you have some red on you

Hey Taylor!

My name’s Nicole, I’m from the Philippines. I barely (or never) post my pictures on here but I think it’s time you know how I look like haha! It’s also my birthday on October 20th and I will be 20!! And Idk what to feel about it still. All my teenage years I’ve been writing songs (thanks to you!) and I just recently wrote ng 100th song! I wouldn’t have done it without you as an inspiration. Before you came into my life, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be. Now I’m at uni and I only have one semester left to go before I graduate (YAY!) I’m a tourism student and to be honest, it wasn’t my first choice of who I want to be. But I pursued it in hopes it would change my mind about it and love it eventually. It’s really fun and challenging at the same time. But coming to this, nearing the end and all, I still haven’t acquired the passion for it as much as I had in songwriting. It’s been a life-long dream of mine to share my songs with the world and I’ve decided I’m not gonna stop now.

There are more things I wanted to talk with you about but this is it for now. I know you’re busy and all, and I’m so soooo excited for the new album you have no idea! I love you so much, Taylor. I hope to meet you soon and thank you personally for everything, and hug you really tight like there’s no tomorrow ♡ ♡ ♡

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Furthermore, you need to go on a course or some shit to learn how to deal with criticism; constructive or not. You're rude as hell to most of your anons - I don't know if it's a language barrier issue where you've misunderstood their question, or I your answer, but not everybody who has some criticism is a homophobe or whatever. Your ignorant as fuck if you reckon having a problem with the tiniest minuscule of your work equals homophobia. Grow up.

Tough talk from someone who wouldn’t even recognize constructive criticism if it would hit you in the face.

And if we’re at it: I am not here to be nice to people who are rude as hell to me to begin with. You came into my askbox unwanted and cowardly on anon spilling venom. So what did you expect? That I’d roll the red carpet and bring you a nice cup of tea? Fuck off. You tell me to grow up but you are the one hiding behind a grey bubble instead off showing your face and man up for the vile words you’re throwing at me, all the while leaving homophobic sentences here and there against a fictional lesbian story loosely based on y Greek myth. So don’t come with that bullshit here. You came on my blog to stir shit, not to discuss or leave critique because otherwise you wouldn’t hide so shamelessly.

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If it's ok I'd like to request the main yandere!Sans (UT US UF SF) seeing their crush put a love letter to the skells in their mailbox. If that's a ok :)

Undertale Sans

Classic cracks a grin when he sees you putting a letter in his mailbox. You look cute doing it, with your flustered, yet hesitant expression, but you did it anyway. Good. This mean his conditioning is working. 

Underswap Sans

If you willingly put a love letter in his mailbox, then surely that means you’re ready. Blue opens his front door and invites you inside for some fun. He’ll read the letter later. 

Underfell Sans

 Shrugs it off and cringes. Red isn’t into that lovey dovey stuff and honestly the fact that you did that made you lose your appeal as a target lover. He prefers the thrill. 

Fellswap Sans

Black pouts. Where’s the chase? The adventure? You’re just gonna return his love just like that without having Black work for it? Well that’s not fun. He forgets you and throws the note away. He doesn’t care anymore. 

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Fall clothing essentials? I love your style I wish you would do some OOTDs!

oh thank you !!! i wish i could too but i don’t have a full sized mirror! :(

here are some things i have been wearing lately!
-UO Silence + Noise Magnolia Cozy Reversible Coat
-BDG Mom Jean - Vintage Wash
- an army green thrifted coat
- red Old Skool vans
- baseball cap / red beanie with pom pom to keep ur hair locked in when it’s windy
- a rly good moisturizer hahahaha
- graphic tees ?? i love the Junk Food brand tees
- some cozy vintage sweaters !!
- hot tea hehehe

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Thank you for answering my question! In that case, since you're taking requests, I'm gonna be very selfish and ask for some Allouette x Red art, if you don't mind! (You don't have to draw it if you don't want to, though!) <3 Have a great day/night!

