you have the ability to help someone

You might not think you’re anything beyond ordinary but everyone who comes into contact with you, even for just a moment, can see that there’s more to you than you possibly know yourself. You’re beautiful that’s undeniable but it’s not a superficial type of beauty, it’s natural just like everything about you. You don’t realize the lasting effect you have on some people. Your radiant smile has the ability to make everyone in the room genuinely smile in return even if they are having the worst possible day. That in itself is a gift but it doesn’t stop there. Your generosity extends to the hearts of everyone you lend a helping hand to. Every single thing I’ve come to see in you shows the purest of hearts. Everything about you is extraordinary and it’s about time someone tells you.
—  For anyone who needs it
What’s the deal with PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)?

Someone asked us:

I have not been diagnosed, but after reading the symptoms and accounts from many people who have a uterus, I’m almost positive I have premenstrual dysphoric disorder. It’s wreaking havoc on my school work, my relationships, my mental state, and my ability to function, but seeing medications like Prozac and Zoloft scare me. Will a doctor believe me, or will I be perpetuating the angry PMS stereotype? And is it possible hormonal birth control alone would help?

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is no joke, and from what you’ve described, it would probably help to talk with a doctor or nurse about your symptoms.

Both PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and PMDD are very real, and I’m so sorry if worrying about people’s attitudes has held you back from getting treatment. You deserve to be listened to and to have a professional work with you to feel better.

Most people who menstruate have some PMS symptoms, like cramps, bloating, breast tenderness, and mood changes before or during their period — like being quicker to tears, more irritable, or feeling crummy overall. But some extra self-care is usually all it takes to get through it.

PMDD is much more severe and debilitating, and as it seems to be in your case, disruptive to relationships, school, and work.

There are 2 things you can do if you’re worried that you might have PMDD.

  1. Make an appointment with a doctor or nurse. You can visit a general practitioner (i.e. primary care or family doctor or nurse), a gynecologist (like a gyn at your local Planned Parenthood health center), or a psychiatrist. Ask about your doctor’s familiarity with PMDD diagnosis and treatment before making an appointment.
  2. Keep track of your symptoms — both emotional and physical — from cycle to cycle, including timing and how severe they are. That way you can tell a doctor or nurse exactly what’s been going on.

There’s no test that can tell you for sure whether you have PMDD, so it can take awhile to diagnose. When you visit your doctor, they may take some blood tests to rule out other causes of your symptoms. They may ask you questions about any history with anxiety or depression you might have had in the past.

There’s no single treatment that’s right for all PMDD patients, either. Some people get help from antidepressant medicines, but that’s not the case for everyone — and those medicines definitely don’t have to be the first treatment you try if that’s not your thing. Hormonal birth control is another very common treatment — including birth control pills that are FDA-approved to treat PMDD or methods that help eliminate your periods altogether.

Some other PMDD treatments include lifestyle changes, diet changes, vitamins and herbal supplements, and hormone therapies. In extremely rare cases, PMDD can be so severe and resistant to other treatments that patients opt for a hysterectomy or oophorectomy (removal of uterus or ovaries).

Get help now and don’t look back. Your nearest Planned Parenthood health center can help.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

