you have so many names bro

Bro, don’t lose her. Don’t let her slip away. I know you’re young and you want to get with as many girls as you can and you want to be single and not have to worry about hurting girls and dealing with all the bullshit, the kind that comes with making a commitment to someone, you wanna be the one every girl wants and the guy that can get every girl. But you have something so good right in front of you, how can you lose that on another girl who’s name you won’t remember in a few weeks? What do those girls do for you? No one else gets you the way she does. When the time comes and you realize how much you had and how much you left it behind, you’re going to want her back and she’ll be gone. She’ll find someone else who makes her so fucking happy that she can’t stop smiling, she’s going to realize he does everything you never did. You’ll watch other guys approach her and give her attention and for the first time in a long time she’ll actually start to take it and flirt back, what the fuck does she have to lose? She’s single, right? You don’t want her anymore, remember? The worst feeling you’ll ever experience, to physically watch her give her time and attention to another guy that’s not you, it’s gonna tear you apart if you don't do something about her. Message her, call her, go see her, the longer you leave it the further she’ll slip away and you're going to regret it. Don’t you dare stand there and watch her drift, she’s worth so much more than that. She’s a fucking keeper man. When you read those quotes you think of her straight away and even though other girls come and go in your life she’s the one you think about the most. Yeah she’s a girl and she has her girl moments where you can’t be fucked with the boring conversations and being a gentleman all the time, but it will pay off when she gives you what you really want; her complete time and attention to you and no other guy. The feeling when she tells you that she wants you right now so bad will make you run to be wherever she is. Go get her. She's not showing it but she misses you and would kill to have you in her arms again and her body next to you. Don’t let her leave and then expect her to come running back because she won’t. She has no idea how you feel because you don’t show it, for all she knows you don’t even think about her anymore. Realize what you have while you still have it because once she’s gone she’s gone forever. She was yours. She's too important to let anyone else have her and she’s too good to lose for one minute of pleasure with someone else. She misses you brother, go get her back.
This is not canon. This is purely for crack-y fun.

(Crack mixes are going on this blog where they belong)

Okay, so an asker over on @thebrightsessions​ official tumblr knows that I will make basically any mix if prompted, so I made a Damien-and-Mark-Bro-Out-On-A-Road-Trip Mix. I have no so many regrets.

Track listing, with commentary by yours truly: 

  1. You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi (the natural choice to start out any respectable road trip mix)
  2. Tom Sawyer - Rush
  3. Back to Black - ACDC (obviously)
  4. Island - The Starting Line (pop punk is the next step after 80s classics IMO) 
  5. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls (do you guys remember this band??? whatever happened to them? this album is great) 
  6. Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry
  7. Run Away With Me - Carly Rae Jepsen (okay, someone on tumblr posted about how Damien would love Emotion and I can’t find the post anywhere but it has been HAUNTING ME because Emotion is absolutely an album that Damien would secretly love and I can’t believe I was called out like that. Also, Emotion is the best pop album in years, maybe ever.) 
  8. Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings (the ultimate dancing while driving song) 
  9. Never Forget You - Noisettes
  10. Man! I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain (this is canon, don’t @ me) 
  11. Ready to Run - The Dixie Chicks (duh!) 
  12. Ride - Far Places (this whole playlist is a mix of silly things and great songs but they are all from actual road trip mixes I’ve made. This one is the newest addition - it is by Evan Cunningham’s band Far Places. Evan composes all the music for @thebrightsessions and is really awesome and you guys should buy his music)

Honorable mention: “Hold On” by Wilson Philips, which is the only song you ever need on the road but is too near and dear to my heart to put on this ridiculous thing. 

(I’m so sorry) 

Happy Hiatus! 

Vitam Aeterna :: Chapter One!

Ok, so, here it is!  The first chapter of my Noctis x OC x other!bro fic.  The OC can double as a fem!reader if you replace her name with the name of your choice.  

I’m actually super nervous to post this and I have no idea why.  It’s something of a triangle and as I wrote this chapter, I’ve come up with so many angsty little ideas.  I was going for suspense here, I hope I managed that ok.  You may recognise the first few paragraphs from the sneak peek I posted last week. 

It starts in Gralea but as I’ve said before, it’ll tell the backstory through flashback chapters.  I’ve also discovered that I really like writing for Captain Douchebag Ardyn.  His snark is so much fun … let the mind games begin! 

Let me know if you’d like a second chapter!


