steve and Tony had a bet
    • “We’re superheroes, do you really think that we wouldn’t find out?” 
    • “I thought you were too drunk Stark to notice.”
  • hand holding 25/8
  • Bucky being extra gentle 
  • shopping together and accidently buying too much
    • “My closet won’t hold all of this.” 
    • “Doll we live in a tower, I’m pretty sure we have enough space.” 
HACKED {DELINQUENTS: Yoongi Series; Part 1}

You looked at Yoongi’s photo. Something about it made you linger for a moment. He just didn’t seem like the type to be convicted of a crime. But then you thought on all of your patients that didn’t seem like the type to do anything, and you sighed. Logging into your patient log, you began inserting your notes, when you got an alert.

Your account has been hacked. Please change your password. We have notified your superiors. You stared at the message. In the past 4 years, this has never happened. You weren’t the best at changing your password, but still the system was practically impenetrable. Then you looked back at your documents. Min Yoongi’s face shot into your mind and you flipped to his file once again.

SHIT! You screamed to yourself. It said right there in bold print that he had been caught seven times, hacking into various systems, you should have known better. Looking at your account, if he was the one to have hacked the system, then all of your patient information was at his disposal. You clenched your fists. That information wasn’t some laughing matter, and you would not allow him to use you like that. With that in mind, you were ready for battle before you even walked into the house.

The next day, a policeman came and picked you up. It was explained to you that it would be best for you to not drive your personal care and to always have an escort. Walking into the house, the policeman summoned the inmates. The seven men stood in front of you, their hands behind their backs, in a military at-ease position. You scanned the seven of them and your eyes met Yoongi’s. He looked positively bored out of his skull, but when you continued to stare, he became piqued with intrigue.

Hello, my name is Y/N. I have been practicing abnormal psychology for 4 years, and I work mainly with victims of addiction disorders. From today forward, I will be with you all from 9am until 5pm. I will hold meetings with all of you personally. It will be an hour each day, and if I feel it is necessary, you will stay longer. Are there any volunteers? You asked, expecting no one to raise their hand, but Yoongi’s hand shot up. You raised your eyebrows. Alright, Inmate Min Yoongi. You will be escorted to my office. The rest of you can go back to your rooms. You watched as the rest of them walked back to their rooms, a look of complete shock on all of their faces. Making your way to the first floor office, a policeman stood there with Yoongi.

I will hold him out here until you’re ready for him to come in, ma’am. The officer said, but you cringed a little.

He can come into my office. And don’t call me ma’am, that’s only what people call my mother. Just call me Y/N. You replied and the officer gave you a megawatt smile. You could feel your cheeks blush a little, but then looked back at Yoongi, who was now making himself comfortable on the couch. Oh, boy. You muttered to yourself and closed the door behind you.

So you’re the doc. You seem a little young to be working with criminals. Yoongi said without looking at you. His eyes were closed and he muttered the words. You rolled your eyes and sat down in the chair next to him.

I’m well qualified and my superiors thought it was best that I take on this project. You said simply and grabbed your pen and paper. Oh, and I will not be logging your notes for this project. You added and Yoongi’s eye opened.

You’re not logging my notes. He repeated and you nodded.

If you would like to hack into my logs, I don’t appreciate it. But if you read them, I simply use the log’s as a notebook. I don’t put my hopes for your behavior. You replied. Yoongi sat up.

So you’re smarter than the others. He responded, scoffing a little as he shook his head.

I wouldn’t say I’m smarter. I don’t try to mold you like other doctors. I just want to break you of a habit. You wrote down his behavior. It was easy to see right through him. He was guarded, but his tactics were somewhat juvenile. The state wants you to stop hacking into systems … You started but Yoongi put up his hand.

They want me to stop hacking into THEIR systems. He emphasized a word and you looked up from your notepad. I’m not going to go into detail on that. Just know that they don’t give a shit as long as I don’t hack into their system anymore. You gave Yoongi a nod and went back to your notepad.

So when did this hacking start? You asked and Yoongi went silent. You looked up and were met with a gummy smile.

That has to be the dumbest question I have ever heard. Does that actually work on people? You want me to tell you when I started “hacking” jeez, I wish they would bring an IT guy in here. At least they would understand my crime. He spouted off and you rolled your eyes. Hey aren’t you supposed to show no emotion, keep a poker face? He asked and you shook your head.

I can show emotion. Like I said, I’m not like other doctors. From your reaction, I would say that the hacking started relatively early on, probably high school. From your physique, I can tell you aren’t much of the athletic build so that tells me you spent a lot of time on the computer. Rather than getting an adrenaline rush from some form of sport, you found it in hacking into various systems. From my inference, mixed with the look of sheer panic on your face, I would say that the first person’s account you hacked into was either the girl you were in love with or the guy who stole her away. You said to Yoongi and his pale face went sheet white.

It was the guy who took her away. He responded. How the fuck did you do that? He whispered more to himself, with widened eyes.

Welcome to the big leagues. You responded and shrugged your shoulders. Now that I have when it started and why, let’s get down to business. And with that, you started your session.

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 16


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

What choice did you have but to agree? Jinyoung smiled and said you were making the right decision, and you tried not to show the anger you felt on your face. You couldn’t afford for Jinyoung to think you weren’t going to keep up your end of the deal. If he distrusted you for even a second, it could easily result in not only Yoongi’s and the rest of Bangtan’s death, but yours as well.

Jinyoung gave you instructions before he left, telling you where Namjoon’s office was and where to look for the files that you would need. You had asked in a moment of misjudgment why he hadn’t just taken the information himself, why it had to be you, and he had laughed. Apparently, as long as you were the one to turn Bangtan over to the police, it didn’t violate the treaty. Then, any of the lower-level members who weren’t sent to jail could join Jaebum with a clear conscience. It was amazing, you thought, how important this treaty was to them.

“You see? It’s all easy to explain. You got scared, ran to the police, and oops… Their leaders are all in jail and our hands are clean.”

You wanted to point out that you would probably end up dead if you did what they were asking you to do, but kept your mouth shut until Jinyoung was long gone.