Should You Heal Someone As Mercy?
  • Genji: You have a death wish? You think he's going to stick around when the enemy sees you? Fuck no, he's going run off, leaving you holding the bag and cursing.
  • Mcree: He's an old man who can't run very fast, and he's almost never too deep in enemy territory. Hop on down to help him and you'll be back in the skies before you know it.
  • Pharah: Bird wife is best wife, and anyway, as long as you two are in the sky, you'll be safe and away from the enemy. By the time she finishes saying "I need healing" you better be up there.
  • Reaper: Go kill someone to get your health back edgelord.
  • Soldier 76: By the time you get over there, he'll have popped his own healing ability, making you feel very silly. But he's usually away from the battle, so what the hell?
  • Sombra: I dunno, half the time she's super grateful, half the time she's already left by the time you get there, almost as if she's trolling yo-HEY!
  • Tracer: Between her speed and recall, she can either handle it herself or get back to you to get her healing, you ain't going to her.
  • Bastion: HAL-9000 here never moves, so you're gonna need to fix him. Unfortunately everyone is gunning for him, so you better have a way out.
  • Hanzo: That bow wielding jerk is usually dead before you get there, so you should generally not bother.
  • Junkrat: If he's someplace convenient, like hiding behind Reinhardt, sure. If not, it's usually not worth it.
  • Mei: Can't you just hide in your little ice bubble? What do you need me for?
  • Tobjorn: You need his turrets and his armor packs, so I guess it's polite to keep him alive. I don't have to like it though.
  • Widowmaker: If she's someplace you can easily get a Guardian Angel to, she's probably already dead.
  • D.Va: She goes through her health like she goes through Doritos, so you'd better. Don't expect gratitude though, and don't be surprised if 2 seconds after you brought her health back, she's already jetting off to lose it again.
  • Reinhardt: He's protecting you, help him out. At least until his shield breaks and he jets off, that's your cue to leave.
  • Roadhog: Very dangerous, and he's usually gonna heal himself before you get there. Plus that enemy Roadhog is always hooking your girlfriend, so he can go to hell.
  • Winston: If he wants to get healed, he can come back to you. I'm not following him into the thick of the enemy.
  • Zarya: She better shield you, but she's gonna die if you don't help her.
  • Ana: What's another healer doing on your team? Whatever, she's your stepmom and she can't heal herself so you should probably help her out.
  • Lucio: Still more healers? And can't he heal himself?
  • Symmetra: You want that teleporter don't you? Well you gotta earn it. Just don't expect me to follow you into the enemy.
  • Zenyatta: Healing him while he's got his harmony orb on you is impractical but hilarious.

You’re a lonely teenager with special abilities. You’re put in a place where the adults torture you and you constantly fear for the life of your friends. At some point the person you like the most is in danger. You react quickly, and kill someone. You didn’t have a choice. Afterwards, the person you like the most refuses to talk to you, and everyone is making you feel like you are a monster. They send you back home, where your parents try to comfort you. To tell you it’s okay. At least you’re safe, right?

You’re an adult now. You have migraines and other issues, all because of those abilities that you have. Despite that, you’re trying really hard to help people. You train to get better. You listen to others. You’re a nice, thoughtful person.
At some point, the person you care about the most dies, and there’s nothing you can do to save them. They’re gone. It happened so fast. 

Two years later, they’re back. It’s a miracle that no one can explain to you. You learn it almost by accident, because they didn’t warn you. They now work for a terrorist organization, and they expect you to come back to them as if nothing happened. You’re confused. You ask them questions, but they don’t give you the answers you need, so you leave them. Later you have a second chance to explain how you feel. You tell them you were wrong to doubt their loyalty and that you want to be back at their side, to help them until the very end. They say yes, and here you are, keeping your promise. Circumstances get worse, but you stay. You’re going to stay no matter what happens. 

You’re Kaidan Alenko and you don’t deserve to be hated.

This mind-blowingly beautiful crystal is called Chrysocolla!

For those of you looking for a crystal to add to or aide in your Chakra work, Chrysocolla is a fabulous choice. It is a very unique crystal, in the sense that is believed to impart a very calming energy through the Chakras. People use this crystal as a one-stop-shop for Chakra work because it has a really cool ability to cleanse and re-energize all of your Chakras!

Some people believe however, that where this stone really shines is the Throat Chakra.. As it really lends a hand to expressing yourself with your words. It’s a great talisman for those wanting to work on truthful and loving communication.. Have you ever been trying to relate to someone and you just can’t seem to find the right way to say something? Chrysocolla, in my experience, really helps with this!

Some Native American cultures placed a large value on this stone for its ability to bring a quiet, calm, inner strength to the wearer.

This is also a great stone if you’re looking for something to help with emotional balance. Are you quick to anger? Or are you an empath that finds it difficult to regulate their emotions in some situations? I identify as an empath, and this crystal has done wonders for me.

