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Very urgent! I'm going shopping with my 2 best friends today and I want to come out to them. I'm really awkward, how do I bring it up to them that I'm trans?

Lee says:

You can just straight-up tell them. 

Be like “Hey, I have something important to tell you. I identify as X gender, and I’d like if you started using Y pronouns to refer to me. I know it’ll take some time to get used to, but it would mean a lot to me. I’m telling you two because you’re important to me, and I wanted you to know this about me. I’m not any different than who I was all this time, I’ve always been trans, I just didn’t really figure it out until X date, so it’s not like I’ve been lying to you or anything. I’m not out to X people yet, so I’d appreciate if you didn’t tell anyone until I’m ready to come out to them.” etc

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i was wondering if you or any of your other followers maybe had any advice on how to deal with the insecurity of being ace and also being in a sexless relationship with a non-ace person. like, he constantly tells me that he's totally okay with us not having a physical relationship, and I believe him that he loves me as ace, but part of me is always saying "you're not enough for him" and i often feel like I'm keeping him from having something that he needs or wants.

I think it comes down to two things. The first is it’s not really our place to be like why do you love me I don’t love myself or I know what you need in a relationship more I’m not giving you enough. It kind of takes away their say in the matter. They picked you for a reason. Second, and this one is hard. I think it comes down to faith. Belief that this can go somewhere and be something. Sometimes that faith comes and goes but if you work on loving yourself and connecting with your partner it becomes easier

I think that all the Class fandom is agree to say that the show deserves better and so do the cast.
I’ll be at Manchester ComicCon next weekend, and normally will have the chance to meet the cast who’ll be there.
So, I was thinking (you can say me it’s dumb) if some of you can’t come and would like to say something to the cast, send me a message in my ask and I could try to give them.

uh i saw you weren’t feelin too great so i made this for you! sorry if it isnt accurate but i want to say that you arent obligated to be “pretty” or anything like that! you be you and do what makes ya happy 


hello !! I’m Selena Gomez. I’m twenty four twenty five officially today because it’s my birthday (!!) but you’ll still find me acting like I’m ten most of the time while I beg for attention and squeal at any and all animals within’ a ten foot radius of myself. I sing for a living and sometimes do something resembling dancing alongside it but when I’m not busy with that, I also act. Or try to, rather. If I’m not busy working, you can find me watching conspiracy theory documentaries on Netflix or getting lost in yet another TV show that I don’t have the time or patience for. Come say hi on gh @ sensitivedaisy & if you buy Fetish, available now on ITunes  I’l tell you about my latest conspiracy or a horrible pun, depending on your preference. 

the problem with musicals
  • Me: P-Please, no more musicals? Can't I be done? isn't 12 a bit extensive? I have a wife and children to fee-
  • Friend: *says something remotely related to musicals*

I can’t help but think about Yuuri being constantly mesmerized but also FULL OF SALT because Viktor, like a fine wine or good cheese, just gets BETTER with age. He is the SILVEREST OF SILVER FOXES. Yuuri can’t handle it.

Like yes his forehead gets bigger, but that just makes him look distinguished somehow? And the lines around his eyes give him this graceful wisdom. The glasses he has to wear later in life make him look like one of those beautiful professor-type men in movies–just looking at them, you know they’ve got to be over the fifty hump, maybe even pretty far over, but you still really want to see them with their shirt off? 

Viktor plans a beach trip for their thirtieth wedding anniversary and Yuuri watches as his sixty-year-old husband shakes salt water out of his hair and rubs sunscreen into the freckles on his shoulders. What the fuck. Yuuri is sitting here in a giant T-shirt and shorts with an overlarge sunhat and sunglasses, and next to him Viktor is reenacting the ads for Gucci’s summer 2049 beachwear ad. The only thing missing is a lion cub and a yacht.

“Aren’t you going to swim?” Viktor asks, leaning back on his elbows, legs crossed at the ankles. His whole body is laid out as though to soak up as much sun as possible, and Yuuri is huddled under the umbrella, every bit of him that will fit in the shade folded into it.

“My hip is bothering me today,” Yuuri tells him, mostly as an excuse.