There. Sorry it took so long, and I’m sorry it’s so crappy but nerfbvdjsb 

Ireland vs Storm Ophelia

Okay so thought I’d let you tumblr guys know some stuff/warnings about Storm Ophelia

  • It’s due to hit Monday 16th (aka tomorrow). Apparently Kerry will face it around 6am.
  • There is a red weather warning for Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork and Kerry, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford.
  • The rest of the country has an Orange weather warning but that can probably change so be aware
  • There is a high chance of power cuts so remember to get lots of bottled water, torches, candles etc.
  • Charge your phone to 100% and if there are power outages DO NOT use your phone in case you need it for an emergency. Read a book instead or something.
  • In case of floods protect all important documents and stuff. Put all valuable items in high presses.
  • Stock up on food too (Last time we had a storm this bad we forgot to buy food for the house and it was awful)
  • For people who have anxiety about the storm remember that this is only temporary weather and do whatever you can to keep yourself calm. Whether that is reading, drawing or keeping yourself busy by cleaning the house. The storm won’t last forever and I promise you’ll be safe.
  • Check whether or not your school/work has been cancelled to avoid any unnecessary travel

Okay that’s all I can think of at the moment but if anyone wants to add anything to the list feel free to write away. Stay safe Xx

when people think all stop-motion is tim burton

when people think all stop-motion is claymation

when people try to exterminate your non-human family

okay so I’ve been thinking about this a lot, but do you think Jin goes out and buys all his own materials for the heart events, surely not right? Doesn’t have the time, doesn’t want to be spotted etc. What if he has his own assistant who’s sole responsibility as Jin’s art and craft advisor is to help him buy supplies for his heart events.

some poor sap probably excited to work @ bighit and then management is like
>lmao jokes you’re jin’s arts and crafts whore now
>btw he needs 7 feet of red craft paper
>good luck

let’s just talk for a moment here. 

I’m gonna say itLena Luthor loves Kara Danvers. loves her. and there are soooo many reasons why. 

first, let’s just list the reasons off the bat, then I’ll explain my reasonings. 

  • donuts
  • lip bites/glances/looks
  • the thirst factor
  • food dates
  • meeting Alex
  • gala
  • flowers
  • her heroics
  • “I’ve never stood behind a man” 
  • “I’m here for you, if you still want that”
  • “I miss you”
  • “I didn’t see your name on the by line”/ “unquit”
  • “I trust you”/Catco
  • heart emoji

ok let’s get started:

first, the doughnuts.

 lena is known for eating healthy. she drinks kombucha. she gets kara to probably eat vegetables. y’know the regular. probably is on a no carb diet. we never see her eating anything bad, because she’s probably been preened all her life to be picture perfect and eat only what’s good for you. but here comes her bff, her gal pal kara danvers, traipsing in with a bag of doughnuts. this happened a couple times, actually. lena indulged in a doughnut for kara. 

the lip bites, holy fuck. I’m going to tie this in with the glances too. because holy mother of god. 

lena is always checking kara out, biting her lip (most likely surprising moans bc hot damn she’s in love with this woman) and the looks. the looks of. pure. unadulterated. love. 

I mean you cannot tell me the look on lena’s face is anything but love? come on. even a blind man could tell. 

next, lena’s thirst factor. 

girl, she is always, always, (almost) always seen with a drink when around kara! 

exhibit A: their first meeting, lena has to pause and get herself a damn glass of water

exhibit B: granted, yes they’re at a restaurant, but lena’s got an almost empty glass, bc hot damnvers kara is something. (lets take in account that kara’s glass is empty)

exhibit C: in the most recent episode 3.01, lena is yet again, shown pouring herself some water bc girl is thirsty af 

exhibit D: oh looky here, Lena’s getting a drink. I am pretty sure Kara just makes her speechless and she needs water to talk

exhibit E: y’all see where I’m going with this, right?