It has a great way of cooling off agitated emotions and leveling the mind. It’s believed to be one of the best for balance! And when you calm and quiet the mind, you can think more clearly, communicate better, and so much mental tension is reduced!

How To Help Someone

Just keep telling them how easy it is to do something. Every time you do that, it actually becomes easier.

If someone is unable to do something, tell them to just do it. They’ll instantly gain the ability to do it.

When you remind someone of how necessary it is to do something, they instantly become able to do it.

Tell them to have some confidence. Even if they’re physically unable to do something or have no idea how to do it, a little confidence will fix that.

If someone succeeds at something, expect them to succeed at everything that’s remotely similar, under all circumstances, with a 100% success rate. Reprimand them for being lazy if they don’t.

If someone asks “How do I do this?”, they’re refusing to do it. Reprimand them for not trying.

If something comes natural to you, expect it to come natural to them too, even if the entire reason for their struggle is that it doesn’t come natural.

Get mad at them if they don’t appreciate your “help”.

If you were a bird, and you found someone important in your life that you love, make them a feather because they can help you fly easier but if it falls off it won’t destroy you.
But don’t make someone a wing because without a wing, you can’t fly, and you never want to give someone your ability to fly. That’s something only you should have.
—  Hold Your Joy, Strength, and Independence

people seem to stop listening to other people as soon as someone says the phrase “drug zombies”. psych meds sometimes help people and they cannot turn you into a literal actual zombie. they can however:

- make you very dissociated, fatigued, depressed, confused, numb, unable to think clearly

- as a result of this, make you less able to make decisions and therefore more compliant

- make you have episodes of either complete or partial catatonia, which can affect your ability to move in a lot of different ways

- change the way you think, feel and act in ways you don’t want them to. some people feel that they have had their personalities taken away

so it seems perfectly reasonable to me that people use the metaphor of feeling like a zombie to describe their experiences with psych meds

10 Things to Help You Stay Safe at School and Work

As a medical student and a martial artist one of my biggest passions in life is helping people stay safe and teach them how to defend themselves. And one of the things that scares me the most is how my classmates talk about not knowing what would happen if they were alone in a dark parking lot at strange hours. That’s and insane idea to me.

I’ve taught multiple self-defense seminars ranging from children to sororities to LGBT+ organizations to really teach people that they have the right to fight back and how to do it in the best way for themselves. This has given the unique ability to modify and create self-defense strategies for different walks of life. That’s why I’ve taken my time to think of a way to express that online.

I can’t really show you how to take someone down, I can give you a good list of how to stay vigilant and a few intuitive techniques so that you can stay safe. I hope you find it helpful!

1. Don’t trust objects alone

“Oh, I have pepper spray.” Maybe you have a metal defense stick, or a little knife. That’s cool, I guess. But where exactly do you have it? Buried somewhere in a purse? Maybe jammed into your glovebox or perhaps on a different set of keys. In the long run, having an external force of self-protection can be useful but they’re useless unless you always have them on you. It’s really a false sense of security. It’s best to learn to use what you have including your limbs, head, rings, bag and my personal favorite…

2. Learn a new way to use your keys

When you’re walking in a parking lot the first thing you should do before leaving is pull out your keys. You should have them gripped in your hands either than the keys are sticking out from one side or the blades of the keys are between your fingers. If someone comes up to you with nefarious intentions you can literally just swing your keys across their face. Trust me, they will not put up an appreciable chase when you just slashed them full force. 

3. Approach your car with caution

This one is a little specific, but very relevant for current times. As you’re walking towards your car, try to get a glance underneath. For some stupid reason there is a trend of people hanging out under cars waiting for you to talk up to they can slash your Achilles tendon so you can’t run away (how f’ed up is that?) In the unlikely event this occurs, you immediately go into a safe building, call the police and tell them there is a body under your car (not that someone is trying to attack you).