You pulled your phone out of your bag, trying to keep the shaking from your hands. You dialed Taehyung as you sat on the floor next to your bed. You didn’t know what to do, but you knew that if you actually sold out Yoongi’s brothers, he would never forgive you. Not to mention, they had been nothing but kind to you (save for Jungkook maybe, but you suspected that he had his reasons). It hardly seemed like the right way to repay their compassion.

“Hey, I don’t think you’ve ever called me, is everything okay?” Taehyungs voice snapped you out of your thoughts, and you took a deep breath. It occurred to you that it was entirely possible that Jinyoung had placed a bug in your room before you even got there, and that you had no way to know if you were being listened to by someone other than Taehyung.

“I think I left my sweater at your house the other day.” You lied, knowing that it wasn’t going to sound even remotely convincing to Taehyung. “I’ll meet you at your house in a few, ok?”

You were greeted at the door by an irritated Jungkook telling you that he had looked everywhere and your sweater wasn’t there.

“I know.” You said, pushing past him and walking into the house. “Where’s Taehyung?”

“You know.” Jungkook repeated flatly. “As in, you knew all along and I just spent all that time looking for something that doesn’t exist?”

“Yep.” Jungkook crossed his arms, somehow looking even more agitated than before.


“You’d never know, but he’s not normally like this.” Taehyung said, approaching the two of you. “He just really doesn’t like you.”

You explained quickly what had happened and what Jinyoung had told you. Taehyung lead you into the living room as you spoke, and Jungkook followed.

“He’s gone completely off the handle.” Taehyung said thoughtfully. “Jaebum’s always had it out for Yoongi, and now he’s gotten sloppy.” He grinned at Jungkook. “I think this calls for some fun.”

Jungkooks frown deepened. “This isn’t a good thing, Taehyung. And we need to talk to Namjoon before doing anything—“

“Yeah, yeah.” Taehyung waved a hand dismissively at Jungkook. “Now that I think of it, why haven’t we ever done the same thing to Jaebum? Turn over files to the police I mean.”

“Because it’s cowardly to do something like that, and it’s still a violation of the treaty that we honor, unlike Jaebum apparently.” 

“Oh, yeah.” Taehyung shrugged, the smile returning to his face. “What do you say we give old Jaebum a taste of his own medicine?”

“That is, by far, the dumbest thing you have ever said.”

The plan came together faster than you would have guessed. Taehyung called Namjoon in (who was followed by Jimin and Hoseok) and explained what was going on, then his brilliant plan that Jungkook said was insane. And it probably was, but it was better than any of the other options you could think of.

“Does anyone else think that we should inform Yoongi of what we’re doing?” Hoseok mused, and Jungkook laughed. You had never heard the youngest laugh, it was deep and full, and felt entirely out of place in the otherwise silent room.

“Yeah, let’s tell Min Yoongi that we’re going to use his crush as bait, fantastic idea.” Jungkook continued laughing, and Jimin rolled his eyes.

“She’s not bait, she’s…” He looked over at you, contemplating. “A distraction.” No one had asked you if you wanted to be part of this, but you were pretty sure that at this point, you didn’t have much of a choice. You had come to the realization earlier that as long as Jaebum was around, Yoongi would never be truly left alone to live his life. He might have had a chance before you got involved, but that had been lost the moment Yoongi broke Jaebum’s ribs. You felt somewhat responsible for Yoongi’s re-involvement in the mafia, so it was only fair that you played a part in freeing him from it once again. You just also didn’t want to die.

“No one’s telling Yoongi.” Namjoon said, then looked over to you. “I’m sure you understand why.” You did. Yoongi already insisted that a bodyguard accompany you to your classes, there was no telling what he would do if you told him you were planning to walk into Jaebums base, cause a distraction, possibly get shot and hope to walk away with incriminating files. “Jngkook is right. This is completely insane.” You thought to yourself.

“And we probably shouldn’t mention it to Seokjin either.” Namjoon added, and this part came as a surprise to you.

“Why not?” Taehyung seemed as confused as you were, and Namjoon sighed.

“The last thing he wants is for Yoongi to have one more reason to stay away from us.”

“So when are we going to do this?” Hoseok asked.

“It’s going to take some time to get everything in order.” Jimin pointed out, and you were once again struck by how calm Bangtan was. Were they really never phased by anything?

“Wednesday night.” Namjoon decided, and that was that.

You weren’t sure how you were going to keep this from Yoongi, and you weren’t exactly crazy about the idea of keeping secrets from him again–especially not when things seemed to be going so well between you. 

A/N Ahaha, so many people were worried that Reader was going to make a huge mistake! So I thought I’d update a little early. This is actually getting (kind of) close(ish) to the end! I’m kind of sad tbh, but there will be at least another three parts, maybe more (I honestly don’t know for sure). Thank you for reading! Maybe this has put some peoples minds to rest, haha. <3

The Labyrinth Chapter 19

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 6.2k
Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! This is your online course adviser. It's been brought to my attention that you've suffered a recent lapse in self-control, due to pictures being circulated of certain TV characters. This has prompted cause for concern with regards to your being able to concentrate for long periods, without interruption, skills necessary for completing coursework. So we propose to test your commitment by asking you to complete a drabble of 500 words or less, using the prompt "I Can't Concentrate......."

@ladymatt This is BEYOND brilliant. My wine addled brain thought that my adviser found my blog somehow. Then I laughed my ass off. How about 700 words? Because I have no chill, and this was super easy.

“I can’t concentrate,” Alec said, dropping his phone on his desk and rubbing his hands through his hair. He picked up the next file from the towering pile.

Izzy grinned. “Tell Magnus to stop texting you. He’s got it so bad, I swear. You’ve only been at work a few hours.”

“Maybe it’s not Magnus.”

“It is. I can tell by that stupid smile that breaks out on your face every time your phone makes a sound.”

His phone buzzed from his desk, and Alec picked it up again, swiping the screen to see a picture of Magnus with a cup of coffee and bed head.

Coffee doesn’t taste the same when you aren’t here :(

Alec smiled and ignored Izzy’s laugh.

