you have the ability to talk to anyone

-autumnal asks-

pumpkin spice: what’s your drink of choice?

wool socks: what’s something you look forward to in fall?

falling leaves: you’re stranded on a desert island and here’s the twist; what three things do you NOT bring with you?

smelly candles: what’s your absolute favorite scent?

big sweaters: do you prefer the cold, warmth, or a perfect in-between?

halloween: if you could dress up as anyone/ anything and pull it off absolutely flawlessly, who/what would it be?

cozy blankets: where do you feel the most safe and at home?

hot tea: when was the last time you kissed someone (if you haven’t had your first kiss, who would you like that first someone to be?)

flannel: what’s your favorite day of the year? is there a reason it’s your favorite?

chilly air: what’s your least favorite and favorite type of weather?

scarves: if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

apple cider: if you could throw a party, and invite absolutely anyone, who would they be?

haunted houses: what’s your scariest memory? (if you don’t have one/ don’t want to talk about it, what’s your biggest fear?)

fuzzy boots: if you could live in any year/era, which would it be and why?

thanksgiving: what is something/someone you’re the most thankful for? any particular reason?

black friday: what is one thing, if anything, you would sell your soul to own?

apple picking: if you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

corn mazes: do you have any secret talents/abilities?

hay rides: if you could pick absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?

the color orange: do you have a specific song that reminds you of autumn? what is it?

windy nights:if you could go to any concert whose would it be?

holding hands: do you believe in soulmates?

Self Care with the Moon (Astrology)

Nurturing, Self care and your Moon sign/placement

The moon in a natal chart represents how we nurture, how we want to be nurtured, our habits and our receptivity.

If you’re feeling tense, anxious or in need of self care and nurturing, look to your moon sign for some help as to how you can take better care of your emotional well being.

Moon in Aries/1st House/conjunct the AC from the 12th
- Express your emotions to others upfront
- Take care of your appearance
- Do jobs for yourself, you’ll feel better being independent
- Have that emotional blow up, don’t hold it in
- Don’t sit around wallowing in your emotions. Get up, and go DO something, take initiative
- You want to cry? Do it….
- Be in solitude sometimes (if your moons in the first house, you’re quite receptive to other people’s emotions. You need to get away from that from time to time)

Moon in Taurus/2nd House
- Material comforts such as good food, a soft bed, and comfy clothes will greatly help nurture you
- Having a well balanced bank account
- Write down 5 things a day that you value (about yourself, and/or what you have - not what you want). A gratitude diary would be great!
- Listening to music (or making music if you like to) will help you relax. Also painting and sculpting
- Hugs! Physically holding another will help you relax
- Nice smelling perfumes on your body or in your house
- Using Body moisturiser and beauty products

Moon in Gemini/3rd House
- Talk about your feelings
- Get out of the house and go for short trips around your neighbourhood/local area. Being in your house for too long will make you agitated
- Talk to others, In real life or online. Prolonged solitude can make you feel lonely very quickly (Facebook/Snapchat/Skype people when you can)
- Hang out with your siblings (if you have any/if your moon isn’t afflicted). If you don’t have any siblings, cousins and neighbours you’re close to is also great!
- Write things down, especially about how your feeling. You may enjoy journaling

Moon in Cancer/4th House/Conjunct the Ic (possibly from the 3rd House)
- Hugs Hugs Hugs!
- Cook/eat your favourite food
- Spend time at home (if you’re a 3rd House moon conjunct the IC, go out for short trips then come home to relax - you kinda need both)
- Be with your mother/family (if your mother is present/if your moon isn’t afflicted)
- Nurture others
- Be with children
- Cry on someone’s shoulder, it’s ok!
- Snuggle in bed

Moon in Leo/5th House
- Be generous and spread happiness to others
- Take the spotlight (but don’t be too greedy)
- Let people know how you really feel (don’t be too pushy about it)
- Express your creativity!
- Dance if you want to!
- Watch a comedy or joke around with friends
- Play games with children/Release your inner child
- Party 🎉
- Play games!
- Express your love to your lover. Give and get kisses and cuddles you deserve

Moon in Virgo/6th House
- Take care of your health. Take your medication, eat healthy and exercise
- Do yoga
- Make a ‘To-do’ list and calendars. You’re naturally emotionally stressed, make it easy for yourself by planning things
- Keep your house and environment organised and clean
- Pamper yourself by being well groomed and hygienic
- Relax in a spa bath
- Enjoy a healthy meal
- Make goals for yourself and aim to achieve them
- Help someone else out. Be of service
- If you aren’t feeling great, ask someone to do some jobs for you. It’s only fair

Moon in Libra/7th House/Conjunct the DES from the 6th
- Make art. Draw and paint
- Make yourself look beautiful. Wear your favourite outfit, get your hair/makeup done
- Listen to music
- Talk to others and close friends
- Spend time with a romantic lover
- Do something nice for someone
- Settle/balance an argument
- Weigh the pros and cons to making a decision
- Beautify your home and environment

Moon in Scorpio/8th House
- You’re emotions are so intense, you may need to seclude yourself fairly often from people. Take time out with yourself to avoid emotional strain
- Spend time 'going within’ yourself. You can do this through mediation or simply self contemplation. You have a need to know yourself.
- You need to protect your vulnerability. Find someone you can trust 100% to tell your feelings to, for you need a channeled way of release
- You can purge excess emotion and passion through sex and connecting with someone on a higher level
- Share your feelings with those you truly trust

Moon in Sagittarius/9th House
- Go for a long drive/bus/train trip. Explore your local area, or if you can, take a trip to a nearby town. Explore your sense of adventure
- You probably generally don’t like to think/talk about your emotions, and your resilience allows you to support yourself
- Enjoy the company of good friends. Laugh and have a good time
- You may enjoy watching a comedy
- Ask yourself the biggest questions of life and let your mind wander in the possibilities. It brings you ease knowing that everything happens for a reason, allowing you to maintain your optimism

Moon in Capricorn/10th House/Conjunct the MC from the 9th
- You like Scorpio moon folk, tend to prefer to keep your emotions under wraps
- You make like to literally 'work’ your problems out. Doing jobs and focusing on goals allows you to gain satisfaction of achievement
- At times, you may feel lonely and cut off from others. This is often self imposed. Don’t be afraid to open to others who you feel comfortable with
- Like Virgo moons, setting your self job lists can help give you direction, removing any feelings of being at a loss with life
- Spend sometime away from people who try to pry you open all the time as this can really stress you out

Moon in Aquarius/11th House
- You’re emotional wellbeing may not be the focus of your life, and you have great difficulty expressing your feelings to others
- You have the ability to logically analyse your emotions and fix things in your external environment that’s causing you problems
- Change things in your home/environment often to keep yourself stimulated
- Perhaps spend time partaking in humanitarian causes
- Talk to anyone and everyone. Being part of society can make you feel quite buzzed

Moon in Pisces/12th House
- Your emotions are highly sensitive and you are greatly sensitive to the emotions of others. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people or if that’s not possible, find a secluded space
- You react to emotional stimulus quite easy. Listen to happy music or watch a funny, lighthearted movie
- Never blame yourself for something you know you didn’t do. Don’t give into pieces victim mentality. Tell yourself the truth always
- Learn how to set yourself boundaries and don’t give into everyone all of the time. It’s great to be loving and generous, but you need to also take care of yourself
- Watch movies or play games that really draws you in and allows your imagination to run freely in a channeled way

©ellie-mae-astrology on Tumblr

Autumn Asks! Let’s get to know each other!

Hi friends! I feel like I don’t interact with you guys nearly enough and lately I’ve been extra in the autumn mood. Ask away please! :) 

pumpkin spice: what’s your drink of choice?

wool socks: what’s something you look forward to in fall?

falling leaves: you’re stranded on a desert island and here’s the twist; what three things do you NOT bring with you?

smelly candles: what’s your absolute favorite scent?

big sweaters: do you prefer the cold, warmth, or a perfect in-between?

halloween: if you could dress up as anyone/ anything and pull it off absolutely flawlessly, who/what would it be?

cozy blankets: where do you feel the most safe and at home?

hot tea: when was the last time you kissed someone 

flannel: what’s your favorite day of the year? is there a reason it’s your favorite?

chilly air: what’s your least favorite and favorite type of weather?

scarves: if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

apple cider: if you could throw a party, and invite absolutely anyone, who would they be?

haunted houses: what’s your scariest memory? (if you don’t have one/ don’t want to talk about it, what’s your biggest fear?)

fuzzy boots: if you could live in any year/era, which would it be and why?

thanksgiving: what is something/someone you’re the most thankful for? any particular reason?

black friday: what is one thing, if anything, you would sell your soul to own?

apple picking: if you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

corn mazes: do you have any secret talents/abilities?

hay rides: if you could pick absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?

the color orange: do you have a specific song that reminds you of autumn? what is it?

windy nights:if you could go to any concert whose would it be?

holding hands: do you believe in soulmates?