4. A distracted target is an easy target

Do not walk around with headphones in, do not play on your phone, do not absent mindedly speak on the phone in while in a dark or enclosed area. The more invested you seem in something else, the more you leave yourself vulnerable, and people notice that. Even if you are on the phone, keep your head up and looking around while speaking at a moderately high volume. This lets everyone around you know, hey I’m attentive and in-tune.

5. Walk with a purpose

If you look like you know where you’re going and are attentive you give off being a certain type of person. A person who is in control. Basically it says “you don’t want to mess with me, because I am ready to go at all times.” Like a hawk. If you walk hunched over, looking nervous and suspicious, it makes you look too afraid to be able to do anything. So even if you’re afraid, walk like you mean it.  

6. Do the opposite of what is expected

What I mean by this is if say, someone pulls your hair from behind or grabs at your wrists, instead of trying to yank back and get away push towards your attacker. This will disorient them because they weren’t expecting such a reaction. You will also be in less pain, and be composed enough to do something to get away like smash your head into their nose or heel stomp them. If they want your wallet, just give it to them. They won’t expect it and if that’s all they want they’ll leave. You can replace cards and ID, but you can’t replace your life.

7. Find your voice

I’ve taught a lot of self-defense, as I’ve mentioned. And I promise, every time I tell anyone to practice yelling someone always thinks it funny. But you know what’s not funny? How many people completely freeze up when they’re grabbed from behind and or being pulled away. It’s like making any noise at all is an impossibility which is an extremely dangerous place to be. As awkward as it may be, a well-placed scream or yell is a very effective move all in itself.

8. Let someone know where you’ll be

Easy, simple, effective, but easy to forget. Also, establishing a recognizable pattern of when you come and go to people around you is a really good idea. That way, if someone is out of the ordinary the people around you will realize something is not right.

9. Take a self-defense class

I can tell what techniques to use, but honestly that’s not very useful. To really be able to protect yourself you need to know what it means to actually strike something to be able to translate that into striking someone. A good class will teach you wrist releases, elbows, knees and plenty of other ways to escape a potentially dangerous situation. It’s worth the time to go to a class, and who knows? You might really like it.

10. You are the most important person

I hate the idea that a lot of these practices are made to turn attention away from one target to another possibly. I really wish that something that weren’t the case and that we didn’t even have to worry about this crap. But that just isn’t so. As long as people are willing you to hurt others, you must remember that the most important person is you and it is your priority to keep yourself safe. If you can help someone, in anyway, that is amazing. But you are your own number one.

Stay safe out there everyone!

another reason that yuuri winning gold would feel so nice……… it’s victor’s success and validation, too.

i don’t mean this to take away from yuuri’s work and drive at all, i definitely don’t mean that. i’ve written essays on why i want the gold for yuuri, by yuuri, because of yuuri. but coaching is a legitimately difficult job, and victor’s gotten absolutely no acknowledgment of that and that he is actually doing a really good job for a totally inexperienced coach with no help or assistance. how many times have we heard someone basically smack down his decision to become a coach? “how long are you going to play at being a coach?” “when are you going to give up this ridiculous idea?” “i’m not going to lose to a third-rate coach” no one, this entire time, has believed in his ability to coach. except for yuuri: the most important person to believe in him.

this is more than a romantic thing. his athlete completely trusts him, but absolutely nobody else does. do you think victor wants to let yuuri down? the difference between victor and yuuri is that victor doesn’t suffer from anxiety, and he doesn’t let the talk get to him, and he really just wants yuuri to be happy and enjoy himself. but he also knows how desperately yuuri wants to win, and victor clearly really, really wants that for yuuri, too because yuuri wants it.

victor just plain likes being yuuri’s coach, win or lose, but no one believes that he’s serious about coaching at all. and yet here he is bringing out some of the most technically proficient skating yuuri katsuki has ever done, and to see that acknowledged and approved in-universe too (with a resounding acceptance that victor nikiforov the ice skating legend is dead, victor nikiforov the coach and married man is here to stay) would be really, really nice.