That’s because I make better coffee than you.

The reply was instant.

No. It’s because the view is better when you are home <3

Alec’s smile grew wider.

His sister cleared her throat, and he looked up at her while pressing the button to silence his phone.

“He’s sexting you, isn’t he?” she asked mischievously.

“I’m sorry, what?!” Alec said pulling his eyebrows together in confusion.

“Sexting. Don’t act like he’s not.”

“First of all, I have no idea what that is. Second of all, no.”

“Oh, come on! Don’t try to tell me you are dating Magnus Bane and you don’t know about sexting. I don’t believe you.”

Alec just stared back at her, his face a blank mask.

She scoffed, “Oh my god. Naked pictures. Dirty talk. You know…sex via texting.”

Okay, that definitely sounded like something he needed in his life, but he wasn’t going to admit that to his sister. Also, that was the dumbest name ever, so he was definitely not using that word, even if he did the thing.

“How do you ever get any work done, Izzy? Seriously. He just woke up. He was saying good morning….with his clothes on. Now get out of my office please.”

“Surrrre, I believe you,” she said with a wink and then sauntered out of his office, shutting the door behind her.

The moment she was gone he opened up his message thread and texted Magnus back.

My view is better when I’m there too.

He didn’t even bother putting his phone down this time. Truth was, he’d woken up late and left in a hurry, and he and Magnus didn’t get to start their morning off in their usual way, so he was definitely distracted. Then his sister had to go and put thoughts in his head of naked pictures of Magnus. That didn’t help his focus any.

Another message popped up.

Why did I just get a text from Isabelle telling me to stop “sexting” you so that you can get your work done?

Alec’s eyes got huge. Damnit Izzy.

Ignore her. Sorry.

He cringed and waited for a reply.

:( So you are opposed to the idea? Because my morning wasn’t as nice as it usually is. My handsome head took his HEAD to work.

Alec thanked the angel that Magnus couldn’t see his blush. He summoned up some bravery and typed.

I didn’t say I was opposed to it.

He watched the little text bubbles anxiously.

Are you alone in your office right now?

Alec’s heart started pounding faster as he replied.

Yes. As a matter of fact I am.

Magnus replied.

Good. Lock your door, now.

He jumped up and went to the door. He wasn’t sure why he would need to lock his door for texting, but he rarely hesitated when Magnus asked him to do something. Just as he was turning back around, a portal opened in his office and his boyfriend stepped out of it. Completely naked.

Alec stuttered over his words and nearly choked on his own tongue.

“Hi darling,” Magnus said, stalking toward him.

“Hi,” Alec said, breathlessly. “I thought you were going to text me.”

“Oh well, why would I settle for that when I can magically appear in your office?”

“Naked,” Alec said, looking him up and down before reaching out to pull him in.

“Perks of dating a warlock,” Magnus said, leaning in to kiss him.

“I love these perks. Way better than that other thing,” he replied, before kissing his love thoroughly.

New Year. New Me. {Peter Pan Imagine}

Part One  Part Two Part Three Part Four 

Peter Pan Imagine

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yeah, a long time coming 

Warning: Swearing, angsty 

Tagged: @tmrhollandkay, @ arfrona

Y/n stood there in silence for a moment, wondering in her head if this fool was being serious. Him quietly pleading to her is what put the icing on the cake as she swivels on her heel and quickly grabs Peter by his collar, roughly tugging him up to his feet. 

“Get your ass up,” She snaps, while pulling him somewhere private, and away from the eyes that gathered at the window of the coffee shop. Coming to a stop in front of an alley, Y/n wastes no time separating themselves from civilization. Once she’s pushed him up against the wall, her anger was finally breaking from the dam in her brain that she’s tried so hard not to let free. “How dare you?” 

Peter stares in shock, with a mixture of confusion, not daring to move a muscle in case she would tear it off. “I-I don’t…” 

“You have the balls to cheat on me, then ask me to marry you? You must think I’m some kind of toy, don’t you? Someone you can just toss around whenever you feel like it, right?” 

“That’s not true-”

“Then tell me why.” Peter could see the tears in her eyes, the pain they’ve held ever since that night…oh, how he wishes he could make that look go away. “Tell me why you thought it was okay to cheat, then lie to my face every night saying that I was your number one.” 

Silence filled the space between them; suffocating and thick. “I swear to God if you don’t start talking-” 

“I was afraid, alright? I’ve never been in a relationship for so long without something going wrong. When the arguments started around our second year of being together, I was sure that it was a wrap for us. So I started sleeping with Wendy…but then our third year passed, when I gave you the promise ring. Then the fourth…and now our fifth and…by then I was just…I was stuck. I was surprised we made it so far, but I was also aware of exactly what I’ve been doing behind your back, and I was stuck. At the party, I had every intention of meeting up with Wendy, I won’t deny that. But, it was only to call everything off, because I couldn’t stand doing what I was doing to you anymore, it wasn’t fair. I lost track of time, she caught me off guard and then…you finally caught us. From that moment on is when shit hit the fan and everything fell apart.” 

“Then why blame me? Why would you say that it was partially my fault that I made you do this, after I’ve been nothing but faithful-” 

“I panicked, Y/n. Never has anyone stuck with me for so long, and defended my name, and loved me. I didn’t know how else to react…and I’m sorry. None of this is your fault; I knew what kind of person I was, and I still asked you out anyway. I knew what kind of person you were dumped by, and I still asked you out anyway. I did this to you. And to ask you to marry me, I didn’t know what else to do to get your attention, to talk to you again, for you to listen to me. I’m not perfect, I-I know that for sure-”

“Peter. I never wanted you to be. I just wanted you. I didn’t care about what others said about you or what things you did in the past because you were the only person there to pick up the pieces and make me feel whole again. The person I was sure I was going to spend the rest of my life with…” 

Y/n smiles weakly as the tears, she mentally kicked herself for having, finally came cascading down her cheeks and onto the concrete. Peter wanted to hold her so badly, not even realizing he was unconsciously reaching for her shaking frame. Neither of them questioned how the hug started, they just stood in the embrace contently as they sobbed in each others arms. 