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anonymous asked:

Hello! These blogs are so super helpful, and yours is here just in time for me to begin writing my story! So thank you so much for your help in advance. I'm writing a story about a soldier that was captured during war. Part of the story is him struggling to trust his therapist enough to open up about what happened. During this time where he refuses to talk to anyone, how would PTSD affect his everyday actions, his thoughts, etc.? Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend!!!

Hooboy. I’m going to just list several symptoms of PTSD and explain how they would each drain his energy and limit his ability to do things and how to include these in your writing. 

1. Hyper-Arousal

  • Hyper-vigilance: Every little sound and shadow is going to make his brain go into overdrive. It is going to kick his fight-or-flight mode on high and its almost never going to calm down. This is EXTREMELY draining. His brain and body is going to be a coiled spring, ready for danger, at all times. This is physically exhausting and drains spoons incredibly quickly. 
    • Some ways this will change his daily life - he won’t be able to spend as much time in crowds or even just outside his house because there is too much stimulation for him to handle for to long. He probably won’t sleep well because again, all those little noises houses make at night is going to make him panic and lose more spoons - he could combat this by getting a white noise machine. 
  • Emotional Outbursts: Many individuals with PTSD may experience unstable emotional states. 
    • It wouldn’t be odd for him to suddenly feel very angry or irritable with no recognizable reason or target. He may also swing the other way and start crying without any warning. These episodes are extremely draining and there frequency may prevent your character from getting things done. 
  • Lack of Concentration: High levels of distraction, the hyper-vigilance, the adrenaline constantly running through his body is going to make if difficult for your character to concentration for an extended period of time.
    • This lack of concentration may make it difficult for your character to work, attend school, do homework or fill out things like medical forms for doctors appointments. This could lead to him pushing such appointments back because he is unable to prepare for them.

2. Avoidance 

  • Situational Avoidance: Your character is going to try to avoid any situation that might remind him of his trauma.
    • If he was in a tank that was bombed, he may go out of his way to avoid driving. If something happened in a wooded area, he may take a longer route to avoid a similar area because it reminds him of his trauma. This could make your character miss deadlines, appointment times, or cause a significant amount of time to be dedicated to this avoidance which means other things will not get done. 
  • Social Isolation: Another type of avoidance is social avoidance - this means your character may avoid his family and friends, either because he doesn’t have the energy to be social or being around other people cause him to panic. Being forced into these situations would drain his energy very quickly.
    • This may cause him to avoid things like birthday celebrations, holiday parties, any type of gathering. These events are going to be extremely exhausting as your character is already tired and the amount of people and noise are going to exhaust him. 
    • Something else that might influence his social isolation is his PTSD influencing his view of other people - he may begin to mistrust others and feel as if the world is a dangerous place. This mindset is extraordinarily draining and would significantly impact his energy levels. 
  • Triggers: Triggers are sights, sounds, smells, situations, items; pretty much anything that reminds your character of his trauma. 
    • Before he is aware of his triggers, he will most likely stumble upon many of them and suffer from flashbacks or anxiety attacks, which is extremely exhausting.
    • When he knows his triggers, he is going to try his best to avoid them, which may mean changing his routine, getting up earlier to go shopping when it is quieter, not going to fun events like fairs or the movies because he doesn’t want to fun into a trigger. 
    • Triggers are often unavoidable or unexpected, prompting exhausting anxiety attacks or flashbacks multiple times a day, eating up time to get things done and exhausting your character.
      • Consider what his trauma consists of - does it involve guns? If so, it might not be just real guns that can trigger an anxiety attack or flashback. Plastic guns, guns in movies or TV shows, sounds that are similar like a car backfiring or fireworks, the smell of gunpowder, even just something that shoots something, like a Nerf Gun. Think through his potential triggers and then think about all the situations those could be found in - he is going to have to schedule his entire day around avoiding these triggers, especially when he is not actively working with his therapist on his trauma at this point.

3. Flashbacks/Remembering the Trauma

  • Nightmares: When he does fall asleep, he is most likely going to have nightmares. 
    • He may or may not remember the specifics of the nightmare, but he will most likely wake up in a panic, shaking, sweating. It’s going to take him a long time to fall back to sleep, if he even does. If he does fall back to sleep, it may be a very tense sleep, waking up frequently and not allowing his body to relax - this means he is going to wake up in the morning already exhausted, anxious, and running on panic. 
  • Flashbacks: Flashbacks are often one of the stereotypical symptoms of PTSD, however they are extremely common. Flashbacks may happen multiple times a day, at varying severity each time. 
    • One type of flashback is an emotional flashback - these flashbacks only affect the individuals emotional state, not their senses. So if your character is triggered and reminded of his trauma, his emotional state may quickly move to match the emotional state during the trauma - so intense fear, adrenaline, anger, sadness. These intense episodes that may come at anytime, last up to an hour, and are extremely exhausting. 
    • The common type of flashbacks you see in media are sometimes called ‘full flashbacks’ or ‘psychological flashbacks’. This is when the brain believes that it is back during the traumatic event, and the individuals senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste - are going to be taken back to the moment of the trauma. Your character will not be fully in reality at the time and any attempts to touch or otherwise break the individual out of the flashback could result in a negative or fearful reaction. These flashbacks can also last a significant amount of time and be draining. 

Now, you said that this was before your character began working with his therapist, but these symptoms won’t go away suddenly. As your character begins to work through his trauma and develop coping skills, these symptoms may decrease in severity or disappear all together eventually. However, some PTSD sufferers will always have some of these symptoms and have to cope with them. 

I hope this helps!

- Mod Riley

how to win a fight sign by sign

how to win a fight sign by sign:

♈️aries: compliment their fighting style. “wow you really know how to fight.” aries will be flattered and immediately forget the fight.

♉️taurus: you can’t, unless taurus isn’t really angry with you.

♊️gemini: multitask. keep looking at your phone. “sorry just gotta write this email.” gemini will also get on their phone and forget to argue.

♋️cancer: get their mom on your side.

♌️leo: pretend to give in but secretly don’t. if they notice, pretend it’s not intentional.

♍️virgo: get literally anyone else to agree with you. virgo self doubt will immediately take over and you will win.

♎️libra: insult them personally. say they’re ugly when they’re mad. you will never see them again.

♏️scorpio: keep asking them what their endgame is. they’ll have nothing to say because they don’t want to tell you.

♐️sagittarius: keeping saying “yeah but that’s just your opinion” because everything a sag says is.

♑️capricorn: just start crying. capricorns can’t so it’s like a special ability only you can activate.

♒️aquarius: keep talking about things aquarius doesn’t know anything about.

♓️pisces: pisces has a martyr complex so just reminding them that they’re not a faultless victim will confuse them.

I’m a queer, poc astrologer
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being a minor in an abusive household

i did this same sort of post about being a college kid with an abusive household so i thought i’d do one for non-college kids!

***note: i’m not a minor anymore, but i’m remembering from back when i was a wee lil fetus and using that for this***

  • the “i have something important i need to talk about but who do i talk to if my parents will yell at me when i talk to them ??” problem
  • where do i go besides my room to escape ?????
  • (depending on how old you are/your ability) can’t drive anywhere so i’m Stuck
  • *gets bad grade back* shitshitshit what are they gonna say how am i gonna tell them
  • the “let’s see how long i can stay at school without causing suspicion” game
  • DoN’t LeT aNyOnE cOmE tO yOuR hOuSe
  • staying up super super late because that’s when the house is quiet and there’s no threat of an argument
  • “do i talk to them about x thing that they did/said that bothered me or do i leave it alone bc it’ll cause an argument and that’ll take an hour or so and i still have homework to do plus i gotta shower and get to sleep asap”
  • “you live under my roof so you will follow my rules”
  • *is late to school every day* teacher: is everything okay at home? parents: yup our son/daughter is just lazy and doesn’t get out of bed in the morning ha ha ha ha ha !

i know i’m forgetting things so feel free to add onto this and i’ll rb !


(Part 2) | (Part 3)


Y/N’s curious, clumsy, and has a knack for asking the wrong questions at the wrong time. Bucky’s a hot-headed prick with a dark past and communication issues. Both are paired for training, and neither party is all too thrilled. 

Word count: 1200 

“This is the training room.”

You nod even though you’re barely processing anything you’re being told.

Three days ago you’d woken up in an abandoned warehouse, with no idea where you were or how you’d gotten there. There were significant gaps in your memory and a you were in lot of pain. Then someone in a red metal suit had entered your field of vision, frowning, and you’d passed out, wondering if it was all some kind of dream. When you’d come to for the second time, you were in the infirmary and this man, (Steve?), started saying something  about a group of enhanced individuals and you being one of them. It took all your willpower to not pass out again.