“The water might help with that,” Viktor tells him, and kneads a hand into the meat of Yuuri’s hip. “It’s nice and cool. Aren’t you having fun, Kitten?”

Yuuri bows his head towards him, smiles and butts their noses together. Viktor has a smear of unincorporated sunscreen on his nose that transfers onto Yuuri’s cheek. “Of course I am. I’m with you.”

Viktor makes a weak little sound against his shoulder. “The things you say. Even now.”

“They’re true,” Yuuri says, and takes his hand through Viktor’s hair.

“I know,” Viktor sighs. “But sometimes I still can’t believe that you’re spending your life with me. Thirty years, can you believe it?”

“No,” Yuuri chuckles honestly. “I can’t. But I’m glad it happened. And that it’s still happening.”

“Thirty years and you’re still just as beautiful as they day I married you,” Viktor says.

Yuuri looks at his husband, Number 27 on People Magazine’s list of Fifty Sexiest Men Over Fifty, and blushes harder than he has since he was in his twenties. 

“Says Russia’s Golden Silver Fox.”

“I hated that article,” Viktor says. His fingers are tracing patters on Yuuri’s thigh. “It made no sense. Silver and gold clash. Anyone with a brain knows that.”

“I don’t think that was the point, Vitya.”

Viktor grabs his hand. “Come swim with me!”

“No!” Yuuri laughs, halfheartedly trying to tug his hand back. “We’re on a beach surrounded by twenty-somethings and unlike you, I have the waistline of a fifty-six year old man.”

“Then come back to our hotel room and I’ll show you the things your fifty-six-year-old waistline can do to me,” Viktor murmurs, and nips gently at Yuuri’s thigh just below the hem of his shorts.

“Well…” Yuuri twirls a lock of Viktor’s hair in his finger. “We do have a few hours before dinner.”

Yuuri lets Viktor cling to him like an octopus on the walk back to their room. Yuuri may be thirty-two years older than he was in the winter of 2016, but he is still the man who took pride in stealing Viktor Nikiforov out from under Russia’s nose–and he is still the only man who Viktor Nikiforov, Certified Fine Wine, Good Cheese, Silver Fox, has eyes for. It’s enough to make anyone feel good about their love handles. 

(Viktor thinks that Yuuri’s love handles are to be celebrated. But that’s another post.)

So I’ve had this idea for some superhero lesbian romcom type story that I dont have the skills or focus to really develop but man do I want it.

Main POV is on the hero character. She’s terse and high strung in that vulcan “im calm and collected and cool outside but eternally screaming on the inside” way. Overthinks Everything.

Her main nemesis is some catwoman style jewelry thief who GLEEFULLY lives up the “ridiculous sexy villain” aesthetic. She’s gonna be comfortable but that doesnt mean she aint gonna look GOOD because these tiddies DESERVE to be appreciated via a cleavage window.

This is almost entirely why the hero has dubbed this mostly harmless thief as her nemesis like who fucking does that some of us are trying to do respectable work while she goes around feeding into EVERY sexy cliche I hate it so much I keep this picture of her to remind me of how much she annoys me and sleep with it every night.

Anyway. Hero one day sees her Nemesis in a mundane setting like at work or a coffeeshop and recognizes her INSTANTLY (reason 3 she’s annoying: actually thinks a dainty black eyemask is a DISGUISE)

Hero is like “hooollllyyy shit holy shit it’s her jfc she is FOLLOWING ME she’s trying to PSYCHE ME OUT!! Well ill show her im gonna go over and pass some hints that im on to her shit!!”

Goes over and is bamboozled when Nemesis is just all “oh hey i was wondering when you’d stop staring and come talk to me ;)” and next thing she knows theyre sitting down and having coffee together and then it hits her.

Not only did Nemesis not recognize her (of course she didnt because SOME OF US know how to do a disguise with voice changers and all) but she is now on a date. It’s a good date. Nemesis is flirty and cute and oh no she runs a charity organization for street kids fuck thats where the money all goes oh no oh fuck

And then dates?????? keep happening??????????? but moonlight chases across the city also keep happening????? Hero is Very Confused and Conflicted and it’s a constant hilarious comedy of errors of her almost coming clean on who she is then chickening out and in a constanr state of lowkey existential crisis.