“Bastard!” The red-headed woman struggled against her bonds, trying and failing to free herself from the magitek frame she was tied to, “You think you have this all figured out, don’t you?”  She spat her words as though they left a foul taste in her mouth.  This man… this foul, evil man, had her there very much against her will and she was slowly realising that there would be no escaping from this one.  Every ounce of her being pulled, tugged and fought against the ties holding her to the frame and still, she could not work her way free.  “He won’t come for me,” she tried to keep her voice steady, to not let the rising fear give her away, “He never loved me, not the way you think he did.”  One final tug before she slumped against the frame.  Why wasn’t he answering her?!  At least she’d had that maniacal laughter fill her ears before, now the silence was killing her.  The fear threatened to crash over her like a tsunami; where was that smug son of a bitch?  Why wasn’t he talking or, actually, why had he stopped laughing?  Was he on his way to see her?  Threaten her?  Was he on his way to kill her?  Was anyone actually going to come and free her?  

“Now, now, Lady Eliana,” just the sound of that voice was enough to spur her back into action, “We must remember our manners.  Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to say anything if we can’t say anything nice?”   Footsteps in the darkness.  Eliana craned her head around as far as she could, her eyes searching the darkness for any sight of her captor.  “Calm yourself, my dear,” he drawled, stepping ever closer through the darkness, “You’ve nothing to fear.  Co-operation is a wonderful thing, you see.”

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Name: Kai

Nicknames: Kale, and uhh. that’s about it really

Zodiac sign: Leo

Orientation: bisexual

Ethnicity: white South African idk. not very exciting

Favourite Fruit: pineapple

Favourite Season: Winter all the way

Favourite Book: like i could answer this question omg. I have so many favourites

Favourite flower: eermm. Lavender?

Favourite Scent: coffee beans i guess?

Favourite colour: red, or purple

Favourite animal: all the lizards! and snakes! and reptiles in general

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: 3 cups o’ coffee a day

Average Sleep hours: i need at least 8 hours of sleep to function,, so i always aim for that

Cat or dog person?: i’m allergic to both :( but doggos are cute

Favourite Fictional Character: way too many?? to name a few, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Lance McClain, Jason Todd, Will Solace

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 in summer. 3 in winter

Dream trip: The UK. Also planning on moving there, eventually. hopefully

Blog created: February 2016 i think

Number of followers: 419 (how did that happen)

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IT IS FEBRUARY 16TH! IT IS THE DAY OF LIV! IT IS THE DAY THAT LIV WAS BORN WAY TOO MANY YEARS AGO! and the day she can finally have a new phone…


Liv, the bae, the boo, the bro, I adore your stupid face. I am so happy that I stumbled across your mess of a blog here and somehow ended up talking to you ‘cause you are the best person ever like (??) Thank you for being you and being to sweet and funny and out there and doing your stuff and bruh can you teach me those makeup skills???? And btw here are some very pretty pics of your pretty face that I have kept in my big folder named: “The Many Faces of Liv” 💖💖You deserve all the best and so much cake and I really need some too… (send me some?) 💖💖💖🇩🇰🇸🇪🇩🇰🇸🇪🇩🇰🇸🇪🇩🇰🇸🇪

the songs in Hamilton as I see them
  • alexander hamilton: kickass intro
  • aaron burr, sir: I'm john laurens in the place to be
  • my shot: uhm ham ur actually gonna throw away ur shot so :/// also holy shit
  • the story of tonight: just bros being bros
  • the schuyler sisters: I can't believe their younger sister is named "and peggy"?????
  • farmer refuted: hamilton you need to CHILL
  • you'll be back: bitter ex is bitter
  • right hand man: aaron burr doesn't like this song
  • a winter's ball: LAAAADIEESS
  • helpless: AWWW Eliza ur so cute
  • satisfied: but Angelica???? I have too many conflicting emotions rn
  • the story of tonight reprise: just drunk bros being bros
  • wait for it: I LOVE THIS SONG. aaron burr is very relatable also THE BIRDS IN THE BACKGROUND OMG
  • stay alive: washington is literally ham's dad
  • ten duel commandments: FORSHADOWINGGG
  • meet me inside: Washington is soooooooooo Hamilton's dad
  • that would be enough: listen to your wife goddamnit Alexander
  • guns and ships: I still can't rap Lafayette's part in this song
  • history has its eyes on you: beautiful harp, poor Washington
  • yorktown: it's exciting then sad and many other things
  • what comes next: bitter ex comes back to bitch about things
  • dear theodosia: awwwwww the cutest song in the musical
  • non-stop: like yorktown, lots of things going on also HOW DO YOU SING ALONG AT THE END THERES LIKE TWENTY THINGS GOING ON
  • what'd I miss: you missed the whole revolution Jefferson
  • cabinet battle #1: oooooh Jefferson chill
  • take a break: Hamilton you need some time off
  • say no to this: BUT NOT LIKE THIS
  • the room where it happens: I could write a ten page essay about this song, but for now THE TRUMPETS OH MY LORD
  • schuyler defeated: goddamnit aaron
  • cabinet battle #2: alex hamilton can roast people like no other
  • Washington on your side: daddy's calling ;)
  • one last time: washington you noble son of a bitch
  • I know him: bitter ex won't fucking leave
  • the Adams administration: SIT DOWN JOHN YOU FAT MOTHER FUCKSTICK. its mother FUCKSTICK
  • we know: we know but we won't tell
  • hurricane: I WROTE MY WAY OUT also alex noooooo
  • the reynolds pamphlet: everyone collectively hates hamilton also sick beats and DAAAAYUM
  • burn: my sweet Eliza doesn't deserve this
  • blow us all away: PHILIP NO
  • stay alive reprise: *sobs*
  • its quiet uptown: *louder sobs*
  • the election of 1800: Hamilton supports jefferson as a final middle finger to burr
  • your obedient servant: the SASS omg
  • best of wives and best of women: this musical is almost over???? also this song is too short
  • the world was wide enough: that's right also fuck You aaron burr
  • who lives who dies who tells your story: *ugly cryiNG* ELIZA YOuRE TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD

