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Jughead & Reader: I Need You

Summary: Jughead told you he couldn’t be with you anymore and he seemed to have left for good. But some time alone changed his mind when his father was taken to jail.

Listen to: Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie

Jughead Jones, the once misunderstood, soft-spoken loner who buried his nose in books, fought for his family and friends, was standing before you a broken, inconsolable mess. He was just a boy but now he looked as if he had lived ten years more. The bags under his eyes were dark and heavy, accenting the paleness of his skin as tears rolled down his cheeks. His chin was trembling, his eyes were red, and his voice was breaking. 

“She doesn’t want me,” he said. 

Staring back at a guy who looked almost like a stranger to you, you sighed heavily. “Who doesn’t want you?”

“My mom,” he said as he wiped the tears from under his eyes, not looking in your direction. He was almost too shy to look you in the eyes as he was at his most vulnerable. But Jughead had been your boyfriend for almost a year and he was your best friend for six years. Seeing him hurt and upset was nothing new, as unfortunate as it was. 

“Jughead,” you whispered as you reached over and put your hand on his. He pulled his hand away from your touch and you sighed. “That’s not true.”

He stood up and started pacing your room with his hands gripping his hair. “I called her and told her I wanted to come and see her. She told me not to come. She said I would just get in the way.”

“She doesn’t mean-” You tried to spin the story a little to shed some light on his mother’s possible situation but he snapped when you tried to defend her.

“Don’t tell me what she means!” He yelled. “I was just on the phone with her. She said she doesn’t want me. My mom doesn’t want me, my dad is in jail for murdering Jason and I’m all alone again!” 

You stood up. “You’re not alone, Jughead. You have me,” you told him. 

He shook his head. “I’m a fucking failure. Everything I touch, I ruin. I tried to stop my mom and sister from leaving, but they left. I tried to get my dad back on track, but he ended up killing a kid my age.” He looked at you as he cried. “He killed someone my age. It could have been me.”

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can you do some Jason Damian bonding :) We need more of them together. I know Dami lives Dick but he has a lot more in common with Jason in my opinion. I think Jason is the kind of guy who will give Damian his first beer :p

“Tt Todd I have had alcohol before” Jason sighed heavily “dude, just let me have this one? I’ve always wanted to corrupt a little brother, and I got stuck with you and Tim”

“you have my condolences on Drake” Damian sipped his beer and made a face. “really domestic, did you have to go so lowbrow for this right of passage Todd” 

“you’re killing me, most 17 year olds would be so pumped that their super cool big brother was letting them drink”

“tt I am not most 17 year olds, I am Nightwing, son of Batman, it takes far more than some cheap bottled beer to thrill me” 

Jason rolled his eyes, “yeah usually it takes a skinny kid from Fawcett City to thrill the great and terrible Nightwing son of Batman”

Damian nearly spat out his beer, choking he said “You leave Batson out of this” Jason just laughed. “So how is sparky?” 

“Batson is fine” Damian took another sip of beer. “and how are you and him?”

“also fine Todd”

“need any tips and pointers from your big bro? Bruce ever give you the birds and the bees talk? Alfred did for me, horrifying, I think I had my first kiss with a boy just to avoid thinking about it”

“I do not need any advice from you Todd, I am quite proficient” 

“ooooh proficient, hot” 

“tt” Damian slapped his brother’s arm and Jason laughed, leaning back so he was laying down on the hood of his car looking up at the stars. “You know this is where I became Robin?”


“yeah, Bruce caught me taking the wheels off the Batmoblie, which was real shitty back then, rather than turn me in he bought me a meal I think it was the first real food I’d had in like 3 days, and he came up here and we ate together, he and Batman” Damian looked up at the stars “There are worse ways I suppose”


“I broke into the cave, got into a fight with Drake and held a sword to Father’s neck”

“you were the worst tween” Damian laughed which caught Jason off guard, “well neither of us have ever been the modals of good behavior” 

“truth” Jason lifted his beer and they clinked bottles. 

@confessions-haikyuu @betterbegucci some quick jerseys for the red champions before i go into work!!

also i wanted to make a general note that i know i’ve been saying boy/girl jerseys but they dont have to be just for the boys OR the girls!! pick whatevers comfier!! also if you want me to make a more neutral design for you once teams are set just let me know!!