All leads up to some scene where theyre doing the Hero and Villain thing and Hero cant stop from flirting hardcore and laying it on thick (bc she is now starting to warm up to this whole catsuit and titty window look she sees the benefits)

Only to have Nemesis go “oh honey thats sweet but im not gonna let you off easy for it. Also I have a girlfriend anyway”

Cue another lowkey existential crisis of being stuck between “I JUST GOT FUCKIN REJECTED BY MY OWN GIRLFRIEND????!?” And “holy shit she called me her girlfriend and turns down people for me oh my god ❤❤”

Plot twist: when she finally comes clean over breakfast Nemesis is like “oh thank god i was wondering when you’d say something because pretending I didnt know was getting too old to be fun anymore, like I caught on around our third date, anyway you want some more pancakes?”

Passionfruit | 2

Namjoon is not at all what you expected him to be.

Originally posted by namxingruinedme

pairing: namjoon x reader
genre: smut
wordcount: 7.1k

part one

You were used to judgment.

It came in many shapes and forms. Men’s roaming gazes as you walked past. The way guys would leer at you, objectifying you with their stares and their wolf whistles. You were used to coming face to face with judgment. 

People made assumptions about you and always had. Guys you slept with always approached you and you knew they had seen you and made a snap judgment about who you were. Girls who saw you narrowed their eyes and protectively put a hand on their boyfriends knees when you walked past. People saw you and decided that they knew who you were, you didn’t have a say in the matter. In their eyes you were already the slut, the loose one, the messy one, and nothing you could say or do would change that judgment call.

So it had been a surprise when you had met Namjoon’s eyes last week and seen no judgment there.

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Clichés, man....

So even longer story short, I, the ranger in our party, had just received vengeance after finally killing my Uncle who killed my father when I was young. And our Wizard noticed that he was weakened before we entered the room. ((I shot him with an ensnaring strike as soon as we entered)) He notices two black daggers in his hands, and all we can see is the hilt because these daggers are through his hands. The wizard goes to touch them and we all get blinded for a few seconds. I’ll continue the dialogue from here.

Ranger: What just happened?
???: I’m not sure maybe you’ll have to tell me.
Ranger: Who are you??
DM: Roll a Religion check
*rolls a 16*
DM: You know this to be Loki, the Norse god of mischief.
Loki: *laughs*
Ranger: To what, do we owe the pleasure if meeting Loki?
Loki: I’ve been watching you, not all of you, just you specifically Alarian. And I need to ask a little favor of you.
Ranger(Alarian): I’m assuming that I don’t have much of a choice in the matter, how may I be of assistance to you?
Loki: Have you ever lost your house key before? I’m assuming you did because you were kicked out of your home as well! Exiled for killing the king….. I know you were framed… And so was I! So I need help finding my key again.
Ranger: So how can I find it?
Loki: You’re looking for a man named Heimdal. You met him once before so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to accomplish.
Ranger: How do we find you once we have him?
Loki: Oh! You should be finding that out right about now!
DM: Alarian you feel a serpent crawling up your right leg and then a sharp pain as though something has bitten you.
Loki: Just think of me when you have Heimdal, and I’ll come scurrying on in to have a nice, friendly… chat, with him….
Ranger: Is there anything else we can assist you with?
Loki: No, that’s if for now buddy. See you real soon!
*Loki vanishes*
Ranger: Well lets go find Heimdal…
DM: Wait are you not gonna look at your leg?
Me(Ranger): Nah, it’s probably turned into a tattoo…

The Signs? Ỳ̸͉̤̻̞̣̱o̵̶̘̮͚͕̻͝u̡̖̱̰?̴̞̻̲͍͍ a̢̬̯̕͠ͅn҉͏̷̯̭͇̠ḍ̴͎͇?͏̹̞͘

Aries: What did you say? Please, someone needs help. Follow me.

Taurus: I can’t shake the feeling I’m being watched. Wait, watched isn’t the right word. Watched and something else.

Gemini: Dear thing I have split cracks in the night. You can see me but only for a moment.

Cancer: And where will you go then? And then? And then? How long until your clothes wither to dust? And then?

Leo: Its not coming for me. Nothing is. Not anymore. 