their brunch/lunch/dinner/kombucha dates

lena always seems to have a food date with kara. always. I mean it’s one thing to have one on occasion but they’re known to have these? and I know damn well that kara isn’t always the one to initiate them. lena is probably the one to invite her because she’s rich and offers to feed kara’s immense appetite. 

what about the first time lena was introduced to Alex properly?

this. this is the face of jealousy. she shows up unannounced at kara’s apartment (where’d she even get kara’s address?) and sees this beautiful woman in kara’s apartment and she’s jealous af, and Alex doesn’t let on anything. doesn’t, for a split second, let on that she’s kara’s sister, because I’m pretty sure she knew what Lena’s thoughts were. she knew for a flash of a second, lena was actually jealous, but ew gross, kara is her sister, and that’s when kara finally speaks up, and Lena’s face softens, and she remembers what she actually came over for… 

the gala

she invites, not only kara and supergirl to the gala, but kara’s man friend, mike of the interns, because she doesn’t care. if kara’s friends with this person, she figures she can trust this person too, who tf cares if you met them five seconds ago and could’ve easily told him “It’s an elite party, and I’m inviting kara as my plus one, sorry” but no, she extends an invitation to mike of the interns…

the flowers: plumerias

these are plumerias, for anyone who hasn’t seen them before. they come in all different colors, ranging from blues, pinks, purples, melon, peach, yellow and white. they are an exotic flower, and a bit hard to come by. they have to be imported, usually from Hawaii. they have a few different meanings, but in Chinese, they symbolize love. they mean “I love you” and “you are special” 

and kara’s office, just so happens to be overflown with flowers, most likely plumerias because she mentioned they remind her of her mother, and lena would totally import those flowers and fill her office as a thank you to saving her just because she loves kara. and you know damn well she knows what those flowers mean. she’s smart, we’ll touch on this fact later.

lena being a hero

she is.. its a fact. whether it’s supergirl or kara danvers’s hero, national city’s hero, or anyone’s hero, lena is a hero. 

lena chooses kara and being the hero and will always choose kara and being the hero. when it came to saving jack or saving supergirl, she chose kara over her ex-lover. and we can probably assume that because a) lena is young and b) lena is a luthor, jack was probably her only real relationship. she did love him, you could tell with the emotion from the kiss and even the relaxed-ness of her date with him, they were friends. and she did miss is company, though she wouldn’t date him again. yet then it comes to kara, as supergirl, and she has to choose whether to save jack or end his life to save national city’s hero. she chooses to let jack go, therefore ultimately killing him so she can save kara. she also saves kara’s man child boyfriend from the evil daxamite guard. by shooting him with an alien gun. and she and Winn made whatever that thing was under the table at the gala and it stopped those evildoers from attacking supergirl, and the kicker, my favorite, saving the whole population of national city, not once, but fucking twice.

in s2e8 lena, after finding out her mother is the ringleader of CADMUS, and kara ultimately yells at her and accuses her of knowing what her mother did, etc, still saves national city. she undermines her mother, weasels her way onto her mother’s good side, double-crosses her and makes the medusa virus inert, therefore saving national city’s population of aliens when the only friend she had hated her for the moment. she could’ve easily just given in and killed all the aliens, but she didn’t. she chose to save them because she loves kara and her pro-alien bleeding heart views, even when they sometimes disagree and fight. 

and then again in s2e22, lena, and with the help of Lillian, build a device to rid the planet of the daxamites invading earth. a device that sends out lead into the atmosphere. and she knows what it’ll do. she knows that it’s going to send Mon-el away, and you know she was lowkey happy about that, but she knows it’ll put kara through hell, yet she let’s kara make the ultimate decision to choose whether to go on with it, and kara does. supergirl tells them to use the device. and lena yet again, saves everyone, all because she loves kara and kara is her hero.

and let’s not forget the best time lena was a hero and shot Corbin, therefore saving none other than Special Agent Alex Danvers with the DEO… hot damn, she’s my hero.

lena’s never stood behind a man

*eh hem* I’ll just leave these here. two examples of lena never standing behind a man, because she’s independent and fierce, but Kara is always protecting her and she lets kara/supergirl. we know damn well lena can hold her own, she is a Luthor after all, but she lets kara take the forefront and she stands behind her with grace and poise and love and admiration. 