“We don’t know what your abilities are, but given your enhancements, people are going to come after you. It’s important that you learn to defend yourself.”

You’re still not sure what ‘abilities’ he’s talking about, or what he means by 'enhancements’.

“Training is usually carried out by Natasha or Wanda,” Steve’s speaking again, barely taking notice of you staring at him with eyes wider than plates. “But since they’re away on a mission, we’ll have to find someone else to train you.”  

You nod your head, still trying to understand everything. The names are meaningless to you, and you’re not too keen on getting trained by anyone, especially not if they all have the same stressed out demeanor that Steve seems to radiate. There’s a dull headache beginning to throb at the back of your skull, and honestly, you just need to close your eyes for a bit.

“We should go speak to Fury.”

As if you know who that is. You just nod and follow after him as he hurries along.

Everything about Director Nick Fury is unnerving, from the immaculate state of his office to the way his eye seems to be looking right through you. You swallow hard as he addresses Steve, keeping his eye trained on you the entire time.

“And we don’t know what her abilities are?”

You grit your teeth, still uncomfortable with all the talk of your abilities and your supposed enhancement. You can barely remember your own name.

“Not yet.”

Nick sighs and seems to be in deep thought. After a moment, he turns his body to you. “Can you shoot a gun?”

You look at him incredulously. A gun, you? You could barely hold a kitchen knife without fumbling with it. To hold, no, to shoot a gun? If this was any other situation, you might have laughed. Instead, you shake your head. “No, sir.”

He turns back to Steve. “Well, she’s going to have to learn. Barnes is the best sniper we’ve got. He’ll train her.”

Steve winces, and for a moment he looks like he’s about to say something else, but Fury turns his attention to the screen in front of him, clearly dismissing the two of you.

Steve leads you through the maze-like halls of the compound, until finally, you’re standing in front of large double doors. He pauses and looks to you with a sigh. He seems beat down, dark circles and pallid face. You almost sympathize, but then realize you probably look much the same.

“Bucky’s a good guy, Y/N. Just remember that.”

You’re not sure what he means, or why that’s even relevant, but you don’t have time to think as Steve pushes open the doors and strides inside before coming to a stop in a living-room of sorts, where two people are seated on the couch. Neither of them seem too happy to be in the other’s presence.

Upon seeing Steve, both of them stand, and the one to the right smiles brightly. He’s the first person you’ve seen that looks relaxed at the compound, wearing sweats and a t-shirt and an expression of genuine interest on his face.

“Captain,” he greets, but it’s more out of mock respect than a soldier-like salute, and even Steve’s eyes crinkle. You can tell their friendship goes a long way.  His brown eyes glance at you. His smile doesn’t waver, and it’s so contagious that you can’t hold back the smile that makes its way onto your lips.

If this is Barnes, then maybe training won’t be as bad as it sounds.

Your spare a glance at the person to his left, dressed in the same relaxing attire but looking nowhere near as calm. Every part of this man’s body language screams stress, from head to toe. Upon seeing you, his scowl deepens, and you drop your smile.

“Buck, you’re taking this round of training.”

The guy to the left grins and turns to you. “And I’m guessing she’s the one who needs training?”

Steve nods and you feel your erratic heartbeat slow down significantly. The warning that Steve had given you earlier disappears to the back of your head; the guy seems so chill and laidback, it’s a breather. You smile back, until–

“Oh man, good luck.”

The confusion must show on your face, because the guy turns to Mr. Scowls-A-Lot and claps him on the back. “Meet our resident Grinch, Bucky Barnes.”

Your heart drops to your stomach and Bucky glares at you, fingers curled into a fist. You want to ask him what put him in such a bad mood, but you’re not sure you’ll stay alive long enough to hear the answer.

“Can I talk to you for a moment, Steve?” Bucky’s jaw clenches and his face is slowly turning red. Even Steve, who seems to be in charge here, grimaces. With a sigh, he follows Bucky to the other corner of the room. You plop down onto the sofa.

“I’d say don’t worry but, I’d definitely worry.” You turn to the first guy, and he holds out his hand. “I’m Sam.”

“Y/N,” you shake it, then gesture to the duo in the corner, having a pretty heated conversation. “Is he always this…”

“Grumpy? Only on a good day.” When he sees your face pale even more, Sam laughs. “I’m just kidding. He takes some warming up to, but he’s not a bad guy.”

He repeats exactly what Steve had said, and for whatever reason, the words aren’t reassuring in the least. Bucky and Steve’s conversation seems to have escalated to loud whispers now, and you catch certain phrases here and there, “I don’t know… Nobody seems to… Can’t be trusted.”

The last one hits you hard, and you want to be angry, but Bucky’s right. You barely remember anything about yourself and you have supposed abilities that you’re pretty much in the dark about; even you can’t trust yourself.

The clock on the wall shows the time to be just past two in the morning, and just as the second hand makes its way around the face for the second time, Bucky walks up to you, fists clenched and breathing heavily through his nose.

“Meet me in the training room tomorrow morning. Six a.m. sharp.” He’s less than thrilled about the whole ordeal, and you can only match his level of discomfort.

As he storms out of the room, you throw your head back onto the couch and groan.

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Dating Wonder Woman would include...

The only headcanons I wrote was about Wolverine (here), and since I never received any other requests about head canons…I’m very glad to write another one with Wonder Woman yo ! Though I’m not sure I’m doing it right, I made it way longer than most headcanons I saw around I think, and also cut it in more than one part…I hope it’s ok. So here we go, hope you’ll like it

(My masterlist blog here :


How you met, how you two fell in love, the first “I love you” : 

✶ You first met Diana when your brother, Bruce aka the goddamn Batman, dragged you to the Justice League’s Watchtower (against your will). You were already a Gotham’s vigilante just like him, the next big step was obviously the League, though you didn’t like the idea of being in a little “super club”…

✶ You quickly changed your mind when you met Diana though. She’s the first one who talked to you, and though your brother told you many things about the Mighty Wonder Woman, you weren’t impressed. 

✶ That’s what made her fall in love with you. Because you accept her just as she is. And you couldn’t care less about the fact that she’s a Princess, or one of the most powerful being on Earth.

✶ The way you’re never afraid to tell people what you think, even if sometimes it’s almost rude, is also another reason she fell for you. She loves the fact that you’re independent, and don’t take anyone’s shit, including hers. You keep her grounded when she gets a bit too cocky or something. 

✶ Another thing that made her fall for you : even though you went through a lot of bad things during your life, you always saw the bright side of everything, and Diana understood why Bruce always referred to you as his “personal sunshine”. You didn’t have any super-power, but hey, the ability to make anyone (even the Batman) smile and laugh was even better. 

✶ Your brother shipping you two even before you started to both flirt with each other like crazy. 

✶ Your brother calling you “an idiot” when you decide to not reciprocate the flirting after a while, afraid to bring her in your chaotic life. “She’s Wonder Woman, as if anything could actually hurt her”. 

✶ Diana being somewhat depressed while your avoiding her…And the League having an “intervention” to convince your stubborn ass to talk to her again. 

✶ You not resisting for very long, because…Well, she’s Diana Prince, and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve been in love with her ever since you first met. Her not being even remotely mad at you for your sudden coldness toward her, on the contrary, being over the moon because you finally came back.

✶ Your brother giving you relationship advices : basically, do the opposite of what he would do. Best advice ever. 

✶ Becoming very close from each other because it seems you two are just hand made for each other. Conversation is always flowing just right, you don’t always agree with each other but always listen etc etc…A match made in heaven. 

✶ Diana knew she was doomed and totally in love with you the day you punched your brother AND Superman in the face because they dared to say you needed protection. “If I can punch you two idiots without you stopping me, then clearly, I’m fine without protection !”. Yup, she was definitely doomed.

✶Her knowing you hate when people protect you, but not being able to not do it…and you letting her protect you, because you love her, and if it can make her happy, then so be it. 

✶ Surprisingly, she’s the one that said “I love you” first…Right before what should have been a “suicide mission”. Needless to say it gave you a reason to fight like Hell to have the chance to tell her you love her too. 