He hugged her tightly as if he would never get the privilege to hold her ever again. 

“But I was wrong.”   And he won’t.  

His eyes widened as Y/n pulls herself away from the hug, wiping her tears on her sleeves. “W-..What?” 

“I was wrong,” She shrugs, shaking her head slowly. “You were right the first time, this was all my fault.” 

“No, Y/n, that’s not-” 

“Who was I to think I could change you? To actually have the slightest faith that you couldn’t possibly break my heart, like in your past relationships. People who are close to me and care for me saw you as a red flag, and I chose to ignore them, because ‘you would never hurt me’. That’s the most dumbest, overused, cliche excuse in the book, and I only have myself to blame. It’s like I’m trapped inside someone’s fanfiction where you only get one of two endings: The good one, or the bad one. And things aren’t looking so good, if you ask me.”  

Peter stood in his emptiness, with the look of dread upon his face. He looked much older, tired, broken. The tears he never wiped away still falling down his face, as he stared at the only woman who had ever given him a chance; all he could do was cry. 

“Y/n please…I’m not the same without you, everything I’ve done was fucked up, but I’d rather live with that shame and keep you, than just let you walk out of my life-I can’t lose you, I-I just can’t!”  

“You lost me the day you put your lips on another woman, Peter.” Her words were like knives, but her expression held…peace. As if everything was clear and calm again. “I told myself in this year I would be different somehow. I didn’t know how or what was going to change, but I never would have guess it would be our relationship and…another thing. We had a good run Peter, a little bumpy, but who said life was easy?”

“Y/n, please don’t do this…” 

She hums slightly, sickeningly enjoying the look of sadness dominating his handsome features. How does it feel?  “It’s time to grow up, Peter Pan. Women won’t waste there time for little boys.” 

With that said, Y/n turns on her heel once again, heading for the exit of the damp alley. Suddenly coming to a stop, she sighs heavily, looking down. 

“Don’t…don’t go looking for me. If you love me you’ll move past this and get some help. Promise me.” 

Peter sniffles once, finally wiping the tears from his eyes. This is what he deserved, there was nothing he could do to change her mind, and he had to respect that. Nodding slowly, only to realize she wasn’t looking at him, he responds. “Only if you promise to find someone who will treat you right, this time.” 

Chuckling softly, she tilts her head to where he could see her smile.

“Third time’s the charm, right?” 

Now it was his turn to chuckle for a short moment, until his grin fell back into a heavy frown. This was it for them. Five years…five beautiful years he will forever hold in his memories until the day he dies. Never will there ever be another ‘Y/n L/n’. He only prays that the next guy lucky enough to have her, keeps her longer than he was able to. 

“Goodbye, Peter.” 

He watched her leave, not being able to say anything. All he did was wave at her disappearing back. Once he could no longer see her is when it all started to come crashing down on him. The tears, the shouts, the tantrum, it all came like a fucking truck. Peter let himself slide down the rough brick wall, sitting right back in the funk he had himself in for the past months yet again. Heaving and puffing, he reached for his phone, looking for the contact he swore he was going to erase a long time ago. Wendy

Right when he was about to hit dial, he stopped himself. What was he doing? After all that happened, had he learned nothing? 

‘If you love me you’ll get past this and get some help. Promise me.’ 

Peter did love her…and he’ll be damned if he broke another promise. Not even hesitating, he pressed ‘delete number’ on her contact, watching as an ‘are you sure?’ came right after. He had never been more sure of anything in his life. “New year. New me. I promise.” He confirmed as he lifted off the ground, and back into the world he now saw in a new light. 

He was going to change. For himself, and for her. 

Meanwhile, after Y/n had left the alley moments ago, she felt as if a whole weight had been lifted from her shoulders. It wasn’t until another weight from her lower body brought her back down to earth. 

Smiling softly, Y/n placed a hand over the growing bump she hid underneath her sweatshirt stealthily, rubbing delicate circles over the faint movement of her unborn child. She had found out about her pregnancy right after that horrible night. Call it an inconvenient miracle. 

Peter was in no shape or condition to help with the child, nor was he in good waters with Y/n in the first place. So, her only option was to keep it a secret and just…start fresh somewhere else. All part of the new year journey. After softly cooing at her stomach for brief moment, Y/n looks up into the world she now saw in a new light. ‘Only if you promise to find someone who will treat you right, this time.’

“New year. New me. I promise.” 

She was going to change. For herself, and for her child. 

Grief * Fred Weasley Request

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NOTE: Hi guys! I missed you all! Sorry, I went on hiatus for a long time but I had school and lacrosse camp! I also was in London. I’m glad to be back, I missed this account so much! Okay, enjoy this request I got a long time ago (sorry by the way ): ). Keep on request babes! 

PS: I’ll be posting more so don’t worry. Enjoy!


Request: “Fred imagines, please!! He and I are together and we have a huge fight and don’t talk for ages until he sees me kissing someone else and we get back together *major fluff please and kissing someone else out of grief not slutty!*”


Warnings: Mild language and cheating



“I can’t believe you. So utter stupid and careless.” I said to Fred, my boyfriend.

“Me? Yet I’m the one who purposed thinking oh well this will be fun! Marrying the only girl I ever loved!” Fred said.

“You knew that I wasn’t ready for marriage! Everything was perfect until this happened! Did you even think about everything that could possibly change if I said yes? We would need to plan a wedding that would cost a lot, a house, jobs… kids?!”

“Kids?! Who said anything about kids?!” Fred said growing frantic.

“Well, everyone would expect us to conceive! Maybe not right away but soon! Fred… w-we aren’t even done with school yet you’re thinking about marriage? What about your shop with George? Do you think he would be able to handle the shop alone? A-And our families… how would they take the news?”

“Stop making excuses! You’re just too selfish to even think about the positives!”

“What positives?! There aren’t any! Our lives would change if we marry! Don’t you get that I’m… we… aren’t ready for this?”

“Now you’re just in denial! A-And… how do you know I’m not ready for this? If I wasn’t ready then why am I the guy who has a bloody ring in his hand asking for your hand in marriage?! Don’t you think I’ve considered the facts about marriage?! What would change and what would happen?!”