“I’m here for you, if you still want that”

Lena knows the hell kara is going through. she knows that kara lost her man child thing of a boyfriend she liked for five days. and kara is going through hell. and yet, she’s still cautious. I think this is one of the most significant things ever and we’re going to dissect for a second here. in the second image: kara tells lena “I’m right here” letting lena know she can talk to her and she wants her to, she’s almost willing her to. 

yet in the top image, lena adds the “if you still want that”. she is letting kara know a few things here. a) that she feels guilty over the lead being released in the atmosphere b) she doesn’t want to use kara, because she’s not a talker herself. her walls are always built up so sturdy until kara breaks them down with her super strength and c) she doesn’t want to lose kara. she’s letting her know she’s there if kara wants her because its kara’s choice. she’s not going to force kara into being her friend just because kara is the only friend she has in national city and she will be ready to help kara any way she needs when the time comes. 

“I miss you” 

this also follows with the “if you still want that” because she’s telling kara that she’s being ignored, but she’s not pushing. she knows that kara is distancing herself. but she still lets kara know in a subtle way that she’s still here, she still loves her and that she truly misses her best friend. she just misses her. she misses Kara Danvers, the girl she’s falling in love with more and more as each day passes.

“I didn’t see your name on the by line”/”unquit”

now, first off, kara does anything lena suggests. Lena suggests, she become a reporter and guess who becomes one? Kara. lena tells her in such an unprofessional manner to “unquit” her job. and according to my laptop, unquit isn’t even a word, yet it came out of poised, perfect, prestined Lena Luthor’s mouth. “unquit” 

so kara unquits, and lena sends a heart emoji

a red heart emoji. man, do I have some words about this. Lena, you little lesbian in love with your bestie, damn. lena could’ve easily replied back with a “okay” or “sounds great” or even a “see you tomorrow!” or if we’re going the emoji route: a smiley face, a thumbs up, or fuck idk, a yellow heart? because lena is very, very, very smart. and we all know she knows the meanings that colors represent. like how yellow means happiness, friendship, sunshine, and energy, yet miss luthor sent kara a red heart. red meaning love, passion, heat. you can’t tell me she doesn’t know what they meant. she could’ve replied with so many different ways, yet she chooses a red heart.

and lets not forget the last points: lena buys fricken catco–– “I trust you”

lena “I bought your job for you and I have no fucking idea how to run catco” luthor bought a multimillion dollar corporation so a sexist bottle of cheap cologne couldn’t and she has literally no idea how to run the company, yet she’s enlisting and trusting her best friend and the woman she likes to run it with her. she bought kara a company. because kara asked and she 

lena just dropped everything, and potentially could ruin her career for this woman, and she did it all out of love. 

she even admits to not even knowing how to run the place! yet, just because kara asked, she did it. kara says “jump” and lena asks “how high”. the girl will do anything for the woman she loves. 

anyway, so those are my thoughts and reasonings as to why I believe lena is in love with kara. you can agree or disagree, leave your opinions if you like, but if you’re anti-supercorp please do not leave your opinion. 

*please note: gifs and pictures are NOT mine and I will not take credit for them, I simply borrowed them from the internet. also I stg if the gifs don’t load I will cry, I don’t know if they actually will, let’s hope.

edit: none of the gifs loaded I hate everything… oh fucking well, you get my point and y’all probably know what each gif is a scene of anyway… fml

Breaking the Rules - part 5

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  Modern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:2,326

Warnings: the usual 

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

Originally posted by imissyourbattlecries

The next day was peaceful and quiet. The calm before the storm as Mary had said. You sat on the patio, cooking lunch with Bucky’s grandmother while he was playing basketball with his cousin, Peter.