✶ You never even had time to tell her, as when the battle was finished, and you two were still alive, she crashed her lips on yours. The rest of the League applauded when you were finally able to whisper, breathless : “I love you too D”

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Juno Aspects
  • Juno in aspect to any planet can mean you will tend to attract a partner who has traits of the sign that planet rules. For instance, Juno aspecting Mars could attract you to an Aries type.
  • Juno Aspects the Sun: There will be a tendency to attract showy, dramatic, Leo types of partners. Conversely, this person could themselves become more showy and dramatic after marriage. The harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile, and trine) can act in a similar fashion to Venus. They increase the charm and social graces to a degree. But Juno goes further. It can give one an air of innocence. We like people with Venus in conjunction the Sun because they are charming. Those with Juno in harmonious aspect to the Sun are liked because they are "cute." The stressful aspects, however, are indicators of ego conflicts with partners. Frequently, there are big problems with getting and holding on to a partner. In many cases, there is no desire to have a partner at all. Demetra George in her excellent book Asteroid Goddesses quotes Gloria Steinhem's famous answer to the question "Why didn't you ever get married?" Steinhem (who has the Sun in Aries square Juno in Capricorn) replied, "I don't mate well in captivity."
  • Juno Aspects the Moon: The attraction will be to emotional and nurturing partners, and domestic types. At least they will tend to be nurturing with the harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile and trine. The stressful aspects (square and opposition) can indicate a clash between your emotional and partnership needs. You could get a partner who is over-emotional or whines a lot. Conversely, the partner could bring out those traits in you.
  • Juno Aspects Mercury: Well, your partner won't be quiet. Forget the silent type. Anyone who marries you will have to communicate, communicate, communicate. The harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile and trine) indicate good communication between the two of you. It could also show that your ability to communicate improves with partnership. The stressful aspects (square and opposition) can indicate communication problems with partners. One of you may try to stifle the other here because you both want to talk at once.
  • Juno Aspects Venus: The attraction will be to a charming partner with good artistic ability and taste. At least that will tend to be true for the harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile and trine). The stressful aspects (square and opposition) could attract a lazy, slothful, and indolent partner. Partnership could also bring out these traits in you. With stressful aspects, there will tend to be a clash between your partnership needs (Juno) and your ability to express love and affection (Venus). As a result, you might find it difficult to express love to your partner (or vice-versa) and would seek to do this elsewhere. Years ago, there was a TV program called "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" which was a satire on soap operas. Mary's husband had affairs with all the other women in town and was impotent only with her.
  • Juno Aspects Mars: Marriage and partnership will stir you to action. In fact, you may need a partner to be active at all. The partners you attract will tend to be active, assertive, and aggressive. Conversely, having a partner may bring out these traits in you. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) are indicators of arguments with partners. One of you may try to dominate the other.
  • Juno Aspects Jupiter: The partner will tend to be expansive optimistic, and "jovial" (jovial comes from Jove, Jupiter). Marriage and partnerships will also have an expansive effect on you. Yes, it can make you more optimistic. Watch out that it doesn't make you fat as well. At least this will be true for the harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile and trine). The stressful aspects (square, and opposition) can attract an over-optimistic partner who is always expecting their "lucky break" to be right around the corner. There could also be a clash over religious or philosophical differences. The over-expansiveness could also apply to extra-marital affairs. If you have a stress aspect between Juno and Jupiter, either you or your partner might think that the "to have, hold, and love" part of the marriage vow means anyone whom you fancy at the moment.
  • Juno Aspects Saturn: The partners will tend to be older (in spirit if not in actual years). With the harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) partners are likely to be solid, practical, and dependable, but, unless there are other indicators, don't expect them to be the life of the party. Conversely, partnership could bring out the solid, practical, and dependable side of you.The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) may cause marriage to be delayed, or even denied. If you have this one, try not to get married before your first Saturn Return (which occurs around the age of twenty nine). Stressful aspects between Juno and Saturn can have a similar effect to Saturn placed in the 7th house. An early marriage (before the Saturn Return) will slowly decay until there is no affection left and the marriage collapses. Juno/Saturn stress aspects can also indicate someone who makes a bad marriage for "practical" reasons, such as security. They will also be prone to stay in a bad marriage to protest their social image, or because "a half a loaf is better than none." As if there is anything "practical" about having a bad marriage! These people have to learn to cut their losses and make a fresh start.
  • Juno Aspects Uranus: If you have this combination in your horoscope (especially the stressful aspects, the conjunction, square, or opposition) I have a question for you. Let's say you walk into a room where there are twenty people, and nineteen of them are sane and normal, but the twentieth person either escaped from an insane asylum or just got off of a UFO, guess which one you would be most likely to marry? (Hint: it's not the first nineteen). Uranus always has to be Different. When Juno aspects Uranus, the partner or the partnership has to be different. With the harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) you don't get into as much trouble. The partner will tend to be independent, or very bright, or a bit odd. The partnership itself will likely be more "open" with each partner doing their own thing and going their own way. Uranus is fanatic about having enough of its own space. The stressful aspects can lead to several marriages. Elizabeth Taylor has Juno in Cancer square Uranus in Aries (Uranus is also in a close conjunction with Venus). Years ago, Julian Armistead gave a lecture on her chart. He had several of the press clippings that quoted her at the time of her marriages. Her first marriage to Nick Hilton: "I've never known it was possible to be this much in love. This is going to last forever." Her second marriage a couple of years later to Michael Wilding: "This time, it's the real thing. This is going to last forever." Her fifth marriage to - well who can keep track? "This time I mean it. It's the real thing." Juno in Cancer always wants it to last "forever" and Uranus always makes you think it's the "real thing." If you have a Juno/Uranus stress aspect, don't rush into marriage. And forget about having a partnership that is conventional. It would bore you to tears - and divorce. Make sure that you and your partner each has enough "space." It helps if one of you travels a lot (Uranus aspects are perfect for bi-costal marriages). Absence for this combination truly makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Juno Aspects Neptune: If you have a stressful aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition) between Juno and Neptune, please, PLEASE do not marry someone because you feel sorry for them or because you want to "save" them. Remember this magic number. If you do, you will never again have the problem of getting into a marriage for the wrong reasons. Please memorize it. It's 911. Dial that and have them taken away so they can be helped by a professional. Then, get into therapy yourself to cure your masochism. On the positive side especially with the harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) the partner will tend to be sensitive, empathetic, and imaginative. Marriage and partnership can also bring out these same traits in you. In all cases, there will be an inclination to over idealize the partner, to see what we want to see about them.
  • Juno Aspects Pluto: Partners will tend to be intense and secretive. Sex can be volcanic. Pluto is the planet of extremes, death, and transformation. Either your power or that of your partner will be affected by marriage. One of you is likely to be transformed in some way. The harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) can bring out a strength you never thought you had. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) will bring out strength too, in the form of dictatorial attitudes and power struggles. One of you will try to dominate the other. The feelings towards the partner can easily go from "I love you" to "I hate you" to "I'm obsessed with you." Even if the two of you break up, this will be the partner you never forget (for better or worse).
  • Juno Aspects the Ascendant: Juno in conjunction with the Ascendant makes us more attractive, like Venus. But while Venus uses charm, Juno attracts by giving us an air of innocence, like that of a young baby. This trait is also present with the other harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) but not quite as strong. The opposition is not a stressful aspect here. Remember that an opposition to the Ascendant is also a conjunction to the Descendant. The conjunction to the Ascendant makes a person more marriage oriented, especially if Juno is in the 1st house. If Juno is on the 12th house side of the Ascendant, however, then there will still be an increased desire to marry, but there will be increased restrictions of some sort (see Juno in the 12th house). With the square aspect of Juno to the Mid-Heaven, there would tend to be extra stress in marriage that requires constant adjustment and re-adjustment. At least it will not be dull.
  • Juno Aspects the Mid-Heaven: Aspects to the Mid-Heaven affect one's career and "public image." Juno-ruled careers include marriage councilor and people who work in organizations that try to prevent wife-battering and child abuse. Like Venus, Juno has an attraction for all occupations that involve beauty and adornment. This also includes anything involving the arts. When it comes to career, it doesn't matter if an aspect to the Mid-Heaven is harmonious or stressful. In fact, the stressful aspects can frequently bring greater success since they generate more power. Those with harmonious aspects may take it too easy and not push hard enough.
ENFP Females I’ve Met (by an INFJ)

I also have an “ENFP Males I’ve Met” post. I just decided to split ENFPs into two posts because I noticed some distinct differences between the two genders. 