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I've been having a stressful week with school these days....Is it ok if ask you guys for a cuddle? Black too, if she wants? I just really need a hug...

Looks like we’ve got a very important mission, Lions. Please do NOT mess this up and let’s give it all we got!



Omg you all be careful to not actually smash the anon into space goo…

I’m sorry you’re having a hard time, anon. I’m also sorry if those two huge idiots there will forget about their gigantic sizes and accidentally hurt you.

They mean no harm, trust me, they’re just huge dorks who can’t see a friend feeling down and they go to the rescue.

Sounds like some Lion I know…?

And dear anon, you can always come to talk to any of us if you ever need something, okay? The Lions of Voltron are more than glad to be of help to anyone in need.

  • Joey: "okay, so now i basically understand that there are a bunch of people with blood all the colors of the rainbow."
  • Joey: "but are there like...outliers? any pink bloods or people with bright red blood like a human?"
  • Joey: "or maybe there's some weird looking people with black blood or white blood. that'd be crazy to look at."
  • Xefros: "Actually, all those blood colors have existed before. In mutants."
  • Xefros: "But whenever they were found out, didn't end well for them. Culled on sight if their blood color was known."
  • Xefros: "Heck, even some regular lowbloods get killed with little prompting."
  • Xefros: "Suffice to say, for outliers of troll society, and this includes you..."
  • Xefros: "Your blood color is like your asshole. You can't go around showing it to other people."
  • Joey: "man, that metaphor is almost as colorful as the hemospectrum."
Can I Keep It?

Prompt: “Hold my dignity; I’ve got some sketchy shit to do.” - from @corvidprompts via anonymous submission

“Ah look, isn’t the little kiddie cute, thinking they’re some tough soldier.” Raucous laughter followed the comment and Jana quickly grabbed her sister’s arm. Diana was getting red in the face and looked ready for a fight.

“Come on, Di, leave them be. They’re not worth the effort.” With a jerky nod Diana allowed the taller girl to lead her away. They only got a couple steps before the final straw was reached.

“Oh, Tough Girl, can’t deal with the teasing. She’s running away! There you are, girlie, run back to where you belong now and leave the fighting to real warriors.” More laughter followed, but stopped short when Diana whirled around to face them.

“Jana, hold my dignity; I have some sketchy shit to do.” With a sigh, Jana let go of her sister and watched as the short girl marched fearlessly up to the older men. Really she wasn’t worry about Diana, Jana was more afraid of what her sister would do to the men. She had always had a nasty temper.

“If you die in the process,” Jana called out as Diana threw the first obnoxious bully over her shoulder, “do I get to keep it?” A smile crossed Diana’s face as she blocked another punch and threw a painful one of her own at the man’s solar plexus.

“I mean, you’d probably lose it soon enough anyway, but sure. You can have it if I die.” Jana smiled at the comment and leaded against the brick wall of the building behind her. As she had guessed, she did not keep Diana’s dignity that day.

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Nova and Connor: Did you know when Star was 14, she appeared in the bathroom when Marco was Having a shower?Did you guys have any momment like that( i think no)? Tell me some stories about that if you guys have ;)

Nova; no that has never happened and no way my mom did that! nooo….well….

Connor: *comes in wearing his swimming shorts* hmm, what’s up nova?

Nova; someone was asking us if we ever…never mind. going for a swim?

Connor; yep. *walks off*

Nova; *waves, the moment he leaves, starts turning bright red and waving her face* oh god why would he do that?!

Goblin Reviews 34B: Champions of Kamigawa

When we last left Champions of Kamigawa, it was actively not good. Fortunately, Champions of Kamigawa is not without merit. It includes one of the greatest goblins to ever be printed. Not Ben-Ben, though. Definitely not Ben-Ben.

Ben-Ben, Akki Hermit is the special kind of limited bomb that’s completely unplayable in any other format. In order for Ben-Ben to work, you have to be playing basically all mountains, on the defensive, and happy to end your turn with your mana untapped. I can’t comprehend the kind of deck that this would be. Some sort of control deck? Ben-Ben counts non-basic Mountains like Blood Crypt and Smoldering Marsh, but just how much you need to telegraph Ben-Ben ensures he’s never going to hit anything important. At best, he’ll stall your opponent until he draws removal… But you’re a red deck, so what are you stalling for? Buying time to Storm out? Sure, there’s some goofy combos here like attacking with your own Stuffy Doll, but otherwise no. Very no.