When his grandmother caught you staring at him, she gave you a knowing wink and you ducked your head to hide your smile.

Winnie wanted to get to know you better and decided to take all the girls to the beauty salon to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Of course, Bucky whispered a stupid comment into your ear and you discreetly pinched his side, making him yelp.

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  • Tucker: I personally don’t think it’s possible to come up with a crazier plan.
  • Grif: We attack the Space Pirates with hummus.
  • Tucker: I stand corrected.
  • Grif: Just trying to keep things in perspective.
  • Donut: Well, Felix wasn’t too crazy about germs.
  • Tucker: Of course, that’s it. We attack him with germs!
  • Carolina: Great, we’ll get him into a corner and then you can sneeze on him.
  • Tucker: No! No, we’ll get a box with the Ebola virus and, and… or it doesn’t even have to be real, we can just get a box that says Ebola on it and, um, chase him, with the box…
  • Sarge: I’m starting to lean towards the hummus offensive.
  • Grif: He’ll never see it coming.

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Rfa+Saeran+V+Vanderwood reacting to MC saying weird things in her sleep, please? Like mc says "come at me bro" in her sleep and then softly giggles. Hope this makes sense (^~^) love your blog btw❤❤

Yeaaa boyyy gimmie dem vandy requests this is what i live for

also i needed ideas for what shit to have mc say so i found this askreddit thread and took some stuff from there and i cried laughing


  • Zen takes a lot longer than most people to fall alseep
  • But cuddling with you relaxes him and makes it easier for him
  • So he was spooning you as you muttered
  • “you have to use this one. Use this one to KILL HIM!”
  • He nearly fell off the bed he pushed himself away from you so hard
  • And then he teased you a lot about it in the morning


  • Oh my good grief god this boy is SHOOK
  • He was right about to fall asleep, then you went and shouted
  • Completely terrified from the sudden outburst
  • But once he’s calmed he’s so upset
  • Why’d you call him an idiot :(
  • He didn’t mean to cross the wrong wires :( :( :(


  • ???
  • Sleep talking can be a side effect of serious problems are you okay MC???
  • After making sure that you’re at least relatively healthy she’s….. slightly unnerved
  • She swears she once heard you could to ten in German
  • “MC do you even speak German???”


  • 99% of the time he ignores it
  • You can’t control yourself while your asleep, and he just wants to sleep, so he doesn’t mind it
  • But sometimes you’ll say the creepiest shit
  • Like one time, you sat up and said in a complete monotone voice
  • “There is always a perfect opportunity to kill everybody.”
  • That was the most terrified he head been in his entire life


  • It wasn’t rare for him to be up later than you
  • So of course he’s heard his fair share of your sleep threats
  • But he never gets tired of it
  • Every time he hears you he’ll go into a full blown sleep smack down with you
  • “Fight me bro”
  • “Come at me, babe!”
  • It’s a ridiculous mess


  • For the most part he doesn’t pay much attention to your sleep talking
  • He’s a p heavy sleeper, so if he’s asleep you could scream in his ear and he’d still be sleeping
  • But sometimes he’ll entertain your sleep-self and respond
  • “Wanna hear a funny story?”
  • “I’d love to, MC”
  • “….”
  • No story


  • He was peacefully sleeping next to you
  • Getting the best nights sleep he had in a while
  • Then you suddenly mumble out,
  • “There’s so much corn… And they’re all trying to… KILL me”
  • He’s so confused
  • He’s never heard anyone sleep talk he wasn’t expecting it to be a full sentence, much less a coherent one


  • They were peacefully sitting in bed, reading their book as you slept beside them
  • It had been complete silence for an hour, so they nearly jumped out of their skin when you shouted
  • “NO! NO! Use the QUADRATIC equation, you idiot!” 
  • They were confused
  • But they were mostly offended that you assumed they would use the wrong equation
4 O’Clock || pjm



Summary: Your roommate keeps bringing boys over and you have thin walls. but that gives you a good excuse to go nap in your crush’s dorm.