What I noticed and observed about them: 

  1. They talk. A lot. I admire how they can talk about anything out of thin air–just to fill the awkward silence (or just for the very sake of talking). However, sometimes they just won’t stop talking. They tend to talk about a lot of different things at once, that even they forget why they were talking in the first place. It’s so amusing. (They’ll keep talking even though no one’s actively listening or paying attention to them). 
  2. If they aren’t talking, there is definitely something wrong. Sure they have their calm and quiet moments, (since they are known for getting drained quite easily for extroverts), but if their silence is accompanied with an emotionless face and cold vibes (totally different from their usual cheery disposition)–then that means they are not in the mood. This side of them will make you miss their loudness (or noisiness). 
  3. One ironic thing I observed about the two ENFP females I know are that they are not morning people. You would think that their sunny attitude would match the morning sun–but no. They are the moodiest and most negative people in the morning. It is just not the right time for them to shine (yet).   
  4. They are rarely on time. Pretty much a continuation on why they aren’t morning people. This is why an early class schedule (or them having to get ready for something early) makes things worse. Both of the ENFP females I know are constantly late to class (and would blame other things for it–such as traffic and other people). They don’t like admitting that they could have gotten out of bed earlier–and not have purposely ignored their alarm (or anyone who attempted waking them up). 
  5. However, if they are going out to see their friends or if they’re going to camp–or some other place where extroverts thrive in– then they will wake up even before the sun rises. Basically, if they’re motivated and excited, they will give their full-on effort. 
  6. They aren’t the most organized females. They prepare their things last-minute, misplace things in their own room, study right before taking their tests–yes, they live dangerously. But for some reason…they still manage to remain unstressed–which is why the same cycle goes on and on. 
  7. When they are in the mood, they are the most energetic, hyper, random, and upbeat people ever. They can easily brighten people’s day. Or well, overwhelm people with their happiness. 
  8. They are super inspiring people. They stand up for what they believe in–even if deep down they’d actually prefer peace and unity with everyone. They are the type of people who are constantly torn between doing what they want and what is right.
  9. I know that the both ENFP females I’ve met had tough childhoods. They were bullied badly for being different, had bad experiences with so-called “friends”, and were judged at a young age. They were pretty much misunderstood. 
  10. Growing up, they learned to embrace their uniqueness– and that’s why they are so good at being no one else but themselves. (I truly admire this about them–they are strong-willed people who know that the ones who don’t accept them aren’t worth their time). 
  11. They dress quirky and don’t mind looking weird or dorky. They are full of surprises. They don’t give a care about what’s “in or “out.” They will wear mismatched socks and a ‘ton of different patterns at the same time and feel like gold. 
  12. They make the corniest jokes (or memorize them) and have a whole portion of pick-up lines and memes in their brain. 
  13. They are so caring and cuddly and clingy. Even to people they had just met. Their actions are as expressive as their mouths.    
  14. They love helping people. They know exactly how it feels to be down, and they wouldn’t dare let others feel the same way. 
  15. They have several groups of friends, yet they still don’t exactly know who their true friends are. They are always on a quest on finding true friendship.
  16. They do get quiet, when they end up in a place where they feel surrounded and outnumbered by people who judge/have judged them. They feel threatened and are unable to hide it–at times. 
  17. They are emotional people. They cry after watching sad movies, happy movies, bad movies, good movies–or after finishing their favorite book. And they will always end up crying–even after reading/watching a really good book/movie a thousand times. 
  18. There are times when they would just isolate themselves– After all, outgoing people also have the urge to just laze around and be couch potatoes too. Reading books and manga, or watching Buzzfeed videos (or just random videos that don’t make sense)–are activities that they like to do during alone time (is what I noticed, at least).
  19. They don’t admit it when they need help. They do show it though. They keep complaining–yet when you offer help to them, they just give that “It’s okay” phrase. But well, they are strong enough to get through it on their own. 
  20. They can almost talk to anyone and everyone–as most extroverts can. But what makes them different is that they even have the ability to be completely civil around people who clearly dislike them.
  21. Despite being such a people-person, they rant a lot about the human race. Check their Twitter or just pay attention to what they’re saying.
  22. Their presence has a big impact. You will feel their mood, whether you want to or not. 
  23. The ENFP females I know are much more friend-oriented than family-oriented. Well–it’s because they get to choose their friends. And that’s completely understandable. 
  24. Making fun of them (such as the way they do things, wear things, or the way they talk) is a big no-no. They are sensitive people beneath their confident and lively exterior. They need as much light as they give us.

Well guys, what do you think? :)  Agree or disagree?

Your Song

avengers x reader preference

your song with your avenger boo (if you have anyone else in mind that you want with this, i might do a part 2)

Bucky: Stubborn Love by The Lumineers- After about a month of living at the compound, he began to explore the new world that he’d been viciously thrown into. The first thing he did in this new and crazy world was find you, and he felt that was all he needed to do. You put him in his place when he thought that he wasn’t good enough to be in your arms, or around the family he grew to love. So “Stubborn Love” became your song, eventually the both of you had lyrics from it etched onto your skin. You reminded him to keep his head up despite his past crushing down on him daily, and that ‘it was better to feel pain than nothing at all’. When the two of you finally made it to a Lumineers concert, it was no surprise that there were some tears shed whilst they played your sacred song.

Steve: Like Real People Do by Hozier- It was common for him to come home with complaints of people treating him like a specimen in a lab; something to study rather than a friend to listen to during battle. On your first mission with the team Steve quickly realized that you saw through the whole super soldier thing, and you saw him as not only a human being, but a leader. Quickly after that the two of you hit it off, and listening to music together became a thing that you bonded over more than anything else. When he came across “Like Real People Do” by Hozier, he was almost sobbing at how much it reminded him of you. Considering you both had a tumultuous past, and he felt that you pulled him from the “ground”. The love he had for you was out of this world, and you wouldn’t want to be with any other Soldier in the universe.

Natasha: Say I Do by Jonny P- Every day she struggled with everyone having the same misconception that she was a hardass bitch, and that she didn’t have the ability to love anything or anyone. But little did anyone know, you were receiving her love day in and day out. Very few people (You, Steve, Bucky, Clint and maybe Sam) truly knew her lovable side, and how she talked about marrying you every single day. When asked about you, Nat would simply explain that it felt like the whole room lit up when you walked in. One day she texted you out of the blue with a link to a song by Jonny P attached, and when you opened it your heart nearly burst. Still, she managed to surprise you by proposing that night, and “Say I Do” was the first song that the two of you danced to at your wedding.

Sam: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell- When the two of you first got together, it was at a bar on karaoke night. You were singing Tammi’s part, and Sam sauntered onto the small, shoddy stage to help you sing the duet. Once you joined the team and started going on missions, it became obvious to everyone around you that Ain’t No Mountain High Enough explained your relationship fairly eloquently. Both of you would swim across the ocean if it mean saving one another. Even if it was something as simple as you wanting a beer while visiting another state, Sam would drop everything he was doing and fly one to you. Having a boo like Sam was like no other, and you enjoyed making the team sick to their stomachs with your PDA.

Peter: Taro by alt-J- Being that you’re both fairly young, and still exploring the whole entire world while on missions with the team, it’s hard to pinpoint a song that described exactly your relationship. However, both of you bonded over whatever new and obscure music was out, and what small concerts you could attend without being recognized. It all started when you were hanging out in his room, looking at all the small things he’d collected over the years while he fixed a new computer that he found. When you came across a poster for a band that you had never heard of, and Peter played some of their songs through a small speaker in the corner of the room as he carried on fixing the beat up computer. Soon enough the two of you went to an Alt-J concert, and you fell even deeper in love with Peter for getting you into their songs.

Bruce: Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley- You’d been friends with Bruce for what felt like your whole life, even before the whole entire Hulk thing changed his life. When you stayed and convinced him he was worth love despite everything that had happened to him, it was like a switch flicked on inside of him and he began to see you in a different light. The change wasn’t just in him, but you also felt a shift in the way you saw him. Falling in love wasn’t easy for Bruce with all the shit going on in his mind, but he was certain that he wanted to be in love with you. When the two of you finally officially got together, the first thing you did was share a dance to the Elvis classic. Being with him just felt right, and you couldn’t help falling more in love with his sweet soul.

Clint: I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder- Most of the time you guys were either in the same room, or he texted that he was going on a quick mission. But you knew when you saw his name come up on the caller I.D., it wasn’t good. He knew when missions were going to go bad, so he would dial your number and pray you’d answer. At first he did it when the two of you split up for about a month, and when you got the call from him just saying that he loved you with explosions in the background it scared you half to death. You couldn’t sleep until he was home safe in your arms. When the two of you got married, it only got worse. But, these calls only made the day of his return that much sweeter, and you kissed him until you felt like your lips could fall off.