“Y-You know what…” I trailed off.

“What now?” Fred said rolling his eyes.

“I-I can’t do this. I give up.” I said crying.

“What do you mean you can’t do this?”

“Fred… all we do is fight. Fight after fight after fight. I’m done. I’m tired. I can’t believe you think our relationship is healthy enough to marry one another. Our relationship was a mess from the start. I just need some time to process everything.” I walked off. I couldn’t bare to see Fred’s face.

*2 Year Later*

I was walking in the dark halls of Hogwarts. Everyone should be asleep by now so it’s just me and my thoughts that roam about in the school.

The school has been stressful lately and I’ve been needing to get out more. Being a 6th year is harder than I thought.

I rarely have time for my friends and my love life. I haven’t loved anyone since…. Fred.

“Hey what are you doing up?” My friend Noah said walking towards me.

“What are you doing up?” I joked.

“I asked first.”

“I’m just clearing my mind.”

“As am I” Noah said getting closer.

“Seriously, why are you awake? You’re never awake at this time.”

“Julia and I broke up. I caught her cheating on me.” Noah said.

“I’m so sorry. You know I never liked her.”

“I know. I can see why.”

We talked for hours. It was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had with Noah.

“So, how are you? I rarely see you around.” Noah said trying to change the subject.

“Busy. I’ve been trying to maintain an A+ average in all of my classes how about you?.”

“I’ve been… not good. A lot has been happening and I just don’t know if I can handle it anymore. I thought coming back here will help me be happy again but so far it hasn’t. Being home isn’t helping me and being here isn’t either.”

I didn’t know what happened to me at that moment. Seeing Noah become genuine and sincere made me feel some type of way. My body took over my brain and I kissed him.

My hands landed on his soft cheeks and our lips touched. I haven’t felt this sensation in years. I can’t explain why did I kiss Noah. I always thought of him as a friend but he’s always been there for me when no one else was.

Suddenly I pushed away. Noah’s face was in shock.

“I-I’m sorry I-” I stuttered. My mind was a wreck.

“Y/N is okay. Don’t worry about it. It was actually quite nice and it made me feel better. This can be our little secret. Promise.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m slutty or that I’m using you.” I was panicking.

“Y/N! I will never think that of you. It’s getting late. We can talk in the morning. Don’t worry Y/N.” Noah helped me up and gave me a hug.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Noah said walking away.

I walked the other direction until I felt someone grab my wrist.

“Get off me! Please, I’ll do anything!” I pleaded hard hoping this guy will let me go.

“Y/N, Y/N, it’s me. Fred.”

“W-What, why are you up?”

“I was just walking around with George. Then I saw you and that guy kiss so I-uh lost George. I was just looking for him but then I saw you walk alone.”

“Oh, you saw… that.” I said with my face heating up.

“Yeah. I did. I know we haven’t talked in over 2 years. I just wanna say that I miss you. I wish we handled things differently back then. Honestly losing you was the dumbest thing I ever did. I’m sorry.” His voice started to crack.

Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if we didn’t end things the way we did. Would we have gotten married?

“Fred I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t say anything at all.” Fred then cupped my cheeks and smashed his lips against mine. The kiss felt like fireworks were behind us and no one else existed but us two.

The whole world froze in their tracks and a new feeling opened up. The kiss seemed endless. I didn’t want it to end but sadly I needed air.

“I’m sorry too. I missed you so many words can’t describe how must I needed you at times.” I said.

“Well then, Y/N will you-”

“You don’t even have to ask!”

I jumped into Fred’s arms and kissed him with all the energy I had left.

We spent the rest of the night talking and giggling about stupid things that happened within the past 2 years in the comfort of the Gryffindor common room. Before we knew it the sun was already up.

I feel asleep in the comfort of Fred’s arms. His face was snug in the crook of my neck. Luckily it wasn’t a school day for everyone was sleeping in.

Finally got my man back!

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M
Summary: Look, no one told you - warned you – about how good Dean Winchester looks in glasses. The worst part? He totally knows what he’s doing. 
A/N: Fun fact, I haven’t actually watched this episode yet. I just saw the glasses, and was inspired. Ahem. This is short. Sorry.

Dean is walking slowly next to you, eyes scanning your surroundings, and he’s clearly trying not to smile. You kind of hate him. 

Kind of.

The thing is – okay, you’re not dumb. Dean Winchester might be in his late thirties, but he’s hot, okay. He knows it, too. How could he not? People are always swooning over him and you’ll be damned if you’re going to be one of them. 

He’s wearing glasses today. You know it’s for a job, but still. It’s been hard for you to take your eyes off him since he put them on. You’re pretty sure he’s noticed, if the self-assured swagger in his step is anything to go by.

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Dirk Gently Asks!
  • Dirk Gently: Do you own the same piece of clothing in more than one colour?
  • Todd Brotzman: Have you ever told a lie you really regret?
  • Farah Black: What is your dream job?
  • Amanda Brotzman: Do you have any illnesses?
  • Bart Curlish: Have you ever wanted to kill anybody?
  • Ken: What's your favourite piece of technology?
  • The Rowdy 3: Have you ever deliberately broken something?
  • Estevez: Do you miss anyone right now?
  • Zimmerfield: Is there anything cool you can do with your face?
  • Riggins: Do you have/want children?
  • Friedkin: What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
  • Patrick Spring: If you could go back and change one thing, what would it be?
  • Lydia Spring: Have you ever run away from home?
  • Rapunzel the Corgi: Do you have any pets?
  • Blackwing: Does your group of friends have a name?
  • Holistic: Who do you feel the most connected to?
  • Icarus: Have you ever known something was going to happen before it did?
  • Svlad Cjelli: If you were going to change your name, what would you change it to?
  • Gordon Rimmer: Who's your favourite musical artist?
  • Perryman Grand: What's the fanciest place you've ever stayed?
I'll Show You (Part 1) - Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: Sorry for making you guys wait for so long! But here it is, finally, part 1 of my new Theo Raeken series. There’s a drinking and driving scene in this part, make sure to remember that Theo is a chimera and can’t get drunk so he’s allowed to drive. Let me know what you guys think! Also this series will contain smut, nsfw stuff, although there’re none on this part. (:


Note: Part 2
Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: Drinking (alcohol), cursing, I think that’s all?
Word count: 2840

“I can’t believe you managed to talk me into this.” I sigh, sipping on my drink and feeling the alcohol burn in my throat as it makes it way down. The girl next to me giggles as I watch her from the corner of my eye. “You need to learn how to relax, just chill and have fun.” She says, playing with her hair like she always does.