KIKI-JIKI, MIRROR BREAKER IS THE GREATEST GOBLIN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Assuming that world is Kamigawa. If played fairly, Kiki-Jiki effectively attacks as your best other creature, re-triggers “enters the battlefield” effects, or acts as an indestructible blocker by making something else to throw into play. The sheer volume of creatures with ETB abilities makes Kiki-Jiki a powerful character in any deck built with him in mind, but… why would you ever play fairly? There are a number of creatures, such as Pestermite, Deceiver Exarch, Zealous Conscript, and Felidar Guardian, whose enter the battlefield effects allow you to ‘reset’ Kiki-Jiki and use his ability again. This allows you to make another token copy of that creature, reset Kiki-Jiki another time, and repeat ad infinitum until you have enough hasty tokens to immediately kill your opponent. This was a powerful deck in Modern for some time, and it remains a popular win condition in commander. Kiki-Jiki is pure power and should at least be considered for any Commander deck capable of running red creatures, even if his ability can’t be used on your commander themselves.

(And any deck running it should be aiming to use an original Kamigawa version with Pete Venters art. I just don’t understand why they keep using the Steve Belledin version in reprints.)

Zo-Zu the Punisher does not offend me. That’s not a glowing recommendation, but most of this set’s goblins were awful, so it’s something. A Grey Ogre is not the most aggressive body, but if played on curve you’re very likely to get 2 or 4 damage in from his ability. If unanswered, he can seriously mess up a slower opponent. Bonus points if they’re running fetch lands. He is a bit of a double-edged sword, so you need to be using him in an aggressive enough deck that you’re either happy taking damage or happy never playing more than three lands. Either works. He does need a bit more oomf to actually be great, but he’s not unreasonable. For added hilarity, sideboard him in against someone running Scapeshift. There’s no way to force them to cast into it, but it could certainly slow them down. I wouldn’t bother with Zo-Zu in Commander: The 2 damage is just too small and he’s sure to get killed by someone who finds him moderately annoying very quickly. Ultimately, Zo-Zu’s weakness is that it’s very difficult to force an opponent to play lands, so you can never take full advantage of his ability.

Overall, Champions of Kamigawa is not a great set for goblins. Kiki-Jiki is splendid, but the rank and file aren’t actually useful. Kamigawa block as a whole tends to be like this, a few gems and a lot of underpowered junk.

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I know it was mentioned in one of the books that there were some Calore cousins even though they were few and weak. Do you think any of them will make an appearance in RQ4?

I think the cast of characters is big enough as it is. I mean, we have a whole new crew to get to know, what with Evie’s POV now providing insight into more silvers. So I very much doubt Queen V is going to add more characters But you never know…. 

Klance Carnival AU where Lance’s little sister volunteers at a local carnival as a fortune teller and Lance tags along to help out. Shiro and Keith also volunteer and after their shifts are over, Shiro dares Keith to get his fortune told because Keith doesn’t believe in all that junk

  • “Come on Keith, if you don’t believe in magic what makes you think those conspiracy theories are even real?” “YOU TAKE THAT BACK!”
  • Lance doesn’t know too much about tarot cards, but he was really interested in palm reading during middle school and literally spent nights researching about it and reading his entire family’s palms 
  • “Lance, just watch the booth for ten minutes I’ve been sitting here for like five hours straight, tell whoever shows up that I’ll be right back” 
  • Keith walks in, rolls his eyes and almost immediately walks out when he sees a crystal ball but Lance’s voice keeps him from leaving “So you’re here for some answers? You might have to wai-” “I-I’m actually here to see just how real this actually all is” “Oooh so you’re a non believer huh?”
  • They sit down at a circular table and Keith kinda regrets storming in here immediately after what Shiro said because he’s actually nervous and expected an old lady to be running this booth…not some attractive guy
  • “Palm please.” Keith’s face gets a little red when Lance gently grabs his hand
  • “What are you doing?” “Palm reading.” “But the sign outside says card reading not palm reading.” “O-oh uh this is a special edition for non-believers only.”
  • “Is this your first palm reading, Keith?” “How did yo-” “You’re wearing a volunteer name tag” 
  • Lance feels a bit rusty because it has been a while since he’s last read a palm so he’s just aimlessly dragging the tip of his finger across Keith’s palm (which is really much softer than it looks)
  • Lance sort of gets lost in thought and realizes he’s been tracing the lines for minutes now. He looks up at Keith to see if he’s noticed and then attempts to hold in his laughter when he sees just how intense Keith is looking at their hands
  • “Why are you laughing, did my hand say something weird about me?”