Genre: fluff, college au

Length: 0.9k

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMIN!! also i totally didnt write a thing because i knew this would be the perfect gif nope

Originally posted by herthealbum

Mornings were Jimin’s favourite time of the day, the morning chorus would begin with a few birds at first, always singing a new tune with a sky streaked with pinks and purples as a background. But all of it was broken when he heard the door to his dorm slam open, turning in alarm to watch you rush in with your cheeks a dark shade of red.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” He asked turning on his balcony to face you with his arms crossed, the thin white curtains fluttered slightly in the wind and Jimin tried to suppress any feelings of happiness form showing on his face as he tried to make you explain the reason why you had barged into his dorm so early.

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  • Travis: Do you guys remember when I had the lizards?
  • Griffin: You had lizards?
  • Travis: You don't remember that brief period where I had the aquarium up in my attic room, with the two, like, red lizards in there? You don't remember that?
  • Griffin: I don't remember you had lizards!
  • Travis: Somebody gave me a box of some lizards when I was in elementary school. I didn't have'em very long, I wasn't very responsible. They were already pretty old when they were given to me folks, don't worry at home. Um, but I remember thinking this may be the best trade-off of pet-to-owner interaction level, of like...even better than fish, the low level I must commit to enjoy these lizards being in this glass box.
  • Griffin: I gotta know more about this person that gave you a box and said here's two very old lizards, will you help them die Travis? Will you help these old lizards find their way to Jesus?
  • Travis: I wish I could remember more salient details of this lizard exchange, but honest to god the only thing I can remember is coming home one day from like, some kind of practice, and mom and dad being like, "Hey sorry, your lizards are dead." And I walked into my room where they were in the aquarium and I poked them and they started running around and I looked at mom and dad and they were like, "I swear they were dead like ten minutes ago!"
  • Justin: Thank you for calling Travis McElroy's Lizard Hospice. Uh, we do have - we try to provide the most calming sort of spiritual experience for your lizards to, uh, feel free to let go. That's the main thing we try to achieve here.
little things i’ve learned:

one: pay attention to the music you’re relating to. sometimes it’s a clear indicator that something is wrong. other times, it’s an indicator that something is very, very right. when the latter happens, pay extra close attention.

two: true control is subtle, not obsessive. you may not even know that you have it when you do. people who are in control do not question it. they just are.

three: never pass up the opportunity to stick the tips of your fingers out the window of a moving car. feel the wind carry you to the sound of your favorite songs. this is a reminder that you’re alive.

four: thoughts don’t have to mean anything. you can just let them be there.

five: notice when you’re struggling and allow yourself some leeway when you do. however, learn the difference between giving yourself leeway and enabling your struggle. 

six: you cannot build self-love from a foundation of self-hatred. first, work toward self-acceptance. love will follow.

seven: do not love others simply because they love you back. do not expend your love on people who won’t love you back. 

eight: don’t forget to stop and look around. take a moment a day to stop doing and just be. the mindfulness hype isn’t overrated. there’s a reason for it.

nine: setting limits and saying no will not end any relationship worth keeping. 

ten: friendships built on moments of competitive misery are not healthy. if you find that you’re having the urge to constantly showcase your misery around someone, take that as a red flag. sadness is not a competition you want to win.

eleven: recovery is not about being happy. some days you will feel bored and flat. but these days are still better than those you built around destroying yourself. these days are still victories. recovery is about being alive.

twelve: when you’ve built an identity around being sad, the concept of happiness may scare you. giving that sadness up will strip you of most everything and leave you feeling empty. embrace this emptiness and fill it up with exploration. you’ll find that it’s worth it.

thirteen: you will not come out of your coldest days the same as you were going into them. this is not a bad thing. someday, you’ll be warm enough to feel the sun on your face again.