Time to live up to the shame in my name and post this monsterous thing. I made so many freakin’ OC’s at this point I was forgetting some stuff here and there. So here’s a chart of (most) of my characters, names, colour schemes, status, and ridiculous complicated relationships. ship chart is just for fun

all characters are mine except tiny Che over there ( @bamboo-tea​)

Guys on Dating Apps I do NOT have time for...

1) If it takes swiping through more than 2 photos to get a clear shot of your face, bye

2) if you have pics of your stuff, like your car or your weed, bye

3) if there are so many generic bro-dudes in every pic I have no clue which one you are, bye

4) if your profile says anything to the effect of “I probably won’t like you”, HELLA bye

5) if you, in this year of 2016, only have ONE blurry photo? Bye

6) if your profile has any body only pictures (like just your abs), I’m assuming you took that right before the dick pic you’re probably going to send me without asking, so BYE

7) if your profile has anything other than your name where the name should be, bye

8) if you have body-only shots or a nickname and claim it’s because you have a high profile job or something that implies you’re more special than the rest of us poor fuckers with our faces out there, good fucking BYE

9) if you are way older than you say, and you claim you “have no idea why it says that”, bye

10) if you message me even though you are not aligned with my stated preferred age range, sooo much goodbye

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This may be rude to ask, but why do you have so many names?

it’s in my faq~ they’re just nicknames from friends~ my irl name is sam, but i have friends who keep running tags for me on their blogs as “teddy” or “for my bro tim”, so i’ll answer by any of them.

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Can I have some headcanons for Naegi siblings growing up? Thank you!!!

I hope u don’t mind me doing them!

-They would play a lot of video games together. Komaru would most often win.

-Even thought they teased each other like most siblings, they were each others biggest support. Whenever one of them needed motivation the other was always there to pump them right up!

-They would often sit and read manga together, not necessarly talking, but just hanging together.

-When they first got the dog they would fight over who would get to name it, before eventually figuring one out together.

-They would both obsess over the newest cool thing like.


-Komaru was very protective over her brother since they were kids and it still sticks.

-They have always had SO MANY inside jokes that nobody else understands. ever. 

-They often would rather talk to each other about problems than their parents, and trusted each other a whole lot!

I hope this is ok, and that you have a nice day. :2

-Mod Himiko

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[A]ge: 18

[B]iggest fear: Heights(ish), bugs and being laughed at

[C]urrent time: 2:46PM EST

[D]rink you last had: A cold coffee

[F]avorite song: Probably any song from Deco*27 tbh

[G]hosts, are they real: I don’t think so but it would be kinda cool if they did

[H]ometown: hell Val-d”Or, Quebec, Canada

[I]n love with: the best foxy in the world!!! <33

[J]ealous of: too many to list

[K]illed someone: probably an ahri main someday

[L]ast time you cried: no idea

[M]iddle name: I have no idea if i have one/not 100% sure

[N]umber of siblings: two bigger sisters and a small bro! (aka @tete444)

[O]ne wish: Living with my gay uwu

[P]erson I last called/texted: My gay again uwu

[Q]uestion you’re always asked: Can you talk less louder?