Bonus: Lance’s sister gets distracted by the cotton candy machine and takes a bit longer than intended

  • Tucker: I personally don’t think it’s possible to come up with a crazier plan.
  • Grif: We attack the Space Pirates with hummus.
  • Tucker: I stand corrected.
  • Grif: Just trying to keep things in perspective.
  • Donut: Well, Felix wasn’t too crazy about germs.
  • Tucker: Of course, that’s it. We attack him with germs!
  • Carolina: Great, we’ll get him into a corner and then you can sneeze on him.
  • Tucker: No! No, we’ll get a box with the Ebola virus and, and… or it doesn’t even have to be real, we can just get a box that says Ebola on it and, um, chase him, with the box…
  • Sarge: I’m starting to lean towards the hummus offensive.
  • Grif: He’ll never see it coming.
Humans are weird- aesthetics.

I’m not just talking clothes, what about plate design?

“Human Steve, why are you arranging that Basil leaf at a precise 90 degree angle? Does it affect the taste of the dish?” He was already aware the sense of taste was very important to humans.

“Nah, just looks nicer. I’ve been watching too much food network.”

What about flowers? Some people hate the look of some plants. What about when they go to a new planet, they see these flowers that look a lot like roses, and start fawning over them. The aliens already know that humans use flowers as symbols of good will, so maybe one of them gives them some flowers, but no. Because those are weeds, or just flowers that look really horrible together. And aliens never knew how opinionated humans are.

Or tastes just not going together well, you like white wine, and you like steak right? But god forbid you pair them together, especially in front of rich people. Aliens would be so confused.

Earth may be space Australia, but humans are those pre-madonna celebrities that have to have exactly 15 RED M&MS NEXT TO A SPRING WATER BOTTLE COOLED TO PRECISELY 5 DEGREES CELSIUS.

Tagging anyone I think would be interested. @space-australia-stories @what-are-even-humans @humans-are-space-orcs @human-aliens-collection @earthisspaceaustralia

Only Way To Live - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 4818

Warnings: Kinky Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female Receiving)

Notes: Honestly, I’m kinda mixed about this entire thing? I don’t think it’s as good as some of the other stuff I’ve written. The idea was so good for this too! I got the idea from an episode of Attack of Titan while I was in my slump. So, please, any feedback ya’ll have would be appreciated.

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THE CONTEXT: I’m currently DMing for the first time and we’re totally doing a run through of the lost mines of Phandelver, We have finally made it to the red brand ruffian encounter at the sleeping Giant, my little troop decimated them but left one alive to interrogate. After getting the information they needed, my rogue decides to break their neck.

Rogue (OOC): So I’m going to snap their neck.

Me: Okay, roll a strength check I guess?

Rogue: [rolls a 1]



Me: Okay, So you gently choke him  and he jizzes in his pants.

Earlier the Rogue had received some Ale from the Sleeping Giant
Rogue: (OOC):  I roll to drink my ale 

Me: You don’t ha-

Rogue: [rolls a 1 AGAIN]

Me, rolling with it: You miss and dump the whole thing on your face, you are now covered in jizz and ale

After several minutes of my team trying and failing to put the poor sod out of his misery, (a constant array of poor rolls, all 1’s!!) the Rogue finally manages to roll a nat 20.

Me: Okay,,, You snap their neck so hard it ends up turning to mush, just a total crumpled flesh soda can. Yuck. There is now jizz, ale and blood, everywhere

Rogue: I walk into the sleeping Giant and say “Clean up on aisle porch” Mic drop.