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Just Dating Wanda Maximoff things:

  • Friend, you have someone awful special by your side. I don’t just mean her abilities as Scarlet Witch. Wanda is so much more than just her powers, don’t make the mistake of only noticing her because of that. See her as wondrous person she is; wild, free and loving. She is the extremes of all spectrums in the best of ways. Wanda Maximoff is beautiful inside and outside even with all her flaws, so love every part of her.

  • Wanda is very independent and always wants the opportunity to try and do things on her own first before getting help. Don’t try and do things for her. Give her the chance to try by herself. This goes for everything; battle, domestic matters, social settings, everything. Let Wanda play and explore the world as she likes. Trust that she knows a majority of her limits and that when she needs help she will come ask you first.

  • While very outwardly strong, Scarlet Witch is human emotionally. There are times when your dear Wanda will break. There are some serious telltale signs; she will lash out, get more reckless, pace, try to push everyone away. She doesn’t want anyone to see how weak she can become. When she was on her own, people trusted her to rise, but now she has you, be there for her. Show Wanda that she doesn’t have to go through these dark moments alone with you by her side. At first she will definitely want to push you away, but it’s weak; you can feel that what she really wants is for you to stay. Be with Wanda until she’s ready to rise again.

  • Wanda Maximoff’s extremes aren’t only in personality, but also in food. Super sweet, super spicy and super strong tasting foods are her favourite. She’s adventurous when it comes to what she eats, so maybe prepare yourself for some dates with very unique cuisine. If you’re a picky eater, Wanda is going to try and make you not be one. If you’re very stubborn this could lead to some actual fights, but don’t think it’s because she’s mad at you for being picky, she just hates the idea that you’re missing out on some really delicious food when you haven’t even tried it. It comes from a place of love, really.

  • Affection with Wanda is actually surprisingly open and really very sweet. She’ll call you pet names in public in her native tongue. Even if people can’t understand what she’s actually calling you, they can tell it’s a pet name from how loving it sounds coming from her lips. Wanda will also do things like—if you’re both standing in the kitchen and having conversations with other people—mindlessly feed you bits and pieces of food. Piece of popcorn or a chip or grape; one-at-a-time foods, all the while she’s still talking with someone else. When people call it out, Wanda blushes very sweetly and mutters under her breath. She honestly doesn’t realise she’s doing it at times.

I wish more people sought out help when auditioning for drum corps. Just so they have an idea of what to expect. Like, I completely understand people wanting to march for [top 5 corps here] because of their [most recent year show]. But then again you have sooo many people who either have no idea what they’re getting into, or people who just decide not to march.

Seriously someone who’s working with you can help tell you where your abilities are and help you set some better goals. It’s okay not to start at the top. There’s literally nothing wrong with marching 1-2 other places and “working your way up” On the other hand there’s nothing wrong with going out for the top corps, it’s the best way to understand their expectations and know what to work on.

Still, the best way to get better at drum corps is by doing drum corps. Just go march somewhere else or “lower”.

I’m pretty sure I write something like this every year around audition season, and it definitely continues to happen.

Barry Allen is The Flash. There is no Barry without Iris, because she helped shape him into who he is, which is how he decided to become the Flash instead of some evil meta. (Also he would metaphorically and probably literally die without her and then there would be no Flash.) Therefore, there is no Flash without Iris West.

That’s just for those of you who are confused, thinking that pseudo science and doctoring someone with self-healing abilities is what makes Barry the Flash. If he didn’t have his team as an Arrow ripoff/plot device/crutch, he’d figure it out on his own. Just like Wally did in Flashpoint with only Iris. Because Iris is the through line for these superheroes, in case you’re not paying attention. Barry needs Iris. Wally needs Iris. Hell, even Bart needs Iris or else he would have been trapped in virtual reality his entire life.

Thank you, goodnight.

  • Anon: Hi! I have a few traits that relate to X and I'm very confident in my ability to diagnose myself based off the minimal reading I've done from random news sources! Can you validate me and my almost foundationless assumption so I'm satisfied enough to not seek a professionals help?
  • Me: Absolutely! I can tell from this horribly formatted text post that you've sent me that you really know your stuff! Who needs a doctor when you have tabloids and blogs! A P.h.D. means nothing!
  • Anon: Great, so I'm X right?
  • Me: If X is a fucking idiot still in his/her adolescence and dumb enough to believe themselves smarter than someone who took ten years to get their degree then, yes!