  • one night when lance’s homesickness has hit a whole new gear, he just wants to talk to someone.
  • he wants to tell them about his family and about his childhood and his life back home and he wants someone to listen and let him ramble because he can feel the tears coming.
  • his first instinct is hunk, who is asleep.
  • his next instinct is coran, who is also asleep.
  • he sits up in bed, runs his hand through his hair, and gets an idea.
  • he takes the blanket and pillow from his bed and tucks them under his arm and walks down the long, quiet hallways until he reaches the hanger. where the lions are.
  • he smiled as he felt blue’s welcoming energy the moment he entered the room. he doesn’t turn the lights on, her big, yellow eyes illuminate the room enough.
  • “hello,” he says, and he feels her say “hello!!
  • he walks up and makes his way into the cockpit. He throws the blanket and pillow on to the pilot seat and makes a little nest for himself.
  • this is different.” he feels her observe.
  • “I know,” he says out loud to her, “I hope you don’t mind. i was sad.”
  • nooo!! why!????” if she was a person she’d be hugging him.
  • “i miss earth again. I miss my home and my mom. I know I can’t go home yet and i don’t know how to feel or what to do. I want to see my nephew’s little face. I miss them all so much. i didn’t have anyone to talk to, so….”
  • it’s quiet and he doesn’t feel her say anything.
  • “are you listening?”
  • yes, go on.
  • he then launches into a long spiel gushing about playa varadero that after a while gets quieter and quieter as he starts falling asleep.
  • then it becomes a thing.
  • it becomes a thing for lance to bring his blanket and pillow to blue and sit in the seat and tell her stories about what he used to do on his home planet and what he missed about his home.
  • and if he feels particularly low about himself and his abilities he’ll confide in her about that as well.
  • it’s a different type of bonding. away from the heat of battle. they’re alone. it’s one-on-one.
  • he cries to her sometimes, and she remains soothing and comforting.
  • “we can do it. we will get you home one day. do not be afraid for now. i am here with you.”
  • sometimes she’s all he needs.
Hey guys my teacher asked us to write a paper on who our hero is. I wrote mine on Sebastian Stan. To me he is a hero, he was new to this country and he never gave up try. My beginning paragraph started off " Anyone can be a hero, they don't have to wear a cape or have a special ability. What makes them a hero is who they are and how many people they have inspired with there life stories." My paper went on talking about his struggles and how he's inspired me to never give up. This was a 10 page essay, and all threw out it my teacher wrote snarky comments. When I got my paper back he failed me. He said, "From you Ms. I was expecting more then this." He failed me because he doesn't believe actors out normal people can be hero's.

Please reblog this if you think I should have gotten at least a B, or even a C.

anonymous asked:

How do you deal so well with criticism and trolls? I want to start posting my writing publicly but I'm so scared of assholes and you never seem to lose your cool dealing with them.

Haters gonna hate, they say, but I do think that phrase makes light of just how shitty some people can be. The truth of the matter is there will always be people out there who compensate for their own powerlessness in life by getting online and anonymously tearing us down. They need not invest anything in this, not even their own good name, and there is nothing you can do or say to stop them. The minute you put yourself out there, they will come sniffing, and they will pick and nibble at your most vulnerable squishy bits.

Not constructively. Not in an honest effort to point out a shortcoming and help you overcome it. No. They’re doing it to, by contrast, inflate their self-worth. They think they found the mistake. They think they have superior discernment. They think they alone have the taste, or bravery, or ability to point out every way you have Done Wrong in their eyes. It’s a Zero Sum Game to them. They want to take some perceived quality from you and plaster it onto themselves.

When you realise this, how can you even be upset with them? I feel bad for them. And I almost never engage them. I would advise you to be the same way.

It’s my opinion that anyone who has the courage to put themselves out into the world deserves a baseline of respect. I do not generally talk shit about any artist or writer because I respect their time and effort. I can’t get into the circle-jerky hatred of some books or comics that you’ll often come across (ain’t naming titles) because I know that person put the best of themselves into their work and sacrificed a portion of their finite time on this planet to make their fantasy a reality - for no reason other than to entertain the like-minded.

People who are safely pecking at a keyboard behind a monitor don’t seem to have any appreciation for Creation and the sacrifices it requires. They’re focused on Destruction. History won’t remember them.

What history WILL remember are the creators like you who braved the assholes and immortalised themselves in the public sphere, giving us something to laugh at or think about or appreciate as we struggle through our day.

Laugh privately at the trolls. I do. They can’t tolerate how hard you work and how brave you are. They so desperately want to tear you down. But if you don’t let them get to you, they can’t. And the more they try even as they’re ignored, the more pathetic they look.

Do the thing, Anon! Only you can.

anonymous asked:

No offence, but I feel as if in this chapter, the author got tired of this entire ark in general, as the entire situation was solved ridiculously fast. Now, I don't really understand Japanese, so this may not be accurate. But from what I see, both highly powerful opponents were ridiculously quickly subdued, and somehow Fitzgerald decided to side with the Mafia and the ADA for no reason. We didn't even get to know Fyodor's ability yet, and he's already defeated.

I, too, was disappointed in this chapter, but after collecting my thoughts, I decided that it wasn’t a bad way of ending this arc, if this indeed is the end. Sure it may have looked abrupt, but it could have been worse… Or so I like to tell myself.

(Warning: I try my best to be unbiased and objective but this may read like a lot of whining. Only proceed if you’re fine with that.)

The good:
Akutagawa’s promise to Atsushi; appearance of the rest of ADA and Port Mafia; Fitzgerald saving the day; Ango and his crew appearing; that not-so-subtle nod to Odasaku in the end

The “I don’t have much of a good or a bad opinion on this”:
Shin soukoku new combo move;  Chuuya still in the book

The bad:
Quick resolution to the arc; implied lobotomy(!?); Dazai and his keikaku doori antics again; strange sense of déjà vu since they used practically same buildup as the last arc, but now it’s the remix version

First of all, I’ll just have to throw out my wildest (not really) theory out here: Fyodor is still the “final boss”. Come on, he gets the moniker “The Demon” and gets jailed off like that? No, no. It doesn’t make sense at all, at least to me. So my guess is that Agatha and the Order of the Clock Tower will swoop in to try and mess with the Agency, but when they’re on the verge of defeat, Fyodor steps in and uses this chance to strike ADA for himself. So uh Guild Arc 2.0. Or something along those lines. This could’ve been a test drive. Or he could have other Rats in Russia waiting for orders in case there’s a Phase II. Call me optimistic, but that’s what I would like to believe.

We jailbreak from Azkaban and invade Ministry of Magic now.

There really isn’t much to say about Dazai proving himself a formidable chessmaster again, other than I called it on an earlier ask. I just hope I’m not the only one tired of him being right all the damn time. No one can be that all-seeing…

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anonymous asked:

Hey i know you plan to make a part two of the blind lance with his sight having slowly deteriorated but i know you have a lot of other requests and prompts so treat this ask as a gentle reminder so you dont lose track of it because i have really excited to see more whenever that it! Dont feel rushed to get it out, just let this ask sit in your ask box until you can get it done

I haven’t forgotten!!! Just prompts keep coming so I’m swamped. 

But as promised here is Part 2!!!! 

Part 1:

Part 2


The team couldn’t make Lance budge no matter what they said or did. Lance firmly believed that they needed a new Blue Paladin, someone who could do that job. 

Allura refused to help him look for a replacement. “We already have a paladin Lance, it’s you.” 

Lance would never listen he would justy place his hands over his eyes and sing a song over their talking. 

Allura still refused until Lance stopped going to training and team bonding. She had no choice then. Lance was making it impossible to form Voltron. Allura started looking for a new paladin. 

Yet everyone she found that was suitable for the team and brought multiple skills with them Blue never liked. She wouldn’t even give them a chance. Blue simple put her particle barrier up and didn’t say anything. 

Lance spent most of his days sitting in Blue either in silence or talking. He would talk about how much he hated what happened to him. He would talk about why he didn’t understand why she didn’t find someone new, someone better. 

Blue would never hear it though, she would snap at him and tell him that she wasn’t going to change paladins because she had no reason to. 


“Princess! The castle is under attack!!” Coran screamed as he attempted to move the castle out of the line of fire. 

“PALADINS! Get to your lions now!!!”Allura brought the particle barrier up and activated the weapons.

The lions were out about a minute later fighting a giant fire monster. The weren’t succeeding at all. 

“Princess we’re going to need Voltron!” Shiro said as he maneuvered his lion around a lack of fire. 

“Well in order to have Voltron we need Lance and he won’t leave his room.” Keith replied as he attempted to shoot at the monster, but fire on fire doesn’t work well. 

Allura watched what was happening in front of here and balled her hand into a fast “Coran watch the bridge. I’ll be back.” She ran out of the room. 


Allura didn’t even knock on Lances door before she barged into his room. “LANCE!”

Lance sat up from his place on his bed. “What? Ever heard of knocking?” 

Allura walked towards in and grabbed him from his collar and pulled him off his bed, out of his room and started down to Blue’s hanger. 

 “Hey what the hell are you doing?” Lance tried to shake off her grip on his shirt. 

“You need to pilot Blue.” She walked faster. 

“How? I’m not a paladin. You need to find a replacement.” Lance crossed his arms as he accepted the fact that he was going to be dragged to wherever Allura wanted. 