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Time Canary Week | Day 4: Free Day 
💿 : I Like That
Rip and Sara as rival spies turned lovers

The problem, Rip thinks, is that she’s shown herself to be a very good shot, good enough that for the first time in his career, he thinks she might actually be able to shoot him first.
“Let’s not…” He wets his lips with his tongue. “Let’s not split hairs, shall we? Let’s just put our guns down-”
“Put your gun down,” she says. “And kick it to me.”
He sucks on his teeth. “You see, I don’t really think that’s a wise move for me, and really-”
“I don’t really think that’s a wise move for me,” she mocks, curling her lip and doing a terrible version of his accent. “Put it down, English.”
He finds himself increasingly frustrated by her, particularly by how trapped her feels in her gaze. “You put your gun down, love,” he snaps. “How about that?”
“Love,” she says, emphatically. “Cute.”
“I’m counting to three,” he says. “And on three, we’ll both drop our weapons, alright?”
She shrugs.
“One,” he says. “Two, and three.”
He lets his gun fall out of his hand.
She does not do the same.
“Oh come on!” he says, gesturing to her. “For fuck’s sake. We said on three.”
“You said,” she tells him. “I was noncommittal about it.”
“Well if you’re going to shoot me then you might as well do it now,” he says. “Noncommittal? Do you have no honor? Are you just-”
“Honor?” she says, lowering her arm, huffing in disbelief. “Just because you’re Her Majesty’s Finest Idiot or whatever doesn’t mean-”
“Do you even have identification?” he says. “Have I just been having a pissing contest with some bloody fucking mercenary?”
“Oh, fuck you,” she says, putting her gun away and digging out her badge. “Here. Sara. CIA.”
He makes a face at her before pulling his identification out of his breast pocket. “Rip Hunter. M-16.”
“Rip Hunter is the dumbest alias you ever could’ve chosen,” Sara says.
He lets out a frustrated sort of noise. “Do you ever just, you know- Fuck off, perhaps? Not do-” He gives her a once over, which is his second mistake. “This?”
“Oh, you fuck off,” Sara says, brushing his ID out of her face.
“You fuck off,” he retorts, and realizes all too late that she’s absolutely stopped listening to him altogether. 

honeywhatthefuck  asked:

Could you do a drabble with 16+4 and best friend Jungkook, please? Have a nice day/night. 💞💞

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff? / Comedy

Warnings: NA

Prompt: “Who gave you that black eye?” + “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.”

Summary: Every girl should know how to fight even if it’s at the expense of her best friend.

a/n: sorry this took a while to write, had been stuck in a bit of a rut and wanted to try to take this down the non-sterotypical best friend au path! 

And drabbles are still open!

“This probably your dumbest idea to date.” Jungkook grumbles but still holds the punching pad firmly in his hands.

You ignore his comments and tighten the fingerless boxing gloves on your hands. “I need to be able to defend myself if I’m walking down the street and some asshole decides he wants to be creepy with me.”

He huffs and rolls his eyes, “You’ll more likely than not be walking down the street with me. And then I’ll just kick their ass if you want me to at that point.”

You point a finger and narrow your eyes, “What if I need to kick your ass?”

You don’t give him time to respond as your fist collides with the pad. All you hear is a grunt and you continue wailing away at the pad.

“Okay, stop. If you’re going to do this, let me teach you how to do it right at least.” He remarks looking at you pitifully and your weak attempts at a right hook.

He drops the pad and grabs the punching mits. “Now, you’re going to go right, left, and duck.” He demonstrates the moves. “We’ll start slow and work our way up to a faster pace. Got it?”

You nod enthusiastically, and he nods letting you know he’s ready. The first two punches are successful but then he swings his arm around too fast for you to react in time and get smacked on the side of the face.

“What the hell! 

“Your creepy date isn’t going to slow up a swing in time for you to duck.” He snickers while you rub your head and face soothingly. 

You glare at him and try again.

Smack. “I think this might actually be the best idea you’ve ever had.”

You get smacked three more times before you finally are ducking fast enough to avoid an oncoming concussion.

By this point you’re fuming, annoyed that he isn’t going easy on you nor apologizing for hit after hit to the side of your face. Your punches into the mits become more forceful and soon enough the rapidity of the sequence is making every move look like a blur.

“Come on,” Jungkook eggs you on, “you can punch harder than that. You won’t even give the guy a bloody nose or a black eye with a punch like that.”

His offhanded comment catches you off guard and you forget the ducking part of the sequence and go straight for another punch.

His hand smacks the upside of your head and before he can process what’s happening and before you can slow your fist, it’s colliding with his face.

And for the record he did get a bloody nose.

Your best friend has a pack of frozen peas pressed to their face and the beginning signs of a black eye slowly materializing.

“You did that on purpose.” Jungkook grumbled bitterly.

You scoff, “You know I did not. Although I did enjoy it after you literally slapped me upside the head six times.”

He just groans, and looks at you, removing the bag of peas. You stifle your giggles at the wads of tissue stuck up his nose as he begins to panic, “What am I supposed to say when people ask ‘who gave me black eye’?” He points to the blooming black and blue.

You shrug your shoulders, “You say: ‘your super strong best friend who clearly didn’t know her own strength accidentally punch you in the face because she believes girls should know how to defend themselves and you were just trying to be a supportive friend by volunteering to be her human punching bag for the day.’”

He stares at you and you watch his eye twitch slightly in annoyance.

“I knew this was your dumbest idea ever.”