❝ ––– I checked with Senneck on Bash’s progress earlier to make sure you had someone by your side before I left. […] I cannot help you be queen. Or Scottish. Time and again, you have shown an uncanny ability to emerge from adversity unscathed and on top. You did it in France - much to my great annoyance - and you will do it here. I can’t spend no more time on your journey, I have my own.❞

kallebeth  asked:

I don't know if someone already asked you this, but if as a human someone has dyslexia or ADHD does that become heightened as a vampire? I have this headcannon that Emmett is dyslexic and that may be why he's not necessarily "book smart."

SM is kind of inconsistent about when “negative” things become enhanced or become erased. Like, for example, Rosalie’s vanity seems to have been enhanced, but Bella’s clumsiness was erased. So it’s hard to say how something like dyslexia or ADHD might manifest. In some ways I could see ADHD being kind of helpful? Because vampirism apparently lets you take in so much more information about the world around you, and gives you the ability to have multiple thoughts at once, so someone who had ADHD as a human might be kind of used to that feeling, on some level? 

Or maybe it can become a power, that they can project it on to other vampires?

I suppose it depends on the level and how much the human/vampire identifies with the condition? 

I think such a thing could work for Emmett. Vampirism enhances the way your brain works, but it doesn’t seem to change the way the brain is “set up” necessarily.  Like itmight give you a more powerful operating system, but some people run Windows and other people have something else?  It could just be a more powerful version of whatever ‘system’ your brain already has. 

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How much does your personal style matter if you want to become an animator (or storyboard artist) - and how much should and can you be able to adapt?

Hi Anon–your personal style matters a bit, but your ability to adapt to other styles is very important!
I can only speak from my own experiences, but hopefully they help… 

Every artist tends to have their strengths and weaknesses–in storyboarding maybe someone excels in action-packed sequences, and maybe another person excels in writing super hilarious scenes, and maybe another is great at grand, cinematic boarding. Some people can do all of it, and those people are amazing!!

But I’d say if your personal style is more of an action-packed “Avatar” style, you’re going to be more helpful on an action show than, say, a preschool show. Or if you’re really good at cinematic boards, maybe a super ‘toony, flat show wouldn’t be in your wheelhouse.  

If you’re able to adapt between all genres of animation (from action to comedy to pre-school), you will be very valuable as a storyboard artist. Be one of those people who can do all of it.

Also, sometimes your writing style matters as much as your drawing style.
I work on a board-driven show, which means storyboard artists get to visually interpret the outline that the writers provide and also have the freedom to add gags, dialog and other story-related ideas, if they feel the ideas plus the story. So on our show, it’s more important that you can “write” in the style of the show than draw in the style. Sometimes in the boards Star doesn’t get drawn on-model, but that doesn’t matter if the stories are well-written. Plus, we have a great team of revisionists that help get our drawings on-model and ready to ship overseas, thanks revisionists!!


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Missed the wall of asks but oh well 😅 how open would the incubi be to turning you into one yourself? I'm asking as I am gender fluid which means the gender I feel changes and being given the opportunity to fully change my body would help relieve all the body anxieties I get. I ask because I feel like Damien especially wouldn't be okay with it because of his thoughts on magic? How would all the incubi react and would they be cool in general about dating someone with a nonbinary identity?

It would depend.

Being a demon is NOT easy by any means, so just because you would have to ability to adapt your body does not mean that it won’t have it’s own price.

All five of them would respect your choice (Damien included, as your body is yours to dictate, not his). However, you would have to feed on energy as much as you can and, in the human world, that is not easy.

In terms of them dating someone with a nonbinary identity, they have no sexualities so it wouldn’t matter to them.

I’d rather die than know that more happened to me than what I’ve already recovered, my mind blocked out these memories for a god damn reason.
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