“Well we don’t have a replacement and your team is dying because they need Voltron. So you’re going to fly Blue to the best of your ability.” Before Lance could respond Allura threw him into Blue and Blue shut her jaw. 

Lance blindly felt around for the seat and as soon as he was sitting Blue flew out the hanger excitedly. She hadn’t been flown in weeks. 

Lance couldn’t do anything but scream he had no idea what was happening nor where he was going. Lance didn’t even have his helmet on so he didn’t know if anyone was talking to him. So Lance just kept screaming and screaming until Blue had enough and she roared at him. 

“My paladin I love you but you are acting like you’ve never flown before.” 

Lance felt like he’d been slapped “Sorry Blue but I can’t see!!! And I don’t know what is happening! I have the right to scream.” 

Blue roared again “Focus on our bond, all will be clear then.” 

Lance huffed in annoyance but complied to what Blue said. Focus, focus, focus. 

Then it happened. Lance saw a small light, but then it grew. It kept growing until Lance’s vision was filled with light and the light started to change. Lance realized what was happening. I’m seeing what Blue is seeing! Lance whooped with joy and made Blue do a spin. He didn’t care if he was in battle, he was seeing things. Colors, objects, the other lions, the fire monster. He saw it all. 

Lance gripped the controls tighter as they started to form Voltron. He was vibrating with joy. He didn’t even think that this was possible. He knew that Shiro saw through Black’s eyes but Lance didn’t believe that his bond was strong enough to do that. 

But Lance was fighting like he never stopped. Blue activated her weapon and they were able to soak the monster down resulting in victory. 

Lance landed Blue in her hanger and jumped for joy. He was ecstatic. He only stopped when he notice everyone standing outside of Blue. Lance bursted into tears. He could see his teammates. Lance ran out of Blue. 

He jumped at Hunk and brought him into a giant bear hug. 

Hunk hugged back “Lance that was incredible! How did you do that?” 

Lance pulled away from Hunk, “It was Blue. I could see through her eyes! Our bond has strength throughout these weeks.” 

Every smiled at the new information and Coran placed his hand on Lance’s shoulder. “Well my boy guess we don’t need a replacement after all.” 

Lance smiled ad looked at Blue, she purred through his head “No I guess not.” 

I hope you like it!!!!

Sorry it took so long!!!

Thank you <3

PSA for the Voltron fandom - PLEASE READ COMPLETELY

please PLEASE do not become the next Steven Universe fandom disaster, or the latest Gravity Falls implosion. I worry about all of you, especially your health and mental health during this really, really trying time.

I have watched full, amazingly talented sections of fanart and fanfiction die, people shamed out of their hobbies & coping mechanisms because they aren’t “suffering” enough or don’t write with everyone and their triggers in mind.

(I’m looking at you, Dirty Laundry discourse. I honestly do not care your argument, nothing, NOTHING gives you the right to bully someone into almost hiding because you’re dissatisfied with someone’s work)


Constructive criticism is not shaming into hiding, it is something positive that doesn’t make the artist/writer want to harm themselves, and does not deserve hate or harassment. And yes, that includes mental harm and “protecting the writer”.

Please, I’m begging you all. If you are a minor, please please please stay safe and BLOCK things you don’t want to see. And on the flipside of that coin, do NOT go calling others names or pedophiles (which is an INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS term when thrown around carelessly, and can cause people to lose their jobs and even lives if pushed enough, and being an accessory to ruining someone’s life is NOT FUNNY or ‘JUSTICE’) when you are talking about fiction.

Stay out of the ship tags/fandom tags you don’t like.
It’s really that simple. 

Don’t police the internet, it will drain you and every user you interact with who decides your side of the argument is wrong. I nearly died doing that this last year, and I’m on the long road to recovery JUST from being on the outskirts of the Gravity Falls discourse.

If you, yourself, go into the tag ON PURPOSE and see triggering content, it’s a simple enough solution to BLOCK the poster or tag entirely if you are uncomfortable. You are ultimately responsible for any content you see, it is the entire basis of the internet. It’s why there’s stupid porn bots and Tumblr’s done nothing to fix that. YOU are your own filter, not the internet.

And if you were triggered by any content, I hope you have the strength/ability to come to me and talk to me because it always helps to have someone to talk to about discomforts and panic/anxiety attacks (believe me, I have them often) & dissociation.


It’s as if you were in primary school and some kid was playing Yu-Gi-Oh and you ripped up their deck because you thought it was a bad game that only bad kids play. It’s childish and stupid.

You wouldn’t harass someone in person to their face, do not do it with their fanworks or to them online.

Thank you for reading, stay safe fellow Paladins <3

Nineteen Things I've Learned at Nineteen

     1. Mindset: The characteristic that differentiates you from everyone else. A vehicle that is driven daily by you. How you perceive and express the unique soul that you are. Something that changes with you as you grow older, no matter what. Your experiences help with the rapid evolution taking place in your mind while living in this seamlessly changing world we roam about. Accept change even if you don’t want to, because in all honesty you’ll be a different person a  year from now. Capitalize on any opportunity put before you that can enhance your mindset, friend. An open mind, is key. Don’t live life shunning ideas out when it can potentially be the things you love.

     2. Love: A word with an infinite amount of meanings. A choice not a feeling. People say, “Love fades away.” the only reason for that is because they chose to stop trying with that person. If both of you wake up everyday wanting each other as much as you did in the beginning of the relationship, it’s bound to last. Love isn’t easy, it’s just as difficult as people claim it is. But, have you heard the phrase, “Nothing good comes easy?” So, why give up as soon as you both experience signs of hardship?

     3. Happiness: As temporary as it currently is, possibly one of the best feelings you may experience. The state of well-being. The small moments in life that you wish could last forever. Ultimately the goal everyone wants to reach in life. Happiness may exist more in other peoples lives, but you should never envy them. Because, eventually, you’ll experience true happiness. A happiness you thought would have never been present in your life. Seize that moment and never let it go. If you’re still afraid that won’t happen anytime soon, don’t worry at all. It’ll come when you least expect it.

     4. Depression: The feeling of being stuck. Helplessness. Hopeless. Tired. There are ways to soothe it, but it never really feels like it goes away. The hole you are trapped in seems to be too far down to see the light on the other side. You’re a great liar, because everyday you go out it’s unnoticeable. The second you get home, you find yourself in your room overthinking the unthinkable. Bottling everything up, because who wants to hear about it anyway? That’s the best way to lead yourself to self destruction. It may be hard to know exactly what you’re feeling, but people love you. No matter how much you disagree, there are people who care and want to listen. Your walls don’t need to be as high as mountains, because even the greatest people will get tired of being pushed away.

     5. Loneliness: Alone. By yourself. A room full of unfamiliar faces. Some people’s worst nightmare. A feeling you dread. But, comfort can be found in being alone. You may find out things you never knew about yourself, because no one else was there with you. No one else was there to give you advice, or another point of view. That can help you grow as an individual, showing you that you’re just as strong by yourself. A little step towards loving yourself.

     6. Music: Have you ever closed your eyes while listening to one of your favorite songs and sang as loud and sincere as you could? Falling victim to the sweet melody. Thinking of all the things that you and the artist can relate in. The lyrics are the emotions that you cannot express in words. The beat is the different layers of sound that can instantly trigger that emotion in your brain. Music is an escape from reality. A safe haven. A stress reliever. A shoulder to cry on.

     7. Insight: A person is letting you into their life. Giving you the details of certain problems they have faced. Not holding any detail back. You’ve been told you’re a good listener, and you love when people vent to you. Because they trust you, and depend on you. You get to speak your point of view and comfort them, but don’t feed them lies. They’re telling you for a reason, don’t sugar coat anything. If something they are doing is preventing them from accomplishing their overall goal, point it out. If you told your problems to somebody and they responded with things that you didn’t want to hear, but you know deep down it’s true. How would you feel about that person?

     8. Doubts: It’s only normal. A gut feeling that is hard to shake off. You may have doubted yourself many times before. Something as simple as thinking you’ve done poorly on a test, or maybe as extreme as doubting someone’s words towards you. The great thing about doubts is, that the uncertainty that you felt for the short/long period of time will become a certainty. It’ll be answered, and then a new worry will introduce itself and that’s just part of the process of life.

     9. Defense Mechanisms: You once loved someone so deeply. You loved them so, because you’ve never been hurt before. Gave them everything you had, and it still wasn’t enough. They left. It seems as if they never cared for you in the first place, you were just an item for the time being. You may have been lost and confused, because this hasn’t ever happened to you. The person you’ve gotten attached to has detached. And it hurts. It hurts so fucking much, and you’re left picking up the pieces in the end. The promises to yourself start rolling in. “I’m never going to be that attached again.” “I’ll never let anyone break through my walls again.” etc… You’ve built your walls strong and high. You’ve grown weary on people’s intentions with you. You’ve toned down the feelings you’ve once felt. Pushed people away when you’ve felt they’re getting to know you a little too much. The only person you’re hurting is yourself, because you may have pushed out some of the greatest people you could meet. All because you never want to hurt like that again.