Virgo: Poor thing. She found a way to scrub her sins away. Every last one of them with soap and water.

Libra: Sick to my stomach. I cant move. I cant think. Its okay.

Scorpio: Ignoring it is hard but acknowledging it would kill you. This is your burden.

Ophiuchus: Weeping in the windy night. Find them and comfort them. Do as so many before you have feared to do. Pussies.

Sagittarius: Its all falling away. It feels peaceful. It feels so peaceful. So bright. What lies.

Capricorn: A hand from the dark. It gently strokes your hair. You fall back asleep.

Aquarius: Time. It will take time dear thing. You have so so much. 

Pisces: A chello played with a scimitar, but only once. Stop it.

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Fic prompt: Bitty accidentally says something really hurtful to Jack when he's angry over the phone (like from Georgia or something). Jack takes it the wrong way and begins to panic and shut people out. Bitty doesn't realize what he's done until Jack doesn't reply to his apology a few days later and people text bitty because they're worried about Jack. Bitty has to quick find Jack and fix what he did and help him feel better

“You don’t understand!” Bitty shouts over the phone.

“But I do, Bits,” Jack retaliates for the umpteenth time this conversation.

“Jack, stop,” Bitty pleads, pressing the palm of his hand hard against his shut eyes. “You don’t, alright. You can’t. You haven’t grown up the way I did.”

“But I still–”


Bitty isn’t sure if it’s the crack in his voice, but Jack goes silent on the other end.

Bitty sighs out roughly. Time apart is meant to be good for their relationship–absence makes the heart grow fonder–but all it seems to have done for Jack and Bitty is create tension and frustration.

“Eric,” Jack begins as Bitty is trying to calm his breathing. It’s not the way he says it normally; soft and reverent. No, this is like the angry spike of syllables he got from Jack in his first year at Samwell. This is a slap in the face.

“No,” he says firmly, then hangs up before he adds on anything else that his heart is tempting him with by telling him it will feel so good to get off his chest. He’s got enough sense to know that he’d regret that when he’s cooled down. He doesn’t want to lose Jack, lord how much he doesn’t want that.

Bitty turns his phone off and keeps it off for the rest of the night. His fingers itch, and he knows that even if he doesn’t text Jack, he’d be tweeting something vague and passive-aggressive which will only cause worry for his followers, some of which belong to the SMH.


The next morning Bitty sleeps in after having stayed up late baking. He opens his eyes slowly, aware that this morning he’s going to have to turn his phone back on and face the fact of his conversation with Jack last night.

He does it like ripping a band-aid off. Phone on, apology text sent, then he leaves it on his nightstand and heads downstairs.

He eats, then he bakes and listens to his music louder than normal. He’s calm now, last night’s frustration gone, and ready to talk to Jack about what he actually meant.

Upstairs, sitting on his bed with his phone in his hands, Bitty is stumped. There’s no response from Jack. He sends another text, asking Jack to call him later in the evening, and leaves his phone beside his laptop on the desk and he starts editing a vlog entry.

That evening, there’s no call. No text either, which worries Bitty as it’s outside Jack’s normal mode of operation. The smallest bit of doubt trembles in his fingers as he sends another text to Jack close to midnight, just to check that everything is okay.

Two days go by with no communication from Jack. It’s strange, and what’s stranger are the messages flooding his inbox from what seems like every contact he has but Jack. They’re all variations on the same sentiment.

Hey Bits. Jack talked to you recently? He’s not answering my emails. Thx.

Bruh is Jack giving you radio silence too?

Could you let Jack know I’ve sent him those spreadsheets? Calls aren’t going through. Thanks man.

Do you know if Jack’s gone away or something?

Have you talked to Jack?

Is Jack talking to you?

Have you talked to Jack?

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Crush (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Prompt : “So you love him!”

“No! I like him! There’s a difference! In my world it’s called a crush.”

“A crush? Why a crush??”

“Well, I suppose it’s because if the other person doesn’t like you back… your - ah, heart is crushed…?”

 “Well isn’t that depressing, is it!”

The prompt was taken from @wri-ting-prompts

You couldn’t help but stare at the man sitting in front of you as he flipped a page of the book he was reading. You had your own book in front of your face to make your staring less obvious. How he could not feel your eyes making holes in his gorgeous head was beyond your understanding.