Destiny 2


  • New Cabal Faction and enemies and weaponry.
  • Vex still around; seem to have upgraded their armor/look
  • Weapon slots changed
    • Kinetic slot will be Kinetic weapons. Found where Primaries currently go.
    • Energy slot for the energy (elemental) weapons. Found where Secondaries currently go
    • Power Slot for “Power” weapons. Found where Heavies currently go.
    • Both Kinetic and Enegery weapons can be the same weapon type. You can have TWO Handcannons if you wanted.
  • Grenade Launchers and SMGs confirmed
  • “A pile of new Exotics”
  • Drivable Tanks! Like, actual tanks this time.
  • Sparrows return
  • “Way more to do than any game ever made by Bungie”
  • Emotes make a return! Some are even recognizable from Destiny 1
  • New Strikes!
  • One new Raid
  • In-game Lore confirmed


  • More cinematics that all of Destiny 1 combined.
  • Numerous amounts of story quests and missions
  • The Campaign is called “The Red War”, the first mission is called Homecoming.


  • New and reworked Subclasses
  • Warlock’s Dawnblade
    • Engulf yourself in flames and reign down fire upon your enemies with a mighty sword
  • Titan’s Sentinel
    • Use the void to form a shield to protect you and your allies or hurl your shield at your enemies
  • Hunter’s Arcstrider
    • Call upon lightning as you acrobatically slice your spear through your enemies. 


  • 4v4 across all game modes; rescaled to accommodate this change
    • The reason given: “To improve readability while you’re playing in PvP and to make it both more competitive and also more interesting for players to get into.”
  • New game modes
    • Countdown: An assault-defend type game mode
  • New maps!
  • New HUD shows enemies with supers and Power weapons


  • Big improvments
  • Launch any activity without having to leave to orbit
  • Patrols still a thing
  • Treasure maps!
  • Implied to be able to chose a landing zone
  • NPCs out in the wilds!
  • Public Events; some with Heroic difficulties
  • Hidden dungeon-like areas called Lost Sectors
  • New map system! 
  • New locations!
    • Io, moon of Jupiter
    • Titan, moon of Saturn
    • Nessus, named after a consellation
  • European Deadzone confirmed! Twice the size of any location in Destiny 1

Guided Games and Clans

  • Clans are IN Destiny 2!
    • In-game rosters
    • Custom banner
    • Shared reward system
  • Guided Games
    • Essentially an in-game LFG type of feature
    • Matchmake for Raid, Nightfall, and Trials of Osiris
    • Solo players can queue up with a clan that is looking to fill a spot!

(Part 2)


Y/N’s curious, clumsy, and has a knack for asking the wrong questions at the wrong time. Bucky’s a hot-headed prick with a dark past and communication issues. Both are paired for training, and neither party is all too thrilled. 

Word count: 1200 

“This is the training room.”

You nod even though you’re barely processing anything you’re being told.

Three days ago you’d woken up in an abandoned warehouse, with no idea where you were or how you’d gotten there. There were significant gaps in your memory and a you were in lot of pain. Then someone in a red metal suit had entered your field of vision, frowning, and you’d passed out, wondering if it was all some kind of dream. When you’d come to for the second time, you were in the infirmary and this man, (Steve?), started saying something  about a group of enhanced individuals and you being one of them. It took all your willpower to not pass out again.

“We don’t know what your abilities are, but given your enhancements, people are going to come after you. It’s important that you learn to defend yourself.”

You’re still not sure what ‘abilities’ he’s talking about, or what he means by 'enhancements’.

“Training is usually carried out by Natasha or Wanda,” Steve’s speaking again, barely taking notice of you staring at him with eyes wider than plates. “But since they’re away on a mission, we’ll have to find someone else to train you.”  

You nod your head, still trying to understand everything. The names are meaningless to you, and you’re not too keen on getting trained by anyone, especially not if they all have the same stressed out demeanor that Steve seems to radiate. There’s a dull headache beginning to throb at the back of your skull, and honestly, you just need to close your eyes for a bit.

“We should go speak to Fury.”

As if you know who that is. You just nod and follow after him as he hurries along.

Everything about Director Nick Fury is unnerving, from the immaculate state of his office to the way his eye seems to be looking right through you. You swallow hard as he addresses Steve, keeping his eye trained on you the entire time.

“And we don’t know what her abilities are?”