     10. Relationships: What makes us human? The ability to talk? Walk? Morality? The creativity we may possess? Our brain? Or is it the relationships we build with people we meet throughout life? Meeting the different personalities, different mindsets, and characters out there in the world. Bonds of trust being formed over simple or complex communication. A friend, family member, or significant other. These relationships that are crafted are symbiotic. You both learn something from one another. Whether it’s a new word, or a new perspective of a situation or idea. Lessons are always a result of a relationship good or bad.

     11. Obstacles: A certainty in life. In fact, life wouldn’t be the same without a little struggle here and there. The two options are success or failure. There may be some obstacles you cannot overcome at the time it arises, but you will be able to once you’re ready. And if you still don’t succeed, everything happens for a reason, don’t get discouraged. Maybe the task was for you to fail, because when a door closes, three more open.

     12. Lost: There’s no way to explain this feeling. Pure emptiness and misdirection. You ponder on the choices you’ve made to get you to the spot you’re in. Contemplating the direction of the next step you should take. Worrying if you take that step you’d become even more confused. But then there is also the possibility of finding your footing once again. Leading you on the right track that you needed to be. Our minds are powerful, sometimes they get away from us. But things will fall into place, no matter how far you’ve wondered off track, you’ll get to where you need to be.

     13. Life: An infinite amount of questions flutter around life. In short, It’s what you make of it. You are in control of everything for yourself. The things that happen around you is decided by fate. Negativity may plague your life, but you can live it positively. Or your life may be full of positivity, but you live it negatively. Sometimes you can be dealt shitty cards, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the game.

     14. Path: The story you’re going to tell. The journey you are living in this moment. The decisions you’ve made, the things you have learned. The skills you’ve picked up, and the people you’ve run into. The mark you will leave in this world, and on the people you have come into contact with. The path you cannot see, because it’s not carved in front of you yet. And why would you want to look back?

     15. Past: Things that you cannot change. Things that already happened. The anchor that can hold you down, from swimming up. Why continue drowning?

     16. Morality: Something as simple as cracking a smile back at someone who smiled at you. The restoration of faith in humanity. Or the, “Are you fucking serious?” question you ask yourself consistently about ten times a day. Why treat somebody the way you wouldn’t want to be treated? Instead of speaking out of impulse, think about the things you’re about to say. The way you present yourself and how you treat people can be changed, for better or worse. Everyone you speak to is human, they have feelings. Take that into consideration.

     17. Forgiveness: A hard thing to do a times. It may feel like the person that has done wrong to you, doesn’t even deserve it. But holding on to a grudge can affect you from moving on and forgetting. Instead of taking the knife they stabbed you in the back with and stabbing them back, drop it. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You have the opportunity to be the bigger person. It’s something you owe yourself, because showing forgiveness is harder than showing anger. And you want to prove to yourself that you’re stronger than they thought. Forgive and Forget.

     18. Value: Know your value and the value of everything else you have. Don’t take anything less than what you deserve. If someone isn’t treating you with the same kind of respect you treat them, it’s time to cut ties. You are worth the world and more and some people will see that, but not all. Don’t take anything you have right now for granted either. Because as soon as you do, it’ll be taken away from you.

     19. Wisdom: Elders, peers, siblings, parents, family, teachers, and friends. Everyone lives a different life. The more you ask, the more you’re aware of the different places people come from. There is no same resolution to identical situations. Expand your knowledge of why people do things a certain way. Everyone was raised differently, don’t expect the world to be just like you.


Two Minutes (part 3)

All right!  So, I’ve been sitting on this one for a bit to see if Ryou would write differently for me but no.  He is very controlled, very consumed angry and he’s not done.  So here it is, for everyone screaming (with me because I was too) in agony over how Ryou would react to his twin’s disappearance and the ‘pilot error’ tag the mission got.  Ta da!  And, just as a reminder, this is all @theprojectava‘s fault because they drew a picture that put the burr under my saddle and got me writing for Ryou in the first place.

Also I feel I should warn.  I’m pretty sure this is the last chapter.  Because the next chapter would be the start of a very long fanfic I do not have the ability to get into right now.  Or anytime soon.  If anyone else wants to take it from here, throw a link to my part in your disclaimer and go for it!  If anyone just wants to talk shop and speculate, I am so here for that too, public or private.  And on that note - I hope you enjoy my suffering offering.

Chapters 1 and 2 if you need them.


Whatever you create you are responsible for.

Ryou moved through the work shop with driven, ruthless efficiency.

Whatever you create - you are responsible for.

A year and a half.  A year since Little Magpie, the ship his brother had staked his life on, the ship Ryou had built as a promise to him, had gone silent.  A year and a half since his brother had left Earth.  And now this.

Ryou hadn’t stayed at the Garrison.  How could he?  How dare they?  ‘Pilot error’ his ass!  ‘Pilot error’ was just a fill in, just short hand for ‘we don’t know what happened’.  Just an excuse so Ryou’s own promising career wouldn’t be gutted.  ‘Pilot error’.  When the whole command staff knew the ship had made a safe landing, when there was no piloting going on at all.  When -

the fault had to have been with the ship itself.

With Ryou’s ship.

He couldn’t stay after that.  He couldn’t.

He could have moved to the private sector.  ‘Pilot error’ covered his sins.  Any of the corporations would have hired him for exorbitant amounts.  He could have hidden away in his work, he could have pretended half of him hadn’t been left to drift forever, slowly baking in cosmic radiation in the pathetic gravity of a god-forsaken moon.  He could have -

he couldn’t.

He couldn’t ignore his betrayal.  He couldn’t ignore his helplessness.  He went over the schematics of the ship until he saw them in his sleep, obsessive, driven, ruthless.  Trying to find where he went wrong.  Trying to find what he’d missed.

Trying to find out how he’d killed his own brother.

A year and a half.  A year and a half of purgatory, lost and adrift.  Where did he go if there was no Takashi to follow?  What mattered if there was no Takashi to smile his pride and approval?  His parents and grandmother mourned in their own way and never spoke a word of guilt to him.  They might not think there was any. But he knew.  He knew.  And he had to fix it. Somehow.  He always fixed things for Taka…

He’d ignored the calls three times, numbers with Garrison opening codes, before he’d picked up the fourth time and what his one-time colleague had told him had him jamming gear into a backpack and pulling strings back to America.’

Checking his comm messages on the way there had left him no more enlightened.  Just the team code for ‘respond immediately: emergency’ on two of them and nothing but static on the other, a bad reception on the edge of its transmission range.

And now here he was.  In one of the Garrison’s underground hangers with less than two hours of promised privacy thanks to both decontamination procedure and command scrambling to find someone who ranked enough up the chain to take charge of this.  And this was a ship the likes of which Ryou had never seen before.

His teammate hadn’t known how the Garrison had gotten it, just that it had just arrived and no one recognized a single piece of it.  Ryou didn’t either but it hummed to him, strange and foreign, the way all ships did and excitement threatened to make his hand shake too badly to work as he stepped into the cockpit past the scorch marks on the side of the doors and floor, over the outline of something the scientists had already removed. 

His colleague was going to get worse than fired if anyone ever realized she’d called him.  Ryou was going to get worse than arrested if he was caught.  And yet - the risk was worth it.  Because - finally - he had an answer.

Not a whole one.  It was wrapped in more questions than he knew to ask.  But - if Taka had been able to fly anything - Ryou had been able to build it.  And he’d started it all when he’d reverse engineered his late grandfather’s clock.  The ship wasn’t a clock - and he had less than two hours to figure it out.  But he would.  Damn everything left in the world - but he’d figure this ship out.

Because there was something else out there.  Something beyond the Garrison.  Something mankind hadn’t known about.  Something that had reached through the long emptiness of cold space to touch them.  Something this ship was a part of. 

Something that might - a year ago - had silenced a little magpie as it rested unsuspecting on a dead moon circling a human star.  It was a ridiculous theory.  Outlandish.  Possible but not probable considering the vastness of space and how far on the edge of things their tiny solar system was.  It was a fairy tale for tech heads. 

It didn’t make any sense.

But for the past year of his life, nothing in Ryou’s life had made sense.

He was willing to step away from what was sane.  And this ship would tell him.


This ship would take him.

To find his brother.  To bring his body home.

And to find out what had happened to his magpie and make anyone responsible for it pay.

Pay like hell.