[R]eason to smile: My boyfriend and funny stuff.. I have a resting deppressed bitch face most of the time

[T]ime you woke up: Around 9h45 ish? I dont remember exactly

[U]nderwear color: Is sexy a color?

[V]acation destination: Going to see my gay fox again uwu

[W]orst habit: Self-blaming, sleeping late, forgetting a lot of stuff, poor decisions, getting angry easily, bad language, stressful, just bad in general

[X]-rays you’ve had: none i think

[Y]our favorite food: My boyfriend’s ass.. gotta eat the booty like gorcery

[z]odiac: virgo wich is ironic

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Cross-Dresser Knight

“Uh-er..Uhm, hey..ah..BROS! The name is ah, Weiss. How are you dudes…er…Hanging?”

Is that how guys talk when they are around eachother? Crap this was going to be difficult, Weiss never really hung out with guys before. Not without other girls around anyway.

Though it was not hard to make the disguise. Just a quick stop to a costume shop and a few other places.

A few outfits that seems somewhat male, a few top of the line binders for her breasts, a decent wig and because Weiss was known for doing everything 100%. A special ordered “Aura-dildo” that properly attached below. This would allow Weiss to even use the men’s bathroom without suspicion.

“Crumb-cakes this feels so weird. I have to make sure nobody I know sees me or they might blow this and I’ll be a laughing stock..”



Taurus: sorry taken

Gemini: MARRY? that was fast. would you like to ask for my name first?

Cancer: I didnt even met your parents dude!

Leo: sorry I already promised myself for too many people, I can’t be divorced it would ruin my reputation, bye!

Virgo: bro. no.

Libra: omg this is so sudden

Scorpio: I would have to fuck you first and check your stuff

Sagittarius: *runs away*

Capricorn: I’m already married to my job

Aquarius: sorry I already promised myself to marry an alien. or god.


another tagging game yay okay

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  • a. - age: 18
  • b. - biggest fear: not achieving anything with my life and ending up as a lonely, bitter person
  • c. - current time: 19:26
  • d. - drink you last had: milk
  • e. - everyday starts with: music
  • f. - family: mum, baby bro and a lot of sidebitches
  • g. - ghosts, are they real: no, but that doesn’t stop them from living in my house
  • h. - hometown: Split, Croatia
  • i. - in love with: the idea of freedom
  • j. - jealous of: mentally stable people
  • k. - killed someone: myself many times tbh
  • l. - last time you cried: can’t even remember help me
  • m. - middle name: don’t have one, I’m not baptised so Satan can have my soul
  • n. -  nicest thing you ever did: I mean I can’t really pinpoint one thing damn
  • o. - one wish: just let me turn into a wolf and run into the woods
  • p. - person i last called/texted: Meme Team group chat
  • q. - question you’re always asked: “Why are you always in such a bad mood?” (it’s called resting bitchface smh)
  • r. - reason to smile: mad bants
  • s. - song last sang: This Must Be My Dream by The 1975
  • t. - time you woke up: 6:30
  • u. - underwear: just basic black
  • v. - vacation destination: EVERYWHERE
  • w. - worst habit: ruining everything always because I guess I subconciously can’t let myself be happy
  • x. - which xmen power would you want: Mystique’s, I guess
  • y. - your favorite food: I’ll eat anything without meat all the food yes please
  • z. - zodiac: Leo

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Name: Sarah

Height: 5′10

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Go to SSBB character: Uh, are you referring to my favorite Super Smash Bros Brawl character? If so, I’d have to say Kirby!

Fictional character I’d date: Shit! That’s hard! Ummmm, Isabelle Lightwood

Favorite band or artist: Little Mix

When did I make this blog: 2010-ish???

How many blogs do I follow: 305

What do I post about: Shadowhunters

Do I get asks on a regular basis: Not really!

Aesthetic: Fairy lights

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#platonic love is still real love <-- I love you forever for that. Platonically.

♥ ♥ ♥ Honestly, the amount of awesome clintasha material was astounding. And no, it’s not romantic. But but but. HE NAMED HIS SON AFTER HER. They have super secret spy means of communication. She knew he would be listening. And Clint’s family, who he’s tried to keep safe, away from all the madness. Hey guess what that includes Auntie Nat. AUNTIE NAT. Let me tell you that his little girl is going to know how to protect herself thanks to her auntie. Nat and Clint were the bro-est of bros. And they love each other so much it hurts. I feel like I’ve seen so many posts on this goddam site about how important platonic love is. Well, here it is folks. And it is beautiful. ♥ ♥ ♥