You grit your teeth, still uncomfortable with all the talk of your abilities and your supposed enhancement. You can barely remember your own name.

“Not yet.”

Nick sighs and seems to be in deep thought. After a moment, he turns his body to you. “Can you shoot a gun?”

You look at him incredulously. A gun, you? You could barely hold a kitchen knife without fumbling with it. To hold, no, to shoot a gun? If this was any other situation, you might have laughed. Instead, you shake your head. “No, sir.”

He turns back to Steve. “Well, she’s going to have to learn. Barnes is the best sniper we’ve got. He’ll train her.”

Steve winces, and for a moment he looks like he’s about to say something else, but Fury turns his attention to the screen in front of him, clearly dismissing the two of you.

Steve leads you through the maze-like halls of the compound, until finally, you’re standing in front of large double doors. He pauses and looks to you with a sigh. He seems beat down, dark circles and pallid face. You almost sympathize, but then realize you probably look much the same.

“Bucky’s a good guy, Y/N. Just remember that.”

You’re not sure what he means, or why that’s even relevant, but you don’t have time to think as Steve pushes open the doors and strides inside before coming to a stop in a living-room of sorts, where two people are seated on the couch. Neither of them seem too happy to be in the other’s presence.

Upon seeing Steve, both of them stand, and the one to the right smiles brightly. He’s the first person you’ve seen that looks relaxed at the compound, wearing sweats and a t-shirt and an expression of genuine interest on his face.

“Captain,” he greets, but it’s more out of mock respect than a soldier-like salute, and even Steve’s eyes crinkle. You can tell their friendship goes a long way.  His brown eyes glance at you. His smile doesn’t waver, and it’s so contagious that you can’t hold back the smile that makes its way onto your lips.

If this is Barnes, then maybe training won’t be as bad as it sounds.

Your spare a glance at the person to his left, dressed in the same relaxing attire but looking nowhere near as calm. Every part of this man’s body language screams stress, from head to toe. Upon seeing you, his scowl deepens, and you drop your smile.

“Buck, you’re taking this round of training.”

The guy to the left grins and turns to you. “And I’m guessing she’s the one who needs training?”

Steve nods and you feel your erratic heartbeat slow down significantly. The warning that Steve had given you earlier disappears to the back of your head; the guy seems so chill and laidback, it’s a breather. You smile back, until–

“Oh man, good luck.”

The confusion must show on your face, because the guy turns to Mr. Scowls-A-Lot and claps him on the back. “Meet our resident Grinch, Bucky Barnes.”

Your heart drops to your stomach and Bucky glares at you, fingers curled into a fist. You want to ask him what put him in such a bad mood, but you’re not sure you’ll stay alive long enough to hear the answer.

“Can I talk to you for a moment, Steve?” Bucky’s jaw clenches and his face is slowly turning red. Even Steve, who seems to be in charge here, grimaces. With a sigh, he follows Bucky to the other corner of the room. You plop down onto the sofa.

“I’d say don’t worry but, I’d definitely worry.” You turn to the first guy, and he holds out his hand. “I’m Sam.”

“Y/N,” you shake it, then gesture to the duo in the corner, having a pretty heated conversation. “Is he always this…”

“Grumpy? Only on a good day.” When he sees your face pale even more, Sam laughs. “I’m just kidding. He takes some warming up to, but he’s not a bad guy.”

He repeats exactly what Steve had said, and for whatever reason, the words aren’t reassuring in the least. Bucky and Steve’s conversation seems to have escalated to loud whispers now, and you catch certain phrases here and there, “I don’t know… Nobody seems to… Can’t be trusted.”

The last one hits you hard, and you want to be angry, but Bucky’s right. You barely remember anything about yourself and you have supposed abilities that you’re pretty much in the dark about; even you can’t trust yourself.

The clock on the wall shows the time to be just past two in the morning, and just as the second hand makes its way around the face for the second time, Bucky walks up to you, fists clenched and breathing heavily through his nose.

“Meet me in the training room tomorrow morning. Six a.m. sharp.” He’s less than thrilled about the whole ordeal, and you can only match his level of discomfort.

As he storms out of the room, you throw your head back onto the couch and groan.

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when people think all stop-motion is tim burton

when people think all stop-motion is claymation

when people try to exterminate your non-human family