Loki raised his head as his brother entered the room looking for him. He raised one of his eyebrows in question. Oh God! The things this man did to you.

“Tony, the Man of Iron, is looking for you. He is in his lab.” Thor said in his thundering voice.

Loki sighed but did indeed get up to leave. You frowned. You were looking forward to spend quite some time with Loki which mostly involved you staring at him like a creepy stalker but you would take whatever you could get at this point.

Loki’s seat was now taken by Thor who was intently staring at you. The way he was staring freaked you out.

“Thor? Is something wrong?”

Thor tilted his head a little and squinted his eyes.

“You have feelings for Loki.”

Your eyes widened.

“Wha..what? No. No. No way. I mean..” you laughed nervously “ why would you think that?”

Amazing job, (Y/N). If he had any doubts before they would have simply vanished by now.
Seeing the look on the blond God’s face, you mentally groaned.

“You were staring.” He simply stated. “You always are.”

You tried to hide your embarrassingly red face in between the pages of your book.

“Its that obvious?” you questioned already knowing the answer.

He smiled at you.

“I know everyone thinks he is evil considering he did destroy half of New York but the Loki I have been around isn’t like that. He is sweet. He makes me laugh. Whenever I am around him, its like nothing can go wrong. And he reads. Now, how often do you find a guy like that?” You rambled.

So you love him!’’ He shouted.

No! I like him!” You liked Loki. Definitely.  But love still had a long way to go.

Your declaration was met with a confused Thor.

There’s a difference. In our world, it’s called a crush.”

A crush? Why a crush?

Well, I suppose if the other person doesn’t like you back….your — uh, heart gets crushed..?” You shrugged.

Thor frowned.

That is just depressing.

Don’t I know it.

“You should tell him, (Y/N).”

You opened your mouth to respond but was cut off by someone entering the room.

“Tell what to whom?” Loki questioned.

“I was telling (Y/N) to declare her feelings to the man she likes.”  You stared open mouthed at Thor and missed Loki’s glance towards you.

“Right now I declare that I want to kill someone.” You said while glaring at the man sitting in front of you.

Thor ignored your statement and got up to leave. “Oh, and Loki. Please stop crushing her. “

You dropped your head in your hands hoping the sofa you sat on would just swallow you out of existence.

Loki sat beside you and on not getting any response from you , he nudged you.

“I am highly embarrassed right now so, we would have to talk like this. That is, if you want to talk.”

“Of course I want to. Spending time with you is my only highlight of the day.”

You could swear that your heart stopped.

You looked up at him.

“So, who is the man who has your heart?” he questioned.

“Someone I know my friends would not approve of. But with him around everything is just better, you know? He makes me feel special.”

Loki looked away from you.

“I don’t think he feels the same about me.”

He gave you half a smile and said, “Well, you are special. And he would be a fool not to feel the same way, not to cherish you.”

You were pretty sure that your heart would pop out of your chest any moment now. Well, then you could give your heart to Loki, literally.

You took a deep breath.

It was now or never.

“It’s you.”
You couldn’t bring yourself to even look at him. Oh, the irony.


“Considering you are someone who reads a lot, you are kinda dumb.” You rolled your eyes. “Yes, you.”


Your throat went dry and your eyes burned. You felt like crying. At least he could say something. But even without words you had got your answer.

“I think I have embarrassed myself enough today”, you swallowed the lump in your throat,” so I am gonna go.”

“Stay. Please.” He took your hands in his and met your eyes with his own.

“I..uh, I never thought I could find someone for me. Everything I ever wanted was given to Thor because he was the worthy one. I did not believe that. You have helped since the day I have come here. You would choose to spend more time with me than Thor. It was the first time anyone chose me over my brother. But this time I do believe that I am not worthy of you. I am not worthy of your love, (Y/N).”

“Don’t you think that’s for me to decide?” you asked.

You brought your face closer to his and brushed your lips against his giving him a chance to pull away.

He did not.

You kissed him and he responded before you two pulled away to breathe.