“Aww Jungkookie, don’t worry if you ever have a creepy many catcall at you I’ll make sure to be their ass okay?” You coo but suddenly make a mad dash towards the door when frozen peas are beginning to be pelted towards you at an alarming rate. 

“I’m going to beat your ass.” was the last thing you heard before you were running down the block with him right on your heels.

Sick Of Losing Soulmates - snowbaz

alright-y-o so this is my first snowbaz fic and I got really carried away with it so let’s just post it before i fuck it up beyond repair okAY

Genre: fluff?? angst?? baz

Warnings: mentions of vomiting (not too graphic), lots of talk about death and murder (whoops), graphic making out ;))))))))

Summary: (AU) Sixth year at Watford, and Simon Snow turns up sick. Baz ‘doesn’t care’. 

Word Count: 6,139 (JEEZ)

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You’re an idiot, Steve Harrington (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Title: You’re an idiot, Steve Harrington

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Prompts: 7, 41, 32, and 49

Requested by: anon

Warnings: blood & fight mention, cussing

Notes: these prompts reminded me of Nancy’s line so naturally- (this is also my first stranger things imagine so he might be a little ooc? feedback would be nice)

You did what?!” 

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Into The Unknown

ask : Can you do a request with Nico using 5, 32, 49? Thanks!

Um, fuck yeah?

prompts :

5. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

32. “This is, by far, the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.”

49. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

this is so empowering I love it

also, sorry if it’s shitty (also for the title too I just- fuck sorry)

“Are you mentally ill.” Nico asked you, watching you wide eyed. You cracked your knuckles, before picking up your sword, twirling it in your hand. You looked at him, smirking playfully and pushing your messy, (h/c) hair back out of your face.

“Technically, yes. But, not now.” Stretching, you looked at you boyfriend, as he watched you, dumbstruck. His facial expression changed quickly, him furrowing his eyebrows as he pushed his mousy black hair out of his face, holding it back.

“You’re telling me, that you’re about to go into the Labyrinth, by yourself, and you don’t think that’s crazy?” Nico cocked his head slightly. He dropped his hand from his hair, and crossed his arms. “Do you know anything about the Labyrinth?” Nico asked, and you scoffed, raising an eyebrow at your boyfriend.

“I’m a big girl, Nico. I know what I’m doing, and frankly, I’m offended you don’t have more faith in me.” You pouted slightly, crossing your arms. Nico rolled his eyes, dropping his arms.

“Of course I have faith in you. This is just, by far, the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. And you’re best friends with Percy ‘Does Dumb Shit For A Living’ Jackson.” Nico raised an eyebrow, and you laughed, stabbing your sword into the ground.

“I’ll be fine, di Angelo, don’t trust me?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, and Nico’s face bloomed a light shade of scarlet, as his hands found their way to your waist, his nimble fingers gripping it slightly. Nico smiled slightly, clenching his jaw and turning his head, focusing his gaze on the Big House.

“Of course I trust you.” Nico finally turned to face you, raising an eyebrow. “The fact is that you’ve never been to the Labyrinth before, so you don’t know what’s down there.” Nico spoke, and you scoffed.

“Listen, sweetheart, do you know what’s down there?” You asked, and Nico grumbled under his breath, pulling you closer, so your hips were against his.

“Nobody does, Y/N. It always changes. Just, be careful.” Nico warned, and you laughed, snorting in amusement.

“I’m never careful.” You said truthfully, and Nico groaned.

“Then I’m going with you.” Nico spoke, and your eyes widened, as you pulled away from your grasp.

“What?! No, you can’t!” You spoke frantically, and Nico stepped forward, furrowing his eyebrows. He cocked his head, crossing his arms.

“Why not? I’m the son of Hades, I’m good with underground places-” You cut your boyfriend off, gritting your teeth.

“Please Nico, this is my one chance to prove to Chiron that I’m good enough to go on a quest. If you help me, he’ll think I didn’t do anything. I’m sick of being treated like I’m less then other people because I’ve been here for less time.” You plead, grabbing your boyfriend’s hands. Nico watched you curiously. He didn’t want you to go alone, but he also didn’t want you to get mad at him for doubting you. Deciding your wrath wasn’t one he wanted to deal with, Nico let a soft sigh escape his lips.

“Fine. If you’re in there for more than two weeks, I’m coming in and finding you.” Nico spoke, and you giddily jumped into his arms, hugging him tightly, sending him stumbling back as you wrapped your legs around his torso.

“Thank you!” You repeated five times, between each kiss you pressed against his lips. Pressing a hard kiss against his lips, you buried your fingers in his messy black locks, smiling into the kiss. Pulling away, you smiled at your boyfriend, his dark, lidded eyes landing on you. “I love you.” You smiled, and so did he.

“I love you too.” He spoke, setting you down on the floor. You picked up your sword, and picked up your bag of nectar, ambrosia, food, and water, ready to walk into the Labyrinth, when Nico grabbed your hand. “Here, take this instead.” He handed you his Stygian Iron sword, dark as the dead of night, as it seemed to suck the shadows around them. It glowed with a faint, sinister purple light, as you took it from Nico’s fingertips.

“Really? But-” You glanced down at the sword in awe, remembering all the impossible feats Nico has accomplished with it. “Nico I don’t deserve to use this.” You held the sword easily in your hand, feeling it’s power beneath your fingertips.

“You’re using it. It’ll help you, I promise. You’re a strong girl, Y/N, and even though you’re an idiot for going in by yourself, I have faith in you.” Nico spoke, the hint of a smirk pulling at his lips.

“I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot. I’ll be back Neeks, I promise.” You pressed one soft kiss against his lips before stabbing your own sword into the ground in between his feet. Clutching Nico’s sword in your fingertips, your knuckles grew white. Chin up, Stygian Iron sword in hand, and your other hand wrapped around your backpack, you marched proudly into the Labyrinth, determined to find it’s exit.

Counting, you figured a week has passed by. You haven’t sleep in three to five days you thought, you sorta lost count as soon as you stepped in. You let the purple glow from the sword be your light, as you stumbled down a narrow hallway. “Please let it be something like bunnies or something? Something nice?” You plead aloud, knowing damn well no god or goddess will ever answer your pleas.