“I choose you, Loki. I will always choose you.”

there comes a time in every fan’s life where you just decide “fuck it, I’m not going to pretend to defend why I’m allowed to like A Thing even though everyone thinks it is Bad Art. I’m just going to like it and anyone who wants to judge me for liking A Thing without a detailed mea culpa Explanation should try this instead: I like A Thing because it makes me happy or brings me silly joy and that is all the Explanation I care to give. liking A Thing does not have to equal an endorsement of A Thing as Good Art or Model Writing. maybe it’s even garbage, but it’s My Happy Garbage, so peace out sailor.”

New Girl - Three

One | Two

“No, no! It’s like this.” I shooed Tom out of the way and showed him how to grade the paper again. He groaned and put his hands on the back of the chair I was sitting in.

“Why don’t you just do it then?” I sighed, turning to face him again. It’s been three months since the bar incident, and Tom and I have been getting along quite nicely. We bicker here and there – but, like we’ve noticed, we’re completely different people. It’s expected. We’d go to lunch together, go grocery shopping together and we’ve even gone a couple of, non-successful, double dates.

“You said you’d help grade the homework! I have to make this test that I forgot I assigned tomorrow.” Tom looked at you, his eyebrows pulled in. “What?”

“If you don’t have the test ready,” his hand came up to pinch the bridge of his nose, “why don’t you just reschedule the test?” I opened my mouth to say something, probably to call him an idiot like I usually did, but noticed he had a point. I turned back toward the homework Tom was grading and reached toward my laptop, quickly hitting the ctrl + s keys and saving the work I had already done before closing my laptop. I heard Tom scoff above me, I looked up to see him shaking his head. “Idiot.”

“Shut up, Holland!”

“Well, you’re welcome.” It was my turn to scoff.


“Um,” he gave me a look that could only be a duh look, “for saving you time?”

“Oh, you’re right,” I said sarcastically, “thank you, Tom. For having common sense – for once.” He nodded his head, pursing his lips.

“You know what, (L/N)?”

“And they’re fighting again.” Tom and I directed our gaze toward the front door, seeing Jacob and Harrison walk through with a couple of boxes of pizza. I walked over to help Jacob with the drinks as he closed the door.

“We’re not fighting, we’re bickering,” I nudged Harrison’s shoulder, “it’s good for moral.” He rolled his eyes, a smile on his face as he passed me a plate.

“So, you going out with your boy-toy tonight?” I looked up at Jacob, sticking my tongue out at his childish tone.

“Don’t call him that, his name is Tony! And, no, it’s a school night.” I had been seeing Tony for about a month. We started out as just bed buddies and one day something just snapped. When we kissed we didn’t rush it, and he started to stay over more and then he asked me out – he broke the bubble.

“Well, don’t have too much fun with all that homework, tiger,” Tom grabbed his plate and winked at me, grabbing a beer and heading toward his room. I watched as he left, trying to ignore the burning in my cheeks after he winked at me. I tried to replace Tom’s face with Tony’s. Tony, Tony, Tony.

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To Become a Sorcerer

‘If one wishes to become a true sorcerer. but without having to sell oneself
to the Devil, then one should go to the churchyard on a Thursday night
between two and four o'clock. This is what one says:

Inhabitants of the Kingdom of Death
this payment I borrow from you
that sometime you might tell me
how to find out that which I wish to know.

Then one goes up to the church-bell and scrapes a little metal from it and
keeps it in a bottle. If one then wants to find out about something. whatever
it may be, then one goes to the churchyard on a Thursday night and says:

Inhabitants of the Kingdom of Death.
Come forth!
Tell me how I should restore this coin that I have borrowed from you
it shall be paid back to you on that day that I enter with you into eternity.

Then one may learn from the spirits anything that one wishes to know, even
if there is no earthly way for you to discover it. Each time one wants to find
out about something. then one goes to the churchyard and repeats the ritual.

End-note: The Wise One purloins some bell metal (apparently considered to be akin to a coin) and promises to return it when he joins them in the Kingdom of Death. In exchange for this undertaking he requests knowledge. There is no Christian component to this ritual, simply a rather manipulative contract between the Wise One and the Dead. Also, there is no infernal aspect; the services of the Dead being obtained instead of selling oneself to the Devil.’

from The Graveyard Wanderers: The Wise Ones and the Dead in Sweden 
by Tom Johnson Ph.D.

Meet Me Inside - Part 6

Part 5 | Masterlist |  Part 7

Relationship: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You really wanted your last year to go without a hitch so you could finally get your Masters degree. But then Professor Barnes walks in to your lecture. And he makes it a whole lot harder to focus.

A/N: Oof this is rough. Sorry lol. HUGE shoutout to @poe-also-bucky for helping me through this one. I was ready to delete everything lol you’re a sweetheart.

Warnings: Language, mentions of dream

Words: 1838

Originally posted by damnirvine

Of all the people you would ever have expected to see tonight, Professor Barnes was the last person you’d have guessed. But life is a fickle bitch. And so that is precisely who you have the fortune to meet.

And is if that wasn’t enough, the moment you lay your eyes on him, images of his lips pressing against your skin flood your mind and you look away immediately.

Fuck fuck fuck this is the last thing I need.

“You’re hilarious” Steve deadpans as Barnes comes to stand beside him before Rogers introduces him to the group. “This is Professor James Barnes, although I know some of you have the misfortune of being in his classes” Rogers smiles at you and trying to casually return the gesture is difficult when you see Natasha look at you from the corner of your eye.

Steve turns to order drinks for the group and Nat waits till there is enough chatter amongst the group before asking “So what did Rogers mean by that look?”

“What look?” you try to act unfazed. It doesn’t work.

That look. How did he even know you’re in his class?”

A loud guffaw from one of the guys breaks you both from your hushed conversation and you’re secretly relieved. You hadn’t told Natasha about Steve walking in on Bucky flirting with you and the more time that passed, the less likely it seemed that you would delve in to that specific event. You weren’t sure if it was because you were embarrassed by what happened or if talking about it would just make it all the more real.

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sketches [ cm x r ]

Originally posted by evans-hansen

fandom : Dear Evan Hansen

by : Victoire

pairing : Connor Murphy x Reader

summary : In which you are a gifted artist & Connor just so happens to be your unsuspecting muse.

word count : 4,519

warnings : Swearing

a / n : Here we are! I’m beyond excited to be sharing my first fic with you. I’ve recently gotten into DEH & really explored the characters as people, so I do hope the way I write Connor is enough for you! I had my ups & downs while writing this, but the result did prove successful.

Oh, & make sure to see if you can catch a hidden If I Could Tell Her reference in the fic! *winky face* I would love you for the rest of my days if you all could leave a like or maybe reblog! Feedback & constructive criticism are always welcome.

Biting your lip in concentration, your eyes carefully studied the sharp but somehow soft lines of his face. He was sitting diagonally in front of you, with a perfect view of his profile.

Why would you be drawing the infamous Connor Murphy in the middle of a calculus class, you ask? Honestly, you didn’t even have a valid reason except for the fact that he was absolutely beautiful.

His was a unique kind of beauty, dark & harsh & in all ways mysterious, but at the same time there was a sort of lightness to it, fragile & delicate.

It puzzled you sometimes, but you were still drawn to the enigma that happened to be Connor Murphy.

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anonymous asked:

How do you think H would react if he had been neglecting the missus throughout the week, so she decides to punish him by giving him the silent treatment, and making him watch her get off without his help xx

Haven’t necessrily gone down the NSFW route with this… I didn’t feel like it… but I thought this worked better instead… 

He’s been busy with work and planning his sets for the tour and already in talks about his second single, so really, he hadn’t meant to have neglected her during the week. And, quite frankly, he didn’t think he had been. After a long day at work, all he fancied was a dinner and a cuddle on the sofa before heading up to bed during the early evening, bidding her a goodnight with a kiss to her forehead. He didn’t think that that was neglecting her.

So when he arrives home on the Friday night, a bouquet of pink roses and a bottle of champagne under his arm to bring in his successful week of promo and incredibly productive meetings, he’s disheartened when she doesn’t come into the hallway to greet him with a kiss. He’s stunned when she refuses to take roses from his hand and he frowns when he offers to pop the cork of the bottle and gets silence in return. He’s confused when he goes to sit beside her on the sofa for a cuddle after dinner, two glasses of champagne set upon the coffee table, and she stands up to move to another seat in the room. And, he’s upset when she turns her face away from his kiss and ignores him when he asks her questions about her day. And he’s almost angry with her because she’s behaving poorly and he has no idea why he was getting the brunt of her bad side.