A growl came from the end of the hallway, and you smiled bitterly. “No bunnies. Great.” You muttered, as the sphinx herself decided to crawl out of the shadows. You gritted your teeth, watching as she crept closer. Your eyes dropped slightly, before you forced them open, dodging last minute as the sphinx jumped at you. Slashing with Nico’s sword, a rush of adrenaline surged through you, as all the shadows seemed to melt into the sword.

You viciously stabbed down, a sea of gold exploding from the sword. The sphinx was dead, and you continued walking, gritting your teeth, adrenaline and the little food you had keeping you awake and alive. Your mind screamed at you, was it even worth nearly dying to prove to Chiron that you could go on a quest.

Doubt filled your brain, and you fell to your knees. Hot tears welled in your eyes, and pissed off, you stood at your feet. “Shut up. I’m gonna do it.” You scolded yourself for even thinking about quitting. You were Y/N L/N, daughter of (g/p), a warrior, a demigod. You weren’t going to give up.

Whispering a prayer to your godly parent, you trekked on, the glow from Nico’s sword lighting your way once more.

Nico found the opening before you did, waiting for you to walk out. His fingers were tightly wrapped around your sword, knuckles white, as he eagerly watched the opening, alone. Chiron stood a few feet behind. “C'mon Y/N.” Nico grumbled beneath his breath, drumming his fingers on the hilt of your sword.

You stumbled backwards into the doorway, and Nico’s breath hitched, your backpack was ripped up, still on your back. Your shirt hung off you in tatters, exposing your sports bra, and you slashed down at a flock of harpies. Taking two out, a cry from the depths of your chest escaped your lips, as you jumped up and stabbed down, sending three to Tartarus by stabbing Nico’s sword through their heads in one swift stab.

Shaking the gold dust off the sword tiredly, you turned, eyes brightening as they fell on Nico. “Nico!” You spoke happily, pushing the rest of your adrenaline through your veins, as you bolted towards the son of Hades.

He caught you in his arms, and stumbled back. Both swords clattered to the ground, and ragged breaths escaped your lips, as your injuries finally caught up to you. Nico looked down at you, tired, beat up, but an aura of power and death surrounded you. “I knew you could do it.” He smiled, and you nodded half-heartedly.

Nearly falling asleep in his arms, Nico picked you up bridal style. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?” He mumbled softly, and you nodded slowly, gripping his shirt in your fist.

Nico eyed Chiron as he passed. “Got through the Labyrinth by herself. That enough to let her go on a quest?” Nico grumbled beneath his breath, carrying you towards the Infirmary.

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My words are venom

A/N) here we go! Part two of the last text convo that happened between Remus and Sirius. This one is pretty heavy so buckle your feels seat belt. Written by @credence-needs-a-hug
Hope you enjoy!!
Remus sat with his head in his hands. His heart was hammering, as loud as the thoughts running angrily through his mind.

Ignorant. Impulsive. Sirius.

The words, detached from sentences, scrambled any logic that could have been within him. He was just so-angry. He couldn’t even find his common sense. The very thought of Sirius infuriated him. It was his fault. All of it. He could have gotten snape killed. He was an asshole, yes, but no one deserved that. And did Sirius even think of what it would do to remus if he had killed snape? He would have been devastated.

Remus stood, a pulsing rage swelling in his chest. He looked around at the classroom he had found. After wandering around for a while, he had come across the dark room, occupied only by some old chairs and desks. Unthinkingly, remus grabbed the nearest chair, flinging it as though it was nothing, hard against the wall and watching it splinter and shatter like glass.


Remus jumps, whipping around to see Sirius in the doorway holding his cheek tenderly. When he moved his hand, blood ran down his cheek in a thin stream. Remus face turned vivid. “How the fuck did you find me?” He demanded.

Sirius looked up at him with watery eyes. “I was walking past and I heard footsteps,” he explained. He chuckled without humor. “I walked in right on time to get a splinter to the face. Nice aim by the way.”

Remus scoffed. “I wasn’t aiming for you. The fact that I hit you was just as satisfying as throwing the chair, though.” Sirius’ eyes widened. “You’re really mad, aren’t you?”

Remus froze. He turned slowly. He continued to turn until he was facing Sirius with a deadly look in his eyes. “Sirius,” he began, his voice ice. “You are a fucking idiot. That was the dumbest, most immature thing anyone has ever done.”

Sirius, averting his eyes to the ground, walked farther into the classroom and closed the door behind him. “I know, remus I do,” he said, holding his hands out in front of his body. “I was being dumb. I am so sorry. I didn’t think.”

“DIDN’T THINK?” Remus screamed, causing Sirius to cower down. Remus took a breath. “Sirius, do you know how much I have to lose? You don’t seem to understand that I have parents who will be effected by this. I’ll be kicked out of school. I might get thrown out of my house. I could get arrested,”

“Remus, I get it-” Sirius tried, but Remus cut him off. Eyes turning to steel, he stared down at Sirius. Unblinking and glaring, he stared. “You will never understand,” he growled. “Your family hates you. You have nothing. You’ll never understand losing something because you have nothing to lose. So please try your best not to fuck my life up just because yours is so pathetic.”

Remus will never get the image of Sirius’ face out of his mind. The hurt strewn across his features.

Sirius could feel the tears falling down his cheeks, but he didn’t even try to stop them. His heart was aching, and it made him want to curl in on himself. He stared at Remus with wide, pained eyes. The place on his cheek where his tears and blood had created a cocktail of watery red on his pale face.

He took in a shuddering breath. “You couldn’t just beat me up, huh?” He let the breath out, his chest deflating. “I guess that’s your style, though.”

Remus stared back defiantly, no sign of remorse in his eyes.

Sirius turned slowly, pulling the door open and leaving without another word.

Remus sat down, curling his hands into his hair. Why did he do that? Why did he make it so hard to be angry? He should have felt good about it. He should have been happy at the way Sirius’ face fell, but all he felt was this emptiness. It consumed him.

He sank to the floor and cried.