And he had no intentions of starting an argument with her. Especially after such a busy and successful week.

“Yeh gon’a have to talk to me at some point this evening, love.”

Eyes scanning her movements as she continues to keep an eye on the telly. The latest episode of Love Island seemingly catching her attention more than he did. 

“S’not fair that you’re treating me so poorly when I’ve not done anything. Haven’t been here all day so I don’t know what you’re upset over,” he hums, leaning forward in his sea and resting his forearms on his knees, “do you wan’a ta-”

“Now you know how it feels to be treated poorly,” she hisses towards him, refusing to glance in his direction as she continued to watch the screen mounted to the wall, “this whole week you’ve treated me poorly, Harry. I know you’re busy with promo and meetings and everything but you came home and paid the least amount of attention to me. Ate dinner, sat with me, and then went to bed. By the time I come and join you in the bedroom, you’re spark-out and snoring and I feel guilty for waking you!”

“Why didn’t you just say something?”

“Because it would have made me look clingy. I don’t want to be that kind of wife who clings to you all the time and demands for you to sit with me and cuddle me and kiss me. But, you sit with me for one hour after dinner and then go to bed because you’re tired. I barely see you all day,” she whispers with a voice that rose an octave, “you’re awake and out the house before I see you and then when you come home, I only sit with you for an hour before you sleep. That’s it. I’ve seen you for 4 hours this week, Harry!” And he can hear her voice cracking. His chest aching and his heart rapidly beating, eyes hooding over and his lips drooping. “I’m not being clingy. I’m not. But, you’ve treated me so badly this week.”

Before he can respond, she’s letting out a sob. And he’s shooting out of his place on the sofa and slotting into the tiny gap beside you, left in the armchair, with upset written all over his face.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, as she brings her knees to her chest and curls up on his lap. Head pushing into his neck as she covers her hands with the sleeves of her sweatshirt. “I’m so, so sorry. I sometime forget how my life at home has changed since you’ve come around. I forget that you have needs that only I can fulfil and I feel so guilty when you get upset because I’ve forgotten all of that,” he coos, cheek resting against her forehead and she snivels and clears her throat of the aching lump, “you’re about to become my wife. I should be making time for you and spending my down-time with you. I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend in the last week but I can make that up to you, can’t I?”

“Fiancé,” she mumbles into his collar-bone.

“I’m sorry,” he chuckles softly, “I know I haven’t been the best fiancé in the last week but I can make that up to you, can’t I?”

She nods silently, nudging her nose into his jawline before peppering kisses along his skin, softly whispering “thank you for the roses” against his lips before cupping his face in her hands.

“This weekend is ours. We can do whatever we like with it, okay? If you want to stay in bed, we can stay in bed. If you want to go for a trip to Cheshire, we can drive up there. If you want to fly all the way to Paris for a romantic getaway, we can catch a flight early-doors. If you want to take a trip to the treehouses, we can definitely do that,” he smiles, her thumbs running across his upper lip, the soft pads of her thumbs catching his stubble, “anything you want. It’s just me and you.”

“Can we just,” she pauses softly, bumping her nose to his, “can we just spend all day tomorrow in bed and all day Sunday in bed? Except Sunday morning. You can take me out for brekkie in that new café in the mid-Camden.” 

“Done deal,” he grins. xx

Business and Pleasure - Part 19

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,418

Warnings: Swearing

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It was just like any other normal Saturday night. At least it should have been. You were snuggled up on the couch with Bucky, watching a new horror movie (at Bucky’s insistence), a bowl of popcorn resting on top of your belly, which seemed like it never stopped growing over the past few months.

You gripped Bucky’s hand tightly as the suspenseful music picked up again, signaling that something was about to happen. Your every last nerve was on high alert, which seemed to amuse your husband. You never did understand his odd fascination with these horror movies, but you decided you’d humor him this time. After all, he had agreed to watch the musical with you last weekend even though you knew they weren’t his favorite. It was the least you could do.

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